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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 10, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PST

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pened. it and drive awayopened we're starting with a live look at the rain with the richmond center fell bridge tonight. it's kind of pretty. light rain moving in the oakland richmond and martina's concord and also to rio vista all tracking and from the west moving to the east as we move into the rest of
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tonight rainfalls and leandro into mountain view. it picks up as we go into our over 9 hours. waking up tomorrow morning raid around 615 in north bay water, pour track and how long it will stick around coming up in just a bit.
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and pretty much rely on the investment has come forth nfl has contributed to a jury into it and contributing to it and we owe in this city owns the land. the lead will remain at the to the public ownership. includes improvements retail office space.
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>> reporter: week after a loss of one continued to visit the oakland fire warehouse for closure. it was fortified by police we all came together and a poster for the people who passed away. traveling from utah and to the fire. and explosives for as it steamed digital mapping the warehouse. that cameras and major distances robert marshall of a
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fire department here the harsh lessons learned the to teach as an instructor. official sources tell us that the electrical component was x rays ought to call engineers consulted item. >> reporter: gather the through veiled village this a weekly loss what happens on friday nights and this week it took on different tone and turned into more of vigil for those lost their lives and the ghost of fire. people were part of this right from the market a couple blocks to the scene of that the fire. the deadly bus trip fire
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in oakland on friday afternoon i spoke with east bay legal fallout from the tragedy. residents to live another warehouses in oakland who are worried that the city as is set up the enforcement program that could be with their homes they're hoping that they will offer the folks opportunity to bring residences' up to code and not force them out onto the streets. >> reporter: allegedly grabbed the woman on in said the student unions officials hoping one man
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asked me hall. six such incidents with the victims' going back to sell october 17th the police have since stepped up patrols and urge students to report anything suspicious. traffic troubles in the heart of downtown. traffic at fourth and howard is a lot worse than usual. utility crews have been hacking away here for more than 12 hours. at the the morning a 12 in. water main broke. city officials say the crews arrive fatima's later and restore water service within the hour. the alarm itself was fixed earlier today but the damage it did to the road has crews working into the night. the store this weekend as we keep telling you probably noticed rain coming all lot of it get ready. at the warriors
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moving and. antioch up through this stuff which is actually a heavy downpour and this is also true for walnut grove we wind up the picture with of or in the south bay's own everything is streaming in from off the coast moving to the east. sensations see another round of light rainfall and probably 10 minutes
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so. closer look in north bay zone just to the north of santa rosa ice city light rain moving and overwinters of fairfield even up to sacramento. as we go into the rest of tonight you notice that higher rainfall is here to stay. have your eye 630 the morning and our no. azo north of tampa. but center as the nevada also near saddam's go also restart the see little bit more rain fall closer to noon for east bay south bay zones. and then everything starts clear up into our early afternoon hours. this can have the entire week and not a washout. as we approach tomorrow morning in dollars with speeds pick a breezy half the day at about 16 mi. per hour.
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