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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 16, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: driver of the gray car were also taken to the hospital first responders arriving on seeing chaos facing mobil injuries supervise their had at the time incidently he came over and help out get one of the victims of the ambulance. and not sure why it they hit the park car in the first place.
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we set a push alert at 1 05 this afternoon download the kron 4 news application always it latest it's free fori phone and enjoyed devices >> vicki: >> catherine:another big story we're following tonight. fire investigators may 'never' know how a huge fire at a car wrecking yard in richmond began this is video from our partnership with abc 7 news. the fire destroyed as many as 250 cars - and sent toxic smoke into a nearby neighborhood before firefighters were able to put it out kron 4's dan kerman is live for us tonight in richmond with the latest on the investigation.
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we have team coverage of this massive car lot fire. as you can see the fire had a major impact on people in the area. there was a shelter in place for most of the morning. as black smoke blew into the neighborhood. and the foam that was used to fight the fire. spilled into the creeks. kron4's terisa estacio explains how a number of government agencies were brought in to investigate. >> reporter: and water of the blaze but a little help and after about an hour fire fighters from the chevron refinery arrived and began shooting phone with the fire.
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and i before to what should a total of 50 cars slid for demolition or destroyed. they believe that they knew the general direction of where the fire started amount of destruction will make it almost impossible to determine how and where it started. firefighters to say it does not appear to be suspicious. they still have oil and still had their car batteries with the winds that they've had and rain last couple days can may contact the battery water cut of got into place or something like that. >> reporter: violations one for
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proper disposal vault the other was a story aisles partially blocked the to keep a certain amount of space between aisles of cars and that was partially blocked at the time >> reporter:following yesterdays heavy downpours in the northern bay area.
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a portion of state highway-121 is now closed until monday. because of a rockslide causes by the storm. take a look of this footage shot courtesy of our partners at abc-7 news. they were right above that rock and mudslide. this morning the debris was still covering about half of the roadway. the napa county sheriff's office says the highway is closed from vichy avenue to wooden valley road.on to circle oaks drive. drivers are advised to use alternate routes until possible reopening on monday. sky7 is going
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>> reporter: backs up official of officials co-starred crews also looking for any negative impact. they did not enter the waterways and the immediate area and did not find any evidence any contamination from the fire. portion of the state highway now closed because of rockslide cause of the store to look a the footage with abc's seven news they were right above the rock mudslide the debris was just covered about half roadway in the shares up assess the that highways closed wooden valley road and at the oaks drive blair and advising use alternate routes until monday it.
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over >> reporter: turn after it this born in fire both to the selva charred here appeared to come down now informations show bully billy a besmirch so mass of a. >> reporter: from their moorings in the storm are anchored out in the public waterway. >>:just a lot of boats that some are abandoned and some people live on and some are probably not in the best shape, the
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probably don't have bidge pumps and their batteries are dead so the fill up with water and down they go >> reporter:this inflatable skiff was recovered off the berkeley marina.along with a 26 foot vessel that broke loose and sumberged. i'm told by the u-s army corp of engineers that they plan to go out on this boat behind me along with the coast guard to salvage that submerged boat near berkeley tuesday morning. maureen kelly kron4 news. mud flows covered streets northeast of los angeles. on this street in duarte. you can see massive amounts of mud. the flows happened after heavy rains hit an area above duarte -- where a wildfire had burned away much of the vegetation. thankfully, residents here had plenty of warning that this might happen. the city and the county had taken several steps to help prevent any homes from being damaged. now. they just need to get the roads cleaned up.
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with all that rain we saw- let's get some rain totals. we turn to kron four meteorologist lawrence karnow. so how much rain did we get? >> reporter: showing your skies dry out very nicely here some great news and up and the high country is still a couple so char's left over here we see all the snowdrop overnight and we're going to see some very chilly temperatures all round places that don't normally get back along a coastline last 24 hours over 2 in. of rain and over 2 in. in nevada over an inch or most attention 1/4 in san francisco have more on that
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coming up in just a couple minutes back to you. the recent storm brought lots of fresh powder - to the sierra mountains. still ahead. we've got your snow report - as we head out live to the lake tahoe area to get an update on the ski conditions. also - president obama's final news conference of the year. and he wasn't mincing words on the russian hacking controversy. and next. in the wake of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. city leaders have called a community leader - to talk about tenants rights. that story - after the break.
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>> catherine:some people in oakland want to stop the evictions of people from warehouses there. it was one of the big topics at a community meeting today. kron4's haaziq madyun was there and shows you some of the key questions being asked by people in fear of loosing their housing >> reporter:at this ghostship warehouse fire community meeting there was a sense of urgency among those asking questions "if and when these warehouse are brought up to code what protections do we have that we aren't going to be put out anyway? "if council is in recess how are we going to have an emergency
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session to discuss what is happening right now?" "i just want to know, there are a lot of organizations that can provide information but we need like, a lawyer, right now" >> reporter:on the panel assymbeled to field these questions were fair housing advocates, representatives from oakalnd city council, and legal advisers like civil rights attorney john burris who says his daughter knew people attending the event at ghostship that fateful night >>:"she told me that she was up because two of her friends were missing and it turns out that two of her friends didn't make it out from the fire" >> reporter:burris is now working with these oakland artists, trying to help find solutions to their housing delima >>:"part of what i understood from everyone early is that the landlords in the warehouses are going to be evicting people" "you know tenants do have rights, they have more rights than they think they do" "they have rights to live but when it's a fire condition and a safety and health condition, they can throw you out" "we are working with the landlords to make sure that not only that we work directly with the tenants, we don't want to displace anyone" >> reporter:among the voices
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here today was this homeless oakland resident who says she has heard this all before "been had these conversations i am 26 years old, i've been talking about this since i was 19, so honestly to tell yall the truth, they ain' going to help ya'll, they ain't going to do nothing for y'all, you ain't got nowhere to go, you might as well move to sac, stockton like everybody else" there were no easy answers here to the housing crisis but there are people coming together to figure it oakland haaizq madyun kron4news >> catherine:the woman found dead in a suspicious fire at her home tuesday - has been publicly identified. 59-year-old andrea st. john was found in her garage on grove way in castro valley. the autopsy results show her death was apparently a homicide - with someone setting
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the fire to try to cover up the crime. this is video from the fire - from our partnership with abc 7. st. john was a long time resident of castro valley. investigators believe the fire started in the attic. and don't know why anyone would want to kill her. they're hoping for help from the public in solving the case. >> vicki:in the south bay. two santa clara county correctional deputies were ordered to stand trial for the assault of an inmate. deputies phillip abecendario and tuan le appeared in court for the alleged beating of inmate ruben garcia. superior court judge ruled against a defense motion to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. >> vicki:the alleged beating happened back on july 20-15 at the san jose main jail's sixth floor. the deputies are accused of attacking the inmate in an interview room. where prosecutors say the deputies kicked, punched, and jumped on garcia. both deputies have pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of assault under the color of authority.
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the guards remain on administrative leave and will return to court on december 27th. >> vicki:fresno city police are seeing some backlash.after announcing their decision to purchase 270-assault rifles. police chief jerry dryer says he was convinced to do order to get more weapons because of an onslaught of attacks on police nationwide. some residents are speaking out against the plan.saying the police are acting as though they are going to war against the community. despite expressed concerns.the fresno city council approved the assault rifle purchase.which carries a price tag of more than 300-thousand-dollars. >> catherine:some scary conditions in the sierra mountains -- as the recent storm brought lots of snow, wind and cold temperatures to the area. some areas got up to 3-feet of snow - and it's 'still' snowing. if you're planning to head to the lake tahoe area - kron
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four's lydia pantazes - has what you need to know. she joins us live now from ???? lydia, how's it looking out there? >> reporter: so nice lot of people are treading comeuppance see the snow which is whether so much traffic for her from one man in traffic for more than an hour and we should use of the video from earlier if you are driving a vehicle right now you don't have to put chains on the car but carry them make sure you just slow and expects lower the normal traffic.
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>> reporter: dry conditions very cold air a freeze warning in effect tonight and and the east bay bally's mountains also on the south bay may be mid-20s by the north bay valley so some very cold temperatures of tariff take care of if if the people and the path as we are going to see socialists of interest from its advisory in effect heading toward saturday night phelan ave easy the cold air along the coastline. sunny skies july temperatures by day and try as we head toward next week. 15 concord and then a little wind up there to blustery it keep
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temperatures up the wins are going to subside in for a recall by all are on the bay all >> reporter: 20 and 30's overnight lows it will be chilly 0 and then fifties for highs during the daytime it would we will keep you in the freezer throw the weekend. still ahead.
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charleston church gunman dylan roof could be sentenced to the death penalty. tonight.the brother of one of his victims talks about that. and. going on strike. the workers at all 10 u-c campuses who are walking off the job. when it could happen -- after the break.
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>> catherine:university of california administrative workers are planning a strike in the new year. union spokesman christian castro says -- the strike is planned for all ten u-c campuses, five medical centers and the lawrence berkeley national lab. according to castro-- it is in support of the u-c-l-a strike demanding higher wages. he says the university "unlawfully refuses to bargain" for retroactive pay raises after admitting the money was budgeted for those unpaid wage increases. u-c spokeswoman dianne klein said that teamsters workers make an average of 43-thousand dollars plus benefits. a survey of nearly three- thousand union workers found that 70 percent did not have reliable access to food. strike is planned for january tenth. uber is so far refusing to pull its newly launched self-driving car service off the road in san francisco. that's despite the fact state regulators are threatening legal action. >> catherine:arguing that uber can't pick up passengers without having gone through a permit process. uber argues that it's exempt - just like tesla - because there is a backup driver behind the
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wheel to monitor the car's performance. uber self-driving cars were spotted around san francisco yesterday. ap-us--uber-self- driving cars-the a young boy from wichita falls texas and his neighbor are being credited for saving a little girl from being abducted. 11-year old t-j smith knew something wasn't right when he saw his 7-year-old neighbor being grabbed by a stranger. instead of running away.t-j ran to get help from brad ware. who lived down the street. >> vicki:brad was able to track down the accused kidnapper.26- year old raeshawn perez. perez was reportedly trying to get the girl into an abandoned house not far from where he took her. that's when brad tackled perez and held him down until officers arrived.
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>> catherine: 10 people injured after a car crashed into bus stop tonight two people remain in critical condition the police officers say that the driver was traveling down stockton and the driver hit two other cars before crashing into a bus shelter happened at san francisco chinatown neighborhood between clay and sacramento bee continue to bring you updated news online on kron4news-dot-com >>:president barack obama: "based on uniform intelligence assessments, the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc." "not much happens in russia without vladimir putin
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president obama is naming names and placing blame. in his final news conference of the year - he accused russia's leader of interfering in the presidential election. >> vicki:and hillary clinton told supporters why vladimir putin wanted to keep her out of the white house. >> pam:pam moore is here with more on the russian hackers. the russians have denied it. donald trump has ridiculed it. but president obama says the entire intelligence backs him up: the russian government orchestrated the theft of private emails from top democratic party officials. >>:president barack obama: our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you.
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president obama says the fbi, cia and national security administration have all concluded that the kremlin was behind the wikileaks release of confidential demoicratic party emails. but he said the american news media bears some of the responsibility. >>:president barack obama: it was disadvantaging hillary clinton because you guys wrote about it every day. every single leak. about every little juicy tidbit about political gossip. >> pam:in a recording obtained by the new york times, hillary clinton linked the cyber=attack to an accusation she made as secretary of state in 2011. that russia's parliamentary elections were rigged. >>:clinton: "vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy apparently because he has a personal beef against me. "
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donald trump turned to twitter to ask. "if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they complain only after hillary lost?" the president said he did act. in a face to face meeting with russia's leader in china in early spetember. president obama: "when i saw president putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out and there were going to be some serious consequences if he didn't, and, in fact, we did not see further tampering of the election process, but the leaks through wikileaks had already occurred." >> catherine:north carolina's governor pat mccrory has quickly signed into a law a bill that would strip the incoming democratic governor of some of his authority. the republican-backed bill is considered a power grab by republicans.after mccrory lost the election to democrat roy cooper.who takes
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office january 1st. among other things, the law would make elections for appellate court judgeships officially partisan again. and it merges two state boards - to give republicans an edge. the move came at a surprise special legislative session today. there have been angry protests outside north carolina's capitol.with police arresting more than a dozen people. it will be a few weeks before a jury decides whether dylan roof will spend life in prison -- or be put to death.
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but a relative of one of his victims says he hopes it's the death penalty. roof was found guilty this week of the 20-15 charleston shooting rampage. he killed 9 people at a black church in charleston, south carolina.after being welcomed into their bible study. the brother of one of the women killed says watching the trial was 'heartbreaking'. especially the way roof had planned and plotted for the massacre. roof shot and killed 9 people in the church -- including the pastor. he later told the f-b-i that he wanted to start a race war. he says he wants to represent himself in the sentencing phase of his trial.which starts in january.
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a second arrest has been made in the stabbling of a worshipper near a simi valley mosque. according to the daily news of los angeles-- marco de la cruz was arrested thursday. the stabbing occured late saturday night. police say de la cruz and john matteson-- the first suspect arrested-- approached a group of people who had just left the mosque. according to police-- the men began yelling slurs prompting a fight.
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>> catherine:after the police defused the fight. they discovered a worshipper had been stabbed. police say de la cruz is a gang member with an extensive criminal record. we're now hearing from the woman whose family called 9-1-1 the night bakersfield police killed an unarmed 73-year-old man. francisco serna died this week - after police got a call that he was causing a disturbance and may have had a gun. >> catherine:a woman who wants to remain anonymous says she told her fiance to make that call -- after the man was behaving strangely around her -- outside her home. she noted that he was holding something that might have been a gun. although she says she later clarified that she wasn't sure about that -- after officers arrived. while she says she feels guilt - bakersfield police say she did nothing wrong in expressing her concern and calling them. officers had repeatedly told serna to stop and put his hands up and he refused. his family later said he had
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been suffering from dementia. still ahead. saying goodbye to a legend. hundreds of people gather to pay their respects to astronaut and former u-s senator john glenn.
5:40 pm
more details - next. and. the company that was blasted for its huge price hike on the epi- pen.makes a huge change. on wallstreet. major stock indexes ended the day slightly lower. the dow dropped 9 points. the nasdaq-- lost 20. and the s&p. slipped 4 points.
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>> catherine:a stream of politicians and other people filed into the ohio statehouse today to say their final goodbye's to john glenn. some stopped by his casket to salute or say a prayer.including his wife annie. glenn was not only the first american to orbit around the earth.but also served as a marine pilot and u-s senator for more than two decades. a memorial service for glenn will be held on saturday. vice president joe biden is expected to speak at his service. glenn died last week at the age of 95. starting next week, there will be a generic version of the epi- pen.
5:43 pm
the epi-pen helps quickly treat people suffering from life- threatening allergic reactions. over the last several years, the drug company mylan has increased the price by more than four- hundred-percent -- the steep increase resulting in harsh criticism and a federal investigation. the generic version of the epi- pen will be about half the price-- three-hundred dollars for two doses. people who want to sign up for "obamacare" health insurance coverage starting january 1st -- are being given a few more days to enroll. the deadline has been pushed back to this coming monday. it was originally december 15th. the extension was agreed on because of a lot of demand. a lot of people are apparently still eager to sign up -- despite president-elect donald trump's vow to repeal the program. still ahead. a heartwarming christmas story: where a mysterious person is paying for people's holiday gifts. and next. 'scuba santa' is making a splash at the san francisco museum. how to catch a glimpse of mr. claus. swimming with the fish.
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take for u.s. supreme court justice to replace lee antonin
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scalia were his nominee's election were all come from while quite a surprise us that story on it much more now back to a secret santa claus in the east bay is showing some real christmas spirit. >> vicki:a man has been anonymously paying off gifts on hold at walmart. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in livermore with the story. this story reminds us all what this time of year really is about. this morning, a good samaritan walked into this walmart and went through gifts on layaway here. and he paid the balance off for 16 customers. a real life santa in livermore. a man who didn't want to be identified walked into this walmart with one goal, to give.
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sot john larkin, store manager how do you want to do it, he said well i want it to be around kid toys and infants and strollers. so we were like okay lets go, so he kept going and then he picked more. and he was like let's do this one. this one has more toys. he was all excited. we are highfiving over here with him. we are laughing with him and crying at the same time. by the time, the man left the store, he had spent more than 2,000 dollars. and 16 customers had an account that was paid in full. natalie avery had gifts on lay away for her three boys.
5:49 pm
she had a 5o dollar balance so when she got the call from walmart this morning -- she thought it was a reminder that her final payment is due on the twentieth. but instead it was that her bill was paid off. sot natalie avery. i couldn't think. i had to go sit down at work. and i couldn't think for a few minutes. and i had to call my mom. i had to call my husband. ive never had anything so wonderful happen to me.
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that is a hundred and 80% and look for some very cool temperatures in the 20's and '30's. and waking up and right now out mostly clear skies temperatures still starting to drop off wednesday in the numbers of and overnight tonight then when you do that very cool and dry the of the call flow air already and that will keep it to plan ahead the high country it daytime temperatures into single
5:52 pm
digits. entablatures morning 20's and '30's by day generally in the '50s and you get the idea worked knuckle temperatures. >> catherine: still had it the very cool 20 bennett and a milestone turning 90 basilica to celebrate that coming next.
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ten people injured. after a car plowed into a bus stop in san francisco. it happened in chinatown and affected traffic in the city for much of the day. good evening, i'm pam moore. i'm catherine heenan. kron4's chuck clifford is live at the scene.he has more on how the victims are doing tonight. chuck? you can find up -to -the- minute updates on this story online. on and don't forget to download the kron four mobile app. we'll send out breaking news alerts. it is free to download in the >> pam: they pay their respects to the great and it amongst the wonder also michael the life. music playing app store. for
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both android and apple devices.
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>> reporter: just a short time ago we received an update from the san francisco department. and all 10 victims were transported for arafat in serious condition the other for
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defacing of life-threatening injuries this happen at 1230 dote we're walking through to take a look at some video from earlier today the place apart and says that 1230 this afternoon on a great car. but another car and then the crash into a bus stop where a small crowd of people. 10 individuals were injured in this accident of transported and the driver of a great car and the also wrote transported. describe a horrific situation. the tow trucks as you
6:01 pm
can see behind me have started to remove the vehicle that were involved unclear why the driver why it crashed in the first place. free to download the application store both and tried and apple devices. not
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interested in new housing, that is what some people said at a housing crisis community meeting earlier today in oakland it was one of the big topics discussed. kron4's haaziq madyun was there and shows us what some people say they want instead of new housing new housing is on the way in oakland's fruitvale district "behind, the two lots that owned by the city of oakland, at the bart parking lot, we're going to establish 360 units of affordable housing" however these oakland artists say they are not interested in being relocated from their current warehouse living spaces "one of our main points is that we don't want new housing, we want what we have to be made safe and to be able to stay in the places that we already have" >> reporter: that was one of the conversations taking place at this ghost ship fire tragedy community meeting. jill broadhurst of the east bay housing association tries to manage expectations of any
6:03 pm
immediate fixes to oakland's housing crisis "being realistic about what can happen and nobody wants to talk about what that means, each scenario is going to be individual depending of the building and what is the make up of the building and who is living there and how they are using it" "you know tenants do have rights, they have more rights than they think they do" "they have rights to live but when it's a fire condition and a safety and health condition, they can throw you out" "we are working with the landlords to make sure that not only that we work directly with the tenants, we don't want to displace anyone" there were no easy answers here to the housing crisis but there are people coming together to figure it oakland haaizq madyun kron4news
6:04 pm
6:05 pm
the fundraising effort for the victims is going strong. a majority of the money has been generated through online campaigns. one site, called "you caring". is at close to 700- thousand dollars. also, alameda county has activated its disaster relief fund for the victims. if you would like to help, you can go to the county website. or our website. at kron-4-dot- com. and find the link to donate to this cause.
6:06 pm
>> pam: they connie officials
6:07 pm
say short-term place affect about eiffel's and residentthousand residents. smoke could be seen and felt in the el cerrito and beyond. fire officials say the smoke was dark because of the tires, oil and plastics at the yard. county and federal officials came out to inspect the air. ."below those standards." the yard also back up to marshlands, so fish and wildlife officals came out to inspect. they did not find any initial impacts to the environment. president obama held the final news conference of his presidency today. we'll bring you some of the key points he covered today. also - the "pizzagate" suspect was in court today. how he pleaded - after being accused of shooting up a pizza place. and a chinese warship seizes a u-s military drone. how our troops reacted. "president barack obama: our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you." president obama. refering to the the russian hacking controversy. one of many subjects covered during his final news conference of the
6:08 pm
year and his presidency today. michelle kosinski takes us through the issues discussed at the white house today. judge upholds california electoral college mandate a federal judge is rejecting a challenge to california's requirement that electoral college members vote for the statewide winner of the presidential election. an attorney for elector vinz koller says the judge issued his decision following a hearing on friday. the attorney, melody kramer, says u.s. district court judge edward davila did not find that koller faced irreparable harm. kramer says she plans to file an appeal. koller is the head of the democratic party in monterey county, but he says he wants to cast his ballot for a compromise republican such as mitt romney ele country p to d majority on the north carolina man who walked into a pizzeria with a gun. has pleaded not guilty to all of the charg3 28-year-old edgar appeared arlier this say,r appeared welc restaurant fired several sho>> reporter: will ley cool night outside. holiday parties out there for tonight temperature's very chilly bundle up if you're heading up the door with those numbers even by nine
6:09 pm
starting to look like thirties' and some of the interior valleys and very pleasant by day it will be a close eye on the '50s and then by night 20's and '30's to talk more will back me up a few minutes. >> catherine: joins us live call us for townie their hand at an to local. traffic in town require for will
6:10 pm
for not require the how chain drive a to the area drive slow and expect slow mole trapped. we're out of visitors on a cut others this a first. traffic. >>: strife election get a share this tradition with him. >> reporter: truckdrivers and the snow for the first time they told us the lead at the chance and the trucks by watching videos.
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>> pam: presidency today he talked for quite a while he got all-out. >> catherine: michelle texas throat the white house today >> reporter: defended his administration and the russians attacked the democratic committee. about that there will be a response. authorize a hat and
6:15 pm
said that the and no doubt that he was at the top of the russian government. hierarchical operation last i checked there's not allot of debate and democratic deliberation when it comes to policies directed at the united states >>: the elections are fair and
6:16 pm
free and will learn lessons about how internet propaganda from foreign countries can be released and political but bloodstream.
6:17 pm
>> pam: a man >> reporter: 70 treat it damage in san anselmo the
6:18 pm
sporting a and it crashed into the from home and crush the car parked in the carport. to the cars parked nearby also badly damaged. it took down power lines as well and several hundred customers have the power drop off as a result that is down just over 100. those remaining are expected to be restored before midnight tonight. mellon was hurt. >> reporter: the rough weather is also believed to be the reason all severable to boats it fell the day a couple partnership with abc seven news 35 ft. cabin cruiser that's emerged and richardson bay and two people found aboard in good condition, on another friend's boat here is more video shot in what is believed to be a 20 ft. sailboat under water. rocks and
6:19 pm
mud covered much of the roadway. and that stretch of road will likely be closed until to clean up and that might not be completed to monday. most of the rain and much of a state reaching out southern california still a couple snowflakes and high country local a paris guy selling down for a very very
6:20 pm
stormy day yesterday half these numbers from the bay area 2 in. of rain and napa also nevada all calls also at and enjoy having quarter. >> reporter: edge in half and half monday so some very impressive rainfall totals running well above the average in many spots for the season. cold temperatures freeze warning in effect in the north bay and east bay hills mounds there and get some temperatures hovering in the mid 20's '30's it will be a cold night and feed and a frost advisory looks like that will be in effect as we heading towards more night. i >> reporter: even in saturday and along the coastline yards see that very often do not be surprised if you see jack frost early into sunday morning. over
6:21 pm
at lows 27 degrees in santa rosa 29 in nevada out and the 34 san jose 27 livermore 38 degrees in san francisco and lyrical over the city. sunny skies chile by day and the temperature is still not all that cold mid-40s and livermore won the cold spots we saw some winds picking up conditions from the area of very cold and that air selling in right around the gulf of alaska it will be in the bay area over the weekend traveling be prepared easy call temperatures around much of the state high as and the low fifties fresno's sacramento 34 in big bear by day tomorrow mainly in the fifties looking out over next few days ago news of the rain ended for now much needed break those temperatures vary chile.
6:22 pm
>> catherine: they use a helicopter to get those two women all they somehow got stuck on water on the san gabriel river and the present on the storm and will raise in that area the firefighters say everyone a and dogs everyone was ok shaken up but nobody was injured. union workers in california university on strike while the ec workers are walking off the job plus an update on the chinatown crash in san francisco the injured 10 people latest on the conditions of the victims and the effect on traffic. ,$8drw
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam: she bought several thousand dollars' worth of merchandise and target in vallejo. had at six the problem firefighter's face this morning as they worked to put up the huge fire in the east bay
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: as a small fire grew quickly destroying more than two undercards strong winds coupled with gasoline oil plastics and tires fuel blazon set toxic smoke into neighboring homes >> reporter: the fish wildlife officials coast guard crews examines the marshland for any
6:31 pm
negative impact. several >> reporter: close capsized in the storm. answer merge in richardson bay. two people found in good condition.
6:32 pm
22 1/2 monday all these wins will subside. temperatures will drop overnight lows and 28 in napa. 31 and of vallejo. >> reporter: 10 of bought out and the valley even along the coastline and said the bay of the weekend possible record- breaking temperatures. and chile by an even by a the low 50s.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: president's cabinet. it's all about the supreme court. an important bloc of voters
6:34 pm
stuck by trump in the election. expecting he would repay their loyalty. with conservative selections to the u.s. supreme court. tonight, chief national correspondent jim osman tells us why from washington. might not like clinton should of been the one dekalb justices and the supreme court jurist no plans overtiring certainly wouldn't pleaser.
6:35 pm
>> pam:attention star wars fans. we're hearing from the cast of the latest film- "rogue one"
6:36 pm
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> reporter: coming up on news that eight asking them their share with what many would consider
6:39 pm
a two >>: in my own show where preproduction
6:40 pm
>> pam: hundred elementary
6:41 pm
students in san francisco read that story coming up.
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when kevin durant first signed with the warriors, some seemed to think the equation of four superstars plus one basketball would result in too many players trying to fight for points. but so far, this super-team has showed it's less concerned with individual stats. and more obsessed with dismantling competition through a style of play that's unrelenting and unselfish. the warriors gave new meaning to the phrase 'season of giving'
6:45 pm
last night against the knicks. efficiently picking apart new york.with spot on passing. the team had an assist on each of its first 36-field goals. four-players scored in double figures.and amazingly, one of them wasn't steph curry. he only had 8-on the night. klay thompson dropped 25.while durant was two-assists short of a triple double. despite the surgical passing,
6:46 pm
steve kerr.thought they could have done much better. it's no secret draymond green is the emotional one on the team. he feeds off of anything he perceives as a slight.big or small. so when knicks star kristaps porzingis said pregame.he was looking forward to facing draymond. that was enough to seal his fate. green, showed why he's consistently a candidate for defensive player of the year, as he held one of the league's top young only 8- points. again, what porzingis' comments were relatively benign.
6:47 pm
all he basically said was he's been anticipating his matchup with green and he'll be ready for him.
6:48 pm
but green, didn't take too kindly to that.when his agent showed him the remarks before the game started. moving to the nfl-- the resurgent raiders can reach another milestone this weekend. if they beat san diego, the silver and black is back in the playoffs for the first time since 2002. oakland is currently tied for first in the afc west, but fifth in the conference standings because of two losses against kansas city. they've already beaten the chargers this year.and san diego is last in the division at 5-and-8. here is mvp candidate derek carr.on the postseason possibilities.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the videowhen an anchor decided to take a test drive on a new scooter. it ended in a crash. it's all in a days work on live t-v. you can see in the video when anchor, lisa breckenridge loses control on a one-thousand-dollar electric scooter. at first she thinks she is ok.but ended up getting a ride to the hopsital with this firefighter.who got attention on social media for his good looks. word is breckenridge suffered bumps and bruises and a slight head injury. something she is used to though.apparently she has taken a few stumbles on live t-v before.
6:53 pm
a tv anchor loses control of a scooter and parts of a ceiling cave in on some sportscasters. it's all in a day's work on live tv. read array offset the slowdown by the house part at least allow some snow and the sierra nevada now beginning to taper off the next 24 hours things begin to settle down. and as clear skies
6:54 pm
for tonight and that there is very dry now behind the cold front. these temperatures one so in subside wednesday released to drop off. looking at a freeze warnings and a factor in the north bay also eased a valets overnight lows not 20's and '30's. frost advisory cold temperatures even inside the bay and some numbers down in the 30's you along the coastline. chilly conditions there as well. 34 in san jose will looking at some very cold temperatures overnight tonight. licking up tomorrow and in the 30's and '40's. we will still be cool and windy by small we are back a and
6:55 pm
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6:59 pm
the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. we never really tried out the whole family for this way in anything. in 20 years i regret not having my family here. >> they make their walk of fame ceremony a family affair. why is hugh jackson raining on their parade? >> how can i guy who failed his high school drama class be this talented. then blake sheldon's late night confessional. >> everything we can say to embarrass blake. >> the three things we learned. and number three, michael phelps' wedding video is pure gold. ♪ the inside details of his island
7:00 pm
i do's. your insider bonus, nicole kidman opens the door to our national crib. why keith's hometown was love at first sight. >> i so hope he asked me to marry him and i can live here. and is will smith out to topple christmas? >> put it back. i don't like that. now, the insider, tracking hollywood from the inside out. hello, everybody and welcome to the insider, we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> we're kicking it off with the number one story everyone is talking about. >> describe this dream come true moment you're having right now. >> a pinch me moment. i want to thank my wife who is everything to me. >> it was during ryan reynolds' star on the hollywood walk of fame ceremony where the actor did something he rarely does, publicly gush over his wife, actress blake lively. >> you are the best thing, the


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