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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 5, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> firefighters working under a wobbly, potentially collapsing, exterior wall is extremely dangerous. we will not put our firefighters in danger at this point and we will not put alameda the kona -- alameda county sheriff's in a precarious situation. so we did a full work stoppage at approximately 12:18 last night and have not been continue with with body recoveries since. >> that's the breaking news with the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the search had now been halted due to dangerous conditions on the site. the death toll has climbed officially from 33 to 36. >> we know that 11 of those victims have been identified, but they are going to be needing to use dna to
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identify more of those victims because of the state of this fire burning so quickly and overtaking so many people. we do know that maybe just a handful of people got out of the fire alive. good morning. >> thanks for joining us here omicron for morning news. we have live team coverage throughout the morning as we have a crew of reporters on the scene with the latest information on the warehouse fire. in the meantime, bay area weather and traffic. >> first of all, a look at the weather. the pattern is cool and then maybe some rain. >> definitely a winner type pattern ahead. here is a great shot for you. some nice colors on the horizon as the sun is coming up. high clouds out there reflecting some of the sunshine for us but we did see some fog. dense at times. and it's still going to linger as we work our way through the rest of the morning. by about 10:00 it should be gone. here is where temperatures are. it's on the chilly side for a lot of folks especially if you're inland. 48 concord, 46 livermore, and
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across the north bay 41 in napa, 39 in santa rosa. so it's a chilly start. even in san francisco where it's 49 degrees right now, you'll definitely need that jacket today. by 8:00 when classes begin, still looking at temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s so the kids need to bundle up on the way to school. partly cloudy skies staying with us. by 3:00 in the afternoon, we will hit our high temperature today and as you can see, it's not very high. maybe a few spots hit 60. that's about as good as it's going to get. the rest of the week have cooler temperatures on the way. will break that down in detail coming up in just a bit. now let's get to the traffic center. what have we got, robin? the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza is growing. the drivetime is increasing. it's going to be jammed if you need to get in on westbound 80. it's backed up through the maze. you're looking at a 25 minute trip. highway four, that is packed leaving antioch through pittsburgh. the total drivetime from
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hillcrest to 242, not bad at all. south 680 recovering from that accident involving a motorcyclist, so it's crawled -- it's crawling onto southbound 680. i will check the san mateo bridge and the richmond san rafael coming up in my next report. as we view our coverage, the latest with the oakland warehouse. the death toll climbing to 36 from that fire from friday night. >> they will not be able to pull any more bodies out because they suspended the search recovery effort for the mont -- for the moment. >> reporter: the number will stay at 36 for the next five or six hours. the reason why, they stopped going through the building shortly after midnight when they noticed the top part of the
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building started to lean a little bit. too dangerous for the firefighters to be inside at this time. they pulled out the firefighters. they pulled out the police officers. they don't want anything falling on top of them, so right now it has been suspended until maybe noon until maybe 2:00 when they hope to resume. we do know that 11 victims have been positively identified. we also know, according to them, that they know the origin of the fire. they told us it was in the back of the building but not being very specific about it. but it was hot enough, so hot that the steel beams in the back of the building actually twisted. there was a lot of charred area in that particular place, so they knew right away to go to that location. as far as the cause of the fire, still under investigation. the prosecutor some of the district attorney's office, and the alameda county's office are conducting their own investigation just in case this
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turns into something intentional where someone did set the warehouse on fire. the latest number again if you are just waking up, 36 killed, 11 positively identified, and behind every number is a family member. we got a chance to hear from the oakland police department at a news conference about 50 minutes ago. here's that task of letting the family snow. >> again, we have 36 families not only grieving for the lost ones, but also they want answers. we as a city collectively are working to find those answers. we want to provide answers not only for the family but for our community and also what we can learn from this in our attempts to prevent this from happening again. >> a little bit earlier this morning we had a live interview with a councilman for the
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oakland city as well as this is his area of the district. he would also like answers as well. we do know city inspectors were at the warehouse as recently as november, but it was not shut down. it was only permitted to be a warehouse, but we do know now that a lot of artists lived there, that they did not have a permit for that. they did not have a permit to have a party on friday at 11:30 when the fire broke out. we also have learned that most of the victims recovered so far, most of them were found in the center of the building near the dance floor. right now before they stop the operations after midnight, they have gone through about 70 percent of the building. obviously, there is still more work to be done. back to you. thanks a lot. more community outrage about the warehouse that held the show and how it was operated. cron four has more.
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they believe the owner of the building must be held accountable. >> here in oakland, more outrage and criticism of the warehouse and how it was being operated in this neighborhood. >> i report to the neighbors and not to the institution or not to the property owner. certainly, these neighbors have cleaned up that property many times. >> this is oakland city council member noel gile. he represents this area. >> why was this place not shuttered a long time ago? >> i cannot go there and arrest people. i can't arrest the pimp. but i can remove them. therefore, this is an area that we reported. >> he did not hold back when it comes to holding the owner responsible for what happened out here. >> we lost lives. there's no way around it.
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we lost lives and we don't know how many at this time. >> and there was this. a prayer. >> these people work and live out here. they say that they are heartbroken about what has happened involving this warehouse. >> we are going through a hardship for the loss of all these members of families. i pray to you. >> kron 4 news. >> and this fire hitting close to home for the alameda county sheriff's department. yesterday we learned that a deputy's son is among the death -- among the dead. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. we are still dealing with that
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as we continue to deal with the other victims. this has affected a lot of first responders and, you know, we weren't really prepared to talk about that right now, but we are dealing with that and our family, our department is hurting from that, and so that is true. >> and this afternoon this church is expected to resume. coming up, will have more on the victims who have been identified so far. >> you can also go to our website for more information as well. we are updating it constantly with the latest information. not only that but we have more information on how you can help and the growing memorial that is located near that burned-out warehouse.
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more on the breaking news story with the death toll rising to 36 after the deadly warehouse fire in oakland from friday night. several others remain missing. so far only 11 of the victims have been positively identified. taking a look at the weather. the trend is called. let's get that from james. it's really chilly by wednesday. you are going to want to at least put the scarf on because you'll be sitting in the car for a while trying to get it to warm up.
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wednesday morning dropping temperatures to about freezing. >> then you said rain. i'd rather have snow. what are the chances of that happening? >> i'd rather have a sick day. i feel a little something going on. >> since we are talking wish list. >> it is cold, guys. wednesday morning is the day we are watching out for. that's when the kids are definitely going to need to be bundled up as they walked to school. make sure they wear the jacket because will see temperatures 32, maybe even as cool as 29 degrees for some spots. right now looking at milder temperatures but still cold for your 40s and low 50s. we've got cloud cover over the area. you see that in a live shot. we had some dense fog earlier. it's beginning to back off slightly. what these numbers mean is the number of miles you can see in that fog. so 10 mile-per-hour visibility. nice and clear. one, zero, i mean, you're pretty much walking through pea
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soup fog. by 8:00 it will thin out a lot more. by 10:00 it's basically all gone. that's why visibility is back up to 10 and even 12 miles. that's kind of the story with that map. there is an issue. look at the low clouds. typically, the airport has problems with incoming flights. delays of up to 49 minutes for inbound flights. here is where temperatures will be this afternoon. looking at highs in the upper 50s for most. maybe 60 degrees for places like concord. generally, 55 to 59 degrees is what we expect for today. those temperatures will go down as we had deeper into the week. because of this cold front, it's going to bring chilly weather to everybody. maybe even a shot of some sprinkles for places like the far north bay. let's take a quick look at what will expect for the forecast for the next three days. tuesday chilly temperatures. that shot in the north bay rain. wednesday is when the coldest
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morning happens for a prayer looking for early morning temperatures around 32 degrees. :u"mai middle of the week. then we have the rain to talk about qwhat you'll see in abou a half hour. fá i'll have that for e-kyou then now let's get to the traffic center. anything big? nothing big. we are hotspot free. haven't found any traffic alerts out of the east bay. the problem is the slow traffic. a slow role here on westbound 92 leaving hayward, but it's typical crowding. nothing major going on for that ride to the peninsula. also normal slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. t< through san francisco backed up to and through the %ymaze but people pick up on +the bridge. so it's not this bad all the way nacross. let's check in on the richmond sanibel bridge. a growing back up here. up to 17 minutes to work your
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way from the toll out to 101 and the north bay. leaving the north bay, the golden gate, here is your connection here. 38 minutes. that's because of that commute traffic leaving the bottle. the right across the golden gate and into san francisco will be a smooth one. let's check in on the drive times. okk 680 recovering from that earlier motorcycle crash. so it's under 30 minutes. nothing unusual for westbound 24. it is just jammed. that's the 22 minute trip from the interchange. 680 out to the maze. ard normal crowding. 35 minutes from hercules to oakland, and light d8traffic fo the south d@ñbay. no big problem so far leaving san jose. back to the desk. we've been receiving some%q witness accounts from the fire. >aae spoke with a man who says that he lived in that warehouse and escaped the fire while he was attempting to rescue another man. >> when i went back to get my camera, i saw pete who is a
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larger fellow. he was climbing down from the loft in his face. he'd fallen and broken his out to me. he's like, i broke my ankle. cw i immediately took his zi-ñarm. i was pulling them out. i @÷ú@6% just got to a certain point where it was all uthis stuff i wasn't able to just pull him out. the fire was just getting too hot. smoke was getting too bad and i had to leave them there and i wasn't able to get him out. >> jgcthe man he is talking abo has now been identified as pete wadsworth. he is officially listed as
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missing right now. friends and family say he died in the fire. >> this is a difficult time for many. >> it becomes even more difficult as time passes. oo >> as the days progress and we are roffinding out more informa/ , it's a fire that survival. is beginning to set in. >> and this morning there's a growing memorialzkjnd for the victims of the fire. it was set up last night near 12t and 31st avenue. here you see people going there to3me grieve and leave small mementos, cards, flowers. one man left a poem for the victims. >> '4?ñit has to do with safety ñ more prayerful and mournful in practice love. >> we don't know them, but we
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just know that his son is missing. >> it breaks your heart, especially when you know that this didn't have to happen. i mean, it didn't have to 0]1en. are placed on two sides of 31st avenued8. this morning we are taking a closer look at some of the victims who have now been identified. yvj one of them was a 17-year-old san @> we also have photos of the other people killed in this fire. á0cu5añlxñ@
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nick gomez-hall was 25 years old and from san diego county. sarah hoda was 30 from walnut creek. >> ÷donna kellogg was 32 years old. she was from oakland. >> several complaints have been filed against that warehouse pg 31st avenue before this fire even broke out. take a look at what the complaints were over. all of the debris that you see here. this picture was taken on november 13th. you can seejmñ ksgall of this piled up outside the warehouse. apparently, there was also a polite6mh inside the warehouse. lot of stuff packed in there. people who live nearby were eh complaining about this and v: concerned about health hazards of all of this. the oakland mayor was asked about the hazards on the property and if the city was able to get a first-hand look.
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>> at the time all that i know is that we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i at this time do not a';çknow reason ÷for that and i am not going to speculate. what i am t-doing is getting a team of city employees together every piece of evidence. this is the weekend. we are in the process of ascertaining that information. >> even with the past complaints, lawyers say it's unlikely the city of oakland dch could or would even be held liable to this fire. neighbors telling kron 4 that a man lived in the warehouse with the fire broke out. they say he lived there with his wife and three 9w÷children. î3 social media.
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>> from victims to witnesses, we started the process from the moment everyone got the call. it can assure we have the proper documentation and will be following up as this investigation moves on. >> we reached out but he has not returned our messages. he also hasn't responded to the comments on facebookp=ykña. still ahead, president-elect donald trump makes a major announcement this morning.
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we will tell you what he said after the break. bridge. a lot of company on this monday back to work. we'll be right back. $a5
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7:23. i haven't found any big p hotspots but there's plenty yvj slow traffic here. if you need to get into san francisco, expect the usual backup coming out of the maze.
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that's backed up to 24. %qñ 80 west backed up on the upper east freeway. i've just spotted a new crash. ñ westbound 80 at san pablo +. looks like we have several vehicles and a motorcyclist. at least one lane blocked. that's pushing up the drive time. it's not 40 minutes to get fromb hercules to oakland. i'll have a complete check in a few minutes. mark? $a5coúpresident-elect donalp d the next secretary @gqfor the department má5of housing and urban development. the announcement this morning. = carson was a rival of trump in the primary but he became a &j vocal supporter after dropping out in march. v:%qñ according to one of carson's aides, he turned down an offer due to lack of experience running a federal agency so now ben carson being chosen to run
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hud. i< standing rock sioux reservation in south dakota where there has been çómonths of protests over the construction of an oil pipeline. the army corps of engineer denied the final permit!.e. th ñrock sioux tribe argued that extending the project beneath the lake on their land would threaten the water a$sour and cultural sites. while they  protesters admit that the fight may not çóbe over. >> we are still getting there on winning this thing, but there's going to be a few battles we have to go through. >> the company building the pipeline, dallas-based energy transfer partners, released a statement saying the decision was politically motivated. still ahead on the crown for tmorning news, i'm tracking inbound colder weather and potential rain both on tuesday and on thursday and friday as w3 that second storm system8  you should be more worried about. i'll explain why. xgg
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san francisco, oakland, san jose all hovering in the mid to upper 50-degree range. it's going to be on the jo>cool side. morning
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many families and my entire community. i run a nonprofit. we support artists :d)ñy./and musicians using technology to create artwork@ah. there were lot of our community in this building and a lot of our patrons, even some of our employees. so we are really feeling this as an organization. it's really difficult.
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>> 1+uyou continue to hear from friends and family uof those wh have lost people in the fire. the death toll rising from 33 to 36 this morning but the search now suspended. here is what we know so far. 36 bodies recovered. three of them overnight. but there are still some ñthat are missing this morning. so far only 11 victimsx#m have been oualcially identified. >> one of them is qvljust 17 y old and went to a high school in san francisco. fire officials tell us many ÷ño >> investigators also believe some of the victims are from the identification process even more difficult. 7:28. we update you on weather and traffic this monday morning. will hit the roads in a minute. first, let's get a peek at the cold forecast. >> let's go outside quickly. dealing with the forecast with a live look from downtown san francisco. you see the dome there at ÷city hall. it is cloudy out there.
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getting a little lighter. the sun is up and eventually will see zg7-&lsome sun breaks get some of that sunshine hitting kt'ñthe ground. clouds over the bay and to the north we have some activity which is going to impact our forecast for tuesday and into -- into wednesday as well. for tuesday some of those showers0 potentially hitting fa northern portions of the north bay but more widely felt will 0@6cj% there's a big patch of it that's going to be swooping down over the bay area dropping our temperatures considerably over the next 24 to 48 hours. that sort of the big forecast focus. breaking it down, your daypart forecast, partly cloudy and cool. highs 55 to 60 with a few sun breaks in the afternoon. it will be comfortable compared to what's coming. by tomorrow, that cooler air filtering in dropping our 10 treasures by about five degrees. then on wednesday the cold air really settles in dropping our inland lows down two about 29 l to 43 degrees. those wednesday morning, just as you are heading out to work&j and
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getting the kids to school. that's one of the big focal points going forward. then we switch gears to talk about the rain. that's for the last half of the week. tha coming up in 15 minutes. hopefully, not finding too much out there to complain about. >> not much unless folks want to complain about the slow traffic. right here into san francisco pretty much looks the same. %qñc no major changes ymfrom westbo 80. if you are carpooling, that will help out. it still backed up to and pflthrough the maze there. there's also a rcrash on the eastern freeway. 80 west at san pablo dam road. it's going to be a little heavier than normal they are. traffic stretches just be on highway four. it's a little bit closer to willow coming out of rodale ce. it's just off-and-on slowing and commuter traffic all the way into emeryville. talk about some more so spots p
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coming up in a bit. we continue our coverage with 36 people now confirmed dead after the warehouse fire on friday. >> kron 4 has been covering the story all weekend long. we have within the last hour or so. will? >> reporter: -/athe latest numby is 36 confirmed killed. " that number will remain the same $a5for at least the next five t six hours as they are no longer going through the building at this time. they need to shore [osit up to . make sure that it's safe enoughú for the firefighters and the police officers to go inside. ,ñ shortly after midnight they saw it leaning a little bit so they need crews to stabilize the building. that is up from eight. over the past couple minutes,
7:32 am
new developments. congresswoman barbara lee showed up to the scene. she is getting a tour of the warehouse right now. she says once she's done with that, she will come out and speak to us. she wants to get to the bottom of this as çwell to find out exactly what happened. we do know that they don't know the cause of the fire just yet, but they do know the origin. they believe it happened in the back of the building. the charred area so hot 3leñtha the metal beams actually twisted. most of the victims ÷nñrecovere have been found in the center of the building. so it does not appear that they even had a chance to rush out of the warehouse. the warehouse, we do know, did not have a permit for people to live tñinside but there were people insideçó. lots of 9w÷art it did not have a permit to have that party on friday at 11:30 in the evening when it rips through the warehouse. at thisy. point, they don't know h many unaccounted for. the past couple days they have 
7:33 am
number of people going up, they are backing off on the dozens unaccounted for. they did tell me they will get on how xmany people still out there outstanding and have not been located. in the meantime, many people want answers. not just the public but also 3 noel. this is his area. at 5:30 this morning,>i had a chance to do a live interview with him. here's what he had to say aboutt getting to the bottom of this fire. >> the owner of the property needs to take full responsibility as well as the manager. manager many times in terms of illegal q/ dumping and blight ú that building. you're right. the city needs to enhance%qñ staffing when it comes to code enforcement as well as the,c fi marshals that xlthey can be on the streets, not just an hour a month but be on apé:ular basis. but the property owners clearly zlwñabout the fire codes, the ñ planning codes, and the building codes and they allowed that activity to continue. gob
7:34 am
>> and it's not just the property owner. i also wanted jgcto ask him. th city inspectors from oakland were asked why did they not shut down the warehouse
7:35 am
ims. so far 33 victims have been found buried in the rubble. there is still several people that remain missing. among them, two uc berkeley students. >> knowing that those are it's sad to lose people that are with you on the same endeavor and going to the same school as you hoping for their safety in the familyo[iu. >> a letter from the chancellor was sent out sunday afternoon addressing the community q+5of devastating news saying, our prayers go out to the families and friends of the deceased as well as those who must deal with the unbearable uncertainty as they wait to hear about all who remain unaccounted for. >> situations are looking kind of grim, pbut i guess there's always still the wokhope that y can hold onto. >> "npc5in addition, another s
7:36 am
is still missing. david klein is confirmed to have perished in the fire. >> let's go to another angle of the story. the victims of the fire getting help from bay area sports teams. all of the teams are chipping in. let's start jmñwith the oaklan raidersbgl. here they are payin respect to those who died in the fire yesterday before the game. the raiders and the a's have joined forces raising bfamoney right now through the website. so far this morning they have raised $81,000 and they've also announced they are going to do a match for donations. if you donate,úk;f.é:hpgd the a's will donate matching that. and the worriers are helping out as well. they offer 5-fnjxztheir condol before the game and they held a moment of silence. njfñ steve kerr spoke. >> just a devastating tragedy right here in the east bay. it's hard to comprehend, but as an organization we want to just to the victims, their families, their friends, people who were injuredzme.
7:37 am
>> the organization is providing a $50,000 donation to impact to those @cwho are affecd by the fire. coming up, will have the latest on the fire as we get new information into kron 4. let's take a look at videojfññr roof of that warehouse collapsing onto the second floor which collapsed onto the first and the death toll now rising to 36.
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7:39 am
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welcome back. the raiders are just on the top of their division. there at the top of their conference. >> hosting the buffalo bills in a packed coliseum. )w< nearly 55,000 in attendance for this one@> pthe 49ers, on the other losing streak.
7:41 am
now up to 11 games that they've lost straight. the against the bears. lay in this weather. a lot of snow falling. all the way for a touchdown. bgl and the snow nbñangel got him a- yard penalty for that. it was that kind of day for the 49ers. they could win. the defense allowed it to rush for 117 yards and three scores. colin kaepernick was sacked five times. he finished the day on the bench. 1-5 with four passing yards. this was all chicago. the bears be the niners 26-6. >> it could be worse, you could be browns fans. >> that's comforting. vio and there's nobody better than the warriors taking on the indiana pacers tonight. the last time these two teams met, they handed their worst home loss in franchise history. >> $xñgolden state coming off
7:42 am
arguably their best offense of performance of the season. a blowout of the phoenix suns. tipoff tonight at oracle 7:30. kçzstill had omicron for morning news, your complete forecast. here is a preview. we have some in common and cold- weather headed our way. zváo@ when it will impact during the week coming up. ♪ life can be messy... but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. don't you wish life could be this mess-free? color wonder. find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately.
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>> we have a lot of answers to provide to families and to our community. as we are looking at those answers, we are looking at everything from our camera footage, how many calls we as the police department have goneñ , documentation. we are working with our planning and building departmenk , with our alameda county district attorney. so we have a lot of moving parts to this and we will a,iñ1ñ certainly find answers to all of sthese questions. >> that was this morning's press conference. as we)á8 learn new information
7:45 am
this morning, the death toll has climbed from 33 to 36 people. 36 fn(bodies found inside the warehouse and there could be more. several others are still missing. so far only 11 of the victims have been positively identified. >> and we will continue to follow the latest omicron for morning news. we get you caught up on weather and traffic on this back cto work monday morning after the weekend. it's chilly but the roads are dry right now. that's y.some good news. anything else? >> lots of heavy traffic. east bay freeways are slow. there's no escaping this. it's back to the monday crawl as you here's the san mateo bridge. i've been x#mtracking it for hours. i haven't found anything unusual. no hotspots to add, but it's backed xup from 238 through fremont. for those of you headed to the peninsula, it will be about 30 minutes to get out to that 101 connector.1o)mkdvymêxay ridge b
7:46 am
during the morning commute. ,c you'll be dealing withr>ñ this till 10:00 or 11:00. /çó the drivetime still under 20 minutes. you leave early ñior hop on ba so i'm tracking a problem on the east shore freeway. not really a hotspot but it's a multicar crash blocking one lane. 80 west at 'bfñsan pablo. of course, that's adding to the commuter traffic pushing up the drivetime for 80 west. 41 minutes now vklto get from hercules down to the maze. it's not helping the right on , but hopefully crews will have this o out-of-the-way shortly. tracking the $ñheavy traffic on west on 24. you can zvsee that slow traffi@ out at walnut creek through lafayette÷, but the oakland sid after the cut, it will get better. no other major [mzissues on thd roads this morning. you're right on zo%85, one of t
7:47 am
slowest commutes out of the sulfate. still packed. it's going to be off and on. nothing major but at 4hñleast a minute trip from north 85. nb here's a quick =)look at the forecast for today. beginning with thezlwñnm& came network where we have got san francisco and the golden gate bridge, downtown san jose and the south bay. we have the north bay represented by tiburon; and the view as you look back toward san francisco. you see that bank of clouds there sort of obscuring the view. a mix of fog and some cloud cover everywhere. that's what the leading to a great cstart although it's getting vbrighter. street-level at the bay bridge approach that cloud cover extending into the east bay. it's pretty much likexgg by the way, they've been having a hard time dealing with it. delays of about 49 to 50 minutes for incoming flights. c that's the situationp o[i. oth
7:48 am
airports are doing just fine. here's the satellite radar view showing you what we saw. this is just the perspective from space looking down. you see the white all over the bay. that's the cloud cover we are dealing with. it's coming from the pacific northwest. we have a systeml! bringing in cold front which means cold air it's going to get fridges especially wednesday morning with 32 degrees expected. also this shot of a maybe a few sprinkles. it's a week system. might get a sprinkle or two tomorrow. the rest of okus probably won't get anything but that cold air diving down. here is where temperatures are. widespread 40s and 50s. 49 in san francisco. 40s across a good bit of the east bay and northbay valleys. 39 degrees in santa rosa right now. temperatures this afternoon will warm up to modest levels. 58, maybe 60 if you're lucky. widespread mid to upper 50s for
7:49 am
most of the bay today. under partly cloudy skies. a few son breaks this afternoon but for the most part it is that will continue to be the çin and wednesday. that system bringing us the showers in the northbay tuesday, cold air wednesday. 32 degrees. some spots getting to 29 early wednesday morningfá. thursday a friday we've got round two. that could bring us widespread rain. a stronger system to end the week and will be tracking that after we get done with the cold weather. kl/ friends and family of some of the missing are still unsure if they are among the dead. >> this space created for anyone with questions aboutéb loved on after the warehouse fire. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's 4hñoffice has been op 24 hours as a safe haven for families to come , get answers, and get help;. >> i hope and pray that they know that they are not alone 8ñ this. >> red cross g4-ñvolunteers fro
7:50 am
many different counties are inside helping in any way they can. >> x"ithat's why we 8hare here >> in addition to offering housing assistance to those living in the warehouse, their it has been two g7mdays since t man heard from friends visiting from finland. >> h@eawe posted on walls, we'v connected with the family in finland. pfl just waiting now. >> loved ones have been completely distraught and support is pouring in from everywherec'. a chaplain, supp staff, and therapy dogs have been here to help comfort them. >> there is some connection between the dog and people. >> members from the humane society brought their personal dogs that are trained to aid in this type of grief. they tell me they have seen a (
7:51 am
difference these "ndogs have m with people in morning. >> all of the sudden you'll see the tears relief. it's really good for them and the dogs. dogs are amazing. they go up to the people that are in most need. >> besides the oakland fire in the hills a number of years ago, this would be the most devastating. >> there is still no solid number on the amount of people that have been displaced from this fire. however, the alameda county sheriff's office will ,0remain open for those that need to come in for help. u+j kron 4 news. and .%9another candlelight vigil will be held tonight for the victims of the warehouse fire. it is being held at the pergola at lake %qñmary and oakland fro 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. you are asked to bring your own candles and matches. we will be at the memorial as 3wñshow you that vigil 3wñon the kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. record highs, once again,
7:52 am
for the dow jones industrial. look at the dow at 19,200. we'll be right back. kron 4 morning news continues.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
>> i just heard somebody yell out fire, get me a fire extinguisher or come with a d@ñ
7:55 am
fire extinguisher. i was in my lost. i went to jump down to try to help !.eand before i coz even get down there, i heard another4ó yell fire, everybody i just grabbed my dogkwn cwand of broke through the front of myspace. by the time i was through the front doors, i could see the flames coming and then it just engulfed the front >> and you'll continue to hear from survivors of the oakland fire through out the morning. some of the worst structure fires pfhin american history h taken place in entertainment venues like the one in oakland. 1942 the coconut grove nightclub caught on fire. flammable decorations andg#c ex bolted shut led to the deaths of almost 500 people in this fire.
7:56 am
more than the capacity for the club which that night had over a thousand people. in 1977 the beverly hills club in kentucky became the third deadliest fire ñin the united statesv: when 165 people lost ter lives attending a concert by singer john davidson. an estimated 3000 people were in that building in n'fthe fire capacity was half that number. most recently, the station nightclub fire in rhode island injujkd over0çw200 and left 10 dead. this after broken exits and flammable form was used to insulate the club and pyrotechnics sparked the blaze during a great white concert. once again, it was filled to capacity. 7:56. still had, our continuing team coverageám5.& of the oakland warehouse fire. we will have live reports with whakwas just xhjupdated a coupl hours ago and reaction from family and friends of the victimszo7. alive look at the golden
7:57 am
gate bridge as you go to work on this monday morning. it looks pretty clear there and drive. it is cold out and that's the trend this week. cold and we will @b-tell you wh the rain is going to fall. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to
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8:00 am
>>james: but in an east bay 48 degrees from the more in concord
8:01 am
>>robin winston: we will be
8:02 am
right back with more >>will tran: this stop going through there at around midnight when they realized the building was starting to lean the
8:03 am
stilbenes actually started to twist the oakland fire department
8:04 am
>>will tran: she talked about the 11 victims positively identified the number is cut from eight they need your help
8:05 am
him lead the on of the building must be held accountable
8:06 am
>>terisa estacio: he did not hold back when it comes to holding the owner responsible for what happened state-owned
8:07 am
this morning we will continue
8:08 am
our coverage of all the latest information and abetting the web site we will show you the growing more and a warehouse and hear from people who knew the victims
8:09 am
8:10 am
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8:11 am
>>robin winston: this under 15 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street could are
8:12 am
placing no to an item supplemental to the victims on both sides the 31st album
8:13 am
8:14 am
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
8:15 am
>>mark: there is a facade for the building next door which is leaning for the moment they have suspended the search for more victims
8:16 am
>>james: probably an hour ago
8:17 am
because of the low clouds the oakland san jose doing just fine
8:18 am
>>robin winston: not a bad drive time the foot of the maze to fremont street don't forget the
8:19 am
war is a home to my it will be busy with the basketball traffic that is wrong to add to the commute traffic >>mark: we receive some eyewitness accounts of the fire
8:20 am
he is listed as missing but friends and family of social medicine he died in the fire
8:21 am
that have not officially released his name to we learn he is driven and was 11 to prepare at a school for the art faculty councils and members of the wellness program will be available for support for his classmates and donald trump
8:22 am
makes a major announcement about the administration will have that after the break
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
>>robin winston: no major problems with taking 50 minutes to get from to 38 out to 237
8:26 am
>>darya: that argue that extending the project between a like underneath that would threaten the tribes water storage and cultural side of
8:27 am
this decision was politically motivated
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>mark: so far only 11 of those 36 victims have been identified
8:31 am
>>james: that is the big point in a while the storing and here is a breakdown of look forward partly cloudy and cool this afternoon's is a much better
8:32 am
acrostic eastern spam a quick check of the east bay as the canoe very quiet u c pappas of slow traffic for south 6 '80s
8:33 am
only 25 minutes from the dublin and to change to the mission south exit >>mark: >>will tran:, we will have another news conference to death had to feel the building is too dangerous if found are surely after midnight 8211 this is a
8:34 am
warehouse it was only supposed to be a warehouse we have learned of the past couple days that artist will living there and they did not have a permanent they did not have a department to have the party at 1130 friday when a dozen people or inside the building they're not saying how many more on accounting for they've been saying dozens but they have walked back that number they say they hope to get was an up-to- date number he wants to get to
8:35 am
the bottom of this as well why did the inspector shut down the building to prevent this he wants to focus on what happened and what to do moving forward as far as the fire the building
8:36 am
before the stock from 12 05 there was able to go to 70 percent of the building >>will tran: a former student named david died in the fire hath >>darya: to other students remain missing among them to
8:37 am
students >>reporter: a letter on send out some afternoon on the justice and the community the devastating news saying " our hearts condolences and prayers go on to the families and friends of the decease in
8:38 am
addition to his still missing an alumnus david is confirmed to have perished in the fire
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>mark: of nearly 55,000 in attendance there often are rough start they will go on for the touchdown and caught delete to a point on the very next possession he was sacked five
8:42 am
times he finished 1 for 5 with four passing yards with a is why they benched him >>darya: this was all chicago they beat them
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>reporter: will from the latest this morning out of oakland with the warehouse fire
8:46 am
we are hearing from thing there were setup for the victims to try and await news they're trying to help those families out indeed just waiting for in the type of confirmation as we said they're not going to be searching for anyone else the search and shut down because of the instability in
8:47 am
>>james: we're seeing 45 degrees if you have up you'll be greeted to 38 degree weather
8:48 am
8:49 am
>>robin winston: you to see it slow creeping around heading over to the peninsula north the bombing on a danville has a little crowded and looks like the crash is still attracting a lot of attention
8:50 am
8:51 am
>>reporter: their role is still very it fluid is been two days since he heard from his friend and her girlfriend who was visiting from finland love was have been completely distraught and support is pouring in from everywhere members from the humane society brought a personal god they tell us they've seen the difference they have made with people and morning there's still no solid
8:52 am
number on the amount of people that been displaced from this fire however the sheriff's office will remain open for those that need to come in for help
8:53 am
>>: and they want and golfed the from archway of my studio some of the were structural fires in american history have taken place and entertainment venues and more 1942 the night club live up the skies of boston flammable decorations and exits will to shut lead to 500 people dying the beverly hills suffered
8:54 am
in kentucky in the third deadliest fire hundred and 65 people were killed and estimated 3000 people packed into a building with fire exit that could handle half that number most recently the station nightclub fire injured over 200 and left 100 dead this fire broke out with the exit of the growth of global to insulate nice clothes
8:55 am
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>>james: runoff a lot more sunshine
8:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>: the wobbly protest the collapsing exterior wall if shingly dangerous would not our firefighters in danger at this point we would not let out in the county sheriff and at a precarious situation we did a full work stoppage at approximately 1218 his not been
9:00 am
continuing with a body recovery >>mark: the we have a team of reporters out there will bring all the information the south of
9:01 am
france low 50s and san jose >>anny hong: is on to be a cold day temperatures will get around mid '50's by 1:00 or so
9:02 am
9:03 am
>>will tran: we went into the morning newscasts with 33 and the number of positively identified victims of from 8 to 11 behind every number of course our family and friends grieving over the devastation that took place local police
9:04 am
authority accorded the trying to reach out to family members >>: again there lessons to learn
9:05 am
>>will tran: they actually twisted again at this point they're not going through the building they already have the city workers allow otherwise remote charred beyond recognition that would lead dna samples to make a positive identification and they're helping the local fire department
9:06 am
>>terisa estacio: these neighbors have cleaned up the property many times this is oakland city council member he represents at this area he did not hold back when it comes to holding the on a responsible
9:07 am
there was this a prayer these people work and live out here they say they're heartbroken about what has happened >>: we're still dealing with that and we continue to deal
9:08 am
with the other victims this is the fact and the first responders and we were not prepared to talk about that but we're dealing with at in our family and our department is hurting from matt >>mark: the search will resume this afternoon and, of we will have a lot more on the victims of the unidentified state tone brought the morning and also go to our web site >>darya: the cloud of the approach to the bay bridge not too many cars we will be right back
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>robin winston: the members told cause of barely a backup and this is something you've been waiting for 14 minutes from the foot of the may is rolling out to fremont street 26 minutes from 238 into downtown oakland
9:11 am
we will have the very latest as we continue to fall information
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>: he was coming down here at all and broken his ankle and was calling out to me the man is talking about has been identified as pete was what he is listed as missing but family
9:15 am
and friends of social media said he died in the fire the death toll officially 36 but more people could be inside several of the still listed as missing only 11 of those 36 victims have unidentified >>anny hong: tim the judge right
9:16 am
now on our foreheads and 50s across the border and high for today i would call it jacket whether or least the kids what we're seeing temperatures pop out have been over the next couple of days one thing is the arctic air coming in from the north a sliding into the bay area here is a check of the 74
9:17 am
cast mostly sunny accord that you will see if the members dropping tuesday and wednesday >>robin winston: it was it along for the commit traffic on one spa minded to come out of hayward during this time of
9:18 am
morning so keep that in mind if that is the camille and the
9:19 am
information we have about the warehouse fire >>darya: we also have pictures of some of the other people or killed
9:20 am
>>darya: people live nearby were concerned about possible health hazard even with the past
9:21 am
complaints and is unlikely the city of oakland will be held liable for this fire >>mark: a man lived in a warehouse and they said he lived there with his wife and three children that man is now taking criticism he is one of the people associated with the property and saturday he posted a " confirmed everything i worked so hard for is gone over 2500 people commented most of them attacking him for not mentioning those who lost their lives
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>robin winston: just when it was starting to pick up and is backing up again toward the middle of the parking lot
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>mark: for city election officials to begin a counterbalance the ruling follows a request from green party presidential candidate
9:27 am
that are celebrating this event. they are wary that may be over the company at released a statement saying the decision was politically
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: only 11 victims have been positively identified
9:31 am
>>anny hong: we are tracking partly to mostly cloudy conditions is trying we are tracking some cold arctic air to come through tomorrow might
9:32 am
appear 20s to writer on the freezing mark the 40 is elsewhere we will talk more about the extended forecast the first hair was a look at the ride with robin >>robin winston: choose a live look still very sluggish is on to be back to richmond park wayne checking in on the east bay is crowded but is starting hough from the warehouse fire in
9:33 am
oakland we have been following this lies all morning all we can >>will tran: the oakland police department just came out they will not have another news conference until 2:00 it will remain the same at least for the next several hours.
9:34 am
>>will tran: seen pictures of the warehouse the pitch is you seal the warehouse for when we get ready for an event and they made it look really nice it was
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
illegal sometimes we did not have electricity we did have running water or how they will block the from the bathroom this
9:38 am
is will we use to get around at night >>: on friday and did not know it was not until the next morning
9:39 am
>>: anywhere between 12 and 20 it depended on the day >>will tran: he said he wants to get to the bottom and this why the city did not shut down this warehouse
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>>robin winston: i was sick a look at the richmond san rafael bridge coming up next we have a lot of answers to provide with families and provide to the community and as we're looking at those answers we're looking at everything from our robotic camera footage
9:44 am
>>mark: they're looking for a possible cause of the fire in the back of the warehouse suspended and least until noon today >>anny hong: partly to mostly cloudy conditions is a chilly start for today we are tracking some changes coming this way arctic air and some showers more details coming up on the news continues after the break
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>>anny hong: we did have a
9:48 am
little better patchy fog will we're definitely seems and dry conditions a chilly start today temperatures for this for concord and the more san francisco looking for high 55 degrees on a partly cloudy conditions this will be coming
9:49 am
for the bay area and especially by the middle week and said thursday will also be dealing with some rain the weekend to be dry but definitely on the cool side.
9:50 am
>>robin winston: the golden gate bridge nice to small garrison commute traffic saw one on one little novato from 37 into central san were felt after that it picks up a good ride into san francisco
9:51 am
>>reporter: teams are giving back this weekend franchises around the bay area are stepping up to help those affected by the devastating warehouse fire the raiders started sunday's game with the moment of silence just part of a tribute the silver and black will bolt the match up to $30,000 in donations they're answering the call to assist as
9:52 am
well as the organization is providing a $50,000 donation the assistance does not stop there the 49ers have plans to contribute to relief efforts in the silver and black offshore rough start and they were down
9:53 am
24 to nine >>mark: with the best record in the nfc the forty-niners are another story and they tried to break a losing streak with a were up against the bears the
9:54 am
defense rose 417 yds collin was horrible sacked five times he finished the day 1454 passing yards this was all shikar wrong the warriors' cannot be beaten, they're gone to take on the pacers tonight the last time they met up they handed them the worst home loss in franchise history they beat them with the 120 to 83 the call off the best offensive performance a huge about 1382109 against the suns took off tonight is a said and
9:55 am
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>>darya: and they suspended the search just after midnight there many people missing in only 11 victims have been identified major changes to the forecast of the court found low to mid 50's and we have a storm coming wednesday night into thursday. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up
9:58 am
next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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