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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight. accused of espionage and ordered to leave the country. we are live at the russian consulate in san francisco's pacific heights. it's one of the targets of president obama's unprecedented retaliation for the kkremlin=sponsored cyber=attacks on the presidential election. whoosh i got woken up with him banging on the door former 49er ray macdonald caught on tape abusing the mother of his little boy. nat she tells kron four why she is speaking out tonight, whoosh in vallejo, police hope a new reward offer will lead them to the killer of a local pawn shop owner. whoosh and as the bay area counts down to 2017. we have some tips for staying safe on new yera's eve. you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> steve:35 russian diplomats told to pack up and leave the united states in the next 72 hours. thanks for joining us.i'm steve aveson.
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and i'm vicki liviakis.pam has the night off. some of those right here in san francisco. today president obama announcing tough new sanctions for alleged russian hacking during the 2016 election. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live outside the russian consulate in san francisco ella what have you seen so far? >> reporter:live we've seen russian diplomats come and go from the consulate all afternoon but none have made any comment about the president's orders. i met with the media spokesperson inside the consulate last week who said would be available for questions but tonight it seems to be a different story. pkg i ask to speak with the russian consulates' spokesperson i met with inside last week only to be denied and instructed to call him instead but all day no answer or voicemail option. thursday san francisco's russian diplomats kept to themselves after an order from president obama for 35 consulate members to leave the country and take their families with them. "no comment." the orders are a direct reponse to obama believing russian operatives hacked the u.s. presidential election.
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but some members of the russian community aren't convinced. "i'm not sure what the truth is. one side says one thin the other side says another so it's up to the person to make up their own mind."
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olga chervykova, russian tech reporter "i'm not sure what's happening behind the scenes i need proof like a scientist i need facts i don't need emotions." instead they fear this may be the beginning of many more sanctions "i mean this is like sanctions it's not good i remember people struggling they don't have enough food i remember those times when i didn't have enough food and i wore the same clothes it wasn't nice and i don't want to repeat that for anyone." "i just hope everything, you know, calms down." and hope what is left of the relationship between the two nations doesn't deteriorate further. tag while we've had no answer here, russian officials with the d.c. consulate in posted on twitter to expect a response to the u.s. sanctions tomorrow. live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. the russian government reacted with scorn to the obama administration's moves. a kremlin spokesman called the expulsions and sanctions illegal. and the hacking accusations groundless. catherine heenan shows us how the administration followed the hacker's trail back to moscow. >> catherine: clickety click the sanctions came with a report from the fbi's computer crime unit. tracing the hacks of the democratic party to a pair of russian hackers collectively known as grizzly steppe. backed by russian intelligence agencies, one group known as advanced persistent threat or a=p=t 29, broke into the
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computers last year. "a=p=t 28" followed in the spring of this year, using a technique known as 'spearphishing' to trick users into giving up their passwords. today president obama took the unprecedented step of naming individuals and agencies he said were responsible. they include two hackers already on the f=b=i's most wanted list. in addition, the administration ordered russia to vacate two diplomatic compounds. include this 45=acre retreat on maryland's eastern shore. the president said that's not all, promising "we will continue to take a variety of actions at a time and place of our choosing, some of which will not be publicized." reaction among republicans on capitol hill was mostly positive. "this is sending a message that we will not be pushed around by a country that's basically a gas can in europe wth an economy roughly the size of
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italy." donald trump has dismissed the accusations against russia and its leaders. and expressed doubt about the u=s intelligence implicating them in the hack,
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today he indicated the whole thing is confusing to him. "i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think that computers have complicated our lives very greatly. the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. bay area congressman eric swalwell, who sits on the house intelligence committee.released a statement following today's announcement. it says quote "i support president obama's actions to impose sanctions on russian officials whom our intelligence agencies said were involved in interfering with our presidential election. any foreign power that attempts to meddle in our elections - no matter to whose benefit - must suffer the consequences. we must never allow our democracy to be manipulated for others' ends." in the north bay, the investigation continues into the murder of a popular pawn shop owner in vallejo. 49-year-old timothy pult was killed last week when armed men may have tried to rob his store. other pawn shops are putting up- reward money for information in this case. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in vallejo with details. charles... >> reporter:the california pawnbrokers association is now offering a 25,000 dollar reward for any information that leads to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the people resonsible for the death of vallejo pawnshop owner timothy pult. 49-year-old pult was killed on the evening of december 20th when armed men may have tried to rob his store, pawn advantage, along springs road. pult and his dog were shot and killed and another employee was badly wounded. timothy pult was apparently an active and well liked member of the pawnbroker association. he also mentored fellw pawnshop owner chris adams. on the evening that timothy was killed, adams said that there's a tight bond within the pawnshop community and that they are
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taking this loss hard. sot anyone who owns a pawnshop knows the owner of that pawnshop whether it's in oakland or san francisco. there's not that many of them around. it's hard for us to get into the business. so far, vallejo police have not identified any suspects in this case. witnesses have said that two men were seen running from the store after the shooting. both men, who are described as being light skinned were wearing dark colored hooded sweatshirts. one man was described as being about 6 feet tall with a thin build, the other was 5 foot 6 with a medium build. at least one of the men was seen carrying a handgun. happening today: the two brothers. accused of murdering a man inside a hayward target store on christmas eve. did not enter a plea today. for the second day in a row. grant lodes as been tracking developments in this high profile case. one of the reasons this story is drawing such interest. the man stabbed to death. tyrone griffin.was with his young son in the target when he was killed. 22-year-old frankie archuleta and 25-year-old jesse archuleta.both of hayward. have been charged with murder. each suspect has an attorney. today outside court. we caught up with again.neither suispect has entered a plea in the murder of 36-year-old tyrone griffin. & both are due back in court next month. former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald is still in a world of trouble with the law, following
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several arrests for domestic violence and even an allegation of rape. now mcdonald's ex-fiance. kendra scott is sharing a video of a disturbing encounter she had with him last may. scott says mcdonald broke into her south bay home and physically abused her while she held their young child. she also said this incident mirrored others that left her bruised. scott says she is choosing to speak up for other victims of domestic violence. scott is currently fighting to hault mcdonald's visits with the former couple's little boy. dangerous levels of lead have been found in children living in an east bay city. in fact.the percentage of lead found is higher than the levels in kids living in flint michigan.
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which had a well documented problem with lead in its water. as kron4's haaziq madyun has learned oakland is dealing with a different problem. a recent reuters news report stated. that lead levels in oakland's fruitvale district are worse that was was discovered in flint michigan. the problem there was in the water. "people see the words flint michigan and then they see oakland lead poisoning and then they think water. it's not the water here. it's the lead paint"
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larry brooks is the director of operations here at alameda county healthy homes department.their mission? "research the connection between health and housing and come up with best practices to make sure people live safe and healthy" he says according to data provided by the california department of public health children under the age of 6 living in oakland's fruitvale district have elevated levels of lead posioning and it is directly related to housing
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"there are a lot of aging homes here in the bay area that are not being maintained well, in the 25 years that we have been responding to elevated lead cases, we found that is due to deteriorated lead based paint, more than 90% of the homes in oakland were built prior to 1980, lead was not removed from homes until 1978, also soil is one of the primary sources, most of our cases have been
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traced back to paint or the has never been traced back to the water system" so what is the city of oakland doing about buildings covered with lead based paint? "when their code enforcement officers find lead hazards they report them to us" but he says that is a complaint driven process that will hopefully be replaced by a routine rental inspection program "they're not going to be waiting for a complaint, they are going to already be out there, it will be a part of their routine inspections" routine rental inspections proposal is currently working its way through oakland city legislature. in the meantime health officials say contact pyour child's healthcare providr if you think they have been exposed to lead based oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> steve:air district investigators are still trying to determine the source of the mysterioius rotten egg smell in the bay area. officials believe it could have >> vicki: come from a sulfur release at a chevron refinery in richmond. but they are still investigating. p-g-and -e says nearly 70 residents in richmond and san francisco have reported smelling sulfer over the past two days. they have ruled out any gas leaks. the smell has been non-hazardous so far.but officials are still encouraging people to report it if they detect a similar odor. >> vicki:ahead at eight. we've seen our fair share of people behaving badly. but was it enough to make stanley's top ten list? plus.a special needs school forced to close its bay area locations for good.
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the series of scandals that led to the demise of tobinworld. and next.hundreds of thousands of people expected to flock to san francisco for new year's eve.
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a live report on what police are doing to make sure people stay safe. in just a few daysthe bay area will ring in the new year. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to head into san francisco for the huge fireworks show. the san francisco police department will be out in force to make sure people stay safe. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in san francisco tonight with a closer look at what you can expect. hermela live hundreds of thousands of people again packed the streets of saturday night to ring in the new yearsan francisco police tell me that recent terror attacks around the world have them taking precautions. alsoimpaired driving. you will see a beefed up police presence to address both. hunderds of thousands of people will once again pack the streets of san francisco saturday night to ring in the new year. many will line the embarcadero for the annual fireworks show. that's where additional police officers. both in uniform and plainclothed, will be keep attendees safe. and they're asking that you do your aprt. sot giselle talkoff
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>>: as very different. using social media, look around the city also wants to make sure influence. >> reporter: people we talked to a stay closer to home. >> reporter: they say it's not a matter of if but when. catherine
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carey brittany all going to be like a hotel with holly and severance is still showing in the celebration from world and at midnight as a potential fire workers but the san francisco- based and only have been covered. >> vicki: police say there are no credible threat so far but in light of recent terrorist attacks authorities taking no chances. " assembly chain. and
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it can be someone acting suspiciously. a the rule is really simple piece see something is happening and to be worried total an officer.
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starting at 8pm saturday until 5am sunday. muni, caltrain and the east bay's ac transit will be free. and caltrain and bart will have extended hours and additional trains to carry the crowds home. a co >> britteny: down for a week and the next couple days pig question is will it going is going to ram watching all the carefully laid now looks like we have high showers earlier in the day as a closer to fireworks time closer look at what to expect in a great drop tamara through monday. here early saturday once again monday looks like monday will be the stronger of the two systems and then all and bigger conditions with snow is in store for us. 40 in oakland 51 in san jose livermore in the mid-40s unconquered sun rose at 39 degrees. in tunis
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saturday night. from midnight cooling trend why they need clinicians' cold blast of arctic air will continue pushing down into the south pier you notice the far regions and the south bay down to denver as ago to the weekend and monday tuesday and cry over san francisco called air moving in the so keep customizing called 40 degrees out late and then for neighbors stay low fifties expected foreignness the plan on adding the sierra high country to celebrate their tracking of a system with a little bit of snow
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shower activity yet once again into sunday and tuesday we have chance of snow was well be careful driving in the high country close to alligators and the forecast and 10 more minutes.
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5am sunday. muni, caltrain and coming up in a special edition plus. it's the video that triggered the end of a school for special needs children. a closer look at the tobinworld scandal. hear from people who say their child was assaulted. here's what we're tracking tonight at ten. from a gorilla named harambe, to creepy clowns, to the the digital scavenger hunt known as pokemon go. we look back at what went viral in 2016.setting off a flurry of hashtags. the most shared stories of the year.tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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>> steve:we are getting closer to the end of our "people behaving badly" countdown to 2017. stanley roberts has gone through all the footage from this year. and picked his top ten favorites. tonight at number four: an event that always brings out some characters -- the bay to breakers race. >> stanley: a breakers is a family event. an uncommon to find babies and maybe more babies. once left was of no urination time. other missile
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indication that there might just might be a problem. as also and alcohol free of that. it's the simplest a beat and alcohol free event. and police have hired security officers to do what they can grab containers. analysts s board to the panhandle of the party is in full bloom. >> stanley: been drinking in shock and not by sponsors.
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>> stanley: lee simmons kryptonite the police take a book. that went well. and is considered assault and they had a hole that has. the option to press charges but chose a different approach. alexandra in the hall and packed up the 2016 bay to breakers. bali a special
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the sky heading off in the solos clearing the streets. ahead at eight. violence at an east bay school for students with special needs. it was one of the big scandals kron 4 covered this year. what happened to tobinworld after this video surfaced swiping through music, and no typing addresses into google maps on your phone. just some of the changes coming for california drivers in the new year.
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adlib wx tease a pair of teachers is and students here at tobin world will school and antioch. nat this is cell phone video of an altercation involving a pair of teacher's aides here at tobinworld two in antioch tobinworld is a special education school serving children ages five to young adults up to the age of 22 nat this video was recorded tuesday inside of the school. at one point in the video you can see two people holdign a student by his arms and legs while someone strikes him. nat this clip shows someone in a blue tobinworld shirt on top of the student i don't think no staff member should be doing a kid like that. parents of students here were outraged after seeing this video my heart was broken tobinworld 2 says they immediately "suspended the staff involved, called children and family services and antioch police." they say "the student in the video returned to school wednesday, uninjured. sot - he''s had a few issues, and again he''s a special needs
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child and he shouldn''t be treated like that at all from anyone. this is the first time the boys grandmother is watching video of her grandson being assaulted at school. sot - i pulled her hair and then she put her elbow in my neck, and then that''s when veroni told her to slap me. and chad hold my arms and perry hold my legs and she slap me. police have identified the aide as kamaljoot kaur and cited the video as evidence used to arrest her on child abuse. a second tobinworld teacher''s aide, chad marcell corbin, is also facing a midemeanor count for failure to report child abuse or neglect.
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"who is it?" kamaljot kaur was released from custody. she is out on $100- thousandf dollars bail. i tried reaching her at her home in antioch >> reporter:"i''m sorry there is no one here who would like to leave a comment" according to these court documents kaur is facing one misdemeanor count of cruelty to a child by inflicting injury. lina azizi''s son is a student at tobinworld are you disappointed with the charges? "yes i am" why?
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"because i think she needs to learn her lesson and deserves a little bit more" "i fully support the d.a." colleen pendleton''s says although she support the misdemeanor child crulety charge, she believe the incident to reflects her 12-year-old son''s experience at tobinworld "i''m not going to let one bad apple spoil the bunch. " i would say it''s a bad apple tree four former tobinworld teacher''s aides agreed to come forward and talk about their experiences at the antioch tobinworld campuses after seeing the viral video. they said they never saw anything as exterme as what was caught by a cell phone camera. but they all say they''ve seen other tobinworld staff abuse their power over students. "'i've seen staff contain students just because the
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student was cussing at them, not because the student was physically a threat to anyone around them or even to themselves. but just because the staff was fed up." in the video you can see an aide throw what looks like paper clips at the boy.the former tobinworld employees say at times they have seen other staffers instigate students to make them act outgiving staff an excuse to use force. it would be like their pride gets hurt or they get annoyed or they get fed up with the kids or they just feel like taking someone down." tobinworld documents turned over to kron4 from the state department of education shows that during the 2014/2015 school year students were being bused in from all over the east bay. according to these contracts.some districts agreed
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to pay tobinworld 60, 70and in one case nearly 90 thousand dollars for just one student. "we are concerned and we are looking into it." it was the announcement by california attorney general kamala that her recently formed bureau of children''s justice would be investigating tobinworld that caused the district to take the drastic step of trying to pull all of their remaining students in tobinworld out. an investigation that came not long after kron4''s multi part series of reportsthat uncovered other allegations of abuse at tobinworld. two former teacher's aides are on probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor child abuse. the family of the little boy shown in the video have filed a lawsuit against tobinworld, which still operates a campus in southern california. the man who is chrged with beating his mother to death with a baseball bat on christmas morning.was in court today. 39-year-old matthew salewske was seen today rocking back and forth in his chair.and wearing a yellow jail uniform.which indicates an inmate with psychiatric issues. salewske reportedly admitted to officers arriving at their gilroy residence.that he beat his 70-year-old mother. she later died from severe head trauma. he now faces a maximum sentence of 25-years to life if convicted.
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his next court date is set for january 19th. a 4-year-old boy is in serious condition tonight. after he was ejected from his mother's car in healdsburg. c-h-p say's she is suspected of driving under the influence.
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>> britteny: instead has to go through the day tour of the afternoon and evening. everything clears up nicely we are tracking a beautiful new year's eve broadcast for you. some showers expected late friday saturday had your so on sunday and another system was a monday bring us more snow and more rain to the bay area. kaiser operation tomorrow 56 and stinson beach 62 livermore of '60s 61 on view temperatures half monday and 57. and shows it was see mostly sunny skies tomorrow heading into saturday cool temperatures chance of showers in the morning by sunday, disguise rain returns to the forecast monday tuesday. dropping even more into thursday of next week's
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plus.put down that phone. what you can and can't do with your smartphone while driving. and our financial expert rob black weighs in o whether the trump bump will keep stocks surging in the new year.
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we're just days away from ringing in the new year. which means millions of workers in california and in 18-other states across the country will soon see a pay raise. minimum wage increases will be taking effect on saturday or sunday as 20-17 begins. california will raise its wage to 10-dollars-50-cents for its large businesses. massachusetts and washington state will now have the highest in the 11-dollars an hour. also starting on sunday california drivers cannot hold their cell phones for any reason while behind the wheel. under the law drivers must use hand free technology, such as voice command or bluetooth. it also must be mounted on the windsheild or dash with out blocking your view or airbags. if you have to touch the screen, the law only allows a single swipe or tap of the driver's finger. law makers say this is designed to stop people from using applications that have become popular in recent years while driving. and a heads up for bart riders.
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fines for violating parking rules will also go up in january. if you get caught parking without paying the daily will increase from 35 to 55 dollars. if you park in a space where a permit is required.that ticket jumps from 40 dollars to 75 dollars. also parking fines increase to 100 dollars if you've had more than 5 citations for the same violation in a calender year. bar says the new fines are expected to increase citation revenue by 60 percent. the moment derek carr went down, you could tell immediately he was in serious pain. video from the nfl, we have a different perspective on just how agonizing that moment was. as the raiders quarterback was mic'd up during the game. here is a look at that fateful play. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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>> reporter:
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to months. he also said doctors discovered the bone had already started healing itself. and he expects carr to be fully- recovered by spring. in the meantime, the raiders.are moving forward with matt mcgloin.
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a win in denver on sunday would give the franchise its first division title since 2002. they've won their last two meetings against the broncos.
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the most recent coming in early november, an outing in which the raiders put up 220-rushing yards and latavius murray racked up 3- touchdowns. jack del rio.says this is the next checkpoint in their return to greatness. the 49ers. will host the seahawks this weekend.and one item that will be determined is the team's draft spot for next year.
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they currently have the number 2-overall pick just behind cleveland. but if they happen to finish the year with the same record as the browns, the niners will have the top selection.because of strength of schedule. this will be the 2nd-straight year, they will draft in the top 10. turning to the warriors-- their win against toronto.extended their nba record of most games without back-to-back-losses to 119. >>: 18 and bmi ideal number. and the last three games. six to seven horrible decisions and you and say okay numbers of 13. he's you say that but we have that execute that. mavericks'
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tomorrow night the warriors will come back old friends american barns and andrew bowden. get to that point. golden state led by 20 late in the 3rd quarters. but--due to multiple turnovers, the raptors clawed back to make it a 5-point game. and the inability to maintain leads has been a trend as of late. and a large part of that is three-straight games with at least 20-turnovers. even with his team having the best record in the league, steve kerr.wants to see cleaner basketball. next up--- the mavericks tomorrow the warriors welcome back old friends harrrison barnes and andrew bogut. tough day in the world of college football-- as legendary byu head coach lavell edwards has died. he was the man who led the cougars program to national prominence and the resume is remarkable. over 30-years in provo, he won a national championship. went to 22-bowl games. claimed 20-conference titles. and his quarterback pupils include-- steve young, jim mcmahon and ty detmer. his 257-victories puts him at 7th-all time among coaches. he was 86-years-old. finally, serena ready to tie the knot. the tennis superstar announced today that she and boyfriend alexis ohanian, co-founder of san francisco based website
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'reddit,' are now engaged.
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the two have been dating for about a year. fittingly, she broke the news on her fiance's site.
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and her post implies he proposed to her in rome, the place they first met. >> steve: and it will bring home scoops of it. emetine company that they go to. and if you don't break the crowd saturday night in times square we do have to cover with the local station that will bring in the new year live across the bay area and a british ship here the partying and up at the hotel in san francisco. at the stroke of midnight spectacular fireworks show will lead up the sky over several cisco day.
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>> britteny: it will be called. it will be dry leaves that something that we've been watching the past couple days see few showers and morning and evening of thing should clear up range between the mid thirties to low 40's. few plan to head out or watch the fireworks and stay warm inside and watch shop. will you stay connected with those we will be back stay in the know when you're on the go kron4news-dot-com download or mobile replication as well.
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man: "i foresee a rocky, romantic affair between superstar madonna and super-witness kato kaelin." that's a gimme-- that's not really going out on a limb, is it? "i foresee author j.d. salinger finally publishing a new novel and hitting the talk show circuit to promote it." hmm-- that's just playing the odds. "i foresee the revelation that not elvis "but rather buddy holly is still alive. "having faked his own death so many years ago, "holly will not only reemerge "but also regroup with the crickets "and they will headline in next year's lalapala... lalapaz... pazoola?" what the hell is lalapalazo? who's buddy holly? just give me my lotto ticket


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