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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news we are following tonight out of san francisco. two people were shot and killed in a shooting in the mission district. good evening. thank you for joining us. the shooting happened just before 9:00 tonight had it in the area around 16th street and south van nuys. the officers received a call about a man and woman who had been shot. both victims died at the scene. we do not know the identities of the victims. all we know they range between the ages of 20-30 years old. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will bring you the latest details in a live report. another top story tonight. 3 deadly domestic disputes in
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the bay area in the last 5 days. you are looking at all 3 of the victims partners. the suspects have been arrested in each of the cases. we want to get right to the latest case that happened late last night. 37-year-old man was arrested in connection to a shooting a woman to death. we have the latest details from the deadly shooting. in a quiet neighborhood where neighbors are busy cleaning up the yards for the holidays a woman found dead in her home. >> it is a real -- it is a shock. especially on this -- i mean we live on a cul-de-sac. >> reporter: melisa owens was shot just before noon on
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december 14th. >> they came banging on the door asked me if i knew the couple across the street. i told them not well. but we spoke. >> reporter: rodney lives across the street. he says although he did not know the couple well he said the man who lived there, 37- year-old man came over to talk. >> about a month ago me and the gentleman that lived there we had a long discussion about his relationship which i was shocked because we are not that close to have that conversation with me. he expressed they were having a lot of problems. pretty stressed out. >> reporter: the police arrested him on suspicion of murder. the couple have a 3-year-old son. >> everybody knows everybody here. you know, we don't -- we all look after each other. -- i mean they were loners but they were were nice to everybody. a little shocked. >> reporter: the police are
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still looking for information about the shooting and are asking for help. from anyone who may have known the suspect or the victim. >> as we told you this is the third deadly domestic dispute case this week. yesterday the police say a 23- year-old woman was killed by her boyfriend in daly city. looking at her picture there. the officers responded to a domestic dispute on fair view avenue early on saturday morning. they found the woman suffering from severe injuries to her head. she was take ento sf general hospital where she died of her injuries. -- taken to sf general hospital where she died of her injuries. >> a 19-year-old set to be arraigned tomorrow. accused of killing her then boyfriend 22-year-old. the police say he ran her over with her car following an argument on wednesday in the parking lot of the apartment
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building. a witness called to report she was driving in circles with the person trapped under the car. by the time the officers arrived the person was dead and she was charged with manslaughter and her bail is set at $80,000. another big story we are if following tonight is out of castro valley. a woman died in an early house fire this morning. we are in there where the fire happened. we have the new details. >> reporter: sunday fire investigators spent hours on the scene. they were collecting evidence trying to determine what caused the deadly one-alarm blaze. >> so at 6:16 this morning the fire department received a call of a structure fire. this fire was 100 to 150 feet down the street from the fire station. as soon as the doors rolled up
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we could smell the smoke. as we pulled out of the fire station we could see we had a 2- story duplex. >> reporter: firefighters were on the scene misdemeanor immediately and spent 15-22 minutes putting out the fire. they discovered the lifeless body of jacqueline burns. >> we found a victim on the 2nd floor. rescue personnel pulled the victim out. tried to resuscitate the patient but we were not successful. >> reporter: firefighters say no one else was are injured but several neighbors were concerned the death was no accident. they recalled last tuesday's fire that the police say was a cover for murder. >> the last one over on grove there was a fire and they found a body if there and they later realized it is a murder. it concerns me with all of the murder going on in our city it could be another one. >> reporter: there is no connection between this fire and the one from last week that was deemed to be a murder cover up. as far as what caused this
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blaze that is still under investigation. reporting in castro valley. back to you. >> this fire is the second deadly fire this week. it happened a short drive away from where another woman was found dead in a suspicious fire at her home on tuesday. the 59-year-old was found in her garage on grove way and castro valley. the autopsy results show her death was apparently a homicide with someone setting the fire to try to cover up the crime. this is video from our helicopter partnership from abc 7. saint john was a resident of the valley. they believe the fire started in the attic and don't know why anyone would want to kill her. hi, that cold arctic air continuing to sit over head right now. wow it is getting chilly in spots already. freeze warnings again going up tonight. away from the coastline.
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you will see cold temperatures down in the 20s and the 30s away from the coast. but, frost advisory out along the coastline and inside of the bay. i had reports already of frost, developing along the coast already. it has been cold. right now, 39 degrees in half- moon bay. 37 in san jose. just above the freezing mark at 34 in livermore. 36 now in concord. it is freezing now at 32. 31 in fairfield and 32 degrees and freezing in santa rosa. cold temperatures ex pected to start out the morning. you get up all morning and freezing temperatures early on. sunny skies, though, coming your way. by the middle of the day maybe a few high clouds but the temperatures are going to stay rather cool. highs along the coastline and in the 40s. you will see 50s inside of the bay and the valleys. then, in the afternoon, a few high clouds moving through. the temperatures low to middle 50s by tomorrow afternoon. but, the numbers cool for this
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time of the year. overnight lows, down into the 20s and the 30s in the valleys again. maybe some slight warmer than what we had yesterday. nonetheless cold all around the bay area. how long will the cold snap last? we will talk more about that in the forecast coming up? just a few minutes, back to you. >> thank you. the electoral college will cast their ballots on monday. after hearing russia interfered with the election democratic voters are calling for the vote to be delayed. >> if they are able to harm the electoral process they destroyed democracy which is based on free and fair elections. >> reporter: john mccain, vocal about the russian- election hack spoke out on sunday one day before the electoral college is set to vote. individualing selects by their political parties to cast votes for president and vice
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president will gather in their respective state capitols on monday to do just that. hillary clinton won the popular vote on election night but president-elect trump got more than the 270electoral voted needed to win. the voting process long been a normality but with the conclusion from intelligence agencies that russia interfered with the 2016 election some democrats are calling on congress to delay the vote until they can be briefed. >> all we are asking for is the information to be released and that is why tomorrow when we vote i will be putting forward a portion to infect call for a bipartisan eupbd penalty commission to investigate russian interference. >> reporter: despite the motion the vote remained scheduled for monday. the intelligence community will not discuss the russian acts until a review ordered by barack obama is completed in january. andrew spencer reporting.
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last month i interviewed a fellow democratic elector. the former mayor before the news of a russian hack believed there would not be a shake up tomorrow. >> reporter: protests in the streets. many calling for them to vote for the candidate that won the popular vote not president- elect donald trump. but will that actually happen. >> i would say it is fairly unlikely. >> reporter: gwynn a former mayor and a 2012elector. even with what we have seen after election day she does not expect them to change their minds. >> there could be a few who jump ship. i would say it is -- in this particular election in this particular casa that may happen in some places. i seriously doubt it will happen enough to change the outcome. >> reporter: why you might ask? they are chosen by the party
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they side with. chosen by a former democratic representative george miller. more than 99% of electors voted for their pledged party. in fact many states have laws against what is called faithless electors. i asked her how she would feel if many did opt to change their vote? >> well, i think it would be a kin to the loser bringing out the army with the tanks. even clinton said give the man a chance. he won, if she thought it was fair or not. and you know he deserves his opportunity. >> again, that interview was taken before some of the russian news came out. many states require that they vote for the party they represent however most of the penalties for faithless voters have minimal fines. a water main break in san jose caused problems on at least one street this afternoon. the spokesman from the san jose
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water company says the pipe burst near east alma avenue and south 7th street. they stopped today after 3:30. repairs on the broken pipe are expected to be complete by monday morning. a 15-year-old teen is in critical condition tonight after being hit by a car in san ramone. the police believe the teen was skatg as a skateboard was found at the scene. the driver is cooperating with the the investigation. the boy was airlifted to a upon h-t where he is fighting fors his life at this time. -- airlifted to a hospital where he is fighting for his life at this time. now, at 10:00 last night near an elementary school, officers were unable to find the source of an explosion last
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night but this morning the remnants were discovered in the school's baseball field. the police say the exploded device was very small and in a secluded area away from the school buildings. luckily there were no injuries and no property damage was reported. a ship worker was injured it this afternoon when they somehow got trapped between containers on a ship at the port of oakland. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon. firecrewsa say it looks like some containers shifted which injured the person's leg and trapped them. the biggest trouble is getting that person off of the boat because of a narrow platform from the boat to the dock. the firefighters use the small contain arer on a crane to lift the longshoreman off of the boat. he was taken to highland hospital for his injuries. coming up on kron4 news at 10:00. the academy of art facing a lawsuit from a city attorney. find out what that attorney says that school's unlawfully doing and why it is impacting
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the city's housing market. a fresh surge of bitter cold reaches the midwest. we will show you how the conditions are effecting the people out there. that is after the break, the latest details on that massive tree that came crashing down on a wedding party who was taking pictures below. hear what a witness had to say about it
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ñ ñ in southern california... a wedding ended tragically saturday afternoon. ñ a wedding party was taking pictures in a park when a large eucalyptus came
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in southern california a wedding ended tragically. the wedding party was taking a picture in a park when a large tree came crashing down on them. according to fire officials several people were trapped under the toppled tree. the officials say one woman was killed and five others were injured. the loss loss times says one of the injured is a 4-year-old girl. she is in critical condition due to head trauma. the other four suffered scrapes and bruises. this woman was sitting in her car nearby when this happened and she heard screaming and rushed over to help. >> a lady with this little baby. and -- and i didn't know what to do but she was screaming and i held the baby and she had a big bump on her head. it was bleeding. they were both bleeding. there was blood all over. >> los angeles county fire officials say it is possible that the tree was effected by the drought. it is still unclear why it fell.
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in national news tonight. we are not the only ones who had cold weather this weekend. cold conditions have been a problem all across the nation. certain areas of the country the temperature is not even close to freezing. >> what a day it was. cold temperatures and snowy conditions lead to delayed flights in certain sections ever the country including those flying in and out of houston. >> basically you are flying in a big loop up in the air and just waiting to land. [ laughter ] >> >> in kansas city the cold weather could not stop the football game. 1 degree at kickoff with a windchill of negative 9ing it degrees. so cold that the heated field was steaming. a similar scene in the windy city of chicago. the windchill was negative 3 degrees at the start of the bears/packers game. that stphogting compared to what people dealt with this in south dakota. it was negative 24 degrees outside it this morning. reporters there decided to do
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what reporters do when it gets that cold. throw boiling water into the air. >> you will see in a moment it is pretty stunning. >> reporter: and watch it transform into snow and steam. in if northern michigan the cold weather was a welcomed site for those that like vintage snowmobiles. for the first time ever they were able to drive over the bridge that links to lower and upper peninsula of michigan. it was a fun event there have been any fun in oregon. people are still without power after an ice storm that hit last week. >> the massive 55-car pileup in baltimore was not the only major crash that happened on saturday. the state police say a multivehicle wreck closed down a 35 mile stretch shutdown late friday morning.
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officials are saying there are multiimcrashes in one area, not one big pileup. 40 cars and trucks and tractor trailers were involved in that wreck. they believe snow and ice created the slick conditions that likely played a role in the pileup. a state's police spokesman says there were no reports of the injuries. joined now by our meteorologist. we see all of the bad weather in other parts of the countriry. we are cold right here. >> yes. very cold for us. record cold overnight lows last night. we have cold temperatures throughout right now. you got that nice clear arctic air sitting over head. but, around the country they have been hit hard. you think it is cold here you will feel warm after i show you some of the temperatures there. expecting it over the next 24 hours. the storm system making the way along the eastern seaboard. sliding off behind that. all of this cold ark tick air that is settling if into the middle of the country. it is 1 degree in minneapolis. minus 6 in change chicago. minus 1 had in kansas city.
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21 degrees all of the way down. as we take you through the night tonight. overnight lows frigid. minus 7 degrees in chicago. 22 in nashville. 37 degrees in atlanta. by day, highs tomorrow, they are going to warm up in chicago. getting to 12 in the afternoon. 22 in boston. and 29 degrees in new york. so, very cold there. but, very cold here, too. we are looking at freezing conditions again. away from the coastline. freeze warnings in effect for the north bay and the east bay and the south bay. make sure you take care of the 4ps. the plants, the pipes, the pets, dope forget the people, too. soak up the fire. it looks like it will be another cold night. it is cold out there already. frost warnings back in effect along the coastline. and we are getting reports and profit already along the coast some of the temperatures unusually cold towards the ocean's edge. that is what we are seeing tonight. the reason why, we have nice clear skies up there right now. little hint of an off shore
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wind. that is enough to bring in the cold air from the state right back towards the coast. clear, cold tonight, frosty, just about everywhere you go tomorrow morning. mostly sunny skies, the temperatures, maybe warming up a little bit. still on the cool side. and then phaoftly sunny skies. slow warming trend as we head in towards the next few days. highs today, going below the average, 5-7 below the average this time of the year. middle 50s. outside right now. 37 degrees in san jose. 34 in livermore. maybe a sea breeze making its way into half-moon bay. warming up to 41. 34 now in napa. below freezing in fairfield. 31 degrees and 32 degrees in freezing in santa rosa. here is a system right now. high pressure holding on. it looks like the cold air in place. it will be another day until the clouds move in. the clouds are acting like a blanket heading in tomorrow night. warming up the temperatures a little bit. left with a cold night tonight. chilly temperatures everywhere you go. heading through the night tonight the skies stay nice and
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clear. tomorrow morning, the commute. yes, watch out for the possibility of black ice in the underpasses or otherwise it will be a descent view. then, heading in the afternoon. high clouds heading our way. getting into towards tuesday clouds moving in our direction. maybe just have to hold up the temperatures. planning a trip to the high country enjoy the beautiful snow up there. well, it will be cold. the temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. overnight low, it is down in the teens and the 20s. next couple of days we are going to see changes coming our way. a little warmer weather as we head in towards tuesday and wednesday with. slight chance of showers on christmas day. jr back to you. rescue crew his to save an injured surfer at bodeg obey. they were responding to a surfy with an injured back. the waves were almost 7 feet tall. the helicopter was flown in to get the surfer. the person rescued and take
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tone the hospital. the person's condition is unknown. still ahead. the end of the year is almost here. that means getting health care coverage. filing for obama care has been extended. details ahead. jet-setting actress that is zsa zsa gabor dies at the age of 99. we will tell you what caused her death after the break
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ñ the hungarian socialite-- zsa zsa gabor-- has passed away. gabor rose to fame as a performer-- but held on to it through simply being zsa zsa gabor... the glamorous socialite. she gained headlines thro her nine zsa zsa gabor passed away. she gained headlines through her 9 marriages, adventures and legal scuffels. she was able to maintain her
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status without ever appearing to work for it in the classic ways. paving the way for people like paris hilton and kim kardashia an. she decide from heart failure. she was 99 years old. the authorities say a nigearian national is behind the los angeles county e-mail hack that exposed data from over 750,000 people. the police say 37-year-old man faces 9 counts including unauthorized computer access and identity theft. he has not been arrested and officers are not sure if he is on u.s. soil. officers are searching for more suspects connected to the hack that occurred in may when employees were deceived by a fake e-mail into providing user names and passwords. still ahead, evacuees are still trying to get out of aleppo. we will hear from a refugee
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that recounts the horror he saw. u.s. underwater drone seized by china is now in the process of being returned.
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ñ that breaking news we're following tonight is out of san francisco where two pe were shot an breaking news we are following tonight is out of san francisco. two people are shot and killed had in a shooting in the city's mission district. we are live at the scene tonight. littia what can you tell us about what happened? >> reporter: it is still active. the police are still on the scene and the body is still on the scene as well. at 8:46 p.m. the police received a call about a shooting if in the area. when they arrived on scene they discovered a white female, about 20-30 years of age,
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deceased. they found a man who they took to the the hospital in critical condition. he is between 20 and 30 years of age as well. he later died at the hospitalful the detectives are still on the scene. they actually closed off a big portion of -- hospital. the detectives are still on the scene. they actually closed off a big portion of the street for a block. no cars if you are headed in this area find another route. as i said, homicide detectives and san francisco police are still on the scene. we will have more information for you coming up in the next half-hour at 11:00. for now, reporting live in san francisco, back to you. in other news, after flaring tensions in the south china sea china now says it is in the process of returning an underwater drone it seized if from the u.s. the u.s. government has been calling the taking of its drone an unlawful seizure and demanding its immediate return and china said it remove today from the water for safety purchases and the
10:31 pm
incident has been hyped-up. matt rivers goes in-depth tonight from beijing. >> reporter: the u.s. ns, unarmed research ship was off of the filipino coach when the navy said they were conducting research using two under water drones. the officials say the research was legal under international law. set to bring them back on board when a chinese naval ship trailing it. launched a small boat that swooped in and stole one of the ocean gliders. the defense department says they made contact to ask for it back but the chinese ship sailed away. friday, pentagon officials asked again. the spokesman told reporters quote it is ours and we would like it back and we would like it not to happen again. chinese defense administry said the ship did not know what the drone was and -- defense adminstration said they did not
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know what the drone was and wanted to know what it was. they transferred it to the u.s. side in an appropriate manner. . >> reporter: the seizure comes at a time of heightened military tensions in the south china sea. china has built artificial islands in disputed territory, the action the u.s. calls illegal and president-elect trump made beijing twice taking a call from the president and questioning the policy a staple of u.s./china relations. matt rivers, cnn, beijing. people looking to have obama care health coverage starting january 1st are given a few more days to enrole. the deadline to enrole through the federal exchange is -- inrole through the federal
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exchange is now through monday december 19th -- enrole through the federal exchange is now through monday december 19th. they are getting heavy volume. president elect trump vowed to repeal obama care has not detoured people from signing up. the handles sign ups for 39 states. some states that run their own pushed back their own enrollment deadline. starting next week there will be a generic version of the epi-pen. it will help people suffering from life threatening reactions. the company increased the price by more than 400%. the steep increase resulting in harsh criticism and a federal investigation. the generic version of the epi- pen will be about half of the price you are still pay 300 for
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two doses. -- paying $300 for two doses. now, a story from a refugee. >> reporter: we drove along the turbish border. -- turkish border. we could not film the outside. we went to a hospital where the doctors scrambled to treat patients evacuated from alep po. >> this is what it looks like inside. you can see how it is. the doctors tell us of the 100 patients they have treated 30 of them were children. >> reporter: this man spoke to us with his 6-year-old son crying by his side. >> -- i don't want to go back
10:35 pm
to aleppo. my wife and most of my children died. i only have this child left. should i return and cause him to die as well? >> this doctor who asked us not to show his face for security reasons said most of the injuries are critical. >> very serious. >> amputation of leg. we have four patients with amputations. yesterday come patients took their eyes out. >> reporter: most critical cases can't be treated here they are loaded up on ambulances headed to bigger turk irtowns. they head in one direction trucks of relief are headed in the area filled with food, clothes, blankets. part of a plan to set up a camp housing up to 80,000 people inside of syrian territory.
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>> reporter: back to you. united nations officials say a compromise security council resolution vote tomorrow.would have personnel monit united nation officials say a compromise security council resolution vote tomorrow would have personnel monitor e evacuations from aleppo. they are saying there are many reports of people pulled off of buses and disappearing without a trace. she says the united nations does not know the facts but monitors are deployed it could quote detour some of the world acceptance. if it is adopted and works the united nation officials predict a rapid exdisof people. new tonight, according to "arra" the school acquired real estate in the impacted housing market.
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the institution violated state and local laws for nearly a decade. the academy of art acquired multiple real estate holdings in the city in order to convert them into student housing. among the 40 properties owned by the art school at least 33 failed to comply with permits, entitlement or ougt risation requirement. they are trying to end unfair business practices and restore the 300 housing ubits the school unlawfully displaced. -- entitlement or authorization requirement. they are trying to end unfair business practices and restore the 300 housing units the school unlawfullily acquired. black man...with a white bandana on his face. the other suspect was a taller black man wearing a black
10:38 pm
-- unlawfully acquired. mask. ñ still ahead... a boy writes a letter to santa and doesn ask for toys christmas.. but help for his mo still ahead, a boy writessa a letter to santa and does not -- writes a letter to santa and does not ask for toys but help fors his mom. new movies come out including "rogue one" find out who topped the list in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an
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irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research the right medicine and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ñ there was no question that the star wars spin off "rogue one" would take the box office by storm. the movie opened this weekend in first place as predicted. rick damigella explains how well in its there was no question "star wars: rogue one" how did it do? >> reporter: beasts broke ebb
10:41 pm
the -- broken the record. >> "less than beauty" below analysts projections. the r-rated comedy "officer christmas party" cooled off to 3rd place with $8.5 million. and "melana" dropped to 2nd. >> it is rogue, rogue one. >> it was never a question if the sarwars story would win the weekend but how much. the first spin off film brought #g in $155 million. making it the second biggest debut of the year and the second biggest december opening ever. it is also ranked as the 15th biggest movie of the year after only three days in in theaters. in hooley -- it in hollywood, back to you. >> a man killed in a bar after he was sucker punched. why the attack was out of the
10:42 pm
blue. it is freezing around the bay area. how cold it will get in your neighborhood, coming up next. we are talking sports after the break. we are talking about the raiders. they are headed to the playoffs this year many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine
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when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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ñ a man in georgia is facing murder charges for reportedly sucker-punching another person to death. as kai beech reports, police believe the victim was attacked completely out of the blue. a man was sucker punched at a bar. >> i lost my son. >> reporter: alex is breaking
10:45 pm
down after his son is killed from what the police are callinga a sucker punch. >> i can not eat. i can -- calling a sucker punch. >> i can not eat. i can not sleep. >> reporter: this man, blindsided him at this bar on thursday night for allegedly threatening his friend. the police say what happened next is sickening. >> it is disrespectful. you hit him, knocked him out, defenseless guy. now we are standing over the body and we are going to talk bad about the guy? >> reporter: this is the gas station that he owned and operated and following his death there is now a candlelight vigil along with a christmas tree. the employees want them to sign initials on the ornaments to show his family how he impacted the community. >> you think you have a lot of time. spend more time, with family. life is short. i wish i would have done a lot of things differently. >> he says ali will be bthe man that
10:46 pm
hit him is charged with murder. >> the suspect is also facing charges of aggravated assault and obstruction of justice. [broken audio ] -- now i was walking along there yesterday a neat time there and it feels like the season there. >> i see christmas trees there and nutcrackers on your tie. >> you noticed them. you are the first. now, we are ready to go here. the cold air out there right now. all of that arctic air is settling in for the the last couple of days. record-breaking cold temperatures in the bay area overnight 72 oakland a record cold of 36 degrees. guess what, that they hit the records today. we will be close. again, freeze warnings going up into the east bay. looking at very cold temperatures in the 20s and the
10:47 pm
30s. in the valleys and the mountains here going to see cold temperatures. we had reports of frost along the coastline. frost advisory even inside of the bay and out along the coastline. another chilly night in store for the bay area. and, courtesy of the clear skies outside right now. no clouds, holding the temperatures up at all. again, the dry cold air settling in now. the temperatures getting chilly already. 34 degrees in livermore, 37 in san jose. 36 degrees in concord, 31 below freezing in fairfield, 30 degrees. now, 34 in napa. and 32 right at the freezing mark in santa rosa. cold weather now settling in. hoping to see things moderate more during the day tomorrow of the temperature will be a little more today. still on the cool side. grab a jacket if you are heading out in the morning. using it throughout the day. now, san francisco, maybe high clouds moving across the skies in the afternoon. and then lots of sunshine. pictures there in the middle
10:48 pm
50s. high pressure holding on now. you can see a good storm system to the north. most of the energy focused in the midwest. we are seeing the effects of the cold air settling into the state. by tomorrow, that is going to begin to move farther to the east tafplt means our that means temperatures will warm up. comfortable. check out sudden sudden. 70 by tomorrow afternoon. 53 degrees as youa make you -- as you make your way in san francisco. 29 in napa. 28 degrees in livermore. along the coastline, 37 degrees at half-moon bay. check out the numbers around the bay area. looking at a lot of 50s along the coastline. picking up a sea breeze. not as cold tomorrow night. a lot of middle 50s towards half-moon bay. moving farther to the south. plenty of sunshineful the temperature about 55 degrees --
10:49 pm
sunshine, the temperatures about 55 degrees. the temperatures in the 50s as well. middle 50s towards the afternoon. warmer that than what we had today. east bay, starting out, plenty of ice early on in the morning. giving way to 56 degrees in oakland, 54 in castro valley. a tpae. and still cool in livermore. 52 in san ramone. north bay, starting out with colder temperatures in the 20s. by the day, looking at a lot of 50s. mix of sunshine, high clouds late in the day as well. next couple of days, temperatures warming up just a little bit. heading in towards christmas day. guess what, we have a storm heading our way. we will have more of the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. time now for kron4 sports. if you like the raiders you will love sports tonight. raiders lost control of the afc west after losing to the chiefing and kansas city. but with a win over the chargers today it would give them a playoff birth for the
10:50 pm
first time since 2000. two only team with a longer pldrought are are the bills. the last time they were in the playoffs, 17 years ago. late in the 2nd. now, finding michael crabtree in the end zone. first, ruled incomplete. you will see it here again. the officials overturned the call after seeing that crabtree kept both feet inbounds. finished the 1st half, now, 3rd, raiders score to go up. rivers sits henry to retake the lead. now, midway through the 4th. now, he is looking to get one. he get ace 44yarder here. game on the line for san diego. rivers pressure. now, going to nelson. picked them off to win the game for the raiders. 19-16. they take control of the division with an 11-3 record after the chiefs lost to the
10:51 pm
titans, 19-17. christmas eve hosting the colts. >> 49ers 13 straight losses after today's loss. they were in atlanta taking on the falcons. trent, battles taking the field today. did not work at all. first quarter. matt ryan. back of the end zone. now, he is going to get a touchdown. they are going to see ryan hits stanford. now, high school product hooper for the score. 21-0. at this point, falcons, 2nd quarter, they are showing life. kaepernick throws a bullet for the 16 yard touchdown. 28-13 falcons at the half. the 9ers were shutout in the 2nd half. now, getting him for 139 yards. the 3 touchdowns, not even here, 38-13. falcons, 9ers defense gives up,
10:52 pm
get this, 550 yards. final score here. 41-13 falcons. the 9ers 13th straight loss. just frustrating there. sharkies in chicago. now, looking for the 4th straight road win. in the 3rd in the game we go. it is a tied game at this point, 1-1 that is when the blackhawks up the ante a little bit. blackhawks go on to win this game 4-1. the sharks the play the flames this this tuesday night at the shark tank. that is sports. we will be back after the break
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a texas kid didn't want toys from santa for christmas...but a "healthy heart" for his mother. 12-year-old arnulfo guerra jr. and his family have been praying for his mother ... to be taken off the waiting list a 12-year-old is not asking santa for toys. he is praying for his mother to
10:56 pm
be taken off of the waiting list for a heart transplant so he decided to write santa in hopes to help his mom. when the houston fire department got a copy of his letter to santa they decided to take action. fire officials hand-delivered bikes, basketballs and dozens of other goodies to his home. with christmas only a week away he says there is only one thing on his wish list. >> kids need their parents and they really don't know the circumstances when it is life or death for the most part. >> we need her for many more years more. me and my dad pray all day for my mom and all i want is to see my mom happy. >> his mom has not had a heart transplant yet but thousands of dollars have been donated to the family's gofundme page. coming up on kron4 news at 11:00. following breaking news out of san francisco where two people
10:57 pm
were shot and kill if in the city's mission district. we are live at the scene. we will tell you where this happened
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
ñ that breaking news we're following tonight.... two people shot and killed in the city's mission district. thanks for s at breaking news we are following tonight. two people are shot and killed in in the city's mission district. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm jr stone. it happened before 9:00 tonight on 16th and south van nuys. we have the latest details on this case. what can you tell us? >> jr as you can see behind me it still an active scene. y will move out of the way on take a closer look. you can see the medical examiner van it is blocking the body of the woman who was shot. let's take a look at video of the scene shortly after the shooting. here is what we know so far. at 8:46 p.m., san francisco police received a call about a shooting in the area of


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