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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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l.d."... >>: i just signed two executive orders that will save thousands of lives. millions of jobs and billions and billions of dollars. >> steve: president donald trump takes action on two of his campaign promises: 6 trained the border and immigration reform. good evening i am steve a dissent. --aveson. >> pam: and i m pam moore. >> pam: the executive actions pave the way for construction of a wall along the u.s. border
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with mexico. the orders also begin the process of stripping the federal funding for cities that the white house this harbour on document and the crips. --undocumented immigrant spirit >> pam: in more executive actions are on the way tomorrow. tonight local reaction has been swift and defiant. >>: president donald trump colin from here on out i am asking all of you to enforce laws of the united states of america. >> reporter: donald trump moving forward on one of his most controversial campaign promises. >>: physical, a tall, powerful, beautiful, so the rent board wahl. --7 boyer wall. ... >>
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reporter: during a visit to the department of homeland's security. >>: we are in the middle of the crisis on our border. beginning today the united states of america will get that control of its borders. get back its borders. >> reporter: sighting two executive orders wednesday, directing federal funds towards building that wall along the u.s.-mexico border also pledging mexico will eventually pick up the tab. >>: the secretary of common security working with myself and my staff will begin immediate construction of the border wahl. >> reporter: and as he and to overhaul the immigration system, also read the up the border patrol forces with 5000 agents
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funds for the agency that are rest and the ports of undocumented immigrants, and seeking to in san shore in cities. >>: this is another decisive best-the vice of policy and another polarizing policy. >> reporter: tomorrow, donald trump is expected to take more action on a democrat-this immigration with a focus on the bidding process and refugee programs. >> pam: news tonight, mexico has responded to the border what executive order and the president of mexico's this, he rejects the decision and repeated his country would not pay for it. the mexican president does not have an upcoming visit to meet with the president dropped next week. some reports suggest he is now considering cancelling that trip. --president donald trump.
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>> steve: tomorrow, the president is expected to sign an executive order stopping the sarah and refugee program. the order will also suspend the issuing of visas to people from the seven countries. libya, sudan, somalia, iraq and i ran and yemen. >> pam: new at hand. the president's executive orders have committees across the bay area and shot. kron 4 alecia reid spoke with members from the muslim community association and santa clara. she joins us live tonight. what are the same tonight?
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>> pam:-saying >> reporter: they are scared. many are fearful if they leave the country they will not be able to come back then. >>: i woke up this morning and shot. >>:--in shock >> reporter: president trump signed an executive order that will limit let you g's and immigrants from seven muslim countries. one of the country's the president is targeting. this woman appears refugees who are trying to get out of war-torn areas will now be forced to stay there. >>: countries like america whose fund upon immigrants and refugees that make it what it is today, is closing the doors on us.
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>> reporter: mohammed says someone who is in need going through severe hardship. they are only fleeing their country because they have no other choice. >> reporter: muslims who are from a number of different countries can to pray at the moslem community association. some are scared for themselves and their families. >>: it is really chilling. adjust the idea of being in a country that's transforming so radically. >>: the statue of liberty holds a golden lamp and biting people and those same people are refugees and immigrants, people that need those opportunities at fidelity is breaking down and everything our country is built upon. >>: what is the purpose of the
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country that is a superpower if they cannot be there for others in their time of need? >> reporter: this is the donald trumps first week and all this heat is already ordered a wall to be built on the mexican border, at the extreme that teen of muslims. --vetting of muslims. >>: hitter came out of the democracy. he can with the bold. i detect a bit more faith and our system. --he came with the vote >>: know that we are exactly the opposite of what they say we are. we are lawyers and doctors and activist and want to make this country no more than ever, great again. >> reporter: one of the adjustment i spoke with tonight is concerned his mother, who is
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applying for a visa would not be allowed back in the country. and he is not the only one. there are a lot of similar construction is being echoed all over the bay area and the country. reporting live in santa clara. --similar concern spirit >> reporter: immigrant and refugee communities in santa clara county come together to express their consult over the executive orders taken by president donald trump. >> reporter: immigrant rights groups are calling the executive order is discriminatory and troubling. people i spoke with today out are going to fight back. >>: dear president trump, i am writing this letter to and in
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view of my concerns and issues. >>: reading letters from his students to president donald trump. >>: i hope my opinions and ideas can get you a sense of what our generation wants. in this assignment he gave his students at james high school. the letters are in a way for students to express their concerns. >>: we have students who asked me can i go to college if i in undocumented now if he takes away d s c k--daca >>: or will i cast the seaport and for them is a lot of confusion and a lot of uncertainty. >> reporter: tonight there are many cities are among the bay area and the nation that could suffer financial consequences for policies regarding on
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documented immigrants. there are more than 200 san shore cities nationwide that could lose federal funding. here in the bay area there are six. san francisco, oakland, alameda, berkeley, richmond and san jose. other major cities across the country could also be affected in closing chicago and new york. >> grant lotus joined us now with the bay area reaction to these bowls. brent? --reaction to these bold moves. >> reporter: grant? >>: we will not back down! >> grant: bold moves eliciting a
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boat reaction. at least here in san francisco today. and cutting off funding to the city cities would affect schools, police, fire at any number of city services. so there is the financial component to this. but the issue is very personal to a lot of people they or their family members or friends. who are undocumented immigrants fear that the trump administration will literally break up families. even if the president's initial focus is on a violent or criminal undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: mayors of oakland, berkeley, and other bay area sanctuary cities release plan worded statement today condemning the president's plans to withhold federal money from those cities.
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>>: the bay area is home to millions of people who have bought or sought refuge and a chance for a better life. as mayors, we stand together and our responsibility to keep our city safe and healthy and take care of all our resident and families, regardless of status. >>: nothing about the president's executive order would change how san jose cops paulist--policed our city. >> reporter: our police officers must focus their scarce time responding to an investigating violent, hyde park or the crimes, not the enforcement of federal immigration laws. >> reporter: not everyone dislikes the actions taken by president donald trump today. kron4 j.r. stone talk to supporters of the president and joins us live from sampras's go.
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>>: doing what he said he is going to do. >>: it is about time we have someone who does something keeps promises during the election. >>: 10 percent of our california politician--population is i documented. --undocumented >>: i think san francisco should lose its federal funding. >>: i believe america needs to start putting america first. >> pam: coming up: how the cold
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weather has led to a spike in card test and one east bay city. --car theft and one east bay city. >> steve: dan news at tan linters be where! skiing you don't want to fall for when you look for a new place to live.
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>> pam: and the east bay ... a
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woman gets trapped in her car after a huge tree falls on it. canyon road is closed and castro valley as crews worked to clear out the area. brett lotus is here with the new video we have just received. >> grant? >> grant: take a look here. you can see the huge branches deck collapsed pyrrhic practically covering both sides of the road away. the chp was notified just before 6 tonight. when they arrived they found a black toyota highlander crushed by a tree. luckily, the one inside was not injured. she did get trapped and had to wait for firefighters to help her out of the truck. the road is closed
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between kohl were dried and norris canyon road. no word yet on when it will reopen. >> steve: the search resumes tomorrow for a missing college students are fremont. jayda jenkin's car went into the swollen alameda creek over the weekend. yesterday crews recovered her part. but her body was not inside. as kron4 rob fladeboe reports her family is not giving up hope. >> reporter: this was the scene on wednesday afternoon here along the banks of rain swollen and island creek on niles canyon road outside fremont. again today, her parents that
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that is done and the yellow jackets, at times any peak in the mud, searching every snag, at the time to find their daughter. >> reporter: 18 year old tracey jenkins is thought to have somehow driven off the road. on saturday and ended up and the creek her car was found. its windows were broken out but jayda was not inside. some of her clothing was reportedly found downstream. fremont fire lost a boat early wednesday answers upstream from the bay. >> reporter: the dangers current is hampering the search but as many and hundred people, many of them coming out for the first time today are scaling both sides of the creek from where her car was found working their
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way downstream. she is a fighter's is her father c.j.. >> reporter: who is determined to bring her home record--bring her home. >> steve: now to the story of the coast guard and has officially called off the the search for a missing kayaker near the dumbarton bridge. search crews scoured the area today and air and water. at kron430 p.m. yesterday afternoon. france told authorities that--friends, told authorities that maldonaldo was in the water without a life
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vest. and he turned that there was no sign of him and draws were also used to search the bay. >>: there is still a chance. >> reporter: the big search operation rep but this afternoon. no word yet on when they might resume. >> pam: new ad san the eastbound lanes of highway 37 in marin have three open tonight. that is after flooding shut down unpopular highway for the second time this month. chp crusade, large sums have been working on round-the-clock to remove the thousands upon thousands of gallons of water which has kept a lanes closed. crews are currently working to get a westbound lanes reopened as quickly as possible. chief meterologist, brittney shipp joins us with the weather!
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>> brittney: and lot of sunshine headed into the weekend and slightly warmer. satellite radar shows that there is and small weather disturbance that will bring some sprinkles and the north bay zone. some of this would not reach the ground but it is showing up on our radar. >> brittney: our futurecast shows us that if we moved out the way there is just a small sprinkle coming towards us. >> brittney: and sunshine that will come towards the afternoon. >> brittney: low '40's in napa. hi from the region tomorrow, in the mid '50s. if the spots will push into the high 50s. livermore at 58 degrees. and san
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jose at 57 per it would take a closer look at the forecast where each day will get better as the last. >> steve: thank you, britt! >> steve: and next 30 years after the case when cold. a major break in what police say lead to unrest and a decade old murder of the bay area teenager.
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>> pam: people are thinking about a lot of warm memories. actress and comedian mary tyler moore died today at that age of 80. she first found fame on the
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dick van dyke show, it was soon out there that her 1970 series helped nurture its a new era for went on tv. >> reporter: in the 1950's she was a dancing alf and tv commercials. she turned her break playing the opposite of dick van dyke and the dick van dyke show. >>: mary tyler moore, 17 academies. m one of the most celebrated tv shows in american history. >> reporter: the series was held by feminists and fans alike as the first model a bomb and sitcom. --first modern sitcom
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>> reporter: her only child, a son, accidentally killed himself after mishandling a fire arm. >>: >> reporter: she divorced her first husband and we merritt a year after. --at the married a year after. >>: through all the suffering and the worst times she was able to come out and slapped on the makeup and make people laugh. >> pam: coming up tonight house friends and family are keeping hope alive a month after the poet help teenager pro penns and when missing. --opaleye after the vallejo teenager pearl
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pinson went missing.
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>> steve: talk about a crime spree.
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>> reporter: 43 vehicles stolen and 30 days. and seven stolen and just the last two. police say the best was spread out throughout livermore and the cold temperatures that we are dealing with played a part. >>: essentially, they left their vehicle to go back to the house what it was warming up. --while it was >>: we lived across the street. we had a jeep cherokee. at last is incredibly--is incredibly close to the neighbors carteret my husband came in and ask me where was our car? he went out
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and call the police. >> reporter: seen a report about her carteret --about her car >> reporter: her husband and were able to get a rental car. this is not the same size as her truck. >>: i'm not able to put my stroller and beer. which is in huge inconvenience. " >> reporter: lee say they do have a few minor leaguers that they are trying to follow. -- leads >> reporter: will also have more police on patrol to catch these criminals. >> steve: family and friends
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gathered to remember pearl. several attended a visual earlier today. eight months ago police says perot was kidnapped by fernand a castro on a freeway overpass bite--above interstate 780 in vallejo. castro was later killed in a shootout with police. and no one has heard from procure it right now, determined to keep the search for her going her supporters place candles at the same-debt at the scene of i 780 overpass where she was last seen. >>: we are keeping her name out there. >> steve: the solano county sheriff's office is there are no new leads.
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>> pam: and the rest has been made in a homicide case dating back to the early 19 '80s. it is a murder case that rocked the town of vacaville. >> steve: police say they never gave up and tonight the primary suspect in the case is now in custody. kron4 madden see how the man taught to the victims childhood best friend who says she has been waiting 34 years for this date to happen. >>: right in this area, this is not a subdivision so the train tracks are no longer here but this is where they founder. --found her >> reporter: >>: at the time the solano
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county coroner's office said that it was the most brutal thing they have ever seen. >> reporter: vacaville police are arrested 51 year-old marvin mackel--markel >>: that is tam. -- that is him >> reporter: this is a total of 117 year-old marvin looked like all round the time of the death. of indiana. the beckham bill police say they both attended a party the night before her body was found and the detective says mark--marden was the primary suspect in the cold case. >>: investigator said at these
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1% and a better relationship with him has been identified as a potential witness against them and the johnson murder case. news that mary had been waiting to hear because she has long suspected that more than killed her best friend. >>: i remember one plane he said to me, you would never get me. as he spit on me and i said to him, all mark my words honey, i will get you. >> reporter: mark van was in a california prison serving and 80 year murder sentence for killing another one and when he was arrested and transferred to solana connie yesterday to where he was charged for the murder of deanna johnson and that the bill. haazig madyun kron4 this.
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--kron4news >>: if they are saying that they are renting out long offered a portion of the home for $89 with water, a washer and dryer and utilities included is definitely a case of people behaving badly. before you try to wring your next time you should absolutely need to watch the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> brittney: i will call all for more on the weather as to what you can't expect for the work week coming up after the break.
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>> pam: well we all know the price is for rentals and the bay area on through the roof and have been like this for a while. all well, so many people are constantly looking for an expensive places to live. when >> steve: unfortunately, there are people out there calling on people home shopping. stanley roberts explains.
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wu when will >> stanley: p>> stanley: was--the inside of the two bells a sore foot hall located in the city of vallejo this is the living room and this is one of the bear arms. so you want to let this place? all you got to do is send me your name and your social security number with a check for $1,800. and yes, it hit $1,500 deposit and i will send you the key in the mail. >> stanley: i know this sounds a little too good to be true coming from me. but that is exactly what is happening every
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day all around the bay area and this case, vallejo. >> stanley: and you were sent me an e-mail of an exchange between a person-- a viewer sent me an e-mail of an exchange between a person claiming to have a home for lick and a brand new housing development the owner relocated to houston and it was listed as no home address, just that it was located at water stone, but it was listed as 83 bear run, three bad and all utilities were included in plus water. >> stanley: all for a shocking low price of $1,800. i spoke to mafia who lives and the development she wanted to talk about her driving from with for three years but i had to keep
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our focus. there are brand new homes that did our building in now and there are not going to buy them and leave i don't know anyone who would do that that's not a logical action. >> stanley: what am i not be a logical action in happens all the time, people desperate for housing see a listing and basically fall for this. if they're seen that are renting out a wrong or a portion of the home for $1,800 with water, a washer and dryer and utilities included is definitely a case of people behaving badly. these houses were all recently sold and some are still under construction. the developer access that will not show their name but was concerned that their development was being used to treat people. --trick people chief meterologist, brittney shipp joins us with the
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weather! chief meterologist, brittney shipp joins us with the weather! >> brittney: now we can put our numberless away and cleanup!--we can put our umbrella away. >> brittney: towards the afternoon, you will see the clouds the decreasing with more sunshine. we have been checking out on summer weather near the north bay zone. when we fly over to lake tahoe, is still dealing with snow flurries so it's not completely dry for everyone. >> grant: >> brittney: we do have some unsewed weather for tomorrow. it will not last long. i am now seeing any rain showers moving and derrick it seems to be dry for the weekend even as we go
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into monday. so i'm tracking a dry weather for you. >> brittney: with the temperatures tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., is 36 for santa rosa, 40 degrees to start in oakland and san jose on the course died at 37 degrees. --on the cooler side at 37 degrees. >> brittney: some patchy fog is expected for us that everything seems to clear up about 10:00 a.m.. >> brittney: 54 and san francisco, we will see a high of 55 and half moon south bay song; a lot of sunshine. 66
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degrees and cupertino. >> brittney: east bay zone showing slight chance of sprinkle spirit in the morning hours. but, we are still expecting a lot of sunshine for the afternoon. >> brittney: our temperatures in san ramon and 52 degrees. and the north bank with 56 and petaluma. with 58 degrees and napa. >> brittney: as we approach the next few days take a look at that with a lot of sunshine. >> brittney: on monday with the mid-60s and start to cool down on tuesday and wednesday of next week what tracking a chance of rain showers. >> pam: our sports director, gary radnich chase here. --is
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here >> gary: the big deal of course in charlotte with a 71-62 charlotte in the third quarter. >> gary: curry and the warriors took over. >> gary: up six and a cruising home. >> gary: 7 >> grant had 37 points and staff curry went to 28. --steph curry with 28 >> gary: were
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>> gary: everyone says it is " to beat the cavaliers and a warrior spirit--everyone says it will be the cavaliers and the warriors. >> gary: the gun and company taking on the canes and of the fourth quarter the marcus drive and scored to tie the game with three seconds left and send it to overtime. closes' kicked out and who knows the three. upper it the final score was 116-112 king spirit >> gary: calves third straight
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loss and fifth and last seven games. >> gary: soaring that is rolling down under and thing this law- this is not out coco. look at been this to her thing accurate 36 year-old venus will more than likely meet her successor. -- will meet her sister print >> gary:brent musburger is ending his sportscasting career after 40 years and the business. the 77 the year old will retire from broadcasting for abc and d e s p an organization after
10:53 pm
calling the january 31st basketball game between kentucky and georgia. >> gary: the class to get into the sports handicapped business. he came to prominence as part of the cb as national soil ball league today program and the 1980's. >> gary: you do not get rich reading this corporate--reading the scores >> gary: this guy work with connie chung. >> gary: so that companies
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tonight, so all of the globe. -- so that completes, tonight's circle of the globe.
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>> pam: we all know of the tweeting habits of the president donald trump. >> steve: but there is another social media platform that is giving us an inside look at the first family. instagram >> reporter: from the rooftop
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terrace... to the basement bowling alley.... >> reporter: since are arriving in washington d.c.. the new first family is not just changing the rules of washington. it is pulling back the curtain on the white house. >> reporter:on instagram: this rarely seen fuel, tiffany and eric trump standing on the white house roof. >> reporter: eye socket trump on inauguration day with her husband and presidential advisor. and their children in the presidential limousine kids in car seats and all. >> reporter: astor's say it's
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not surprising. the trumps are no strangers to social media or reality tv. >> reporter: but their posts are providing a public backstage pass to a presidency that is rarely been seen from inoperable to practice and the state dining room garrett--from a non--from inaugural balls to the state dining room. >>: am surprised by how open they are being. >> reporter: these polls that we've seen of previous administrations are taken by a professional one house photographers. there are very choreographed and barely giving you the behind-the-scenes
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glimpse at what life is really like and the white house. and in a way is making it really accessible to people. >> pam: president donald trump is expected to release more controversy all the executive orders tomorrow. >> pam: i m pam moore. >> steve:and, i'm steve aveson. >> pam: the president is doubling down that the americans and many of them voted illegally. >> reporter: dan good on one of his contentious campaign promises. --the president is making good on one of his contention campaign press promises. >>: do not even think


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