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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 22, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PST

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tonight, kate gosselin on the record after being accused of child abuse. >> i've been investigated many times. >> what her ex-husband, jon, old told "e.t." >> i had to stop. >> after a reported rehab stay, selena gomez's emotional confession on live tv. >> i was absolutely broken. >> we count down the biggest show-stopping moments from the american music awards. >> plus -- >> you're not going to believe it. >> james corden breaks karaoke news. >> and only we are with oprah. >> it's going to be spectacular. >> and one question on everybody's mind. >> everybody can take a deep breath now.
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>> now, for november 21st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." pop star selena gomez said she was broken inside. her stunning admission on live television is just minutes away. >> after the explosive interview with jon gosselin, his ex, kate, fights back about allegations of child abuse and why sche sent one son away. >> jon said he has no idea where colin is. >> where is colin? >> no one knows where he is. >> he claims that you won't tell him where colin is. >> i've known all along where he is. but the world doesn't know. and i'll leave it at that. >> jon said he's going to court to get a judge to force you to divulge kolin's whereabouts. >> i'll call my attorney. >> i've lost track of how many times he's said that. i'm really focused, wrestling what john has to say. i don't really pay attention, to be honest. >> kate confirmed to "gma" she's
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kept jon in the dark about the whereabouts of their 12-year-old son, colin. she said he's enrolled in a special program away from home. >> it was not really a choice, it was on the advice of his doctors, and it had to happen. >> colin may be living apart from the family, but he does appear in the new promo for the show which premieres tomorrow night. >> kate is vehemently denying an allegation she adeuced colin, a rumor that had john concerned when we spoke to him. >> i've gone to the d.a.'s office because kate was investigated for abuse. >> on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, colin tells paramedics that his mother abused him. >> i guess the cops were trying to see if, like, there was a history. i haven't seen my son in three years. >> i'm in the public eye. i've been investigated many times. they're unfounded obviously.
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>> they're all unfounded? >> yeah, absolutely. >> cameron mathison joins us right now. you were at the american music awards last night. it was very, very emotional. >> it really was. it was because of selena gomez who revealed to everyone how serious her private struggles had been. >> i had to stop. because i had everything. and i was absolutely broken inside. >> it's the first time we've seen selena in nearly three months after her reported stay in a tennessee rehab facility where she was treated for anxiety, depression and panic attacks. >> if you are broken, you don't have to stay broken. and that's one thing you should know about me. >> candid and raw, accepting the award, found support among her friends. lady gaga later shared this. >> most of you know a lot of my life, whether i like it or not. >> selena's very public
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on-again, off-again relationship with justin bieber. he started dating sofia richie, and her lupus took a toll. but she looked radiant and clearly enjoyed being in the spotlight again. >> all i can say from the bottom of my heart, that i'm grateful to have the opportunity to share something that i love every day >> i just saw her come in and i hugged her so tight. she looked like a princess. >> nice to see all of that support for selena last night. and also, good to see her smile again. the emotion continued onstage when top sound track of the year wrent went to a music legend we lost too soon. >> prince's purple rain was nominated after a climb to the charts following his death. >> we'll keep this for you, paisley park.
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until we see you again. this is for you. >> lady ga ga gave a powerful performance. but was overcome with emotion when fans swarmed her car after the show for this serenade. this erocked out to bruno mars and sting. -phis daughters see their 65-year-old dad receive the award. >> never been to the amas. my first time. i think i'm getting the award just for turning up. >> tim mcgraw! >> tim mcgraw made it a family affair with 18-year-old daughter maggie. >> trying to keep me from dances. >> don't let her do that.
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>> she said, dad, don't embarrass me. >> and how about this kind of awkward reunion? one direction's now super quick handshake with zayne malik. the new artist award winner seemed to throw shade at his former band mates. >> this just has my name on it, right? >> he also forgot to thank his girlfriend host, gigi, but he quickly made up for it backstage. and sizzle added to the night. who was wearing the highest slit ever seen on a red carpet? oh, boy, we are breaking down all the fashion in just about ten minutes away. mariah carey is not bashful when she comes to her fashion choices. she was turning heads all weekend long. i want you to watch what happened when mimi gets asked about her ex, nick cannon. >> are you happy nick's going to be a father again?
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the singer seemed to have selective hearing when it comes to the news that nick, her ex, is having a baby with his ex. getting a little help from her friends, after some late-night pizza in l.a. friday, but a source close to the singer tells us nick's recent revelation is a sensitive topic for the mom of twins, morocco and monroe. and no surprise brian ten a ka was in attendance at the pizza party. the source tells "e.t." ma rye's ready to focus on the future and not her ex. she feels like she dodged a bullet. the singer wants james to pay her a $50 million inconvenience fee. we're told both negotiations aren't going well, and at best, she'll get to keep the 35-carat engagement ring. she ditched that ring saturday night when she hit up hol hot spot catch l.a. she was all smiles in her camo
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dress. >> and that big smile. mariah seems to be enjoying her singll life. prince harry and his girlfriend on the move. when might they rendezvous? the prince landed yesterday on the island of antigua for the first stop of a two-week tour of the caribbean. he was casual at a sports festival, and yes, there was that beaded bracelet, just like the one meghan wears. meanwhile, in toronto this weekend, meghan wrapped up shooting the sixth season of her usa series "suits." dressed down in jeans and a new york yankees cap, she was seen carrying a shopping bag. maybe an early christmas present for harry? a rep put out a press release saying she was dressed in a
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dress. the palace has stated me dpan will not accompany harry at any of his official events and appearances. one is an appearance on barbados where rihanna will perform. >> we want to see you two together. you really want to know what's going on in the romance? only we're getting the goods from meghan's sister. >> oh, my god, look at her grow. this relationship is giving her a lot of that. up next, brad pitt on his new movie love interest. >> on a sunday morning. >> james corden reveals why his next karaoke guest may be the best ones yet. oprah's family dinner. how she's drawing from personal experience for her dramatic show. >> to be able to incorporate
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the stars share their reaction to the show's
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. brad wowed the city of lights with co-star marianne cotillard. >> marianne beausejour was --
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say that again? >> that's perfect. >> every time we spoke. >> yes. >> in the film, the two played world war ii spies who fall in love. >> marianne is known to be the life of the party. very vivacious. it's terrible to say these things when i'm not used to it. >> yes. even in french i understand. >> i think brad did some pretty good french there. no matter what brad has to say, there's one person who wants him and thames james corden. >> i really would love to film something with brad pitt. just something fun. i just dig him. i think he's funny. >> so do we, james. speaking of dream guests, corden was just spotted friday with bruno mars. >> congratulations. you said he was your dream guy.
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>> bruno mars, bruno mars, bruno mars. >> and now you've done it. >> he didn't let me down in any way. it's the most fun i've had in a car. i've never haddthat much fun at work ever in my life. >> really? >> yeah. he's just got the songs, and it's bruno. >> we spoke to james as he helped host air bnb open festival this weekend. and a christmas karaoke with mariah carey. >> did you love that? >> yes. >> next up is thanksgiving. >> i know you're british, but have you picked up some thanksgiving -- >> it just feels like it's christmas without the presents. we'll have a huge roast turkey and a month later do the same thing with the same group of people. they messed up. do it in may. nothing happens in may. >> he's just too cute. we're breaking down all the
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american music award fashions. >> i hope my butt is not too big for it. >> which star's sexy look blew everybody away. a dancing pro comes down with the flu. can jana's dancing partner, gleb, go on tonight. the on-camera explosion. >> i have to dig so deep. >> you brought this on yourself! so go! closed captioning provided by --
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how many cooks does it take to make an oprah family dinner? apparently ten. this all went back to her mother's house for a big old family get-together. we love that. she needed a little nap. >> exactly. >> she's also back shooting
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season two of her series. but first, michelle turner, the ama fashion, oh, my goodness. >> my goodness, that's definitely right. they were walking on the edge last night. just look at mama teigen. chrissy teigen gets our "how did she get away with that" award. chrissy with the malfunction just waiting to happen. best-dressed baby mom goes to kri ar yeah. >> this dress is so amazing on no belly. it shows, how is this going to go with the big puff. hopefully my butt isn't too big for it. >> do you know if it's a boy or a girl? >> i do know. >> are you telling? >> i'm not. >> tell me about your son. is he excited to be a big brother? >> he is. he loves my belly, and he says, hi, baby. i love you, baby. i can't wait to meet you, baby.
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bye-bye, baby. >> mrs. adam levine, and best legs on display, that's a tie between nina and julian hough. >> tell me about wedding planning. >> have not picked a dress. but we've set a date. that's one, right? so that's good. >> on trend on the red carpet, the ama co-host gigi hadid. and on stage she changed four times. that smoking hot one-shouldered versace. and the honor for the sexiest way to use a white shirt. >> my stylist said, let's try this effortless look, like you boyfriend.ut of bed with your i was like, okay. they put the hair, makeup.
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>> listen, if you get out of bed looking like this, that's -- >> i use selfies on instagram. >> just so everyone knows, cameron has a little crush on teraj. lady gaga in white brandon maxwell. look at that suit, tailored to perfection. and that hat? here's a star who is perfection in my book. oprah winfrey has her own show on greenleaf. >> you've got the greed, the adultery, betrayal. >> one of the things that informs me so much is all of those years of doing the oprah show. it was like living in a life's classroom. if a man hits you once, he will hit you again. not everybody can get over an affair. to being able to take some of
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those dysfunctional stories that people actually shared with me in our audience, and be able to incorporate them into the lives of our characters. it's fantastic. >> she's using 25 years of oprah's shows to help with story lines. but the best part about being boss, you get to tell everybody what to do. >> thinking about my own character, mavis, i said to the writers, they just need to shake a little wig out a little bit. there was some shaking going on. >> you had to get the hair and makeup and -- >> i wanted a fro fro. like i used to wear. the fro was too big. it was like, we can't see around the fro. and i didn't want to have a lift. we just did the curly wiry sort of thing. >> brooke meadow on the set, they began shooting season number two. but lady o admits she's still recovering from this scene with her onscreen sister in the
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dramatic finale. oprah came unhinged. >> nobody can blame for whatever you came down here to -- to me about. >> i could see the simmering rage in your eyes as you were playing that. it was explosive. >> i am not going to be your scapegoat. you brought this on yourself! >> that scene wasn't written when i came to set that day. somebody write me a scene, right now. >> it worked. >> so they can go at it. i will tell you, for me, i don't carry a lot of anger. i just don't. i just don't. i don't even have to bury. i have to dig so deep to bring it up. that on the day we did that scene, i had such a migraine headache from digging. what i learned is, omg. there are people walking around with this feeling, all the time.
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i was like, oh, my god, they must be sick. it's unhealthy. >> that's why we look to you for your wisdom. >> will you please run for president one day? >> that will never happen to me. that is one thing i can say will never happen to me. everybody can take a deep breath now. >> never say never. >> you know she would win by a landslide, right? speaking of living legends, dolly parton's biographical movie, becoming the most broadcast film in six years. naturally, there's a sequel, right? this is a many colors circle of love. dolly has a cameo in the movie playing, what? >> the town trol lep. >> some women say i'm their worst nightmare. >> are you real? >> am i real? well, pinch me and see for
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yourself. see? i'm real as rain. >> you don't want to miss that. november the 30th on nbc. what will jana do if her partner, gleb, can't perform tonight on "dancing's" finale? i'm home.
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everything's fine. a lot happens on your wooden surfaces. luckily, no one cleans and kills germs better than clorox disinfecting wipes.
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>> what? >> promise me now. >> i promise. >> watch it at travel considerations provided by -- "dancing with the stars" is on tonight. >> big news, because jana kramer and gleb savchenko have a few problems against them. >> they were heading to one of the final practices this weekend and he was sporting a surgical mask. but gleb practiced for a little bit. >> looks like a backup dancer is ready to step in just in case. jana said, i'm being
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quarantined. >> cameron will be here tonight. hopefully not catching the flu. we'll have that for you tomorrow. >> take care, everybody. >> bye. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> did he kiss you first? >> number one, carrie fisher in the hot seat over her "star wars" hookup with harrison ford. >> he's really private. i feel really bad about doing that to him. >> the rain couldn't extinguish female mile at the gmas. and wedding news. >> talk about that ring, girl. >> three, jennifer lawrence stunned on the cover of "vanity fair." but is her friendship with amy schumer on the rocks? >> plus your "insider" bonus.


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