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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 23, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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morning all the way in san francisco. and then that was reported in san francisco like we mentioned. and not rainshowers move on through the region. we could be dealing with hale. and the section of highway
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taxes decem morning. and then a little bit ago this is the worst he's seen flooding and highway 37 and 14 years and half a mile east of where 1 0137 meet. >> reporter: this way is eased down then the if you traffic and the west on road you see how much deeper is on that side rightness' center you see the very top of a mile marker there gives you an idea of the feet of water that is covering the road
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right now with the very top sticking out right now and then as the pan over to the left of the seat held trends are going overwrite their working on a pump that they're going. >> reporter: and then going eastbound. kedging 37 from 31.
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and the department of transportation may be it could be this weekend. and south, and apollo 13 around 5:00 this morning. crews plan for repairs.
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\ there >>: in dramatic for schoolmates. the cause of why
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the crash speeding or taxing will be something they will be looking into. break up altogether. >> vicki: and senate cruz mountains over the weekend mudslides. and on roads there.
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and rushed away about half mile past the intersection. and the residents are detouring from mission springs and then made plans to the bridge. later on in the week. south of santa cruz with a look now at what is happening and fishing here in the local beach. overlooking see cliff beach now really what the area it right out there. and known as pola so and then it's close and we did look up their earlier some pictures we will show you. at a good opportunity
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and then high right now and then this is for a long time here and take little bit of a closer look.
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and better by the storm surge. in the stern section now longtime fans of the pierre stopping by hoping it will break up altogether. >>: the on the beach and 400 yds from the other side of the coastline for that matter more driftwood. and nothing of the
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threat the sailboats and fishermen. there close for now and to people coming down anyway to see if the ship power of nature. and then minor damage
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appears and then before like an open the road. and severe traffic whether an updated it to
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breaking news. >> grant: another big stories of france's can got carried already a. francis hall more. avalanche were able to call 9- 1- >> reporter: will do it here in san francisco. the chief of police for the exhibit severance the scope. and the senate county of seven of the scope. bill scott became san francisco's new police chief.
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>>: will do everything is for you and fully implement reform keeping our city safe. lapd and then changes happening in san francisco and then held accountable for that.
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>> reporter: as much as the men said. as in the ways to support for the officers. they are going to push for that to be allowable. >> reporter: president's first full day in office wasting no time with changes. " a trump made today and another three this note and the sierrawewill
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show how residents are digging themselves out.
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and then worth noting neither the atf oakland's fire department or the elegant county sheriff's department have officially determine the cause of the fire be we oppose the report put together by the lawyer on our website kron4news- dot-com a >> grant: another man has been found dead in vallejo police say that an officer was forced to shoot because they were threatening another person. that's where theresa reports a family member says that death could have been avoided if. >> reporter: the home is on the 1700 block of sacramento police say they have a large party and people fighting with weapons and a woman reportedly screaming for help. threatening a 16 year-old
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and in response the took action shooting a man twice. he died at the scene. he says the carrier was fighting at house and his brother a step in to save him.
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>> grant:the california highway patrol says two cars were briefly trapped but no one was injured when an avalanche covered a 200-foot stretch of highway 89 with up to 12 feet of snow shortly after 1 a.m. monday between the squaw valley ski resort and tahoe city, california. at south lake tahoe, fire chief jeff meston says the roof collapsed and broke a sprinkler pipe at a liquor store at about 2:45 a.m. no one was hurt. but meston told lake tahoe news there was a "ton of water on the street" when crews arrived. he says local utility workers had to dig through more than a foot of snow to find the main shut-off valve. animals at a nearby pet hospital have been evacuated while officials inspect neighboring businesses. the national weather service reports that 30 inches of snow fell at the heavenly ski resort at south lake tahoe between 6 a.m. sunday and 6 a.m. monday. more than 7 feet has fallen there over the past five days. this is the update info below - video can be found on cnn bc-us--california storms-the latest,3rd ld-writethru the latest: avalanche closes highway near tahoe, caves roof
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eds: updates with avalanche blocking highway near tahoe, liquor store roof collapsed. with ap photos. los angeles - the latest on winter storms in california: 9:50 a.m. heavy snow at lake tahoe triggered an avalanche that shut down a california state highway and caused a roof to collapse at a liquor store in south lake tahoe. the california highway patrol says two cars were briefly trapped but no one was injured when an avalanche covered a 200- foot stretch of highway 89 with up to 12 feet of snow shortly after 1 a.m. monday between the squaw valley ski resort and tahoe city, california. at south lake tahoe, fire chief jeff meston says the roof collapsed and broke a sprinkler pipe at a liquor store at about 2:45 a.m. no one was hurt. but meston told lake tahoe news there was a "ton of water on the steet" when crews arrived. he says local utility workers had to dig through more than a foot of snow to find the main shut-off valve. - animals at a nearby pet hospital have been evacuated while officials inspect neighboring businesses. the national weather service reports that 30 inches of snow fell at the heavenly ski resort at south lake tahoe between 6 a.m. sunday and 6 a.m. monday. more than 7 feet has fallen there over the past five days. the sierra nevada mountains are taking a one-two punch from
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winter storms. the area was hit hard by a mix of rain and snow yesterday.shutting down interstate 80 at the california nevada state line.and also making it impossible for one local hardware store to keep up with the supply and demand of snow equiptment for their customers. california's sierra nevada mountains are taking a one-two punch from winter storms. the area was hit by a mix of rain and snow sunday morning, with more snow expected sunday night. as chris buckley reports, the snow has shut down some highways there. ---- this latest winter storm shutting down i-80 at the california nevada state line on sunday morning. officer james giraudo, california highway patrol: "when you get past truckee getting up to donner lake and donner summit, visibility is down to 20 feet, we can't even have the plows out trying to plow in certain areas and as you continue all the way over to colfax visibility and the wind is just a major factor." business at mountain hardware and ports in truckee has been brisk this winter. in some cases, supply not being able to keep up with demand. steve stevenson, manager, mountain hardware and sports: "we're out of shovels, generators, snowblowers, we do have ice melt so we are pulling from everywhere, we just got a shipment of ice melt from massachussetts on friday." natsot: snowblower there's a waiting list for snowblowers. steve stevenson, manager, mountain hardware and sports: "we have a 50 person waiting list." they've also had a hard time keeping batteries and lanters in stock. >> britteny: run 73 in. is pretty impressive with these systems they keep moving through and we will get a break over the
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next few days ensued tuesday wednesday. and i really week system for thursday. here and san francisco a look at some of the reports were we feet see these little holes here. and taking a pale today quick moving it strong thunderstorms that roll through. and mission bay san francisco and a chance of pale. where the rainfall is. and then worry see great letter rain. some the note keep watching for you. again we will
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keep close watch has ago into the rest of this evening. but enchants of these shores thunderstorms. producing and then find the minutes. the ocean beach.
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president donald trump: i have a running war with the media. his inauguration crowd size. and. kellyanne conway/from nbc "meet the press": our press secretary sean spicer gave "alternative facts." president trump is getting back on message. president donald trump: what we want to do is bring manufacturing back to our country .by getting down to business. kicking off his first full week in washington by sitting down
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with business leaders. trump offered both carrots and sticks. he promised massive corporate tax cuts - but also issued a warning to companies considering shutting down operations in the u-s and moving jobs elsewhere. president donald trump: they're gonna have a tax to pay, a border tax -- substantial border tax. the president signed three executive orders monday-- fulfilling a handful of campaign promises. including one that withdraws the u-s from the trans-pacific partnership.president obama's signature trade deal. president donald trump: great thing for the american worker, what we just did. but trump's own business dealings. the focus of a new lawsuit filed monday by an ethics watchdog group. accusing trump of violating the constitution because foreign governments do business with his vast empire. president donald trump: without merit. totally without merit. meanwhile - during the first full-length press briefing at the white house -- trump press
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secretary defended his disputed claim that trump's was the most- watched inauguration >>:sean spicer/white house press secy: it was the most-watched inauguration. thirty one million people watched it on television combine that with the tens of millions of people who watched that online on a device it's unquestionable. >> reporter:in washington, i'm dianne gallagher. >> vicki:meanwhile, madonna is clarifying her controversial speech at the women's march in washington over the weekend. the singer told the huge crowd she thought a lot about "blowing up the white house." the 58-year-old backpedaled on a instagram post - explaining. she's not a violent person and that her words were "taken wildly out of context." madonna says she "spoke in metaphor" and that she only wants to start "a revolution of love." this massive eucalyptus tree came crashing down on top of cars in the parking lot of a busy lafayette restaurant. miraculously no one was injured when the tree came down. however one woman tells kron4's haaziq madyun that if she and her friends arrived a few minutes would have been a different story
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>> grant: the restaurant lafayette or recklessly along with her on the tree came down. and however one woman tells physique
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>> gabe: >> reporter:point out your car, which one's yours? >>: "that one right there the silver one, just got it two days before christmas nearly a dozen vehicles were damaged when this this huge eucalyptus tree came down in the parking lot of la finestra restaurant in lafayette sunday during the storm. claire roberts says she there with 40-people attending an event when it happened "we were at a birthday party last night for some good friends and a bunch of us just arrived before the tree fell" "did you see the yellow car over there, the jeep?" hays englehart's was also in the restaurant when the tree fell. that is his white cadillac parked next to claire's car "we are so lucky the tree went the way that it did cause we were literally right next to the base inside the restaurant, had that tree gone into that thing it would have gone all the way down and people would have been hurt" they are both thankful no one was injured "thank god no one was in the parking lot, cars can be replaced but not people" "it's just a car, it's just car" "i can get a new one tomorrow but i can't get a new body, nobody got hurt, that is the cool thing" in fact they say once they made sure no one was injured.the celebration continued "we kept the party going cause there wasn't much else to do" "hell yes we kept going, nobody was hurt, open more wine, we're good, it was a great sunday night, the most exciting party that i have been to in a long time" in lafayette haaziq madyun kron4news
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a man who died while paragliding this weekend in san mateo countyhas been identifed. police say solomon lee. was paragliding above a popular pacifica beach before he went into the water. bystanders pulled the victim from the ocean and onto shore. the good samaratians.even gave him cpr. when crews arrived they took over. but leedied at the scene. according to police, the cause of lee's death has not been determined. this is a pending investigation. * *pkg * trees snapping and glass flying and wood flying georgia alone was hit by a dozen tornadoes in 24hours. and it was just awful. even the sounds. it was just awful." eight people died when one of them swept through a trailer park hit just before dawn.
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buddy duke/adel mayor: "it's like you took a bomb and put it in a mobile home and exploded it." as many as 19 people died over the weekend, more than the country's total tornado deaths in all of last year. many of them were caught in their beds. like you're waking up from a dream that really came true in arkansas: yvonne peterson / roof blew off trailer: "you could literally watch our ceiling like it was breathing. it was going up and down," louisiana: scott franklin/lasalle parish sheriff: "the warning happened about the same time as the tornado so we had no time to prepare." missisippi: i was sleeping in my bed and just saw the roof get sucked up into the sky. weird, the wa god does things this christian university in hattiesburg was devastated by winds of up to 150 miles per hour. all these ceiling tiles were just poppin us in the head. >> britteny: and san francisco no. they just a set of vocal in this is where we saw earlier this morning or later on note and we noticed last 12 hours. ellis like possibly producing and then directly in to where
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things are clear up. for what to degrees biden and partly cloudy skies. temperatures getting hundred now with freezing rain floods already reported along the jersey shore here ensnarl strong wind speeds in an easter. and then turning over to steve davis and.
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>> steve: concussion, and some bruises after her mobile home was lifted will fit in a hospital last week and then on wall street energy companies slightly lower as the prison crude oil fall the dow over 20 seven. and as decca over points
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and verse 6.
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>> vicki: joins us after the break. >> britteny: tracking a lot of activity. and more thunderstorms in effect tonight more details coming up right after the break. tests at six we
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will take you to some of the committees dealing with a lot of water at all that and much more coming up on news at 6:00.
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>> reporter: all set february 6th patriots surprise surprise. close attention because they want this coach offensive coordinator. and what's even better a pretty good glimpse of
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what caltrans offense is capable of. an officially and general manager but the team may have to move quickly early over under
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is a 58 1/2. and would be the largest in super bowl history. >> britteny: will still see a chance of isolated thunderstorms capable of producing a small piece size hail and into the rest of tonight and shows a few
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passing storms. a closer look and not show you we can expect for the rest of tonight. and staying here in the bay area the ring if you're rainshowers around 330 in san francisco a lot of hell showers and not just their francisco but through the entire region. as we push into the next few days and keep seeing drier conditions. and
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that could bring us another round of rainfall. closer look at your forecasts. cahow >> britteny: another round of sunshine and also warm things up.
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>> reporter: so little peek underneath. and a good surprise performer and a 48 concert for nearly 5,000 mi. wide at glens ex-husband breaks his silence for the first time since the 2015 split and the voices of divorce was completely opposite to what i wanted here we are a part from death and divorce is one of the most painful things to go through. they sang to a
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clean lyrics a bizarre career to is that he's a coach, french fries and just light wind. so much more tonight on the on the insider. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. vicki and grant thank you. the weekend storms leave behind some big problems for bay area roads. we will have the latest on the clean up tonight at six. and a new report released by lawyers for the lease owner of the ghost ship fire raises new questions about where the deadly fire started. kron 4 news at six is next.
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>> pam:damaging storms. moving through the bay area today. this is video from san francisco. where hail fell this afternoon. we have seen storm damage throughout the bay area with trees down, flooding, and roads washed out. this is video from scotts valley in the south bay. you can see part of the roadway is completely destroyed. and here is a look at stormtracker4 right now. you can see isolated storms throughout the region. good evening, i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. kron 4 meteorologist britney shipp has been tracking the rain and hail all day. she joins us now with the latest. >> britteny: aggressive tonight a thunderstorm and cable producing pale. and then a lot
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of sunshine and then parts of
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richmond. and then any time we see the yellow orange in the system. and then it could produce hail once again. ahem precipitation for 10 7/8 per or a heavy rain coming down right now over flayed and san francisco and another round of light showers we show you the system pushes on shore it could also produce another round of pale. in this note trend we haven't seen the last 12 hours quick moving really struck isolated thunderstorms coming up with a closer look what is in store for the rest of tonight.
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more rain means more trouble for commuters and the roads that take them to and from home or work. no places is that more apparent than in the hard-hit santa cruz mountains where kron four's rob fladeboe shows you yet another new trouble spot and how people are coping with it. * *pkg * looklive open luckily, no one was hurt when a large chunk of the road, both lanes, collapsed, falling 20 feet and were swept away by the raging creek below in heavy rain on sunday. nelson road is closed about a half mile back where a detour routes drivers through mission springs conference
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center. men with radios help drivers navigate the muddy, one lane road through the redwoods and across a narrow bridge, without which several dozen residents would be cut off. sot/s/mos residents back at the slide, crews are taking stock of the damage. look closely and you can see the water-logged earth is still caving in beneath the pavement. the still widening wash-out caused in part when a back hoe trying to clear debris in heavy rain accidentally snagged and pulled up a culvert that could no longer divert the runoff away from the road. looklive closer in the northbay- a huge section of state route- 37 in marin county is still flooded this evening. it has been closed since sunday morning, thanks to weeken storms. kron four's spencer blake is live out there near the 37 junction with highway 101. spencer, how deep is the water there? >> reporter:where i'm standing, it's _ _. this is the right-hand side of the eastbound route and this is the end of the pavement. so we
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can see grass between our boots 6 in., read out behind me you can see reflection of the water from caltrans trucks it several feet out there and police to 3 ft. would be my estimate a sellout. and then the we took earlier today during daylight hours. when you arrived on this stretch it is halfway between one a one and all his efforts and ave. have been out here and working on pumps. toward nevada creek and don't expect it to reopen any time soon. classic the did close the section for six days a few days ago even then they say about the flooding
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was not as extensive as it was now. this stretch is about halfway between 101 and atherton avenue. caltrans trucks have been out here at various points. crews working on the pumps - three total. pumping it toward novato creek. don't expect 37 to reopen anytime soon. p "i've worked in marin for 14 years and this is the worst i've seen on 37. we have had flooding before here, we have had it where we've closed a lane, closed two lanes for several hours type of situation, but never a situation like this." vo that excludes last week, when they did close it for six days, but even then, sergeant ingels says the flooding wasn't as extensive as it is now. he also says the eastbound lanes reopened a couple days before the westbound lanes - higher ground. no estimated time of reopening. c-h-p officers directing traffic at the detour points during morning and evening commutes to help with the bottleneck. live in novato, spencer blake, kron four news.t >> pam:heavy rainfall caused a landslide in sausalito. blocking of a major thoroughfare. the south side of bridgeway is now reduced to one lane. kron 4's ella sogomonian captured crews working to clear the roadway and secure the hillside. heavy rain caused this landslide in sausalito at around 9:30 sunday night. the dirt and debris blocked both southbound lanes on brideway.
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>>: steve will get a chance to make preparations. very
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surprised and back up the slide crews are taking stock of the damage. but close seat. and still widening washout was still part current clear debris and heavy rain i simply snag dimple on a culvert no longer with runoff away from the road.
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loren umbertis, maintenance public works "we're going to have this lane closed all night long until we can get the hill further stabilized. so we just ask people drive carefully around the work site." this isn't the first time it's happened during the latest storm. last week a smaller slide was reported in the same area. ella sogomonian, sausalito "public works employees explain this hillside was already vulnerable to coming down umbertis says the home just above the slide isn't in danger at this time. but a neighor who came to see the mess for herself has had to secure the area because of the reoccuring problem. adrianna dinihanian, neighbor "i actually had to put pierce to bedrock because it was going downhill about a quarter of an inch a year." a geotechnical engineer contracted by the city is assessing the slope for a permanent fix. once cleared - a tarp will be laid over the land to prevent more rainfall from adding to the erosion. in sausalito ella sogomonian kron4 news. tonight, dangerous conditions are hampring the search for an 18-year-old whose car went into a creek over the weekend. the woman was driving along niles canyon road in fremont when she crashed.plunging into alameda creek. the sheriff's department has identified an area of 'significant interest' - that seems be the teen's car.but the water is too deep and rushing too quickly for crews to go in. rescue teams will dive tomorrow or wednesday.depending upon the creek's conditions. the victim's name will not be released out of respect for her family. the cause of the crash is still
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under investigation. tonight, dangerous conditions are hampering the search continues for an 18-year-old whose car went into a creek over the weekend. the woman was driving along niles canyon road in fremont when she crashed.plunging into alameda creek. the sheriff's department has identified an area of 'significant interest' - that seems be the teen's car.but the water is too deep and rushing too quickly for crews to go in. -------------------------- search and rescue teams were ready to dive into alameda creek at 10:00 in the morning. but that won't happen now, until at least tomorrow, or maybe even wednesday. state water officials tried lowering the creek, but the constant rain kept the level still too high for divers to safely go in. on saturday, an 18-year-old tracy woman, heading to the peninsula to visit family members, accidentily slammed into an oncoming car and plundged into the creek. authorities used drones over the weekend, hoping to locate her and her car. witnesses tell investigators, they saw her sedan floating down river shortly after crashing into the creek. authorities say at the time of the crash, the water was at least 10-feet high and moving even faster than today. out of respect for the woman's family authorities say they're not releasing her name at this time. the cause of why she crashed is still under investigation, nut
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speeding ot texting will be something they will be looking into. in pacifica- large waves battered the boadwalk at pedro point. this is video taken by a kron four viewer over the weekend. you can see the water being pushed past the barriers onto the walkway there. a high surf advisory was in effect for much of the weekend. witnesses say, waves as high at 35- feet. were spotted nearby. yesterday the storm downed a huge eucalyptus tree in the parking lot of la finestra restaurant in lafayette over 40-people were attending a birthday party when this tree on your screen. came crashing down. luckily no one was in the parking lot when the heavy winds knocked it down. today tree removal workers had their hands full cutting it down and hauling it away ".a big mess" tree removal workers spent the day cutting the giant eucalyptus into chunks and shredding the branches. the next step will be removing the trunk of the tree.which will be done by special crane don't forget, make sure you have the free kron-4 mobile app. on there you can track the weather as another round of storms is headed our way. be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts.
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another big story we are following tonight. it is official. san francisco has a new police chief. l-a-p-d veteran bill scott was sworn in this afternoon. pledging to see through the reforms which are already underway. kron 4's dan kerman sat down with chief scott today and joins us live at san francisco city hall. >> reporter:we have new information about last month's ghost ship warehouse fire which killed 36 people. >>: like the only intended to that schedule was sworn in monday says as the separate he does he must first understand that he must earn the respect of his fellow officers. and current he expects to revere the sanctity of human life carried
6:10 pm
must >>: you officers the best options and is deserving of human life. the lawyer for lease
6:11 pm
holder the lawyers' report says, derek ion almena should not face criminal charges. almena's attorney did not identify the expert who helped put togeher their report. neither the a-t-f, oakland fire department or the alameda sheriff's department. has officially determined the cause of the fire. we have posted the report that was put together by almena's lawyer. on kron a sinkhole shuts down a highway in the bay area. what crews are doing to repair the damage. plus flooding is impacting southern california. we'll tell you where this man was able to surf behind a car today. plus, 2 men were rescued after
6:12 pm
being trapped in an avalanche in lake tahoe. how they were able to signal for help. in the east bay - a young man is dead. following an officer involved shooting. it happened at a home on sacramento street in vallejo.
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6:14 pm
police say they received reports of a large party and several people fighting with weapons. when they arrived, officers say
6:15 pm
they found one man threatening a sixteen year old - and in response took action - shooting the man twice. the brother of the now deceased
6:16 pm
man.who did not want to go on camera. say's his brother stepped in to save him. the solano county district attorney's office is currently investigating this incident. the deceased man's name.has yet to be released. >> grant: a cut that is being investigated tonight sullenly live in san francisco and 59 years old. >> steve: teresa has more about the simple. here in oakland on highway 13. and once up on lote late as close. caltrans spokesperson says that it opened up monday morning. which means
6:17 pm
it should be in the but the heavy storms this winter experts have been warning now about avalanches. and should be known david and neil or on highway 89 when a gust of wind or and a huge pall of snow right on top of their car. to real call for help. firefighters
6:18 pm
looking out or able to dig them out with minimal damage and no one was hurt. chris however are worried about additional avalanches and snowfall. coming close to date no word on when the road will reopen. floodwaters washed away. and then the canyon and then a man in southern california and took advantage of the flooded streets. take >> pam: at lundy chicken see hetero the bat pull off his its. pastor delores
6:19 pm
bright/tornado survivor: "it's always been home to me and now it just don't seem the same." deadly tornados leveled homes. in georgia -- trees snapped and shattered. homes tossed and turned upside piles of debris. buddy duke/adel mayor: "it's like you took a bomb and put it in a mobile home and exploded it." the tornadoes part of a deadly and rare winter cluster sweeping across several states.
6:20 pm
that left survivors stunned. "i mean it's like you waking up from a dream that really came true." in mississippi people heard the
6:21 pm
storm before it struck "my mama she said 'y'all there it goes.' she said. sounded like a freight train coming down the street." in louisiana -- a tornado was strong and sudden. scott franklin/lasalle parish sheriff: "the warning happened about the same time as the tornado so we had no time to prepare." and in arkansas -- yvonne peterson / roof blew off trailer: "you could literally watch our ceiling like it was breathing. it was going up and down," back in georgia -- survivors of the storms forced to pick up what the tornados left behind. "you literally have a trailer park that looks like i's been disintegrated. you literally' have just smatterings of what used to be homes thrown into the woods. you have the smell of gas, you have destroyed homes, people crying, debris everywhere." in adel, georgia -- i'm robert ray. contact: scott alonso, department of health services, 707-867-6564 , 707-565-6625 potential outbreak of canine parvovirus at sonoma county's animal shelter >> britteny: closer look at what we expect see over the rest of tonight take a look at all the showers it really depends on where you near parts of san francisco run along a coast. of a bit of light shower activity.
6:22 pm
and south san francisco closer look at city built cupertino we have a lot of reports of hail all global blew bubbles the ec are reports of hail moving through the region. even and the east bay and the next 12 hours notice a chance by release isolated showers and then heading to work he and the north is on to the drought. and then cloudy to start. then a lots of sunshine. by 3:00 p.m. but the sun is coming back and it be here for the rest of tuesday wednesday has run the region's low fifties to mid '50's. still have high surf alert and then in effect until 3:00 a.m.. as like
6:23 pm
chance a back friday. and then showing us drive things out finally after thursday and warmer temperatures all on the way.
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>> reporter:a police officer saves a woman's life who is trappe in a burning car. we'll have the video coming up
6:26 pm
next. a woman from washington state is calling a police officer her angel. after he pulled her from a fiery crash. and it was all caught on a police body camera. here's the scene in spokane. you can see the officer smashing this car window open with his baton. >> steve:the driver, kim novak. says she had gone to the store to get ice cream.when she hit a+ pile of slush on the road. her car was shut down.and she was locked inside. ,. that brave officer not only helped save kim's life.remember that ice cream she wanted. he brought her some the next day. floods are affecting much of the bay area. next. we'll take you to scotts valley. where a road has been washed out by the latest storm. plus san francisco officially has a new police chief. we'll introduce you to chief bill scott. plus, we'll explain what is on donald trump's agenda for his first full week in office.
6:27 pm
police in berkeley are investigating 2 suspicious deaths. 2 bodies were found inside a home on deakin street.
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>> reporter: offer residents are now using a 192 were and then on further south the stern section of the iconic cement ship i ended by the strong storm surge in the beach here elsewhere are now littered in debris and logs that have been washed out of sectors mounds. >> reporter: right now 03, is working to get the water off of the road and doesn't seem to be lowering the levels very much. a dozen have a clear idea of when they will get high with 37 back opened. he spent the day
6:31 pm
removing this huge eucalyptus tree attend on sunday during the storm. was cleared a bill over the land but more rainfall from going to your version. and here's a closer look estimates
6:32 pm
about 10 at 10 and 10 ft. deep. and then one line of traffic close as a repair plan being worked out. and they pledged to continue into the reforms already under way and the san francisco police department. ongoing process and tend to be held accountable for it. in will push to get approved out cars officers.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: all depends on when you are at root what roads and appearance and francisco by 3:00. mchale if you're there.
6:34 pm
>> britteny: to look at our- tamara average day pelota mid- 50s. officers continue their investigation.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: 11 congressional seats. the president signed executive orders with a handful campaign promises including u.s. " president a bomb was radio. trump all and feelings. and a
6:36 pm
committee vote that once seemed in doubt. nomination now goes to confirmation. high-end and they
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
have this feature for engineers to put a lot features on a phone and checklist for their bosses. . they reportedly have not been hurt much the most recent quarter is that at its best in three years however
6:41 pm
strengthen its other businesses offset the damage done by the recall process as customers will never happen again.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: rental unit and a glittering with different cisco say you think he has surpassed as the game's greatest
6:45 pm
quarterback. and then there you go new england patriots are ready to roll. and of course they will take on atlanta falcons to just went to the green bay packers in yesterday right now the atlanta falcons partly underdog by three points. favored by 3. new england patriots a week from sunday pickups at four around 338. and then robert a. kraft, owner of the patriots and get on the stand after the game. and people
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
are upset the back-and-forth of and for this and that drawing it's one thing and they have somebody driving home agreement but he was if indeed it drunk and a word from the patriots. and then gives birth to a healthy baby girl later that
6:48 pm
day. and all of the greatest super bowl. and a $40 million when jumbo what it higher you. one year he is coming back to the fall. hired by the washington redskins and the vocal position with harbaugh and the gym is a nice guy. there he is germantown's to log. roughly
6:49 pm
$47 million and the head coach right now george patton.
6:50 pm
possibly not. the fifth team practice. which of the alcoholic 845.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
and then more likely to give up
6:54 pm
more home runs and take some punch of the team's best. and then as head of the nighttime hours ahead and to the sweet >> britteny: quotas lot for us. and then we're going to wind things done. isolated showers will continue with heavy downpour and quit moving cells that go by. heading into tomorrows cp lingering showers and our no. as sound. and they may serve warm things up. ,$8drw
6:55 pm
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, gavin rossdale opens up about his divorce from gwen stefani. >> you can't help, but be emotionally invested. as gwen and blake shelton make a sweet onstage entrance in mexico to the surprise of many fans. then we're with the stars at sundance. plus, what moment caused matt damon to freak out? >> the moment when the lights went down we all just kind of panicked. then number three "quantico" is back on a new night. >> you just sabotaged me. >> i sure did. >> but after her on-set accident how priyanka chopra is being more cautious on the job. >> i just -- my instinct is a lot more -- >> plus, your "insider" bonus. >> we brought you in here because we know you bring the goods. >> no pressure.
7:00 pm
>> why my "kevin can wait" cameo almost sent me to the e.r. and -- >> i like it, i just thought there were too many montages in the middle. >> leading up to tomorrow's oscar nominations, why "master of none's" aziz ansari needs to think twice about bad-mouthing "la la land." >> i'd like to see you sing on the stage you scum-sucking -- >> "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. gwen stefani and blake shelton. it is our number one tracking story today. >> still mixing work and play. >> gavin rossdale is sharing his real feelings about gwen. ♪ ♪ >> it is literally shocking how beautiful she is. it's shocking. ♪ ♪ >> three voice coaches, one ex-couple, one new couple, all


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