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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: >> steve:breaking news at ten: severe weather causing major problems all around the bay area. i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. within the last hour, flooding evacuations have been lifted in san anselmo. >> pam:but now, new problems -- highway- 101 is shutdown at the marin county - sonoma county line. >> pam:tonight we have team coverage from chief meteorologist brittney shipp karnow. >> reporter: expecting by 3:00 a.m. and the early morning hours for the flooding staged to increase.
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flooding continues in st. helena p >> reporter: a flood warning remained in effect. >> reporter: and takes water in a little bit of time to work its way down to the russian river. however, it was the the blood but it would not come into all run 5:00 tomorrow ave. now, it looked like our around 39.7 ft.. >> reporter: it is time to think about packing up your bags if you have not done so already and move to higher ground if you with the bay area. --if you live and that area. >> pam: thank you, lawence. >> pam:breaking news --
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people returning home in san anselmo. >> steve:it's after an a mandatory evacuation was ordered because of a rising creek. kron4's charles clifford is live. >> reporter: the evaluation and the very tense couple of hours. the downtown area of san anselmo is lifted and the are now in clean-up phase. they sounded the alarm and add people to move to higher ground. and, actually evacuate from downtown. the police and sheriff department came in to take off the area. it reached about 15.6 peak in death. --depth >> reporter: they are assessing to see if there is any damage from that. and clear storm drains. water
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starts to drop dramatically about a half an hour to 45 minutes ago where they lifted that the speculation and allow people to return home. there are not expecting rain showers any time soon so they feel confident to lift a that he speculation. --evaluation. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant:here in the breaking news significant freeway shutdown. highway 101 is closed in both directions at the sonoma marin county line because of flooding. >> grant:too much water on the roadway for people to safely drive. no word on when it may re- open.but this would be devastating to the morning commute if it remained closed. >> grant:we'll keep you posted. >> pam:thank you, grant.
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>> pam:the russian river is likely to crest tomorrow night. hundreds of voluntary evacuations are in place in guerneville. that is where we find kron 4's j.r. stone tonight. j.r. >> reporter: pam, fortunately best test of fortunately though graeme has started again. we did have a two-hour break were we did not see any rainshowers. it is now coming down really hard. >> reporter: uc off in the distance. it is way off and the distance. it is a pickup truck. you tell by looking at the truck and how much the water level along the road has actually gone down. and the last hour or six or so. --in the last hour or
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so. >> reporter: a stall about pickup truck as she tried to drive her way through the floodwaters on tuesday night. >> the water did not look that be. it was very deceiving. >> reporter: g and the crows were blocking one entrance to that area as a tree block the other interests. -- pge crews block one interest to that area and the trade bloc the other entrance
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>> reporter: others took to their big trucks. some are upset that they tried to drive through. >> i feel stupid. >> reporter: but, you are safe. >> i am safe. i am safe. >> reporter: the rain showers are still coming down and as we've allowed to see the pickup truck that i talk about. the water was up to allow the window on the driver's side door when the truck was stopped. but a has gone down as it typically. --sickness of leaks--- >> reporter: as you look at the water. it is very close
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to the russian river. the russian river sent to crash tomorrow night our round 38 be which is 6 ft. over flood stage. >> reporter: pam, now back to you and steve in the studio. >> pam: thank you, jr >> pam:the east bay is also being hard hit. >> steve:the rain caused major problems on the roads. also many neighborhoods were flooded. kron4's spencer blake is in pleasant hill. >> reporter: her elderly mother has lived in the house for over 35 years. it cannot stop this type of flooding both the drain
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syste. and walnut creek the wind knocked over the street. separated sole cannot hold on to the winds and the longer. --saturated route >> reporter: a car that has spun out and rode over. it did not take the chp officer long to find it. >> reporter: may easily. no one was hurt and that car wreck. --amazingly >> reporter: some people did not even turn their headlights on. >> reporter: than by staying at home some people cannot get away from all of the water. >> we are trying to make sure that we have the sump pump under the house and that has been going on night.
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>> steve:coming up: chaos on bart. we have video after a bart train hit a fallen tree branch. >> pam:then: more major storm problems in the east bay. we'll take you to the homes hit by falling trees. >> steve:and next: >> steve:the south bay also getting hit hard by the storm. we are tracking major power outages -- next. it's just a date.
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>> steve:our coverage of the wet weather continues in the south bay. there have been mudslides and road closures in the area. >> steve:now there are major power outages. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from gilroy. >> steve:are things starting to ease up at all? >> reporter: as some areas there have been no widespread hours now. not only now there has been a role closes all across gilroy. 101 was shut down just about at highway 54 highway 25 northbound and southbound. gilroy public safety and rolled staff
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have cruised on back waiting to see if anything happens and they need to respond. they want people to stay away from the creek in the moving water which could be seriously dangerous. >> reporter: people are urged to bring their own shows and take as many sandbags as they need. and people have been doing just that. >> we came right over. it's nice to see a city like gilroy and allocate resources for people. when >> reporter: speed is quite strong and others to watch out for falling trees or lambs that may be flying. -- tree limbs and branches
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>> steve:east bay: 6900 north bay: 6705 peninsula: 3860 sf: 230 >> steve: of people without power. >> steve: state updated. to see if there are any changes. >> pam:new at ten: we are getting reports of flooding in downtown martinez. this is near escobar in castro. you can see the flooded streets.this is video sent in by a viewer. >> pam:no word of any road closures. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant:more storm related breaking news tonight.regular service has resumed.after a train ran over a tree branch.causing system wide delays.and leaving a train.filled with commuters.stranded on the tracks. . >> grant:people were ushered off the train.onto another train that showed up to
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help. but for more than three hours tonight.there was no service beteewn the 24th street and daly city stations. >> grant:the train hit the tree branch near the balboa park station. muni helped shuttle people around while bart trains were grounded and a bart crew repaired the tracks. >> grant:and at the 24th street station.people on social media describned there scene as chaos. >> grant: the escalator appears to be broken and people one by one spelling this side of the escalator. dangerous, to say the least. you could fall a good tan,
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50 or 20 ft. down there. but people were desperate to get out of the station so, they did that. major delays. >> grant: especially impacted at millbrae and east bay. still try to recover from this incident where a train literally ran over a tree branch on the tracks tonight. >> pam: thank you, grant. >> there is always a threat during the winter months. you always think that it cannot happen to you but they can't. --but it can
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>> reporter: they live a block away and last to live in a nose bone below. -- in a no zon-- flood zone >> we are getting sandbags to help fight the house from flooding. >> reporter: businesses are round marin county were boarded up and stalking them back to help protect their properties. >> we just took them out this morning and now they are back up again. so better to be safe than sorry. is the price of business. we
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love doing business here, so every now and then we have to come out and do and the protection of our space. >> pam:we have video from oakland showing flooding in a backyard. this is near highway- 13 and moraga avenue. >> pam: a viewer sent us this video -- they're backyard floodedthey tell us the storm drains in their neighborhood are clogged -- causing the problem. >> pam: this just in. >> pam: a large tree fell tonight and damaging several cars in san francisco. this is new video from the scene. >> steve:the tree is about 60 feet high and came down on at least three cars that were parked on the street below. the incident happened on lombard street in san francisco between larkin and hyde street around eight o=clock. >> steve:fortunatly, no one was hurt. officials say the tree will have to remain in
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place through the night. engineers will assess the damage and come up with the best way to remove the giant when daylight arrives. >> brittney: we have a video that we want to show you. you can see how is starting to overflow at this creek. a lot of our santa cruz mountains with incumbent incredible amount of rainfall this falling within the last 24 hours and not even including what happened over the weekend. >> brittney: to get up close to six and a half inches. orinde , 3 1/2 inches.
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>> brittney: this is a powerful system to move through prepared--move through >> brittney: that stays in effect and least until midnight. but everywhere else, flash flood warnings have expired so things the starting to come down a bit. we do have another batch of moisture starting to move and the north face now. heavier rain shower starting to come down or continues to come down and santa rosa with things trekking to the east. >> brittney: went to speak for flooding. --we have wind speed or flooding >> brittney: a ramp was closed with highway 1 and highway 101. we do have
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reports of standing water on the ramp southbound 880 s. seventh st.. and the big question is when will we try it out?-- dry out >> brittney: we do have one more system scuttled tonight which should be all local maurer with scattered showers and the morning dripping--we do have one more system planning to come through tonight and also tomorrow morning with scattered showers. >> pam:in saint helena. public works crews paying close attention to silverrado trail. where a rockslide there along the napa river forced several road closures in the area.
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>> steve:we are tracking dangerous conditions tonight in the sierra. >> pam:tonghit -- blizzard and issued. >> pam: take a look: >> pam: there is deep snow everywhere, and that's several ski resorts in the area actually closed today
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because of the storm. >> pam: heavy snow forced cal-trans to close interstate -80 from baxter to the nevada state line. >> pam: the national weather service "a life- threatening situation." (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:meteorologist lawrence karnow is here tracking the snow. >> reporter: this is a serious storm that we saw move through here. they are getting tons and tons of snow across the sierra. if you are headed that way, i with a bit difficult if you pants. and wait a few more days. --i would skip bit if you can. and wait a few more days. >> reporter: blizzard warnings also continue with those strong wind. it looked
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like it is pointed sticks around until tomorrow as well. thursday with lingering snow. before you see a move out of town. so, we have blizzard warnings and maybe five to 10 ft. of snow. it would drop down to about 5,000 ft. so a ton of snow up there. with the avalon's snow. if you can avoid stay away from the high country. >> pam: thanks, lawrence. >> steve: we will be right back! (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly.
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people behaving badly up next!
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>> reporter: to massive oak trees came crashing down onto homes and two different
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towns and the east bay during monday's storm. this one here on lme that and diablo, with this one on a list drive and lafayette. both homes were occupied when the tree came down. >> big oak tree, very pretty oakland street. >>--tree >> reporter: the neighbors big oak tree fell down on to marry haydn's home and diablo. >> we are all fine, everybody is okay, it is just the house and a rug and a portrait. --and the port poor tree >> my dad and one of my brothers was inside the home.
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>> reporter: mark says his brother helped his 88 year old father get to safety after a tall tree came down on to their home in lafayette. >> the work in the back room here on the other side of the lodge. my brother heard a large-- loud cracking and bought a limb was coming down here at my father and ran back to the backside of the house. they did not realize that the whole tree came down and destroyed the front part of the house as uc. >> reporter: he said the family bought a home in 1963 and says the tree has been no run much has >>--has been arrau much longer.
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+ >> reporter: he says the jiminy stop the tree from falling brother into the home. -- chimney >> reporter: is kind of unbelievable to see what has happened. it got a move on bricks >> reporter: and the east bay haazig hammadi on kron4 news. >> reporter: and massive tree did some substantial damage to a couple of cars in san francisco. that wasn't the only problem that cropped up in the city because of the trees. kron4 maureen kelly was out in the weather or a date and shows us some of the trouble spots. >> reporter: more heavy rain and high winds dealing with
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the new blows to storms. rocks and mud slides falling trees and power lines and all of the bay in spirit a call for residents to conserve water in the city of santa cruz. >> gary: sports coming up later in the broadcasts. the fastest waya to ruin pancakes.. that's why denny's uses fresh, never frozen blackberries that are fresh.
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and never frozen. did we mention they were fresh?
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>> pam:all to often we cover stories of people getting rescued from their cars on flooded roads. many times we wonder how they ended up there in the first place. >> steve:especially if the road is closed stanley roberts takes a closer look. >> stanley:we all have to get somewhere but some people take getting somewhere in the rain to a
10:46 pm
totally different level for example, this gold colored car just exited the mill exit on highway 101, then the driver comes to a stop puts the car in reverse. >> stanley:and heads a different direction, why because the road he was heading to was flooded moments later another car comes down the very same exit as the first driver but instead of trying to go straight the driver make a right had turn >> stanley:the interesting part, the off ramp both drivers used was closed by caltrans due to flooding . this is how it looked when driving northbound on highway 101 so the drivers basically went around the cones to exit . >> stanley:when roads are closed, unless there is a police car stationed with lights flashing people will ignore the baracades and go around this driver got out his car moved the cones so he can turn left, instead of simply driving a few hundred yards and turning round >> stanley:caltrans workers are here in marin closing roads to prevent drivers from getting stranded in water there is a rule of the road, never driver through standing water. it's a rule many people flat out ignore . the reason for that rule is simple >> stanley:if you can't see the ground, there is a
10:47 pm
chance that the which is why there is a campaign which says turn around don't drown >>you're running late the road is blocked by water crossing the road it dosent look that deep but you deceide to drive through . bad decision >> stanley:this 2015 psa from the says it takes just 12 inches of water to carry a small car. don't underestimane the power of water this rule also applies to pedestrians. be safe during the rain and if you can avoid driving or walking in standing water >> stanley:in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> steve: let's take a look live outside right now. we have the bay bridge and the background. >> pam: we have brittany here and lawrence. >> brittney: raising awareness we are dealing with severe weather which is and exactly what we saw today. as we go into
10:48 pm
tomorrow, we will see, conditions. here of the three big reasons why we have this alert. flash flooding is what we are still worried about, damaging wind speed contain went to the region-- continuing through our region. heavy downpours. >> brittney: we saw the flash flood warnings that will stay in effect until midnight. >> brittney: at least until midnight that will be a concern for us. as we head into tomorrow, we do have a chance for a few light showers. >> brittney: everything is trekking to the east. and within this hour we will have precipitation. it will be a quick but heavy downpour. >> brittney: now but is up
10:49 pm
next. if you live in that area you will experience a burst of heavy rain. -- in napa >> brittney: more showers expected but it will be isolated. >> brittney: here is a closer look trafficking to the east where we should steamrolling showers san francisco. closer to 1215 and of our early morning hours. things will start the quiet now of around that time. >> brittney: things will dry out. with big changes on the way. the next system we are tracking this note and the sierra with the transition from wayne showers to this note. -- rain showers to the
10:50 pm
snow >> brittney: lawrence? >> brittney: >> reporter: today, is a much colder air now. you should avoid it at all costs going to the high country. some of the gusts may be as high as 100 mi. per hour. that is not over a truck right over its side. -- that could knock over >> reporter: heading into thursday issue come down some. but more snow will continue with another system right into of bay. >> reporter: 5 to 10 in. of
10:51 pm
snow between now and thursday afternoon with an impressive storm because it " an avalon-- avalanche snow >> reporter: if you can avoid it. i would avoid it for the next couple of days. >> gary: >> reporter: it look like things will begin to settle down but we are not done with the showers yet and still some wind to contend with. >> reporter: may be strong for the at about 65 mi. per hour. -- maybe stronger gust >> reporter: selling down as he into thursday, friday
10:52 pm
and saturday looks pretty good. and i think we are going to talk about more stormy weather as the head into the beginning and middle of next week. so please get prepared. >> gary:good evening ! >> gary: how what the weather inside the oracle tonight? >> reporter: it was really nice tonight creek--toniht >> gary: see, pam is costing more-- it is called team
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work! >> pam: yes, exactly (laughter) >> gary: let's roll it steve! >> gary:you want to see some warriors? >> steve: i do! >> gary: miami up 53 s have times reported-- miami up at three at half time. >> gary:watch this!
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>> gary: detroit on thirsday night. >> gary: lebraun and the cav's on monday. >> gary:sharks in edmonton where "the great one" wayne gretzky led them to 4 stanley cup titles mikkel boedker huge game for the sharks scores in the 1st period 1-0 sharks in the 2nd he picks up the loose puck and scores again 3-1 sharks >> gary:then later in the 2nd boedker scores off the tip his 4th career hat trick 4-1 sharks >> gary:the oilers closed it to 4-3 in the 3rd but logan couture turns on the red light on the unasisted goal 5-3 sharks >> gary:final: 5-3 sharks they lead the pacific division by 2 points next at calgary tomorrow. >> gary:the sharks have placed four the nhl all-star
10:55 pm
game we start with the olympian joe pavelski this will be his 2nd straight all-star appearance >> gary:defenseman brent burns who leading all deffenders is scoring and is 7th overall in the league will be in his 4th all-star game goalie martin jones will be making his first all-star appearance in only his 2nd year as a starting goalie in the nhl >> gary:and head coach peter deboer has been selected as the coach for the pacific division all-stars the all-star game in january 29 is los angeles. >> gary:bill musgrave is out as the raiders offensive coordinator his contract was not renewed by the team today he will be replaced by quarterbacks coach todd downing who is viewed as an up and coming the team wanted to keep he also has a close relationship with quarterback derek carr >> gary:musgrave was the raiders offensive coordinator the past two seasons the team finished 6th in total yards and 7th in points scored this season but head coach jack del rio had been openly critical at times of his play calling.
10:56 pm
>> gary:the 49ers interviewd two more candidates for the head coach and general manager jobs the team talked to espn nfl alalyst louis riddick abount the g-m job he was first drafted by the niners back in 1991, and then after bouncing around the league, he moved into the front office. >> gary:the team also interviewed carolina defensive coordinartor sean mcdermott for the head cpach posision. the national football champion clemson tigers >> gary:returned to their south carrying the team were met by students and fans at memorial stadium also known as "death valley" today last night they defeated favored alabama 35-31 in one of the best national championshps games ever it is their first national title since 1981 and the first time they've beaten alabama since 1905. >> gary:and during the postgame celebration last night ben boulware who was defenve mvp on the championship game got very friendly with the trophy pretty much making out with it then finally licking it! >> gary:take another look he is known for being a wild- man but boulware showing a movr loving side with the national championship trophy. >> steve:thanks gary. here's >> steve:thanks gary. here's what's
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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: rain, flooding and mudslides and a lot of it. >> pam: rising rivers and creeks cause a lot of
11:00 pm
problems all across the bay area. >> steve: still keeping an eye on the river cut some water is going fast-going downhill. >> brittney: we are still concerned about the river. although it is nice to see some of the rain showers die down. >> brittney: we do have a flash flood warning that will stay in effect until midnight. if you live close to the alameda creek you want to be very careful. >> brittney: just moving out of the nep but and tracking to the east. -- moving out of napa >> brittney: have one strong airline. pushing to san francisco on


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