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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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is completely over with all of the rain we got. i heard about 20inches? that's crazy. >> gabe: now you can't even get there ... someone tagged it. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: bynum pam moore. two members of-- i am pam moore
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... two members of power of tower hit by a train. >> steve: and, i am steve aveson. the two band mem bers were headed to yoshi's when they were hit by a train. >>train + >> reporter: after the accident the establishment canceled the performance for tonight.
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>> pam: and iconic home loan band. -- home grown band >> pam: they always claimed oakland as their home. they called their sole-- sound, urban soul music >> pam: they still toward all of the world. -- tour all around the world. >> pam: sheila e. tweeted asking for prayers for her friends. >> grant: a flight attendant sitting at the front of the plan sought a
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light powdery substance coming out. supposedly a de- icing product. three flight attendants reported not going well after that flight. for drilling that flight. one was taken to hospital. there were not any passengers on the plane the stated that it affected them. >> grant: steve? >> steve: flooding is a problem and just about every zone and the bay area. the see the devastation there is sonoma. they are receiving a bit of a clique of a has begun. -- a bit of clean up >> reporter:
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>> it will take a couple of days. maybe three to four days. >> reporter: it has been awhile since he has had this bit of clean up to do. >> it has in the allied offensive to those of us look to of seven of what i have had this much water. >> it has been awhile. >>--as bin al least 2005 or 2007 where we have had this much rain. >> bay x me what kind of boat the have?-- everyone i meet i asked where is your
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vote?--boat >> what do you mean? i do not have a vote. >>--boat >> well, how the you expect to be anywhere in all of this water? >> reporter: highway 101 remain closed because of flooding. >> reporter: a huge section of the westbound lane and eastbound lanes are covered in water. >> reporter: with more moisture in the future of this section of highway 37 could remain closed for quite some time. if you need to get through that area would have used another route as a detour. in the
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north bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter: >> went to much acclaim have said there is so much mud running down the cannot keep--when so much when showers are coming doubt it is too much money coming down up. >> technical difficulties.
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>> pam: coming up! the rainshowers may be over but be prepared for the freezing temperatures.
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>> brittney: we are finally drying things out. what they've little bit of luck over moisture that will cause black ice so be very careful when you go into work tomorrow creek-- >> brittney: things will clear up with a lot of sunshine. >> brittney: we will stay dry friday, saturday but by sunday morning we are tracking a little weather disturbance right here. that could bring us some rainfall near the coast and another round of snowstorm--snow showers in the sierra. >> brittney: we are tracking another round of rainfall next week pericope--next
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week. >> brittney: livermore, as well could experience black ice all its take is left over moisture and temperature is below freezing. >> brittney: 41 degrees and land, 46 degrees with a cold start to the morning. and to purchase was the male lead and the low 50s at fourth avenue will go to the mid to high fifties and that is the beginning. --and heading into the afternoon temperatures will be mainly in the low 50s. and go to the high 50s near the end of the evening. >> steve: we will stay on top of this breaking news.
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>> steve:good night
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♪[ music ] he's choking to death. look who comes to the rescue. he's an american ninja warrior. >> he's doing it. >> then, bad dog. look what sunny the white house dog did to this teenager's face. plus, paris jackson fury. it's the tv show that turned her father michael into a white guy. and exclusive. o.j. simpson's sister. >> do you believe o.j. simpson is innocent of murder? >> then, she says this multimillionaire used chloroform to knock her out. >> put the chloroform on a wash cloth and put it over my face. >> now he's accused of doing the same thing to his


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