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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 7, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: the coldest reading
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we have seen all season long we have some clout to come to the forecast and also pretty good rain fell lot of moisture headed this way probably by later tonight and to tomorrow we are seeing some increase in called cover also you're definitely attracting some cold temperatures far south as temperatures of the '30's in mountain view to lower 40's and san jose
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>>anny hong: 39 in san rafael lot of folks the here going that and we have to bring got extra blankets the future cash shows us this morning and not too concerned about ren we will all be done with the cold extra layers the cancer going to the bus stop by 745 this morning by
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5:00 it really starts to get going just in time that ride home tonight expected to be what for la folks it will be really going overnight into early tomorrow morning showers arriving to the afternoon will really see what conditions set for this evening light home. >>robin winston: 6 the drive
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time looks great only 14 minutes from the nimitz across the san mateo bridge no problems across the golden gate is going to be a smooth ride on 101 both into a cult of san francisco 21 minutes data for both directions that ease to bay ride looks fantastic
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>>james: we continue to follow the latest on the tragic warehouse fire 30¢ for guy would broke out last friday the bureaucracy off the back on firearms and explosives said the the the possibility that refrigerator or some other appliance was the source it is too early to determine whether are looking at anything electrical and the first floor sit near where the fire sparked officials continue the tough task of notifying families the city of oakland release the names of nine more of the 36 victims officials believe the
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have recovered all the bodies. >>j.r. stone: that in connection with the oakland warehouse fire that left 36 people dead tuesday bass and today not only clear in the rubble of focusing the of effort on the backside of the warehouse where they believe the fire started out of the 36 victims 30 of those families have been notified about fell loved ones five of the family been notified the authorities are still working to identify one of the victims tuesday the city made 30 years of public records available to the connection to this warehouse locations >>j.r. stone: 21 records tunnel those are complaints one of
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them come as late as last month the mayor defended her city inspectors to deny sit as to this recovery effort is uncovering some of what went down and the victims final moments that includes one person she was to succumb to the fire try to help save another.
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>>james: that was the scene after his national tv interview was cut short in here is what he said during that interview you conceive of all it says i am only here to say one thing that i am incredibly sorry people did
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not walk a low door because >>james: he was a regular sound engineer in the underground singing word is starting to get around town >>reporter: he echoes the same sentiment they were first term as intelligent generous funding it and vibrant see if he fears
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this tragedy could have a domino effect of of the artist in the bay area the memorial pays said there are scheduled. >>james: a powerful 6.5 magnitude earthquake killed 97 people and injured 73 others
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coming up next a warehouse fire in the community stunned the question they're asking themselves about their property
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>>anny hong: temperatures right now are running cold as expected 34 livermore 37 concord and in vallejo fairfield 33 it is in the south but temperatures running a few degrees cooler we would
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definitely see more rain by tomorrow afternoon 3500 for paulo also three tens and san jose oakland picking up about four tenths of an inch
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>>robin winston: and through the toll across the span 11 north and south out to danville and so far no the problems and the south bend check-in problem
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free. >>james: 1 business on and is now looking into. >>gabe slate: to give you some perspective this is jack london square at the core broadway and second street it is two stories on the ground level sam was between produce warehouses as an operation early in the day after
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last week's fire they're suspicious from the outside all saw no fire has no debris no blight no trash or nearby at the evidence of people living there and let one of the hundreds of party been use spaces that party promoters or bands ran out on the weekend for evensong the city council member was surprised to hear complaints since no official complaint had been filed >>gabe slate: she may not be
4:20 am
concerned about this were howe but she is concerned about others in one to raise awareness >>james: the 51 year-old was reported missing back on november 2nd another seeking help posted a reward offering in the family is hoping that something can be done to get
4:21 am
some closure the shares of the senate will follow on any leads from family and from volunteers. >>james: it will add a feature that allows an to turn off their ability to use the term of commenting featured the features and that keeping the community such a welcoming and safe place for everyone.
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>>robin winston: the drive time a quick nine minutes >>robin winston: optimist crime an magnetron are ready to get back on the big screen the new on expected game plan and canadian rock band nickel back is receiving an apology for recent joke the first trailer is
4:25 am
of featuring their ration the fifth movie and transformers franchise its movies june 23rd >>reporter: to the committee it will start and curly some untitled comment known as the sports it will focus on him being an older member that threaten all drivers will be forced to listen to them after being arrested it was removed after the management complained.
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>>anny hong: let's start in the east bay 44 and oakland you to
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see a lot of 36 and santa rosa the freezing mark to near mid 30's at 3439 in san rafael san francisco 44 the high for today will be in the '40's and 50's it will be dry for the morning ride but cold at around 130 you may we see is some sprinkles up in the santa rosa aerial much of
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the bay area indicated by the green showing the wet weather will part will see some light to moderate rain. >>anny hong: cash if you have indoor activities planned that is a good idea on friday we will
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see scattered showers the weekend also remain to the unsettled as well >>robin winston: overall nice ride into san francisco right
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now it is a great less than 10 minutes out 101 in san rafael >>james: there been many voices sounded off about what needs to be done to prevent another tragedy like this we haven't
4:33 am
heard the perspective of oakland firefighters until now >>haaziq madyun: he is ready to give the first responders what they need when illegal activity like blocking building inspectors from doing their
4:34 am
jobs pieces fire marshals are what you need >>george: >>james: the questions still need answers they're preparing on emergency declaration that could address the city council
4:35 am
members say they would like to see increase staffing and they want the bacon assistant fire marshall field as soon as possible. >>james: students are remembering him he used his passion to get through to children fifth he was also a
4:36 am
member of the here in the town of bad ghost of a lightning we will take a break
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>>catherine heenan: his family since he moved to the bay area because of a vibrant music seem to 29 your group in connecticut recently she identified as transgendered she was and faxes from in sweet jennifer was a music manager the 31 your was also a nail artist for just
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seven are under brownell bar at the event had to go ship the 20 year-old plaza san francisco state student
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>>anny hong: the north bay this is where you see the cold as readings is shows us the rain and when we can expect in this
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morning that more rain of the cold the will be dealing with this is some pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall more rain to rock the afternoon figure thursday and into parts of thursday evening alone the
4:47 am
drying out from and that another chance to showers arrive on tuesday and >>robin winston: if this is the ride looks good we are hot spot for a recall see any issues coming out of the oakland a's that will slow down the commute into san francisco wide-open we
4:48 am
don't see any cars approaching the toll plaza room start of the communal the problems from the north that in the drive times since is picking up nothing but green all around that is what we like to seeing >>james: many of those who died were deeply passionate about the bay area music
4:49 am
>>charles clifford: she was close close to a very unique view on the world she like talking to people she was a nail artist and go out and pay people snails on the street she was also a music manager and the proper memorial for her asking people to donate to the fire relief fund for the victim of the oakland fire her friends tell us if she loved living in oakland. >>charles clifford: for itself
4:50 am
>>james: alameda county activated the disaster relief fund for those victims if you like to help you to go to the web site she felt violated after being searched by the t.s. a recently she is fighting cancer and has to wear special medical device because of the battle but she told air force security they did not listen they insisted there should be frisked
4:51 am
aggressively perform was to call the public have research this after she told security about the man report on her chest and the cream and her back that goes to the video hoping the staff will be reprimanded or possibly even fired for not following proper recall she is fodder for complaint regarding the incident this is video from the
4:52 am
attack more than 2400 americans are killed this led to the united states insurance after the attack he declared december 7th 1941 to date which will live in infamy to this day and remain at the bottom pro harbor a look back at klay thompson and the
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>>robin winston: a ride into san francisco looks a great so far no major delays earlier fusspot of the backed up a nice ride for a west into san francisco know the problems for the freeways so far so good i will check the south bay, in the next report >>darya: this morning and this
5:03 am
again is looking into the possibility that a refrigerated for another appliance was the source of this fire is too early to exactly determine the cause of this 0.36 people died all but one of the victims have been positively identified this morning >>will tran: they're having difficulty with that one final person the body is so char they will need dna to make a positive identification they do believe he is a male did concede it is still very much acting as they did remove the massive crane from this area power has been restored to 500 people who did not have power up to 04 days-- full day
5:04 am
>>will tran: they do not believe that number will go what it is in the same for the past 36 hours at this point they're pretty confident that number will not go well--up >>will tran: filicide they've been working for hours nonstop >>: this is a difficult time for everyone involved this is day
5:05 am
five since it took place in their meticulously they suspect that a firefighter been started by a appliance >>will tran: they're still podium right behind us.
5:06 am
>>reporter: the memorial to those victims killed continue to grow on east 12th street that had time to think about the death before it happen
5:07 am
>>: some of the share special moments with us and some of those laws are pretty chilling we know that these of people or text and their families >>reporter: the oakland a's as raise more and $300,000 for the families of those the comes-- victims >>mark: 10 total their 21
5:08 am
documents released to the documents were complaints about the warehouse routine procedure which was followed if you cannot an injury to a building you send a request to the owner requesting such injury >>anny hong: is bigger reason the stock by oakland city hall to talk about how to prevent fires, the status is about a
5:09 am
third the size of comparable cities and they do not have the staff power to inspect all the properties they need to oakland. >>anny hong: he is leading the charge to increase fire prevention he believes the rest of the council is united on making this happen.
5:10 am
>>darya: she is concerned about of the warehouses and the city in an investment in affordable
5:11 am
housing $1.7 million will be used to launch a new financial assistance several the ardors we spoke with said they were staying at the warehouse and because she cannot afford to run anywhere else.
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>>james: we're talking not afforded to low 50s for most of the bay area.
5:17 am
>>james: 50 the weather is one
5:18 am
to be on settled it will stay that way. >>robin winston: pfft >>robin winston: overorganize come you definitely picking up but no significant slowing, hayward and to the peninsula a hot spot for a commute through the south bend if you live in san jose and you need to get to
5:19 am
sunnyvale or cupertino. >>darya: a hundred people are data killed in an earthquake and indonesia >>anny hong: 97 people are dead including children after a 6.5 magnitude quake the death toll was expected to rise as a look at the devastation more than seven people was ordered century injures dozens more believed to be trapped beneath a collapsed building the indonesian recross senses mobilizing aid for earthquake survivors what the
5:20 am
focus on clean water and sanitation >>mark: 36 people killed in friday night's did a warehouse fire >>catherine heenan: 35 you're a filmmaker and had done some work for colleagues say he showed an unrelenting interest and other people's stories the
5:21 am
residence of south korea live in oakland and work better berkeley art and drafting supply store that was up 34 your work at a gallery in downtown san francisco his family since he moved to the bay area because was vibrant music scene her father described her as a gentle and sensitive the 29 your grout connecticut moving to california she identified as transgendered coming out recently the 31 your was also a
5:22 am
nail artist who just setup on the ground near a bar she was a loving woman who adored children to a side road on the facebook page will dance again and our dreams years to the time long knives and memories he was identified by his tattoos saying he was proud of how body are was part of his identity >>darya: more coverage of the
5:23 am
deadly warehouse fire will hear from oakland city officials
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>>mark: even at the freezing mark 32 is on to get colder at the lower in the morning a little bit after sunrise. >>darya: some phones made outside of that time friend are having the same problem with the
5:27 am
new database it will be about to quickly the league for several videos in madrid information appears on the site for the technology will contain the digital fingerprint fifth
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>>james: mentioned you have the envelope with you we have to forecast the weather is warm to
5:31 am
stay on saddle between this afternoon all the way into sunday >>robin winston: no major
5:32 am
hotspots lasted 15 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street added six people died in the fire all but one of the victims have been identified >>will tran: they should be able to go through the entire
5:33 am
building by the end of today and 90% through the warehouse to concede right behind me which is ride beyond the blue 10 they're still very much meticulously and actively going through the area of they don't anticipate the number going on up anytime soon or at all will rest of the investigation they do believe happened in the back of the warehouse where the fire burned in 45 degree angle. >>will tran: they're going through the air you very slowly not to disturb a possible evidence they still go through
5:34 am
this area look for part card have not mope and try to link that person with a car that is still at the sea and now they would turn to dna evidence to make a positive identification most of the family have already been notified we have the heartbreaking notification from the authorities that their loved ones we now know that the place was only permitted to be a warehouse but many people lived at the warehouse there was no permanent there was so much fire
5:35 am
load inside the warehouse that when the fire happened in was pretty of fuel for the fire to burn >>reporter: the memorial for the 36 victims killed continue to grow behind me you concede there are flowers and balloons along notes can those of all things to honor the victims we heard
5:36 am
reports there were from holding its other as to protect one another. >>: it appears the may long was trying to protect the female and have her in a holding position and they were trapped a wall toppled one of the motor homes efforts to comfort the families continue here in oakland this setup of fun for the victim and is taking donations also the oakland a's have raised more than $300,000 for the 36 victims of this fire
5:37 am
>>anny hong: 3 city council member soar on the public works committee spoke with us about changes they feel are needed and questions that need answering. staff another concern what happens to tenants leaving and build and the violations and have to do a testily taking people out of buildings the city
5:38 am
council member would also like to see increase staffing and fire prevention and they want the vacant assistant fire marshal's position filled will continue to learn more about the victims of the deadly warehouse fire more on how some of those victims are being remembered after the break a woman fighting cancer since she was violated by airport security.
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>>james: will for the rest of the week coming up >>mark: if she was violated after she was searched as she has to wear a medical device because of a battle which is of the air force security they did not listen and then aggressively perform public cavity search after she tells to cheer about metal poured and medical claim her back use for cancer treatment prosecutors expected
5:42 am
to make the opening statements he is the man charged shooting and killing nine people and a church in south carolina they're looking for the death penalty he asterism himself when not in the views and defense lawyers and had
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>>james: even the south bay getting in on some of that action here is a quick look 36 degrees in concord 34 and the livermore valley and that is why
5:46 am
temperatures will be so suppressed the clausen here is the rain the whole system as long to be impacting us probably for the ride home with some more
5:47 am
heavy showers 5:00 all the way through and o'clock the entire evening commute we have showers to deal with his build intensity left pockets bank and the evening commute been intimate you have to do with the rain to make sure you have done from role is one to stay pretty
5:48 am
unsettled for the next five to seven days >>robin winston: the heaviest traffic behind the toll plaza on less than 15 minutes checking
5:49 am
in on the map picking up and slow traffic high with foreign westbound living antioch to pitch bird and they point we have often on slowing south to 42 less than 30 minutes from 238 out to 237. >>darya: we continue to learn more about the victims of friday night did warehouse fire >>phillipe djegal: payless had
5:50 am
an indelible mark at the elementary school in san pablo the pain of his law spelled of boston's who paid well wishes on his door a growing memorial and, of the 35 your musician whom compensable says uses passion for art to get through to children in his capacity as a licensed ham it their office and school counselor and the west contra costa unified school district crisis team visited and will be available throughout the week to help morning students and staff get through this difficult time when we heard the
5:51 am
news it was really tough for the staff for the family is for the students and it is clear he will not be forgotten he will live on through his music in the impression he left on children >>darya: a man who fatally shot in the nfl player and road race dispute has been charged with manslaughter and the charges come following some scathing criticism by some and harvey to question why he was questioned but not arrested his said the delay was needed to find an
5:52 am
independent witnesses >>mark: they're making the use of recreational marijuana legal the state is often a million- dollar campaign to get the word
5:53 am
out there is no standard for marijuana some little blood alcohol level to this day in the remainder of the ball park or harbor
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>>darya: they're doing just fine tip off the seventh 30 tonight we have continuing coverage of the deadly opened fire to the latest on the investigation and victims coming up at the top of the our. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: we have been high all
6:01 am
the one to which collected go off into space and will get cloud rolling and we may not warmer up that much today but here's where temperatures are 28 degrees that is a change and the last update the lost a couple of degrees we have fairfield a 29 this is where we have been anticipating today was going to be of very cold start 34 concord 39 in san jose the south the dropping into the upper '30's as expected. >>james: we may start to see if you raindrops fall by 3:00 when kids are heading home to better
6:02 am
shot to land and showers popping up keep in mind the kid may need some type of cover >>robin winston: without have any major problems the drive times still under 20 minutes from the foot of the maze out to a fremont street
6:03 am
>>mark: as we continue to follow the breaking news out of the east bay they're not declare local state of emergency
6:04 am
>>darya: 36 people died in the fire all but one of the victims have been identified we continue the team coverage >>will tran: 90% through the building yesterday that only made 5% progress they're focusing on that particular area of they no one area where they
6:05 am
can focus as far as what is going through the building was happening they hope to clear by the end of today is there not being pressured with a notice investigation slowly winding down and they want to reopen the traffic and they're having difficulty identifying the person they now have to turn to dna to make we do know it was a man a lot going on at the building of a lot going on with the alameda county sheriff's office.
6:06 am
>>: this is a difficult time for everyone i cannot imagine being on the waiting and this but i will say the we are all working hand in hand in this is important to as far as the scene the massive crane been brought out here more than a dead of the massive crane is gone
6:07 am
>>reporter: you to see all the candles we want to read you a few of the messages in this note says heartbroken by our artists are valuable five days after
6:08 am
were to learn more about the final moments of those victims here is a look at the video we have of the warehouse those indicted a smoke inhalation and many of them in their bodies were found some time huddled together they had time to think about the death before they happen some of the victim started to pull out their cell phones to call and text yellow ones >>: the share special moments with us some of those moments are pretty chilling we know as the fire was going on inside and began to get worse the young
6:09 am
people were taxing family members this memorial is some candles were here we seen people come by to take pictures and pay their respects >>mark: 10 of the documents were complaints about the warehouse one of them coming as recent as last month and last nine she
6:10 am
defended her city inspectors. >>: the routine procedure which was followed if you cannot gain entry to a building you send a request to the honor requesting such injury oakland firefighters are speaking to representatives from the fire fighters and installed by oakland city hall to talk about how to prevent deadly warehouse fires one of the biggest problems is that the fire marshal's office is dramatically understaffed and some city council members agree they are willing to give the first responders what they needed to keep this from happening
6:11 am
>>darya: and is the leading this charge to increase the fire prevention and the building inspection he believes the rest is united on making that happen as well as a minute to members and business owners also concerned about warehouses in the city >>anny hong: is listed as an arson entertainment venue that
6:12 am
posted videos and facebook playing at the venue of the owner of a nearby restaurant said there use long lines on friday and saturday night for the party is to see is concerned about of the warehouses in the city and one to raise awareness about understaffing issues from their have not been any official complaint filed against the salt lick warehouse of plane carrying
6:13 am
40 people crashes and pakistan
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
>>james: the misapplies the cliche of off a few more grievous as we approach summarizes we could be looking of freezing temperatures san jose dropping down to the third is the did not commonly downtown 32 on tap for san francisco take a look where temperatures will be in the warm of law by much we
6:17 am
have cloud rolling in courtesy of the inbound storm you may be in by 5:00 the evening commute this will impact a lot of people >>james: most of the north and
6:18 am
some of the east of the at first light rain activity still dealing with on and off showers will have another round of what weather friday night is one to stay on settled keep the tune we
6:19 am
have you covered and we will keep you updated >>robin winston: leave early so you can get through when coming
6:20 am
out of morgan hill coming out of san martino into more and he'll on no. 101 the picks up at the cock when slows back down >>anny hong: pakistan national carrier said one of his plane went missing about 40 people on board all resources are being
6:21 am
mobilized to find the plan local police official said the plane went down in a village in the northwest region of the country they're now working to reach the site of the crash
6:22 am
>>mark: he was a regular sound engineer >>reporter: that come to terms with the loss they remember him as the person for sound engineering the producer work with clark on a recent project
6:23 am
this year the tragedy can have a domino effect on of artist that are trying to make >>mark: when donald trump is
6:24 am
time magazine person of the year the announcement was made this morning he won from on the dock to win the white house or democratic hillary clinton she was no. 2 howe began in the election and for time person of the year.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>mark: hundreds gathered a
6:27 am
nearby steel to your music and speeches highlighting diversity in the was invited to speak by a former student university
6:28 am
officials oppose a the views but because their republic university they're obligated to allow the speech to go on a schedule.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>james: missile the camera part of the for kron 4 has it will be
6:31 am
a what commute make sure you have that umbrella to get home is drive japan tomorrow scattered showers continue >>robin winston: 580 west on a little bit closer to the incline the right way and as a block the crews are still working on this this back the we
6:32 am
see is already stretching out smiling away a hot spot this is definitely a much heavier than normal the drive times pretty much double >>mark: 01 city officials following friday night dinner warehouse fire the tell this
6:33 am
effort of going to be announced later today and they're looking at the possibility that the refrigerator or other appliance was the source of the fire but is still too early to determine the exact cost 36 people died in the fire >>will tran: in the warehouse still behind us in this still going work but this seems like the urgency as far as a scale started to shrink a little bit to the point where we're not going to have a news conference at 6:00 in the morning only a
6:34 am
little bit done but now they're focusing on an area where they believe the fire started they don't anticipate finding any more bodies as they said that for the past they have not increased the death toll
6:35 am
>>will tran: it has been pretty much ground zero for the media
6:36 am
>>reporter: we will never forget the lives lost to pray for us to allow the messages here just like that we are learning more about the final moment for some of those victims and the
6:37 am
families of the fire you can go to our web site and dig your how you can donate
6:38 am
= >>: fundamentally people need better housing options off how to do protest nellie taking people out of buildings that are not up to called the city council members will like to see an increase fire prevention and they won the vacant assistant
6:39 am
fire marshal position filled >>darya: we update the web site so anytime you want to get the very latest just go to our web site >>mark: we continue the coverage of the did the fire in oakland we will hear from the friend of one of the victims and how she's been remembered
6:40 am
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>>james: could very well implying some topple but whether
6:47 am
>>james: is a lot of components to this we will see if it holds together a could skirt some portions of san francisco we will see if that does not bring into some kind 645 not expecting
6:48 am
much we're watching the newly formed a band of rain state- owned to that here is 3:00 the kids are getting out of school we have a chance of seeing some light showers some portions of the south bay in the north and four commuter for 30 a lot of folks started to leave work.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: 5 it was down at the incline running a little bit behind schedule still waiting for the concrete to dry the right when disclosed cause and a nasty backup to this is like a picture of those cars of barely moving through the tall it is calling for more renown a whopping 40 minutes to get from the toll plaza across a bridge out to 1 01 minor crash women
6:50 am
blocked really clogged traffic that 41011 should get through that it is kicking up the drive time 22 minutes from 101 from 85 to cupertino >>charles clifford: can they put
6:51 am
up the memorial for asking people to donate
6:52 am
>>darya: the family is hoping that something can be done to get closure
6:53 am
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>>darya: there are getting an apology and was removed after the management complained to the police we will be right back
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>> we continue to follow the deadly warehouse fire. coming up, i'll show you the very latest on the investigation and what needs to be done today in a live report. a memorial continues to grow for the oakland fire victims as we learn more about their last moments. i will tell you all about it coming up next. i'm tracking a cold start to the morning and the potential for rain on the way. we'll have details straight ahead. this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at 7:00 starts now. good morning.


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