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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 23, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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traffic p mess in the east bay. a pedestrian hit and killed in hayward. >> this happened at 5:45 this morning. the freeway has been shut down ever since. it looks like finally maybe some traffic beginning to trickle through. >> the damage done here. robin tracking the traffic trouble this morning. >> some of the folks are trapped or stuck in the closure. chp is trying to get some of the traffic off the freeway by getting them by on the shoulder. it is completely closed on one of the busiest travel days of the year. a lot of folks have to get to the airport. >> a lot of folks heading to oakland international to take off before thanksgiving this is a big problem for them. >> people coming out of fremont trying to get into oakland. as you can see from this live shot the backup goes into
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fremont back from 84. >> if somebody at home is watching from fremont or san jose and has to get oakland what's the best way to get there you're saying surface streets even that's going to take some time. >> that's all you've got. you can get off hayward. just get back on the freeway after the industrial exit that will help. >> any word on when they think this will be cleared. >> they are hoping for 8:00 this morning. that was the first estimate. they hope to have all northbound lanes open by 8:00. the opposite side southbound completely open by folks are slowing down to take a look at the activity on the right hand side. >> so they're estimated time for reopening is about an hour now. we haven't seen the coroner's van out there at all yet. >> the coroner's van on the scene. that's just an estimate.
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we don't know if that's going to happen. it's causing ab a 30-minute delay now in both directions. your drive time 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to 238 there. that heavy traffic all in the middle. consider using bart if you want to get to the airport or using city streets. sky7 getting away from the scene now. you can see that big backup for the southbound direction and a big backup for northbound traffic. we'll stay on top of it and have another update in a bit. >> let's start with first things first. a picture of the bay bridge here. you can see the stormy clouds going on here. a last minute shower still doing its magic. shows up nicely on radar. basically from the bay bridge to the richmond san rafael bridge where the pocket or cell is doing its magic then filtering into parts around richmond. then upstream this other line here i've been pointing this out
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all this morning may potentially hold showers for the peninsula in the next hour or so. most of the traffic coming in from the pacific is to the north bay. left over in the wake of the rain we had overnight is some ground fog to make note of. a although not too much in the peninsula. then by 9 a.m. most of this will be cleared out. all that's going to do is produce a little bit more of those scattered cloud cover in terms of those kind of those clouds. on the east bay shoreline 49. north bay 40s. we have been in the 30s frequently this morning during the morning hours. and we will repeat that thanksgiving morning. if you are in travels here's how the airports look this morning. good news locally, good news for so cal and good news across the
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u.s. there were heavier thunderstorms in the mississippi valley. we'll continue to watch this and show you the map later on in the morning. >> more on the top story with one of the biggest travel days of the year. >> millions expected to hit the roads and the airports across the country. more than 6 million californians alone will be hitting the roads. expect more company at airport security. more than 3 million people say they plan to fly to their thanksgiving destination. and live in sfo where a lot of people are headed to their destinations for the holiday. >> let me add to that list of numbers that james just gave out. if you want to blow people away with numbers let me add 160,000 travelers approximately 75,000 coming in. 75,000 coming out. you can see the check line right behind me. this is terminal two at san
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francisco international. not too bad a lot of the heavy lifting happened over the past hour or so. they're fully operational. every gate is open to allow people to get through as quickly as they possibly can. i checked the board some of the cold weather destinations that have given us problems, like philadelphia, dc, new york everything says on time, fine arriving as well as departure. other people leaving to more exotic places including this couple here, what's your name? >> weldon. >> where are you going? >> st. thomas. >> virgin islands? >> yes. >> you're not visiting family or friends. you've got the look like i've been there done that. >> we have a home there to spend the winter. >> is there time to buy me a ticket? you're still traveling on one of the busiest days of the year. why did you choose today. >> we were supposed to go on
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monday but we had an issue with the dog. so that's why we're going today. >> don't mess with mama's child. thank you so much. have a safe flight. if you want to take me there there's still time to buy me a ticket. i'd love to go to the virgin islands. i'd it on my charge account if i could only afford it. >> thanks for the update. and if you plan on travelling, here are the best and worst times to be on the roads. according to google trends leaving at 7:00 this morning that's the best time to avoid the traffic mess that depends on where you're going right now. especially on 880 with the problems we're seeing this morning. leaving now is supposed to be a good time. the worst time is 3:00 this afternoon. and if you want an easy return home they say leave friday morning at 6:00 a.m. the worst possible time to return is saturday at 4:00 p.m. not sunday, saturday, 4:00 in the afternoon. >> if you need help don't forget
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to download the kron four mobile app. we have the latest traffic information and weather information we may be dealing with some showers this morning. its free and works for apple and android devices so check it out. >> bart is taking extra steps to protect riders during the holiday season as they unveiled two new patrol desks. >> they're doing this near bart stations in the east bay. avery harper is standing by live the talk more about what barts doing. >> reporter: good morning. the patrol desks are meant to add heavier police presences to two bart stations in san francisco. one here and the other at civic center. take a look at some video we have from inside the bart station this morning. police are hoping they'll add visibility for officers at stations and also deter the crime going on in those stations. the stations were chosen to launch this project for specific reasons. they have the highest number of
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riders shopping in the area. it also has a constant influx of tourists for the first time. and many are unfamiliar with the area as they travel will you museum. police are hoping that this new initiative will deter thefts and robberies which can see an up tick at this time of year. like robberies that have occurred in the past week. now you won't see officers at the desk 24/7. but officers will be assigned to spend part of their shift at the desk. i talked to a writer whose name was michael. he said anything that adds police will be a good thing because he's been attacked while riding before. >> there's a lot of people like mentally not stable on bart. this guy just thought i assaulted him or something. and then i just got knocked out. i got injured pretty bad. >> i don't know the solution but
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more police the better. >> now if the project is successful bart plans on planning it and adding patrol desks at other stations. i'll be l here throughout the morning with with more information. back to you in the studio. >> happening now police in the east bay are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a uc berkeley student. it happened around 1:30 yesterday morning. this is the university affiliated student co-op. a victim apparently met the man online. he's described as a black man, 5'8", with a muscular build. he's about 20-years old with dreadlocks and a goatee. >> breaking news this morning president elect trump has named nikki haley as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. that makes her the first woman to be appointed to any position by trump. she still has to be approved by
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the senate. and hillary clinton's campaign now being urged by computer scientists to demand a recount. they say they found evidence that vote totals in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania might have been manipulated or hacked. clinton led in the polls in all three of those states before the election but lost to donald trump. that i they believe the pattern is significant enough to require an independent review of those totals. >> now trump is changing his stance on some issues brought up in the presidential campaign. >> he spoke with reporters at the new york times yesterday. here's more on what he said. >> we're going to get a special prosecutor and we're going to look into it. >> it's a line donald trump repeated over and over again during the campaign. >> she deleted the emails. she has to go to jail. >> the threat energizing trump's base and fuelling fiery exchanges with hillary clinton. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of
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donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> the bold campaign promise one of several issues on which he's now striking a different tone. he told the new york times tuesday that he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. >> it's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election you sort of put things behind you. >> during the campaign he also rejected the statistic consensus that humans play a role in climate change. but now he says he's got a totally open mind on the issue saying there is some connection. and despite him repeatedly saying he would bring back water boarding. he suggested his stance on torture has changed. saying one of his secretary of defense picks said he never found it to be useful. >> and former massachusetts governor mitt romney tops the
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list of candidates for a spot in trump's administration. people say they see him as a top contender for secretary of state. the other person believed to be in the mix is former new york mayor rudy guiliani. and he made an offer to ben carson for the position of housing and urban development. he tweeted saying he was considering him for the position. he's made him an offer, there's no word on whether carson would accept. he would be the first african american member of trump's cabinet. we'll continue to follow the latest as trump continues to appoint his cabinet members. >> police in sunnyvale are trying to find the people responsible for a string of recent burglaries. there have been five in the last week. and we have a map showing you where they all occurred. the first happened on november 15th. on that incident someone broke into the home through a sliding window and stole electronics. there was a similar robbery that same day on henderson avenue.
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then four days later somebody came through a window on tazman drive. the next day a phone and jewelry were stolen from a home. in all five robberies the thieves broke in through a window. >> preparations underway for the thanksgiving day parade in new york city. with extra security on hand after officials say there have been some recent warnings about isis. we'll have details. just in time for the holidays the annual list of dangerous toys being released. we'll have ideas on what toys to look out for. and a lot of people headed up to the snow for the holidays. we'll have the latest conditions in tahoe right after the break.
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back to our breaking news story on kron 4 with a huge traffic mess on the east bay. a pedestrian hit and killed on northbound 880. this happening around 5:45 this morning. the freeway shutdown. cars are now creeping through on the shoulder. it's been a huge traffic mess for the last two hours. it looks like it's going to continue through the morning. in the traffic center with robin winston. and they're letting them sneak through on the shoulder. but the southbound traffic that just stopped. >> they're looking at the flashing lights and activity in
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the opposite direction. 880 south is open but the backup back to 238. this is your northbound commute which is way back in fremont. >> there's no way around this unless you want to swing out to 680 for people coming from fremont let's say. people are headed to the oakland airport stuck in this backup. and it's not going to be cleared for a while. >> 8:00 was the original estimate. we have not received a new estimated time of clearing yet. but i don't see confirmation that the coroner has even arrived at the scene yet. we may be dealing with this for a while. not only do people have to get to the oakland airport. but sometimes i take 880 south to get into san jose. so if you have to head south this morning you still need to leave early. you have city streets to work around it. mission, that stretches from fremont all the way through
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union city, and hayward. and there's also hisperian. you can use that to work through hayward and get away from the traffic on the freeway. all lanes closed 880 north between industrial and whipple. your drive time anywhere from 50 minutes to one hour for both directions between 238 and 237. back to the desk now. >> and we're watching weather here and up in the sierra and around the nation. here's a live look from kirkwood where it's around 30 degrees currently. warmer with some snow showers and clouds and fog in the area. a lot of the resorts opening today and many more for thanksgiving. so skiing and boarding for this thanksgiving holiday if you're inclined. >> there's more to come all this weekend too. now thinking about how do you time getting back home because of all the snow. let's start with that right now to give you a feel for what we
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have. winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. yes there's more upstream. so there's probably fresh new advisories to let you know about. winds at work here too. if you're headed up there thick snow and snow packed roads. chains got to pack them too. with success of systems that may be problematic. some showers working over the east bay hills. we've been watching a little cell work over the richmond bridge to the oakland bridge now it's over the east bay side making its way. now this other line just upstream we've been watching this may effect later on the peninsula. given maybe an hour or. so upstream there's not too much far south. most of the action has been up towards the north. our numbers still pretty much upper 40s. 52 for richmond. most of the northbound numbers in the lower 40s. we'll see some 30s happening tomorrow. future cast saturday looks like a washout. today will be okay after we get
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past the morning showers. then thursday is great. then into black friday that looks okay for the early part. but overnight into saturday we get dumped on pretty well. and it looks like a wet saturday and lingering into sunday morning it looks like breaking up. so it's going to be more of a scattered shower event it looks like for sunday. let's go into the national perspective real quickly. heavier thunderstorms towards louisiana and mississippi it turns to snow in the great lakes states. how do airports fair? looks pretty good. across the u.s. we had problems in minneapolis that's cleared out. checking everybody out here looking good with all the goose eggs up there. we've got activity going on and no major delays. thanksgiving is nice, black friday the rain will be concentrated in the latter portion of the day starting in the north bay and spreading out. we'll continue to follow this as
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the morning progresses. back to you. >> security is extra tight in new york city today ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. in the wake of a recent posting in an islamic state magazine that called the parade an excellent target. police say extra security measures will be taken along the entire parade route. thousands of officers will be on the streets and snipers will be on rooftops. dozens of sanitation trucks filled with sand will be in place to create an imposing physical barrier. law enforcement officials say there is no specific credible threat but they say isis is tempted by holiday attacks because they are losing ground on the battlefield. >> time now 7:20 and president obama will parreden the national thanksgiving turkey for the final time. this year people voted between tater and tot for the parredening. while only one can be named the national thanksgiving turkey. both will be saved. they will go live at virginia
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tech where veterinarian students will take care of them for the rest of their natural lives. the parredening ceremony takes place this afternoon. >> a lot of people say the election will be a hot topic at the dinner table. >> don't talk about politics. our national correspondent in dc with dinner table diplomacy. >> diplomacy goes a long way here in washington. so when those trump clinton fights break out we ask folks here at the white house where they're getting ready for the inauguration what's your plan? >> just eat a lot of stuffing and not talk about donald trump. we're going to discuss what we're going to buy at black friday. >> i don't talk politics at all? >> never. >> never. >> show compassion and kindness, we hope that will be a good role model. >> i want to get your strategy. this tweet saying trump and obama look like all of us at thanksgiving sitting in awkward silence wishing we were black
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out drunk. >> that's probably how it will go down at my family. >> be quiet i don't know. >> you can talk about arts, crafts, love, hugs, but not. >> politics. >> walking into thanksgiving dinner with a family that voted for trump like surprise. >> that's how i typically enter rooms anyways so. >> of course. the most important thing is. >> our family and how they're doing. >> obviously right. you get together for love. >> yes. >> so republican or democrat, trump or clinton, at the end of the day family is family. enjoy your holidays. reporting at a very busy white house i'm national correspondent chance fields. >> just in time for the holiday shopping season the annual report on hazardous toy and is toy safety is out. it's called the trouble the toyland survey. they found toys that were recalled because of lead or batteries or other hazards are still available for sale in online stores.
7:23 am
so here's the toys to be on the lookout for. tough treads, autocarrier, sold at family dollar stores and has sharp edges that can cut children. next is the tiny trail bicycles. it's made here in the bay area. the handlebars can come loose or separate from the bike. then you have the wheelies semi truck. it contains excessive levels of lead that violent the federal standard. to see a full list of the dangerous toys head to our website. we've got the information there for you. >> and toyota is rerecalling more than 700,000 mini advance here in the united states. there's a problem with the latch on the sliding door and it can open while driving. officials have not commented if the malfunctions caused any injuries or deaths. toyota says it's still working on the problem and plans to notify owners about a fix in mid january. >> and then new this morning a
7:24 am
humus recall we told you about earlier this week now expanding to more products. taylor farms recalling products because of a possible lysteria contamination. these items were distributed between october 30th and november 18th. neither of the companies have said there's any illnesses reported. we have information on the recalls on our website. >> time now 7:24 still ahead on the kron four morning news an east bay city warning about an up tick in car burglaries especially as the holiday season approaches. where these incidents happened and what you need to do to protect yourself. >> plus after the break we now now which states have the worst drivers. we're going to tell you where california ranks on that list. here's a live look outside at
7:25 am
the san mateo bridge this morning. sunshine coming down. traffic moving well here. not the same on 880. a complete stoppage or just about anyway. a fatal accident. that's something robin is following in the traffic center. we'll get another update from her in a minute.
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welcome back to the kron four morning news. the time is 7:26.
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we're following breaking news out of hayward where the freeway is still closed in the northbound direction between industrial and whipple. we have chp and other emergency crews on scene investigating a fatal accident that happened in the 5:00-hour. the southbound side is open. and the northbound side is closed. but there's a major delay in both directions. i'll zoom out you can see that northbound backup here stretches into fremont. it is a whopping 66 minutes. the opposite side southbound backed up from 238. it's 45 minutes to get from san leandro. if you need to get to the airport using 880 make sure you leave early or just stick with city streets, mission boulevard and hisperian can be used as alternates. >> thank you very much robin. as many people are hitting the roads for the thanksgiving holiday, it turns out a new list is out as to which state has the worst drivers.
7:28 am
>> california made the top 20, no surprise there. >> no surprise. >> they look at crashes caused by failure to obey traffic signal, drunken driving, speeding and careless driving. california ranked 16th as the state with the worst drivers. that's compared to 2016 when we were 22nd. so we're getting worst. >> number one at the very top is texas and louisiana. they tied as the states with the worst drivers. the study comes as there's been a rise in traffic related deaths over the last year. this is a good reminder to be as safe as you can on the roads. hard to control what other people are doing but as long as you're doing the best you can hopefully that'll be enough. >> relatives always tell you we're not worried about you it's the other guy. here's a look at what's going on in our radar, storm tracker four tracking some showers along the east bay shoreline. nice downpour happening around san leandro. this is drifting to the south. another line may also hit the
7:29 am
peninsula in the next hour or so. stay close. the kron four morning news continues. >> we're tracking airport activity. i'm at sfo. i'll let you know what's going on on one of the busiest travel days of the year. ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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and we're back. time now 7:30 thanks for joining us this day before thanksgiving. >> first robin tracking this major hot spot with a fatality on 880. it is still closed 880 north in hayward this causing major delays for people who have to get to work or to the airports like the oakland airport and the san jose airport.
7:31 am
still waiting for another update from chp. but they're saying they hope to have this out of the way by 8:00 this morning. 880 north at industrial, all lanes are closed. right now they're working on getting some of the folks that are trapped between the two closures. one is at whipple the other right at the scene at industrial. so commuters are stuck between those enclosures and trying to divert it off the freeway. there's a big backup coming out of fremont back from 84. southbound all lanes are open but it's attracted a lot of attention. major delays back from 238. look at the drive time now 66 minutes for the northbound direction. the opposite side not as bad. but it's creeping along from 238 out of san leandro. 43 minutes from 238 out to 237. your best alternates are mission boulevard and hisperian
7:32 am
boulevard. i'm also tracking overturn on 580 in san leandro. a driver flipped over at 150. we have the left lane blocked with heavy traffic here. this is coming out of san leandro into caster valley. >> good morning everybody. and speaking of the same general area we've been seeing showers holding together on the east bay shoreline drifting south out of san leandr now moving south. i want to go north to the bay bridge and look how it's clearing up. there you see it just north of hayward. this again is drifting to the south. there's another line over my shoulder here looking to strike maybe the peninsula in the next couple of hours. now temperatures we're pretty much in the upper 40s, sun hasn't had much time to do much magic. up in the north bay looking at mid-40s. probably tomorrow morning the upper 30s with drier air. next eight hours i put us down for a lot of sunshine.
7:33 am
but as the clouds keep reminding us we'll have the regeneration of scattered clouds because of surface moisture. thanksgiving looks marvelous but there's more rain upstream. we'll talk about that in just a bit. >> today one of the biggest travel days of the year. >> millions as we said earlier expected to hit the roads and the airports across the country. 49 million traveling nationwide. most of them on those roads. but you can expect a lot of company at the airports too. 3 million people will be in the skies flying to their thanksgiving destinations. >> will tran has been watching conditions at sfo this morning. >> reporter: sfo is starting to turn into a mannequin challenge. not a lot of movement you can see. look at the parking lot here, it's not a parking lot, it's where people pick up and drop off. you can see how busy it's gotten over the past hour or so. with so many people taking off and landing. perfect conditions though, you can see not a lot of cloud
7:34 am
cover. it is sunny, so no flight delays taking off or landing. we'll be a very busy day before thanksgiving. 76,000 people expected to take off just for today. and another 76,000 or so leaving or arriving today i should say from other destinations. also a very busy day for lyft and uber. other ride services, if you need to get your hands on those services do it quickly. they're filling up. here's an uber driver as well. i can tell you the checkpoint lines are working at full capacity. they've opened up every gate so you won't have any problems but they're still advising people to get here 90 minutes to 2 hours before your flight. you know how it is, hurry up and wait and you can see how busy it is. don't spend too much time at the curb side there's so many police officers walking up and down yelling at everybody.
7:35 am
you can't stay you've got to get going. this being the very busy holiday travel season security is really not stopping because they want everybody to be safe coming or going. back to you. >> thank you for the update, will. >> and if you're driving to your destination look at gas prices here in the bay area, they have dropped slightly. here's what you're going to pay on average when you're looking to fuel up. oakland at $2.66. $2.65 in san jose. and san francisco at $2.80 a gallon. >> don't forget to download the kron four app. we have the realtime traffic sensors that let you know where the backups are as you're trying to get to grandmother's house for thanksgiving this year and getting home too. >> happening today san francisco mayor ed lee and interim police chief and fire chief will show off their turkey carving skills at the annual turkey carving
7:36 am
event. here's video from previous years. they help provide meals for people in need around the city. 1200 pounds of turkey prepared for delivery tomorrow. the carve off starts an hour from now at the harbor lights center on harrison street. then also today st. anthony's annual turkey drive today. they'll stand curb side in bright teal coats to collect turkeys and other donations you can drive up and donate. you can donate a turkey by dropping it off at 121 golden gate avenue. >> 7:36 now to the darker side of the holidays. car break ins there's a growing problem in the east bay and it's expected to get worse into the holiday season. two people were nearly run over this weekend while trying to stop a car burglary in progress in hercules. it happened sunday night when a
7:37 am
man was walking out of a restaurant. he confronted the person but the would be burglar jumped into his own car and tried to run down the victim and his friend. >> he jumped in his car and drove away and as he drove directly at the victims and the witness and they had to jump out of the way and one of them was clipped with the bumper. >> my concern was that they actually tried to confront the suspect. that is very, very dangerous in this world today. we never know when our suspects are carrying weapons. >> thankfully neither of those two men were seriously hurt. they were actually able to get the license plate number. that helped police arrest the man. the city of oakland has a new plan to keep the raiders from leaving town. >> they're agreeing on a plan, they came to the agreement yesterday. you talked with the mayor about that. >> it was right before a closed door meeting the mayor had and a recent agreement to fund a new
7:38 am
stadium for the raiders. it would be on the same site where the coliseum is. >> we are excited about having a partnership that will lead to more economic vitality in that coliseum area. but we want to expand on that. we want to create a great opportunity and a great atmosphere for fans not just the days that they come to the games but everyday. >> the plan will still need approval by the board of supervisors. it will be discuss publicly at at the city council meeting on december 13th. ellen degeneres shows up to the white house to accept her medal of freedom award. but they didn't let her in, we'll explain what happened. and how astronauts plan to celebrate thanksgiving this year. passing showers popping up in the bay area: we'll have more
7:39 am
on the forecast for the thanksgiving holiday weekend as well as more on the hot spot with the fatal accident on 880. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best,
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get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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welcome back to the kron four morning news. the time is 7:41. following major delays out of the east bay on 880 and hayward. we have all lanes closed northbound between industrial and whipple to investigate a fatal accident from the
7:42 am
5:00-hour where a pedestrian was struck on the freeway. 8:00 is the estimated time of clearing. we're getting close, i'll keep you updated. we'll see if that happens. meanwhile northbound traffic a whopping 84 minutes to san leandro. this is attracting a lot of attention and causing a major backup for southbound commuters. so make sure you leave early this morning if you have to use 880. or consider city streets instead mission boulevard will get you around the slow traffic. >> thank you, robin. and just like here on earth turkey and football will be the main headliners on the international space station. >> nasa astronaut serving as chef for the six-person crew has video he just posted showing off the meals he's preparing tomorrow. he's sort of talking about what is in each of those pacts. he's going to warm up pouchs of
7:43 am
sliced turkey, candied yams, cherry and blueberry cobbler. he adds water to bags of dehydrated cornbread dressing. all the fixings up there. >> that's kind of depressing. >> also some live football games too. this is his second thanksgiving up in space and the third for astronaut peggy whiteson along with some international crew members also. >> one french men and three russians on the crew. they'll take part in the thanksgiving dinner too. if anybody complains the turkey is too dry it's probably going to be them. >> still tracking some rain across the bay this cell here impressive rain happening where a lot of traffic action is happening in the east bay. still a little bit more upstream. this is basically morning business in the next few hours this should clear out. we do have a nice thanksgiving coming up weather wise. we'll be talking about that when the kron 4 morning news continues.
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. >> staying hydrated is very important but not all drinks are created equal. here's some tips on rethinking your drink. >> i'm here today with core hydration and core organic to think about rethinking your drink. this is a cool product. it's ph balanced to naturally harmonize with your body's p h. and it comes in this contoured bottle. so it makes it convenient and easy as well. >> how do we know how much water to drink? >> a good rule of thumb for determining your water you need, take your weight in pounds and divide it by two that's how many ounces you need. >> very simple. >> it makes again, super easy tasteful way to make sure you
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and we're back taking a look at some of the big stories we're following this morning. a quick check out of the east bay where police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a uc berkeley student. this happened around 1:30 yesterday morning at the student co-op. police describe the attacker as a black man about 20 years old with dreadlocks and a goatee. >> nikki haley named as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. that makes her the first woman appointed to any position in the trump presidency. she was a critic of donald trump during much of the presidential race. she still has to be approved by the senate. today is one of the biggest travel days of the year. millions of people expected to hit the roads and airports across california. nearly 600-0000 californians are going to travel. 49 million traveling nationwide. as always expect a lot of
7:47 am
company at the airports. more than 3 million people say they will be flying to their thanksgiving destinations. >> we're following the traffic mess this morning in the east bay. we have a pedestrian hit and killed on the roadway. northbound 880 in hayward. the freeway has been shutdown. robin is here with an update as this is causing traffic delays north and southbound. >> it's still closed in the northbound direction. still causing a major backup. you have the oakland airport, the san jose airport. both accessible from 880. both backed up. delays of over an hour now. nothing has changed. no word from chp as if they will extend the closure. they're telling us 8:00 that's around the corner. we'll see if that happens. but it's only the northbound side that's closed. so this is really clogging up traffic coming out of fremont, union city trying to get into hayward. you're best alternate city
7:48 am
streets, use mission that takes you from fremont all the way into hayward. southbound lanes are open but there's a big backup because it's attracting a lot of attention. so it's almost jammed from 238. i'll zoom out a little bit you can see the northbound drive time 84 minutes from 237 to 238. you're southbound drive time not as bad. but 39 minutes for the opposite direction there. so a big back up can be expected. i'll let you know when we receive more info from cph. here at the bay bridge we have a backup rolling into san francisco. it's the only bay area bridge clogged up like this. a lot of folks heading in. it's backed up to west grand and speeds pick up across the upper deck. you can also see that roads are slick this morning. so watch your speed, 18 minutes here from the foot of the maze off to fremont street. san mateo bridge not bad. a little crowded but it's moving. it's definitely holiday light. but probably because people are stuck in the heavy traffic in the closure so they haven't made
7:49 am
it over to the san mateo bridge yet. so it's light here. 17 minutes to get from 880 across the bridge and over to 101 in san mateo. >> thank you robin. good morning we're going to start things off giving you a couple of pictures of what's going on here. this is time lapsed for us. there you can see the dark skies. you can watch the showers move on in as we go forward through the period here you see getting dark opens up a little bit. got a little rainbow towards the end doing its magic. we also see the two on the east bay shoreline. what we've got going on is here's another batch of showers across the region. this patch here is where robin is talking about with traffic mess coupled with that here comes some rain and maybe in some cases a little heavier rain for a time. this is spreading to the south and east. these little cells kind of left over business. here's another shot for you out of berkeley showing the east bay shoreline and there we see also
7:50 am
the rainbow making itself known. but you did see the bay bridge shot. that's our future the blue skies. that's what we'll see for today. again noting a little line out here to see another last minute shower across over the peninsula. jumping over the east bay hills, 63 for walnut creek. 64 for concord. down in the south bay numbers may get up to about 65 or so. 63 for mountain view. but for san jose 65. the same for santa clara. san francisco you'll come in about 60. mission district about 61. most of the peninsula readings are in the lower 60s. redwood city at 61. half-moon bay at 60. although up in the north bay stenson beach a little chillier at 56. 63 for napa and fairfield. looks like black friday is okay for most of the day.
7:51 am
late in the day overnight into saturday kind of a wet one. then it's starting to clear out a little bit for sunday afternoon. >> the golden state warriors back if home in time for the holidays. head coach of the lakers back in town as they've been taking on the warriors. the red hot warriors have won eight straight. and they're 12-2 on the season. the last time the warriors played the lakers they lost by 20 points a the the staple center. and they're looking for revenge tonight. tip off at 7:30 in oracle. >> tomorrow is thanksgiving and everybody has their favorite turkey recipe they'll be enjoying. >> some of the best ways to cook a turkey in this turkey cookoff in this edition of dine and dish. >> i want a moister tastier turkey. i want a deep fried turkey.
7:52 am
>> william shatner's obsession for a deep fried side. so dine and dish araped for a turkey cook off. our turkey expert -- arranged for a turkey cook off. >> good old fashioned home cooking. >> the judges. >> the worst thing is dry turkey. >> to young connoisseurs. the judges go wild for all the side dishes especially the lemon zest mashed potatoes. in the end nonconventional wins out. >> delicious. >> i really do. i think that's my favorite the smoked one. i like that. >> wow. i'm shocked. i didn't see this coming at all. >> smoked turkey smoked the competition. >> put it on your grill and it would be great. >> pan roasted close second but sorry deep fried turkey thumbs down at this thanksgiving table. >> and people plan to fry the turkey, a lot of them do.
7:53 am
kron 4 wants to remind you of what can happen if you don't take precautions cooking your holiday bird. how easy it is to start a fire when cooking a turkey. they say read the instructions carefully. set it up outside app safe distance from your home not on a porch like this. and you've got to turn off the flame before you drop the turkey in. >> as mark mentioned earlier measure the oil so you don't put the turkey in and the whole thing overflows like you just saw there. >> let's take a look at some conditions in tahoe. a lot of you planning on heading up to the mountains this holiday weekend. look at that, live pictures from squaw valley. they're set to open today. a majority of ski resorts hoping to be in operation by thanksgiving. so we'll see. if you're heading up there have fun. looks like it'll be a good time.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
the white house hosting the presidential medal of freedom ceremony. the 21 recipients, president obama praising them for helping to push america forward and inspiring millions. >> i know that guy. that's tom hanks. you saw ellen a moment ago. that was after she got into the white house. but this was the scene when she first got there. they wouldn't let her in. why? she forgot her id. she tweeted out they haven't let
7:57 am
me into the white house i forgot my id, #not joking. neither was secret service. ultimately they let her in, and she had some fun. getting all the medal recipients together on a mannequin challenge which she sent out on social media. you can see everybody standing, you know what it is, everybody freezes while the camera moves around. >> coming up on the kron four morning news following breaking news out of the east bay with a pedestrian hit and killed on northbound 880. we'll get an update. >> and we're getting you ready for holiday travel expect a lot of company on the roads and at the airports. we're live at sfo where the crowds are starting to show up. >> wet roadways out there, more scattered showers on the way. and more rain on tap possibly this weekend. we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news returns after this short break.
7:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: from the
8:01 am
shoulder so many people stuck in that culture between industrial sea its fees started diverting that trafficked. the wanted to form fremont all went to heywood union city there's also hesperian
8:02 am
>>reporter: lower fifth is on the eastern shore line still hang it on to the 40's
8:03 am
>>will tran: that line is getting longer by the minute this will definitely give yourself the least 90 minutes to possibly two hours before you're flying and thus lead once again starting to pick up with airlines capped.
8:04 am
8:05 am
>>will tran: you better believe security is sky-high you to see the officers took a will prevent juvenile the activity in them any jokes their dead serious >>reporter: they hoped they would deter crime and at a more visibility for officers and
8:06 am
8:07 am
there won't be so 124 seventh behind both of these the call desk that will be assigned to spend part of their shift also soft launch of that program this the amount of the man online police described the attacker and a black man in amasa the first woman appointed to any position she was a pretty
8:08 am
critic of him she's a said the the position when she needs to be approved by the senate >>james: they from evidence both totals a wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania could have been manipulated or hacked she led in the fall before the election the computer sciences will leave the pattern is significant enough to require in the pen reviews to be sure >>reporter: the threat has
8:09 am
energizing, is based in fueling to hillary clinton speaking to them to the is a totally open mind despite a ridiculous and you bring the bad water bordering first run after the
8:10 am
break we will know more about the man behind the wheel of the school was the crest in tennessee killing five young children
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
>>reporter: listen to the national perspective, there we see a nice healthy line working his magic across the mississippi river this is clear in chicago that is good news for some leftovers on minneapolis off a little bit of a northwest you concede--you can see
8:21 am
>>reporter: partly cloudy mostly sunny will carry us into the afternoon temperatures subdued because all the service evaporation >>robin winston: it would join in what rose would use the nemesis at a major delays we're still tracking this fatal accident in hayward 880 north coughs a car and struck costa positional still don't know how or why that person was on the freeway and. >>robin winston: we are a little bit closer to having this clear but i do not have the exact estimated time of clearing from chp all northlands a close the back of continues to stretch into fremont back from thornton
8:22 am
southbound is not as bad slocum to 38 and overturn a wrapping of san leandro east 580 at hundred and 50th that is being cleared from the left lane a minor delays so far looks good hauler daylight 10117 minutes from 85 to 37 and 280 north from san jose into cupertino. >>james: just the time for
8:23 am
holiday shopping season the annual report on hazardous toys and toy safety is called the trouble in toyland survey released yesterday by the u.s. public research group >>mark: toyota recalling 700,000 minivans in the ninth is this the olmec says the problem with the latch on the sliding door and it could open what the plans in motion it affects the siena
8:24 am
models made between 2011 and 2016 the have not commented the malfunction caused and the injuries it is still working on a problem and plans to notify owners in mid january about this. >>james: the talk of a muslim muslim register is reopening for one group of people will tell you why their votes in the opposition.
8:25 am
8:26 am
says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
8:27 am
>>mark: some drive a truck tonnage as a creator of sticky legal ways to start half >>stanley roberts: from a small double parking and focus on
8:28 am
sidewalk parking only motorcycle also not allowed to park on called ride waves as uses are as an example of your part car or the property line it is illegally parked into cars given an inch or remind fed issued its 16th for block the sidewalk and even told
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>>robin winston: we are little bit closer to having the lanes clear this fatal accident in the final cleaning stages
8:32 am
>>reporter: sunny by a.m. to
8:33 am
fall here by 12 the redevelopment of some cloud cover
8:34 am
>>mark: do in the girls' father accused of drowning the early girl in a church and hills bird her father and did not enter a plea yesterday at the sonoma county courthouse his attorneys asked for medical evaluation
8:35 am
>>reporter: minute from the japanese community's experienced the incarceration during grow or to he was held prisoner for over
8:36 am
three years this is first 11 it
8:37 am
was looking for because we know that our strength is in our numbers >>mark: 1 person for to the gonna him what it of the search is pacas the group took to cell phones and ran away from the scene
8:38 am
>>james: texas and louisiana are tied for the worst drivers and the country and look at prices called by the failure to obey traffic signals not wearing seat belts and careless driving
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>robin winston: it clear just a few minutes ago taking traffic sometime >>mark: and they claim other passive also been injured
8:43 am
>>reporter: minutes later she was brought back by the groomers spewing blood he what could be a final jury as soon as next week after pleading not guilty and that ought to show the doctor the strike will suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung
8:44 am
>>reporter: they hope this also bring some regulation to the industry
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>>robin winston: it is only 28 minutes from 238 out to 237
8:48 am
>>reporter: as to go for the ramble makes an appearance in coming go it will all be taken
8:49 am
care of and the next hour 65 milpitas the senator says 65 as well
8:50 am
>>mark: it could get worse during the holiday shopping season just this weekend to pick for nearly run over while trying to stop a car burglary and hercules >>: my concern was that actually tried to confront the suspect
8:51 am
>>james: if they could get a stadium built at the coliseum site with the have ripple effect in helping the a's in the ballpark as well >>mark: the latest news great
8:52 am
for the future here in oakland long time to sit present a conundrum in was the city has to oversee construction of a change in management means a promising foundation for new water from all parts
8:53 am
>>mark: as a non they seem to have a red carpet to sincerely his stadium blueprint of financial backing and the entire state the nfl rule the together team can apply for relocation there is a viable option the discussion could end up being a marrakesh
8:54 am
>>james: police a searching for man who levin tampering with food restaurants and south platte tahoe
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>>james: is a video mostly harmless but they're sending to each other as nothing more than that prink
8:58 am
>>mark: eternal flame before you drop the turkey of the deep fryer
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: one of the biggest travel days of the year with millions of people expected to hit the road the airport across the nation nearly 6 million californians are expected to travel 50 mi. more for thanksgiving 49 million travelers nationwide expect the latter company in the road as well as at the airport where watching around the bay area in watching travel
9:01 am
>>reporter: the bay bridge out we're going to show you how it popped out parts of the east bay we been noticing the showers firing up along the east bay shoreline must go head to the radar you will see a new cell ride around hayward
9:02 am
>>robin winston: watches the when you make out there can only 11 minutes from the maze to fremont street
9:03 am
>>will tran: to the have about 80,000 arrivals 80,000 departures the good news is so far so gun and did is you need a
9:04 am
ride services mass suggest you get your hands on one of those ride services early because of poor early this a great day we saw so many of them dropping off in coming around the money to be made as far as their concern
9:05 am
>>mark: the police a unveiling a new police patrol desk then going to listen to san francisco stations
9:06 am
>>reporter: to listen to one person told us if the project is
9:07 am
successful they plan to expand the project to the other march stations systemwide >>mark: lead in the poll before the election but donald trump
9:08 am
and donald trump seems to be changed his stance on some issues >>reporter: the campaign, is one of several issues track in a different tone some supporters house about the ship new york mayor rudy guiliani defended the president elect he will bring
9:09 am
bad what wording he suggested tuesday his stance on torture as chasing one of the potential said a defense retired general told them he would never found the to technique to be useful >>mark: we have a person believed to be in the mix as former new york mayor coming up here new information about the man who was behind the wheel when a school bus crashed and tennessee where police are saying he was doing before the crash.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>mark: she is identified as maria jose her father did not enter a plea yesterday at the sonoma county courthouse his attorney is asking for medical
9:13 am
evaluation and john his daughter in the churches baptismal pool ago when be paid to the answer will funeral costs
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>reporter: it absorbs some of the he
9:17 am
>>robin winston: is finally getting better at the neon the ride on the san mateo bridge looking pretty good they're stuck in the big backed up on the nimitz freeway one. the drive was awful in the slot better is 32 minutes to get from
9:18 am
milpitas to san leandro from dublin into fremont that drive only 15 minutes we're hot spot free >>mark: the man who was behind the wheel of a school bus when it crashed in tennessee five a moriscos students were killed in the crash 24 year-old jonathan walker was speeding and swerving when he crashed >>: he was one of the ones that was dead on the scene and
9:19 am
>>mark: this to the second bus crash in two months he was involved and in september he was involved in a minor crash no one was hurt in that incident to assure security measures are being taken on the pay grade through dozens of sanitation
9:20 am
trucks will also be in place to create there is no specific credible threat but they say is tempted by hauler their tax because they're losing ground on the battlefield
9:21 am
>>mark: of the stores will following packs more one of its employees in san mateo a couple said the dog was killed during will suppose to be a routine mail clipping the grumman has been identified he has pleaded not guilty to charges of felony
9:22 am
animal abuse of animal cruelty the dark was taken to the ground at at smart the san mattel does to the attorneys said if he was angry because he was not cooperating is so the dog had been strangled suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung >>mark: there is a short video making the rounds that will freeze up and crasher i device. >>gabe slate: this one here from-as soon as i click on the message it starts turning the video automatically fed froze up
9:23 am
and under five seconds the bill seemed harmless enough shows a person next to a bed and a is a corrupted and the fourth file that crashed devices it's forced a flaw in the memory management after doing the hard reset he should be back to normal it is harmless just a very annoying it is a little unsettling when it is discovered in the popular gadgets
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>mark: toyota is recalling the minivan because the door could open while the car's driving the recall affects all models made
9:27 am
between 2011 and 26 team the have yet to, at the malfunctions calls and injuries they're working on the problem and they will notify owners about a fax by mid january, sabena room ...
9:28 am
9:29 am
i ma'am >>reporter: fifth look in the strain in the slot the clearing forecast for the afternoon if it will redevelop zero separate
9:30 am
memorandum to see the general pattern ask to the south ease in the east bay's shoreline and get hit by a passing shower the next eight hours less called partly crowley to rain down in the late afternoon for mostly to finance >>reporter: today 60 san francisco and oakland and san jose coming in at 65 >>robin winston: 15 minutes from
9:31 am
an image of a to the bay shore the bay bridge also at the limit is a " 12 minute trip from downtown oakland into downtown san francisco the drive times much better 32 minutes from 237 to 238 about 930 in the morning
9:32 am
it will be dead because the morning heavy lifting would be over adjutancy still very much visiting >>will tran: one of the it the busiest travel days of the years to ask you to see all the cars coming in some corner i joked a look like a man can challenge with very little movement they expect about 75,000 people to arrive at sfo just for today there are very
9:33 am
busy go through the checkpoint probably not as bad as what you will probably expect to have all the gates open for the travelers no problems to don't have to stare at the screen >>mark: is the organizer of the
9:34 am
salvation army and helps provide meals 1,200 lbs. of turkey will ricard said and to this service thousand meals to people in need every year on thanksgiving
9:35 am
>>darya: neither of them were seriously hurt they want to get the license plate that helped police arrest him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon the city of oakland now has a plan to try and keep them from moving to las vegas
9:36 am
>>reporter: 26 scene of the biggest this thanksgiving in nine years with 48.7 million americans choosing to get out of town 89 percent of them heading highway while the road trip for us will on average the pain a little more gas prices for this week are shaping up to be the second lowest even with more than 3 1/2 million americans flying ahead of the
9:37 am
transportation securities administration says it should see those extra long security lines >>mark: was re-find the best deals online california has the most drivers but it does have the worst drivers the worst drivers knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts.
9:38 am
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9:40 am
>>mark: 24 million when it comes to the states with the worst drivers and doesn't crack the top 15 texas to louisiana are tied for the worst drivers in cause why so little they traffic signals not wearing seat belts- drunken driving speeding overall california up succeed in the nation and to stay with the worst drivers if this is the
9:41 am
reminder to be safe
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
for >>mark: university
9:45 am
affiliated to and call dollars from an unnamed south carolina gov. he was a critical double some during much of the presidential race busy travel and watching the weather here
9:46 am
>>reporter: assure the cloud cover them rosa off and to recover the, as we go for the
9:47 am
sum was move selling into early next week to get from holiday shopping. >>robin winston: nice improvement for the ride around the bay area since some
9:48 am
surprises ec a lot of get away traffic on this afternoon and evening local bay area freeways are doing cardigan only eight minutes to work away from the toll of 2101 the drive times also nice around the bay area
9:49 am
his obsessions flood deep-fried will help you solve holiday dilemma >>vicki liviakis: in the and
9:50 am
nonconventional weapons of pull
9:51 am
the turkey out in you to see the line that need to fill the will >>mark: for close to the web site and click on the dime and a dish for more recipes with the holiday shopping season
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: the 21 recipients including transnational hollywood's president obama appraising the recipient for helping to push america for an inspiring millions here is what the at the said but alan. >>: we're now america's equal under the law just how much courage of this was required for to come out on the most public stage is almost 20 years ago to
9:57 am
our important it was not just for the l g b t community for to see someone so full of kindness someone we like so much someone who could be our neighbor she finally did get did manage to manage and sell some of the other attendees
9:58 am
stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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