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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 25, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>: today the united states of america did back control of this border >> pam: president donald trump cracking down on immigration to day he signed executive orders to take steps towards building a wall along the u.s. border with mexico. >> steve: it is our top story tonight. >> pam: thanks for joining us out and have more. >> steve: and i'm steve mason. >> steve: the president is also boosting border patrol forces and plans to suspend issuing visas to immigrants from seven predominantly moslem countries. i ran, i iraq, syria, sudan,
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somalia, human and libya >> steve: as jim costa explains. construction on a border war could begin in months. >> reporter: as well as chip away federal funds. but the meuse are seen as an insult to mexicans. >>: i'm not want to pay for that ... wall wall >> reporter: >>: i'm just telling you there will be a payment it will be helpful. we want that have a very stable, very solid mexico.
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>> reporter: the president is in stopping there. >> reporter: maxis expected to sign an executive order temporarily suspending the nation's refugee program. and restrict visas to people entering the u.s. from what the administration cost care prone countries. >> reporter: but the white house is pushing back on reports of another reason to tell order that will preserve the terror detention facility at got to malmo. >> reporter: reconsider harsh interrogation techniques. and secret cia interrogation sites. used during the bush administration. >> reporter: republican senator and former pow john mccain. we are not bringing back tortured.
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>> steve: now people are taking back to the streets once again to protest the president is elected to a policy. this >> steve: this was the scene at a rally for moslem and immigrant rights in washington square park. in new york. >> steve: protester are holding up a sign saying recessed. >> reporter: all across the country there are hundreds of sanctuary cities. and today mayors of some of the bay cities are speaking out against
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president trounced court executive order. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam cents and nothing about the president's executive order will change how san jose cost police are citied. it >> reporter: are police officers must focus their scarce time responding to an investigating violent, high-priority crimes- not the enforcement of federal immigration laws. >> reporter: 0 emir responded with the bay area stand united against this white house morally bankrupt policies that would
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divide families in turn nations back all refugees in need. we will not allow this president to play politics with our safety and security. >> reporter: at berkeley mayor says we will not be intimidated by threats to cut funding to cities that believe in the fundamental notion that no person is illegal. no amount of federal funding is part detrain our values. >> reporter: san francisco is a sanctuary city. hundreds have gathered on the steps of city hall to push back the president. >> reporter: >> reporter: amado's then not
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crawl was indira they live in fear of being forced to leave. >>: our grandfather was closed to deportation last year. >> reporter: that makes things even harder. >>: we stand here in the spot is encouraged. >>: people are very concerned. they have come here and feel very vulnerable with their immigration status. >> reporter: loran and indifference say they are prepared to oppose the
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presidential election. >>: we are going to continue to fight back. >>: bradbury is here in san francisco or all cards the country that stands all across the country. >> steve: now there is a cold chill hit in the bay area. >> pam: our senior merrill modest brady joins us. >> brittney: as we get into the rest of tonight you will notice in san francisco 46. livermore at 44. duryea and napa, closing
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to freezing temperatures along the bay and in oakland. >> brittney: as we head into tomorrow by 9:00 a.m. we see clouds. we will start off at 43 degrees by the coast. this is all coming up in my fall forecast. >> steve: the national coastguard has officially called off the search for kayaker. when he turned back there was no sign of his friend >>: he could have got himself
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out of the water up on one of the levees. >> steve: the search operation however wrapped up this afternoon >> pam: new to nine days several car stolen. have been tense hours apart. we understand that the cold weather may have played a part. >> reporter: that's right pam and steve jest this morning five cars were stolen. the victims have left their cars running warming up. police in livermore say all the steps are in place. 33 vehicles stolen in seven days.
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>>: in their reports they read that the victim's had left the vehicle to go back inside the house as it warms up. >> steve: >> reporter: she says her black audie was a left unattended by was stolen sunday. >>: my husband got home that morning came in and say where is your car. i said in the driveway. >> reporter: the next-door neighbor at stirabout burkhart. >>: they were loading stuff that
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they had stolen from of the locations inside of my car. >>: i can't put my stroller and a lot of the other things in >> reporter: duchess hopeful police will find it. police tell me they do have a few minor leagues. -that leads. were pouring lies in livermore kron 4 moves >> pam: we will be back to mar searching for a missing woman. and listen to our parents for not giving up hope. >> steve: people were crawling
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all round in someone's backyard we will tell you how police managed to attract
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>> steve: jeff pierce shot this and said >>: every single month that she is now with us is heartbreaking. >> steve: the share of office says there are no fresh leads. >> pam: happening now. crews are still searching for missing teenager of tracyof >> pam: the 80 is thought to have crashed third car into the
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swollen alameda creek on saturday. >> steve: 04 hundred people are combing the base of alameda alameda >> pam: cross forest has the latest details on the search efforts tonight. >>: i have good days and bad days. we're all just 34. --jazz searching for her. >> reporter: 18 year-old is thought to somehow have driven off their rolled into the lake. >> reporter: she was not inside. they said they would search of
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strain from the bay. >>: we will search air is that maybe we haven't been able to from the water. >> reporter: the dangerous currents is hampering the search but as many of hundred people, many of them. >> reporter: she is a fighter says her father. they are determined to bring her to >>: she touched a lot of people. word got to stay out here too we find her. at the same time we just want to break her own. >> reporter: rescue boat 58 had
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to call it quits this afternoon. the rescue team will be out here on saturday as well as the parents and france. --france. >> pam: we now know that the teenager who was shot and killed in the east bay earlier this week was a standout high school football player. >> pam: teammates and family members identified the victim as lamar murphy. the 16 year old was of a junior at hayward high school. >> pam: he died monday night in
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hayward, near princeton street. >> pam: police say, more freedom now live at that house. and was there visiting. >> pam: officers believe murphy was killed in a drive-by >> brittney: we will continue to see decreasing klaus as we go into the weekend. our temperatures will remain closed at average. closer look at our satellite raiders side pit scattered sprinkles i would say. a few snow showers mainly to the
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north now. our chances of shaw worst among our has really gone down. >> brittney: are right now temperatures are in the low '40's we are at 47 in tampa. vallejo is at 54. a closer look at your three days for tests we will see a tiny chance of scattered showers. >> brittney: we will have back
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closer to the '60s. we will have more details coming up in a few in >> pam: a judge issued a restraining order barring the family running san francisco union square mainstay from removing memorabilia and other property from the restaurant prior to a hearing next month to determine ownership. >> pam: the order was issued friday in a lawsuit filed by the henry family, which owns the 333 gary street property where the hofbrau has operated. >> pam: the bovid family firm that has run restaurants since
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the 90's. the two families are battling for ownership with each asserting their own rights to both the name and a baseball memorabilia and property that lies its walls. we will be right back with sports highlights.
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>> reporter: some good health news to tell you about tonight. among for showing dole that according that-that's according to the journal of the american medical association. >> pam: unfortunately, the study also found certain clusters where a opposite is true. >> pam: in these maps on your screen. red shows what the study cause cancer hot spots. >> pam: the deaths from all cancers in 2014. were highest in the southern states. >> pam: the deaths were lower in places like utah and colorado.
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>> pam: reasons for the gatt could include the higher pre balance of risk factors. such as smoking and obesity. >> pam: provision in screening in some counties can lag behind others. so normally treatable cancers, may go undetected. >> steve: the study suggests looking to delaware as an example of how to take action. >> pam: when the state notice an alarming rate of cancer deaths, it created a program to treat cancer for the uninsured. and send nurses and other health workers into communities to >> pam: in a decade, delaware went from having the second highest rate of cancer deaths. to the 14th. >> pam:
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trump planning a crackdown. it >> pam: after the break approach from supporters we will hear from some people in the bay area who agree with president dropped. >> brittney: i will have details on how miser a seven day forecast will look coming up after the break.
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>> steve: and right now president donald trump signing the executive order.
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>> pam: that crackdown is expected to affect seven predominately muslim territories. >> pam: immigrant and refugee communities in santa clara county came together to express their concern over the executive orders taken by president trump. >> reporter: there were several organizations that showed up here today and sirens, and immigrant rights organization here in san jose. >> reporter: they call in and that actions taken by the trump administration troubling and discriminatory. >> reporter: they say they oppose any executive action that results in the creation of a
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border wall, criminalize the immigrant community or limit the ability for refugees to seek safety in the u. s. >> reporter: from side to executive orders directing construction of wall along the u.s.-mexico border and boosting border patrol forces. >> reporter: the orders also call for taking federal funding away from sanctuary cities and new criteria that would make more undocumented immigrants are a priority for deportation. heard the outcry of those who are upset president trowel. -as
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trump >> reporter: they believe is not right because they say if harbors ill feelings. >>: in california almost in percent of our population is undocumented. >>: i think that san francisco should lose its federal funding. >> reporter: i talked with quite a few issues with the strong
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supporters. you will hear more of my conversation with some tonight at 10:00 p.m. kron 4 news. >> steve: >> pam: >> reporter: we are talking about is really. a 18 year-old and a 17 year-old are accused of prowling. this is on ego rich. you can see some surveillance
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images. >> reporter: they rested their to yesterday's afternoon. >> reporter: the 17 year old by the way was issued a citation. >> pam: hrs has been made in a homicide case. the mother says after 34 years, justice has come. and the rest of more than for the november 15th, 1982 murder of her daughter, johnson. police say, johnson and mark carroll or at the same party.
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>> pam: the night before her body was found. >>:, words tiny i will give you. >> pam: margaret is now in the custody of the vacaville police department. >> pam: he is scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow morning there. >> brittney: we are going to see a tilly night ahead. we will see a cold start tomorrow morning. a few little isolated showers. >> brittney: we will watch for
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this little weather disturbance off the coast. we originally thought it could swing through san francisco. >> brittney: by 9:00 a.m. it will look like all the fall will left. closer look at your 7 day forecast it shows that our temperature will stay right are around 60 degrees. >> brittney: tomorrow we're looking at late sunshine. by tuesday we are tracking a few more changes. and weather was start to drop down into the mid- 50s. >> steve: straight ahead on 90
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year old high-flying birthday wish. >> pam: now breaking that 30,000 mark for the first time ever how transe presidency may have made an impact. --how tromps presidency may have made an impact. you will be right back.
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>> pam: new 298. >> pam: after the holidays of wretched excess. too many swedes, too much alcohol. some of us are making new year's resolutions to eat healthier and may be dropped some weight. >> pam: 2919 and this-crop vicki takes us to a restaurant where you can do just that.
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>> reporter: true food kitchen now open here in walnut creek as well as paulo all told. >> reporter: is based on health guru dr. andrew welt anti- inflammatory diet and hurts tasty gourmet menu items loaded with feel-good nutrients. >> reporter: dishes like fresh vegetable cordite. or this inside out clean no border. as- quinoa burger. >> reporter: there are these brightly colored juice brussels
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sprouts that kids will gobble will >>: even if you're not on a diet you can have a burger. >>: i'm having a burger. >> reporter: grass fed beef i might add. in walnut creek vicki kron 4 news. >> steve: her dad tries to take down the charlotte hornets. sports are coming up we will be right back.
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>> reporter: 20,000 points down goes above that number for the first time ever. the dow went up zero hundred and 55 today. >> reporter: the trump presidency is definitely helping the market. imagine a company
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like disney who saw the dollar go up getting a billion dollars. >> reporter: j.p. morgan and goldman faqs are built at benefiting. >> reporter: we're also going to build a very big walled with low-cost houses to millions of dollars. >> reporter: how does this wall figure into president tromps. >> reporter: mexico is already starting to proposition some ideas out there. >> reporter: ironically the
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biggest cement company is in mexico. >> gary: giving everybody currie is back home in his native charlotte. campbell walker added 26 points. before you know it blown warriors are of six. >> gary: durant had 33 coax. the
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jury magadan's 1151 03. --115-s 103. >> gary: they can't pay any sound out of curries mouth. >> gary: we are going to lose stassen we can give any audio we are sorry sorry. >> gary: he picked up the handset and there was no sound. he fixed a head set himself.
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>> gary: just for that we are going to honor his border one more time riley currie during a high school game where her father's jersey was retired there. >> gary: riley has a bad off. >> gary: making national headlines. fined $15,000 by the nba for striking e. ford loop in the face. >> gary: the incident are heard with six: 51 remaining in the
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fourth quarter of the warriors' loss in miami on monday night. >> pam: >> gary: he was a sense of flagrant foul ... and luke was hit with a technical. >> gary: submarine the norton is now working for working >> pam: wellcome >> gary: ken norton joined us. sabrina welcome to the kron 4
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team. >> gary: any way here we go speaking of ken norton game the latest group to try to keep the raiders in oakland called himself with the oakland coliseum economic impact in legal action committee. >>: when they move to los angeles we did in a fly to see the raiders. no be sent raider fan is going to become a 49ers friend. >> gary: you have to say to
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these guys go up if you can come out some way may god bless you. >> gary: these guys are giving it a shot the oakland coliseum economic impact committee. >> gary: after 48 years read retired. . >> gary: then let him go. i think you was in his early
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fifties. i think he was the voice of the nba. >> gary: the only one left is al. the point being is now it is a different world. >> gary: alright pam again congratulations, you even applauded for ms. norton joining. >> pam: we will be right back.
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>> reporter: 29 and 10. >> reporter: people behaving badly. >> reporter: before you try to return next don't you absolutely need to watch the next edition of people behaving badly. >> steve: new weather and sports coming up tonight at 10. >> pam: we hope you join us. >> steve: age was never a big problem for him less like he's having a pretty great time. the folks at sky-space center made
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it happen. >> steve: george h. w. bush also made that jumped on his 90th birthday. >> pam: things we learn i did not know that about two. >> brittney: of very beautiful day we will have lots of sunshine tomorrow. >> pam: we hope you join us back at 10 have a good night.
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