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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight at ten: three people are dead -- and five others are sick following a free thanksgiving dinner. i'm steve aveson. and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. right now -- health investigators are trying to figure out if this holiday meal --- provided by a church is connected to the deaths -- or if something else caused the mysterious illness. we know all those who got sick had the free dinner at the veterans memorial hall in antioch. tonight we have team coverage. kron4's j-r stone is live in brentwood with more on the church that provided the meal.
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first -- kron4's alecia reid is live at the contra costa county health department. alecia what have they been able to figure out? tonight there is growing concern within the homeless community about what happened that led to the death of those three people. kron 4's j.r. stone continues out team coverage and joins us live in brentwood where the church that organized this event is located. j.r. we first told you about this story through a breaking news
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push alert. make sure you and download the free kron-4 news app. and be the first to know about breaking news when it happens in your area. breaking news out of castro valley. where police say a man was fatally shot outside his own home. it happened around six this evening on wilson avenue and redwood road. upon arrival, officers found a 37-year-old man laying in the street.suffering from gunshot wounds. medical crews tried to save the victim.but he was pronouced dead at the scene. police say the quite neighborhood is currently in disbelief at what happened. police say homicide's in castro valley are very rare. tonight the south san francisco police officer in critical showing small signs of improvement.
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officer robby chon was attacked on thanksgiving. he was knocked unconcious with a skateboard. >> j.r.: as the work of a turkey dinner told us they wore gloves and the food was needed one who was given a supplier for the past five different locations says he is still skeptical family's food for these to be better checked. they're praying for those who lost family members and rang for the sec.
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tonight friends and family came together at a vigil for the officer. kron4's ella sogomonian joins us live from the south san francisco city hall. ella? family friends and a community touched by the work of south san
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francisco police veteran robby chon gathered for a vigil at the department's steps to wish him a successful recovery monday night. yumi chon, officer's sister "we thank you for your support" for 12 years officer chon dedicated his life and career to his role of a motorcycle cop. bring an update and track all those with the story. >> vicki:thanksgiving day he was struck in the head by a man now in police custody. since then officer chon has been battling critical injuries in an area hospital.
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officer ken chetcuti, south san francisco police department " officers worry they're seeing a spike in violence against law enforcement and say it's not just cops who prepare themselves to face danger - but their families who hope each day they'll make it home safe. " young explorers volunteering with the department take this moment as a harsh lesson as they prepare for a career in law enforcement. payal ram, ssfpd explorer seargant "what i want to do for the rest of my life, being a police officer it hurts and it hits home in our department." those who work with officer chon say he is making slow but steady improvements. that he was able to raise a thumbs up in his hospital bed. so the community was asked to do the same remaining hopeful he'll be back with the force
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again. another big story tonight: investigators are trying to determine if terrorism could be the motive behind today's horrific attack at ohio state university. eleven people were injured after the attacker plowed his car into a crowd, and than slashed victims with a knife. reporter pamela brown reports how the incident played out. ohio state president says people shouldn't rush to judgment about whether the attack was
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terrorism-related. or whether the suspect's somali descent had anything to do with it. will keep you updated on the industry in storing any keep >> steve: investigators tried to determine if terrorism could be the motives behind it is set at ohio state university. the attacker piled his card directly into a crowd of young people and then a topic of the knife. there for how this incident is playing now. unless the minute at the
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end of this situation and less than a minute. in gauging the suspect and they eliminated the threat. and interviewed expressed by this newspaper and then spoke of being uncomfortable and projecting
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you notice from the coast in the bay inland communities and high 50s and they tracked slight chance of showers on wednesday. coming up -- a california mom goes missing -- then is found bound on the side of a freeway. tonight -- the unanswered questions that remain about the abduction. then: the recount is on in wisconsin. and the hillary clinton campaign will be joining in on the effort. tonight -- how president-elect donald trump is lashing out on
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twitter. and next: new anaylsis from space shows san francisco's millenium tower is sinking faster than what was thought. new images of the millennium tower in san francisco show it may be sinking faster than engineers originally thought. kron four's spencer blake takes a look at the datafrom the european space agency. "people have already begun noticing the leaning and the tilting from the ground, but the building is also so tall that they've started to notice it from space, as well." in this photo, the millennium tower is marked with several data points that scientist petar marinkovic analyzed. the satellite data from the european space agency shows it is sinking, not just at one inch per year, as engineers estimated.
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a recent 12-month period saw the tower sink one-point-six to one-point-eight inches! it's not hard to see why people who live in the luxury high-rise might be getting frustrated with the sinking and the tilting - several of them passed on talking to me about it. this may add fuel to the legal fire already underway. earlier this month the san francisco city attorney sued the building's developer over the problem. "mission street development, llc new for at least a year before they began selling condominiums that this 58-story residential building was sinking much faster than expected." when you stretch the e-s-a's data out over 17 months of observation, the building sunk almost *three inches - the amount engineers said it would sink in three years. "we're not going to sit by and
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allow a developer, or anyone else, to enrich themselves at the expense of others by hiding crucial information." "so far millennium tower has sunken a total of 16 inches. in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news." muni systems are back up and running following a major hack attack over the weekend. and tonight -- muni is assuring customers that their data is *not at risk. the hack happened late friday and knocked out ticket machines for the light rail system on saturday. the attack involved some sort of what's known as ransomware which locks up computers by encrypting files. the alleged hacker demanded a 73-thousand dollars. users saturday ending up riding for free -- until muni could get everything back to normal. scary moments for passengers aboard a united flight that took off from san francisco international airport this afternoon. the flight headed to japan. was forced to turn around and head back to s-f-o after one of its four engines experienced a mechanical problem. the plane was able to landed safety at s-f-o. with 202 passengers and 15 crew members
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aboard. around 1:30 this afternoon. no word on what caused the malfunction. a family in concord says their home was the target of pro- donald trump vandalism. the vandals left dozens of flags in her lawn - with trump slogans.
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kron4's maureen kelly talked to the homeowner who says she's not concerned about what was written on the flags. but she is worried about the destruction of her property. >>:i don't want to sound like an hysteric but people could have been hurt and that was not okay especially with my children in the house. someone left more than 50 american flags.several of them defaced with pro trump slogans. like build the wall now.or this one that reads.i luv the front of the hartlove family's home just after midnight saturday. one said trump 17 one said merica yay or something lke that >> reporter:at that point the family says it was just a silly prank.but then about a half hour after that discovery.they lost power. >>:we heard a loud bang and then all of the power went out and we thougth oh someone hit a transformer and it was dark like you couldn't see your hand in front of your face dark. but it turned out.that someone stole their electricity meter off of their house.this one you see here is the new one put on by pge.but it was that.rather than the flags that had the hartlove family scared. at that point we thought we are potentially under attack denisen hartlove and her husband called the police who are now investigating.the hartlove's believe they know who is behind this vandalism.and suspect that
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is partly motivated by a neighborhood dispute.and partly because of their family's political leanings. we are kinda liberals we voted for hilary. concord police have assigned a detective to the the meantime the hartlove's have installed video cameras around their case the vandal or vandals return. maureen kelly kron4 news. today. another mosque received the same hate-filled letter. that has been sent to several california mosques - including one in san jose. this time the hand-written, photo-copied letter was received in savannah georgia. here in the bay area --- police say the investigation is a priority and is ongoing. four mosques in southern calfiornia also received the letter. the f-b-i says the letters are awful -- but they are not investigating at this point because they do not pose a specific threat. a judge today granted dylan roof's motion to represent himself. roof is accused of opening fire and killing nine african- american parishioners inside a south carolina church.
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prosecutors say it was in hopes of starting a race war. today jury selection in the case resumed. the trail was expected to begin earlier this month -- but was delayed so roof could undergo a competency evaluation. the 2015 shooting happened back in 2015. the suspect faces 33-federal charges and prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. >> britteny: and the high country now as we go on the next few days we will continue to see nice conditions nice and dry forests clear and cool at entablatures stay close to the seasonal average. mostly cloudy skies earlier in the evening and it will continue developing shifting closer to us they continue to see dry conditions and not the weather disturbance closer to wednesday. endicott's
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increase in parts of north bay this is what we are tracking a little bit of activity heading into the afternoon and evening. temperatures of 44 conquered 41 in livermore and low '50's in oakland. 48 degrees in santa rosa 49 in napa heading into tomorrow back to the mid high fifties 57 pacific, 59 in redwood city hello my 62 cost of the close '60s napa 6360 will be the high unconquered 58 rio vista temperatures pretty much
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closed average drive over the next few days and definitely chile. got from claiming election fraud colin at california. still ahead:
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the search is on for two escaped jail inmates. tongiht we have a look inside the san jose cell they broke out of. then -- a nine-year-old girl sexually assaulted while sitting with her family on bart. what we know about the suspect. and next -- even though he won donald trump is claiming election fraud. why he's pointing the finger at california. tonight a recount effort is getting underway in wisconsin. it comes as donald trump has now been declared the winner in the state of michigan. here is where the electoral college stands now that all states are reporting.
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>> steve:donald trump with 306. hillary clinton with 232. clinton does lead in the popular vote. but that's not what counts. now -- wisconsin is beginning a recount of its ballots from the election. a process that could be done in about a week. trump beat hillary clinton by about 22-thousand votes in the state. there have been some questions raised about vote tampering -- but no proof has been uncovered. green party jill stein initiated the recount effort by raising money online. she is also pushing for a recount in michigan and pennyslvania. over the weekend the clinton campaign said they would
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participate in the wisconsin recount. president-elect donald trump has lashed out on twitter. creating some controversy. in a tweet he now claims he won the popular vote -- if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. he's provided no proof to that claim. in another tweet the president- elect singled out states including california as having serious voter fraud. that's a claim that the california secretary of state calls absurd. here in the bay area santa clara county officials have kicked off a recount effort unrelated to the presidential election. it's decide ten close races. kron4's charles clifford has the details. nats >> reporter:early monday morning, 150 staff members and volunteers at the santa clara county registrar of voters began carefully recounting ballots. nats county laws requires an additional audit of votes in any contest where the results are within one half of one percent. this year 10 races were close enough to trigger a recount.
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nats philip chantry is spokesperson for the registrar of voters. sots over the weekend, president elect donald trump claimed, without proof, that there was voter fraud in california. the claim raised more than a few eyebrows here in santa clara county. sot those kinds of comments are really unfortunate for us here because we are still in the process of conduction the election. officials here say they are confident that the election results will be accurate. they note that amoung other safeguards, all voters in the county are required to provide a social security number or drivers license and that each ballot is checked with a state database to ensure its legitimacy. during the recount effort there are also multiple observers making sure each ballot is accurately tallied.
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sot voters in santa clara county should have complete confidence in the integrity of their system. standup finally, election officials here in santa clara county say it will take about a week to complete the recount and they have until december 8th to certify the results of the election with the state. in the south bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. coming up: a dream volunteer job to some -- baby cuddling. yes it"s a real thing -- and it has some real health benefits. and next: beaten and killed in the east bay. police say it was because of his race. we were there as tempers flared in the courtroom as one of the suspects faced a judge. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't
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a man charged with a hate crime murder of an east bay musician plead not guilty today in a contra costa county court room. the arraigment proceeding got a little contentious between the prosecution and defense attorneys. as kron4's haaziq madyun reports. >> reporter:the prosecution will not pursue the death penalty against 31-year-old daniel porter-kelley in the will sims hate crime murder case. contra costa county deputy district attorney derek butts explain why "with respect to this particular individual the key factors are lack of significant criminal record" another key factor is the defendant did not pull the trigger on the gun that shot sims
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"i have not, as you can see by the complaint, charged mr. porter-kelly with a personal use enhancement, you might infer from that, that he didn't personally use a fire arm" not pursuing the death penalty is not going far enough says defense attorney colin cooper because he says his client had "absolutely nothing to do with it and we will ultimately be able to show that" his confidence is rooted in the fact that his client has been jailed for a week and the proescution has yet to produce any evidence against him "i have been an attorney for 27-years, i have never seen a murder case where i came to court and wasn't given a report or arrest warrant suggesting what they think his involvement was" the prosecution told the court that the arrest reports have not been written yet because the investigators are busy searching for the two remaining suspects wanted for sims murder "we're searching for two suspected killers, we are going to prioritize and not put pen to paper so to speak and rather use those energies to find the people still at large" that explantion was good enough for the judge who ruled against releasing daniel porter-kelly from jail on his own
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recognizance. he remains behind bars with no bail. in richmond haaziq madyun kron4news the search continues for those two inmates who escaped from the santa clara county jail last week. police say these two men. rogelio chavez and laron campbell.escaped wednesday night. the duo escaped from the county jail by cutting through the bars of a second story window.and climbing to freedom with a rope made from bedding. the trail of one of the inmates appears to have led to a motel in gilroy. 'numerous sources,' according to the sheriff's department, led to a search of the days inn
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motel. deputies are 'highly confidant' that one of the two escaped inmates, rogelio chavez, had been staying in a second floor room he wasn't found. but his alleged room is now sealed for possible evidence. four inmates broke out of the jail.but only chavez and campbell succesfully gave officers the slip. dogs were said to have picked up the fugitives scent heading north toward santa clara. the sheriff's office has offered a 20-thousand reward for information leading to the capture of the escapees. today was the funeral for the >> vicki: four year old that was murdered - after she drowned at a church - her father now charged in the crime. police say - four year old maria jose ordaz chavarria was drowned by her father, gerardo ordaz, last sunday in the baptismal pool inside the church. in court today, family members - visibly upset.were in town to attend maria's funeral. they were also here to see her father in court. the judge suspended the court process so that ordaz could be further evaluated by a doctor.
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police say they are still trying to put together a timeline of what happened. a nine-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on a bart train today. a bart spokesperson says the girl was sitting on the train when a man next to her began touching her on the leg and buttocks. a family member intervened and the family exited the train to report the crime. the suspect stayed on the train. officers were able to detain the him and at least one witness. the suspect was able to positively identify the man as 26-year-old marcus brown. brown was taken into custody for sexual battery and annoying and molesting a child. the search is on tonight for the gunman in an oakland double murder. the shooting happened in the on 39th street near the macarthur bart station. this is video from the scene. police say the victims had driven to the area shortly before being shot. neighbors were visibly upset over the deadly attack. there's a lot of emotions, these were somebody's brothers , somebody's child, no community or neighborhood should have to experience what they just did one of the victims is linked to a home in the neighborhood. police are hoping someone will come forward with information. in concord -- police say a man shot by a movie theater security guard was intoxicated and making threats prior to the incident. officers have indentified the man as 25-year-old anthony countee of richmond. they say he was unarmed.but was extremely inebriated. and when he walked into the movie theater without a ticket.the security guard stopped him.
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the suspect allegeldy became confrontational and told the security guard he had a gun.and wasn't afraid to use it. the guard chased him outside and shot him multiple times his injuries are not considered life-threateneing. the guard was questioned and released by investigators. indepth tonight -- on what may be a volunteering dream. cuddling tiny babies in the hospital. doctors say the babies thrive from the t-l-c. but there are some strict guidelines. reporter christine mclarty shows us how it works. >> reporter: is good for the mental health as well. ruth is covered team color.
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a lot to hundred 50 snuggle hours. baby is hogget lores anxiety levels and improve sleep.
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if interested -- contact your local hospital and see if they're in need of some help. three weeks ago she vanished. now a mother of three is back home. after being found bound and abandoned on thanksgiving. but there are still so many unanswered questions. we still dont know who took her.
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>> steve:or how she ended up 140 miles away from hom. and what happened to her during the three weeks she was gone -- is still a mystery. >> vicki:ali wolf has the latest on the investigation from shasta county. nats freeway >> reporter:the steady hum of interstate 5, a quiet church and a few scattered homes among empty fields. this is where investigators say a nightmare that dragged on for three weeks - ended. when a passing driver found sherri papini alive. "chp is advising she is heavily battered and chained to something" dispatch audio of the yolo county sheriff's department reveals the young mother was found battered and chained to something along northbound i-5 near county road 17, in yolo county. fullscreen #3 @ 3:41-46
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"is she on the freeway? " "confirmed. northbound i5 just south of yolo." 140 miles from the shasta county community. where she vanished while jogging one woman who claims she saw papini on thanksgiving morning on the side of the road before sunrise posted to facebook: "i couldn't stop in time to help you this morning but i did pull over and report to police that i saw you by the road and was certain you needed help" she added. that she "didnt know if her call helped but was thankful papini is safe." now as investigators search for possible abductors: two hispanic women armed with a much is unknown: *for starters: why was the mother of two taken? *what happened to her?
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and *how did she end up on the side of the freeway - so far from home? "it kind of like bothered me a little bit because it is so close to my house, it is within walking distance of my house" kesli coleman lives near the spot where papini's alleged abductors left her. like many - she wants to know what happened - and understands things dont always end this well. "mostly it is just, kidnap and then found a dead body couple months later but now we found her and she's alive" many in the shasta county community are now questioning papini's story. in national interviews monday morning - sheriff tom bosenko said they have no reason to "disbelieve" her and it's unclear whether she knew her kidnappers. investigators have also issued 20 search warrants related to the case. abc news reports - detectives
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are looking through her computer investigating old relationships and they're also looking for surveillance video. hoping to figure out exactly what happened to sherri papini. papini was mostly unharmed she was taken to a nearby hospital then sent home to reunite with her husband. the raiders cliched their first winning season since 2002 and to >> britteny: the rest of tonight waking up tomorrow was commute made a bit easier with clear visibility cellaret are shot shows clear skies and mostly clear skies tonight which will give way to lots of sunshine tomorrow watching a ridge of high pressure build over our region and then some cold and dry conditions below leathers to rinse closer to us heading toward wednesday near san francisco of your parts the north bay and then over the east bay. we start often near san
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francisco peninsula is down 58 in san francisco 5626 tomorrow and san mateo at 57 and pacifica closer nicotine out and ride around 60 degrees 64 san jose and milpitas 57 the high loss of sunshine for the east bay 58 livermore 60 concord and oakland 56 and san ramon 50 degrees and wall muckrake temperatures union city and 56 and 61 and center fell tomorrow 62 in petaluma close and then not but and a close 63 and 61 benicia 70 forecast shows a slight chance of wednesday's nicole on thursday and friday slightly warmer saturday sunday cooler with clouds on monday >> gary: the magnitude of this
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team we are starting to see who they really are. there were out playing by atlanta when it went to work and that led the hawks past would to the jumper led by one and the first 24 points the plus/minus really inside when you're a floor use call for the lawyers might 12.5 rebounds and on the night he is only 6 for 17 had 25 points but led to challenging and that's why dream on is being hailed a candidate for defensive player of the
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year the on the former warrior one of 5100 lawyers 12th straight win third best 2002 yesterday as at this is set him up the top two candidates in a moment. up 247 when he put his right pinkie finger from hand 26
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to 38 116 yds they will be ready and the raiders 92 fe again host on sunday with a quick turnaround thursday at quick correction. to 1 96 yds
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and he was stopped yards short of the goal line
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history all of that by doing this year appear to the web retailer as a new customer likely offer discounts to new customers and it directly out action after you shop stop denying advertisements that you're browsing from falling around on it and other websites the rest of the day >> vicki: stories on the scene two separate shootings in east bay. >> steve: us and as the shooting scene in union city happening right near the texas roadhouse restaurant union landing shopping center parking lot they say they on a series of gun shots after it clotting " of it


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