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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 21, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>james: they recognize the car was able to arrest the fees they are still investigating the incident this morning >>james: 45 people were injured in that attack no group has claimed is possibility but we will let you know if the does
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come for >>reporter: the native was the first is for the memorial for law officer she had this to sell
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or the person responsible for the murder saw
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>>james: and she is 5 ft. 5 in. tall what hundred and 45 paul brought here and ryan's >>reporter: fifth for his
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visiting his mother a whore for the holidays 6.5 million people traveling this season between november and january we will be right back
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>>reporter: tsongas wins this is
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what we're talking about the showers and then the low you concede getting into the 40's >>robin winston: and should soon drive times for 14 minutes role was from hillcrest 580 know big
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trouble spots leaving little more and to dublin >>james: police arrested a suspect in the county office
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before taking several items
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shift. >>reporter: if they tell the reforms will most likely be offered within a take of tool week to make a final decision
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>>james: they searched his car and they said lotus semiautomatic handgun with the large capacity and additional high-capacity magazine task task if
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>>reporter: galatians kept rolling again
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>>james: 50 governor the starboard it was tom brady who dominated they will be without
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their star player due to injury
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>>reporter: again this is an showers and potentially into wednesday morning >>robin winston: for those to
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have to use in a spin on 280 heading out a los altos hills and would like the driver was a blocking two right lanes 6680 from concord to danville 10 minutes no problems from was 24 >>james: a gunman is almost as morning after man was fatally shot on the weekend a standoff
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between police and protesters in the de called access pipeline will is one person was arrested at the confrontation hundreds of people in san was gathered at the unity rally many of the letter pledged to protect minorities that will be treated unfairly >>reporter: he finds a registry
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of muslims as the proposal concerning
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>>james: the protesters held a rally in the downtown area among those who showed up against some was all alone supporter if and during the probe just decided to give some hope and talk with him about why he supports him that
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the form search and rescue operations and they're glad to be home
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>>james: >>gabe slate: you're supposed to change them every six months amid an extremely long and difficult we constantly hear about all of hacking passwords
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are not safe research is a uc- berkeley are working mom breakthrough technology were your mental thought are red and then they would unlock your password each the we have created a unique electrical signal unique to us for example
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they're working on turning small beer buzz into a functioning brain wave readers this is something most of us would where this could be the future of digital security
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>>james: police in the east of they're asking for the public's help in finding a missing teenage girl the seat behind the she was last seen yesterday in san leandro she was last seen in the 300 block she's 5 ft. 5 in. tall with about hundred and 45 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes
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>>reporter: here's some stand right now the upper 40's in the
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east bay shore line 48 up there to novato as you go for the period ahead if action tim burton is largely in the middle '60s and the east bay shoreline and it drops to the middle '60s rather 664 pleasanton and the sled down to the south bay's 63 from mountain view
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>>robin winston: 02 will have some light traffic or to bay area is been very quiet at the bay bridge toll plaza 8717 light
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santa cruz mountain the drive times is only 13 minutes from 880 across the bridge over to bay from express 1 the south of where we're hot spot free. >>james: with marijuana legal
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that could be an issue. >>reporter: is the last year- and-a-half looking for marijuana and some place no one has ever found that will be
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honda lab doesn't end with an answer such a warm investing 400
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users who are not stalled at the time they're pulled over >>james: experts will continue to drop that is according to
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california development department rain gear here in san francisco will show you where you can find his best friend
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>>james: their domesticating carol will allow listed as a different species of for your
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boy shot and killed by a car that was driven by a 12 year-old avert the party
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: would give the conditions drying out today the timber choose will do a lot but the sun will be all that will mix of the air and will get some dry conditions for a few stray showers will to make a quick note of basically is clearing for kasten is almost there the number 46 oakland livermore about 46 of to the north but we have 43 santa rosa tomorrow we may be revisiting potentially maybe some of our 30's
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>>darya: police said the four year-old and a 13 year-old or accidentally run over a 12 year- old was behind the wheel they
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say it was an unfortunate accident could been prevented >>darya: viewers of pitcher of
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the young lady she was last seen wearing blue jeans and black and white nike air jordans and a silver and black jersey with the no. 88 on a she is 5 ft. 5 in. tall bottle hundred 45 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes
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>>james: he had just returned to his car to ride a to get full driver you pulled over and is it that is one another driver pulled up behind him got it approached the detective window and that is when the gunman shot him in the head and reached a window the shooter is still the lowest this morning
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>>will tran: this still desperately need your help you concede this is a small wedding of amass a compound you can see on the shelves is still empty
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for every dollar someone the illness they can actually do make two males
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>>darya: they're expected to turn not for the sacred heart community services for their give away this morning there
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except in turkey's now until when same they're open from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
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heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>>mark: the skiers and slow orders will go out and enjoy the snow and they're opening up in town this week many of them on when the then >>reporter: the timber just got
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to the forces will see better equaling happening but we do trilafon where we stood from yesterday but you can see we're returning for his we would expect we might see some 30 spot of a couple of stray showers may work the magic you may be out to sea nice for a loss of sofia and not allow temperatures
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>>robin winston: to the drive times holding it is only nine minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street the richmond san rafael bridge hair was the ride on 580 west brown
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>>darya: police and alameda are looking for gunman after a man was shot and killed over the weekend 9:00 saturday night in a three or the block apart street police got there a man had been shot and he died at a hospital
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the 26 year-old from the senate from acting strangely and they searched his car from a fault unregistered loaded semi- automatic handgun and several capacity people form the just to songs and dropped the mike in sacramento over the weekend
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>>darya: a local company told the bold into the harbor of the orders are not investigating why it is started sinking in the first place
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>>darya: they're looking for their first win since we warm they travel to miami to face the dolphins' next sunday
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>>mark: they won the first three games in seven games in a row there will be without their starting player due to an injury to offset the 4:00 this afternoon and indiana he says something on the sports talk show that was critical we will
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be right back
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>>reporter: does it look a what looks like over the next three days on the home front mostly
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sunny afternoon evening showers by tuesday wednesday has we will give the ghost of more showers >>james: that will get a good bit of snow not a strong but it
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will still be enough >>robin winston: already backed up to western brand a little crowded through the toll getting on to the new eastern spend a
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very nice camille only 10 minutes to get from the foot of the maze out to fremont street >>mark: protesters tried to cross the bridge in the area only to be turned back by a line of law enforcement
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>>darya: and the u the taser and then a foam around and then a canine to stop them and when he struggled with the dog dies when the deputies fired the fatal shot and friends gathered outside of the sheriff's office looking france answers they identify him it is still unknown what triggered the officer to use deadly force they have the
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highest and for a mere rate at 3.9% >>mark: among other positions he met with the former massachusetts gov. he is being considered for secretary of state he's already made a few
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selection for the ministrations he shows of representatives has the next she and a director
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police looking for burglars at the they rob the bay area technology store.
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>>robin winston: from the dublin and to change to mission south
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his men are born to stop selling the top law there are investigate who will be right
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>>darya: accius 17 year-old to she was last seen around 3:00 yesterday near her family's home in the 500 block it will fall in the latest and will have more on these stories and the officers to all attacked and ambushed >>robin winston: will call the
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pockets of crowding 480 west is only 18 minutes from hercules down to the maze when you get out there don't it out their sliding and driving at the limit driving and reduce speed
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>>reporter: cupertino about 62
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going on 64 san jose and milpitas was santa clara will come about 61 mission district about 63 the peninsula totally
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uniform and the lower 60s down to 60 but up to 61% to come. >>mark: fix the the to stealing multiple computers and laptops and this is the same dual behind the recent rate can on friday
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night in the vice president was in the audience at hamilton and the cast of the show had a message for him he said he was
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not offended by the commons
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>>reporter: unleaded time ago to 1:00 this 60 in most this sunny
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: 5052 on for san jose and half the brain down for the next eight hours pfft fifth
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>>robin winston: is moving well across the suspension the new eastern spend 15 to 17 minutes from the foot of the mayor's role enough to fremont street freeway is coming out of the east of a like south 680 is moderate from dublin is a fremont
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>>mark: hear some video from missing last night they found both of them with injuries before your was second to the hospital where he later died a 13 year-old who was injured and the 12 your was in the car they had minor injuries police said the 12 year-old was in the car they said it was an unfortunate accident that could have been prevented
6:04 am
>>darya: in the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed police officer it happened and taxes one of four police officers shot in three different states >>james: 10 st. louis and
6:05 am
another officer shot sunday, the door is a calling a target attack
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>>mark: is a lawman catholic priest the power to give women who have an abortion and then
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recognize the portal the driver were able to arrest the thief if
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you're out the money in water from a regular place they're going to get refunds most likely they will get refunds
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>>will tran: is more need than
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people realize we feed a lot of people to food pantries rely
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less don't think that is to go to food pantries with the help build a police using water
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equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. six >>darya: inches of fresh snow on they are already open to skiers in orders is about 16 in.
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>>reporter: however as we've been talking about the good news is ideally for thanksgiving make it clear this should be all
6:17 am
taken care of well before the noon hour this about 9:00, on right through the bay behind in the midst of passing showers intentionally with that as wednesday morning and home from prospective should start to break up by that point,
6:18 am
>>reporter: before thanksgiving in black friday mostly sunny and does return on black friday it looks like that will be earlier in the day >>robin winston: is spilling over to highway west had 80 west in this crowd at the new eastern spend will have a spa westbound before the tunnel 22
6:19 am
minutes that is to work away from 85 up to 237 of violence broke out between police and protesters against the dakota access pipeline
6:20 am
>>james: the main point of all this is a bridge a standoff with police and protesters on the other they tried to cross the bridge protester said construction will hurt the environment among the protesters are members of the standing rock reservation lies right near the pipeline in all likelihood there will be more clashes will be following the story and of the u as a continues prosecutors the
6:21 am
seeking the death penalty is concerned that information might tend to the trial which began on november 7th in a
6:22 am
minnesota man recently confessed to adapting he led authorities to jacob just this past summer production receive national attention >>mark: it can cause serious
6:23 am
illness and sometimes deadly infections in young children
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>>mark: it was tom brady who dominated they had a closely the first half but there was outscored by 10 and they will be in miami and face in the dolphins' next sunday the pacers
6:27 am
to of you out their star player the shooter is still lose will have more on what happened and who they're looking for.
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>>james: we have a green across
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the board lax looked pretty good san diego hall report on time the national scene sfo the only in for showing how anywhere from 15 to 30 minute delays everywhere else is on time >>robin winston: we had one incident that was installed before the tunnel if it is gone but it continues to back of = = --up
6:34 am
>>robin winston: cloud on 242 which you can see, but the alamo and to danville that portion will be smooth sailing right now will call in 16 minutes from 242 out to danville police and is
6:35 am
timmy is stabbed to root self another home first please use the taser and in the foam around and then the canine to try and stop him they fatally shot him
6:36 am
>>mark: he's already made a few selection as a ministration
6:37 am
>>darya: 9 of the metal plates
6:38 am
to protect minorities netted been treated unfairly or could be on the trumpet ministration donald trump has administration >>darya: gas prices take a dip if you're hitting the road will also look at what is happening at the hamilton show
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>>mark: your guest to share some of the cost of bringing some of the dishes that temperatures up
6:43 am
quite sluggish will take a look at those temperatures in the four zone forecast
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>>mark: this happened to us today shortly before 5 in the evening a 13 year-old boy was also struck a sustained minor injuries
6:47 am
>>reporter: today reluctantly to we will evaporation process and that surface moisture or rob a high temperature for what it would be in golden gate park to
6:48 am
succeed to almost uniformly sfo a '60s san mateo 62 the coast this city about 62 some performance getting to the mid '60s
6:49 am
>>robin winston: even back annual on to 238 that is getting have you back from east 14 for
6:50 am
the money good news if you're getting ready to throw for thanksgiving gas prices dropped by another 2 20 gal. >>mark: it happened around for a sunday morning
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>>darya: after this show to the opportunity to talk to him and to tell the 290 to go on twitter and he said that he was harassed at the theater it is overrated and the cash should immediately apologized the actor who delivered the message
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following breaking news overnight. four police officers shot in three separate states
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and the gunman in one case is still on the loose. and in san jose at the second harvest food bank where they desperately didn't need donations. coming up, how many turkeys they are looking for and how you can help in a live report. this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 7:00 starts now. morning. thanks for waking up with us. watching the area weather and traffic. how are we doing so far? >> looks like a regular commute day. pretty backed up at the bay bridge. >> dealing with some fog this morning. we'll see sunshine into the late morning hours and afternoon. just a couple stray showers out to see. doesn't appear to be making much progress inland. the big issue affecting most people is the fog. clea


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