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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news out here in concord. we're in front of the brenden theaters where just before 7:00 there were calls coming from inside the movie from the patrons calling police letting them know they had heard shots fired. we have now known from the concord police information officer who told us that it was a security guard on site that had shot a few rounds at another man who is now recovering at a hospital. he was shot possibly in a portion of his lower leg. but is suffering from non-life- threatening injuries is what we've been told by that public information officer. no other injuries reported. the guard is cooperating with police. now detained for questioning to find out what led up to this violent altercation between these two people. we don't know if the man involved was a patron or if he had just smacked into the movie theater. we are trying to piece together
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what exactly led up to that situation in which the guard felt the need to shoot those few rounds at this person. in the meantime, the moviegoers were all told immediately to get out of the theater. police tell us they ran out from both exits. the front and the back of the theater. the employees were put on a lockdown as the theater was completely shut. right after this situation. the shooting didn't happen inside. they were all just told to get out in case there was anybody else inside. police didn't know if there might have been an active city -- active shooter situation but that was not the situation. just the altercation between the security guard and the suspect. neither of their identities have been revealed. we don't know their names or their age. which is no they are both adult men and so fortunately nobody else has been hurt. the moviegoers we are told they could come back and see their movie because they were supposed to leave at the time of this investigation. >> we have canvassed the area.
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we have investigators out here looking at the crime scene. a firearm and was discarded. so we're still in the early stages of the investigation. >> so police are still inside trying to calm the area -- to comb the area. there were moviegoers that happened to hear the suspect allegedly said he had a gun on him but they haven't been able to find one. other than the one that was used by the security guard. in the meantime while they are canvassing the area, the street, salvia, is closed off between concord and adobe. while they are continuing this investigation. we'll be sure to bring you the latest details as they become available when we find out what exactly led to this disturbing scene. live in concord, ella sogomonian, kron 4 news. we want to apologize for some of the audios we -- the audio issues we had at the top of the show but the microphones are back on. two people shot at a bar in
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benicia. the gunman is now on the loose. witnesses say the suspect was unprovoked and seemed to be taking his anger out on patrons. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest on the details in this investigation. >> everybody here is totally in shock. >> reporter: this local hangout joint has been voted best restaurant in benicia a number of times. >> you come here to have a good time. >> reporter: saturday night bottom of the fifth patrons were running for their lives. >> people are in terror. this is my home. >> reporter: an unfamiliar face walked into the bar. >> the bouncer asked for his i.d. and brushed him off. then when he was getting told we were done serving drinks, the bouncer tapped him on the shoulder and that's when it looked like he pulled the gun out. >> reporter: the suspect lost it. pulled out a gun and started pointing it toward the bartender dropped to the ground looking for cover. >> everybody is pretty shook up about it. how could this happen? >> reporter: after that -- >> he comes over to me.
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pushes his way through. >> reporter: the shooting happened out of frame. but two men end up getting shot. one of them a local. >> he got shot. you can see the terror of everybody's faces. >> reporter: multiple shots were fired inside the bar. the shooter took off on foot and is still on the loose. this family-owned business has been around for 33 years. the manager tells me they've never seen a gun inside. police agree. >> this is not something that is common in benicia. >> reporter: while police ask for the public's help in finding the suspect, the owner of the bar is hoping he can find the two victims to see what he can do to help as they recover. the manager tells me they are planning on holding a fundraiser to help with medical expenses. reporting in benicia, alecia reid, kron 4 news. i'm meteorologist lawrence, no. the rain started to pick up again. a lot of folks traveling home from the holiday weekend.
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here we go again. showers continuing to show up outside right now. just pockets of light amount of rain so far but you can see along the peninsula we've got showers there just scattered making their way into san francisco. that's not the only place. there is more that is sliding further to the east. near livermore and into the central valley a lot of rain there. that is not the only problem headed to southern california you got to watch out for these winds. wins between 25 to 40 miles per hour. may be gusts 65 and maybe 80 over some of the higher peaks. traveling down i-5. the grapevine if you have a high- profile vehicle, be very, very careful. gusty winds expected to continue into about the middle of the day for tomorrow. in the meantime if you are catching a plane how about this? cloudy skies at sfo. right now no delays reported there. in fact it's been rather quiet around much of the country. some delays due to the traffic. otherwise we are looking good
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all across the country. if you've got to catch a flight home. that's the latest from here. back to you. now at 10, today is the busiest travel day of the year as americans are returning home after the long thanksgiving weekend. according to the faa air travel has been running smoothly most u.s. airports are delayed 15 minutes or less. triple-a estimated at 50 million americans will travel this holiday weekend. sfo expect a total of 154,000 passengers both departing and arriving. despite it being one of the busiest travel days of the year it seems there are no issues at sfo. at least not earlier. we are live at the airport. how are those crowds looking right now? >> reporter: it has gotten a lot busier since we were out hear from the 8:00 show. a lot more traffic out here. people seem to be more frustrated. i hear a lot more honking out here at the areas where they are dropping off passengers but inside it's a much different
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story. tens of thousands of people are arriving and departing from the san francisco international airport. most of them expecting the worst as they drive up to their terminal. >> i've never seen the traffic backup that much before. >> we saw the cars lined up. especially on the departure side. the cars are lined up. we said this is going to be tough. >> reporter: but it wasn't. when they walked into the airport, they saw this. no lines. >> we even asked her are you sure -- are we in the right place? because there's no lines. it was shocking. >> reporter: they weren't the only ones pleasantly surprised. >> today seems to be refreshing. not much activity around here. except for the lines coming to the airport. >> we got here, 2.5 hours before we were supposed to. so it's okay.
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better to be early than late. >> reporter: but this isn't the case at other airports. >> pretty crazy out in vegas. >> reporter: passengers we spoke with say they encountered long lines in places like vegas. >> pretty difficult. it took a wow. back in las vegas. took a lot longer than it should have. >> reporter: a lot longer but they say well worth the wait. know that they are back home. the traffic does go in waves but i wouldn't take any chances. make sure to get here early so you don't have any delays. also it is starting to sprinkle out here. live in san francisco, lydia pantazes, kron 4 news. >> stay dry out there. raiders pulled off another fourth quarter come from behind win at home today. city officials will announce a proposal they hope will be a big enough incentive to keep the team from heading to nevada. kron 4's spencer blake reports from the coliseum.
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>> reporter: it takes more than just the roar of diehard fans after a close win to keep the raiders in oakland. >> there's a lot of people didn't want to invest. as a whole oakland been kind of liking. >> reporter: officials are working on a proposal they hope will prevent the organization from heading to las vegas. >> it's a competitive proposal but i will say it's a proposal that the citizens of oakland and the county in the region can benefit from. >> he supports the plane though he can't give a lot of details about it yet. >> reporter: he did say it involves a former player ronnie lott's group of investors who are willing to put forward private money not only for a new stadium but also nearby housing and retail. both the city and alameda county have made commitments on infrastructure plans. >> but it's a commitment that will not cost the taxpayer because we want to be able to put a package together that the investment body can also help pay for that cost in terms of long-term debt. >> to be schaaf said she will
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not get into a bidding war with the state of nevada which has allocated $750 million of taxpayer money toward a new vegas stadium. if that move actually happens. >> the numbers you quoted to me are way above my pay grade. >> i don't want any bidding wars. >> reporter: aside from a $1 billion proposal he feels good about, he thinks the league is on oakland's side too. >> extremely likely the owners of the nfl will stay with the raiders today in oakland. >> reporter: city council will be discussing the proposal at a closed-door session today at 3:00 p.m. he does think there will be strong support from other counselors as well. reporting from the coliseum, spencer blake, kron 4 news. muni is back to an apparent normal that is after an apparent computer hack. now police are looking into what caused the malfunction. muni rides were free most of the weekend. thanks to a malfunction with fair machines at underground
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stations. the system crash which began sometime friday resulted in passengers being unable to purchase transit tickets. police are currently trying to determine the extent of the hack and if there were other impacts. despite the malfunction, there was no impact to transit service. 10 people were shot early this morning in the french quarter as gunshots rang out in new orleans. one of those victims has died. those injured range in age from 20 to 37. no word on the condition of the survivors. the shooting happened in the popular bourbon street area of the city. the area was crowded because of the thanksgiving holiday. and the bayou classic football game at the superdome. officers say two men got into an argument. >> at which point the argument turned to a shootout. after that they fled the scene. we have been able to obtain what we believe to be strong information on who the suspects may be and we are pursuing every lead at this moment. >> the man who died has been identified as 25-year-old
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demond trey tolliver. two people were arrested on gun charges. friends and family gathered to celebrate the life of william sims who was killed on november 12. a vigil is held where seems body was recovered. he had actually -- he had been that is brutally beaten and shot. people who knew him said he was talented and had a gentle soul. they say he did not deserve what happened to him. daniel porter kelly has been charged with robbery, murder and hate crimes. sheriff's officials are still looking for ray simmons and daniel ortega. in connection with the murder. coming up on kron 4 is a tan, star wars fans get ready. when you can get your tickets to the latest movie rogue one colo a star wars story. politicians around the world are reacting to the death of fidel castro. hear what they have to say. ?re@pí.pm&úw
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kaepernick speaking out about fidel castro. outraged with him.
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there are mixed reactions on the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. barack obama and donald trump have released opposing statements on castro's regime. now other u.s. lawmakers are weighing in on ÷fñjnvhis death and the future of the island
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nation. >> as cuba observes a nine day mourning period, reactio surrounding the death of fidel castro is still pouring in. fidel for his sacrifice that he made. >> for my family who came =.5ov pretty ecstatic when i heard 3lñ this morning. eporter: american politicians also reacted to castro's death. including president obamañ who has criticized for offering his condolences. senator bernie sanders said he >> we've had nofrelations with brutal 5añdictatorships all ove the world. ÷f the goal right now !yto see that we can improve our relationships with the people of cuba. >> reporter: marco rubio tweeted the president's ÷po >> pghokbarack obama is the
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country in the world. what i call pathetic is not reality that there are thousands upon thousands of people who suffered brutally under the castro regime. >> reporter: koñrpresident-elec donald trump also tweeted about castro when the pfanews broke. then later released his own statement. calling the former leaderox a brutal dictator. and that his legaú/is one of unimaginable suffering. ursays he's legaú/is one of confidence that -- xhe's confident the trump administration will bring the change the island needs koin t wake of castro's death. >> our goal is the national interest of the united states. as part of that to do everything possible through our foreign policy towards cuba to incentivize and pave the way towards the move to democracy. i colin kaepernick drew loud boos from miami dolphins fence today for his political views. including comments in defense of 1+ufidel castro. home to a large cuban population that was outraged by his apparent support for fidel castro. prayed castro during an é& interview wednesday. he said castro invested in
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education while the u.s. invests in prisons. the controversialo-v cuban wore t-shirt showing castro and malcolm x this summer. we are joined right now by meteorologist lawrence karnow. - you continue to d8be one of the busiest workers around here >> i think a couple people are starting to get tired of it. people start to sa9y"w g/ 6 1- rain for now. but we've got one more storm coming tonight. and then we are going to start catch a break. and here it is. not a huge one but already bringing some gobshowers outsid right now. as we speak. pc< we've got scattered light showers showing up around the bay area. let's get you in for an even closer g#look now. you can see the cells moving á headed in that direction. most of this just light rain but comes on a night a lot of folks are traveling home. so be prepared if you're headed around menlo park@& seen shower
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there. down to street level campus drive seeing some light rainfall as well. woodland avenue light rain as well. middlefield road too. about the east bay? some scattered showers. that also very light. near 8ñlivermore right now lqwe take you in for a closer look =- q)e. some of the rain falling in those locations on south livermore avenue. san vicente drive and looks will continue to kind of slide on by. none of this is q/ real heavy. none of this is q/ r+tle bit . later on this evening. kvg4 we continue to see some of those showers sliding on by as well. closer look there and down to street level you can see most activity towards atherton m(ye on scattered showers but picking up a little bit later on. rainfall totals not bj,ge but that's pretty typical of a colder storm system sliding on by. half an inch of rain in san jose. remember last $a5evening when w spoke we were $'talking about heavier rain there. third of an inch in the mountain view. just over a quarter inch in san francisco. out there right now we've got
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mostly cloudy skies as we look ahead we've got the rain out there developing throughout the night tonight. looks like tomorrow maybe a couple showers early pgaon in t morning. ]%[eeg then i think into the middle of ethe afternoon we start to clear out your skies. slight chance towards g/the middle of the week but and really mostly cool and dry week ahead. temperatures around the bay area mainly into the 50s. e;mbá the pick up more so outside. the be prepared for that. 40s and 50s. the system slowly ,0ñslowly dropping and now. the jet stream set up a little bit further to the north. that's going to carry most of the rain in that direction. timing it out for you, system sliding on by toward the midnight hour. right here beginning to move on in. so i think as we look toward the commute tomorrow morning not a bad commute. not going to be a washout. maybe a couple scattered light showers and myñthen clear your skies and the weather looking pretty decent after that. you get the idea.
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switching up in a hurry as we start to dry things out but still maybe as much as a quarter inch of rain into half moon bay. ver a tent into santa francisco. let's take a look at your seven- day forecast and see how things are going to work out and indeed looks like a slight chance of showers early on tomorrow morning. then we start to dry things out. lots of sunshine into the afternoon. qq÷;zkm cool and brisk outside. bundle up. temperature is going to 5.&mai in the 50s outside. slight chance on úf$8i drier weather thursday, friday ñweekend. >> a bit more comfortable. it feels like the season now. >> certainly does. homeless residence in santa to a warm bed starting tomorrow. each year the county's cold- weather shelter program provides extra beds for the homeless in santa kl/clara couk this year "gznearly 400 additio .ushelters and family housing a units in gilroy and sunnyvale.
10:22 pm
the program runs from the monday after thanksgiving till march 31. county officials say the shelters offer hot showers, two meals a day÷ and employment resources and medical care. oxgá volunteers will provide free haircuts and donated toiletriesu and clothing. one shelter ceo says the shelters prevent illness and save lives this time of year. residents paid tribute to two former san francisco city leaders. vnsince the assassination of former san francisco supervisor8(÷ harvey milk. and former mayor george moscone. office by former supervisor dan white. white then walked down the hall and shot milk. dan white was charged with murder with special circumstances. he served five years for e served five years for before committing suicide in &jñ 1985. friends say he never expressed any remorse for the killings. &w you don't have to go to a
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store this weekend. amazon and the other big online merchants released what they will be offering on cyber monday. some pretty incredible deals ons tech items like tvs and popular gadgets you're probably looking for. i'm gabe slate. i'll show you the best deals coming up on kron 4 news. after the break we'll tell you the scientific proven ways to quit smoking. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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the deadly effects of smoking have been public knowledge for more than half a century. still more than 42 fqmillion people light-up dailyng.ç+ and cigarettes kçmare the leading cause of preventable death in the country. ñare some methods tha  to work. at least sometimes. kim hutchison has those tips and more. #vñ >> reporter: if you're looking to quit smoking financial
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incentives might be your best bet. a study published in the new england journal of medicine found thatç people who are motivated by money were able to quit successfully at least after 12 months. the program rthat worked best had people deposit $150 with a promise they would get the deposit back plus $650 more if they stayed away from smoke. a little more than 52% zo7of participants were able to quit. but money is not always a guarantee. ír
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cigarettes. researchers are not ykmsure if they help smokers quit. or fuel a new addiction. lots of resources online with tips to help you - 4quit ñ smoking including the website of the cdc uamerican heart association and at smoke- irw still ahead a bay area officer attacked with a skateboard. update on his condition tonight. after the break we will tell you who's who in president- elect donald trump's administration.
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now at 10:30 president- elect donald trump will have another day full of meetings monday. including discussions çóabout prospective÷ñ white house 6oppi and cabinet picks. federico whitfield takes an in- depth look at who trump has appointed so far. >> reporter: this past week president-elect donald trump÷nç
10:30 pm
announced two cabinet level post. south carolina governor nikki haley as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and school choice activistx betsy devos for education secretary. they join trump's other picks.  retired three-star general michael flynn. ç national ;nsecurity advisor. kl flynn helped destroy extremist networks in afghanistan wo#and iraq. and is known as a skilled intelligence officer. intelligence agency. reportedly over his combative management style. kansas representative mike pompeo has been tapped to be the next cia director. elected to congress in 2010, pompeo was a tea party favorite and one lead republicans investigating the 2012 benghazi attack. then there is steve bannon. trump's chief strategist. v%k he spent seven years in the u.s. navy. was an investment banker for goldman sachs. and a hollywood investor. most recently he has made it republican party establishment.
10:31 pm
alabama senator jeff sessions is nominated for u.s. attorney general. the former prosecutor has opposed immigration reform as well as bipartisan proposalsc t cut mandatory minimum prison sentences. sessions has been accused of calling civil rights groups. un-american. and criticized the voting rights act. and finally the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus who will 5+nbe president-elect's chief of staff. while priebus is a mainstream pick that many republicans find encouraging, some tea party leaders fear priebus is too much of a washington insider. >> wisconsin election officials are expected to meet to discuss -- mtomorrow to discuss a timeline for a recount of the state's election. the recount comes jm$at the request of former presidential candidate jill stein@ahh7 who it's important to determine whether hacking may have affected the results. president-elect donald trump narrowly won the badger state. while hillary clinton's
10:32 pm
campaign formally joined steins/ wisconsin recount. there's no evidence voter results were hacked. wisconsin election officials say it will be tough to finish the recount by the federally required deadline of december 13. the trump name has been vandalized again. but this time it was online. on saturday the president-elect midtown manhattan building was renamedújykm dumped towers on g maps. the trump hotel and tower in lso appeared as dump. the proper names of both buildings were restored by this president-elect donald trump has been using trump tower as his (transition headquarters. kãas o7bnot commented on the x#m vandalism. a ghoul spokeswoman says user contribution helps keeps maps up-to-date. will ,0ñsometimes lead to inaccuracies. 8 tracking tonight qat 10:00 south san francisco police p9 officer recovering in the hospital is showing signs of
10:33 pm
improvement. after being hit in the head with g/g#a skateboard. u officer robbie chan is a 12- year veteran of the force. stanley roberts. stanley told us that during a hospital visit today, chan gave him a thumbs up. a(i÷ these are pictures of stanley with chan'3yyyswywife at the hospital. along with family ñm/and frien of officer chan. 0 afternoon.
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what the cyber monday deals g/ will be as usual. techie items are front and center. kron 4's technology reporter gabe slate shows us the best of  some that you can get now and don't have to wait for. 5añq÷ >> reporter: i know it can qwas like you have to get inside the store to get the best deals but that's how they market it to lure you in so then you you buy retailers. all of eyesterday. i've xseen the prices. you can hg5get the same deals online now through cyber monday. amazon will have a 50-inch my l.e.d. tv for $145 and %qña 50-inchoo4 echo. for only $140. that is the popular voice assistant wireless speaker one hottest gadget gifts jfthis yea you 4can also save $50 on aps for videogame system. best buy is offering the hp
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specterh7"gz x 360 laptop '7óf that is $400 off. this is and $xultralightweight high-end feature packed notebook that rivals apple's macbook. if you need a solid"m& pc note to last for years it's a good one. sampson has this deal if you buy a galaxy smartphone. they will throw in ña free gear vr gift pack including the gear vr headset&&[ and free bonus for direct élinks to those dea i showed you and for a look at a lot more hot cyber monday techie deals, look for my tech with your tech report, gabe slate, kron 4 news. the spending totals are in for this 9w÷weekend's thanksgiving. according to the national retail federation, more than shopping this weekend. that's up 3 million from 2015.
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each customer spent an average of $290. about $10 less than 9-last year the ÷nñretail federation attributes #vzthe drop to more discounts being available to consumers. at 109 million online shopping beat out in-store shopping by 10 million customers. for anyone looking to make extra money thisbsholiday season, u.s. postal service is hiring for temporary positions in the bay area. postal service is looking for people to work through january 6th. .'ymd&xl the jobs are included -- mail handlers clerk assistant transportation assistance and u! processing clerks. ñthree 6ozfacilities are located in san jose, oakland and richmond with hourly wages from 15 to just over $17. for more @gqinformation and how apply, you v:can visit our with christmas right around the corner, solano county is
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giving back to local military families. subaru car dealership in fairfield is giving away christmas trees ato hundreds@-t military families to say thank you. the deal is available now in -- until christmas. just show "nyour military i.d. to any dealership official and you can take home one of these trees that you see there on your screen. coming up this weekend the storm brought fresh powder in % the sierra. we'll take a look at how much snow m25they got. after the break thanksgiving is done and now it's time to get a christmas tree but should you get a real or artificial one? ÷
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with thanksgiving lpbehind us, some people in the bay area are looking forward to christmas. for many that starts with buying a tree as( remodel our
10:40 pm
goal we tells us in some spots b they are going fast. >> reporter: it's that time of year again where people are x>ñ looking for the perfect christmas tree. >> looking for a tree that speaks to us. o-v >> just getting started with holiday season. excited to get a new house set up with a new baby. >> reporter: a lot of people come to one of several tree lotx run by delancey street foundation a bay area staple that helps employee ex-convicts and former substance users. >> it's a great cause. the model !cygreat and the people are incredibly nice. these guys are terrific and they have great trees. >> reporter: ramiro mejia helps customers who come to this lot near peer 32. >> with fire retardant as well to prevent fire hazards. my%qñ for a lot of apartments and buildings in the city that's a í rg6 that is the code. so we're able to do that on side. >> reporter: further down the embarcadero orcygh supply store
10:41 pm
the fig trees inside are not getting much love. but several customers we talked to walked away with a real one. >> people like d8the smell of t pine. they like real trees. not the artificial. and then there are occasional customers thatxñhf% don't like clean up from real trees and they do with artificial trees. >> reporter: those who are out today say they wouldn't ñgetting a fake tree. be question. we want the smell and the real tree. >> reporter: do you have 5ad=ñi for a lot of people a real christmas tree remains novel. kron 4 news. o7bcoming up the newest sta wars movie is almost out. find out when you can get your hands on the tickets. moret now moving into the bay area. how heavy will it get? we'll talk about that coming up next. >> çl=
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it was a very busy weekend in the sierra as many of the resorts got hit hard by snow. this is video from the folks up at boreal mountain. this morning they woke up to get this an additional 16 inches of snow on the ground. if you were able to make it out to this area then you were traffic on many of the 1wñroads came to a standstill late yesterday. over the place. we heard lawrence talk about it. lit more. even more this week. we also have pictures here from '4?ñ. employees tsay they had 12 inches of snow at 9-mid-mountai much more on the peaks. one of the pictures you can see all the snow in the village
10:45 pm
near the ice-skating rink's. last weekend we talked with our friend áe#vin cooper known as coop up at kirkwood. dx he told us things were looking very good for the holiday week. and he wasn't lying. these are pictures from those at kirkwood mountain resort. they woke up this morning to between 14 and 16 inches of snow on the ground. the main concern has been the roads and getting to the resort. they even warned drivers on the3 facebook page to be cautious because slick roads -- and @gqt roads are slick. you can see incredible views they had today when the clouds finally cleared. xgg also likely in store for more snow this week but the gentleman who can tell us more about that is meteorol/it lawrence karnow. almost a good thing we didn't go up there because of all that snow. this is a live look right now much different than some of those live looks at san p  francisco. >> w3that was the hard part. i know a lot of folks wanted to do it but yesterday whiteout conditions on the road. ón what's neat about the snow this time around tempe2lkres are so
10:46 pm
cold you get the really light powder snow. cski on. great to if you can hold off for another 18 hours or so, you can head on up to the mountains and you know what? you'll be skiing on fresh powder up there and it is going to be awesome. you know what? another storm rolling in right now. it is bringing more snow 3wñup into the high country. you can see more scattered showers showing up outside right now. most of that light activity at this hour. we'll watch that on and off and picking uppvas we head into the next few hours here. midnight hour rains expected to pick up. matter-of-fact rolling right on through"n. and lecveng a whole lot of rain (g.behind. but if you're traveling. looked towards a =)san jose. some showers coming down there. we'll take you in for a closer look as a some of the 5birainfa in that area -- headed that way expect showers pgato roll on by we take you down the street level. you can see that rolling on through on north 13the-1 as we park avenue. you've got some rain and plenty more to come. in fact we've got scattered
10:47 pm
showers now showing up around much of the bay areagoá as we l towards the east bay a lo#pñof shower activity there. toward antioch now seeing a lot of rain beginning to move on through over the mountains. you jovcan see the hills poppin up for scattered showers and then-é(@may have been continuin in rain as well. and just lighter amounts sliding on through but you can more scattered showers in that direction. and it í#alooks like9wx if you traveling that way you run into pockets of rain. along 101. sausalito you see showers there. mill valley getting rain drops. tiburon light rain. san rafael as well 0and of course they've seen a lot of they've got more coming now. this storm is just a little bit warmer so the snow levels are higher tonight. down to 5000 feet but above that you can see another one or two inches of snow. from the system as it slides on through so not done with the snowfall just yet. headed to southern california be careful. very gusty winds developing there. .ob
10:48 pm
sustained about 25 to 40 miles per hour. fá gusts to 65 and higher. especially careful if you're going over the grapevine along i-5. out the door right now we've got the clouds rolling on in. you can see looking for berkeley back towards t(san francisco. we've got mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers and temperatures cool too. generally in the 40s and 50s outside. outside. col in out of the gulf of alaska brought the temperatures way down. çó( g= tomorrow afternoon number is going to be mainly in the 50s and also the 60s. the storm system rolling right down in toward the bay area. coming out of the gulf of alaska so i think this will be close to the last of the series. another one come through about wednesday or so but jet stream just a little further to the north. so looks like most of that rainfall will stay mainly to the north although see the showers picking up tonight to the midnight hour. expect that to continue early tomorrow morning but if you
10:49 pm
sleep in you may miss all the raindrops. back to sunshine on tuesday. slight chance mof showers once again toward îwednesday. great powder to ski on. if you can get up to the mountains, it's going to be beautiful. >> thank you, lawrence. bo[ithe first place raider hosting cam mrmnewton and the defendinga/s nfc champs at the coliseum. we go to 8the video. derek carr and the raiders were they led the panthers x#í24-7. in the third it turned into a nightmare. carr dislocated his left pinky. you see him forcing --8ñ he tri coming back but the medical staff were not able to pc
10:50 pm
for a 31-yard return. the panthers eventually took a 32-34 lead. carr looking for ()a man. and he is going to find his clive walford. that's a touchdown and converts the two to tie the game at 32. but carr wasn't done. inside the 20. he launches this ball for a man we had not qvltalked about in highlight yet. "n michael crabtree! dgain. the former niner finished the game with 110 yards receiving. the raiders were not able to end the drive with a touchdown. so sebastian janikowski puts %w oakland up by three. with less than --"npga the pan on fourth and 10 go for it. and the sack and fumble ends the panthers hopes. gmx raiders win this thing 35-33. carr finished the game with 315 yards,, two touchdowns. they sit in first place in the
10:51 pm
afc west. with a 9-2 ñirecord. next sunday they will host the bills. g= to face the red-hot dolphins. colin kaepernick and the niners hoping to avoid losing 10 straight for the first time in team history. in the fourth, dolphins trying to ice the game. ryan tannehill fires and finds his man for the touchdown. p 31-14 but here ñ looking for a man. finds torrey smith in the end zone. that would cut the lead back to 10. kaepeclíck finished with three touchdowns and ran for n113 yards. through for 296. less than 15 seconds left=u! k playing some gutsy football. hits jeremy kerley inside the dolphins 10. ír so we go to the last play of the game. kaepernick is looking. he is going to roll to the fá right side. stopped at the two-yard line.
10:52 pm
÷fñjnv kaepernick becomes the fifth to have three touchdowns and at ÷game rushing. next week they will be in chicagooo to play the bears. we have a quick zmehit e&f college football. cuonzo martin and cal hosting southeast louisiana. you see it here. the bears charlie moore is going to hit a three-pointer. the six-foot freshman has been the best player 5.&the season. the six-foot freshman has been the best player 5.&the season. 22 hwpoints today. úv: 67-55. that is sports. é we will be back after the break.
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christmas came a little early for star wars fans. disney has announced the wars story will go on sale tomorrow. news of the advance
10:56 pm
ticket sales came 5min a tweet from the official étstar wars account on friday. rogue one is both a spinoff of star wars and a prequelgg. it revolves around a group of rebels looking to steal the plans for the death star. it debuts in theaters on december 16. [ny coming up on kron 4 news t% 11:00,t5 a shooting outside of popular east bay theater. find out what happened and the latest in the1y
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news starts now with breaking news. >> reporter: breaking news we're following tonight is out of the east bay where movie goers were left frightened after a person was shot outside a popular theater in concord. thanks pr joining us -- for joining us at 11:00. i'm jr stone. the shooting happened outside the brenden concord 14 movie theater.
11:00 pm
police evacuated the theater and shut down nearby streets. one person has been arrested. ellis is live conquered -- in concord with the latest of the investigation. >> reporter: the call came in saturday night and actually for movie goers inside the theater reported they heard shots fired. police say a security guard was shot multiple times and another man by the parking lot. they don't know what led up to this violent altercation between the two people. but the guard is now detained for questioning and is cooperating with police during this investigation. >> a person who was attending the movie? was he a customer? somebody who snuck into a theater? there is a lot of questions but we have our investigators on it tonight. >> reporter: officers are combing the area for any evidence as movie goers said they heard the suspect claim he had a gun but they have yet to find one on the scene other than


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