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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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what's that mean? the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:tonight at ten: we are following two breaking news stories. in oakland. two members of the iconic band "tower of power' have been hit by a train. >> steve:also --- a hazmat situation on an airplane at the mineta san jose airport. multiple onboard getting sick -- and tonight we are getting some answers. >> pam:in the last hour we confirmed the members of tower of power involved in the train accident are. pbassist marc van wageningen, drummer dave garibaldi. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. >> steve:let's get right to kron4's alecia reid live in
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oakland.alecia -- do we know the condition tonight of the band members hit by the train? >> reporter: know. steve we do not at the moment. we do know that it would try to get to freshi. >> reporter: it is not clear as to what their injuries are at this time. >> reporter: bay were scheduled to play ed-- at yoshi's tonight. >> i was supposed to meet them here because we have a v-8-- we have a gig. >> it was nothing going on
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and then it just happened. the freiht train going that way which was literally walking distance. >> reporter: yoshi has canceled the concert for tonight. we will bring you the latest. >> steve:thanks alecia we'll check back in with you as soon as you have new information. >> pam:tower of power is an iconic home grown band. together almost 50 years, the band was one of the many groups to come out of the bay area in the late 1960's. including the grateful dead, jefferson airplane, and santana. >> pam:they always claimed oakland as their home. they call their sound urban soul music. their many hits include "you're still a young man" and "down to the nightclub". they still tour around the world and celebrated their 40th
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fillmore auditorium in san francisco. >> pam:bay area native - drummer sheila e -tweeted tonight - asking for prayers for her friends. >> reporter:here in the breaking news center we're tracking a haz mat situation at san you about at eight. within the last 30 minutes.we've learned what caused three crew members to report issues during the flight. >> grant:according to an alaska airlines spokesperson.a flight atendant sitting in the front of the plane saw a coming out of a ceiling vent. >> brittney: >> brittney: >> brittney: >> brittney: >> grant:the substance.was de-icing fluid.the spokesperson says it's a non-toxic product calld glycol.
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>> grant:three flight attendants reported not feeling well. one was taken to the hospital once the plane landed. the alaska flight was from seattle to san jose. >> grant:passegers report being stuck on the plane for a time once it landed at 6:45 tonight. one tweeting.saying everyone is trapped at the gate as a flight attendant argues with a paramedic.the paramedic telling the flight attendant she's fine. >> grant:the plane has been taken out of service. san jose's fire and police personnell showed did the haz mat team. there were not any passengers that said the substance affected them. >> grant: pam? >> pam: thanks, grant. >> pam:our other big story tonight: the fallout from the heavy rains. tonight -- flooding remains a problem in all sections of the bay area. >> pam: this video over guerneville in sonoma
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county. you can see the devastation there. tonight, flood waters there are receding -- and the cleanup is beginning. kron4's lydia pantazes is >> steve: we are also attracting major road closures tonight. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:in the north bay highway 37 remains closed near highway 101 due to flooding. today -- we were able to fly quadcopter four over the scene for a unique perspective. >> steve:kro4n's charles clifford has the video. >> reporter: the water is still to be your the police
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to drive through. they have closed on this section of roadway at this point and it is unclear as to what it will reopen. there is nowhere for the flood water to go to. it is very likely that highway 37 will be closed for some time. you will have to take another route as a detour. it was very slow going in both directions for most of the day to day. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> pam:crews in el sobrante have been working hard to clean up debris and quickly repair a large section of alhambra road that collapsed into storms. >> pam: today a fence went up around anyone from getting too close to the area as repairs are underway. >> pam: the creek washed away more than 10-feet of roadway during tuesday night's storm.leaving a gaping hole.
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>> pam: repairs are also underway to the massive sinkhole that opened up in orinda on wednesday. >> pam: crews are saying it could take weeks to repair the sinkhole opened up wednesday morning. on northbound miner road near comino lenada. which is a heavily trafficked area. >> pam: the sinkhole is about 15-feet deep and damaged two - sewer lines. >> pam: the drivers who discovered stop before they drove into it. luckily no one was injured. >> pam: and more road closures today in the east bay from the storm. >> pam: this one is on marsh creek road in the brentwood area. >> pam: mudslides have become an ongoing problem along this street from the recent rains. >> pam: mcewen road in martinez is also closed due to mudslides. >> pam: contra costa county public works crews have closed both roads out of caution. they are expected to be open by 5 tomorrow night. >> steve:we mentioned the rain is mostly gone for now. but tonight the cold is moving in.
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>> steve:this is a live picture from the golden gate bridge. some parts of the bay area are bracing for freezing temperatures. >> pam: chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center. >> brittney: yes is mostly for our north bay zone. a cool start to the morning and black ice is a possibility as you wake up early. heading to work. this is between the hours of 3 and 6:00 a.m. and it will be right below freezing. with 32 degrees. 35,in novado >> brittney: temperatures will drop down to the low '30's. fairfield as well. >> brittney: by 9:00 a.m.;
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the sun is finally back. but the six degrees for in locations all around thisptime. >> brittney: trucking a warming trend for the weekend an we have more details of the four tests, not--forecast coming upper >> pam:thanks, britt! >> pam:no rain for a few days >> pam:now to the calfiornia drought. >> reporter: definitely a
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lot of flooding in this area and people using cognacs of commerce. --using kayaks p >> reporter: people were not able to get around easily in this area. >> technical difficulties. >> steve: now to a low bit of good news. now to the
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california drought.... >> steve:amidst the storm trouble. federal monitors say, nearly half of california has emerged from the drought. >> pam:kron 4's dan kerman. at the san pablo reservoir with a look at just how far the bay area has come out of the drought. >> average precipitation is at 200%. we are at 96% of that. a snow level has doubled since the first of january. >> reporter: nearly half as they can do the same thing. january of last year only 3
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percent was out of the drug. a month by month things were improving. in effect; by january 17th,-terse but that does much as have 42 percent of california out of the drought. --monitrs tors of the drought >> pam:we are seeing spectacular images of many of the bay area's reservoirs as they fill up.
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>> steve:this is the spillway at phoenix lake in marin county. and that reservoir is now at close to 80-percent of its capacity. >> steve:this is what it looked like at lexington reservoir in santa clara county today. it is full and water is rushing over the spill way there. this i s one of the biggest reservoirs in the south bay. >> steve:also in santa clara county. anderson reservoir has reached its capacity. water is now being sent into coyote creek. return to coming up: >> pam:we are tracking breaking news: two members of the band - tower of power hit by a train in oakland. >> steve:and -- a hazmat situation on a plane that flew into mineta san jose airport. >> steve:and next: new at ten -- stranded for days. we will take you to the sierra where some people headed to reno on a bus ended up with no way out of the snow.
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>> pam: new at ten: >> pam: dozens of passangers headed to reno were stranded at a greyhound bus station for more than 48 hours this week in the sierra. >> steve:it's after donner pass was closed due to the storm. buses were not allowed through leaving passangers no choice but to wait out the weather. >> pam: reporter sonseeahray tonsall has the story. >> bolide. the affected everyone tells a different story.
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>>--the lie >> reporter: it was closed which means buses could not run. understandable according to birth. but root staff--rude staff? >> she said she did not care. and that her supervisor with the help me either. >> we have people that had not eaten for 48 hours. p >> reporter: many of those stranded here started their trip to reno. and along the way they were abandoning the bus and at a parking lot. the driver is it someone would be with them in 10 minutes. .
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>> were on a full bus for three and a half hour as. >> it did not make separate he just left us here. --- that did not make sense. >> reporter: the want to get blankets to help borders . >> steve:c-h-p has been enforcing a limit over donnor pass since it opened on wednesday. >> pam: instead of talking about land showers we will
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like to know how lake tahoe will be? >> pam: --instead of talking about rain showers >> brittney: we are tracking a week whether the service causing a fuel morning showers on sunday. who was the temperatures are round 36 degrees. that's-63 degrees. >> brittney: a radar shot showing us snow showers tapering off tonight. >> brittney: we are starting to see everything dry out as well. but this is something i wanted to point out. this is that a little bit of moisture left over on a lot of the roadways. >> brittney: closer to the
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north bay valley with cooler temperatures dropping below freezing temperatures and some have she black vise so be careful driving to marleau corporate-- patchy black ice. so, be careful driving tomorrow. >> brittney: dropping, below freezing for the some of the north bay zone. >> steve: thank you, britt. >> steve:tonight -- donald trump's nominees for defense secretary and c=i=a chief president-elects view on russia. >> pam: they were both quick to trying to interfere with the presidential election.
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>>"this was an aggressive leadership inside of russia. >>"i would consider the principle threats to start with russia. >> pam:both of them also declaring their support for u=s intelligence agencies during todays' confirmation hearings on capitol hill. >> steve:just eight days before donald trump's inauguration.he is attacking those agencies. as well as the media. "you are fake news" >> steve: >> reporter:the president followed up his put=down of c=n=n's jim acosta with a tweet claiming the network is in a a total meltdown and warning that their credibility will soon be gone." >> reporter:the cable network joined the c=i=a on trump's hit list after it reported that head of national intelligence told trump of an unconfirmed the news media. >>"i think it was disgraceful -- disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that and fake out. i think it's a and i say that, and that's something that nazi germany
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would have done." >> reporter:c=n=n did not post the describing it as an unverified report of trump's supposed encounter with a >>"as far as buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, i think they're going to suffer the >> the the glove difficulties--technical difficulties
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>> steve:there will be a new investigation into the justice department and f-b- i. over those agencies actions leading up the 20-16 election. democrats have blamed f-b-i director jim comey's into hillary clinton's emails as a reason she lost. >> steve:the investigation will look at whether the department or f-b-i policies were followed. and allegations that non- public information was improperly disclosed to the clinton campaign. return to
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>> steve: geologist's the
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state of the rain is over the threat of landslides remained. >> pam: kron4, ella is live in our newsroom, >> reporter: assessing damage across the bay area after the heavy downpour. >> reporter: now they are analyzing how much material have gone up hill. >> reporter: the region is more viable to landslides. >> we are looking more at
10:32 pm
the problem now that the soil is wet. as the storms moved to the bay area bid are already falling on what ground. >>--wet ground san jose.
10:33 pm
menlo park geologists are assessing damage to hill following a heavy downpour. >>kevin schmidt,"we definitely have our hands full more than usual our employees." >> reporter:now they're analyzing how far material has flown off hill as well as how thick the soil is over bedrock. because the bay area has seen a 6th year of drought - the region is more >>"in the bay area the drought is now in the rear view mirror we're looking more at the problem that the ground is wet and with rain storms moving in to the area those are falling on already wet ground." >> reporter:"and dr. schmidt says just because the rain storm may end that doesn't mean the potential for a land slide is over - it takes a trained eye to spot the threat but there are some more obvious signs to look out for. >>"there are cracks in the beginning or debris flow."
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>> reporter:other signs include water coming from ground where you normally wouldn't see it plus the sound of rushing water. >> reporter:overly saturated groud is now vulnerable and can come down fast if the slope is high enough. >> reporter:burn scars from recent wildfires are more prone to a land slide. >> reporter:geologists have yet to pin bay area have been most affected by land slides and say they're actually relying on media for the answers. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> steve:tree companies aroudn the call after call. >> pam:removing downed trees from homes and powerlines. kron four's philippe djegal talked to an expert what you can do before your trees become a problem. return to sawing and chipping away. >> reporter:francisco valdez and crew taking this dead pine tree down in walnut creek, before it comes down on its own. >>sot- "this time its so windy, it might fall."
10:35 pm
>> reporter:the city of walnut creek contracted this service out, hiring waraner tree experts to prevent property damage. if not taken down now, its possible the tree could have eventually landed on a passing car along a consistenly busy ygnacio valley road. >>sot- "yesterday, we was removing a tree that was on top of the house." >> reporter:he's talking about this one. >> reporter:a modesto ash tree, that over ontop of a roof and chimney in lafayette. the family inside was asleep at the time, and no one was injured. >> reporter:the owner of waraner tree experts, dustin waraner >>sot- "i think we''ll be busy for the next few weeks cleaning up." >> reporter:fifteen years in the business and waraner says its never been busier than this week >>sot- "drainage is important. when you get all of that rain, mixed with the wind, no tree is going to be safe." >> reporter:waraner says all of the leaves had already blown off this tree before it fell. but says it's those with foliage that are typically more at risk. >>sot- "because they have all of that wind throw, and the can't support all of that upper canopy." >> reporter:if in doubt and you have a questionable tree. waraner says be proactive, take preventative measures and call an arborist before the storm returns with fury. >> reporter:otherwise, you might have a mess on your hands. >> reporter:in contra costa
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county, philippe djegal, kron four >> reporter:new tonight at ten: >> reporter:what appears to be a horrifying mistake.a company's boots.leaving offensive imprints. >> grant: apologizing.and recalling the boots. this hard to believe story. >> grant:a shoe company is apologizing after a brand of the wrong reasons. that's because the boots left behind a highly questionable imprint. >> grant: >>"that's crazy. oh wow! it gives me the creeps, it's really strange." >> grant:those are the reactions we got from shoppers along melrose avenue wednesday night when we showed them this. >> grant:a reddit user posted the pics after he discovered fox boots left behind, small swastika- shaped prints. >>"looks like
10:37 pm
swastikas.yeah, definitely, not a good thing at all.' >> grant:the reddit user wrote: "there was an angle i didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots." >> grant:the viral post has been viewed more than two million times. and there is no shortage of opinions. >>"it's just wrong, it's like why would you do that? super >> grant:conal international trading incorporated in the city of makes and sells the polar fox boot, which can be found on amazon. a manager at conal told me over the phone that they are now recalling the boot. + he said it was unintentional and that they weren't aware of the questionable design until they saw the complaint on reddit.
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>> brittney: we are watching closely to butchers getting down to the '30's at freezing temperatures that can cause black ice.
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with mail theft which is >> pam: so often hear stories about package
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thieves, internet thieves and yes even mail thieves. >> steve:but in one east bay community the problem with mail thieves has residents having to make multiple trips to the post office and this has been going on for months with no end in sight. stanley roberts, explains. >> stanley:there was master lock in all the drawers that would open it up. steve christenson is showing me his mail box . strike that, the is showing me the mail box for the entire neighborhood >> stanley:i ran into steve here at this brentwodd post office, on oak st after i simply asked how many people have been a victim of mail theft and of the 10 people 5 raised there hand >> stanley:the post office says were have to pick up my mail here till furhter notice until the box can be fixed this is the mailbox on the corner of putter drive and caddie lane in the town of brentwood >> stanley:as you can see the master lock has been completely destroyed on the box is a note telling residents to pick up their
10:46 pm
mail at the main brentwood post office >> stanley:they just find the one by using a crowbar or whatever and just bending this out >> stanley:nearby one of his neighbors shelly who is also part of the neighborhood watch program >> stanley:this is the third time in a year and a half that out community mailboxes have been broken into and w ilived here 18 years and never had a problem till recently >> stanley:and that's not the only mail box that has beeen vandalized over near highland way sits this mail look at rear and realize tis has also been destroyed >> stanley:on one block the mail boxes just replaced with a brand spanking new one. what are they stealing? >>accordiing to the post office there are trying to look for credit cards, righ now its tax season so their looking for w-2s w-4s bank statements >> stanley:so for now steve had to get his main in a grocery bag >>i come about every two or three days . >> stanley:oh one more thing
10:47 pm
if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m >> stanley:at the downtown post office you can't even drop your mail off anymore because bandits broke in to the post office mail box so it also will have to be replaced >> stanley:in brentwood stanley roberts, kron4news >> brittney: heading into tomorrow we will see a lot of sun dashon put a change. a lot of sunshine for a change >> brittney: a few chances for rain showers off the coast. >> brittney: a lot of the snow has cleared up over the lake tahoe region so you can
10:48 pm
find better driving conditions, as you head up there tomorrow for your three day weekend. closer look at the radar shot. we are dried off the coast. we expect to dripping--we expect to stay dry for the next couple of days. >> brittney: the entire state last year, only 3 percent of the state was 3 percent drop free. now we are 42% drop free. we still have some ways to go but, we do have a major improvement. >> brittney: there are little whether the services and best-on sunday. causing isolated when showers. and social hours on sunday. --
10:49 pm
and snow showers on sunday. >> brittney: as far as tonight is concerned, 34 degrees for concord, 32 degrees in a lot of our north bay locations could drop below 30 degrees. >> brittney: if you are closer to the water, and also the bay. >> brittney: pacifica x 53 tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. low fifties for san jose, milpitas was 52 degrees. at 53 in castro valley with me it in fremont. >> brittney: we will pretty much stayed in the high fifties for our areas tomorrow at fairfield at 57
10:50 pm
as well. >> brittney: dry days, warmer temperatures this budget for the inland locations. --dry days and warmer temperatures. >> brittney: we will take another look at your weather in the next 10 minutes! (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!
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>> gary: warriors in detroit tonight! >> gary: 127-107 warriors. >> gary: 25-24-23! >> gary:it's now official. the san diego chargers are moving to los angeles. franchise owner dean spanos announced the move this morning. ending a 55-year stint in san diego. >> gary:and fans not happy. some burned merchandise and others egged team headquarters. the chargers first received the option to relocate last year. after the rams got the green light to go to inglewood. >> gary:the two teams will share a 2-point-6 billion dollar stadium. once its finished in 2019. >> gary:spanos wanted a new venue and san diego rejected
10:52 pm
a proposal to use public money to pay for it. >> gary:multiple reports say the chargers will hire former bills interim head coach anthony lynn. the 49ers are the only team without a head coach or general manager. >> gary:lynn was the first head- niners interviewed on january fourth. he'll take over former charger head coach mike mccoy. >> gary:last season the chargers finished in the cellar of the a-f-c west with a 5-11 record. >> gary:the team that will share los angeles with the chargers also hired a new head coach the team that will share los angeles with the chargers also hired a new head coach >> gary:the los angeles rams have made sean mcvay the youngest head coach in nfl historyat 30 years old lane kiffin was 31 years old when the raiders hired him in january 2007. >> gary:mcvay spent the past
10:53 pm
three seasons as the washington redskins' offensive coordinator. te 49ers are now the only team with no head coach. they look to be down to josh mcdaniels and kyle shanahan. >> gary:but are also scheduled to interview former raiders head coach tom cable sunday >> gary: saint mary! here we go. 27 point to nine, -- 27pts tonight calvin
10:54 pm
ermerson >> gary:the cal bears in berkeley hosting washington. oakland native ivan rabb is averaging 18 points and 15 rebounds in conference games. >> gary:in the second half. jabari bird nails a three to give cal a five-point lead. finished the night with 16 points and 4 three's >> gary:ivan rabb puts the game away. he grabs his own rebound and lays it in. led the team with 20 points and 14 boards cal wins 69 to 59 >> gary:on saturday they'll host washington state at haas pavillion. >> gary:it looks like cal already has found a replacement for sonny dykes as it's head football coach the fox- sports-dot-com is reporting the school is in negotiations with university of wisconsin defensive coordinator justin wilcox to head the football program
10:55 pm
>> gary:wilcox was a cal assistant coach under jeff tedford and is the son of 49ers nfl hall of famer dave wilcox dykes was fired after information leaked that he was talking to baylor and houston about their coaching jobs. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:thanks gary. here's what's next!
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>> reporter:we mentioned earlier. the lexington reservoir located between santa cruz and the south-bay just off highway 17 is full. >> reporter:it's so full it's spilling over. >> reporter:kron4's gabe slate went there and ran into some very happy people. return to >> 2010. -- this is the fullest it's been since 2010. >> it feels like the drought
11:00 pm
is completely over with all of the rain we got. i heard about 20inches? that's crazy. >> gabe: now you can't even get there ... someone tagged it. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: bynum pam moore. two members of-- i am pam moore


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