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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight. one week after oakland's warehouse fire. a father mourns his son. a lot of things i wish i had said to him that i'll never be able to. a fire official agonizes over the lost lives. this is the thing we are supposed to prevent. whoosh tonight exclusive pictures of what may be a crucial piece of evidence. as atf engineers try to trace the fire's origin. whoosh nat their team may have lost to the chiefs on sunday but raiders fans have something to cheer about tonight. we'll tell you about the new plan to keep them in oakland. whoosh and tech reporter gabe slate shows us how criminals are using technology to outsmart even the smartest cars. you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> reporter:a refrigerator is officially ruled 'out' as a cause of the ghost ship warehouse fire. thank you for joining us -- i'm catherine heenan. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. it has been an emotional week
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after a fire ravaged the oakland warehouse. all 36 victims have been found and identified. now the big question that remains is what caused this enormous loss? kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the scene where federal investigators are working into the night for an answer. ella what do we know so far? right now investigators continue to examine all electrical devices in the room they believe the fire first erupted by digitally mapping the warehouse. >> reporter:36 lives perished in the oakland warehouse fire that served as sanctuary for bay area artists. those who have lost a loved one continue to visit this site for
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themselves. bob lapine traveled from utah. he lost his son edmond lapine in the fire. bob lapine, lost son to fire "we just wanted to come and get closure ourselves just to see and i wanted to have memories." now that all victims have been identified the complete focus of the investigation has shifted to a question that lingers - what started this fatal fire? a refridgerator first suspected to have been a cause was ruled out.
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jill snyder, atf san francisco field supervisor "the forensic mapping team have several mapping systems that allow to thoroughly document the scene and then make a diagram." now the bureau of alcohol tobacco, firearms and exposives forensic team is digitally mapping the warehouse. they continue to examine all electrical devices in the room they believe the fire first erupted. federal sources tell kron 4 news this electrical component was xrayed so engineers can study the item. the atf is a federal agency known for their expertise in fire investigation and help. their next press conference will be on monday. we'll be sure to bring any updates between now and then. tonight at 10 we'll hear from the contra costa county fire
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marshal who also toured this site today to take back some harsh learned lessons from this tragic fire. live in oakland ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> catherine:thank you ella for that report it's now been one week since the party during which the ghost ship warehouse went up in flames. as such, a weekly ritual in the fruitvale district has changed its message a little bit. kron four's spencer blake is live at the warehouse tonight. spencer, who else is there? it's a group of oaklanders, a lot of them from victory outreach church. they came here after a short march from the fruitvale village. earlier tonight: signs, drums, costumes form of prayer for the victims. happens every week, but this is different victoria herrera â participant "normally it's a street walk to promote safe streets, safe kids, a safe oakland for everybody. i mean the message is still kind
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of the same but it's definitely more of a vigil for the victims of the fire. so our heart really goes out to the victims and their families and we're here to just build community." city councilor noel gallo led the group shared a message, led them on the couple-block walk to the scene of the fire. gallo: a lot of people are to blame for the tragedy, including, on some levels, the city. also pointed out that wealthy property owners who don't live in the country keep oakland buildings up to code. live in oakland, spencer blake, kron four news. >> catherine:traffic troubles in
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the heart of san francisco crews are working to repair a water main break.which shut down a busy streets. charles on companies say defense attorneys about a warehouse a lot of people right now there were about their futures. >> reporter: defense attorney john says that over the last week he is spoken with several friends about the good ship warehouse fire some of whom nearly avoided tragedy. he is in gathering information understanding the circumstances that left 36 people losing their lives that could result in legal action.
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kron 4's hermela aregawi is live at the scene we understand this work is expected to stretch into the weekend? >> reporter:a water deparment spokesman told me the water main was repaired earlier in the day. but what they're still working on is repairing the damage it caused to the road. the crews are working on right now as repairing the damage and it created holes underground spending for the roads filling the spaces with a dirt and concrete. at 3 in the morning at
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12 in. water main broke and crews arrived people who live nearby civic and used to the noise. they it makes a lot
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harder to get around. smarm morning, they will bring and everything this move up the roads. the water essentially created holes underground which makes the roads less stable. so crews are cutting through, then filling the holes with dirt and concrete. traffic at 4th and howard is a lot worse than usual. utility crews have been hacking away for more than 12 hours. at 3 in the morning, a 12 inch water main broke. 15 minutes later. and restored water service within the hour. the water main itself was fixed earlier today. but it's the damage it did to the road that has crews working into the night. sot charles sheehan the system is pressurized so there's a lot of water that comes out of these pipes. that can erode soil. that can erode the materials that are underneath the road. so workers are cutting away the road and filling in the holes with dirt and concrete people that live nearby say they've gotten used to the noise. sot max nelson they've been doing contruction here for the past year or so building i think a new bart tunnel and a new bart station along here so it's not really anything out of the ordingary. sot mario herrera ever since i've lived here those works have been going through you know so these noises i'm used to it. but those visiti makes getting around a lot harder. sot benson chiang contruct to go to out. this traffic her bad.a spokesm's
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utility co me they're trying t these they're hey used to repair justw miles of pipes a year. but have wratched that up to about 30 miles of pipeline a year. the work expected to continue into tomorrow reporting in sf, ha, k4 news. things >> britteny: slowly certain develop near san jose parts of the east that side of livermore alevin 45 widespread rain moderate downpour's expected through parts of the east bay's down and south phase out. heavier rainfall expected early riser you definitely need your umbrella the morning run. and then late morning hours. we will see clearing and talking about rainfall totals full 74 pass coming up. >> catherine:police have arrested a man in connection to a recent sexual battery case that happened on the campus of san jose state university. the arrest comes just one day after three separate sexual battery cases were reported on
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campus. all happened within the last week. however as kron-4's rob fladeboe tells us -- police believe all three incidents are not related. * *pkg * sot maria bernal/student ready to fight back if it comes to that, san jose state sophomore maria bernal was relieved tolearn that university police have made an arrest in at least one of six cases of sexual battery dating back to october. sot maria bernal/student this is the booking photo of 19 year old huaien david kong, who was arrested thursday and charged with sexual battery. police were led to kong based on tips from students who recognized him in this surveillance photo. sot pat lopes harris/san jose state university the investigation suspects others may be to blame for incidents in duncan hall and sweeney hall where at least two other women were groped in the stairwells on monday and wednesday of this week. sophomore london pitts feels more disappointed than scared. sot london pitts/student sot cheyenne brandon/student in a statement, university president mary papazian told students that sexual battery may sound less severe than sexual assault, but can be traumatizing to students nonetheless. maria bernal couldn't agree more. sot maria bernal/student
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suspect huaien kong is charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and faces disciplinary action from the school if convicted. meantime, police have stepped up foot patrols and are beefing up security. sot pat lopes harris/san jose state university standup closer ahead at eight. the deadly warehouse fire is forcing crackdowns in other bay area cities over unsafe building conditions. plus. a south bay teacher under arrest for alleged sex crimes with an underage teen boy. what students are saying tonight a mystery device is helping car thieves easily break into and steal cars including. with this gadget criminals can: open the door, start the vehicle, drive it away and turn off and restart the engine without the original key fob present. this is according to the n=c=i=b, or national insurance crime bureau, a non proffit organization.
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>> catherine:kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate talked to them to find out how this device works. >>:sot - roger morris vice president, chief communications officer criminals always trying to find a way to beat cat and mouse cars smarter now like computers etc etc roger with ncib says this device that they just accquired from a 3rd party seller overseas
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is similar one discovered http:/ admit-theyre-stumped-mystery- car-thefts-6c10169993 back in 2013 that stumped law enforcement. at the time, thieves were being seen on security cameras across the country using an unknown device to unlock vehicles and steal valuables inside. now the ncib says the mystery gadget has evolved into something even worse. now the device can be used to start vehicles letting thieves drive them away it works on cars with a keyless remote and push-button ignition, such as a prius. ncib tested out the device. sot - roger morris vice president, chief communications officer "we tested out 35 cars and we were able to drive off in 19 of them, these cars had key fobs etc. the device also let them restart 12 cars after turning them off. the ncib shared this video with
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me they made explaining how it works. the driver leaves a vehicle and locks it with their fob. standing or walking within a few feet of the driver the burgler uses a coponent called a relay box which steals the code from the unsuspecting drivers fob, that code is then relayed to the second box which is placed near the door and when the theif pulls on the handle the car thinks it's receiving the fob signal and unlocks. and the ignition can be turned on. i asked roger his advice for how to prevent this from
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happening in san francisco. the department of building inspection says it had been fielding complaints about alleged illegal warehouses converted for residential use. now - as kron four's philippe djegal reports - more complaints are coming in 'after' the ghost ship fire. this warehouse at 15 duboce avenue in san francisco's mission district. has been on the department of building inspection's radar for several months now. sot- "everybody feels terrible about that tragedy in oakland and we certainly don't want to see anything like that happen in san francisco." the electrical situation looks precarious to say the least. d-b-i spokesperson william strawn says the warehouse owner has received two notices of violation, appeared for a director's hearing. and, was recently issued a notice of abatement, preventing the owner from possibly selling the building or applying for permits before complying with d- b-i. strawn says complaints allege the commercial building is being used for housing. >>:sot- "that case is still in process. it may be referred to the city attorney for litigation.". >> gabe:the department of building inspection says it currently has a list of about 12 warehouses illegally converted for residential use without a
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permit. >>:sot- "they don't throw parties here? no, no." bob mendez owns qube autobody in the bayview district on jarrold avenue. this warehouse across the street is on the d-b-i's list of alleged violators. but mendez says his neighbors are peaceful. and, an artist who works there tells us no one actually lives inside. sot- "they don't do any rave parties or anything like that -- they're good people." the d-b-i has about 129 inspectors and william strawn says they'll be following up on it's list of troubled warehouses in the next few weeks. he says most building owners give permission to enter, but some don't the owners of this warehouse on alabama street in the mission district let us in to show no one lives the "here collective." it's open space rented out to
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people and companies. but strawn says not everyone is following the law and that those people are under investigation. sot- "really, what needs to happen is we need for owners to be responsible about their buildings and to take action to make sure they're code compliant." in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news a high school teacher at santa teresa high school in san jose has been arrested. for allegations that she has a sexual relationship with a student. 32-year-old trudy hill has been cahrged with sexual assault on a minor. she has been on leave since an investigation began about ten days ago.when the school district received an email about the alleged relationship with a 17-year-old male student. some kids who go to the school say they found it hard to believe until her arrest.saying they didn't expect this of a teacher. hill surrendered to police. she posted bail and was released yesterday. include what the students are saying about the incident from will tran's stuff the numbers are in from the election. showing voter turnout in california was the highest since the 2008 presidential election. three of four california voters participated in the election on november 8th. >> britteny: expect overnight
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rain and heavy rain tomorrow morning and the sierra and then mix of rain and snow through the weekend. r e tracking more rain chances. the reason why is a lot of moisture pouring in. slowly make your way and read off the coast and the north bay and overnight hours rain coming down then 6:00 a.m. by now up.
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still lifes and rainfall coming down and the rest of the area through 1130 or run the lunch hour closer's south bay east bay. then a bit of a break in your 2:00 our most the region with the exception of south cezanne. this is what that looks like planning to go out there are hirable elevation lots of heavy rain and flood watch also wind advisory receive better rain be very careful to secure a ways and then switching over more snow. the things tryout in the sunday tracking a foggy day throughout most of tomorrow and we are tracking more with the details in our 74 cast. haute
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the controversial technique police want to use to track down the person who murdered a jogger. and next. oakland takes another step toward keeping the raiders in the city. here's what we're tracking tonight at ten. victoria's secret is under fire tonight after a woman claims she was discriminated against.and captured it all on facebook live. it all started with an incident involving a woman she didn't even know. now the lingerie store is taking action, after more than a million people viewed the video. that story.tonight on kron 4 news at ten. r a new development in the ongoing discussion to keep the raiders in oakland.
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>> catherine: fire officials say that the building was not required to be inspected annually all the 36 victims had been identified names released for residents have been calling the warehouse the deathtrap very to exits and for the fire
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deadliest building fire in the u.s. and more than a decade. the first happened around 9-30 down. according to the transition team. giuliani will stay on as a vice chairman of the presidential transition team. in an interview with fox news. giuliani said his desire to be on the cabinet was "great but not that great" we're learning more about the two police officers that were shot and killed in georgia earlier this week while responding to a domestic dispute report. people who knew the victims say they were not only small twn colleagues -- they were best friends. >> catherine:25-year-old nicholas smarr and 26-year old jody smith were friends for more than a decade. smarr.was an officer for the americus police department. and smith. an officer for a neighboring college campus. smith and smarr grew up side-by- side. were room mates for a time.and graduated from the police academy
8:33 pm
together. both smith and smarr leave behind two brides-to-be. the departments say they are struggling with the loss of these two outstanding officers and appreciate the support they are receiving across the country. the rain means more accidents around the bay area. but the c-h-p says that many of the crashes are avoidable. to make their point.this week they were out doing something about it. when it rains, there are some rather important rules of the road one must follow to avoid crashes >> britteny: to the week and expects saturday morning we see most of the rain falling during
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into the afternoon sunday looks like things will try out for us to monday and tuesday a different story 58 degrees in san francisco temperatures fairly mild and san jose and evermore a 56 and rainfall totals right now show that ran north of san francisco the weather story more rain will be heading our way already starting to develop their off the coast into san francisco parts of the north bay to south of center fell also seeing the light rain near woodside haft and bait and also milpitas tonight expect more of the rain to move through. the bigger picture here so unsettled weather is the first system that moves through we see a better break over san francisco sunday nrdc off the coast there another system is to bring in that will be here as we go into our late hours on monday into tuesday possibly in the wednesday and thursday. in see
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unsettled weather with a bull's- eye on the bay area out feature cast a close-up version of what we expect by midnight widespread light rainfall by 615 in the morning to the north and a moderate downpour's expected by 1145 lunch hour here at san jose on view conquered most of the same rain coming down the we see a better break by 230 and we should see clear conditions for saturday evening these totals go up so we're getting closer to 1 in. in san francisco mansion a half getting into or no. as on half an inch here san jose. more unsettled weather more rain is
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on its way temperatures on the warmer side of things still the inner self is on tomorrow we see similar conditions tomorrow back into the low 60s and again temperatures do not change much between overnight lows daytime highs unsettled weather once again expected as we head into next week.
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>> catherine: while wearing size and underground parking their call yquem rep. the woman had been trying to get home from school and work had daughters had on trying to get inside the building. had
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a pocket knife got away with the bat that had her lap top and side.
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>> catherine: suspect to match in the strangling of a 30 year- old career of a trial of york west alive before going for a jog. not considering using dna has led to some high-profile arrests and also some civil liberties questions. the state forensic science commission has been talking about whether or not to introduce it. 10 states do so now including california. police are hoping it will halt and a case and found six resulted strangled in queens n.y. about a mile from her home.
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: diversity of the test in the how save time. and like it a finished product more quickly when doing them separately. experts say that each test requires a specific mindset alicea started go ahead and come at all throughout and finish it.
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raider nation.reeling today.after the silver and black wilted in primetime last night against the chiefs. >> reporter:and in the process-- lost its top standing in the division. derek carr.had his worst game of the season, and probably of his the frozen arrowhead conditions. and an offense that's been so explosive all year.looked completely out of sync. carr threw for 117-yards.on 17- of-41 passing, which is the 2nd lowest output in nfl history when a quarterback has at least 40 pass attempts. the strongest evidence of his struggles came in the 4th quarter when he and amari cooper.missed on a wide open connection.
8:46 pm
and then again on the final play, when his lob to seth roberts was batted away. carr addressed his off night we could see it was cold at the game last night, but here's a real icy exchange that got a lot of people talking. h the broadcast showed this awkward postgame encounter between coach del rio and chiefs head coach andy reid. jdr is glaring at him.while reid taps him on the shoulder.
8:47 pm
this was a topic for national sports shows.and publications. but, del rio made sure to downplay there is any animosity. he tweeted today-- that there 'nothing personal between them. andy is a good man and good coach. they earned a hard fought victory last night. on to next. go raiders.' and reid has also said that he didn't take offense to it despite their recent loss, the raiders are still expected to
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make a playoff run. and there's an outside chance they'll be joined by a familiar face. according to multiple reports, suspended linebacker aldon smith met with commissioner roger goodell today to discuss a possible reinstatement. last month, smith finished his yearlong ban for substance abuse. during a portion of his absence, he reportedly checked in to a rehab facility. as of now, it's not known when a final decision on his reinstatement will be made. finally, the giants officially introduced their 62-million dollar acquisition. new closer mark melancon.met the bay area media this afternoon. the 31-year-old right hander is the team's latest big free agent signing. and he's expected to provide some much needed relief to a bullpen that had a lot of problems last season. the giants set a record.with 30- blown saves. melancon, who signed a four-year deal, has bounced around the league and his most recent stint was with the nationals. tonight at 10 in less then 4 minutes two seperate burglaries on the same block at almost the same time all caught on security
8:49 pm
cameras what did they take i'll show you in the next edition of people behaving badly that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. >> reporter: the first time that's happened in program history and the endowment from the job 18. the highest scoring this season and also tied up passible women's single game record.
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> stanley: when it rains a there are some rather important rules of the road one must follow to avoid crashing. one important rule is to reduce speed and range rover at 75 + on interstate 280 by officer williams of the california highway patrol. and as if you
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how fast he was going he said yes because his cruise control is set to 80. that ast capture the dangers of a speeding in the rain.
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>>: other thing is a glut next year chinese celadon to about 25 mi. an hour. on a story short of its proceeds to buy able to
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avoid a crash. pricing of the highway california patrol stellar roberts kron 4 news. news of what burglaries' and almost the same time the take in the next edition of people hitting badly. >> britteny: this will be an issue tonight and in the morning as well as everyone is getting their week and started here is the story more rain is on the way unsettled weather patterns setting up sending a storm after storm. you can see light rain is already starting to develop from most of the region, and here at san francisco also stretching down antidote sheltered cove. this will be the trend for the rest of tonight. light widespread rain unsettled weather expected.
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