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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> steve: fire in the east bay. police say it was set to cover up the murder of a 59 year old woman. these are violent, disturbing injuries whoosh a major vote in oakland's city council tonight as a famous 49er gets behind the last minute push to keep the raiders in the bay area. if this team does not remain, there will be a black hole whoosh
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nat bold burglars target a south bay neighborhood. when the homeowner posted this video online. she was shocked at the reaction. whoosh and with more rain on the way, new worries about that pacifica sinkhole. you're watching kron four news in prime time. >>:the victim -- a 59 year old female, was murdered here at the scene. and that the fire is likely an arson that was used to urning a body to cover up aed to murder. that is what p sayin c was a wit the law on husband died back in april and she's been depressed and our sense of standing hebert and it comes to
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a surprise it's not clear if his then taken to the on the fire's heat into the house and the attic. authorities are checking to see if this was a botched robbery or intentionally targeted. during a rain and the
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route now suspect information or leads at this time but investigators checking surveillance footage x these cassettes o'clock. have heard the last 10 minutes spoke about the matter and very optimistic about this plan and this has been approved by the council
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county and now the city will take this up tonight to either prove or not approve this a very likely it will prove this and then negotiations will start. >> j.r.: worth $1.3 billion of likely you are a member of the writers and readers is not a see the raiders leave no doubt that public money it said to go toward renovation of the land
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this would just mean that negotiations would start am still very long way to go number of questions when the oakland a's would play also how the raiders feel about this plan and also how the nfl feels about the splendid >> reporter:just from the people we've been talking to today, we know of at least three, but neighbors on the social network nextdoor say there are even more. take a look at the video some of these victims sent us from their home security cameras. in this one, there were two guys that came in the back door after a couple attempts.
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they finally had to break the glass of a set of french doors. as they rooted through the house, one of them noticed the camera , and it looks like he tried to grab itbut you still get a clear look at both suspects. after these guys made off with jewelry, passports, and other valuables, the homoewners talked about it on nextdoor.
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other neighbors online compared *their video and noticed similarities. then today, kron four received more video from a doorbell camera in a different neighborhood. "hey! i can see you! i'm calling the cops, a------! i spoke to the people who live in this home, too. the camera shows one guy was only inside for 34 seconds. strangely, he made it all the way upstairs and rifled through drawers, but didn't steal anything. these videos have been turned over to police. after the second burglary you saw, police came out and dusted for fingerprints, but so farthe burglars are on the loose. live in san jose, spencer blake, kron four news >> pam:along the coast, the work continues tonight to repair a massive sinkhole in pacifica. that sinkhole opened up over the weekend and the property owner has been trying to repair the damage. unfortunately, this lastest round of rain could slow work down. >> steve:kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in pacifica with details.
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>> reporter: the rain is falling in this of the cup. and it could slow them down. second day and wrote to set the cut and gaping 34 ft. sinkhole. before in getting the latest round of the weather. also booked broken drainage pipes says he conceived the pipes are lying inside the sickle. as the work progressed the beach below has been cut off for days they hope it will be restored soon. a few miles away near pacifica pier near the
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beach boulevard further south half monday along the coast is the crumbling and they hopefully will stop the erosion. it finished about 5:00 p.m.. unclear if the finished early because the incoming train or for similar reasons. underneath this apartment building behind me at 310 s but not for some time. we have not heard exactly what how about that damages.
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this will also be when the system with wind gusts up to 40 m.p.h. at a concern for us. a big plum of oyster will that will continue more moisture into our region all i back down to hawaii and as we continue to see this more moisture move and another system that will trigger the rainfall into thursday. cellaret are shut shows a few scattered showers developing near san jose along the coast is the customer rose up heavier rains are removed and parts of ukiah few passing showers near
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san francisco will not be until early morning hours we start to see more widespread rain
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hollywood is mourning the loss of a likeable dad character. growing pains star. actor alan thicke has died. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to tell us more. yeah pam, steve.a real shocker. tmz - first to report that thicke had a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year old son. thicke is most famous for his role as jason seaver but recently appeared on the netflix reboot."fuller house." he was also a frequent guest on talkshows and game shows, appearing on who wants to be a millionaire, canada's worst handyman and match game/hollywood squares hour. thicke is survived by his three sons.singer robin thicke.brennan, carter and his wife tanya. he was 69-years old. pam, steve? ahead at eight. a chemical scare has police on alert at a south bay home all day long. why they think the chemical could have been used to make a bomb. plus. private health data stolen. the information that was exposed to hackers. and next. what was revealed today about the cause of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. and why, despite complaints --- the building was not on the fire department's radar.
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>> pam:the a-t-f and the oakland fire department have finished their on- site investigation of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire, but still no word on the cause. today they said. they continue to concentrate on the buildings electrical system. meanwhile the fire chief explained how it came to be that the warehouse was never inspected by their department. maureen kelly explains. >> reporter:oakland artists are pulling together to help their friends living in warehouses.get up to code.
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in the wake of the ghost ship warehouse fire, artists in the community fear their living spaces will be targeted for building inspections, that they are not ready for. there is an effort underway not to donate fire extinguishers to anyone living in housing that is not up to bay area housing and building codes
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now 40 fire extinguishers are being donated. it will take about 48-hours to get them tested and into artists living spaces here in the bay area. a shelter- in- place has been lifted in milpitas... after a home is searched for toxic chemicals which authorities say. could potentially be used for explosives. earlier today... police served a
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search warrant at a milpitas home, near the intersection of view and temple drive. neighbors say, they noticed strong chemical odors coming from the home. the man living there... was detained. the investigation remains ongoing... but police do say, there are no public safety concerns at this time. still no word on the nature or quantity of chemicals involved. medical laboratory operator "quest diagnostics" says. a hack has exposed personal health information for thousands of people. the hack affects about 34 thousand people. officials say an unauthorized third party gained access to customer information including names, dates of birth, lab results and telephone numbers. the stolen data did not include social security numbers, credit card accounts, and insurance details. the company is investigating. clients have been notified by mail.
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>> britteny: wind gusts of the the 40 m.p.h. and windy storm also see another round of serious note. and if you'll scattered showers pushing in
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parts of half moon bay outside of sematech was well in san francisco just about the cross over the bay bridge and these are light light showers most concerned about flash flood watch and then in effect for senate resounds also parts of moderate in your the so gratis fire is burning a lot of rain coming down heavy rain at times on thursday especially thursday afternoon and evening. a push through an 10 11:00 widespread rain and heavy rain starting at most the region. at least till 8:00 in the evening. expect this see again a moderate between
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now over an inch of rain in san francisco same thing daly city close a half-inch in vallejo and overage in fremont and paul auto closer toward north bay zone because rainfall totals pushing closer to 2 in. before coastal hills up to four as far as the east bay zone is concerned 51 san francisco near 51 in oakland 47 concord 43 in santa rosa. new ahead at 8.
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trying to drop some pounds with diet drinks? why you might be doing just the opposite ahead at eight. a high school student files a lawsuit claiming. a school forced her to strip. and performed a body cavity search. dragged off a plane. literally. what a woman is accused of doing that had her being carried off a flight and next. trump names top cabinet positions. then meets with kanye west? what the president - elect and rapper talked about.
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>> gabe: wirelessly to speakers among the hottest things at last year this year these guys are getting creative a ton of options now become an all shapes sizes and prices there are some decent ones you get in the 20 and $30 range the neo the high end units for $2 a great easy guess because anyone a laptop phone or tablet can use one of these. here's a look out for you i recommend.
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>> gabe: impractical fill room and bigger high-end unix that some shelves and they connect is your main speakers a living room and your tv also feature the blood to sinking tear far tablet. the middle of these extra rugged ones like this speaker that is dropped prove dust their approved and foley waterproof in consumer and water. >> gabe: glacis more like all you can control the color from your fault or tablet. " also
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found out i think, let's examine he said that at about a b + and dom this examine think it did ok on such a minute kia >> gabe: over your shopping for the kids the pats' there's something therevisitors to trump
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tower have been streaming in. some we haven't seen in public for a while. kron4's vicki liviakis is here with details one unusual meeting. >> vicki:yeah pam and steve. it was too long ago that hip hop star kanye west had a very public breakdown and was hospitalized and in psychiatric care.
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now he's re-surfacing. in new york right alongside donald trump. the famous rapper -- met with president elect donald trump at trump tower for about 15 minutes today. he didn't talk. but trump did - saying the two were just friends and that west was a good man. the two took a lot of photos. west was not accompanied by wife kim kardashian. fueling further reports that the marriage is strained. and while the parade of big names came and went in trump tower. the trump team announcing some cabinet posts. first off - a pick of exxon ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. promising to be controversial. tillerson forged a tight friendship with vladimir putin. cutting oil deals in russia. even accepting a friendship away from the russian boss.
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and.trump has one other texan on his mind. tapping former governor rick perry to become secretary of energy. after a good showing on dancing with the stars - perry paid a visit to trump tower to accept his new job. ironically, perry is being tapped to head up the very energy department he wanted to do-away with as a presidential candidate. steve? >> steve: a former high school student in new york is accusing school officials of forcing her to undress... so they could perform a highly invasive body cavity search. the former student says it happened a year ago...when she was a senior. she has since filed a lawsuit...claiming that she was accused of having drugs. when she denied it...she says school officials took her to a medical examination room. allegedly... she was forced to remove her clothes...while forced to stand exposed and be inspected for several minutes. though the lawsuit asks for a trial. court documents say the matter will go to mediation in march. >> britteny: to thursday as and
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when see the re and also the wind speeds picking up even more snow had of that assess the spotty showers in parts of west oakland and also in the parts of ukiah closer to the future pasticcio's into the rest of tonight by chars continue even into tomorrow mainly in north bay is down would most the light rainfall will be all shifts into thursday morning late thursday morning widespread rain and also lunch hour you'll see really heavy downpours for dab of vallejo hayward's amytal mountain view out through into gatt. >> britteny: we see more clearly by friday even if you plan ahead in the sierra higher elevations heavier rainfall even more rain still makes at 145 on thursday
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and snow showers developed here heading into the evening hours thursday 52 in nevada of and warmer into tomorrow thursday and then back to the '60s overnight lows to look at all. >> britteny: it will be read the and flash flooding will be a
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concern for us. mid-60's for livermore and and yet to the jurors at 58 and then decrease visibility showing us lots of thought which will stick around the 70 forecast says sell other early friday to a week and we will start to see more sunshine things look also dried. >> pam:illegal dumping has been a huge problem around the bay area.
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tackling the problem before it gets out of hand is one way to prevent it from growing. but it doesn't always work. >> stanley:normally when you see a car with a cover one would tend to think someone is really protecting their investment nats: ambiance unless you happen to notice that all four tired are flat . really flat in fact this rear tire has a huge gaping hole so it's safe to say this car has been dumped here .oh did i mention it's a 2001 mercedes benz e430 oh i forgot to mention i'm in union city, where they have their fair share of illegal dumping nats: ambiance i often tell people, if you see a sign like this reading absolutely not dumping . that usually means there is a problem with people dumping stuff in this case it's a stereo, and apparently a speaker . but what really caught my attention were all these 9lives cat food containers . all opened then in noticed lots of cats a commercial district . so i guess someone is feeding the cats and leaving the trash behind no bueno nats: ambiance over on whipple road you might find a mattress and a box spring dumping on the side of the road and look at this illegally dumped fake christmas tree probably from 2015 i also noticed these tires and believe it or not sadly it wasn't the tires that bugged me it 's what's inside the tire . water standingwater is a breeding ground for mosquitoes
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nats: ambiance the problem with illegal dumping is it attacks rodents and increases the chance for more illegal dumping its called the broken glass theory when somone leaves trash it attracts more people to leave trash and thus the cycle begins nats: ambiance there is also a problem with people dumping dirt in this case its right under a sign which reads no dumping allowed in union city stanley roberts kron 4 news >> steve:why one airport could soon reject driver's licenses as a form of i-d. looking for a job? what about an emoji translator! >> pam:the one qualification recruiters are looking for. and next. how drinking wine could be linked to cancer. and there's one type that's being called the most risky. researchers say white wine raises your risk of skin cancer more than any other alcohol.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care.
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it's life care.
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the research was done by brown university. >> steve:scientists say say that drinking even in moderate amounts of alcohol. is associated with higher rates of melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. scientist believe a compound in alcohol can damage dna, and prevent dna repair throughout the body. some research has shown that wine has higher levels of this compound than beer or hard liquor.
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the reason white wine is considered the most harmful is because experts credit the high antioxidant content in red wine for offsetting the risks of harmful compounds. in just over a year. residents in missouri will be turned down at airports, if they only have a state driver's license as a form of identification. >> pam:right now. missouri is not compliant with what's called - the real i-d act. which means, federal facilities and military bases. do not accept missouri issued identification. and in 20-18. airports won't either. that's why a state lawmaker has pre- filed a bill. that would allow missouri residents to be issued a driver's license which is compliant with the federal law. if it is not passed and the licenses are not properly modified. people will need a passport. even to take domestic flights. in just a little over a year. missouri residents won't be able to use their driver's license as a form of i-d at airports. travelers will have to use a passport. even if flying domestic. one state lawmaker is trying to keep that from happening. right now. missouri is not compliant with the real i-d act. federal agencies and military
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bases don't accept a missouri issued i-d. and in 20-18. airports won't either. that's why state representative kevin corlew has pre-filed house bill 151. which would allow missourians to get an i-d. compliant with the federal act. jennifer abreu reports. kent boyd, airport spokesperson "missouri has had 11 years to deal with it, so now we are getting up to crunch time." the real id act was passed in 2005. and in 2009, state law meant to protect the privacy of citizens. kept missouri from complying with the federal act. kent boyd, airport spokesperson "if they don't get it fixed in the next 13 months there's gonna be havoc in airports, missouri residents trying to get on an airplane and having their licenses turned down," missouri residents would have to use a passport. - "i don't li it's ebora o'neal, springfield resident - "a lot of people can't get a passp can afford it," corlew says the sol is si jerry carmack, ca - "make anything simpler, yes3 the department of reven to issue a realcompliant issutate rep. kevi will but only to those who want one state rep. i they have some concerns a people have expresse in legislati to continue to hav existing missouri drivp the fees but the s documents used for id a data b to sof facial sof tate rep. kevi is important the security resident - "i can understand why people might of more good thin "the more safeguards you have, the safer everyone i tag: why this passenger had to be physically carted off a flight
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. this woman to clear if use again and again and again airlines flight at detroit many passengers were shocked to see it happening. and they pulled out thier phones to record it on video.
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take a look.there is that woman.being dragged by airport security through the plane's middle isle. the flight to san deigo was delayed after officials say she refused to comply with boarding and baggage check procedures. unconfirmed reports share she blew through check-in and boarded the flight unlawfully. the airport released a statement after the video hit the internet.saying the passenger refused to leave the aircraft and had to be removed. you drink diet soda to drop pounds. but a new study shows it could be doing just the opposite. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with the not-so-sweet news.
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>> vicki:the alameda board of supervisor's vote on ronnie lott's stadium plan was a star- studded affair today in okaland lott of course was the main figure but joining him sacremanto mayor kevin johnson former raiders quarterback rodney peete and even m.c. hammer was in the house but it was the appearance of fellow hall of famer and former raider marcus allen sitting alongside lott that garnered the most attention the alameda county board of supervisors voted 3-1 to approve lott's plan for a new stadium in oakland for the raiders now it must be approved by the oakland city counsil who is voting tongight there are many other hurdles the plan has to clear but lott and allen said today was a great start oakland must still come up with $200 million in public money for infastructure then the nfl has to back it and of course mark davis the raiders have board raiders he 49ers habit of 2nd hf fizzles hit a new low sund niners offense in the 2nd 5 straight punts as the jets came back to tie the game and eventually won it in overtime again it was the 49ers franchise-record 12th straight loss today colin kaepernick tired to explain what happened jason lacanfora a reporter for cbs sports broke the story this morning he was on knbr radio talking about baalke, chip kelly and the future of ceo jed yo are you an emoji fanatic? there's a new job for you. translator.and tes > gary: and 10 at 1 07 they did not score then some assists 44 and his left and blocking david
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from providing greene takes the ball away 5 kit/that's it this is a line for grain and 12 rebounds 10 assess the warriors had not won 13 that " one to four >> gary: the star-studded affair today upheld meter board and kevin johnson and supervisors plan for new stadium and oakland's now must be approved
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by oakland's city council. and at the very least some great players talk. hopper >> gary: as that his money's not marcus allen's money they have to convince a lot folks to come through oakland if to $2 million of public money to get on they need one a big player to say and what my name on the stadium and
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money to burn. mark davis to say okay is still not commented on the oakland proposal still at the very least i handshake agreement and lost a guest at the very least a step in the right direction carried that plagued it for half and when you have hips mostly opponents that the happens to use 17 to 3 in the jets' five straight clients of the just come back in the game at overtime and they have to talk today.
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>> gary: sharks in for the straight win and two to nothing: b. and joke about ski and mark jones turns away
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>> stanley:tonight at 10 so you know the rule about the stop light you don't know the rule um ok so your approaching red light and you want to make a right turn you have to make a complete stop a fremont police crackdown on red light runners . i'll show you where in next edition of people behaving badly here's a unique job opportunity for you -- if you know your emojis. a london firm is looking to hire what they callthe world's first "emoji translator."
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the company says it needs an emoji expert to de-code how the emojis translate across cultures and languages. for example, a face with tears in some cultures means laughter, but in other cultures it could mean grief. >> britteny: ross cultures and
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languages from around the world have applied so far. there's even an online test. which you see here. for example. the statue of liberty plus an airplane equals "the new york jets." that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then. goodnight.
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