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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> steve:now at eight. >> steve:quadcopter four shows one of the bay area's major commute highways still under water. tonight we have a live report from highway 37 in the north bay. >>whoosh >> steve:water=damaged homes. washed out highways >>what's the problem? >>flooded, i guess. >> steve:after the storms comes the pain >>this is terrible >> steve:from the russian river in the north to the farms of san benito county in the south, hundreds of homeowners facing the cost of cleaning up. >>no flood insurance, home insurance won't cover it >>whoosh
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>> steve:the upside of the downpour: reservoirs filled to capacity. >> steve:both in the bay area and up in the sierra. state water officials telling kron four things are looking up for us you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> reporter:the series of storms giving california the rain it needs. but causing headaches for neighbors. >> steve: steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. >> pam:tonight. from marin county to guerneville and back to the east bay. >> pam:we are tracking the trail of destruction left behind. and the work to clean-up and repair the damage. p >> steve:and our team has you covered. kron-4's alecia reid is live in the east bay where there are concerns about a collapsed road. and charles clifford live in the north bay where extreme flooding shut down highway 37. >> pam:but first let's go out to following flooding in
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guerneville. >> reporter: there will be opening starting tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.. until 3:30 a.m. and will be open until sunday, january 15th. the water has receded a lot of the streets. people are able to drive through the streets now that the water has gone down. the businesses behind me are actually cleaning up inside right now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam:breaking news tonight out of the south bay where a "concern" from passengers onboard an prompted a hazmat response. >> pam:this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. the plane landed safely and is being held at the gate. >> pam:passengers are also being held on board as the situation is being
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assessed. >> pam:right now it is unclear what exactly the concern onboard is. but we will keep you updated during the newscast. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:back to our weather coveragethe aftermath of the storm continues. >> steve:in the east bay, a road collapse is drawing a lot of attention. some people were putting their lives at risk while looking at the massive hole. >> steve:kron 4's alecia reid joins us from contra costa county, installed. alecia? >> reporter: people aren't getting way too close to the barrier. so they have installed a barrier. >> reporter:across the roadway . on both sides of the road collapse . crews installed fencing to prevent onlookers from going too close to the edge. >>sot - it's a safety liability. it's a good thing they closed it off.
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>>sot - i came down to get a visual and it's horrible. absolutely horrible. >> reporter:it isn't clear when reapairs on alhambra road will begin. >>sot - we have to reassess >>sot - it's going to be a while >> reporter:but folks don't want to give up this route. >>sot - we have to figure out a way to ride our bikes here. >> reporter:about 20 years ago, the pinole creek caused damage to the roadway. commuters hope this won't happen again. >>sot - they're going to have to come up with something this time.
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>> reporter:the department of public works will have to wait until all this rain is gone begin. >> reporter:reporting live from contra costa county. >> pam:the last of the storm systembut there are still concerns about weather impacting our roads. >> pam:kron-4's chief meteorlogist brittney shipp is here. >> steve:tracking the possibility of black ice. brittney what zone are talking about. we are mainly talking about the north bay zone. >> brittney: giving us the possibility of black eyes with this system over our region. --black ice >> brittney: as we get into the rest of tonight we will see a few locations dropping
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to frozen temperatures. it is extremely dangerous when you are driving. the sidewalks, be careful tomorrow. >> brittney: 35, in novado. >> brittney: fairfield dropping down to the big three and the big three in three of this step. we can expect to see the cold temperatures tonight. -- fairfield is dropping down to 33 degrees. >> brittney: next week we are tracking tuesday night and to wednesday with possibly thursday. >> brittney: we continue to see scattered snow storms best-snow showers and the sierra. >> brittney: that will continue to move out of the
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lake tahoe area. >> brittney: friday and saturday is a possibility of a little disturbance began us few light showers on sunday. >> brittney: guys? >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: we are tracking an incident that has happened in oakland with a train hitting pedestrians near klay and embarcadero. we are sending a crew there to get more information on exactly what is going on. but we do know that multiple people have been hit by a train in oakland and will keep you posted there. pam? >> grant: thank you, grant. >> pam: thank you, grant
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>> pam:in the north bay, a section of highway- 37 is closed tonight. and it's unclear when that busy route will re-open. >> steve:authorities closed the roadway after rising waters directions. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in marin county with a look at conditions. charles, do we have any idea when the roadway will be re-opened? >> reporter: well, the short answer is no. >> reporter: lesbo ahead and look at video that we've shot today using quad copper for. >> reporter: this water is too deep to drive through. that is why 37 is close them. the sheriff has photos on their twitter account showing drivers tried to go through any way and got stuck and had to be rescued. then, told of the water. --
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towed >> reporter: it does not seem like this water is one away too soon because the ground is so saturated. with more rain in the forecast, it is quite possible that 37 to remain close down for quite some time. if you have to drive this area you have to use a different area as a detour. charles clifford kron4 news. >> steve: thank you, charles. >> steve:turning to the far south bay now. where yesterday's storm unleashed destruction on a rural neighborhood near hollister. >> steve:damaging flood water making its way into cars and homes.many roads and driveways are still underwater. the flooding happened after pacheco creek overflowed its banks wednesday.
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>> steve:as a result it flooded fields, orchards and vineyards. area---they are covered by flood insurance. others say they will be footing the bill for the storm damage to their homes. >> pam: despite leaving behind a trail of damage. the recent storms have also been beneficial. >> steve:so beneficial. that 40 percent of calfironia is now out of the drought. grant lodes joins us with how things are looking for east bay mud. >> grant: great. >> grant:and east bay mud has a big job.resonsible for providing water to 1.4 billion people. san pablo reservoir is one gets its water. >> grant:but the main source is pardee reservoir in the sierra. which is currently full. >> grant: that's great news. >> grant:and you can see how drastically different the year ago.and even from one week ago.
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the darkest reds and oranges.indicating the worst drought areas.are going away. prelnaces by light yellow and white.which means little or no drought. >>'s important that people don't revert back to their water wasting ways. >> we have had a very wet october, november and december. so, we always want to be condescending because even though it is what right now may not be a month from now or even a year from now. >> grant: responsible for 1.4 million people, east bay mud is. >> grant: the state of emergency is still in place and the governor is waiting
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until the end of lanes season to make a decision grit--rain season >> pam:ahead at eight. a south bay reservoir overflowing and it has got people celebrating. >> steve:plus. a large sinkhole in the east bay triggering road closures. when the repairs are expected to be done >> pam:and next. flooding shuts down parts of an east bay park. and forces evacuations.
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> pam: we are following breaking news of the east bay where a train has hit several people. >> grant: 2 people have been hit by the train and both have been taken to hospital. you receive a wide irreal above the same. which is due to a partnership with abc seven news. >> grant: the gassy first responder is there one thing working to find out what exactly happened and how did these people in the up on the tracks. how were they
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hit? we do not know their conditions. but we do have a crew headed to the scene. we will have a base for you. you can always receive updates from kron for viacom. >> steve:in the east bay - officials have closed a popular park become too dangerous after the storm. >> pam: officials closed del valle park on tuesday. and it remains closed tonight. kron 4's hermela aregawi is latest. hermela when can people expect that park to >> reporter:well another storm is coming our way. so not anytime soon. >> reporter:park offficials tell me they have at least two weeks. complete. before the park is open to the public. and the work won't start recedes. >> reporter:the lexington reservoir located between santa cruz and the south-bay just off highway 17 is full. over.
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>> reporter:kron4's gabe slate went happy people. >> technical difficulties.
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>> gabe: it may look simple. but for the people who live all around here is thrilling. >> this is fantastic. >> it is amazing. >> it is great to see this. >> reporter: people came from all around to see the lexington reservoir spilling over. >> now i can't take a long or shower without filling guilty. -- now i can take a longer shower
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>> brother was here this summer for a family really end. he almost cried, when he saw that it was pretty much empty so he will be delighted to see it like this. --my brother was here this summer for eight a family reunion >> i was here in the summertime and it was empty. >> reporter: this dam has been dry for years. >> reporter: now you can't even get to the site where someone had had been. -- someone had tagged it >> steve:there are more road
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closures today in the east bay from the strom. this one is on marsh creek road in the brentwood area. >> steve:mudslides have become an ongoing problem along this street from the recent rains. mcewen road in martinez is also closed due to mudslides. >> steve:contra costa county public works crews have closed the roads out of caution. both are expected to be open by 5 tomorrow night. return >> pam: take a look at this!it could take weeks to repair the massive sinkhole that opened up in orinda on wednesday morning. that's crews are saying. >> pam: it happened around 8-30 on northbound miner road near comino lenada. which is a heavily trafficked area. the sinkhole is about 15- feet deep and damaged two - sewer lines >> pam: the drivers who discovered the sinkhole were able to stop before they drove into it. luckily no one was injured.
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>> steve:you're looking live at san francisco international airport. cloudy skies tonight. and cold temperatures are expected to settle in. hief meteorologist brittney shipp is here with another look at the drought numbers >> brittney: we are good for the bay area. out of the drought. technically. >> brittney: now, we have brought it down to 42 percent of the state this drought free. so it went from 97% to 60. only 28 percent of the reason it is experiencing extreme or exceptional drought. so, a closer look. you are not seeing any color which is a good sign. >> brittney: when we fly down south. this is what you really see the extreme or
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exceptional drought areas. >> brittney: this is where we have the most work to do and the united states. >> brittney: freezing temperatures in the inland area. some want to be careful driving to work tomorrow and what the all round on sidewalks as you could experience slippery conditions with the black eye spirit--black ice >> brittney: you will see warmer temperatures on sunday. >> brittney: the graceland best-there are a slight chance of showers doomed to be disturbance that we will receive all over the weekend. >> brittney: we will continue drying out all day into friday and sunday. as the temperatures by sun
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devil put closer to 60 degrees for most location appeared >> brittney: black ice is a possibility for the north bay. >> brittney: left over monster that would drop temperatures. and the peninsula's loans to bazaar and the '50s. --and our peninsula temperatures are nicely in the '50s. >> brittney: we will have a closer look at the 7 day forecast later in this broadcast. >> steve:new ahead at 8. on the run from police.but helping them catch him. leading them straight to him. >> gary: we will have more
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sports highlights for the broadcasts. the warriors are in detroit as well. coming up later! >> pam: 8 california shoe company is apologizing after a brand of boots when by role for all of the wrong reasons. the question of both designs at the polls that have you over 2 million times. that is tonight at 10.
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>> pam: apologizing, after a
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brand of its boots went viral for >> pam:a 96-year-old woman was killed today in fremont. when the car >> pam:she was driving was hit by a pick-up truck at an intersection. it happened at fremont boulevard and parish avenue the woman was driving the white toyota sedan and was trapped inside for some time. >> pam:she was later pronounced dead. the truck driver was not hurt and remained on the scene. police do not think drugs or was closed for some time for the investigation. return to >> steve:today it was announced that former san francisco police chief greg suhr would be the next security consultant for the golden state warriors. then just hours later.he stepped down. in a statement.suhr explained he does not want to be a distraction during the incredibly positive time for the warriors team and organization. >> steve:controversy over police shootings and a series of scandals in the
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department last year seem to be cause for the almost immediate resignation. the warriors did say though. they would have been happy to have suhr on board. >> pam:ahead at eight. recent storms keeping tree companies busy with one call after another. about dangerous downed trees. >> steve:plus. tragedy in baltimore. when a fire claims the lives of several children. how others managed to escape. >> pam:and next. trump's transition hits a speed bump just a week from the inauguration. as his attacks on the news media heat up. return to
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>"this was an aggressive action taken by the senior leadership inside of russia. >>"i would consider the principle threats to start with russia." >> pam: donald trump's nominees for defense secretary and c=i=a chief -- reading from a different script than the president- elect. >> pam: general james mattis and representative mike pompeo - both blame kremlin hackers for trying to interfere with the presidential election. >> pam: both of them also declaring their support for u=s intelligence agencies.
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just eight days before his inauguration, trump is attacking those agencies. as well as the news media. >>"you are fake news" >> steve:the president followed up his put=down of c=n=n's jim the network is in a a total meltdown and warning that their credibility will soon be gone." >> steve:the cable network joined the c=i=a on trump's hit list after it reported that head of national intelligence told trump of an unconfirmed dossier making its rounds in the news media. >>"i think it was disgraceful intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. i think it's a disgrace, and i say that -- and i say that, and that's something that nazi germany would have done." >> steve:c=n=n did not post the describing it as an supposed encounter with a pair of moscow prostitutes. >>"as far as buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, i think they're going to suffer the
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>> steve: he said he told him that the document came out of the intelligence community and did not believe that it was leaked by the intelligence committee. and that they have not make any judgment. if the information is reliable or not. >> steve: moving to weather! >> steve:scary moments for a
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fedex truck driver.who began sliding and losing control as he headed down a mountain highway in truckee. >> pam: i would not have wanted to be him. >> pam: with the three day weekend ahead. there are several feet of new snow. the road conditions heading up to the sirra- sierra. >> brittney: yes, this will be an issue. >> brittney: tomorrow, will be the perfect day for everyone to head out to the high country. >> technical difficulties.
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>> brittney: if you live where it gets really cold and the north bay, and the temperatures drop in the 20's and 30's. you want to be careful of the black ice when heading to work tomorrow. >> brittney: 31 degrees and santa rosa, at 35 and petaluma. same thing for napa and rio vista. where temperatures are dropping just at freezing. >> brittney: everything is dry out. you even see sunshine. closer look at the east bay zone, sunny skies tomorrow. 64 degrees the
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high in san ramon. and we will stay in the '50s for pleasanton. >> brittney: closer look at napa. 68 tomorrow. >> brittney: coverage is for real this the tomorrow and the '50s. --temperatures for rio vista and the '50s. >> brittney: 46 for the coast and the bay. >> brittney: we are also treking a chance of showers starting tuesday and into wednesday. will take a look at the 7 day forecast at the end of the show.
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>> pam: the rain may be easing. but there are still big problems in east bay. and it's keeping tree companies busy. >> pam: waraner tree experts say, they have been kept busy the past two weeks. mostly in orinda and lafayette where soaked roots are giving out. and so are the trees. >> pam: this modesto ash tree fell on this home early wednesday morning. the family was asleep inside at the time. no one was injured but the tree did damage the roof. >> pam: and in walnut creek.another one of waraner's crews worked to remove this tree which was leaning on powerlines. waraner says the best solution is prevention. >> pam: have an arborist come out before the storm.and address an issue before it becomes a problem. >> pam: you can track the weather online and on our mobile app. we have live radar, traffic updates ,and live streaming on both. just visit kron-4 dot com. >> pam: or download our free mobile app.
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>> pam: a devestating story out of children, all under the age of 12. lost their lives >> steve:it happened when their family home burst into flames over night. rick ritter has the tragic details. >> reporter:the eight year old girl who helped save her two brothers is expected to be released from the hospital soon. >>nine children inside. >> we had three children located in the backyward. >> reporter: the crews are faced to fight the fire
8:37 pm
inside. >> reporter: by 4pm, officials say they had found all loss' children. >> steve:crews are still investigating the cause. >> steve:still ahead at 8. the good and the bad. >> steve:a new report reveals how marijuana can help or even hurt you. >> pam: plus. >> pam: on the run but not for police used this suspect's own phone. to track him down. & >> steve:and next. a new investigation into the government. by the government.
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>> pam:there will be a new investigation into the justice department and f-b-i over actions leading up the 20-16 election. the justic department inspector general says he will look into the actions of the department and f-b-i director james comey. >> pam:democrats have blamed comey's handling of an clinton's emails as a reason she lost. >> pam:inspector general michael horowitz says the investigation will look at whether the department or f- b-i policies were followed in relation to comey's actions. >> pam:and allegations that nonpublic information was improperly disclosed to the clinton campaign. return to >> steve:a new report is shedding light on potential harmful marijuana. a federal advisory panel released the information showing that although marijuana can ease chronic pain and might help with sleep. - >> steve:it is also likely to raise the risk of getting schizophrenia. the experts called for more
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studies saying the lack of scientific information may pose a health risk to people. >> steve: police say the light from a cell phone helped them follow a suspect that ran from a drive-by shooting. >> pam:that's right! >> pam:a helicopter tracking the shooter was able to follow that light.helping lead police to an arrest. this is footage from the police helicopter when they were following the suspected shooter through the el monte and east los angeles area. >> pam: the pilot helped give officers clues during the high speed pursuit..that turned into a foot chase when he ditched his car. although it was dark.he was illuminated screen on his cell phone gave him away. >> pam: eventually the crook gave himself up. >> pam: authorities have not released his identity.but say he remains in custody.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary:good evening! >> gary:it looks like cal already has found a replacement for sonny dykes as it's head football coach >> gary:the fox- sports-dot- com is reporting the school is in negotiations with university of wisconsin defensive coordinator justin wilcox to head the football program >> gary:wilcox was a cal
8:47 pm
assistant coach under jeff tedford and is the son of 49ers nfl hall of famer dave wilcox >> gary:dykes was fired after information leaked that he was talking to baylor and houston about their coaching jobs. >> gary: so, there he is! justin wilcoxx >> gary:it's now official. the san diego chargers are moving to los angeles.
8:48 pm
>> gary:franchise owner dean spanos announced the move this morning. ending a 55- year stint in san diego. and fans not happy. some burned merchandise and others egged team headquarters. >> gary:the chargers first received the option to relocate last green light to go to inglewood. >> gary:the two teams will share a 2-point-6 billion dollar stadium. once its finished in 2019. >> gary:spanos wanted a new venue and san diego rejected a to pay for it. >> gary:spanos addressed the move this afternoon. >> gary: multiple reports say the chargers will hire former bills interim head coach anthony lynn. without a head coach or general manager. >> gary: lynn was the first head- niners interviewed on january fourth. he'll take over former charger head coach mike mccoy. >> gary: last season the chargers finished in the cellar of the a-f-c west with a 5-11 record.
8:49 pm
>> gary:the team that will share los also hired a new head coach the team that will share los angeles with the chargers also hired a new head coach >> gary:the los angeles rams have made sean mcvay the youngest head coach in nfl historyat 30 years old lane kiffin was 31 years old when the raiders hired him in january 2007. >> gary:mcvay spent the past three seasons as the washington redskins' offensive coordinator. >> gary:te 49ers are now the only team with no head coach. they look to be down to josh mcdaniels and kyle shanahan. >> gary:but are also scheduled to interview former raiders head coach tom cable sunday
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>> gary:alright! >> gary: the lexus ultimate highlight! >> gary:i almost took a nap! are you kidding me, grant? (laughter) >> gary: pam, harassing the maturity of me. -- has seen the the maturity of may.
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>> pam: very calm, (laughter) >> gary: i'm old now. (laughter) >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: too tired to be an gry. (laughter) >> gary:first no derek carr. and now a second raiders star will not be playing in the pro bowl. linebacker khalil mack will reportedly not be playing in this year's pro bowl. due to an undisclosed injury. the edge-rusher has been one of the league's top players.with 11-sacks and 5- forced fumbles. >> gary: what's an warrior update?
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>> gary: half time ...60-58 >> gary: everyone tries to go international! >> gary: have you ever done in london? >> gary: i always tease steve and pam knows this. (laughter)
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>> gary: we will be right back
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>> stanley: tonight at 10 >>the just find the one master latch they break it by using a crowbar or whatever and just bending this out >> stanley:one east bay community has been having a major problem with mail theft which is neighborhoods for months. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> steve: kron4 news at tan that is starting now here at the bay area new station. >> steve:--at 10! >> brittney: we are tracking another system starting next week into tuesday night.
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>> pam: have a nice evening everybody will see you at 10!
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