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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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a big story tonight. third storm hitting the bay area causing, power outages and dangerous driving conditions. thanks for joining us. light rain is coming down right now. it get it over to meteorologist to see what we can expect for the morning commute. it's looking wet. you see showers move through. you may see a thunderstorm wander through your neighborhood. we have that rain out there right now. it continues, some areas are lights but pockets of moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall make their way through the bay area. it made its way across into the bay. sliding into the bay just to the north, heavy amounts of rainfall into oakland. see along international boulevard, heavy amounts of
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rainfall there as well. that continues along a line just mac shoreline drive. this made its way through and continues to attract the northeast, bringing more rain and embedded hail. thunderstorms are real possibilities. more widely scattered showers with more rain moving along the peninsula. more to come and maybe more thunderstorms too. a wild night and possibly a wild day ahead. the rain has made it impossible in the east bay for first responders to continue their search for missing driver in alameda creek. vascular say the driver went into the creek after colliding with another car. we're in fremont this evening with the details. >> reporter: emergency responders that most of the day
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searching the raging waters. the suspended that search 3 pm sunday. at 1045 at night, and vascular say two cars collided east of the road on niles canyon after one of the cars crossed into the oncoming lane.>> the silver honda went into the water. when it went into the water, only one witness saw its go in. by the time we arrived on scene, we could no longer see the car. it was completely submerged.>> reporter: on the alameda county sheriff's a spec page, they say they have been in contact with the family of the missing driver but are not releasing that person's name. below that post, family members asking for prayers.>> with the weather and the creek, they are not able to go in now. spec investigators searched for general area but still haven't been able to find the car or
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the driver. also, a mudslide shut down the road. spec accountants clear the road and reopened the area by 4 pm.>> weather conditions like this change in a moments. it could be no way to a complete downpour instantly. the way the weather is right now and the roadways will be slick. it's constantly wet. slow down, the patients, drive safe. moran was hit by two inches of rain today grading traffic and road closures. highway patrol closed a few lanes of state route 37 between 101 and lakeville. initially had to close all lanes completely flooded over. i normally drive but i'm going to san francisco to pick my granddaughter up from my mom's house. we got stuck in the rain
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yesterday. if you able to get onto route 37, plan for delays. heavy flooding forced chp to close parts of highway 37. this is from what copter for this was shot earlier a few weeks ago. lanes of both ructions have been closed from highway 101 two attitude avenue. this is the same situation we had in the past as well. chp says the road will likely remain close for the week shp rights drivers to never drive through flooded roadways. another popular bay area highway is closed. southbound lanes of the great highway near ocean beach are closed due to flooding. that's according to san francisco public works division. they say it's shut down with rain and high surf still in the forecast. it is unknown when the highway will reopen. historic ship from the world war i era has been moved
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apart by massive waves and heavy wind and sent chris county. you can see it behind me. the ss palo alto broke earlier today. this is video was left of the iconic shift. the lunda training ship was arty split four pieces a. people heading to the beach urge to watch out for strong recurrence, sneaker waves and beach erosion. i spoke to quite a number of people that decided today was a great day to start. enjoyed the ways of being in the rain. however, they will continue to be large and dangerous swells until early tuesday morning
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were the advisory ends at 3 am. united airlines travelers were delayed up to several hours after an it problem. they do they grant all domestic flights because of a computer problem. travelers were left to check their phones for constant updates. kron4 news restart to united airlines who apologize for the inconvenience. that error was granted after six that same night. coming up, the rain is causing dangerous conditions around the bay area. meteorologist is back with what we can expect tomorrow.
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storms rolled through the bay area right now.
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watch closely, we take you for a closer look now. still showers in the foster city. headed to the east makes its way over the space will we continue to see good storms as you make your way into oakland. watch out for heavy downpours along some of the streets and more of that on the way. our friends see more rain in that area and they will continue to do so on and off throughout the night. scattered light showers in the south day but more on the way to pick up more rain and another heavy cell making its way onshore pushing north of and headed toward the patrol and to woodside. we'll see more rain on the way. more storms should be a fabless day tomorrow. >> remember those numberless tomorrow. we'll see you bright and early.
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- ten seconds. oh, don't do that. you don't want that shot. - where's mark? where's mark? where's mark? - on camera three - yep. - three, two, one, mark. - welcome back to the kron four morning news. heads up, if you use a locker at your gym,
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your valuables may not be safe. - kron four news starts now with breaking news. - and the breaking news were following, a person has been shot by sheriff's deputies in sonoma county. this happened just before midnight. this morning we're learning more about what led up to this shooting. kron force mike pellton live in sebastopol. mike, what do you know? - what's happening now? - we're running to sebastopol for a deputy shooting. gotta get going here. - happening now searchers are gathering to look for a missing 17 year old boy in cupertino. connor sullivan was last seen on monday. kron force jackie sissel has been following the story live on the search efforts this morning. it look like a lot of people have arrived, jackie. - they have, darya. in just the last hour or so you see dozens of volunteers showing up out here in cupertino. working in the morning is tough because none of the officials actually show up until much later. it's 8:30 now, i've been on the story since five.


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