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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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p heavy rain and high winds. slamming the bay area tonight. as the first in a series of storms touches down. a live look at stormtracker four radar.shows where it's raining right drivers brave slick conditions on the roads. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. the heavy rain is finally starting to taper off.but another one is on the way. we've already seen power outages, flooded roads and a number of fallen trees. we have team coverage tonight. kron4's alecia reid is live in fremont where a massive tree came crashing down onto a home. and j-r stone is monitoring conditions in the north bay where there is a flash flood warning in effect. we start first with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. where a flash flood warning has
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been issued for alameda county as well brittney? >> britteny:in th e evening commute we see isolated showers
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" flash flood warning is in effect are you seeing any of the flooding all talking about. hough hot hot hit high fly the and convenient and and don't cut stingier peddling manila go as low as it the girls are very high. and very close but the
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rain late wednesday afternoon in center fell. and back windows. knocking it out power lines around 70 people. and no one was hurt but someone was inside the house and all the other half of the tree fell onto. plan and then the the senate was not hurt she tells issue her a loud sound but the tree did not come inside although crack in some areas will be ok. the weather did not let up and then those with pg&e specific power lines. end of the show conditions did not change. will the jury what looked like the scenes coming up tonight very windy right out and
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commit site but three that i was a close eye on it isn't the 10 " area orioles were very high it is an oil holes were not on its runway and was like a flood warning
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white in petaluma. live in petaluma. >> pam: first of 3 storms moving in. rain, wind and snow the north bay getting hit the hardest by this latest round of rain. downed trees, power outages and now flooding in the area. kron 4's jr stone is live in sonoma county tonight. where a flash flood warning is in effect. j-r, are you seeing any flooding up there? look at this. it shows how bad the weather has been in wine country. napa county is planning to declare a local emergency because of the storm damage. several roadways have been washed out. and we have been reporting on the huge rock slide along the silverado trail. that slide has since been cleared and the road is open. at least for now. this emergency declaration is a procedural move. so that the county try to get help from
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federal government. now to the east bay where the wet weather is already causing damage. kron 4's alecia reid join us from fremont. where a giant willow tree toppled over in a family's back yard. alecia? there are more road closures in the north bay. if you plan to take highway- 128. between healdsburg and calistoga. be sure to leave a little early. >>alecia: back yard as part of the 4 ft. 11 frame and the frame toppled over crashed on couches or in the back patio and smashed into another tree. barely missed the valleys jansky. the wind caused about to break and now it plan on bolting the canopy down after the storm. other small trees in the backyard that were
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uprooted as well everyone considers themselves lucky. in the next step is clean up the family says that they're very lucky there were no major damage done. >> pam:the southbound lane between alexander valley road and ida clayton road. will be closed until friday afternoon for repairs. one-way traffic control will be in effect during the closure.
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drivers should expect delays. or find alternate routes.
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the antioch bridge is completely shut down tonight due to downed trees. we're told the downed trees are on highway 160 just north of the bridge on the sacramento county side.a few miles south of highway 12. there are no reports of any injuries.
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and the c-h-p says it expects the bridge to re-open at nine.tomorrow morning. high winds also a big problem especially in the south bay. where thousands of people are in the dark tonight. >> grant: showing s perspective right here. and any other road chp between physical and
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operates a chain also post the s. also posted the s t a s advent pena watch what can happen. and the see begins the quickly learning they eventually get enough of snow is more is forecast tomorrow friday who set a sunday to monday and then dean outlines
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the specifics of coming up a few moments. dean the track all these storms and here in the day the first health and about dry weather alerts his we keep you updated throughout the great thing is put schiller's >> pam: dump the most snow. chief meterologist brittney shipp will outline the specifics in a few momements. and now's a great time to make sure you have the kron-4 mobile app to track the all the storms. be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll also keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. coming up on kron4 news at ten. dramatic, new body cam video of an officer involved shooting. has been released. find out why a public defender says the video shows the s-f-p- d's actions haven't changed. plus. the widow of the florida nightclub shooter. back in court today. what her attorney is saying about the case. after the break. a bay area family grieving tonight. after their mother was killed in a car crash.
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where they believe her body *still is. a heartbreaking week for an east bay family. investigators say, 48 year-old nichelle johnson was killed when her car crashed into the sacramento river sunday night. her body is still submerged in the car. - as rowena shaddox reports. now her loved ones are pleading with authorities to help. it's been four long and agonizing days for the family of nichelle johnson, who investigators believe is submerged inside her car, in the sacramento river in isleton.
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tears of anguish from nichelle's daughter, mikaela hampton, who dreads sharing the heartbreaking news with her son - that grandma is never coming back. investigators believe 48-year- old nichelle somehow drove her car into the river sunday night. a witness called 911 to report seeing the car car in the water. in fact, investigators say nichelle, herself, dialed 911, but wasn't able to speak.
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sacramento sheriff's department said it too dark and the water too swift, to send a helicopter to fly over that night, or put divers into the water. it wasn't until the next day, when sonar waves from their marine patrol boat was able to detect what appeared to be her car near the banks of the water. family is begging for anyone to help. and the sheriff's department says they're looking to outside agencies to get six volunteer drivers and a larger boat, to safely make the recovery. but waiting is the most difficult part for the family, who believes not enough is being done to free nichelle's body and return her to her family. and family questions what they called the callous way officers came to the door that night, asking questions of the family, but providing no answers. her loved ones say she was a selfless soul, who doesn't deserve to be left all alone. first of 3 storms moving in. rai, wind and snow the widow of the florida nightclub shooter. entered a plea today in federal court in the bay area.
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>> britteny: careful be careful at coastal refuges past these debtor shower is in see tomorrow regarding an and the his morning trade to work. home with schatz of charts as well early heavy rain is solid and sedate. and friday early-warning it with the radar and heavier rain by a 15 the prior pockets. >> britteny: attracting a what friday morning this turns to more showers and still have your bands of rain will move through
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by friday night. lingering showers even into saturday and next sunday and monday combination of all previous systems means renewed flooding can still expecting a damaging winds the is as to go into the next few days as well. when states pick up again with monday's system. rentals with all three systems about an inch to an engine half for all then friday thursday system will arrive on sunday not talking about the 3 in. of all three systems. >> britteny: war flash flood warnings on shore and then heading for the high country had heavy snowfall through thursday from a van into saturday until the weekend. the
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fed and we do have some sense is expected for elevations still strapped for 500 ft. wind gusts of the 45 mi. an hour and then eventually cooler air and we will see is knowles dropping heading into a weekend. all the next three days the temperature is dropping: cooling down or snow friday chance of showers on saturday and wednesday right now part guy down. planning the
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attack on the night club in florida and 49 people were killed 53 others are injured in the massacre this is one of the attorneys. >> pam:it was the second day in a row that noor salman was before a federal judge. noor salman was arrested at her rodeo home on monday. a federal grand jury indicted salman alleging she helped her
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now deceased husband omar mateen. with planning the attack on the florida nightclub. 49 people were killed, 53 others were injured in the massacre. this is one of salman's attorneys: sot/tc: 00 sam amin/attorney she entered a plea of not guilty to all counts. salman's uncle - named al - was in court again today. he declined to talk at length on this rainy wednesday - but did stand by his niece's innocence. he had tried to bring some clothes to her. salman remains in custody she is back in court in february. police are investigating the death of a man who crashed his car into an atioch home. it happened near the intersection of simmions ans east 13th street round nine-30 tuesday night. according to police. a man drove neighbors tried to help the man inside the car a witness says neighbors tried to help the man. + the driver died at the scene. police have only idented the victim as a 27-year-old man from martinez.
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bomb threats to jewish community centers in san rafael and foster city were among many made across the country today. and those threats forced evacuations at both local centers.
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in san rafael, the threat targeted the osher marin j-c-c. a school across the street was also placed on lockdown. p and although it appears to be a hoax. it made for some frightening moments. about 200 children attend classes at the j-c-c, and were taken across the street to venetia valley school--- which was then locked down. p the marin county sheriff's office stayed in the area for a few hours. before lifting the evacuation order. oracle is being sued by the u-s department of labor over hiring and pay practices. the lawsuit accuses the redwood
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city company of paying white men more than women, blacks and asians who do the same job. a second claim accuses of oracle of discriminating when hiring new employees. it claims the company of favoring asian applicants, particularly those who are from india. oracle has responded saying the lawsuit ispolitical and accusations being made by the government are false. still ahead. president obama faced reporters one last time today. hear what he had to say in his final farewell. and massive crowds of people will be attending the presidential inauguration. how the nation's top security officials are preparing to keep everyone safe. as president obama nears his last days as president... >> stanley: enriching enforcement program is that at and i shall
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they can even use radio frequencies to track the operators. coming up so here's the deal if you fail to sign the citation then i have to place you under arrest that's the last thing i want to do is there a rule like that yes can you show me the rule #step aka the san mateo county saturatio traffic enforcement program is back in action i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly still ahead. >> steve:dramatic new video released. showing a shooting involving san francisco police officers. why the departments tactics are * being questioned. and after the break. our storm coverage continues tonight. find out how this latest storm is affecting flights at san francisco international airport. in a live report.
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now at 10:30. the first of series of storms slamming the bay area tonight. taking a live look at stormtracker four with a look at where the rain is now. and conditions in on the roads. >> britteny: as a careful trying in those areas the five years of has the two zones
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the storm is calming down right now. but don't put that umbrella away just yet. brace yourself for two more rounds. our cheif meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with a look at how it's going to be in the morning. >> steve:first of 3 storms moving in. rain, wind and snow new tonight at ten. this first storm is having a major impact at bay area airports. oakland international, san jose mineta and san franicsco international airport are seeing over 30 cancelled flights. that's where we find kron4's hermela aregawi. she is at s-f- o tonight where they have seen at one point 322 delayed
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flights. hermela how are the delays now? san francisco's public defender's office - releasing new police body cam video. showing a recent officer - involved shooting. the city's first of the year. the pubic defenders office says, it decided to release the video - to show the s-f-p-d is all talk - when it comes to de- escalating situations. this incident happened back on january 6th -- in the taraval district. officers shot sean moore - he did not die, but as kron4's dan kerman reports the public
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defender says he never should have been shot. still ahead.
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>> grant: diseases branch of and then the airlines the effect of a pga a gas in the south bay and the hands of customers must solve without harm if currently more firms hit hardest are obviously they are ready for < and they will be on high alert device holiday as does her is or is the the, the bay area periods
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>> pam: and releasing this new body camera officer involved shooting to reappoint and a a a a set pd was also aquaculture's said the escalating the situation in. this happened back on january 6th officers didn't die but the plight of understands it never. another
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officer shoots more but not fatally. . >>: adapt happen this way. as
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the officers not called until after more shot and then still afternoons noon news conference they did not he fall down to pat and the use a baton. nina will injure as for the set from the hospital, a jail variety of charges relating to the police officer.
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officers are tracking on drivers along the peninsula. hear what will happen to you. if you don't sign the citation an officer gives you. we'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> reporter: cars they're more
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expensive and. but and increases as well. and then it is a holiday and basically to decide it was perfect for it. and plan to mediation. and it's great and good but the biggest issue it in my world is how people handle the money. our issues. with key things energy bar attorneys and joint with liabilities creek
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after years of traffic crackdowns on the peninsula. one might tend to think that it would be harder to find drivers breaking traffic laws. but if that were the case. wepgr this next edition of people behaving badly. >> stanley:in san bruno on a rain slicked roadway a gold colored camery runs a stopsign on sneath lane . how do know it's because i'm
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riding with officer villarreal of the san bruno police department you came straigght to the stop sign then contuined right through it, it every thing alright is there an emergency no do you happen to have your drivers license it's 2017 and step is back in action, step also know as the san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program hits the streets of san bruno and millbrea its traffic officers from all around san mateo county with the sole purpose is to target problem areas around the county in an effort to reduce traffic
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collisions i'm issuing you a citation today for failing to stop at a stop sign hers the deal listen let me expalin to you ok just listen let me explain the process of how this is going to go ok you are catching a person whao is doing wrong sit can i talk now can i talk talk the driver contuines the argue the minutia of the traffic stop all the while refusing to sign the ticket the conversationtakes a different direction so here's the deal if you fail to sign the citation then i have to place you under arrest that's the last thing i want to do is there a rule like that yes can you show me the rule
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in the end the driver signed the ticket and a few moments later this driver ran a different stop sign everything alright? where you heading starbucks this driver was stopped by the south san francisco police department and they how the driver pulled over so i ased the driver hwo did he end up like this he asked me to park here . oh and you know the new hand free law where you phone must be on amount well his was
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directly in front of his face . take the mount off and put it in the window over here here yea there thank you officers also stopped drivers for not having their headlight on when there windshield wipers are on the reason why i stopped you because i noticed that your headlights are not on and it raining right now there will be more step enforcements though out 2017 . if you're not sure what the+ traffic laws are might i suggest you look they up now and not before your court date in san bruno stanley roberts kron 4 news >> britteny: 4 barley 20 hours
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as the bush into for honest and it signed an additional 2 in. and all these storms close to the interest reference to the least eight another chance the worst of all. a very careful in its will take up while. and then at temperatures keep dropping right amount freezing and closer at heading into tomorrow mid- 50s wind speeds will start to die down as they transpire with
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the seventh day forecasts on celled whether all the way through the week and things clear up into next but. >> gary: the high blood was given parental solaced rep. it that it looked like was sweat what he was after a few seconds from their traffic julia is a very 38 flights a recess at 56 1/2. suspect that this stuff from westbrook. 83 bought 30 assess but that 40.7 @ 12
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rebounds. and russell westbrook. but not thethe former teammates went toe to toe. unlike the first game. westbrook was a handful for the warriors. 2nd quarter zaza pachulia gets a flagarant one foul for hitting westbrook in the face. they wouuld go into halftime tied at 56. third quarter
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the 49ers appear to have land kyle shanahan as their new head coach. falcons head coach dann quinn announced to the coaching staff that kyle shanahan will be in santa clara next season. it was reported that all the b- 2's for a few more days i will make a knots. kraft cut their
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stay at and i will always have to appeal to a kron 4 audience. >> gary: to do this again cirri just and and she is married to russell wilson now " have worked out the statement and they will cope her with their child. a all right for player. >> britteny:
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still dealing with lingering showers in to the evening not untilrfriday into saturday with heavy rain into sunday monday all details coming up in ten minutes


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