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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 30, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: task that is pretty
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much where most of the activity is hovering nothing major but a little bit showers will continue to follow terrorism live shot at the bay bridge as you concede not a lot of activity. >>reporter: to the chances still with us and basically there but cloud for lot of the bay area
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>>robin winston: the bainbridge san francisco design--doing
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fine >>robin winston: 15 minutes from highway 4 was barred from antioch in concord leaving little more to bosco wrote to the dublin and to change that is only 11 minutes for the south bay commute and morgan hill open and clear that driver is caught in a to 4 minutes
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police conducted a series of raids and arrested one of you driving to avoid capture >>reporter: >>james: no war with additional charges he will face a share department will have the very latest details in this story.
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>>james: because of the incident the show was canceled the incident happened on third street and mention bay his name is not being released this morning. >>james: the fear was evacuate after he pulled a gun on an employee they searched the building and into the man to custody three of those people died
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>>charles clifford: they lost a full investigation as to how so many people to become ill after getting full for was supposed to be at a given that our they believe the most likely culprit was of poor borne illness--food >>charles clifford: to help official try to determine which items may have been contaminated the stuffing graving mass whatever were made at the veteran's building with the turkeys and pies are brought in by guest some people try to
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>>james: she disappeared while jogging in turn the three weeks later on thanksgiving day her husband has broken his silence. >>reporter: he did not speak directly to the media instead he released a statement to abc good morning america using language that was both candid and lore he said she was taken from for two to two days and suffered incredibly durable intense physical agony and severe mental
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torture he first saw her his reaction was one of extreme happiness and overwhelming odds the. >>reporter: her signature hair had been chopped off she had been branded he could feel the ride the first halves of the fears he assure the viewers all the visions and your head off her appearance are not as graphic and gruesome as the reality of door is interviewed her extensively monday afternoon the cher says he has no reason to doubt her account but so far they're not release any new information >>james: least three people are
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dead after severe weather had alabama overnight we have video of the damage buildings or flatten the three people killed or all of the mobile home of father killed in front of his home will tell you what police
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are saying about that a burglar still's money intended to help someone in need who police in the community looking for as well
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>>reporter: we suspect the north with temperatures will not drop too much more 45 center fell around 40 for napa off down to the south bay for one going on for san jose sphere of this is a quick mover as we get into the rest of the week is that to sunshine don't look for temperatures to spike going fourth film is a look at what happens 1945-1045
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>>reporter: looks like to clear for the commute back home. >>robin winston: the 4:00 hour is the best power to commute if you could get up that early know the problems into san francisco an hour and half before starting the back of the drive time the to grant only 10 minutes to work away off to the fremont street exit south to do
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>>j.r. stone: all the money
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already approved the nfl stadium and lost biggest insider save the group was early to call for private money which could be in the neighborhood of 500 to $600 million..
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>>james: 6 goes against here in our view it was rushed in the city overlook the traffic impact the war is for a statement saying it clears the way for a hearing and then expect to break ground soon their plan to have ready for 2019 basketball season >>james: it happened outside of his home is nine your daughter was inside the shooter open fire striking multiple times
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>>reporter: because of the sky
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high increase community leaders are pleading with the city council to create a proposal to temporarily freeze any rent increase above 3% the possibility of a two-year extension this is a domino effect local for themselves and an increase in the number of families needing help to get buying
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>>james: the fire was human calls for the people are in critical condition a drought hurricane when 80 mi. per hour fuel the flames firefighters desperate to get the upper hand
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we will be right back
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>>robin winston: no major traffic hot spots into san francisco
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>>reporter: the star wars there is the biggest number of ticket presells the event takes place
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friday he said a record the weak yen had broken the record for largest number on the music service.
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>>james: police said they caught the 260 late last night near antioch he and the other a skid in may it will the state the jail by song door barred window they're still looking for him and said they have arrested one man who was driving him around to avoid capture
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>>reporter: this would drops out in the bay a little bit around the peninsula of very minor rain passing on the back yard cloud cover will keep the temperature is down right now we're still struggling through the 40's 51 go on for richmond you consider the numbers dropping off and fire little more, to 33 in the
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north they pretty much to the low 40's
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>>robin winston: westbound traffic is moving very well low problems connected to foster city south 11 on the left that is the committee traffic heading across the bridge into san francisco
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>>james: a burglar breaks into a benicia restaurant and gets away with money meant to help and employees >>haaziq madyun: a burglar in side of the 9 07 grille on first street in benicia she says the 9 07 closed at 10:00 p.m. saturday night he wasted no time making his way to the cash drawer this
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is a picture of the employee she is referring to is the manager here at 9 07 she describes the man in the video the video is our key piece of evidence there investigators said they do not believe they seen this man before
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>>james: tonight donald trump is taking major steps to fill out his cabinet and his seven former fax partners for treasury secretary announcing the former labor secretary a physician is a
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conservative to leading the charge in congress to repeal the affordable care at the palace
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over and will be chosen as secretary of state continues to take center stage >>james: will be back with more
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because it's more than just health care. it's life care. >>james: >>gabe slate: she worked for five mile she is also three- year-old mom a user to cuba with his expenses saving money on use products and making cash it is
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>>james: however congressman who you see off on the right is challenging it is time for shekel following a showing in the november election
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>>reporter: for the most part it will be done by that point. tonight in the school did you may revisit some cases some of the 30's very weak effort on our
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high as the san francisco 56 cloudy here is what we are talking about bring some cloud cover on sunday pretty driver on the other side all the sunshine in the lower 50s it will be sunny and dry but cool >>robin winston: connecting into
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san rafael clear how about it is the same
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>>james: 11 people were hurt after the attack was proud of in this last victims of life >>reporter: there was no evidence to claim is true investigators will only say they're looking at terrorism and the possible motive a post on the facebook pays just before the rampage pays tribute to out- of and admonishes the united states saying that we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the muslims you will not celebrate or enjoy in
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holidayers investigated the scrutinizing his self on a laptop the owner of a convenience store said he came in regularly included on the day before the attack a u.s. official said the family went to more than two years before being allowed into the united states
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once he arrived attended a community college transfer to ohio state >>james: it noted the new sheriff in town would do to them what hitler did with the jews in the letter to the same copy of this distributor to moscow lost angeles
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,$8drw >>robin winston: know the
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problem for the nimitz 580 the ensure 24 all looking good heading through the maze of some good ride all the trip to downtown san francisco >>james: howe be their right to you one of look on what goes on backstage the props the costumes the makeup it will be pretty exciting a swarm of small
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: up to the north to bay mostly for his and all the cloud cover will probably hold on to the 40 is here with the call: increase everyone
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>>robin winston: leave as soon as you can the ride nice and smooth san francisco no hot spots and no big trouble spots if youeave not will be a quick 10 minute trip from the bottom of the maze out to fremont street
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>>will tran: police a not saying how he managed to go from san jose they cut through some bars on the second-floor of the santa clara county jail in that very close to he was staying at a motel in gilroy that went to the
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motel couple of days ago they're saying that he doubled his arm but he is dangerous if you happen to see him do not do anything call the police department >>mark: a gun was recovered from
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the scene and no one was injured a technician was her while they were setting the man was struck by of telescopic let it was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries and happened in the mission rock and third street last night the council after the accident no word at the tonight show was to go on
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>>darya: some you would try to donate will turn away because organizers did not know where it had been prepared some people at the food but others a leftovers >>james: in least three people have been killed by a possible tornado we have a new video of the damage in you conceive this was a building high of three
5:06 am
people were killed all of the mobile home the national weather service said have been multiple ports for possible tornadoes across northern alabama and southern tennessee >>mark: this is video of them having dinner in new york city the reporter described the
5:07 am
meeting as cozy today a big day for the democratic party as representatives house democrats will vote on who will be their leader she has led the party since 2003 congress manner of ohio is making a bid to unseat her this time to shake up the party his argument they lost touch with americans working class for fifth 1/5 >>j.r. stone: he is so when they will choose to stay in the bay area the investment group that was city, officials tuesday and vote on all in an attempt to
5:08 am
come out with a plan that would keep them in town for well-known sports executive the skeptical because of all the money already approved for a stadium in las vegas for four. >>j.r. stone: window willing to go for private mining law that will cut 200 million not for construction is possible they
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could go on and died if we're
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>>reporter: 41 to have someone
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is developing a little bit from the delta this will be in the middle of the day as you will notice the colorization the livermore valley elicit a lot more to the north and not whole lot longer finance alum there something to keep in mind on the other side of this frontal system
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>>robin winston: fact and to act and 916 minute trip >>mark: more details about the woman who was kidnapped and held captive >>darya: to disappear what she went jogging in the she was gone on thanksgiving day and her husband has broken his silence.
5:17 am
>>reporter: the was both candid and loring and she was taken from was appointed today is if if he assure the viewers to call
5:18 am
the vision swirling in your head of her parents are not as rapid and gruesome as the reality >>darya: that will buy time for the council and the community to develop long-term solution to
5:19 am
the governor warned protesters about the weather which will only the first responders will no longer be responsible for rendering the need the company built in the pipeline is try to convince protesters that the pipeline will not destroy it or contaminant water
5:20 am
>>mark: 2000 veterans are planning to go to standing rock at the time of the deadline to protect those protesters
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oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. >>mark: to fairfax has some
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light showers around will be tracking those the forecast for the rest of the week >>darya: the east bay regional park district as a warning you about poisonous mushrooms they don't want the dog to eat any of these in half in jest and the muslim could cause severe damage to deliver in the kidneys and remind people it is illegal to pick mushrooms found
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>>reporter: the temperatures mostly in the four years although fifties do remain 51 gone for richmond and '30's livermore 36 the last hour and the north of that we had santa rosa
5:29 am
>>robin winston: this is
5:30 am
available video of a burglar and side of the 9 07 grill on first street in benicia >>reporter: the 9 07 closed at 10:00 p.m. saturday night the berlin wasted no time making his way to the cash drawer to this
5:31 am
is a fold of the employee she is referring to. the police investigators said they do not believe they have seen this man before were hobbled to build to recover the funds that the
5:32 am
customer is donated for him to recover. >>mark: they're working to get an upper hand no wild fires burning out of control and in the sea in >>james: 3 people have died and it was human cost three of the people are in critical condition of drought and hurricane force when 80 mi. for our fuel the flames this program has been
5:33 am
very successful
5:34 am
>>darya: there is no evidence to that claim but they are investigating terrorism as a possible mode of they're also
5:35 am
looking at it happen cell phones and laptop he was born in somalia and came to the u.s. in
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>>mark: he is now back at the santa clara county jail >>darya: a technician was killed while working in the tent located >>robin winston: we are tracking
5:45 am
the crash in the east bay not hot spot but it is a slow start asked you to see the big picture wants to get through the stretch to slow traffic continuing assault on 680 and to dublin it will define 15 minutes and growing
5:46 am
5:47 am
>>reporter: look to where we stand right now east bay shoreline in land of 44 for concord stingless to the middle
5:48 am
to upper fifties near 60 looks like petaluma 59 also coming in at 57 we have the system looks good for the weekend is here is another one for the call him
5:49 am
>>mark: the fans from rival soccer team played to get a dedicated it hung with balloons and let him as saying investigators now have the black box from the airplane six people survived and were arrested from the wreckage to crew members one journalist and three players are among the survivors
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>>mark: the movie role one is broke and the box office record and is not even in theaters yet it has the biggest number of ticket presells for 2016 this is the first stand-alone star wars movie
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>>darya: that is where 68,000 visitors this holiday season
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: another patched
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bottom to make into san francisco about near the bay bridge this will be progressing to the southeast as we follow with this morning to give you an idea the south bay is still clear skies these will be deteriorating throughout the morning as cloud cover just about compasses the entire bay area today and therefore is pretty much in the former san francisco 52514 richmond
6:02 am
>>robin winston: it is on to 580 back from market san pablo accent is spilling over to the e sure freeway definitely picking up 13 to 15 minutes also attracting an injury accident and this is the ride south 680 we have two lanes blocked several vehicles and motorcyclists will have first happened it was really causing a traffic
6:03 am
>>reporter:, just because there was a swarm of small of course ask people in this neighborhood if they felt it
6:04 am
>>will tran: he has the normal run for six days after he and another inmate in state the santa clara county jail he is back behind bars this morning but show you the picture
6:05 am
>>will tran: topic came very close to making the capture on sunday another inmate is still
6:06 am
on the run this morning >>mark: donald trump says he is leaving his business to the children so it can focus on being the 45th president
6:07 am
6:08 am
>>darya: from movie theater had to evacuate after a man brought a gun into a theater and now is in police custody police recovered the gun in the theater and no one was hurt last night's
6:09 am
show was canceled know where the tonight show will still go on >>mark: he released a statement saying her face was covered and bruises hair chopped off and she weighed 87 lbs. and she was branded they did not want that much information released he
6:10 am
wanted to dispel because of rumors and lies the started piling up after she was found this is a looking for two women for in a dark is u v two r armed you to see his full statement will have on the web site >>gary:
6:11 am
>>j.r. stone: all an attempt to come with a plan that would keep the team in town the well most was executive is skeptical because of all the money already approved for stadium in los vegas his group is willing to pull for private money which could be in the neighborhood of 500 to $600 million fifth city
6:12 am
and county leaders will talk about this plan next week it is possible they could vote on and in addition to that should be interesting as we get more details >>darya: goes against iran are you it was rushed in the city overlook the traffic impact that about a statement said it clears the way for the rain and then expect to break ground of the
6:13 am
plan to have a ready for the 29 team basketball season
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6:16 am
>>robin winston: to late to beat the rush is going to be jammed all the way over to the high rises the giant time is not that to make a way from the nimitz over to highway 101 the bay bridge ride into san francisco very slow we're just getting word of a stalled bid rigging in is west of treasure island after the tunnel blocking one lane is
6:17 am
one to add to the slow traffic they're heading over to check in out putting more pressure on the suspension portion leaving concord to pleasant hill to wall creek pretty much the usual commute traffic
6:18 am
>>reporter: in this line in the
6:19 am
future has is a little behind where everything end mostly cloud we are talking the east bay in the south bay with all of that cloud cover at temperatures up for fifth is near at about 60
6:20 am
>>mark: donald trump time to figure out a will be his secretary of state he met for a second time but the former critic and secretary of state met rounding here is video of the dining in new york city they're traveling to the state tomorrow to unveil the agreement alongside the company officials plan to close to indiana plans to move manufacturing to mexico this a much of the campaign will keep companies from moving those jobs out of the u.s.
6:21 am
>>darya: in the fire was caused by human three other people are in critical condition to there was a drought and hurricane force wind to that had been fueling the flames the mayor is asking for help they're hoping
6:22 am
rain could help them get the upper hand today and police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man outside of this home on sunday the victim identified as 37 year-old this happened outside the castro valley home while his nine year- old daughter was inciting and opened fire hitting him multiple times the share of deputies say they're doing everything they can't figure out who did this
6:23 am
>>darya: many said they simply are not getting enough out for a living wage 01 and for god owners the east bay regional park district is one you about poisonous mushrooms the region is home to some of the deadliest mushrooms and the recent rain has helped them to grow
6:24 am
has helped them to grow ♪ ♪
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>>robin winston: that means is on the new eastern span they're heading over id is not helping the traffic >>mark: the plane had just landed it was headed to the gate
6:27 am
to open door and jumped down she was treated for now my friend injuries she was not charged in the crimes but she is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation
6:28 am
>>reporter: we will be right back
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>reporter: 21 minutes from the
6:31 am
foot of the maze of fremont street the nimitz has issued a we have the crash and hayward 880 south the 90 to all of heavy traffic crawling back to 38 that
6:32 am
is pushing out the southbound drive time 37 minutes from 238 out to 237 >>darya: we're alive but santa clara county jail >>will tran: they're not sure of the is still in the san jose area will one man is behind bars this morning live show you his picture according to be investigated the track and down and antioch they knew within a
6:33 am
short time there recall on the did an intense manhunt to the capture to immediately they searched for six days again they
6:34 am
will hold a news conference a little bit later for more information as far chavez very distinctive they have a tattoo of of his left tire key is considered dangerous not sure of his armed with you see him or do not do anything
6:35 am
>>mark: investigators say there is no evidence that the claims are true with are investigating terrorism as a possible model for
6:36 am
>>reporter: she works 50 hours a week and can barely afford to pay her rent she has to find fault with a sellout even more she cannot afford to pack up and leave with to the same or build others in this room are facing because of the sky high increase their pleading with
6:37 am
the city council to create a proposal is a domino affect local food banks of san the increase in the number of families needing help to get by >>darya: the lion king is showing in san francisco we will
6:38 am
be right back
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>>robin winston: install a big rig has cleared her to down on the new eastern span >>darya: who saw her family and all she was going home but the family was there to get another dog the dog was sad because the
6:42 am
father had passed
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: he is back at the santa clara county jail >>darya: it was canceled because of the accident
6:46 am
>>reporter: the asylum here live shot already cloud cover >>reporter: don't a lot of
6:47 am
movement we can cover the different colored for what it is still quite " of her fifties and low 60s to down to the south of them the 58 allele on for mountain view cam about 59 also for milpitas and san jose howe for san francisco not a lot of movement from the morning temperatures
6:48 am
6:49 am
>>robin winston: the rest of the trip will be fined 35 minutes from 238 out to 2371 incident happened to the gym of checking this out to them slow and pockets on no. 85 it will be about 26 minutes >>mark: the surge of off the man who stole money from a store raising money to help one of the employees the 907 grow on forestry and benicia was what saturday night
6:50 am
>>darya: police and campbell have this program they're doing and they want to catch package these and here is how they have
6:51 am
a pretty good picture and they want you to see this surveillance video he made more than $2,000 of purchases with stolen credit-card at a store on mission street he has a tattoo on his neck that looks like a rosary beads and he is in his mid-20s about 6 ft. 2 and hundred and 95 lbs. >>mark: a brazilian soccer team was on the plane to crew members
6:52 am
on journalists and three players are among the survivors she said they disobeyed her commands is it thought he was trying to get a weapon investigators never did find any weapons in that vehicle
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>mark: they fought back against
6:57 am
the west their neighborhood has been recent targets what they did not know the couple german shepherd did his business inside the package they enjoyed watching two people still the package on a surveillance video they hope this will make people think twice before stealing packages
6:58 am
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