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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 9, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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reeling from a deadly storm. just to be a river of rain this weeks. >>steve:from the russian river. >>never seen it like this >>steve:to the santa cruz mountains >>we didn't think it was every going to stop >>steve:to the waterlogged east bay >>steve:rivers rising >>big time flooding >>steve:hillsides give way >>mud, dirt, rocks boulders >>steve:even as the cleanup begins. kron four tracking new storms heading our way. >> pam:thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>steve:and i'm steve aveson. >>steve:kron-4 is all around the bay area tonight tracking the rain and the storm damage. kron-4's j-r stone is in guerneville. where some of the worst flooding happened. >> pam:charles clifford is
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in the north bay. where roads have been damaged >> pam: >>steve:and spencer blake is in the east bay where more rain is expected tonight. let's start with chief britney. since winston >> brittney: >> brittney: we are seeing a lot of reporting of floods and white rain coming down in mill valley. we are still seeing a light rain. all of this is trekking to the east and there is more to come. >> brittney: 1 to 2 in. of additional rain showers are expected. it will also pick up our wind speed of 60 mi. per hour with a wind at pfizer reported--with a wind
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advisory. >> brittney: i am tracking more details and timing out the rain showers when i see you again. >> pam: thank you, brittney >> pam:now to the north bay. where neighbors from marin to sonoma to napa. have been dealing with high water, downed trees, power outages >>steve:this afternoon, a large rockslide near saint helena sliverrado trail and we have learned that roadway will remain closed until at least tomorrow morning. >>steve:kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in napa with details. charles.. >> reporter: the rock slide of about a mile from where i am standing to the north. let's take a look at video. with a real shot sent to us by our viewers at this afternoon. you can see that is at the intersection.
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between those roles. if we zoom in and enhance the gazebo rocks are called when all lanes of silverado trail. --if we zoom in and enhanced the picture you concede the rocks are covering all the lanes of silverado trail. >> reporter: still sitting on the hillside tripping to fall down. >> haney for carelessly and too much of the threat of the public so we will keep the roads closed for the rest of the night and re- evaluated in the morning. >> reporter: 2 mi. of silver rattle trial closed. at least until tomorrow. --2 mi. of silverado in road
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close police until tomorrow. >> reporter: at the very latest period, charles clifford, 4 news. >> pam:some of the worst flooding is in the north bay. you can see cars nearly submerged in guerneville in this video from our helicopter partnership with a b-c7. >>steve:that's where we find kron-4's j-r stone he joins us live near the russian river that is above flood stage right now. >>steve:j.r? >> reporter: certainly i s steve. >> reporter:areas of pleasant hill that were under water on sunday are getting more rain tonightbut so far things >> reporter: we are talking
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about two to 5 ft. inside. this road is only one of the locations that have flooded out near the russian river. i do want to go to some of the deal that i shot within the last two hours. you can see where people cannot drive through this. they are stuck in their homes unless they have abode. -- a boat >> reporter: they had to get something from the store. they want a mile just before they get to land before they walk to the store. >> this is a people fine yard and backyard. -- people's front and back
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yards. >> if we get more rain showers and people are born to be trying to get out of your spirit--people will try to get out of here. >> reporter: we could see river levels go higher than where they work and the storm. so we are talking about flood waters that could go higher than what you see right now. j.r. stone, kron4news >>steve: we are under water on sunday and are getting more rain tonight but don't look as bad. kron four's spencer blake is live in the east bay. have they had time to catch their breath in between storms, spencer? >> reporter: just barely drizzling here in pleasantville. people are in
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a flood zone and they know what to expect and they use this time in between storms to get prepared for more. >> reporter:parts of pleasant hill were closed off to cars sundaywith water rising beyond the curbs. >>"the streets were flooded, had the cops over there blocking off the street." p isaac castillo was stranded in his house during that time, so he was able to started collecting in the dip just down the road. >>"it got kinda close to the lawn, but it didn't get all the way on the lawn, but it still impacted the drivers." >> reporter:anita ditzel's house is much closer to the drainage system that leads to a flood canal, so things were more dire at her place. >>"yeah, when i got home last night, i noticed there was tan bark like halfway up my driveway, like a big line and lots of bark in the street that's washed away from both my neighbor's and my yard. and it looks like the water was halfway up the driveway." >> reporter:after all thatno significant damage. >> reporter:but it was smart for neighbors to leave their sandbags out as a protection for their garagesbecause it started pouring again monday night.
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>> reporter:up the road in lafayette, a utility worker was clearing water from the phone cables. >>"right now we're in storm condition, so we're working around the clock. sometimes we work ten hours, twelve hours a day." >> reporter:and the few hours between rainfall were golden opportunities for the bucket several sites. if all of >> reporter:back in pleasant hill, there could be more flooding, but it should pale in comparison to sunday's downpour. >>"there is some type of worry, but it's just another night. we need the rain." >> reporter:this side of the street is the other side. people told me about one house in particular where the garage has flooded before. >> reporter:those people weren't home when i went to talk to thembut of course, they have sand bags lined up on their driveway. >> reporter:live in pleasant hill, spencer blake, kron four news.
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>> pam: thanks, spencer! >> pam:tonight. as rain falls. .and the clean-up in many cases, are still dealing withgrant lodes is here with some of the most dramatic images from around the bay area. >> grant:when cars and suv's are good. you see how close the water is to homes as well. >> grant:all this from the russian river.which spilledthe river floods when it reaches 32 feet.early this afternoon at high tide, it was around 35 feet. >> grant:this video comes courtesy of our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7. >> grant:a vineyard along the river is partially underwater. on the vines at the moment. some farms will definitely be shutdown for a while. >> grant:building after building. is flooded. they aren't quite underwater but you get the idea. we saw what looks like a greenhouse that was flooded and then as you move along the river. you see just how swollen it is. bridge but it came pretty close. and the road next to the river. flood-free for
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now. >> grant:now to the south bay.where silva's crossing on miller avenue here in west gilroy was under four feet of water earlier today. and the road through christmas hill park is closed. >> grant:uvas creek is more like a raging river. neighbors of the creek came down for a look, thankful the rain let up when it did late last night. >> grant:we stay the gilroy where flooding on highway the freeway in both directions last night. this was between 10th street and state highway 25. it was shut down for more than eight hours.until the c-h-p was able to re-open lanes around 5:00 this morning. >> grant:and just outside gilroy.state highway hollister still shutdown because of a mudslide between wastsonville road and pole line road.
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>> grant:the c-h-p says it could take days or even weeks for crews to cleanup and repair that area. >> grant: pam? >> pam:thanks, grant! >> pam:rock and mud slides. another major problem caused by the storm. were battered by falling rocks and loose soil. >>steve:by far. the largest was a mudslide that shutdown northbound lanes of highway- 17. it trapped an a-b-c- 7 news van early this morning. and triggered traffic because of lane closures. >>steve:then, as commuters looked for alternate routes. they ran into another slide on highway -35 that blocked summit road. it was one of some 30 roads affected across the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter:the storm has caused major damage across the bay area- aside from flooding uprooted trees have crushed cars, homes and in one case killed a woman in the east bay. >> reporter:tonight kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in san francisco. where more trees have fallen over.
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>> reporter:this is just one tree we've found in part of san francisco whose large tree branch has fallen over missing this parked car by a few inches. >> reporter:phil danielson, bay area arborist cooperative >>"if that's in a forest it's not a big problem but in an urban environment you have targets you have people and structures and cars." >> reporter:and that's exactly what we're seeing across the bay area during the latest rain storm. >> reporter:trees have crushed cars, homes, and unfortunately this weekend a woman was fatally struck on a san ramon golf course. >>"there must be enough velocity, it doesn't take much if it hits the person on the head." >> reporter:outside this san francisco home at monterey blvd and ridgewood ave- it was a close call. >>david gimbelivich, san francisco >>"it happened yesterday walked out of my house saw it was down. very lucky nobody was parked nearby." >> reporter:just two blocks away - more tree limbs were found lying where a car could have been parked. >> reporter:although this can be described as a freak accident uprooted trees and fallen branches can be a deadly reality or financial set back. >> reporter:it's not always obvious - but there are some signs a tree may be vulnerable to toppling over.
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>>"if you see a big crack on a limb on a large limb of a tree or one indicator would be if the ground is bulging up on one side." >> reporter:so don't panic but remain cautious and at least during this storm try not to hang out under trees. live in sf ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> pam:ahead at eight. >> pam:a judge hands down a decision in a lawsuit by the family of kate steinle. against the city of san francisco. p >>steve:the storm taking a toll on the peninsula as well. causing major traffic backup and shutting down roads. >> pam:an east bay teacher murdered. tonight the search is on for the killer.
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>> pam:a judge has decided. san francisco cannot be
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sued over the death of kate steinle. today, a federal judge dismissed the wrongful death claims made by her family. >> pam:you may remember, steinle was shot to death along pier 14 in san francisco. allegedly by an undocumented immigrant in july 2015. he was later identified as juan francisco lopez. >> pam:he was released from jail a few months earlier despite requests to keep him behind bars. >> pam:san francisco is a sanctuary city. >>steve:marine biologists are now trying to figure out how a the oakland waterfront. the female whale was found on saturday. it is now tied up to a pier near angel island while the marine mammal center tries to find out how it died. the whale is 40 to 60 feet long. >>steve:it is either a blue or fin whale. biologists cannot perform a necropsy exam until weather conditions improve. the exam will not only determine how it died. but give biologists more information about the species. >>steve:pam
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>> pam: it looks pretty wet on the ground. pretty is standing by. -- brittney shipp, is standing by. >> brittney: this was that no lead a powerful system. and we do have a when the by is re. what went fast to get to 50 to 60 mi. per hour. --this was a powerful system. and we do have a wind advisory enough that. it should get anywhere from 50 to 60 mi. per hour. >> brittney: we do have a
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coastal flood advisory. >> brittney: damaging wind speed, wind advisory will stay in effect until all of tomorrow. >> brittney: hey word out through livermore should alcee rainfall. --hey word out through livermore should alcee rainfall. >> brittney: closer look at the coastal flood advisory i was telling you about. low- lying areas could be affected by this along with all of the rain i have been tracking. have your pockets of rainfall coming down through the heaviest rain will be over your evening
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commute. closer to eight and 9:00 at night. and a really heavy grain pocket. --heavy rain pocket >> brittney: with the next system closer to look 2 in. for the north bay sound. and we will look at the sierra coming up. >>steve: thanks, brittney! >>steve:in pacifica, cal trans officials say the worst of the storms aftermath was felt by commuters. around 11 last night a landslide occurred just north of the reina del mar exit. >>steve:that made the morning commute a nightmare delaying many for several hours >>steve:the bumper to bumper traffic continued until around six temporary barrier was laid alongside the shoulder of northbound highway one. to prevent any further intrusion of dirt.
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>>steve:just a few blocks away. due to the crumbling hillside known as 310 explanade remains standing, but not for long. >> >>steve:the city expects the complex to be demolished sometimebut with rain and heavy winds in the forecast this week. government officials are currently planning a response to this storm. >> pam: >>steve:new ahead at 8. >>steve:hollywood taking aim at the president elect now donald trump is firing back. and stirring more controversy. >> gabe: if you drop your fine in a brain powell i can help you out. what to do to
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>> pam: i had tonight at 88 search for a suspected shooter when a police officer is killed in the line of duty. what the suspect was wanted for. -- and ahead at eight the man goes before a judge. as we learn more about the moments he pulled out a gun and opened fire. -- and the deadly
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>steve: flooding, blocked roads and landslides. a powerful storm taking its toll on the bay area. and the brain is not over yet. >>steve: --rain is not over yet. >> pam: we are tracking another round moving in now. chief meteorologist, brittney shipp joins us now . >> brittney: 9 mi. off the coast a another batch of
8:31 pm
moisture pushes its way through san francisco. >> brittney: heavier down powers by tomorrow morning. -- down purours >> brittney: wednesday morning. everything will lighten up. with a few isolated showers through wednesday morning. >> brittney: just over 2 in. in petaluma and parts of san francisco with the moisture pushing towards the east with heavier still fall and snowfall levels keep dropping. >> brittney: we could see two to 5 ft. of stone fought at the lake level. >> brittney: you want to be really careful in the
8:32 pm
sierra. driving tomorrow, you want to be careful. if you can you will notice i wednesday work things will start to lighten up. >> brittney: a lot of snow on to say and same thing on wednesdays. temperatures they cool at 31 degrees. we do have a lot of wind up advisory's up to almost 60 mi. per hour pushing into thursday. >> brittney: your seven they forecast shows as we head into tomorrow with temperatures ellis' at close to an average and a bit cooler. then, we finally start to try things out. -- dry things out >>steve: thank you, britt!
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>>steve:a famous calaveras big tree toppled over during this weekend's storms. the tree called the pioneer cabin tree fell over on sunday. >>steve:it was known for the hole carved into its trunk that people were able to walk through. the iconic "drive thru" tunnel was carved in the 1880's. >>steve:park officials used to allow cars to drive through it. visitors would pose for pictures and carve their names into the tree. >>steve:a manhunt is on for the shooter who killed a police officer outside a florida walmart store. >> pam:now police are urging the suspect to turn himself in. so the situation can be resolved peacefully. markeith loyd is the man police are searching for. >> pam:loyd was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his pregnant ex- girlfriend. this morning, master segeant debra clayton approached him outside a walmart. that is when she was shot and killed. >> pam:while police are
8:34 pm
searching for the suspect. they say, they are also heartbroken. >>chief john mina/orlando police: she was extremely committed to our youth and the community and she did so many different projects in the community. she organized several marches against violence by herself, thats how committed she is. debra clayton is a hero and she gave her life protecting the community that she loves. she will be deeply missed." >> pam:clayton was the mother of a college aged son. and a 17 -year veteran of the department. >> pam:this is surveillance video of last friday's shooting at the fort lauderdale airport. sheriff's deputies say, they want to know how the images were leaked to t=m=z over the weekend. >> pam:we have some new pictures today of the suspect, estaban santiago. >>steve:he's charged with killing five people and injuring six others. he made his first court appearance today, as new details emerged about his troubled past.
8:35 pm
>>steve:the accused killer is an iraq war veteran who moved to alaska two years ago. family members say he began showing signs of mental instability soo afterwards on november seventh, he walked into the anchorage f=b=i office, saying voices in his head were telling him to join isis. >>during the interview, mr. santiago appeared agitated, incoherent and made disjointed statement. >>steve:the f=b=i called local police, who seized a gun found in his car. they took him to a local hospital for evaluation and then to the alaska psychiatric institute, where he was held for just four days, back on the streets, santiago asked police to return his gun to him, which they did on december 8th. >>"as far as i know, this is not somebody that would have been prohibited based on the information that they had. " >>steve:according to court documents, santiago admitted planning the shooting.
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>> his brother said the system let him down. >> pam: other news now >> pam:the end of an era president obama is preparing for the final major speech
8:37 pm
of his eight- years in office. >>you may remember. it was a speech before the democratic national convention back in 20-04, that launched the then unknown state senator from illinois. on the fast- track to the white house. >> pam:and tomorrow night, mr. obama will cap eight years in office with his final speech as president. >> pam:the commander- in- chief will return to his hometown of chicago to deliver his farewell address. white house officials say, the president is currently adding the finishing touches to his speech. in preparation for tomorrow. with technical difficulties
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> sponsored by chevy!
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>> gary: good evening! >> gary:the raiders season officially ended saturday. but it might as well have ended two weeks before when derek carr broke his leg. >> gary:yesterday players cleaned out their lockers following a 27-14 loss to the houston texans in saturday's wild card game >> gary:so everyting moving forward points to carr who underwent broken right fibula and should make a full recovery >> gary:. but still many have to think what could have been mark carpenter has the story. >>carr it's obviously hurt me some days. i've been really down and sad, but it doesn't change who i am. it just hurts man. it just hurts because i love our team. i love our coaches. i love our fans. i love playing this game." >> mark: and sometimes the game teaches tough love. an entire season.changed on one hit. >> mark: and to add insult to injury, carr confirmed he would have indeed played in the super bowl if the raiders made it that far.
8:51 pm
>> mark: since that's a moot point, he'll continue his recovery. without the help of social media doctors. >>carr & >>"i'll give you good news that it's going a lot faster than what everyone thought. i saw like doctors on twitter tagging me and they don't have a clue what's going on. with no xrays or mris they figure it out. if he can do that, he shouldn't be on twitter. he should be working at stanford or something." >> mark: now that the boxes are packed at raiders hq, the focus turns to next season. 12-regular season wins. >> mark: and playoffs are just the start. their young core will continue to work toward a championship. >>carr "i'm gonna work my tail off to be better next year and that's the mindset this whole team has. they came in here today to hear what their coach needed them to do better. when you got a group of guys that won 12 games and don't care about that, they just want to be better. than we're gonna be alright." >>mc kron4 sports return to >> gary:the 49ers job inteview carosel continues
8:52 pm
today they interview weashington redskins offensive coordinator sean mcvay for the head coaching position >> gary:mcvay is the grandson of john mcvay the niners personel executive who was instrumental in building those 5 super bowl champion teams >> gary:they also interviewed carolina panthers asistant general manager brandon beane for the 49ers g-m position team executives are back east to conduct the interviews. with >> gary:steph the western conference player of the week. it's a franchise-record 8th- weekly honor for the mvp. >> gary:he led the conference in scoring. with three straight 30-point games, 18-3-pointers, and shot 50-percent from the field. >> gary:warriors are back in
8:53 pm
action tomorrow night against the heat. >> gary:cal's ivan rabb is the pac-12 player of the week the sophomore forward out of oakland's bishop o'dowd high school had 17 points, 8 rebounds and a key block at the end of the game in the bears win yesterday over 25th-ranked usc their first win over a ranked team since february of 2013 >> gary:rabb also had 17 points and 20 rebounds in a loss to #4 ucla thursdayit is his first pac-12 player of the week honor. >> pam: thank you! >>steve: we will be right back!
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>> pam:that's it for the
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kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then.
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