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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 20, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. çáááwilláááñ another frfeeway shooting in the east bay. i'm live in oakland with the latest on who police are looking for. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ plus... one person is behind bars after a truck drives through a christmas market killing 12 one person behind bars after a truck drives through a christmas market killing 12 people but officials say it may not be the suspect they have in custody. we'll explain. tracking code temperatures this morning across the bay area . more details on the chilly weather in the rain is headed this way. this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at 7:00
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starts now. good morning. 7:00 the time. let's begin as we like to do with a check of weather and traffic. we've got robin on the commute. anything major? >> it's getting better. >> things are looking up. how about the weather? >> the weather is also looking up. it's still cold out there. >> i don't like the freezing cold this morning. >> it's so california. hears alive look at san francisco. still chilly out there, but the improvement is the fact that we are not seeing 20s and 30s this morning. mainly 30s and 40s. that's the improvement under generally mostly clear skies. so here's a look at temperatures right now. still chilly in livermore. 32 degrees at the freezing mark still.
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34 concord, 39 in oakland, 37 hayward, mid-30s for our friends in san jose this morning. in the north bay it is called for you. 34 santa rosa. here's a quick check of our ready for school forecast. in case you have kids that are still going to school this week and they don't quite have the day off yet, here's a look at the 8:00 hour. 30s and 40s, so chilly. make sure the kids are bundled up as they are headed out the door. by lunch time we will see some 50s. plenty of sunshine by 3:00 highs topping out in the mid- 50s to upper 50s and close to 60. we will be warmer today compared to yesterday. the milder weather is settling into the bay area. after that, we've got some rain to talk about. we'll talk about that coming up later. here's robin in traffic. is looking pretty good. the drive into san francisco, hotspot free. no major accidents or stalls. it is backed up at the tolls but only at the foot of the maze. also, it's crowded on the suspension. we will call it slow and pockets. overall, not a bad drive.
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only 16 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. for those of you who had to drive out of the east bay, check out the dry. 23 minutes from antioch to concord. leaving livermore from basco road to the dublin interchange, smooth sailing. 11 minutes for that ride. very quiet in the south bay. overall a nice commute and it's less than 30 minutes. 7:03 is the time. breaking news that we just learned this morning. san francisco mayor edley apparently expected to announce a new police chief this morning. that news conference called for 11:00. kron 4 will be there and we will stream that live through our website and mobile app. reports say that the mayor will announce he is hiring a veteran lapd chief for the position. kron 4 is working hard to confirm that.
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the active police chief had been expected to take over that role. he was backed by the police union. there is word this morning the chaplain is not the payer -- not the mayor's pick. again, we will be there updating you as we get the information. and a top story that we are following. police in the east bay looking for the person who opened fire on 580 in oakland. >> will has been tracking the story since we came on air. let's go live and get the latest. >> reporter: i'm in front of the chp office in oakland. the reason i'm here is because any new developments i can jump all over. i just checked with them. no arrests in this case but they do believe that this was an act of road rage. more than 36 freeway shootings in the span of a year. this particular case they believe it was not random, that it was between two cars. let me show you video. this all happened on interstate 580 eastbound through oakland around 2:30 in the afternoon. as the afternoon commute was
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starting to ramp up, thousands of drivers impacted by the shooting. according to chp, the driver of a honda civic, who admits to chp that he was tailgating the mercedes-benz and then he tries to pass the mercedes-benz, it was the passenger in the honda civic that actually makes a rude gesture to the driver of the mercedes-benz. he gets very upset. he speeds up on the center median, gets right next to the honda civic, fires multiple shots at the honda civic, and then takes off from the scene. fortunately, two people in the honda civic were not injured. they are very frightened. they immediately called 911. chp officers rushed to the scene and they shut it down for about an hour. thousands of people impacted by this as they were trying to go about their way, especially get home in the afternoon. we got a chance to talk to a witness who was on the freeway at the time. she heard the shots. here's what she had to say
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about how they sounded. >> for pops. i thought it could be gunfire. it could be firecrackers. i really didn't know what the sound, like what it was for sure. i thought of its gunfire, i'm going to hear some sirens. i never did, but shortly afterwards i did hear helicopters. >> chp has shut down that stretch of interstate 580 for about an hour. they did recover shell casings, but they don't have a lot to work on this morning. it's been about 17 hours after the shooting took place and they still don't have a lot to work on. they know it's a dark-colored mercedes-benz, four-door sedan. no license plate in the back and the front license plate was wedged between the windshield as well as the dash board. of course, if you know anyone who drive something similar to that, you are encouraged to call chp.
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in this case, sometimes it could be gang-related. this particular case they do not believe it was gang- related. back to you. we first told you about this through a push alert that we sent out yesterday afternoon. so if you want to be in the know about breaking news and weather and traffic that could affect you, download the mobile app. you can get anything you want on the go by checking your mobile app or the news will come to you with our prayers -- with our push alert. overnight development on the deadly terrorist attack in berlin, germany. at least 12 people were killed. police have been questioning a man but they are not sure if he is the actual driver of that truck. chris burns has the latest from germany. >> reporter: berlin, a city of morning. over my shoulder, you see how police have shut down the center of berlin just a couple blocks away is that christmas market where a truck laid -- laden with steel beams crashed into
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that market killing at least a dozen people and injuring dozens of others. the investigation is a fast moving target. police are saying that through the local media that the suspect is a pakistani man, that he arrived here about a year ago, was known for petty crimes, but that's about it. he's been transferred to the federal prosecutor's headquarters in western germany and that's where it stands right now. addressing the nation saying that we mourn with the families and loved ones of those victims but also saying we must get to the bottom of this investigation , that there is plenty more to discover and we hope to get more details later today. also saying that the refugees who arrived here, those hundreds of thousands that she allowed to come here should get the protection that they merit for those who do merit protection, they should get it. that's where it stands right now.
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this is chris burns in berlin. and president-elect donald trump is blaming the islamic state group and other islamic terrorists for the deadly violence in turkey and germany. at least 12 people were killed in attacks in berlin yesterday. the president-elect said their networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth. trump also says that a radical islamic terrorist assassinated russia's ambassador in turkey. a man under arrest for firing shots outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. it happened early this morning. the men fired a shotgun into the air outside the u.s. embassy. witnesses say that he fired the gun eight or nine times and was heard shouting, i swear to god, don't play with us, in turkish. the u.s. embassy is in the same neighborhood as the russian embassy in the art gallery where the russian ambassador was assassinated yesterday. let's bring it back to the bay area now. breaking news from overnight. and ac transit bus collides
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with a tree in oakland. of you were sent us the picture of the accident scene which happened around 10:00 last night near tenth street and oak street. here is that photo. in a minute, you'll see a closer in shot and it shows the truck wrapped around the trunk of the street. there is also an suv involved. witnesses say that the bus veered dramatically before hitting the tree. witnesses also tell kron 4 that the driver was injured. we are working together more details and will bring it to you as we learn more. 7:10. happening now, a woman in critical condition after being pinned under a muni bus. firefighters rushed to the scene in downtown san francisco around 7:15 last night at third and market. the woman was actually hit by the bus and then dragged as she was caught underneath. she was rushed to the hospital with leg injuries. also this morning, police investigate a shootout that sent two people to the hospital. we have a map that shows you where this occurred. we are told it was near 18th or
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east 18th street. this is in antioch. witnesses say two groups of people started shooting at each other and then took off when they heard police sirens. two people were injured in the shooting and this morning we don't have an update on their condition. we are trying to find that out. we talked to people who live and work in the area and they say gun violence is no surprise to them. police have detained several people for questioning. the packages spread across interstate 680 yesterday should be delivered today. take a look. we told you live on the kron 4 morning news how this big rig crash told its load. the driver was killed in the crash and the commute was ruined for the entire morning. a spokesperson for the postal service is five percent of those packages were damaged and
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they can be delivered. they will be sent back to fedex and the company will try to contact the senders. the rest of the packages are expected to be delivered by the end of the day today. happening today, a lawsuit expected to be filed against the city of oakland for a fallen tree that killed a teenager the last year jack lewis died after a portion of a tree snapped off hitting him in the head. lewis was a rower at oakland's technical high school and his family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit claiming the city knew the tree was dangerous and had scheduled it for removal. they speak on -- they seek unspecified damages. police in the east bay looking for a robber responsible for carjacking in broad daylight. this map shows where it happened in alamo at a shopping center on danville boulevard about 2:30 in the afternoon. a woman sitting in her car, someone open the door, held her at gunpoint, forced her out of the car. she was not hurt and now police
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are looking for her car. it white convertible porsche boxer with the california license plate you see here. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the property manager for the deadly warehouse fire in oakland could be facing charges. here who his attorney believes should really be blamed for the fire. families of people killed in the orlando nightclub shooting nurse shooting -- are suing several bay area companies. why they say social media is to blame for the shooting. many people starting to head to the mountains for the holidays. we look at the current conditions in tahoe this morning. it should be pretty. more snow on the way i hear. çáááliveáááñ taking a
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look at conditions in tahoe right now... taking alive look outside. high atop tahoe. showing you snow. we saw this picture yesterday. if your plans to hit the slopes during the holiday week coming up, conditions are enjoyable. >> seeing them get the snow and i'm thinking, how about that. i want to go in a week or so. this is building up to really good snow on the mountains for me. a lot of people will go in the
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next week. >> for the christmas holiday. we will see some snow. alive look at heavenly. a beautiful shot there. they could use more snow. >> i was going to say, i like the trees to be covered. >> i think by this weekend we'll see more snow falling as we are seeing a cold storm headed this way. driving up and getting back down christmas day or shortly after you may encounter some snow. i think it's a good idea to bring those chains just in case. we will work on that snow especially this weekend. here's a look at the sfo camera . we have mostly sunny skies this morning and temperatures are still chilly out there. here's a look at the numbers right now. 32 still in livermore but that's an improvement because we were in the 20s yesterday morning. 34 concord, 39 oakland, mid-30 san jose. very cold santa rosa. highs for today will be a little warmer this afternoon
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compared to yesterday, so we continue with the moderating temperatures. mid-50s here in san francisco to low 60s for san jose and for the east bay communities. this is a storm system we are watching that will bring us rain as early as friday and potentially into part of the holiday weekend. future cast, we start the clock thursday night. notice it's dry across the bay area. we see the rain coming from the north. looks like it will still be rain for parts of the peninsula. i think by friday afternoon that rain will spread further south to the rest of the south bay and by friday evening we are talking widespread light to moderate rain. so it looks like if you do have plans to head out of town and hit the roads, you will be encountering somewhat roadways. saturday morning may be lingering showers or to and then we get ready for another system. right now the models are kind of all over the place but we
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call it a chance for some showers in the north bay for now until the models get a better idea what we could have happening. here's a look at the storm tracker seven-day forecast. if you've got more holiday shopping to do, the weather will not get in your way. friday is the day we expect rain and wind. saturday may be morning showers, sunday north bay showers and then on monday right now it looks like the rest of the bay area will get some rain, once again. here's a look at your traffic now with robin. a pretty busy commute on the san mateo bridge. was paul 92 creeping along out of hayward. it will pick up finally at the high-rise but only 23 minutes to make it from the bridge to 101. that's not a bad drive. checking in on the other bay area bridges, hotspot free. haven't found any major trouble spots out there. excellent news for those of you who have to get to work today. the bay bridge drive into san francisco, 80 west. it's holding at the foot of the
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maze but it's not a bad commute. a little crowded on the suspension but overall a nice ride into san francisco pretty well under 20 minutes. that's what matters for those of you who need to get in. you'll notice that it is holiday light. it's not as bad as it would normally be on a tuesday morning . light conditions through out the rest of the week as well because a lot of the folks have the week off. those of you don't, a little crowded here from 238 on toward the coliseum. you'll hit another stretch when you get into downtown oakland but check of the average drive times. 16 minutes. not bad at all. more dry times for you out of the east bay. the issuer freeway a quick 17 minute trip from hercules down to oakland. minor crowding for south 680 if you leave dublin. no big problems for the south bay. even the guadalupe bay parkway. that is nice and light. it will take about 10 minutes to work your way from 85 up to the 101 split.
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7:19 is the time. now to the latest on the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire through the property manager for that facility has hired an attorney. he and his cocounsel say that he didn't commit a crime. the das office is still deciding weather to file charges against him for the fire that killed 36 people but he and his lawyers are blaming various government agencies or the deadly fire. they say that he should not be made the scapegoat. >> the inspections were done. cps did go through the warehouse and cleared it. >> the atf wrapped up its investigation without determining the cause. the yet district attorney's office is still doing its criminal investigation and we will let you know what comes out of that. the alameda county board of supervisors will be honoring the first responders and emergency crews and investigators involved in that ghost ship fire. it's happening later this
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morning at the alameda county administration office in oakland. it starts at 11:00. 7:20. learning details on a homicide in san jose. we first told you about this yesterday. it happened sunday night at a mobile gas station near the san jose border. an 18-year-old shot and killed. police believe the killing was the result of gang violence. this marks the 46 homicide of the year for san jose which is the highest number they've seen since 1991. by comparison, there was 36 homicide last year. donald trump sealed his presidential win with the official vote by the electoral college yesterday. >> yesterday's result insured he'll become america's next president. all 538 elect torres met at the capitals across the country to cast their votes. trump finished the day with 300 for both. clinton had 227. it takes only 270 to win the presidency three republican electors were met with e-mails
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and phone calls urging them not to vote for trump but the plan quickly fizzled. happening today, a federal court in new york is expected to unseal the clinton e-mail search warrant. they'll release redacted copies of the warrant and other documents that gave the fbi consent to dig into hillary clinton's e-mails just days before the presidential election. the e-mails were found on a computer belonging to former congressman anthony weiner. he is the estranged husband of top clinton aide huma abedin. agent spent several days analyzing the e-mails before announcing they contain no evidence of any wrongdoing by clinton. knew this morning, we have facebook, google, and twitter being sued by the families of three victims who were killed in the orlando pulsed nightclub shooting. usa today reported the loss it was first brought to light recently. it claims the social media companies provided material support to the islamic state.
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the family say the companies made it too easy for isis to spread his message. isis is known to use popular internet services to spread propaganda and attract recruits. the gunmen in the shooting that killed 49 people pledged his allegiance to isis but was not a member of that terrorist group officially. president obama meanwhile has granted 78 pardons and shortened the sentences of 150 prisoners. this makes it the most pardons granted in a single day. a majority of the case involves drug-related offenses you president obama wanted to bring the sentences more in line with current loss. over the course of his presidency, obama has granted clemency to more than 1300 people, including 148 pardons. the deadly school bus crash in tennessee last month is prompting a company to make changes to their buses. take a look at video of the crash that happened november
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21st in chattanooga. a national company is saying they plan to add seatbelts to their entire fleet of school buses. half of their 44 buses will have them by next fall and the rest of the following school year. that crash killed six children and has sparked serious discussion about school bus safety. lawmakers expect to consider requiring seatbelt on school buses in the upcoming legislative session. 7:24. the san francisco school district announcing a program to alleviate teacher shortage. the newly created sf usd pathway to teaching is a one-year credentialing program that will recruit and train new teachers and it's aimed at attracting aspiring teachers who might not be able to leave their current job without financial support while training to become a teacher. the new teachers in training would earn a full salary while they are earning their teaching credentials. still ahead, a major headache for passengers on one airport as the holiday travel rush is underway. we tell you what caused hundreds of people to be stranded. and you might want to pay closer attention to the gender of your doctor. we will tell you how it could
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affect your life.
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çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam]
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çáááon camáááñ your >> 17 minutes is the drive. take a look through downtown oakland coming up in a bit. whether your doctor is a man or woman could influence your chance of survival. this according to a new study published yesterday in the journal of the american medical association. >> researchers looked at older patients hospitalized for common illnesses and they found those that got most of their care from female doctors were more likely to leave the hospital alive than those treated by men. >> the difference was small. it was .5 percent. but all the male research team say that there would be about 302000 fewer deaths each year if male physicians performed at the same levels as their female peers. >> i wonder if that's the case because it's such a male- dominated field that the women feel they have to work extra hard. they study extra hard, work extra hard to compete with the men. as a result sometimes they come out as better doctors. a huge mess for frontier airline passengers at the
7:28 am
denver international airport. more than 70 flights nationwide canceled by the airline because of the winter weather and they say that that caused operations to clog up. >> and it's never fun to travel during the holidays anyway. some passengers stuck at this airport since the weekend. some report being stuck on the tarmac for five hours. >> piles of luggage here, also piling up as the flights have been canceled. frontier has apologized saying they been working hard to fix the operation. it's a nightmare other. >> still lots ahead. a stolen tow truck leads police on chase through the streets of the bay area. coming up in a live report, how it started and how it ended.
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>> 7:30. checking the weather and traffic. will hit the roads in a minute. another cold morning. >> 30s and 40s some places still at the freezing mark. bundle up if your kids are headed to the bus stop this morning. >> minor done on wednesday. >> mine only have friday off. >> temperatures are still running cold this morning and by the afternoon things look a lot better. look at that pretty picture there. this coming in from this morning. looks like we are tracking the chance for some snow in the sierra's. if you have plans to be in the higher elevations, plan ahead for some snow. bring the chains
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just in case. right now it's still 32 in livermore. still at the freezing mark. 32 fairfield, upper 30s in oakland, 34 concord, san jose, good morning at 35. we are talking at the freezing mark 32 in santa rosa. so what's happening? today not as cold. still temps are in the 30s and 40s, so bundle up. tomorrow the milder temps are in store for us. sunny and dry. we are tracking some changes to the weather pattern for the holiday weekend in the form of rain arriving by friday and we are tracking the chance for some christmas showers. we'll talk more about that coming up a little bit later. here's robin in traffic. are we still holiday like? the bay bridge ride, it's okay. no major problems for 80 west. check out the drivetime. it is still less than 20 minutes to get from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco, so that considered holiday light because it's normally backed up beyond 24
7:32 am
onto the upper east shore freeway. we are just not seeing that heavy volume of traffic today. great news for those of you who have errands to run or if you have to get to work for you but it's a different story here. i spotted activity out of downtown oakland. this is 880 south at 16th the refresh involved in a couple big rigs. it's jamming of traffic. the right lane is blocked. on-ramp is blocked. for those of you who 880 south crawling from 980. those of you who is use 880 north, you have two pockets of heavy traffic. one is approaching the crash. 880 north backed up to 66. then there's the typical commuter traffic out of san leandro. so the drivetime there is 26 minutes for now. i just stay away altogether. don't even bother. 7:32.
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we just received word the san francisco mayor is expected to announce a new police chief this morning. a news conference has been called for 11:00 and we will carry that for you live. we will be streaming it through our website and our mobile app. reporter say that the mayor will be announcing his hiring a veteran lapd officer for the position. kron 4 is working to confirm that right now but active police chief tony chaplin will not get the job. he was expected to resume it. were this morning that chaplin is not the mayor's pic after all. more details as they come in. 7:33. breaking news from overnight. a high-speed chase involving a flatbed tow truck is over. >> pretty hectic chase happening along the peninsula and in the east bay as well. jackie? >> reporter: a hectic chase, hectic ending, hectic beginning.
7:34 am
i'm here at the started. in fact, you can see that fence is still the tow truck out of this whole yard and police on a wild chase through the bay area. here is to tell you that is around 3:00 this morning when the person who owns the flight toyota yukon decided that he didn't want his car inside that tow yard any longer and that he was going to try to deal it out of the tow yard. he jumped the fence, starts backing up the yukon of the tow yard that had been there since saturday. a nearby employee who lives nearby here's the commotion, confronts the man. the man and him kind of go back and forth. he puts his forklift in front of the car so he can't get out. then the guy decide, i've had enough of this. i'm going to jump in a tow truck, plow through the gate, and get out of here. that's exactly what he did. the employee that confronted him called police and they immediately got behind the tow truck and the chase was on. they followed him through san leandro. ultimately, they got on 880.
7:35 am
ultimately near the toll plaza at the bay bridge, that's where chp started to pick up the chase. they went through the streets of san francisco. they got onto surface streets and that's when the tow truck attempted and did ram several chp vehicles. in fact, two serious damage to at least two of them. he attempted to ramp a third. that officer was able to get out of the way of the tow truck. ultimately, they ended up on southbound 101 in brisbane down by oyster point. at that point, they put spike strips out. they'd knocked out four of the tires on the tow truck. finally, it's not running. they got off to the side of the road. he jumped out of the car and was eventually captured by chp officers on foot later on. as i said, he attempts to ram and did ram chp vehicles along the way of this chase. we had the chance to talk to an officer and he describes how dangerous that situation was. >> he was on the freeway and off the freeway. he attempted to ram several
7:36 am
patrol cars several different times variables on. he successfully ramped to patrol cars, one occurring on the on-ramp, the other occurring on a service street. >> nobody was injured, but this is a lot of moving parts. the guy tries to steal a car, and of stealing a tow truck, run through a fence, goes on a chase, get spike stripped. nobody was injured. obviously, that person is in custody and is facing a litany of felony charges. >> thanks a lot. knew this morning, major vandalism at a high school in santa rosa leaves $100,000 worth of damage for you look at the map on your screen. this happened at cardinal newman high school 7:00 last night.
7:37 am
this is how they discovered it. firefighters were called to the scene. they found a man inside the office no space thousand dollars worth of damage done to the high school. happening now, police looking for three people who broke into a house in san bruno and they are just showing us the surveillance photo of this burglary that happened last wednesday. three people broke down the door to get into the home on crystal springs road. as you can see here, the three are wearing reflectors. it is not clear that they took him off the cuff. nearly without a home this
7:38 am
morning after a fire with complex in concert. flames erupted just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon on the street. the area shot. the smoke billowing of. they managed to put out the fire but eight apartments. two people had to be rescued from enough yourself. 737. still ahead, area football team get together for the kids.
7:39 am
the how the raiders and niners are helping the less fortunate this holiday season. the guidelines for how much sugar you should be eating might be wrong. we will tell you why. çbreakñáááábreakáááá
7:40 am
7:41 am
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wait for those of you approaching out of what oakland. a couple big rigs blocking the right lane 16. guidelines may be based on bad information. right now the u-s government recommends eating less than 12-teaspoons of added sugar each day.çááájamesáááñ but a professor at u-c berkeley says the ánew study may be misleading because it was paid
7:43 am
for a nonprofit with ties to coca cola, hershey's and other food >> more details on the warm air and the next storm that will impact your holiday travel plans. the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
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♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. we're coming up on 7:45...
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here's a quick look at the top stories we're following this morning... san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to announce this morning who he has chosen to be the next police chief. there are reports that the new police chief is a a veteran of the los angeles police department. we will be at the news conference rning a look at the big stories this morning. the san francisco mayor expected to announce this morning who he chooses to be the next police chief.
7:46 am
reports that the new chief is a veteran of the los angeles police department. the news conference set for 11:00 this morning. a gunman on the loose this morning after shots fired along interstate 580 in oakland yesterday. police say it was not a targeted shooting but the result of one driver tailgating another that escalated into a case of road rage. luckily, nobody was hit but that car shot at did have bullet holes in it. 12 people dead, killed when a truck plowed through a busy christmas market in berlin. the german chancellor said she is shocked and second and deepens -- deeply saddened. the suspect arrested after the attack is a pakistani citizen. however, they are not sure if he was the driver. 7:46. this morning. so far it has been terrible at least compared to yesterday. >> yesterday was a doozy. i do have a new hotspot. downtown oakland. this crash clogging up traffic in both directions involving
7:47 am
two big rigs. big rigs are hard to clear sometimes. takes a little bit longer. sorry, folks. it was all good until this happened. south 880. the right lane is blocked. it's backed up beyond 980. the west oakland and downtown, looks like they're trying to get this out of the way. even your northbound ride, the opposite side of the crash is backed up. it was already heavy with commuter traffic. once again, it's the crash involving a couple big rigs. chp issued a traffic alert and it clogging up the commute. 580 is the way to go this morning. that will help you out and save a lot of time. compare. a whopping 41 minutes. remember, the crash is southbound but backing up northbound traffic. this is 580 west and it's only 17 minutes from castro valley through san leandro. you get
7:48 am
the picture. you'll save a lot of time and you also save time using 580 east bound to get around that crash or the slow traffic. this problem here on the peninsula, south on 280. we have an injury accident blocking three lanes of traffic. a very slow commute. it's about 30 to 35 to 40 minutes to get from daly city into san bruno. take 101 south instead of south 280 because this accident is clogging the commute. especially if you are getting to the airport this morning. the bay bridge drive into san francisco thinning out. a lot of folks are trapped. that's why we are sitting later traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. 13 to 15 minutes. we do have a backup at the richmond san rafael bridge but it's only out to richmond parkway. it's not a bad ride. 15 minutes from the tolls out to 101. tracking still some very chilly temperatures across the bay area this morning. alive look at sfo.
7:49 am
if you got travel plans or loved ones flying into town this morning, no delays at the area airports. right now it's still at the freezing mark weather you are in fairfield or livermore. 39 oakland, 37 hayward, chile 35 in san jose. definitely jacket weather when you see these numbers. 34 novato, 32 santa rosa. highs for today will be a little warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday as the warmer air mass settles into the bay area before the next storm approaches. here's a quick check of our weather headlines. today we do see some freezing temps in just path across the bay. not widespread. sunny and crisp for the afternoon. tomorrow that warmer air arrives. we'll see lot more highs in the 60s across the bay and then came to see the rains arrive on friday. along with that we see the winds pick up. here's a look at that next storm system. future casters thursday night. dry across the bay area but the rain getting closer and closer to us by friday morning
7:50 am
expecting what conditions starting in the north bay and then you'll see it spread to the rest of the south bay by the afternoon. friday night widespread rain. most of us should be light to moderate rain but this rain also turning into snow in the higher elevations so you will get some fresh powder it looks like up in the sierra. if you're driving in it, you want to make sure you bring the chains just in case. here's a quick check of our storm tracker around the bay forecast. a pretty nice day after the chile temps this morning. a little milder for wednesday and thursday. friday is a change in the weather pattern. you'll need the umbrellas. we have rain on the way and we are also tracking the chance for showers saturday and christmas day. we will keep you posted as a couple storms approach the bay area. back to you. >> did you see what the football teams are doing? they hosted parties and gave stuff to kids. let's start with the raiders. they gave out christmas
7:51 am
presents a little bit early. they gave the kids at the family resource center bikes and this is specifically from the wide receivers. about 50 bikes and handed them out to boys and girls. this event was at jefferson elementary school. everybody appreciated it. even those who were giving appreciated it, like michael crabtree. >> it means a lot. it's nice. 40 or 50 bikes for these kids. >> not only did the players protest bikes for the kids but they also through a little pizza party. >> everything is better when you involve pizza. the 49ers also getting in on the action. they were at the sporting goods taking kids on a shopping spree. look at that. the team is helping our kids from the boys and girls club and the ymca. the players treated them to a $1500 sporting equipment
7:52 am
shopping spree for their afterschool programs. those kids will have a lot of fun all year long with the cool stuff they've gotten. the salvation army is already seeing a huge impact from one particular football play. a touchdown celebration by dallas cowboys rookie running back ezequiel elliott. check it out. he jumps into the salvation army kettle. >> i don't think he was even supposed to. since he did, donations spiked 61 percent. plus he got a penalty for excessive celebration. the fine is worth it, whatever. he's going to donate that money to the salvation army and the nfl said, we won't find him after all. he said, that's okay, i will donate that money. the golden state warriors continue to give back as well even during their days off.
7:53 am
klay thompson was out there being pretty active in the east bay. >> let's check out what he did. he was visiting more than two dozen boys and girls at the pediatric unit. everybody is posing for us healthy. he's signing autographs. trinkets as you can see there. they really appreciated it. he brought them toys, too. so this is all part of the teen outreach. >> each day this week we've seen different people. a lot of fun there. happening tonight, the warriors back on the court. they'll try to improve the nba's best record. they will try to win their fifth straight game. they will take on the utah jazz at home. the warriors have won 12 out of the last 13 games. looks like hopefully the trend is on our side. we will have to see. tipoff for tonight's game set for 7:30. take a look at this. conditions just right in tahoe.
7:54 am
alive look this morning. this is a camera of valley. 37 degrees right now. a few spots around the bay that were 37 this morning. >> tahoe cold. >> we got some of that this morning. >> will be right back. take a look at
7:55 am
7:56 am
this... quadcopter-four took flight over the award 7:56. look at this.
7:57 am
a flight over the award-winning weavers winter wonderland. now, this is christmas lights to a degree that not many of us have the skill or patience to do or the talent. look at that. >> the display has been put on for the last 22 years at the home of scott weaver. apparently, this will be his last year decorating his home in tens of thousands of light. he says the lights will go out christmas night. you have just a few more days to catch it in person. every night till then scott will be in front of the home handing out candy canes and answering questions about the life and the size. 50 hours every year decorating his home for the holidays. dismantled the display, he hopes to pass it on to someone who's interested in carrying on the tradition. to see more of our video, go to our website. that is amazing.
7:58 am
>> i got like one string of icicles. coming up, we've got big news this morning. a horrible attack in germany involving a christmas fair. this morning they are saying it was a terror attacks. we will tell you how many people were killed and who is in custody. a man trying to get his car out of a tow yard steals a tow truck instead. on a high-speed chase across one side of the bay to the other. details on that as well. tracking cold-weather hitting the bay area. some storms that could impact your holiday travel. anyone have the forecast coming up. çáááwilláááñ another
7:59 am
8:00 am
frfeeway shooting in the east bay. i'm live in oakland with the latest on who police are looking for. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ plus... one person is behind bars after a truck drives through a christmas market killing 12 people. hear what we are learning about the attack and the person who was arrested.
8:01 am
çáááannyáááñ[take: live] çáááliveáááñ and we're tracking another morning of cold temperatures. i'll have your neighborhood forecast. çááádaryaáááñ çááámarkáááñ ((toss to wx or trx))
8:02 am
weather update: although not as cold as yesterday, it's still pretty chilly this morning with temperatures ranging from the mid 30s to mid 40s. look for sunny skies this afternoon with highs reaching the mid to upper 50s. some locations may even reach
8:03 am
the low 60s. dry weather is expected for the next couple of days until friday when a storm system is expected to arrive, bringing light rain to the area starting in the afternoon and lasting until saturday morning. the forecast for christmas day is still uncertain, however two of the three long range computer predicting dry weather. çááádaryaáááñ [take: ots]çáááotsáááñ breaking news... san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to announce a new police chief this morning. a news conference has been called for 11 this morning. kron 4 will be at that news
8:04 am
conference and stream it live. reports say that mayor lee will announce that he is hiring a veteran los angeles deputy police chief for the position. kron4 is working to confirm that. acting police chief toney chaplin was expected to get the position - he was backed by police union. but again there is word this morning that chaplin is not the mayor's pick. we will have more details as they come into the newsroom. çááá2 shotáááñçááájamesáááñ also happening now... police in the east bay are looking for the person who opened fire on 580 in oakland.çááádaryaáááñ çááádouble boxáááñ kron 4's will tran is live in oakland with more on who police are looking for this morning. will? çáááwilláááñ a big story we are following out of the eastbay... a road rage shooting on eastbound highway 5-80 in oakland... the shooter is still on the loose this morning. this is video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7. it happened yesterday afternoon at around 1:00. police say a driver in a honda was tailgating a black mercedes. as they went to pass the mercedes, the driver in the honda made a gesture towards the other driver. that is when the person in the mercedes shot at the other driver. no one was injured, but bullets did hit the car. witnesses describe hearing the shooting.... [take sot]çááásot fulláááñ >>will tran: around 230 in the
8:05 am
afternoon the afternoon commute was starting to pick up thousands of people of course impactive according to the chp this was an act of rage they believe a honda civic was the driver admit to the chp he was still getting him he made a rude gesture to the driver there recover any evidence in some shell casings as far as a
8:06 am
description is very vague an african-american man driving a dark colored mercedes-benz.
8:07 am
>>darya: if you don't already have the download application >>james: it least zero people were killed nearly 50 injured.
8:08 am
>>reporter: there's plenty more to discover and we hope to get more details also saying that the refugees arrived hundreds of thousands. >>james: severe weather across the country sends one airline into chaos first the judge who
8:09 am
handed down allied sentenced to a former stanford swimmer is cleared of of of misconduct.
8:10 am
♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
8:11 am
♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >>robin winston: tracking a hot spot on the nimitz freeway stay away from it this problem is downtown oakland i will keep an
8:12 am
eye on and you know how the head of the way. >>darya: in the 12th his ruling on the california commission on judicial performance cleared him of judicial misconduct with a law professor disagrees with that decision she says she is
8:13 am
wont to push ahead with our recall what she hopes to get on the november ballot he was simply following the law and the commission made the right decision. mid 40s. look for sunny skies this afternoon with highs reaching the mid to upper 50s. some locations may even reach the low 60s. dry weather is expected for the next couple of çááádaryaáááñ
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>>darya: this is what you get when you combine freezing temperatures and hurricane strained when
8:17 am
>>anny hong: 34 and novato at
8:18 am
this hour the high today will be a little warmer this afternoon so that mild air continues to come to the bay area said loretta page shows things are quiet for now but we are tracking the storm and acting oregon and to portland and also or in california border this is what we're watching.
8:19 am
will the quick check of the 7 day around the bay forecast milder today and tomorrow more sixties for your wednesday afternoon tomorrow is the start to the winter solstice. >>robin winston: downtown
8:20 am
oakland a '80s out and 16 is called the commune in both directions southbound backup beyond 980 northbound all the way back into san leandro and only 18 minutes for 580 west in castro valley into downtown oakland. >>robin winston: those of you need to get into san francisco nice improvement compared to what was out their 1520 minutes ago.
8:21 am
>>darya: more than 70 percent of the airline flights nationwide were cancelled due to weather.
8:22 am
>>darya: live apologize delivery man part of a bigger problem and san francisco this driver is also part of the same problem.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>james: delivery drivers are causing problems in one bay area
8:26 am
and a good. >>stanley roberts: this truck pulls up and parks and he walked up the street to deliver a package he will lead to other briefings and a century and began to walk to his own to mention he's delivering to the correct address finally returns
8:27 am
and he knows where recording him so he laps allow the driver who left the truck parked in front him for about five minutes is done and he heads out.
8:28 am
>>james: we're tracking cold temperatures to live look from pleasant hill
8:29 am
8:30 am
çááádaryaáááñ breaking >>darya: working as a over my high-speed chase involving the toy truck is over. >>jackie sissel: as you hear
8:31 am
about how this all started howe would happen in the middle alternately what happened at the end it all started right here at the tow yard and san leandro and because of the gate and he broke through the gate to get the stolen toy truck and they end up
8:32 am
on streets in san francisco at that point he had a hard time it is a foot chase at that point they finally captured him and took him into custody no chp
8:33 am
officers were hurt in this incident.
8:34 am
>>robin winston: a couple of big rigs they've already removed one but the second one is stuck there blocking the on ramp it is
8:35 am
once again call this morning 37 in san jose the valley still dealing with temperatures and low to mid '30's. >>james: it doesn't look too
8:36 am
powerful but could be strong enough that is the short-term outlook will talk more about in just a bad
8:37 am
>>darya: police and antioch are investigating the shooting the sent to people to the hospital to two people were shooting at each other.
8:38 am
>>reporter: somehow struck a beard to the right and hit an abandoned van packages when flying and traffic did not give back to normal until lunchtime after cleanup the recoverable packages came here to the sorting center in san jose they got involved because it's the last leg of the liver's the
8:39 am
spokesman said most of the mail was fine and should be delivered all across the south bank by tuesday they will be sent back were released the company tried hardest to contact the centers if the bluffs and rose are even more will be required to take emergency action to help alert
8:40 am
has been lifted after flaring stopped at the shell refinery started at the martinez refinery here is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven the help alert was because of excessive wear it in black smoke >>darya: as a cuban restaurant in this revised to stay inside and help alert was lifted around 5:00 no one was hurt in the medical calls the medical calls
8:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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8:43 am
>>darya: taking all look had wall street 62 points up positive territory this is the
8:44 am
first movie studio to hit the $7 billion mark in worldwide box office numbers track in some cold temperatures morning here is a quick live look at four locations.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>robin winston: 880 south cruzan still working with a stalled bid ran this happened early this morning the on ramp
8:47 am
is still blocked it is causing a nasty backup that is one to save you a lot of time traffic continues to and how complex is i was for the contra costa county's south 680 smooth
8:48 am
already back of the nimitz always crowded. >>james: no delays which is nice and fat here's a quick look a lot of people are planning to head out sometime this week: in oakland 4337 in san jose in
8:49 am
colder still at to head inland low to mid 30's for the east valley is the next storm still set for friday it will arrive friday afternoon and last for the first half of saturday's
8:50 am
sunday we look good in the start of next week. >>darya: he surprised as your friend by proposing and central park family and friends look to your she said a guest in the couple spent the weekend in new york late sunday night there was celebrating he was stabbed and head he was getting a slice of pizza luckily he was last year's the injured they're hoping the surveillance video will help to
8:51 am
make an arrest last a week until christmas and hanukkah of your thinking about the perfect death--gift >>reporter: stores are counting on last-minute shoppers you concede in commercials national from macy's and wal-mart has sections online devoted to last- minute gifts but minimal levels are taking a different option accord suspended by millennial this holiday season will be on experiences and you need
8:52 am
something now get tickets to a concert a movie or go to restaurants and get a gift card in many cases the concurrence or e-mail confirmation of your purchase even on christmas. >>darya:. there were hoping now
8:53 am
the boys and girls club.
8:54 am
did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. çááádaryaáááñ first lady
8:55 am
michelle obama sat down with oprah winfrey to open up about her time in the white house and donald trump's presidential victory. athena jones has part of that interview.[take pkg]çááápkgáááñ natsas she prepares to leave the white house, first lady michelle obama - more popular than ever - is reflecting on t >>reporter: reflecting on the path that led her here in 2008 she was criticized for statements like this even the
8:56 am
pick is the black militants on the cover of the new yorker magazine she also greece's this lump boat cover in some ways making a closing argument for own legacy through these exit interviews and telling her husband gave people hope drawn a contrast with the man who will
8:57 am
succeed him. >>reporter: grace on display as he spoke about her conversation with mrs. trump. >>: you really don't know what you know until you are here the door is open tile modeling what was done for me by the bush and she was nothing but gracious and helpful. >>reporter: the soon-to-be former first family is preparing to move just a couple of miles of road to this nine bed room rental until the youngest
8:58 am
daughter fist finishes high school leaving the white house but not washington behind. >>darya: early-morning high speed chase involving the toy truck we will have a live report on how started.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>robin winston: there's still
9:01 am
blocking and calling up traffic one is clear and it was stuck here is out at the embarcadero on ramp a tow truck has finally arrived to the scene but they have yet to put it up and get out of your way we are tracking holiday light conditions of very nice ride into san francisco
9:02 am
>>anny hong: 40 in concord and oakland 4741 in san jose the north may friends are chilly temperatures in the upper 30's with a your and novato in santa rosa by 5:00 later on tonight under clear skies when we come back will talk about ren headed this way,' >>darya: acting police chief
9:03 am
tony chaplain was expected to get the position he was backed by the police union but it is word that maybe he is not the mayor's pick and could be someone from los angeles police and the east they're looking for the personal responsible who the fire on 580 in oakland. >>will tran: still no rest in this case is about a 10 hours and to the investigation they're hoping the public it helps a mob of the driver who shot did not have license plate-the-show you video this a place at around 230 yesterday on interstate 580 throw open if for novell exit the driver he admits to the chp officer yes he was tailgating
9:04 am
the mercedes-benz and then he tried to pass the mercedes-benz that is why this is a the passenger in the honda civic made or rude gesture the diet actually it drove on the center median called up to the honda civic and then fired several shots into the honda civic fortunately to people inside were not injured they stopped their car immediately and policies he officer that came out and pretty much the height of the afternoon, to wrap up sleep and imagine thousands of cars impacted by this.
9:05 am
>>will tran: there have been 36 shootings on bay area freeways over the past year and sometimes is gang-related and random. >>darya: high-speed chase involving the toy truck it happen along the peninsula. >>jackie sissel: you concede
9:06 am
that fence is actually a gay and san leandro towing yard the tow truck actually plow through the >>jackie sissel: being chased by the san leandro police and employees from the san leandro towing company lives right next door san leandro police almost immediately caught up to him bay and up on highway 880 in oakland over on 24 at that point of the california highway patrol been made to the toll plaza at the bay bridge san
9:07 am
francisco chapter of see is people picked up the chase ended up on streets in san francisco surface streets at that point the person behind the will started ramming chp vehicles. >>jackie sissel: he ended up on high 101 down and once the point in brisbane at that point the california highway patrol he was alternately captured by the chp no one was injured and all this is far the tow truck that had some pop tires would not damage
9:08 am
sea its uses the person who stole the tow truck is facing a long list of charges including assault with a deadly weapon. >>darya: there would discuss the government's response to the deadly attack that happened in berlin and in these 12 people were killed nearly 50 injured
9:09 am
they have been questioning the suspect but not sure if he's the one who was driving >>reporter: task surely after 8:00 p.m. local time this trout became a weapon the police say this crash was no accident and believe it was intentional act of terrorism one suspect was taken to custody approximately 2 km from the scene a second man was found dead in the truck he was not at the wheel it belongs to a polish company the owners says it was being used to transport steel he believes it may have been hijacked tear was
9:10 am
groups have called them to carry out such the attack united states is to travel warnings over terrorism concerns so far no terrorist group has claimed is possibility. >>darya: here is a look and no traffic in the approach to the bay bridge a lot of people already starting their vacations
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>darya: checking wall street up 66 points trading at 19,950 will be along soon and give you a look at the business
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: 914 is still a hot spot because of all of the issues finally cleared from right land and the on ramp in
9:15 am
seven minutes from downtown oakland out to fremont street not smoke but is looking a lot better we almost back at the limit a little crowded a quick check of the south of the drive times no other major hot spots we're looking pretty good to 37 west no. 85 and to ignore or nice ride out of san jose and cupertino. >>anny hong: we did see some frost once again this is from chad and the one showing us it was cold he was able to tap some frost on the roof of his home-
9:16 am
the judge will be a little warmer compared to yesterday as a warm air mass settled over the bay area a little warmer tomorrow ahead of the storm system we're watching it will bring some what weather to the bay area and potentially into the holiday weekend this is a
9:17 am
fairly cold system with that means if you're heading to the sierra nevada it is or is returning to small you will gradually warm things up and am friday the rain arrives.
9:18 am
>>rob black: americans are exceeding the credit card to pay for things like groceries and rent and health-care cost. >>rob black: the great
9:19 am
recession mortgage debts is a hundred and 72,000 28,500 that is a lot of money still been dead for the average american the government has that as well. >>rob black: it is really doing
9:20 am
quite well but facebook saw what house party dead in a copy 6 use can appear in a split screen to hide the 45 million people every day and every month it is a popular application they concocted the
9:21 am
features the developing core applications was a take away are
9:22 am
they in trouble they're going to become public as some point with this the money like drunken sailors that is not the case the market value is about $69 billion when i want to lose money they're on to become public in 2017 is expected it
9:23 am
will be hard if you get into one talk to people you're doing a lot more than ride sharing. >>rob black: markets play with 20,000 the dow jones and the united states ultimately the
9:24 am
market said income-tax cuts from baby estate planning for the corporate changes as far as taxes go the biggest thing will come all the terrorism is will more popular as he bowed in there is the elections next year in france and germany that will have a bigger market psychology.
9:25 am
9:26 am
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9:28 am
9:29 am
>>robin winston: it started having problems and stop and have to put it in many will
9:30 am
mold they're trying to get this one stalled out trend out of the training turned around so they can keep things moving.
9:31 am
>>anny hong: temperatures in the 30 is still cold for you we're in the low '40's in san jose we are tracking a chance for some rain howe also some wins or riding on friday.
9:32 am
>>darya: the bus veered left and right into the tree and the driver was injured a woman is in critical condition after she was pan underneath a bus their rush to the scene in downtown san francisco there was a picture of the scene.
9:33 am
>>darya: 10 was about 7:00 last night it got there they found a man inside throwing things broke windows the glass front doors there was a lot more severe damage inside as well to people
9:34 am
has to be rescued from upstairs balcony of five real girl had to the packages that was spread all over interstate 680 should be delivered today the driver was killed in the crash the reported incident.
9:35 am
>>reporter: she slept 20 ft. away for the fire erupted unfortunately 36 people did not make about the man who ran the space has hired a bay area lawyer and his criminal charges are filed against him this say that he did not commit a crime
9:36 am
and the attorneys say it has a conflict
9:37 am
9:38 am
>>darya: a live shot in kansas city missouri it's speeding
9:39 am
going the wrong way on the freeway he is in the middle of turning lane we want to stay with this for minute he already
9:40 am
did sideswiped a police car as continues over surface streets and freeways and on and off ramps and he is going very fast he is on the right side of the road they're not going anywhere he goes straight into it on the lanes he may be still on the
9:41 am
wrong way there's a huge divider.
9:42 am
>>darya: the police know that he is running because a cop car was head we don't know how close the police are to this truck when he has a choice to take the light side of the road passing more cars every time he takes the
9:43 am
time he chooses the wrong way
9:44 am
he's been on freeways and on side streets he's going all the giant medians the divided areas we don't know why he is running we do know the cops are chased him there know where to be seen. >>darya: and he is going very fast now and kansas city kansas
9:45 am
and we have a little bit more they think he is a carjacker this is a stolen truck and this what police are chasing him now he is in the neighborhood there are some homes will looks like businesses he is on the correct side is on the correct side can anyone tell but i think it is it is really closing in on him they're very close to the struck this could wind up with how fast is going every one pull to the side of the world everyone
9:46 am
pulled over the he has not had anyone so many cases where his long straight at oncoming traffic going to intersections which is amazing the cop cars stopped and backed up it was right behind him is almost like they're keeping up with this now he is getting into the area with lots of turns this is clearly a neighborhood. >>darya: much quieter and narrow streets there has to be a huge concern about the safety of people is cutting right across
9:47 am
someone's lawn ride over lawn the cops are really close and he is slowing down and then he picks up speed i cannot believe now he is going through what looks like a wooded area and this is maybe a pack this could be a path through the woods because is not cloud the throat and the trees around it he is
9:48 am
going right through the woods they are not too close behind him he is trying to lure the cops the top seven over him. >>darya: he's definitely slowing down there is no way he can move that fast over the icy and snowy roads now there are trees he had to negotiate there was a lot of this started things we don't know if this also dump or cycling area or some type of trash this is definitely in a neighborhood area he's been on all type of terrain and we've been following just after the carjacking in look like they
9:49 am
might have gone john now he is on the roadway in the correct direction he is in the correct direction but we know what happens. >>darya: as soon as the traffic in front of him there could be a hell on collision several of them could happen in this chase we joined initially after the cops are the follow on him in the chopper got the shot really continuing to follow pretty closely but not close enough that cannot tell where he is to get in front of him.
9:50 am
>>darya: it's like he's thinking about stopping or giving up now he is on a plowed streets this is definitely wide i don't know if it is a one way there is an and the section and that was caught behind him now he is speaking of speed he is really going very fast down this road i guess it is a two-lane road he is right in the middle and area that has not been plowed he goes right to left. >>darya: he certainly has not hit anyone the traffic of around area of kansas city kansas side started in missouri the traffic has been so light and or stop by the cops and some point that no one has been hurt by him and
9:51 am
other than he sideswiped a police vehicle and one. were going to have to cut away and just take a break and will keep falling to see how inds up there is regular vehicles as well i'm going to keep following this we have the live shot we have to take a quick break and we will be right back.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>darya: the craziest things happen outside of kansas city where this truck is leading police on the chase this white truck is a different one this guy got out of the first truck and a carjack another truck this
9:57 am
is the second vehicle he was in a residential area to have their guns drawn the fed did throughout the strips and look like one of them hit the truck because start to swerve a little and then he kept going as the cops and pursued his and a second vehicle and he is on very fast with continuing to follow but we have to leave go to our facebook page we are facebook wiving you concede facebook wife the truck chase played out this is the first carjacking and then the second trucks this been going on for the last two to five minutes go to our facebook and see how resolved we will see you tomorrow morning.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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