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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>reporter: resume and a little bit closer and this is what the rain is going to continue shifting to the east as we go to the rest of tonight here is the
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big picture we have a lot of moisture that is heading this way this time not as we go into the overnight hours and will continue to see the rain transitioning listen now or even on which the house of >>reporter: " camille would turn of the rainfall and the rest of the we can and let you know how much rain we expect to get >>pam moore: to download and before you leave the house this weekend we will send out import weather and traffic crucial words as the storm moves through the bay area a senior to nine
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minutes of the teenagers in san ramon afraid to go school this after more racist graffiti was found today in fact it is the fourth such incident as the california high school kid in just the past used the latest half full message target in the schools of blacks 2 million >>reporter: very heated also a very emotional his parents and students demanded a zero tolerance policy i thought i had to a different record to to to start to scott carotid >>reporter: ahead and target
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last illness and the boys' bathroom friday morning we were out the offensive language to another picture from last nine someone will want to colors of the bathroom your mouse and demanded a zero tolerance policy was to and get emotional at chautauqua how she feels on campus it goes beyond the graffiti during the meeting the principle incurs tutors to speed up and send anonymous tips on for students to report parents
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and students said they don't lend the administrators but actions need to be taken >>reporter: and this is the time to time know why a small plane crashed into a home near half moon bay and one person was killed and another was rushed to hospital with a liar to nine and that is right near the airport >>reporter: the plane crash just across the street from half moon bay airport that was their original destination for of course chilly something went wrong although there were perfect weather conditions the
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to call some sacramento and was meant to land at half moon bay airport instead a crass killing one-and another to hospital no one on the ground was heard as a feeble involved is always a chance for mishap if in this
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isn't yet to reveal the identities of the deceased in the injured >>pam moore: he did not enter a plea today because he still does have a lawyer police are now looking for other potential victims he will be back in court on november the 30th past few i
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remember she was the victim in the brockton a stanford rape case all the letter has on a bar on the internet and has been read on the floor of the u.s. congress today's audience was captivated she read the letter and a sexual assault symposium and santa clara university it is a serious problem according to the national sexual violence centered one and five women and one in 16 men are so set in college
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>>reporter: groups of wotan volunteers to make in the process go just a little bit faster in the town was just to stop less rebuilding is underway with the help oaf howe of sitting late thomas issue once
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the loan department for rebuilding the fire
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>>pam moore: some people were having fun it was one person who rode his bike he explained that there are some concerns about the chemicals involved >>charles clifford: thousand gallons a for a few white flame retardants build an airplane as
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cinnamon and airport to fly apart mrs. in concentrated form which can be toxic will once it is mixed with water and exposed air is no longer dangerous to humans with that being said the fire retardant was opposed by metal have to the needs to be cleaned up most of the phone had
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dissipated and they were using vacuum trucks to remove what remained >>reporter: donald trump was in the weekend of golf course in new jersey working hard to decide who will serve as a ministration there has been some backlash person of the jeff sessions for attorney general and lieutenant general michael for national security advisor >>reporter: disappointment in sound alarms and d.c. to lost angeles said this over the
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>>reporter: it is ahead of the u.s. justice department deeply troubling and that by every means available and they will continue to stand against a regressive and a call reviews that he is spouses
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>>pam moore: if he did not bode well if he had he would have voted for donald trump for >>grant lodes: 80 has a history been politically outspoken that in 2005 he said george w. bush did not care
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about black people the one person has announced and probably did not surprise donald trump said last year on the campaign trail of the following a lot of people are commenting
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>>reporter: mainly in part to the north of red just outside a santa rosa ukiah also in light rainfall will have a large system new currency is one to continue with our long to see the wind speeds picking up until
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sunday at 4:00 p.m. if you plan on having to the sierra in higher elevations be careful driving as we headed to the rest
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of your saturday on lofgren expected wessex >>reporter: by 9:00 the heaviest rain will be in the east bay and everything will start to move out
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>>reporter: something for our rialto an advantage of sales will show you where the deals are starting very early. >>reporter: to several stores including old navy calls and macy's office will their discounts early shoppers know about the early bills and are seizing the opportunities
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>>pam moore: the bormann stores in san francisco union square are revealing the holiday window display is
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>>reporter: hundreds of animals were adopted and the program raised $88,000 to provide a year-round support for the san francisco spca life-saving program it will remain open until january the first.
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>>pam moore: new details about the running gun battle through the streets of san leandro and elderly couple driving in the area was head one of those and some victims is fighting for the lives in the hospital one of the vehicles involved in the crime got away >>reporter: that role and should
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not happen thursday in san leandro here is what is left of that nissan off to mark the driver of like as in the got away however than all seven have deal evidence of the deal with our the also have a shooting victim involved in the role and shooed out in custody at a local hospital goes to victims of an elderly couple were injured in a head-on collision with one of the vehicles to official said
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able the hospitalize the wife is listed in stable condition her husband remains in critical >>pam moore: this seventh person who fired shots and two officers last week the suspect is the 20 year-old police said the shooting happened at the two officers or on foot patrol men believed that he then turned as he ran firing several shots of the officers he is a known gang
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member he has been booked into santa clara county jail on two counts of attempted murder >>grant lodes: his high function in all to his room he was brought to tears of the and of his thanksgiving think performance the past in the audience maugham's filming on her phone to stun the you can see the little boy crying and the teacher snatched away the microphone from the first grader right before his death assessing of off to say his line gobble gobble you give him the two kids
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before him say happy thanksgiving and another set thanks for coming it does appear the performance was technically over but certainly an awful quick grab the microphone by the teacher his parents say they've had issues with that teacher in the past the school district defending saying that the boy's parents had not signed permissions will which was required for students to perform the superintendent said there's no malice intended and that the teacher feels horrible she however is not being disciplined
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>>reporter: we have been reporting on lead in drinking water and all that is being done to try and keep the contaminant away from their family will >>reporter: few from other is trying to do our part not to use plastic water bottles, when it comes to test and the water for contaminants you're asking how
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the test the water and where can i buy a test that is exactly what we set out to do with one of the easiest test with confined >>reporter: to less than $15 for one test of the reading the instructions she got to work she collects water then planted in a test-tube after 10 minutes we have results and shows the bottom line next to the number one is barker was named the test
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is negative water testing prices can range depending on the company but some water companies will do for free >>reporter: the series continues tomorrow the east bay missouri to the district the rain water more than a million customers
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will take what they're doing today
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>>reporter: decide what all of and installed back in 2010 to the shoppers and tourists can rest and feed without blocking the sidewalk >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: am standing next to a man smoking a cigarette in union square which normally would not be a problem this man is not small peabody as a swig from his beer in one
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smoking are violating the city ordinance and in san francisco park or parkland that is part of the problem
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>>reporter: here is a closer
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look at all for some forecast showing as to exactly where the iranians >>reporter: the role of the entire day on saturday in least until 6:00 when speeds between 20 and 25 mi. for our if you're
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heading off to the big game will see a few light showers the wind speeds and temperatures in the '60s for most of the afternoon again like honor of showers will continue heading into sunday morning tomorrow to the judge will mainly be in the low to mid '60's the 74 cash shows the rain
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shower possibly monday morning drive tuesday another chance on wednesday and possibly friday >>gary: another good night for the golden state warriors the warriors from much has control of this he finished 23 points and rebounds 7 assist steph
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curry only 16 to 110 on three- pointers he had seven assists and one 0488 their 10 into steve kerr and the process' the fascicles in nba history to reach hundred and 50 wends the to 276 games a hundred and 50 in and 26 >>gary: this is the second regular-season game played at the stadium a hundred and 4000 people can see there don't eat the meat 350 lb. guys don't eat
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the meat that out to to build the plane and 2,000 ft. that is coming on monday night the last time when there would do what candlestick but he will not have the all-pro tight end you can follow is speculate it will set him now to his credit he will be playing and he will be mailing prior to the game but the fact his agree to donate $100,000 a month for the next 10 months san jose milwaukee chicago dallas and new york
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there of the city's to which he will donate various charities the last six games >>gary: he is on full display he will have to just outscore them because they cannot stop anyone
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>>gabe slate: i am tired of trying to remember all below bends and has all the counts and applications and is supposed to change in every six months and if the mixture in the long and difficult this system does not work we consulate here all of the hacking passport and not say if this is exciting research is a uc-berkeley are working on brick the technology where their mental offs are read and the will to act would unlock your password >>gabe slate: the digital data
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created by the thought is unique to you in your lawn and the signal are passed out and a transmitter wirelessly you can use to log on to the devices and account and is like a fingerprint were secret and secure because it is in your mind


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