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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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police evacuated the theater and shut down nearby streets. one person has been arrested. ellis is live conquered -- in concord with the latest of the investigation. >> reporter: the call came in saturday night and actually for movie goers inside the theater reported they heard shots fired. police say a security guard was shot multiple times and another man by the parking lot. they don't know what led up to this violent altercation between the two people. but the guard is now detained for questioning and is cooperating with police during this investigation. >> a person who was attending the movie? was he a customer? somebody who snuck into a theater? there is a lot of questions but we have our investigators on it tonight. >> reporter: officers are combing the area for any evidence as movie goers said they heard the suspect claim he had a gun but they have yet to find one on the scene other than that of the security
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guard. >> we didn't locate a fire arm. >> reporter: movie goesers exited from the front and the back. >> we turned the lights on in the theaters. >> reporter: while employees were put on lock down. >> luckily we found out this happened outside of the theater. >> reporter: although the shooting was outside the theater they placed the lock down to make sure there was no other active shooter inside and were able to make sure people were safe. >> reporter: twenty-two people shot -- two people shot at a bar and the gunman on the loose. the suspect was unprovoked and seemed to be taking his anger out on patrons. alicia has the details on the investigation. >> everybody here is totally in shock. . >> reporter: this local hangout is voted best restaurant in venisha a number of times. but bottom of the fifth patrons
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were arunning for their -- were running for their lives. at 1:30 in the morning, an unfamiliar face walked into the bar. >> bouncer asked for his i.d. brushed him off walked to a different spautd in -- spot in the bar and then the bouncer tapped him on the shoulder and he pulled the gun out. >> reporter: the suspect lost it. he pulled out a gun and started pointing it toward the bartender who dropped to the ground looking for cover. >> everybody is pretty shook up about it. >> reporter: after that. >> comes over to me. pushes his way through and other people over here. >> reporter: the shooting happens out of frame. but two men end up getting shot. one of them a local. >> he got shot in the hand. >> reporter: you can see the terror of everybody's faces as the guy is running his gun around. >> reporter: multiple shots were fired inside the bar. the shooter took off and is still on the loose. this family owned business has been around for 33 years and the manager has never seen a gun inside. police agree.
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>> this is not something common here. >> reporter: while police ask for the public's help in finding the suspect, the owner of the bar is hoping he can find the two victims to help as they recover. the manager says they're planning on holding a fundraiser to help with medical expenses. . today is the busiest travel day of the year. as americans are returning home after the long thanksgiving weekend. sfo expects a total of 154,000 passengers both deparlting and arrive -- departing and arriving. despite it being one of the busiest travel days of the year there seems to be no issues at sfo. at least there wasn't earlier in the daytime. lydia is at the airport with the latest on how the crowds are this evening. >> reporter: (whistle blowing) tens of thousands of people arriving and departing from sfo. most of them expecting the worst driving to their
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terminal. >> i've never seen the traffic backup that much before. >> we saw the cars lined up. especially on the demarcher side. -- departure side. and said okay this is going to be tough. >> reporter: but it wasn't. when raj walked into the airport he saw this: no lines. >> we even asked her are you sure, you know, are we in the right place? because there is no lines. we were shocked. >> reporter: they were not the only oneed pleasant -- only ones pleasantly surprised. >> not much activity except for the lines coming into the airport. >> two and a half hours before we were supposed to be here. it's okay. i'd rather be early than late. >> reporter: but this isn't the case at other airports. >> crazy in vegas. >> reporter: passengers returning to the bay area encountered long lines in places like giflt r vegas.
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>> -- like vegas. >> took a while. a lot longer than it should. >> reporter: a lot longer but well worth the wait now that they're back home. in san francisco, kron4 news. top stories, we are following tonight, 10 people shot early this morning in the french quarter as gunshots rang out in new orleans. one of those victims has died. those injured range in age from 20 to 37. no word on the condition of the survivors. the shooting happened in the popular bourbon street area of the city after the bayou classic football game at the superdome. officers say two men got into an argument. the man who died has been identified as 25-year-old demantras oliver. two peoplewere arrested on gun charges. three people have been injured in a house fire in seratoga tonight.
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happened on plymouth drive. fire crews were notified of a person trapped inside the house with smoke showing. firefighters successfully rescued the person from the home. they put the flames out. the trio is currently in the hospital. the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. friends and family gathered to celebrate the life of william sims. who was killed on november 12. a vigil is held where his body was recovered. he was brutally beaten and shot. people said he was taalant -- talented and had a gentle soul and didn't deserve what happened to him. daniel porter kelley is charged with robbery, murder, and hate crimes. sheriff official are still looking for ray simmons and daniel ortega in connection with the murder. >> reporter: elected city leaders are looking to keep the raiders in town. there is a pitch for the raiders owner mark davis that
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he wants private money from a group of investors. the former player is organizing. the state of nevada already set aside $750 million. this proposal would not cost taxpayers any money. there will be a proposal on tuesday. and coming up, another round of rain about to hit the bay area. meteorologist lawrence is back with your complete forecast.
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we're joined right now by lawrence. and i'll tell you, it appears if you're traveling by road today you're really lucked out because of the weather. >> reporter: yeah. between storm systems. and that next storm system bringing rainfall around the bay area. a few showers moving in. this really just going to be light showers.
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more nuisance showers overnight. if you're trabling on the -- traveling on the roads, slick in spots and hit and miss now. scattered about the bay area. looking at rainfall pushing by. and it's not very heavy. it's moving through but just enough to get things wet on the roadways if you're traveling in those directions, be careful. a little line moving through parts of south san francisco and san bruno. you can see there on mcdonald street that they are looking at light showers in that direction. and also to the east we're seeing some of the showers continuing and sliding by. this line really just making its cray a -- way across the bay as we're looking at the system sliding through. seeing light showers there now. in san leandro and more pockets of rainfall popping up outside. east bay more widely scattered showers mere -- near livermore and san ramone.
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most of this just light passing showers as they move by. rainfall totals for today, not all that huge over the past 24 but still about a half inch as you made your way in towards san jose. 10th of an inch in santa rosa. someone unusual. and third of an inch in half moon bay. not a bad lookout now. clouds rotating on through. and yeah. looks like the rain will continue to workuts way through the -- its way through the bay area. nothing too heavy but a few downpours so if you're traveling be prepared, numbers now in the 40s and 50s. the storm originateing out of the gulf of alaska. it's going to bring showers overnight tonight and cold at times and cold and brisk by tomorrow afternoon. slight chance shoufrs again -- of showers again on wednesday but most of the week looking dry and cool. >> reporter: busy couple months. >> reporter: very busy. thank you for joining us this evening.
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we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
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so after i get done here in 25 minutes, get up and get out the door, 15 minutes, i'm down the street and fronting the kaepernick story. which some is good, more is better, it's not going away. checking in on yo


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