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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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i did it my way happening now, president donald trump mouthing the words to "my way" at his inaugural ball. tonight he is spending his first night in the white house. from this day forward its going to be america first day one of his administration marred by protests. in the nation's capital. and in the bay area. two four six eigh no to turmp no to hate! as day turns into night. protesters stay in the streets to demonstrate against the nation's new president donald trump. as the commander in chief makes the rounds at inaugural balls meanwhile police using pepper spray and stun grenades to stop chaos from spilling over into the inauguration
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thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. president donald trump and his family are wrapping up a day of pomp and circumstance -- as he was sworn in as the nation's p45th president. kristen holmes has a look at the ceremony, the pageantry, and the transfer of power -- from washington. --sot-- >> reporter:president donald trump: i donald john trump. becoming the 45th president of the united states. --nat-- and delivering an inaugural address reminiscent of the outsider themed speeches that gained him popularity during the campaign-- taking aim at the political system --sot-- president donald trump: washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. promising once again to restore the american dream --sot-- president donald trump: from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. a freshly sworn in president trump and first lady waving to thousands of on-lookers while marching in his inaugural parade on pennsylvania avenue. earlier in the day-- the first couple following tradition---the new president striking a positive tone-- attending a lunch with congressional leaders-- where he expressed kind words for his former rival --sot--
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president donald trump: i was very honored, very very honored, when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton were coming today, and i think it's appropriate to say, and i'd like you to stand up and was all smiles while visiting the obamas at the white house. the former president leaving his successor a letter in the oval office. before saying a final farewell to his staff --sot-- former president barack obama:this has never been about us; it has always been about you. four years ago-- then president obama attended ten inaugural balls-- this evening-- president trump and first lady melania trump will attend just three balls. in washington, im kristen holmes
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as president trump took the oath of office. protesters and police clashed just blocks away. 217 -people were arrested and charged with rioting in washington d-c. flashbangs, fires, and pepper spray. chaotic moments on the streets of the nation's capital. >> pam:chanting "no trump. no k- k-k. no fascist u-s-a." protesters faced off with police. six officers suffered minor injuries during the demonstations against president trump. during. and into the night---- protesters have been starting fires in the street. you can see video from earlier today and tonight in washington d-c. a limousine was vandalized and set on fire as well. protesters also blocked a freeway. local demonstrations did not feature the vandalism and violence we saw in the nation's capitol. grant lodes has been tracking the events here in the bay area. >> grant:one of the big protests in san francisco. started at the u-n plaza this evening and then went on the move. kron four's spencer blake is live at the plaza tonight. spencer, how did weather affect turnout there?
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before the anti-trump rally officially began at the u-n plaza on market street, dancers performed a native mexican prayer dance. anti-immigrant remarks made by now-president trump were just one of the things san franciscans showed up to protest. i think it's essential that everyone come together to express our abhorrence." 'act now to stop war and end racism' - or the answer coalition - organized this rally, just as it's done several times since election night. "people really wanna show their feelings, their sentiments, their political ideas in the streets right now." soon the crowd grew to thousands, and people flooded market street on a march to the castro district, and then trough the tenderloin. "i'm here today because i really feel like i don't know what else to do. i feel like a visual presence is the only power that i have left." but neither rain .nor the knowledge that president trump himself won't see the signs they made. stopped people from trying to ake a difference. michael koch "you can't tell obviously what one does and the eventual results are something that can't ever be predicted. but i think it's essential for people to show the immediate solidarity." some protesters expressed frustration with the new president's cabinet members, as well. jenee gill "our government's been taken over by people who essentially didn't even run; they just hitched their wagon onto a crazy rising star and their setting all of this stuff in place without having to have been elected." the answer coaltion plans on having many more rallies like those during the course of trump's presidency. the inauguration events for president trump are just wrapping up and they are already drawing comparisons. to former president obama's inauguration. there is no official count, but this video shows aerials of both events. on the left, video from president obama's second inauguration in 2013. and on the right, crowd shots of friday's inauguration for mr. trump. our inauguration coverage continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can watch president trump's full inaugural address. and see highlights from the parade and inaugural balls. we also have video from today's protests here and across the nation
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and >> pam: just after 1134 so organizers say they reached their goal of linking everyone from san francisco to marin. finally in oakland's assess afternoon there is a demonstration still happening pour that has been peaceful and a group of about a thousand folks took the streets that and an audit which was called a march for the working class and then you see them here. chan and of officials say they will see these probably in the week and certainly the advise people if you're right about what could
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and today we will keep you posted if anything should happen. >> pam: and serve hot with the weather affect the turnout there. >> reporter: and what has been coming down really hard some several hours ago, although quite right now on the plaza the time people started gathering a for the anti-drug rally officials began at market street the dancers performed native mexican prayer dance anti-
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immigrant remarks debate by now anti-immigrant some made the protests. it organizes rally. and then through the tenderloin. some expressed frustration as well.
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>> reporter: storm heading our way and another in a series making their way on shore scattered showers are on the bay area right now continuing to see the rain falling all hoping to
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avoid a repeat of last a slottingin the east bay, there were downed trees, power outages, blocked roads and avoid a repeat of last week's floods. kron 4's charles clifford has been in the east bay all afternoon. he's live for us tonight with a look at some of the problems. charles nats >> reporter:through out the day
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on friday, wet rainy weather continued across the east bay. nats running fast and muddy, but remained well below flood stage. sot
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i get nervous about that. patricia allum lives just a few feet away from the creek. last week flood waters washed up against her house and flooded her basement. after cleaning up, she and her husband have put sandbags and tarps all around their house. sot just doing what we can nats
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over in castro valley, a clogged a storm drain send mud and debrie across palomares road. crews shut down the roadway for several hours and had to bring in heavy equipment to clear the drain. nats nats also on friday, a tree fell along crow canyon road in castro valley and landed on a car. at least one adult inside the vehicle was injured. as of friday evening, the identity or condition of the victim remains unkown. a scary scene out of san francisco. where strong gusts of wind caused a scaffolding to collapse. toppling onto a man and trapping him under the structure. the incident happened this evening on turk and market streets in san francisco. in this video, sent to us by a viewer. you can see the man being loaded into an ambulance. at this time. we believe he was the only person hurt in the incident. no word on his condition tonight.
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>> reporter: in the flooded area and then on the other side that close to look at some of the dramatic video version
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seekers evacuated people north of the the bridge and heart on 52. also from the charter is church of latter day. and one volunteer lucky all the strain the which was not coming down all once. this is probably the worst flooding they have seen in recent years. and let me talk about a foot we acetobacter on this road a few deep across an
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area like this that water be careful to around and did not drown it and you hear a million times during this time of year to be very very dangerous to sell a lot of cars go through and when carded a turnaround with that thought it was too deep. >> reporter: people more concerned lots more night in the sunday. the creek is rushing but lower than it was last week.
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coming tomorrow night the sandbags are out and ready to go residents are putting in some safeguards. and they have it all-up.
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>> pam: pitcher and the several labor telling about. a fair and. come our way. see all lottery on
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a dairy. and gus whence to go along the main from the system goes through and the look all wave is an moist. >> reporter: hollisters voices scattered showers and then nose areas getting really any heavy rainfall not for long time. . and thus giving the east of fremont now from the heavy rainfall is light along with the city right now and more light showers and toward the more in the north and scattered light showers pop up around here and we certainly could seize on thunderstorms rolling and with colder on the outside. the system is winding down as we
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have a chance of some flash flooding across the bay area with heavy rainfall as a movement toward tomorrow night and sunday. to go along with that some very high winds. this one again this season sustained winds 40 to 50 hours per hour gusts near 60 mi. an hour and on top and a special out along the coastline brings down centuries and keep flashlight handy and likely will lead that the has might get power outages around again. tomorrow morning local wing does serve to calm down a little bit. even stronger gusts and that any of what the forecast coming up in the settlement at you. . >> grant: the break the news center major freeway shut down and tell you about all last fall lines of interstate 80 in richmond are close at this and
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chp says there is a person may have been hit by a vehicle. near mcbrid avenue. in the east bay. stright aghhaed fired what a college president di that put him out of the job. >> gary:read emails and warrir s come in later in the broadcast.
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>> gabe: starter storm is
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heading our way and that we're going to see some very heavy rain and we will talk about that coming next. getting all the
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headlines today. but tomorrow's women's march in the nation's capitol is shaping up to be a star- studded event. at ten. meet a group of women packing their bags and hopping on a plane. to take part in the historic march. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten. the coast got hit hard last night by wind and rain. there is a flood watch and a high surf advisory through the weekend. kron4's gabe slate shows us the new damage. this second wave of storms has brought so far. and the huge waves which are coming with it. ahead at eight. donald trump takes his first actions as president in the oval office. the executive orders he signed tonight. plus. we go live to washington d-c where inaugural balls are underway to look ahead to the president's next moves. and with those words. donald j trump becomes the 45-th president of the united states. tonight the president and first lady melania--- are wrapping up a day of celebration at inaugural balls. but president trump wasted no time in taking his first actions in office. already signing executive orders tonight. tonight kristen holmes joins us live from washington.with more
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on the transfer of power. a step in a new direction. president trump spent part of his first day in office. signing, among other things, an executive order on the affordable care act - also called obamacare. this is video of the commander in chiefsigning the documents from the oval office. white house officials say, the executive order would, quote, "ease the burden of obamacare, as we transition to repeal and replace " mr. trump also signed confirmation papers for defense secretary james mattis and homeland security secretary john kelly. >> reporter: he wanted them all the events and the daughter's husband worked at the illustration so celebrating tonight where he actually currently stationed in iraq. >> reporter: trump it did say
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last week's he no matter what state and the lighthouse heard it was a very important tradition to have your family around you we will be going back at some quite signorino official word on when that happening and they are officially moving and this weekend only the president will be moving in for sure this weekend.
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and then was a predictable moment. when he the right
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hillary at a luncheon today and the he wants to recognize the trials here crowds here honestly first time we've heard that this time it was an see your happy and pretty egregious optimistic moment. this is video the commander in chief from the
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oval office and the house officials and repeal replace. and they also signed confirmation papers and homeland security secretary john kelly. west of >> grant: on interstate 80 shutdown in richmond we just learned about two minutes ago ahead of the vehicle was about 80 and that is why all labor shutdowns the pieces they will try to set it one lane note all westbound. a person is hit near mcbride avenue
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>> steve: not some the public between january occurred off layettean h&k magazine. which can hold up to 30 -rounds. and one ballistic vest. also known as a bullet proof vest. - oddly. there were no signs of forced entry into the car. if you any clue where these f-b- i items may be. the contra costa county sheriff's office wants to hear from you. new tonight at ten. prosecutors call him a crime lord who ruled over a billion dollar drug empire. today joaquin "el chapo" guzman made his first appearance in u- s federal court. the sweeping 17-count indictment that couple put the alleged kingpin behind bars for the rest of his life. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten. ahead at 8. a highway littered with skittles is odd.
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but wait until you hear where the stockpile of candy was being shipped to. and next. a school president told he's out of the job.all for the kind action he took for a student. much >> reporter: for a steady rain and then still watching for potential flooding in parts the no. they also south bay can be very careful flash flood watch for the entire bay area. have your mouth by an officer of the
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night and then tomorrow watch close of the bay area heading into its more night and also sunday to go along with that some very strong gusty winds sustained at 40 to 50 m.p.h. higher gusts especially the mountaintops watts of power outages the high country out there as well 700 ft. ec 36 this now covering about 4,000 ft. and then for the five fetus now and this tax system: red cross as we headed toward saturday night. very heavy rainfall occurs
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writing quite some time to a middle next week. >> pam: the column crime lord that rolled over human is a senior u.s. york 7 the ball at him always for the rest of his lifecarroll has worked in education
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>> steve: offered a more shelter in the library decision ultimately got him fired all the homeless and did not steal damage anything the school said the nearest second books and building was enough to fire the president. but the present and say he and others are on campus have been touched and help the student health find subsidized housing art and education for 35 years and then chose to attack
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>> gary: it at golden state's margin five seconds left and then with a good feel. seven's assess. and the golden state won 25 and they play orlando, smart they are. and football games than your also on have of course these are at 9:00 our time 9:00 for the warriors. apparently and a cabin lose on sunday. george patent and then
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dealing one still an smi challenging position. from arizona cardinals and again the reports toward patent like to work with, shanahan. hit
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and then any time we see as and there does prices appears to lower the ticket prices. the same thing a pair cable company.
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ahura >> gary:
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and at news tonight at san right here in the bay area's new station. it will not be running as much above by boys saturday night sunday here comes again it will be a significant storm. but you for joining us we're back at 10 to give you an update on how the three will play out
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