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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 24, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>reporter: off, mother did speak to reporters she hopes that her daughter might be in a hospital somewhere we are still dealing with the fact that we in do not have our daughter and our sister and our child but we're not stopping here we will continue to search for her. >>reporter: today was some of the best conditions for recovering the car because the water levels are so low there is a reason the water district helped out by restricting flow with their at the point where all that water has to start flowing back into alameda creek.
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over the flooded area to give you a unique perspective to the road has been blocked since
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sunday morning most recently from highway 101. >>dan k: there is a pasture on the other side that is very filled with water we're being told the water is not coming up through the drain that is supposed to be draining this freeway even though it looks better today is still more draining to do and as a result of this area as it continues to take away the water that is over highway 37 there sang the role
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man closed until saturday this a the third time in 20 years the road has flooded one of the reasons i with 37 this letter because of the intensity and duration of the recent storms. >>dan k: because high with 37 and sending numerous ways to deal with the problem among them creating additional space for flood waters to go. >>dan k: along the term solution may sound and conceivable but under discussion among the committee made up of supervisors from iran sonoma and napa counting web want to have a
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greater look at new study that is going to be on the way taking a look at sea level rise off route this area alter out more accounting. grant l: 5120 a through not a salon and yellow county is reopened after being damaged by huge amounts of rain that fell in the northern bay area you to see the damage to seven clean enough for about two weeks rock and mud slides a blocked several portions.
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>>pam m: all lanes on highway 13 are now back open after they were able to repair a 30 ft. sinkhole opened up yesterday this footage shot by helicopter partnership is shows the they moving the country over the sink hole today early yesterday morning three cars were damaged and the sinkhole opened up this is what look like van that have been on same the have a special quick drying concrete and we're told it is dry just in time for tonight's evening commute.
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>>rob f: off water gushed trees leaned and love creek is our river the slide that now walks the road began when a tree fell on a power line monday afternoon when a huge landslide
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swept away 25 homes 10 people died and just a throw from the new slide there is a memorial to the and his victims the kids will never from a long-term residence some a form leaves tollways will never see get them. with the power out until friday they could all but a slide are packing in supplies in a sign they it may still be moving one occasionally here is the son of tree is cracking and rocks falling.
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>>rob f: of the watery discharge of the russian not of the side of the mountain that is all that is left of 35 a break from the rainless set a live look outside.
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>>reporter: with a boy to see some very cold temperatures and your head out there with him a
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chance of some spring temperatures look forward to that in the meantime. >>pam m: the road damage is becoming more noticeable it is getting worse than is taking a toll on their cars across the
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bay area residents can report them and other streets issues just to buy calling 311 the 96% of reported potholes' last year was filled with and 700 hours.
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>>pam m: they're released a report stating that a fire started in the building next door and this raises potential
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doubt regarding the have been criminally responsible or to local attorney because of that fire they passed an emergency ordinance they also declared
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december 2nd goal should remember instead and on the other 36 people killed matt fire. >>pam m: professional ski patrols since 2000 and 12.
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>>reporter: what the spot
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nearly concern to do with the new snow he says he can go on the side of the mountain but that only works for so long.
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the drops falling much of january look at these numbers these are amazing it is getting
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cool response to the partisan fence is already as we have to the night tonight high pressure on to start building and we have more sunshine come this way
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will t: just off of 880 did not take a share to our long time to get to the location of the cause of death is a bit of a mystery no forced entry trump appears to
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be keeping his promise to hit the ground running once in the white house is making big moves today all this while making claims that millions of people voted illegally.
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grant l: a landslide is swallowing up parts of the scenic drive near the san mateo coast of pop, some.
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>>reporter: she cannot help tearing up a to talk about a house she was forced to move out from where she noticed her home was separated from her back deck after is believed the move and urged snap water main creating she is staying with friends and she's not sure she will be allowed to move back into our home the landslide has destroyed their home. >>reporter: the third house was
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read at any back to win this weekend the family lived above the slide they have not been tapped by the city yet to.
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>>reporter: finally right there that is spinning out of town that is good news from us showing us free of raindrops we been able to say that for quite some time fifth the highs will
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be running up into the '50s as we did in toward the latter part of the weekend. >>pam m: new angle in getting an onslaught of monster waves high wind and sleet the very same storm from dozens of tornadoes
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snowfall totals may surpass 12 in. northern new england is bearing the brunt of the storm tonight.
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grant l: we will tell you which movies are expected to be the big winners if california gov. jerry brown taking aim at the present what he had to say about the president and his state of the state address to them. i laugh, i sneeze...
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so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks >>pam m: jury is being sworn in by jerry brown and the state capital the california governor struck a combative tone and
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instead of the state address the promise and is addressed to defend california laws by immigration he made the claim during an has been another busy
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policy day for the new administration it is sold along one of his biggest campaign promises. >>reporter: he met with the head of the big three automakers for general motors and chrysler to advance approval the
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controversial keystone xl the president about the size and ride and regulations for the first time answering questions on the executive order to weaken president obama care.
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grant l: police are searching for missing teenager we're live in the news room working on. >>steve: to been a heartbreaking way for the family and the alameda county sheriff's office continue the search for the 18 year-old they thought of her body was likely trapped inside a car that was deep in the creek but when they pulled the car out of the water today recovery teams did not find the teenager off-season
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conversation has not have much to do with them at all but rather the potential new home in vegas. >>reporter: one place to start
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as funding the plan $750 million of taxpayer money and his still has a secure the 650 million from casino king there's also the issue over relocation fee the dollar amount has been drawn around get but he was sure have to pay a penny moseley's
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approval from 75 of the owners they're expected to sort this out when they meet in late march. >>pam m: she underwent two
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surgical procedures which did not require radiation or chemotherapy. >>reporter: all went to southern
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california will have to leftover showers those are headed out of town southern california with of going to see more rain in los angeles 13 in. of rain that is great news for them fortunately they have to deal with some flooding and mudslides much more maybe a little warmer in the afternoon should be mostly dry a mention of sunshine 64 about 57 partly cloudy and oakland and san jose we have one system off the coast line.
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>>reporter: the overnight lows getting chilly below freezing and santa rosa 42 degrees of san francisco the high tomorrow will be slightly warmer ties will look for the next few days great news other than a chance with a worm to keep driving.
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grant l: and he joins us from
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hall of more on the story after a two-year drought that, the most perverse crore of nominees will have anselm's play at
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spences spending figures moonlight and the lion all very diverse when it comes to the actress's this is the first time in history it has happened with one to take into place will be
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offered the mudslides destroyed.
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>>pam m: after a landslide destroyed as a number on the peninsula more home 7 rid tag and power lines and the area was also affected. >>maureen k: right now it is a
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gaping that is buckling the assets of bringing down paulo line they were to reroute power or around the landslide lead to a got worse over the last two weeks. >>maureen k: she was forced to pack up and go after she noticed it separate from her house through a colander and red hat by the count.
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>>reporter: fiume how difficult that news would be they finally found the car but no sign of her inside the family has been very
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involved in the search uncles and cousins even soft ball friends have been out here since saturday tonight highway 37 is
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still closed because of flooding. >>dan k: their anderson to divide the pumping right there it is unknown how much longer this will go on tonight the sea
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level rise 4 ft. by the end of the century the good news he
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says there's still time to do something about.
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>>reporter: by noon tomorrow is
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been over zero months of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland they're still trying to pinpoint the exact cause however the defense team.
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>>haaziq m: to lure as a turning has been keeping a close eye on the investigation he became the focus of intense public scrutiny for alleged role in this tragedy this will pour
6:10 pm
castellan alameda criminal liability.
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>>pam m: a ski patrol were killed on the mountain this morning how would happen and what they're saying about the tragedy we have continuing coverage of the storm damage after a landslide that destroyed homes severe weather affecting the east coast as well.
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>>pam m: if it created some problems that brought back some dark members on the santa cruz mountain. >>rob f: we are here and love creek road about a mile outside
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water gushes trees lean and love creek is a river and the slide that now blocks love creek road began when a tree fell on a power line monday afternoon to the residents came out and were cutting of trees as they're redoing this witnesses said clear water pouring out of cracks in the mountains and the turnaround the slide caused a minor to clear the storms of 82 when a huge landslide swept away 25 homes tend give a dieter who just off the road from the new slide there was a memorial
6:16 pm
for the young as victims of 82 there were never found longtime residents some of home leave toll is will never forget about the power out perhaps until friday they cut off the slide are packing in supplies it was
6:17 pm
about 34 yes today non is buried. >>pam m: gusty control was killed in an accident on the mountain grant l: is how is that he died? but the resort said in a statement all they know right now is there was an explosion at involve a dynamite explosives are often used to trigger controlled avalanches after heavy snow and he was 42 and
6:18 pm
leaves behind a wife and infant son for anyone interested in helping the family during this time an account has been set up. >>pam m: tells the storms will
6:19 pm
part of a system several homes left without power house small coastal towns was especially hard head 50 to 60 mi. an hour winds bring in a monstrous waves in floods nearby roads and the resident described how this power will now.
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>>reporter: we did have a few leftover showers early on this morning but very light now moving out of town that is good news we're dry red now is one's
6:21 pm
approach and bring a few light showers into tomorrow evening and tomorrow night web wanted time out as a head for tomorrow morning if it should be a dry start to the commuter potentially for some black eyes
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in the interior valley as a system lausanne we will see a few more clouds coming this way a slight chance in a couple of light showers not going to be much we are tracking the search for missing kayaker we just got a video of the search these areas courtesy of our helicopter partnership coast guard tells of
6:23 pm
the have the report of a kayak back capsize and one person in the water we see the emergency vehicles they're searching from land as well as in the water this is just off the coast of east palo alto. grant l: the researches have recovered the kayak with no sign of the person is unclear how long the search will continue obviously it is not dark and that is complicating matters at least it is not pouring rain you to see the dumbarton bridge the proximity to the surge will keep you posted howe will break down the results just ahead plus a bizarre story come to us from chicago incriminating vehicle of a police officer and balding coffee.
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>>pam m: new report showed a lead levels in their water no longer exceed the federal limit they say the water is not comparable to other u.s. cities environmental quality reports the lead levels from july through december the pipe work conspiring lead levels in some homes.
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>>reporter: the search continues for a 18 year-old woman who went missing after her car crashed into alameda creek after family members found her car in the creek monday they announced they did not find her they're concerned about three other properties that are near the slide to let this one which has not been a red tag yen.
6:31 pm
>>reporter: here in the santa cruz mountain this on on love creek rolled out a mile outside of there are trees down here the powers of in the road is closed there was a large slide on the opposite side of the creek longtime local resident cannot help but think about the storm of 82. >>reporter: no one was hurt the love creek falls is not very and could be several days before the power is restored and clear through the slide. >>reporter: if mysterious still remains sluggish but looking better than it did the day before they're telling us the roadway would not open up until saturday it remains closed for between 101 as for reasons why
6:32 pm
this area was flooded for the third time in 20 years in part is due to the intensity and duration of recent storms. >>steve: a lot people are still playing the recovery game with a lot of magnificent problems. >>reporter: and the slide finally drawing things out.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: we are going to see some changes coming this way it should be mainly dry olivetti moisture on the ground we may see some ground fog developing everyone is up in the '50s but we have changes in the work of this week and looks good after that things change once again. cosmetic >>pam m: giant is under fire from critics who say the company and product to glamorize drug addiction. >>reporter: the have been
6:34 pm
clemenceau were for 22 years she starred with alcohol and the double drugs are decay is sending a dangerous message the company eyeshot is called drugging the talks about beauty junky says addiction has parks the rewards for the customers can get higher and higher. the mother of three teenaged
6:35 pm
boys to ask what she would say to the company lost nomination.
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>>pam m: the nominees are in for the 89th academy awards.
6:39 pm
>>reporter: the most prestigious award in hollywood the oscar the academy of motion picture arts and science the musical law led no surprise leading the pack of 14 including best picture.
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>>gary: there and charlotte tomorrow when they warmed up home and n.c. for the annual homecoming but this was a little extra special he had his jersey retired by his high-school he's
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been honored as we speak that his college in north carolina although by school policy they cannot fix to retire his jersey and 70 graduates said they will
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hist since minnesota and terry and from arizona. >>gary: again whoever gets tired first as corn to be the boss is in level way until they make him a special he's been a nearly 13
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years and having a clue to make even a retired the story he's made hundred and $50 million in his career.
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>>gary: the office of korn matter the passing coordinator.
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>>pam m: some amazing pictures of a frozen lake in michigan it is so clear that it seems as if people are walking on water and they armed the pitches will post on facebook the lakes has been incredibly clear frozen again it
6:54 pm
should be dry and that is great news we're seeing tremendous storms incredible amounts of rainfall about 56 to greece six to 54 degrees in san francisco and in offshore when we try things out temperatures may be springlike in mid '60s thank you
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> the nominees for lead actor are -- >> number one, oscar nominations
6:59 pm
are in. why hollywood is gaga for "la la land." >> very, very exciting. >> with even more excitement over the diverse spread of nominees. >> if i get a phone call i'll be happy about that. men meryl streep, the gift that literally keeps on giving. ♪ >> we are breaking down the streep effect by the numbers. and number three, new edition proves they can stand the rain. the '80s r&b groove showered with walk of fame honors as bobby brown reveals why he left the band. >> the simple fact is -- plus your "insider" bonus. who is oscar winner obsessed with the runaway hit? >> almost got teary eyed. >> and ed sheeran in the hot seat but what's the dating secret that left him blushing? >> wow. now "the insider" tracking
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hollywood from the inside-out. it is official, "la la land" is ready for its oscar close-up, with 14 nominations in total. wow! this year's academy award noms is our number one tracking story tonight. >> it is and that's not the only good news. after a two-year drought the oscars honor the most diverse crop of nominees ever. >> what law is there say i got to like you? >> you've been nominated six times for an oscar, you won twice. if this movie is nominated is the feeling different every time something gets nominated? >> it is. i hope i find out. >> my girls are ready. we can do the work. i hope to wake up to eat my bacon and have some coffee and if i get a phone call i'll be happy about that. >> after a complete shutout the last two years seven people out of the 20 acting nominations went to people of color. >> i got 18 years of my life to stand in the same spot at you. >> as he official


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