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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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what's that mean? >> steve:tonight at ten: we are following two big stories. a major bay area storm -- bringing heavy rain and high winds. right now. a flood advisory is in effect. also tonight: a breaking news story you saw first on kron4 news at eight. the oakland police department reportedly has a new police chief. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. we'll get to the weather in just a moment. first -- grant lodes is here tracking the latest out of oakland.
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our other big story: we are tracking the storm. this is a live look outside at san francisco. we have seen heavy rain all day today throughout the bay area. >> grant: mollen us as going be a threat renews that out of
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oakland. >> pam: live look over san francisco at this hour we're seeing heavy rains all they todaymeteorologist brittney shipp is tracking what's ahed for tomorrow. >> britteny: alliterate fair warning to be wet roads are what you find for the rest of tonight into tomorrow and we show you more more moisture continuing to pour in. a flooded by israelis until 1145 tonight virtually is the entire area basically means you'll probably find on the streets. the very careful closer look better future cast shows and the rest of time or pockets of heavy downpour moves through along with steady light rain of followed by 5:00 in the morning at your downpours close to the
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vallejo and the act also hayward. of the family got your lunch hour things start to lighten up a bit and even see more clearly as we get toward the afternoon was to get closer the 3:00. heaviest rain is already falling and the continued fall over tomorrow night. right now wind gusts of 30 m.p.h. in san francisco a time of the rest of your work week coming up in our fall forecast. tonight our crews are tracking rain and wind all around the bay area. this is a live look from a the conditions on the bridges. wet roads tonight.
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the rain caused problems all over the bay area. from accidents -- to power outages. downed trees. kron4's j-r stone is live in walnut creek -- jr? >> j.r.:the rain and wind causing major problems at airports in the bay area. this is a live look at san francisco international. release of the worst rate that we have seen today is during rush-hour and then this was shot outside of the safeway store in lafayette you can see that it was coming down. it was trying to stay dry also you will see it video here of the pg&e crews the john and i talked with you see he works the graveyard but says they were so busy that they had become an few hours early the busiest in north bay. everyone on the block the have lost power they were looking for the branch that was down but we also saw a number of rex and the chp
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responded to a number of those. 242 earlier round at rush hour when somebody split off the road but right and see what the sound barriers with all this rain a lot of folks that i talked with him that problem with that. >> j.r.: those accidents were not just on the runways also want some the bridges. the car slid out there and then that was the case and somebody different scenarios across the bay many of those the driver is just to slow
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down because this is not going away it. kron4's alecia reid is there live. alecia -- how bad is it? make sure you have the free kron-4 mobile app to track the rain this week. and be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. >>alecia: many found out their flights are canceled or delayed once they got to the airport.
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checking the board claims are heading up an sfo. according to airport officials allah 360 delays and cancellations alex and his family are heading to the marshall islands with a volley over in honolulu while checking and they found out their flight to hawaii was delayed two hours. there's weatherworn aggressive about 1:00 in the morning. >>alecia: pinard has a lot of time to spare and if there is a delay heat it will not jeopardize his connecting flights. this nasty weather is affecting airports across the
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board the latest numbers we have an oakland 90 delays and three cancellations san jose and data we're told 67 delays and one cancellation.
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the 115th congress has been sworn in. and already there is controversy. more on that in a miute. first -- among the new lawmakers sworn in today: now senator kamala harris took the oath of office on capitol hill. kamala harris is the former san francisco district attorney and california attorney general. she now takes the senate seat held by barbara boxer for the last 24 years. the republicans now control both the house and senate. and after january 20-th. the white house as well. kron 4's catherine heenan as what we can expect. >> catherine:the ford car company is canceling plans to build a massive new plant in mexico. after a storm of criticism among the many others president-elect trump. he said that with all that had of the work on to their to make the weakening of the independent watchdog unfair as it may be number one active
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priority heading into the tower in new york vice-president mike penn said the new administration policy. it will likely take some time. instead it is putting its
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money >> pam:the move comes the same day that the president- elect donald trump. threatened general motors over its mexican manufacturing operations. ford is staking the future of its electric car business inside this plant in flat rock, michigan. the company is investing 700- million dollars. and is creating 700 new jobs.
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and many experts say, the move is partly because of the president- elect trump. : it's literally a vote of confidence around some of the pro-growth policies that he has been outlining. today trump tweeted - "general motors is sending mexican- made model of chevy cruze. to u.s. car dealers- tax free across border. make in u.s.a. or pay big border tax!" g.m. says, some chevy cruze hatchbacks are built in mexico, but the sedan version is built in ohio. >> steve:coming up: the horrifying video going viral. a dresser falls on twin toddlers. new tonight - how to make sure this does *not happen in your home. >> pam: then -- also new at ten: a woman says she was fat- shamed online -- for writing a yelp review about a restaurant. and next: police say they've finally arrested a man wanted for this bold bay area crime. the bloomingdales smash and grab heist in walnut creek.
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police in northern california have arrested the third suspect in a 20-15 bloomingdales burglary. grant lodes explains. it happened after a high speeed chase in the central valley. grant? >> grant:back in 2015- 3 men used a stolen suv to break through the front door of a palo alto bloomingdales and took off over 120 thousand dollars worth of jewelry. police were able to arrest 2 of those men but 1 of them was still at large. until now. 31 year old joseph sandoval was arrested near sacramento today in connection with an armed robbery that happened in grass
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valley. this is a photo from the robbery that happened yesterday. today officers spotted sandoval and 2 other suspects in a stolen box truck. they followed them down hwy 70 in a high speed chase. the suspects were driving on the wrong side of the road at times, and a chp helicopter was used track them down. the truck evantually crashed and officers were able to arrest 2 suspects- one of which was also involved in the palo alto bloomingdales burglary. a third suspect is still at large. police have arrested a woman in corte madera after she allegedly stabbed her 73-year-old mother.almost killing her. >> steve:this is tegan alissa shipp. she is now in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.assault with a deadly weapon.and elder abuse.
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her mother says shipp attacked her twice.but she was able to get free and drive herself to the listed in stable condition. shipp is booked under half-a- million-dollars bail and is waiting to appear in court for arraignment on thursday. pic of suspect in email -- make into a fs mug. in san mateo.police say they received a 9-1-1 call about a man breaking into people's homes stealing belongings and sexually groping them. >> steve:when they arrived to the scene.they caught the suspect in the act. 24-year-old ismael espinoza vasquez was seen climbing out of a resident's window near cyprus and kingston streets monday night. he was chased down and placed under arrest. apparently this is not vasquez's first run in with the police.
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he was arrested for sexual battery june of last year after similar behavior at a 24-hour fitness. now investigators are seeing if there are any connections to other cases. a spokesperson with the san mateo district attorney's office says they are looking into all cases involving vasquez. and as for residents.they are hoping this time.he is kept behind bars. >> steve:ivestigators in vallejo say a woman may have witnessed the murder of a pawn shop owner last month. now they are hoping to locate her.looking for information that could lead to the arrest of the shooters. timothy pult was fattaly shot during a robbery inside pawn
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advantage.on springs road in vallejo. a 45-year-old employee was also shot but survived.and a dog was killed on scene as well. police say they are looking potential witness.and are asking her to come forward. two male suspects remain at large.and a 25-thousand-dollar reward has been raised for the informatin leading to their arrest. >> pam:mass murderer-- charles manson-- has been taken to mercy hospital in bakersfield. according to the los angeles times. the 82-year-old is in serious condition. the department of corrections says, it cannot provide information on manson due to privacy laws on health information. he is serving nine life sentences for masterminding a string of killings in 19-69, including the murder of actress sharon tate. manson has been denied parole 12- times. >> britteny: new york and coming home and consume less history of the bay area law should be the
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last of the system we see potentially another moving in and the weekend. we have thursday friday it dry out a bit. and as we head into our morning hours steady rain is expected. quickie up tomorrow morning early riser 530 the 6:00 in the peninsula here rainfall in these days of his whereabouts of the heaviest rain will be. cluster 8:00 in the morning we start t see more moisture shift back to the east. another on a moister moves in as we had toward home from work. so bring your umbrella of more rain showers that the day in the heaviest rain strong as wednesday and it now wind speeds up to climb off for our and have mondayit close to 30 fairfield the situation does shelling into with the rest of the overnight hours and his mom morning. by the time you get up
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closer fiver 6:00 in the morning the soil surface see strong wind speeds inside and we see a colmar day for your wednesday. >> britteny: when does a before 5 m.p.h. to 4 ft. of snow expected for elevations above 7,000 ft. if you have to travel tomorrow i'd say trier best to leave thursday morning verses' wednesday that again in the heaviest snow will fall you notice wednesday late night and early thursday with see a lot of this note taper and more rain and snow in the forecast your seventh day coming up in just a bit. >> pam: heavy rains from wednesday on the north bay checking conditions and ring county kron 4's charles clifford is tracking conditions in marin county.
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>> reporter: former red and us and some counties. heavy rain fell almost all day marin county tuesday this was highway 101 northbound around 3:00. a few miles away surf francis drake clearwater's cover half the roadway. at the drivers were caught off guard. this turned out to be the result of a club storm drain county crews were able to clear a few hours later.
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>> pam:still ahead: the new warriors stadium moves a step closer to becoming a reality. and next: a woman says she was fat shamed online. just for writing a bad yelp review. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed
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or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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an online review sparks a war of words on social media. >> pam:now, hundreds of people are chiming in. it's after the owner of a folsom restaurant fired back at a dissatisfied customer. now that woman is feeling hurt, bullied and fat-shamed.
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reporter ali wolf has the story. >> reporter: nadia trying it this would said the progress and our media controversy left her feeling shame and hurt. 81 as a show her face during our interview after friend took her to wild bill's cheese steak argue on y'all complaining about the service even so the two returned in this time bidding care for the food and updated hurt review. the sundowner fired back and the reviews like calling her and her friend freaks. the tempos about the ordeal and took a step further on their face the profile.
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>> steve:this story is generating hundreds of comments on facebook. pthe woman says some are hurtful -- but many have also been positive. coming up: this very scary video going viral tonight: a dresser falls on a twin toddler. your home safe for kids. ing- and next: a crime warning in the east bay. the very specific homes burglars are targetting in livermore. tonight we are tracking heavy rain and high winds in the bay area. the wet weather will be here for a while. we live in a pick and choose world.
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>> pam:right now a flood advisory is in effect. >> steve:meoteologist brittney shipp is trackign what you need to know. >> britteny: an advisory will say in effect for another hour or so alevin 45 for us. as we go into tomorrow morning we continue see light and steady rain coming down the rtc impressive amounts not the region and the no. date yet to winches. as we go and the rest of tonight heading into tomorrow morning 5 6:00. still dealing with rainfall. you'll want
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>> britteny: in britain for tomorrow a chance of showers. and 48 degrees for the coast mid-40s for the bay and spots. and then once again stays the mid-60s and the warmer air moves in with the system. only really cold day in wednesday's die down. >> steve: make sure you
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have the free kron-4 mobile app to track the rain this week. and be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. happening now in the east bay: livermore police are investigating nine home burglaries that have one thing in common. p all the homes hit in this rash of crimes have on thing in common --- they are all vacant and listed for sale. as kron 4's maureen kelly reports. in most of the cases, the items stolen had been part of the home's staging décor. police say so far the theives have taken electronics.including tv's.appliances.and even home décorbut little things like picture frames. these theives aren't walking away with any big pieces of furniturethe break ins are happenign the same way. bite about lock boxes
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all 9 properties hit have been vacant.and most have been staged. here's an example what a staged home looks's where the homes are filled with furniture and electronics to give the would be buyer an idea of what it would be to live here. and in some what happened with this home here.they aren't taking anything at all. that's what happened inside real estate agent gene williams listing. nothing was stolen.but then they'd de-staged it a few weeks before. he says he came in after finding out the front door was open.and found evidence someone had been here.including cigarette butts and carpet stains. the brokerage he works for has had two other listings hit. we've never had anything like this happen before gene says he's changing his practices to keep his listing safer. police are advising realtors to show their listings by appointment only.and to let neighbors in the area know when a home is they can help keep and eye out for unusual activity.
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maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:the golden state warriors announced today that the official groundbreaking ceremony. on their new san francisco arena will happen on january 17th. the chase center is set to be built in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. at 16th and third streets. the 11 acre project includes 18- thousand seats, restaurants, offices, and a waterfront park. the new arena has been met with some opposition. a group called the mission bay alliance alleges the project will hurt response times at the nearby u-c-s-f medical center. recently a judge rejected two lawsuits by that group. the new arena is set to open for the start of the 20-19, 20-20 season.
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new at ten: we are taking an indepth look at the how to prevent child injuries -- caused by unsecured furniture. that, after a now viral video showing a dresser falling on twin toddlers. you might have seen it already on facebook. it's a very scary safety reminder for parents. before we hear from an expert on how to prevent injuries. we want to show you the video. and tell you why the parents decided to put it online. here is reporter sam penrod. >>:kayli shoff: "this ones bowdy e almost 2 1/2 and they're super rambunctious." >> reporter:there's no question kayli shoff has her hands full with the terrible two's times two. but she never imagined her twin boys would have had such a close call last week. after trying to climb onto the drawers of the dresser in their bedroom-- tipping it over and trapping brock. >>:kayli shoff: "because i usually hear everything. we didn't hear a cry. we didn't hear a big thud, so we just--we
10:36 pm
woke up, looked at the camera, we're like 'what's going on? are they still sleeping?' then we saw that it was all the way down they were just still playing. so we didn't know if it had landed on them." but as they reviewed the bedroom video camera. they were horrified at what they saw-- and immediately
10:37 pm
secured the boys' dresser to the wall. kayli shoff: "so, we bolted it to the wall, obviously in the back." kayli says she debated for a few days about sharing the dramatic video. but in the end felt responsible to help raise awareness about the dangers of unsecured dressers. "everybody needs to bolt down their dressers to the wall. i mean, we just didn't think about it. so, accidents are gonna accidents are gonna happen. so, we just want awareness to this one accident that happened and hope that it doesn't happen to any other family." --nats-- while the video of the dresser falling over is hard to watch. it also captures little bowdy trying to help withbrother. kayli shoff: "bowdy just came around and, again, assessed the situation, thinking 'i need to help my twin brother. what do i do here?' so, he sat there and thought. tried to left it at first. obviously, that didn't work. so he just pushed with all of his might and it just pushed it right off of his brother. i really believe in the twin bond. you always hear that. and i really think these two have it." that video of those twins is leading some safety experts to remind parents to protest their most precious investments. grant lodes is here with the sobering statistics.and advice about how to prevent a tragedy
10:38 pm
in your home. >> grant:the numbers are alarming. some 33-thosuand people are injured every year when furniture tips over on them. experts are urging people to anchor items to the wall so they cannot tip over. most people are not as lucky as the kids in this now viral video. experts recommend filling the lowest drawers with the heaviest items in a piece of furniture. not put toys or other eiticing things on top of it.don't make it alluring at the top. and, if possible.lock the drawers. no, as a parent it's not convienent to unlock a drawer every time you have to open it. but.if you're looking to take every precaution. not a bad idea. when you cosider every two weeks.a child dies from furniture falling on them.
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>> reporter:50, 60 as much as 70% off pretty attractive bargains that has had brits spending big.
10:42 pm
over the last few days it's estimated they will have spent nine billion dollars. good news for retailers obviously but, shoppers may soon see their spending bbble burst as brexit pushes up prices. already we're seeing the impact brits will have to pay 11% more for an apple iphone. why? because of this. over the last 6 months sterling has been wildly fluctuating for example, this £10 pound note
10:43 pm
has been worth anywhere between 12 and 15 dollars. these swings coupled with a lack of clarity over brexit a plan makes it difficult for retailers to protect themselves against loses. -richard hyman, retail analyst: "i think it's going to be extremely difficult for retailers to protect themselves against price rises, against the impact of a devalued sterling. if you and i trade side by side on the high street in competition, my currency hedging runs out three months before yours does and i put my prices up-- guess where my customers are going to go? i think it's going to be extremely difficult to make price rises stick." the u-k also relies heavily on imports: clothes made in south east asia. technology from china imports which could become more expensive currently the uk enjoys cheaper trade tariffs as part of being in the e-u. if the country fails to reach the right deal with the bloc it+ will have to use world trade organisation rules, which come with higher tariffs.
10:44 pm
a bottle of wine could set you back an extra 14% and some analysts are predicting it will cost you an additional 12% to be en trend with the latest fashions. but are shoppers enjoying the january sales aware of the possible increases? man 1: "i have noticed that prices are secretly creeping up both online and in the shops for certain. a lot of tech, food seems to be creeping up a little bit.household bills not at the moment i haven't noticed - - certainly things on the high street.' man 2: "i expected given the uncertainty prices to fluctuate in some ways. i expect us to be a bit worse off." cautious words from brits who now have no say on what deal their country may get in brexit negotiations. isa soares, c-n-n, london
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the rain typically means more traffic accidents all around the bay area. desite the slick roads. the
10:47 pm
california highway patrol believes many of the crashes are actually avoidable. the raiders return to greatness now falls on the shoulders of a rookie quarterback. as connor cook will be starting this saturday's playoff game against the texans. jack del rio and company.back to work today. and due to the inclement weather, the team moved practice to the gym at castro valley high school our kron4 crews caught up with them as they left headquarters. >> stanley:
10:48 pm
as the conversation that we had when i asked why he was going so fast. also state law with headlights on one-year wipers are on this airport shuttle bus get this the driver slowed down to an unsafe speed to avoid getting stopped. it did not work.
10:49 pm
this saturday, 23-year-old playoff game.
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>> britteny: and tear evening commuter another round of light rainfall slowing you down and that that will pick up a lot more rain we might see anywhere between an inch tap to and half inches from the region. half an inch in san francisco between tonight and tomorrow another half an inch in petaluma. another initiative vacaville. and the shares drop back down 33 and run out of moisture. that's
10:51 pm
a perfect day to drive and then when steve's right now very strong 30 m.p.h..
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>> gary: 01 now utah football or a coat. and they showed up. there are a little too soggy and let's go on a bus over the castro valley high school. in the practice indoors today as we stand right now the three and half point underdog
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>> gary: we you the screen and see what they look like. and a full screen graphic for you as ronald son. jimmy raye the third his dad walks part-time was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers for the head coach the team that jumps out redskins offensive coordinator sean only 30 years of age his grandfather
10:55 pm
john mcvay was bill walsh his right-hand man. also vance joseph a defensive coordinator will interview for the 49ers coaching position. >> gary: lawyers are planning to marmite and a host portland's steve kerr says hay and on even
10:56 pm
scout korea out too many of the opponents at least at this juncture but rise a day this he is coming back to play for the oakland a's and the sky helped bell overplays for the giants play for the aids and then numerous other team's 36 years of age and hang around this coming season. we sat with a bunch of sharp colonize. and they wanted a little more scoring.
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>> pam: mayor libya has an antilles the department. we have much more and when the city will make a formal announcement. >> grant: is woman beverly the pleas apartment and she comes to oakland where she's been waiting what they called an organizational development. and had been a cabinet takeover


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