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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:tonight at ten: >> pam:a fire in concord rips forcing some people to escape through windows. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >>steve:and i'm steve aveson. tonight -- we are hearing from someone who was in the building when the flames broke out. we also have new video after the fire started. you can hear the panicked onlookers. >>steve:this video was sent in by a viewer. showing just how intense the flames were. a scary situation -- but no one was hurt,. >>steve: >> pam:kron4's lydia pantazes is live on the scene tonight. with the story you'll see
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only on four. lydia? all of >> us just i've the someone was burning something and the kitchen. and the whole kitchen was on flames spread. >> i started yelling for people to get out of the house and i read out and realize my dog was still in there and i had to run in there and get my dog as well. >> reporter: 4 people were in the bottom apartment and
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they had to come out for safety. as the flames burned to the building. >> heard a lot of commotion inside. i saw windows breaking. people are starting to get out of their homes. >> if no one was able to get out of the window they could not live. >> tonight, we were lucky and got people out. with minor injuries. and that is a good thing. when you have limited damage. >> reporter: people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. laurel ought--
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>>steve:tonight at ten: as the bay area reels from the last round of heavy rain and high wind. we are tracking an *even stronger storm on the way. today the cleanup was underway all over. francisco -- a damaged tree right next to a playground golden gate park. >>steve:it wasn"t just trees -- there were flooded roads -- and even mudslides. more on the damage ahead. >>steve:first -- rain still falling tonight. >> pam:this is a live look at san francisco. >> pam:meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking what's ahead. >> brittney: we are tracking flooding rains over the weekend. more of the rain/snow mixed over the sierra. that will melt a little bit of the snow. it will be messy and the sierra this weekend. plus we are
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expecting more snow in the higher elevations. >> brittney: as you wake up tomorrow morning. and had to work the the thing is it will be a dry commute. -- and head to work >> brittney: it will be cooler temperatures in the 30's midland. mostly sunny skies. we will stay in the high '40's low 50s for the daytime high. i will have more details on the next large system that will move through coming up in about 15 minutes. >> pam:our team covereage continues now with grant lodes, who takes us around the bay. as people deal with one storm and prepare for another, bigger one. >> pam:grant? >> grant: yes, pam. it is
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sobering to think this most recent storm is just a warm- up for what's to come this weekend. it's a mess here in the santa cruz mountains. >> grant:crews are working long hours to clear rock and mudslides like this one on san jose-soquel road. the slides in many cases pulling down trees and power lines. this comes after heavy rain overnight, as much as a half inch per hour in some areas, was simply too much for the already saturated soil. >> grant:there are at least four more slides like this one farther up the road. on highway 17, drivers dodged downed trees, power lines and widespread flooding that is blamed for several mostly minor accidents. >> grant:in golden gate park. a nearly 50 f00t monterey cypress tree had to be chopped down.after it was damaged by another falling tree overnight. >> grant:the playground at mother's meadow was closed off by caution chainsaws buzzed.and heavy equiptment was brought in to clear the cut up logs and branches. >>a tree crew and a heavy equiptment crew will be on standby this weekend. there are roughly 70- thousand trees in golden gate park.
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>> grant: so, a lot of opportunities for issues there. >> grant:more tree trouble in marin county. this big tree in san anselmo started to come down.and got caught up on power sparks.causing a handful of power outages for a time today. >> grant:crews used a 100 ton link-belt crane to rig up to the tree and then took it down from the top. >> grant: if we are all driving over the weekend. especially sunday, flooded roadways. not at sonoma county. you see a pulling rapier with creeks and streams running high. >> grant: the advice from
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public safety people if you approach flooded areas please turnaround. it is impossible to know how deep the water is. >> gabe: >> pam: thanks, grant. >> pam:make sure you have the free kron-4 mobile app to track the rain this week. be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. >>steve:another big story tonight; the oakland police department's new chief was formally introduced today. she is anne kirkpatrick -- and comes to the o-p-d after reforms at the chicago police department. >> pam:we first broke the news that over last night on kron4 news at eight. >> pam:today, kron4's dan kerman when the new police chief was introduced. >> anne kirkpatrick/new oakland police chief --thank you oakland, y'all have been nothing but absolutely welcoming to me >> reporter:saying she's had a heart for oakland for many years, the kirkpatrick mixed
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good old pledge that she cannot be administrator and the mayor introduced her to reporters and the public wednesday. >> libby schaaf/oakland leader with integrity able to change culture, someone who would deliver on fare and just policing, prevent violence and increase accountability >> reporter:kirkpatrick comes to the opd after the department has been embroiled in a year long sex scandal and a revolving door of police months she's overseen reforms at the chicago police department, but says her focus here will be on more than reform. >>reform is where we have we direct behavior, i am more interested in transformation, that's the change in thinking that's the cultural change. >> reporter:kirkpatrick has been a police officer for 34 years. she butted heads with the police union while serving as chief in spokane, but pledged to hold opd officers accountable for their conduct. but as an
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outsider she also said she knows its up to her to earn the trust and respect of her officers. >>for the men and women of the oakland police department i want you to know i have the courage to stand by you and i will. and you have a community that wants to love you and i am going to do everything i can to earn that for you >> reporter:dan kerman, kron4news >> pam:communtiy leaders, city leaders, and residents have anne kirkpatrick. an outsider is a good choice. with a fresh set of eyes overlooking the department. >> pam: if chief kirkpatrick is going to be successful in building a better relationship between police and the communtiy. young people should be among those involved.
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>> young people are looking for more accountability with the police. but what was to have interaction with the police and vice versa. >> pam:kirkpatrick promises to rebuild damaged relations with oakland's significant black community, while working to revitalize a demoralized rank- and -file force. >>steve:in the east bay: a daytime highway shooting ileaves neighboring businesses stunned. >> pam:kron 4's hermela aregawi reports from castro valley. on what police believe happened before the gunfire. >> reporter: pollees, say it was likely run--rolled away -- road rage. >> the pricing side by side. -- the racing side by side.
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>> reporter: coming off the exit and sped south on bread what wrote. finding it-- on redwood road >> reporter: 5 did bowling --being bullet casings. >> if we saw anything suspicious. >> because this is a busy street we board is working away and did i hear anything. >> reporter: those who work nearby says think not have been like this. and they are concerned. >> it could have been a bystander.
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>> have been here over 20 years and definitely seeing a change in the area. so if it is concerning. paul >> reporter: least to have a description of the suspect and they do have more of the this option of the vehicle. --please do not have a description of the suspect. however, they do have more details about the car involved. >> pam:coming up: >> pam:it may look like a scene out of movie -- but it is real life. we have newly relased surveillance video. of a police shootout inside a walmart store. >>steve:then: democrats warning that republicans won't make america great again --- they'll make america sick again. tonight -- the president's plan to stop the repeal of obamacare once he leaves office.
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>> pam:and next: local police asking for your help to track down a man suspected of assaulting a pregnant woman. we'll show you where the alleged crime happened.
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>> pam:colma police are trying to track down a man who assaulted a pregnant restaurant employee. police say last month the man shown here... was upset over what he believed was an incomplete order at a restaurant. >> pam:this happened at a popeye's on serramonte boulevard -- near the colma target. >> pam:investigators say the suspect became angry and
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jumped over the counter.demanding a refund the pregnant worker feared for her safety and gave him the money back. >> pam:he then left.but came back a few minutes later and spat in her face. police say he drove away in a black four door mercedes sedan. >> pam:steve? this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >>steve:the city of pacifica is holding a special meeting to consider approval for a contract to abate hazards. and ultimately demolish a building that is at risk for toppling over onto a beach. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from outside that meeting. what's the latest? >> reporter: the city council came together en i unanimously approved to agree that the building at 3 tent esplanade had to go. 310 esplanade
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>> reporter: last year it was deemed unsafe for living purposes because of erosion. >> reporter: city manager sass that both the 310 and 320 felt to take care of the dilapidated building. filing for bankruptcy, and although the city has been trying to get reimbursed of the demolishing for 320 they are not getting anywhere. and now they have to get rid of three tanned because of safety issues. --because of safety issues. >> reporter: $218,000 is the
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cost. >> when you look at that building it is imminent danger. >> reporter: it will cost a lot more if the building falls down below. >> reporter: reporting from pacifica,alecia reid- kron4news. >> pam:we have learned of the first flu death in the bay area says, one person recently died after getting sick. few details are available, but county health officials say, the person was under the age of 65. and had a medical condition that put them at sk. >> pam:this is the third death statewide so far this flu season. >>steve:another big story: >>steve:the future of obamacare took center stage on capitol hill today.
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>> pam:a "fired up" president obama strategizes with democrats health law. while incoming vice- meeting with republicans. to plan the tricky process of rolling back obamacare. >>steve:reporter michelle kosinski has details. >> reporter:the white house responded today -- slamming republicans for not yet presenting a replacement plan. . president- elect donald trump is not backing down on his criticism of the u-s intelligence community. tonight, he is casting doubt on the conclusion that russia meddled in the presidential election. >> reporter:and he is appearing to place his trust in wikileaks founder julian assange instead. >> reporter: the president says half they need to call it tromp care. -- trump care
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>> the republican plan to cut health care will not make america great again it will make is sick again. and lead to chaos. >> reporter: >> promises of all, care have all been proven to be false. if you like your doctor you can keep him. if you like your care you can keep it not true. - >> reporter: in a series of tweezed to warrant democrats. -- tweets
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>> reporter: be careful. >> pam:trump tweeted -- >> pam:julian assange said. "a 14- year old could have hacked russians did not give him the info!" >> pam: insisted in an interview, the emails stolen from manager- podesta - did not come from a government source. >> pam:and just days before trump is set to meet with
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the directors of the cia, fbi and national intelligence. >> pam:trump also tweeted: >> pam:"the "intelligence" briefing on so-called "russian hacking" was delayed until friday, perhaps more time strange!" >> pam:meantime, donald trump is facing criticism from some members of his own party. who are pushing for more addition to the action already taken by president obama. >> pam:still ahead: >> pam:police say they have a serial robber in custody. now they want to know if you may have been a victim. >>steve:and next; newly relased surveillance video showing officers followed by a wild shootout. coming up: how california is already gearing up for a legal adminstration.
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>> grant: there is the gun man. from a different angle you can see him in the red. he make the mistake for cornerback to get his gun.
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which gave the officer the opportunit to shoot and kill him this happened in april. but, at the video has been released after a request. the guy in the richard godown. one officer is still on leave the one that was shot in the face. the one that was sliding there, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. pretty unbelievable. >> pam: newly released surveillance video shot officers common it's just a date.
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>> pam: tonight we are tracking a even stronger storm system. the neurologist,--me urologist push meterologis , brittney
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shipp is in the weather system. >> brittney: our higher elevations was seeing more snowfall. you can see of the north bay is a long, drawn- out. --you can see the north bay is drying out. >> brittney: cooler conditions. temperatures in the 30's. with the highs at 40 or 50. >> brittney: coming up we will talk more about the river atmosphere that will cause a dramatic rainfall for the weekend. >> pam: make sure you have
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the free kong for mobile application to track the rain this week. be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we will keep you updated breaking news push dollars. -- the free fro four kron4 >> technical difficulties
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>> pam:now senator kamala harris is beginning her term on capitol hill taking on immigration reform. today she tweeted: as my first official act as california's u.s. senator. >> pam:i'm co-sponsoring legislation protecting the 744k dreamers from being deported. kamala harris is the former san francisco district attorney and california attorney general. >> pam:she now takes the senate seat held by barbara boxer for the last 24 years.a big story:
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>>steve: fare evaders has hit a road block. >>steve:one of the main ways people get into the stations without paying is through the swinging emergency exit gates. bart tried to bolt some of those shut -- but the fire department made them scrap that plan because it violated fire code. >> pam:now it's back to the drawing board. despite the ease of fare evading -- just know there are some serious consequences if caught. a
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lot stories... (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. knopf >> stanley: which if you carry your the belsen dollars items was smoking a cigarette there are other issues. >> stanley: losing $1.10, after making so many-- after making a certain amount per year due to lost theirs. >> stanley: fairs >> stanley: these are
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basically the only -- podspolicies everything else is questionable. >> brittney: more rain showers and over the weekend unfortunately. the next thing is to check of heavy rain showers right over the weekend. with a total washout. saturday and sunday included. >> brittney: warmer air will move in with the next system. so, our temperatures will move back up. but a lot of rain will be
10:48 pm
associated with the system. we are expecting pteridophyte inches. that is a lot of rain showers to come down and one. . --in a period >> brittney: willing fall right now is mainly in the east bay and south bay. mostly cleared up in the north bay. but this time you get up tomorrow and head to work you will see dry conditions. there is a lot of snow to come down. in the higher elevations and lake tahoe area. >> brittney: thursday and friday we will see clearer conditions. >> brittney: if you want to drive to the sierra heat tomorrow afternoon is your best bet and friday is good.
10:49 pm
however the weekend starting with saturday more snowfall coming down. and this will happen all day on saturday and sunday. but, take a look at this would be happier caring showers with warmer temperatures. p >> brittney: by friday, mostly sunny. with the 34 degrees. and '40's with the rain, snow mixed. >> brittney: is is moisture that will continue pushing and with that atmosphere river the event. >> brittney: moving in from the tropics right into our region. >> brittney: that is what our rainfall amount will be high. >> brittney: as we look at seymour rain pushing into
10:50 pm
the sea the totals as we go into the weekend will be anywhere from 3 to 5 in.. >> brittney: 25 our temperature change. nine in san francisco with cooler temperatures. >> brittney: unsettled weather three times as for the weekend and leaders into next week. faugh-- -- and lingers into next weekend.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: golden state hoping to extend their 3-game winning blazers from oracle arena. oakland native damian lillard has missed the last four games with an ankle i njury. >> gary:the raiders down to their 3rd string quarterback are in houston saturday jack del rio in the raincoat hoodie and dark glasses >> gary:khalil mack warming his arm up >> gary:and sebastian janikowski the kicker wearing the red quarterack jersey seems like everyone is in the mix at qb we didn't >> gary:but it's connor cook
10:52 pm
who will be starting under center in the wild card game >> gary:he will be the first player first start at quarterback in a playoff game >> gary:here are cook and del rio on the rookie's historic debut >>0-2 between san antonio and cleveland >> gary:31-5! >> gary: here faughwe go!-- here we go!
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>> i am just embracing the opportunity. i am going to have fun at and obviously, i have prepared myself. so i am looking to just go out there and do my best. >> for us, it is about letting one man do their job and the rest of us to do hours. --ours >> gary:the 49ers fired chip kelly on sunday and the search for a new head coach started today.
10:54 pm
buffalo bills offensive coordinator and current interim head coach anthony lynn is the first to interview for the 49ers head coaching job >> gary:he interviewed for the same job last season and again for the offfensive coordinator's job with chip kelly lynn has said he'd prefer to stay in buffalo as permanent head coach but is still taking other interviews >> gary:frenchman robert marchard set a world cycling record for his age group and his age group in 105- and-up yes the 105-year-old set the record by cycling 14 miles in an hour >> gary:marchard received a standing ovation after finishing the 92 laps around the velodrome about 22 miles west of paris he said he could have gone faster if he had seen a sign telling him he only had 10 minutes left he adding he is now waiting for a rival >>steve:thanks gary. here's what's next! >> gabe: samsung may have
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