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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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ñ that breaking news we're following tonight.... two people shot and killed in the city's mission district. thanks for s at breaking news we are following tonight. two people are shot and killed in in the city's mission district. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm jr stone. it happened before 9:00 tonight on 16th and south van nuys. we have the latest details on this case. what can you tell us? >> jr as you can see behind me it still an active scene. y will move out of the way on take a closer look. you can see the medical examiner van it is blocking the body of the woman who was shot. let's take a look at video of the scene shortly after the shooting. here is what we know so far. at 8:46 p.m., san francisco police received a call about a shooting in the area of 16th
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and van nuys. they discovered a white female, 20-30 years of age who was deceased. a white male, 20-30 years of age. he was transported to the hospital. where he later died -- >> we are having technical difficulties. we want to recap you as you are looking at some of the video. it is a shooting. a man and a woman were shot and killed in this area of the mission tonight. that was near 16th and south van gnaws. at this point the authorities are still trying to determine what exactly went down. no arrests at this point have been made. you can see that area that is still this evening roped off with yellow crime tape as the investigators work to get the latest detail miss in this case. now, as we first told you about this breaking news story. you can find out more in or mobile app. download the app to always get
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the latest breaking news. it is free for iphones and android devices. other breaking news we are following tonight. it sought of the peninsula where there has been a deadly accident between a train and a pedestrian. caltrans says the pedestrian was struck at the chestnut crossing at redwood city. this time the tracks have been cleared but the trains are restricted to a 10 mile-an-hour speed limit. passengers on the train involved in the accident are still waiting to be released and go home. the police arrested a man in connection to a weekend shooting death of a woman inside of a home. the police found the victim, 35- year-old owens dead from an apparent gunshot wound last night. officers soon identified the suspect in the case. he was arrested by the police this morning. as we told you this is the third deadly domestic dispute case this week. just yesterday. the police say a 23-year-old
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woman was killed by her boyfriend in daly city. officers responded to a domestic disput on fairview avenue early on saturday morning. they found the woman suffering from severe injuries to her head. she was taken to sf general hospital where she died of her injuries. the police arrested her boyfriend 23-year-old frederick tran. a woman accused of killing her boyfriend. she ran her boyfriend over with her car following an argument on wednesday in the apartment lot of an apartment complex. she was driving in circles with him trapped under the car. by the time the officers arrived he was deaded and she has bye-bye charged with vehicular manslaughter. her bail is set at $80,000. another big story we are following tonight is out of
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castro valley. the woman died in a house fire early this morning. we are where the fire happened and we have details. >> reporter: sunday, fire investigators spent hours on this scene in the 20,,block of san miguel avenue. they are trying to figure out what caused the blaze. >> on this morning, the county fire department received a call of a structure fire. this fire was 100 to 150 feet down the street from the fire station. as soon as the doors rolled up we could smell the smoke. as we pulled out of the fire station we can see we had a 2- story duplex. >> firefighters were on the scene almost immediately and spent 15-20 minutes putting out the fire. they also discovered the lifeless body of jacqueline burns. >> we found a victim on the 2nd floor, rescue personnel pulled the victim out and we tried to recess the patient but we were
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not successful. >> reporter: firefighters say no one else was injured but several neighbors were concerned that the death was no accident. they recalled last tuesday's fire also in castro valley. the police say it was a cover for murder. >> the last one over or on grove there was a fire and they found a body in there and they later realized it was a murder. >> it concerns me that with all of the murders going on that it could be another one. >> the police say there is no connection between this fire and the one from last week that was deemed to be a murder cover up. as far as what caused this blaze that is still under investigation. reporting in castro valley, back to you. this fire is the second deadly fire this week. it happened just a short drive away from where another woman was found dead in a suspicious fire at her home on tuesday. the 59-year-old was found in her garage on grove way and
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castro valley. the autopsy results show that her death was apparently a homicide. someone setting the fire to try to cover up the crime. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. saint john was a long time resident of castro valley. the investigators believe the fire started in the attic but don't know why anyone would want to kill her. >> in southern california a wedding ended tragically on saturday afternoon after a large tree came crashing down on a wedding party who was taking pictures below. according to the fire officials several people were trapped under the toppled tree. the officials say a woman was killed and five others injured. one of them being a 4-year-old girl. she is in critical condition tonight due to the head trauma that she suffered. the other four suffered scrapes and bruises. the officials say it is possible that the tree was effected by the drought but it
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is unclear why it fell. zsa zsa gabor has passed away. the glamorous socialite she was able to maintain her status without appearing to work for it in the classic ways. paving the way for people like paris hilton and kim kardashian. she died from heart failure. she was 99 years old. another round of cold temperatures are hitting the bay area. we are back with how long it will last.
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our meteorologist joins us now. i woke up because i had a little heater going and it was roasting the place. >> i fell asleep and woke up
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with ice all over me. [ laughter ] >> it is freezing out there. >> you ran around in the frost, too. >> yes. [everyone talking at once] >> sometimes i wonder about you. >> a lot of people do. you are not the only one, jr. now, we are looking at clear cold times in the last couple of days. tonight, no exception as the cold air is settling in over head right now. we have freeze warnings up for places away from the coastline. we will see frost to the coast. the freeze warning, coldest temperatures, the north and the east bay and the south bay. be careful tonight. expect unusually cold temperatures even along the coastline. we had reports as early as 8:00 in the evening. so you get the idea of the cold air working its way all of the way to the coastline. those temperatures down in the 30s. all right, this is what we are expecting for overnight lows. 28 degrees in santa rose -- santa rosa. now, you could see black ice early in the morning tomorrow. even 30s along the coastline. chilly temperatures overnight tonight and the numbers are
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getting cold out there right now. 32 degrees and freezing now in livermore. 39 in oakland. 36 in concord. we have cold weather sitting over head right now and it will stick around. at least for last night. tomorrow night, chilly night. not as cold as we will see more of the clouds moving in our direction. so, we have big changes on the way. i thank is good news. a couple cold nights and we are ready for a break. now, we will see the temperatures moderate a little bit in tuesday and more of a cloud cover. slight chance of rain to the north. then, we will folk us on the christmas weekend. right now, it looks like there is a storm on the horizon. maybe some raindrops on christmas day. >> my focus was on christmas when you started talking. >> is that right? >> yes. that is true. >> fingers crossed. >> yes. >> absolutely. stay warm out there. thank you for joining us.
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we will be back bright and early tomorrow morning. have a great evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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(slow instrumental music) - i've covered so many of these fires that i felt like at one point i didn't notice the smoke. but i will say when i woke up the next morning your throat is sort of messed up. if i did smoke cigarettes, it would probably feel like i smoked multiple packs of cigarettes when i wake up the next day. you're sort of hawking up stuff, but i can't complain because i didn't lose everything like all these people. - tonight almost two weeks after the clayton fire began we're gonna give you a bird's eye view of the damage in lake county. yesterday air restrictions wer


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