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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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history all of that by doing this year appear to the web retailer as a new customer likely offer discounts to new customers and it directly out action after you shop stop denying advertisements that you're browsing from falling around on it and other websites the rest of the day >> vicki: stories on the scene two separate shootings in east bay. >> steve: us and as the shooting scene in union city happening right near the texas roadhouse restaurant union landing shopping center parking lot they say they on a series of gun shots after it clotting " of it comes to our on the condition
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they tell us that the suspects are in custody and no current threat to the public at this time quiet neighborhood was in disbelief at what happened. police believe the vehicle was involved in the shooting another big story three people that five
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others sick eating a free-lance conductor >>alecia: it is very scary more than a hundred people showed up at the american legion hall hosted by the golden hills community church the homeless anyone from the public about what a hot mill for the holiday by friday eight people were rushed by versed are covering
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the health department is investigating if this is an outbreak and get the word out to anyone that may have eaten their earnings in the mill and american legion, no and then dimmed to a hospital results from this investigation could take anywhere from 7 to 10 days
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news of sickness and death after the links giving dinner has many scared >> j.r.: all the work to determine the cause church leaders to issue a statement they informed us the source of the illness was not known and could have come from any of a number of sources. a number of possibilities that have helped investigate one woman said she eighth cutting skidding dinner and things are fine hock their
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work gloves and the food is heated given food in the past but the implications says he is still skeptical and believes foodies to be better check. the first about this story through breaking news pushed alert with the most important stories.
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>> reporter: community came together to wish officer of a successful recovery after destruction of duty and he dedicated his life and career to his role motorcycle cop he was struck in the head by a man now in police custody since then he as been battling critical injuries and an area hospital. close to work with him are making slow but
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steady improvements in south san francisco. debbie's believe that the days inn motel here and he was not found a man's been hiding out in a second-floor and
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it now sealed 26 year-old campbell
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the mystery deepens. new questions after the shocking return of the kidnapped jogger. >> skeptics believe that it's a hoax. >> and what the motorist who found her chained and battered says she saw. >> you could tell she was in some serious trouble. and terror attack at ohio state? >> after all the concern about the thanksgiving day parade, it had just happened in the american heartland. then, biggest cyber monday ever. inside the belly of the shopping beast. >> the biggest on-line sales day in the u.s. and how to get the best deals. plus, teen airhead. >> you guys have no idea how beautiful this is. >> look what he did for fun. then, what's in


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