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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 10 starts now. >> tracking the rain, another round of showers is headed for the bay area. tonight, how much we're going to get? and how long this rain will stick around? good evening, i'm j. r. stone and a wet, windy and cold day in the bay area and the showers look to continue into the rest of the week. kron 4's meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking these showers in the weather center and lawrence, what are we looking at fiscal quarter rest of week. >> i think in fact, very busy holiday week ahead and we have a series of storms that are headed our way. showers continuing out there tonight, the main cold front moving through early on today. but now we're seeing that cold air behind the system.
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so more scattered showers will continue to rotate on by and, in fact, doppler radar still picking up more wildly scattered showers around the bay area. if you are headed out the door you can see brief downpours and the south bay is seeing more of that rain, sliding through the santa cruz mountains east of the san josi as well. and into towards livermore valley, showers just a little further to the south and the east. and then as you make your way out over the peninsula, things breaking up, all those scattered showers trying to starting to slide into hayward. some areas over 5" of rain and now a few scattered showers tears nevada and san rafael and with that in mind, in the north bay over 5.5 inch of rain, that is incredible and over 2" in san rafael and almost 3" in kentfield and lesser amounts
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further south. in fact, just a drop in the pict towards the san josi area, but you get the idea of a lot of rain. tomorrow morning we wake up to rain and by the middle of the day, turning more to showers and by the afternoon, jr, there is the possibility we could see thunderstorms more coming up in a few minutes. >> continuing our team coverage of these weekend storms, the first of many winter storms is here to stay for the next few days. this is what it looked today in pleasanton. drivers on high alert, while travelers are doing whenever they can to keep dry. what is it looking like out there this evening? >> reporter: jr, mother nature has been quite forgiving this afternoon in walnut creek and it did rain earlier this afternoon, but there was a really long which it stopped. it's only now starting to come down again. as lawrence mentioned it was
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scattered showers. but although the shoppers haven't been affected it's really the holiday travelers that need to be planning ahead, in case anything becomes dangerous on the road. love it? >> i'm just really happy to see it's raining, because it's november and it should be raining in november. >> reporter: or hate it? >> i could definitely do without it. i love the sun and warmness. so i don't like like. >> reporter: the rain is here to stay for the week, for most of the east bay. it's the first of many weather storms brewing this winter. although it's not bothering this shoppers the weather could be cumbersome for holiday travelers. >> i'm staying home, but my parents are coming from tahoe. >> reporter: for those hitting the road, rain or shine, triple-a recommends that you give room for the car ahead and avoid using cruise control when driving on wet pavement. >> keep a lot of distance we between you and the car in front of you. stay off your phone, no
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distractions. >> use the windshield wipers. >> make sure your car is tuned and full of gas. >> got to drive slow. we're in dublin and there was a huge accident because of the rain and i think everyone needs to plan accordingly timewise to get to where they need to go. >> reporter: and if you are planning goning and heading into any snowy area, in which that condition will be much more dangerous what you are driving on the road and triple-a exchange recommends that you have snow chains on-hand not stop if you can avoid it and make sure you have your tires at the right pressure and of course, slow down. moving now to the north bay whereabout 5" of rain fall in some places and spencer blake brings us a look from san rafael. >> reporter: at least enough of an afternoon break in san rafael that people could get outside without getting soaked. those the morning and evening rain looked like this, standing water and mud may have been the only worries some people had in
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the middle of the day. plenty of people took a walk by the lagoon near the marin county civic center and this woman walk her's neighbor's dogs. >> this morning we listened to the rain and played with the cats and went for a nice, long, wet walk and then went home and listened to the rain some more and now it stopped we're going to go for a longer walk. >> reporter: mother nature gave a window of a few hours without a sprinkle and addressing katy appropriately seemed like a good idea. as rain began to pick up again in the evening, people at the bus station were glad to have covered places to sit. >> when i woke up this morning, it was rainying and i'll still in it. >> i enjoy the rain when i woke and i enjoy the rain all together. it's refresh, to me. >> reporter: before the day is through, some parts of the north bay could get anywhere from .1" to .25" of rain. >> i will be inside. i will be as soon as i get off the next bus. >> reporter:
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here is hoping that you are inside, too. san rafael, experiencer blake kron4 news. >> it was also slick and windy along the peninsula today. >> a gusty and blustery afternoon in pacifica translates into crushing waves. swimmers and surfers stayed out of the water, opting instead to catch mother nature's show from the sideline. >> it's cool to see the waves and the pier and everything. >> reporter: the soggy sidewalks didn't keep joggersnoid and pets didn't seem to mind either. drive the further south along the peninsula, challenging at times for drivers behind the wheel, so the skies did clear up many pockets. rain or shine, there is still work to do, caltrans crews along highway 1012 in palo alto clearing trees and debris
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before they become a hazard, routine maintenance that will help prevent future flooding. water-levels at creeks and canals look normal, but the water will certainly rise as the rain continues to falling. and just down the street, at first glance, grier park seemingly empty, but look again. >> i'm watching my grandson and he just score a goal. >> reporter: these two teams not scared off by the drenched field and instead reveling in it and parents and grandparents enjoying it, too, with jackets and umbrellas, of course. >> they love it. they can harly way to play. >> reporter: that is a good thing, because it looks like the rain is sticking around for a while. >> we definitely need the rain. >> reporter: philippe djegal kron 4 news. >> snow is steadily falling into the syr while rain continues to pour in parts of bay area. by the end of the weekend caltran officials expect 2" of snow at lake-level, more than a foot above 7,000'. this is video of the snow from kirkwood, which is set to open
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this week, boreal and mount rose are already open and north star and squawk open wednesday. most others are opening by thanksgiving. officials are asking bay area travelers to be prepared for delays. stay with us as these storms approach by head touring website, and there you can find your full bay area forecast and don't forget to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free to download in the apple so for for both android and apple devices. well rain did not keep the crowds from going to pier 39 for the annual tree lighting ceremony. kron 4 lydia pantazes is live at pier 39 and how does the tree look? >> reporter: it looks beautiful. you can see it over my shoulder, in the distance. but it it wasn't just about the tree tonight. there were christmas carolers, letters to santa and even
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mariachi. the christmas tree was definite life the main attraction. at 60' it towers over pier 39. >> i think it's beautiful. i have never seen a tree lighting before. >> reporter: for many it was a first. >> i always come here to pier 39, but i have never seen the tree lighting so it's really nice. >> reporter: it's what led up to the tree lighting that got people in the christmas spirit. ♪[ music ] . performances by cast members of the lion king musical. and variety of christmas carolers and there was also letters to santa. >> my turn -- my turn! >> reporter: some kids eager to tell me what they wrote. >> i want legos. >> i asked for a real puppy. >> reporter: a real puppy? >> yes. >> reporter: do you think you'll get a real puppy? >> yeah. >> most kids pretty optimistic what will be waiting under the tree christmas morning, but i asked is it too early to be
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celebrating christmas? after all we haven't even celebrated thanksgiving yet. >> no, i don't think it's too early. >> i think it's fine. >> no, it's never too early for christmas. >> reporter: there are still plenty of people down at the pier. we're not sure just how many people showed up, but it was definitely pack. reporting live in san francisco, lydia pantazes, kron 4 news. new at 10-eknow the name of the person who died after a plane crashed into a house near half moon bay. this is video of the screen courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7 and officers say 57-year-old melissa mcgee of sacramento died when a cessna 17 are 5 crashed into the home. her how's steven mcgee was piloting and he suffered serious injured, but is expected to be okay. the crash was first report just after 11:15 friday morning. officials say the plane was coming from sacramento. it was scheduled to land at the
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half moon bay airport. . well, still ahead after a heated war of words, mitt romney may be ready to join donald trump's administration. we'll take you inside trump's high-profile meeting with mitt romney this afternoon. plus demonstrators took to the streets of san francisco again today to protest the election of donald trump. hear their message for the president-elect. and next a rash of car break-ins in the east bay has residents on edge. we'll tell you where this happened.
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kron 4 tells us where this is happening and what thieves are targeting. >> reporter: tonight hercules police are on high alert after a series of car burglaries. since october 1st, more than 40 cars have been broken into, and the majority of the cases windows are smashed in, and valuables are stolen. the recent cases are in various news at town with a few happening near the 1900 block of the valley road. people in the neighborhood say they didn't know about the break-ins, but they weren't surprised either. >> i also know that the crime has risen in hercules. so i don't know if people are from the neighborhood that are doing this? or from wherever? >> my assumption is that it's
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an assumption,s they have to be from the you surrounding area. >> police say most the cases involve valuables left in the car and advising residents to keep clear of that johnny says he keeps his cars unlocked. >> if they want to break in, i have to chain the window. if treasopen, they take in everything inside, which is hardly anything, maybe newspaper or something like that. >> yes didn't used to that, but yes, i lock this door every time i close it, during the day, you know? and when we go out and we have a house-sitter and she locks every window, every door. >> reporter: another tip from police, they say if you want to hide valuables in your trunk, do it before you get to your destination. reporting in hercules. kron 4 news. the rain and wind did not stop anti-trump protesters today in san francisco. dozens march through city streets this afternoon, chanting and holding up signs, similar to what we have seen at
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most rallies since donald trump won the election. this is video of the group as they were rallying near city hall. this was a peaceful rally, no arrests were made and nol nothing was damaged. those in attendance say they are message is a clear one. >> we just elect one of the most terrible symbols that america has seen in a very long time, if ever. and everything that he represents is the stuff that i stand against. >> as a white person who has citizenship, i need to be here, standing in alliedship with people of color and on documented people and native people who have it so hard right now. >> first of all the majority of people did not vote for donald trump and also majority of people who young people below 18, many immigrants who absolutely oppose trump and his racist policies are taking a stand against his racist attacks. >> today's march and rally did cause traffic back-ups in the area. those who attended say rain or
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shine it was important to get their message out. meanwhile president-elect trump is spending much of this weekend meeting with potential cabinet candidates we far the most anticipated meeting is one of his toughest critics our partners at cbdg, we have cnn, we have the story. >> president-elect donald trump and his vp arrive at trump national golf club in new jersey saturday to sit down with a list of cabinet prospects, probably the days most anticipated meeting is one one of trump's harshest critics former massachusetts governor mit rhomreyney. >> we have a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world, where there are interests of the united states real significance and discussed those topic. the meeting with romney may comes a surprise, considering their contentious relationship throughout the election.
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>> here is what i know, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> he say disloyal guy -- see is an elitist. >> he is as worthless as degrees from trump unit. >> democratic mitigating circumstad chancellor of the d.c. school district and trump will also sit down with new jersey governor chris christie. well, joined by meteorologist lawrence karnow. you have been actively tracking the weather system tonight because there is very thick weather system. >> yes, exciting stuff and this is really just opening the door. we have a series of storms come our way and coinciding with the busy holiday week. one storm system moving on through tonight, starting to settle down, but we're not done by any means and there is still
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a lot of showers to come. more widely scattered shower outside seeing just the remnants of the first cold front to move by. showers now south into the santa cruz mountains. as you make your way along the peninsula, chance of widely scattered showers north of hayward making your way into parts of oakland. looking to the tri-valley, things drying out, but you have pop-up showerses. so be prepared you could likely run into a down power and you have to watch out for the roadways, still scattered shower into san rafael and novato not bad, but a lot of rain in the north bay and many places reporting over 2" of rain. in the highcountry, you are looking towards lake tahoe, well how about that? they have a lot of snow coming down there and that is great news for the ski resorts trying to get ready for the season. they are going to get a whole lot of snow and, in fact, from this storm system across the
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higher peaks talking about 8- 16" of snow, but you have to be very caring of traveling a winter weather advisory until 4:00 until tomorrow afternoon. expect strong, gusty winds and maybe as high as 50 miles per hour as he head over the tops of the mountains. you have to allow extra time for travel as you are likely going to see? delays. storms off the coastline continue to churn up big time swells 13-15' swells along the coastline. watch out for that if you headed towards of the beaches and be very, very careful if you are surfing out there as winston-salem. right now mostly cloudy over sfo and big changes coming our way, headed back to a very wet pattern. tonight more scattered showers outside. tomorrow, the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. and the week ahead, not one, not two, but three storm systems heading our way and one could very well affect thanksgiving day. temperatures right now, mainly in 509s, cool in spots with cloudy skies. pretty impressive system diving into the bay area. the main front already moving by the bay area, but behind that we have more waves of
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moisture that are developing here, going to make for a very wet sunday outside. if you are traveling around state, be prepared, likely rain and especially the further north you go and tomorrow morning waking up, bands of rain moving onshore at 8:00 and then break up a little bit and another band moves onshore. so you get the idea pretty unsettled weather and pretty stormy too, next 5-7 days a another stommoves in late tuesday into wednesday and another storm late in the day on thanksgiving and another one next week. big changes coming the next 5-7 days. so be prepared, the forecast will be fine tuned and stay to kron 4 for the you latest. >> still ahead we take an in- depth look at the dangers of lead contamination. what you need to know after the break. plus a stockton father whose son was recently killed in afghanistan says him and his
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. a stockton family was booed off their plane as they were heading to retrieve their son's body after he was killed in afghanistan. from our sister station ktxl, steve large reports the family wants americans to respect the men and women who give their lives for their country. >> it takeses me a moment to collect my emotions. >> reporter: a father mourning the loss of his son at service for son, john perry, killed by a suicide bomber stewart perry says his son stumbled on the suicide
10:24 pm
bomber before the bomber could reach his target a soldiers' ak veterans day run. >> he would have killed possibly 100-200 people, who knows? >> reporter: perry it's says his sons a death comes at a time military disservice is facing disrespect and says his family was even booed on the flight to bring his son's body home. >> and to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first-class cabin booing that was really upsetting and mading us cry some more. >> reporter: perry says his son's death underscores where the american flag is scared sacred. >> it's for the death of the people who are saving us. that is what it's for. >> reporter: perry calleddous recent presidential campaign rhetoric. >> one example would be donald trump speaking badly about a
10:25 pm
gold star family, who i know am. and it really bothers me. but it also bothers me that people don't want to talk about the terrorism that killed my kid. >> reporter: a soldier's death defending his country, leaving a father defending his son. >> and my kid was over there to help put a stop to this garbage. >> a go poundmy page was set up for john perry's wife and as of this evening it raised more than $29,000. still ahead a pregnant woman fatally shot at a busy central california intersection, leaves doctors with only seconds to save her baby. that story coming up. we're track, the rain, more showers are moving through the bay area. a look at your bay area forecast up next
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. this is the bay area's news
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station, kron 4 news continues now now at 10:30 we're tracking the rain moving throughout bay area. this is what it looked like today in the north bay. and it's looking like sunday is going to be a repeat of today. this as people are getting ready for the holidays. let's turn to kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow and i know we talked on line about this, but this storm. >> i we have a series of storm systems that are heads in your direction, right on into the holiday week. so a lot of folks preparing for the holidays, a lot of people traveling for the handing yous holidays and guess what, not as much as you made your way into the south bay, but some places between 2-5" of rain. that is a whole lot of rain. as you made your way into the south bay, now it's not done just yet. the main cold front has move through and really kind of fallen apart. you can see the scattered
10:29 pm
showers kind of just pop-up showerses now showing up. more into the south bay now, into towards the southern parts of san josi, scattered showers into the santa cruz mountains. near livermore and along the peninsula, fairly quiet right now a few light showers showing up over the bay as we speak and over the east bay hills. otherwise in the north bay, raindrops falling near san rafael at this hour and still more to come. in fact, we're expecting a lot more rain on the way and we're going to see this storm system wind down. i think by tuesday night nether storm rolls into the bay area. more coming up in a couple of minutes. well, all of this week, kron 4 has been taking aan in- depth look at the dancers of lead contamination. tonight we're going visit with east bay mud officials to find out how they
10:30 pm
keep lead from contaminating an aged system. charles clifford with that store. the east bay east bay mud company must meet tough federal and state standards and that it doesn't contain harmp contam contaminants, such as lead. the water quality manager at east bay mud. >> we all draw from different sources. so each source has its unique characteristics and thef for the corrosion control programs and they tailor those programs. >> the spokesperson for the utilities adds that east bay
10:31 pm
mud spent years removing manmade lead pipes put in place around world war ii. >> in the 19 80s, and '90s we went back in to identify where in our system we might have lead service lines, a service line is that line that goes from the main water supply in the street to the meter for the customer. we have taken a majority of those lines out. >> but despite rigorous testing and removal of problematic pipes high-levels of lead are still sometimes found inside homes and buildings. on the rare occasion this happens the contamination is almost always traced to a problem inside the home itself. >> whether it's their piping or perhaps the fixtures in the home, but not from the source water. >> reporter: finding the alarming events in flint, michigan and other areas in the country where high lead levels have been found in drinking water, east bay mud decided to take a, look at their system to see if there were any sources of lead contamination that they miss. >> we're going in, through we
10:32 pm
estimate the summer of 2018 to go back and double check our paperwork and double check every single service line for all of our 400,000 customers. >> and finally for anyone who may be concerned about lead in their water, east bay mud recommends find a state- certified lab to test your water. utility is also setting up a voucher program to help their customers pay for the testing. in the south bay the santa clara water district also recommends fining a state- certified lab in and san francisco you can pay the sfpuc $25 and they will test your water for you. >> on our website is a link to the epa website focused on lead and an interactive database that will track lead in your zip code. well, doctors train for situations like this, but they never expect to be put to the test.
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vanessa oviedo was shot and transported to the hospital and doctors had only seconds to perform the c-section. officials say the baby boy is healthy and in stable condition. detectives believe that the shooting was gang-related, but do not know which passenger was the target. a judge is delaying the trials for a husband and wife, police say the duo killed two north california sheriff's deputies in 2014. october 2017 is the date set for them. they are both accused of killing deputies frompt sacramento and placer county sheriff's departments. the couple was initially scheduled to stand trial in march, but defense attorneys say they needed more time to review evidence turned over by prosecutors. the u.s. forest service release a survey on friday reporting a massive increase of
10:34 pm
dead trees in california. according to the survey, there has been a 100% increase in dead trees across the state over the last year. officials are blaming the die- off on california's five-year drought which has killed more than 100 million trees and also say the infestation of bark beetles is at fault and say the massive die-off increases the risk of atmospheric wildfires and catastrophic wildfires. >> the company sabra is recalling hummus products based on the possibility of listeria contammation and what to look out for. and next a story about a bentyia officer going above and beyond the call of dead and what he did for a teen in need. world. love or like?
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. one benicia teenager was left with no choice, but to walk seven miles to work each day until he met an officer who went above and beyond the call of duty with one chance encounter this teen's commute has gotten a little easier and dan simon with our partners from cnn has this incredible story. >> corp. keffer. 18-year-old jordan duncan had just finished his own graveyard shift packing boxes at a naber business. did you think this person was up to no good? >> since he was so close tot freeway i thought he was broke down. jordan explained he was walking home, but it was the distance of the walk that left the
10:38 pm
officer speechless. >> he told me the exact path that is literally uphill both ways. i said if you don't mind, hold on a second and went to to my front seat and cleared it out and said do you want a ride home and he said can do you that? i said i can do that. >> reporter: it took you two hours to get to work. >> my car had broken down. >> reporter: jordan says he didn't want to burden orthos by asking for a ride, so he walked seven miles each way, six days a week. >> most people use that distance and not having a car as an excuse not to find a job, but this kid it wasn't an obstacle. >> reporter: on the ride home, jordan shared his dream, to go to college and become a police officer. coralral keffer was so struck by the chance encounter. getting the car fixed wab to expensive, but the corporal had an idea, if four-wheels wasn't
10:39 pm
an option, how about two? so for $500 the benicia police department brought jordan a brand-new bike. >> he was speechless. and he kind of said all of this for walking. but it's so much more than that and putting obstacles in front of you and you are getting your job done and that is impressive. >> words couldn't explain how flabbergasted i was. >> reporter: that was just the beginning. you they launch a fund to help pay for jordan's college and maybe a new car as well in the meantime, the bike will do just fine. >> i just treasure the bike. it's never been dirty before. >> dan simon cnn, benicia, california. still ahead a danger to dogs the problem vets are seeing this time of year and it can be deadly. and we're still see something rain around the bay area, a series of storms are headed our way. we'll have details no next. cal and stanford face off
10:40 pm
in the 119th big game and who took home the axe? highlights next for a while. t up the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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s here are a few top stories, facebook is taking steps to prevent fake news stories from being shared on the site and ceo mark zuckerberg says the move comes afterrism that fake news may have affected the outcome of the presidential election. zuckerberg says facebook is teaming up with fact-checking organizations to better detect fake news, and to raise red-flags about questionable stories. we have a recall to tell you about now.
10:43 pm
sabra dipping company is recalling some of its product because of possible listeria contamination. officials are urging customers to discard any product with a best-buy before the date january 23rd, and say listeria was found at a plant, but not found in the any of the products tested. listeria can cause sergillness and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly and those with weakinned immune. a list of products recalled can be found on fda or company's website. a warning for pet owners a deadly mushroom has sprouted at a popular park in the east bay unit's already led to the death of a dog. here is what you need to know about the mushroom known as the death cap. >> be cautious, be aware, it can happen to you, too.
10:44 pm
>> last month robert newborn's dog koa was punished to a mushroom referred toes a death cap or death angel that he ate in the east bay while he was running around off-leash. koa's problem started one day after the park trip. >> my wife came home, and saw that there was blood in his stool and he refize to eat. >> reporter: he took him to an animal hospital and the news was devastate. >> they did some tests and came back to me within 20 minutes or so and had basically told me that his liver was destroyed. basically there wasn't much they could do, but they could try to save him. >> for two-and-a-half days treatment works, but two-and-a- half days after that and koa passed. robert says it has been a tough month, but is now trying to warn other dog owners about the danger that has been created by the recent wet weather. >> and i have noticed incredible amount of mushrooms out there since i have been
10:45 pm
hike, since that incident and my dog that survived and is still here and did not eat a mushroom will not be running free in the parks. i go out to them, i love the parks, but she is kept on the lead so can i keep an eye on her. >> you can see the warning signs that have been put up. the vet that we talked with said this is much more common that would you think and says her office deals with between 6- 12 cases of this every year. in. [ laughter ] lafayette jr stone kron 4 news. a live look oat sfo this evening and i know earlier in the evening they were dealing with some delays and some arrivals coming in were delayed and join by meteorologist lawrence karnow. it's very likely we're going to see delays into the travel week. >> you know how many people are going to be flying out of sfo and coming in? we have got a series of storms come our way and stay tuned to kron 4 and there will be
10:46 pm
changes in the timing of the systems and usually when that happens the timing will change a little bit. still we're, looking at a cold front. but there is plenty more rain to come from this system alone. in fact, scattered shower continuing outside right now. can you see some lighter amounts as you make your way into fremont and scattered showers there into san josi. also we had some raindrops falling in that direction, more of that just some light activity so far. but you get the idea. the cold front has moved on by. the showers those pop-up showerses you can see some pretty good downpours. this system making its way, along the 880 and maybe some pretty big puddles of the also along the peninsula we have a pretty good cell just north of san mateo at this time. you see it making its way out
10:47 pm
into the bay waters through burlingame. you are seeing light showers too. then into the east bay, scattered shower continuing now. making their way east of livermore. if you are traveling along the 580, watch out for showers towards the altamont pass and in the north bay we have seen more raindrops and in fact, san rafael is getting good rain over the past hour. as we take a loser look along the 101 and novato. and in the highcountry, how about this? a lot of snow making its way in that direction you are traveling that way, watch out. expect something snow down the lake-level. a mix, not real cold temperatures and snow levels about 7,000'. but by tomorrow morning, look forward to baking up to 2" of white powder in the early morning hours. winter weather advisory in effect above 7,000' and i think the higher peaks 8-16 inch of snow as we start counting up some of the totals.
10:48 pm
yes, there are some gusty winds along that route and some gusting to 50 miles per hour. with that in mind we had the storms along the coastline, bringing big time surf as well, 13-15' and very strong rip currents. yeah, those are going to be have busy airport s as we head into the next couple of days. we're expecting a series of storms to roll through and those storm goes to bring another round of rain for us tomorrow and then another storm system moves late on tuesday into wednesday and another one late on thanksgiving day. and possibly into early friday. and then another one next saturday. so you get the idea. a series of storms coming our way. i think we're going see a good 6-7" of rain in some of the wettest spots between now and next weekend. >> we could use it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> you are welcome. >> time now fish kron 4 sports. >> big day in sports, but off the top we have got to tell you
10:49 pm
about oakland boxer andre ward who was fighting tonight. he won against kovalev and another big game in berkeley, stanford versus cal, 119th match-up, may have been cold and rainy outside, but you can see the students weather couldn't stop them. they had their ponchos on and this was an entertaining one. finding hanson for 70 yards and touchdown. he couldn't be touched. cal goes up 7-0. hanson had several catches on the day. stanford comes back quick, crisp says i can run, too. out of my way. that is a touchdown, game is tied and we go to the main man for the cardinals, christian mccaffrey turns on the jets inside the 15-yard line. later chris is looking, dumps it off to dalton, who has the
10:50 pm
catch and touchdown. that would again tie the game, second half, christian mccaffrey says give me the ball. he can't be touched. 90 yards, mccaffrey ran for 284 yards on the day. a number that breaks his old record and the big game record. might as well give you some more mccaffrey highlights, stanford driving untouched that put them up two touchdowns. late 4th quarter, again he has the man, chris with 198 yards in the air for this game, but cal wasn't about to give up yet. they fought back. davis webb find his man in the end zone, that brings the score closer, but it wouldn't be enough. you can see the stare-down between the two schools at the end of the game. that is always fun stuff. stanford axe trophy stays with stanford and they have won four in arrow, defending cal, this is the longest win streak
10:51 pm
against cal since 1892 and their last regular-season game is next week against rice. cal finishes their season at home against ucla. golden state warriors in milwaukee. klay looking real good in the 3rd quarter. scary moment a little later, kevin durant goes down, you can see him down on the ground. as we in some obvious pain as he was laying on the ground and had to be walked off the court at one point. but he would return and he looked good. in the 3rd quarter, klay kept hitting from 3-point land and again, 29 on the night. i told you durant came back and here is what he did. a slam dank and durant with 33 on the night. late in the 4th milwaukee is close and they block it from. here is the inbound play and draymond green knocks it away there. warriors would go on to win,
10:52 pm
because of that play. 124-121 and doves win. you never think it would happen to you, but one librarian is suing a city in florida after she is injured by get this -- an exploding toilet. that story is next. s we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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10:55 pm
is exactly what happened to a florida woman and a toilet lit raleigh raw blew out in a bathroom where anne burson worked and cause schrapnel to fly and leaving her with a deep gash. she was treats at hop, but soon become apparent her leg was not healing possible and contract a form of tuberculosis and put on powerful antibiotics for six months and burson is now suing
10:56 pm
the city for pain and suffering and the dark scar on her leg. >> i went to flush it and took one step and boom, i went to the plastic surgeon and he looked at it and he said you know this is way people lose limbs. it took a long time before i was comfortable flushing a toilet, i tell you that. i opened the door and flushed and ran. >> the city was working on the school's waterline that day. somehow the pressure built up and led to the side of the toilet blowing out. well, coming up at 11:00 more rain is headed for the bay area. what you need to know before you head out the door tomorrow morning c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday!
10:57 pm
i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help.
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. this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. now at 11:00 it was a wet, windy and cold day here in the bay area.
11:00 pm
tonight we're tracking more rain in the forecast. as you are looking live at our stormtracker radar. good evening, i'm j.r. stone and this weekf weekend's rain making it tough for people traveling for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. >> scattered showers around the bay area, but really having that feel today of that holiday and you want to grab a cup of hot chocolate and coffee. we have a whole lot more rain coming our way as this is opening the door for a series of storming moving through the barack through the holiday week. can you see the cloud moving into the pacific northwest. we have the cold front sliding on through. but very heavy rainfall in the north bay and not a whole lot the south bay, but more to come. the focus offing mott south and you have this nice line making its way


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