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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 17, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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show? >> sure sound like it. there's a new report out that pop star wants to perform on the roof of houston's energy stadium pepsi halftime sponsor, is yet to comment. but a member of the team describing her plan this way. on a technical scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11 or 12. yesterday the pop star shared this image with her halftime team writing we built a tent in my backyarddwith the dance floor to practice. more halftime secrets for senior music editor. >> telling "e.t." that gaga will have a special guest with her when she performs. no word on who that is going to be yet. but the source also tells us that two big name acts have been asked and both said no. this is interessing. "e.t." said there is one topic off limits for lady gaga and that's politics. our source says the nfl told gaga she is not allowed to mention the election or donald trump. >> gaga is familiar with the
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super bowl spectacle. >> i really want to sing for everyone. that's the best part about singing the national anthem last year. >> i was with gaga moment of that performance. >> how was it? >> you tell me. >> and as amazing as gaga can be, we are wondering if she can match diana ross's halftime show in 1996 with a helicopter landing on the field and flying her way. >> there is stale lot for gaga to work out but we will hear more after her big dress rehearsal. >> dj slash producer posting this shot with gaga. he had huge hits with britney, madonna, beyonce and bieber. maybe we will see bieber during halftime show? >> they are all amazing. you want to see a bunch of guest stars? see these famous faces of these ladies right here of ocean's 8.
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>> we got our hands on today's crew call sheet for the super secreti secreti secretive set where the girl game robs the met during a halftime show stealing millions in jewels. >> kim, here, here. >> of course kim kardashian along with sister kendall and kylie in the scene, kim in a very sheer dress, she liked it so much she instructed the paparazzi on how and what to shoot. nearly 22 just on today's call sheet, as the movie recreates a rival to the gala. just some of the famous faces shot until 4:00 in the morning. >> i'm a fan of the ocean movies. so i'm happy that it has so many aaazing women in it. so much fun to be part of. >> we have also learned that james cordon makes a cameo,
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playing an inshurtsanurance investigator. one unanswered question is whether george clooney will make an appearance. we did see his character on a sheet. someone we know making a return rb matt damon. >> the cast is phenomenal. i'm excited to see what those women do with it. it is going to be fun. >> a lot of people can't wait to see ocean's 8. and same thing with batman. but is the interest out of control in ben affleck says while he is sick of everybody asking about it. >> oh my god. such a pain in the ass. batman, batman, batman. batman is coming along. going to be great. it is going to be sperl. we are taking the time to make it right, do it dw and the fans will love it. when ways doing this movie it took me two years to get it together but nobody asked me about live by night. >> ben is promoting his gangster film live by night.
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but he can't avoid the question. >> are you directing -- >> i'm directing the next bat mab. we're working on it. i'm working. give me a second. >> same thing that i've been saying over and over again. when it is ready to go, we'll make it. >> since ben wants bat break, we will tell what you you need to know. >> movie in preproduction. ben is set to write and direct but the set isn't finished. he want the iconic batman designed into something more comfortable and easier to remove so he can stay onset in between takes. no title or release date for the film though 2018 seems like a safe bet. >> and let's not forget he is an oscar-winning director sew probably knows what he is talking about. >> they got pretty wild last night and this is only episode 3. i can't even imagine what else is going to happen here. we know how this goes, right,
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nancy? every season you need a villain. >> how can we forget. >> exactly. >> corinne caused her place into bachelor. >> even more romantic with nick. >> so the plan, grab that trench coat and whip cream. >> on the show, i'm just going caught off guard that was a little uncomfortable. >> still, that didn't stop nick >> you're a trouble makeer. >> but she went home crying and slept through the rose ceremony. something no other contestant has done. >> where is corinne? >> and she still got a rose and nick is defending his decision. >> based on conversations, aknow a lot of which wasn't shown. >> what we did see is corinne's pbility to sleep through a grouu date before letting ladies in on this little secret. >> did you kiss? >> no.
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>> no surprise that 24-year-old invited nick to a princess play house in a second attempt to seduce him. >> while nick didn't seem it mind, the rest of the ladies let him have it while corinne went where else, back it bto bed for number three. >> i'm not judging corinne. i'm judging your actions. >> sounds like nick won't listen. willing to take risks.ident and >> and apparently a lot of ladies that want to meet nick. twice as many women applied to meet him this season as opposed to other seasons. kicking off our know and tell, selena's weekend obsession. >> selena, can you hide your face from the paparazzi, but not the man you might be dating. the 24-year-old stepped out for dinner in l.a. with a friend ignoring camera men but she was snapped earlier in the day, photogs see this.
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look closely at her phone. can you barely make it out but she was listening to her rumored boy, the weeknd. next, katherine heigl's baby news. she and her husband welcoming a baby boy, joshua bishop jr. just after her baby shower, she kept the news about her new little man under wraps. on a utah ranch probably helps. that's where she and her new husband are raising their adopted daughters, mayly and addele. >> oh, they are so excited. >> she filmed her new show while pregnant and blamed him for her wild crazy. >> waking up every morning just really wanting a doughnut. >> finally a dancing couple's anticipation fail. >> when the jumbo tron showed val and amber rose at the new york knicks game fans expected a
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kiss cam moment only saw this peck on the cheek. val's lady after couple months didn't mind. amber instagramed writing, why is he so cute? heart emoji. >> oh, i do love that. amor wi amber and val instagramed bir birthday wishes to maks. >> and today is booet whietty w 95th. with her girlfriend co-star answers animal friends. >> i know you're a star but you're forgetting your roots. >> and the "this is us" couple both unmarried in real life, would they ever date? >> not hard to just love him. >> and after matthew mcconaughey's new movie transformation, we show him
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welcome back. i'm still in san francisco,
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hosting the ground breaking for the golden state warriors brand-new stadium. you know, change is good. in matthew mcconaughhy's case, it is a constant. wait until you see how he looks for his new film "gold." we talk about his latest transformation. it is a lot different than wait he looked in "magic mike." >> everyone is comparing you -- >> oh same ass. one has a little more fat on it" >> everyone is comparing you -- >> oh same ass. one has a little more fat on it >> oh same ass. one has a little more fat on it" >> everyone is comparing you -- >> oh same ass. one has a little more fat on it >> oh same ass. one has a little more fat on it. >> remember him in "magic mike"? yeah. that's not him in "gold." packing on 40 pounds and shaving his head. yeah, that's an bald cap. >> how did you gain all that weight? >> saying yes to whatever i wanted. my nickname is captain fun because every night was pizza night. >> it took matthew six months to drop the weight he says wife camilla misses it. she loved -- i loved it.
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this is the favorite guy i ever played. >> kenny wells is matthew's character in gold set in the '80s. true story of a businessman desperate for a lucky break to find gold. matth matthew produces the film. >> you know, tiger is the last scene. if something happens we already have all of our footage. yeah, hey. >> there is some pretty sick '80s fashion and wardrobe and hair. what was matthew mcconaughey's style like in the '80s? >> i remember '85, i got the perm. i don't think it went back it straight since the perm. >> this is still fermed hair? >> yeah, in the back. this is perm since ways 15 years old, i think. >> matthew, be happy you have hair. it always grows back. >> heis. here is a look what the is
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next. >> we were thinking of the nast nest things to say to each other. >> showing us their mean sides, why the best friends are turning against each other. >> then our night out with a "this is us" stars spilling secrets about tonight's episode. >> we are both just like tears streaming down. everybody was crying. >> and betty white turns 95. we're celebrating our time with the hollywood legend. >> i just won't go away. >> closed captioning provided by --
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you're gonna love it. >> a lot of people would pounce that to death. >> they mean it, too. the women of big little lives are deliciously flaw ped. if reese witherspoon ever needs a kudouble onset, she has the perfect one right at home. >> do you ever have to sit and look at your caughter, ava, and
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say, is that really me? >> i got a premier for that movie "sicng", and i went up to ava and congratulated her. i just love her. i'm so lucky to be her mom. >> 17-year-old ava may want to look away from her mom's new character. she gets just mean with her "wild" co-star, laura dern. >> she is young like you used to be. >> like we used to be. >> we had so much fun. >> just trying to think of the nastiest things to say to each other just to make the kids laugh. >> the enttre cast bonded on ann off the set of the seven-part hbo series based on the new york times best selling book. reese is a divorced troublemaker. laura her nemesis. a new younger life. a new single mom while nicole
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kidman is hiding a dark secret about her husband. >> we are so bad. >> the ladies are on the cover of nextmonth's "elle" magazine. shea lien says though her characters are complex, the message is simple. >> a show like this proves you don't have to agree with someone or understand them or relate to them to empathize with them. that's the heart of this for me. >> february 19 can't come fast enough for me for this one. i'm going to get a reprieve tonight. also at that event, stars of "this is us" comes on tonighh. mandy moore, mylo are so good as husband and wife. you would never know the first time they mee is when they read for the role. was the chemistry between you and mylo immediate? >> he is such a special guy. it is really not hard to just love him. i feel very safe. i feel very protected with him. i've never really felt that way
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with somebody i've worked with before. >> oh, so sweet. so no surprise so many fans want these two to date in real life. but mandy has been dating rocker go goldsmith since 2013. and heavy on the relationship and mylo and mandy. >> and the back story for the day the triplets are o born. so a special episode in that since. >> there are three human beings inside of me. they are lining up to go down the water slide and we don't have anything done for them yet. >> we read the script and i hyper ventilated. christina and i, just tears streaming down. >> if i think about it, i will cry right now. i saw a screening last week. i almost had to excuse myself. i thought, chrissy, you know not to watch this with anyone else
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around. >> stock up, have my kleenex beside me. >> it's the truth. it's the truth. >> and a woman who made us a laugh for seven decades, betty white. today betty turns 95 years old. we are ceeebrating with a hollywood treasure. >> what is the one thing out -pthere that betty white still want to do? >> kevin finally found something that betty hasn't done. >> we have to set up a meeting, right? >> oh, no. no, no, no. if i ever met him, i would faint. >> her sense of humor is as ssarp as of. we have tried to get the secret to her founnain of youuh. >> you never seem to age ever. >> oh yes -- >> i'm not saying that to be nice. i'm serious. >> well, i appreciate it. it is great to hear. >> yes, i hear you. >> her passion for animals helped keep her young.
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her first "e.t." interview, the then 60-year-old didn't mind being upstaged. >> he isn't thrilled. >> i know you're a star but you're forgetting your roots. >> at age 66, raring to ride an elephant. >> come on. okay. >> she has outlived all of her golden girls co-stars. booet w betty was the oldest of the ladies. >> this season we are writing the girls out and it is just the betty white show. soar before i that. >> when the cast of the mary tyler moore show reunited in 1991 she admitted she was as big a fan as the rest of uu. >> it is heaven. we all walk into the make-up trailer together. and the sides bull blged. we haven't stopped talking since. i cannot tell you the thrill it is to be back together. >> betty lost her husband, game
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show host,allian, almost 36 years ago. though she has in children of her own, animals are her babies. >> i love children. only problem with children, she grow up to be people. just like animals, so simple. >> she truly deserves the title of legend. >> you just don't expect that. you think you fade off into the sunset. well, the sun sets at night but i just won't go way. >> oh, my gosh. i adore her. she is guest starring on a series young and hungry. >> yes. she still works.
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>> pam:next on kron-4 news at eight: a series of storms may be on the way. but the bay area is still dealing with the aftermath of last week's rain. the rush to finish repairs. and brace for the next round. warriors break ground on their new arena in san francisco with an elaborate ceremony. but not everyone is celebrating.
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i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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see it all at >> . we are out of time. let's look at what we have tomorrow. >> one of our favorite funny ladies, melissa mccarthy. >> bye, everybody. >> and her new tv show, her famous friends guest starring. >> this is the most name-dropping ever. >> i know. >> and why she is calling out her gilmore girl co-stars. >> that's
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now at eight. washouts in the east bay, sinkholes in pacifica, crumbling hillsides in the santa cruz mountains. and more rain in the way. whoosh music as the warriors break ground for their new san francisco home. east bay fans react to the move. heartbreaking disapppinted whoosh after the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter is arrested. her uncle iniststs she is innocent. i am sure justice will prevail. you're watching kron four news in prime time.


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