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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 26, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news starts now with breaking news. and good morning on this thursday morning. >> the breaking news we are following this morning. a santa clara police officer attacked. will tran live on the scene. >> reporter: attacked right behind me in this parking lot just off lawrence expressway. the santa clara police department just left the scene. they were here for about six hours. this all started when the police department got a call about a man in the parking lot in his car that he was possibly living in his car. he starts his car, goes right toward a police officer. the police officer jumps out of
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the way, manages to grab the man's arm, and that's when he was dragged a short distance. he falls off but he actually refused treatment. as far as the man, his identity not being released at this time. he fled in a silver sedan. they don't know where he is at this point, but i can tell you he is described as a caucasian male in his mid-30s and he was wanted for warrant violations. nothing malicious but it was something they were looking into. that's one of the reasons they were not prepared at this point to release his name. this parking lot just opened. this is in santa clara. as you can see, it is open for business for everyone. back to you. >> we first told you about the police activity through our mobile at -- mobile app. taking a look at weather and traffic on this thursday morning. we will hit the roads in a
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minute. first we take a look at the weather. >> the weather is going to be nice. lightly scattered showers for much of the north bay but it's starting to lighten up as we get through these early morning hours. you can see on storm tracker for satellite and radar imaging . it's all because of this activity we are following just off the coast bringing light scattered showers. lots of sunshine to look forward to this afternoon and nice temperatures in the 50s finally. ready for school as you make your way out the door with the kids. by 8:00 this morning, bundle them up. we will still see temperatures quite chilly out there in the 30s and 40s. still under mostly cloud cover. by lunch time will see lots of sunny skies and once they get out of school, the 3:00 hour, more sunshine. you can see the highs anywhere from the low to mid 50s. it has been busy and the traffic center. let's get an update with robin. it's still busy, but there is good news. bart is recovering from the power issue between oakland and
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richmond. trains are still a little bit behind schedule and it looks like they fixed the problem but they are still reporting residual delays up to 20 minutes to fremont and also plan ahead for the bart ride this morning because it is packed at the bay bridge toll plaza. here is a live look at your ride. this is your commute and you are about to leave now, you will be sitting in traffic from the bottom of the maze all the way across the upper deck. the good news is speeds will get better and pick up on the eastern span and the suspension span. the heavy stuff on the oakland side. 16 minutes. that's not bad from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. what about the san mateo bridge? i will have that drive time coming up next area. breaking news this morning. another car crashes into alameda creek. >> this comes as the search continues for an 18-year-old who crashed close to the same spot over the weekend. >> avery harper is live in fremont. what happened? >> reporter: good morning. police have cleared out of here reopening 84 eastbound. all
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step out of the way to show you what's going on here. we are told that that car went right into the creek but the water is still running so high because of last week's storm that is partially submerged in the creek and it could be a couple days before they are able to get it out. the good news is that driver was able to get out of that vehicle and he is okay this morning. that's the second car to drive into the creek this week. police say they have suspended the search for the 18-year-old here at alameda creek, but her family says they won't stop looking for her. take a look at the video we have of them looking in this area yesterday. her car was sent flying into the creek after it struck another car on niles canyon road early saturday morning. her car was found upside down in the creek. the water was running so high because of those storms they couldn't immediately pull it out and when they did get to her car, they found that her windows were broken out but jade wasn't in the car.
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some of her clothing was found upstream. we were able to talk to her parents who say that even though police have suspended the search for her, they will continue looking. they are supposed to be here in this area with family and friends later on today two continue that search. we will be here through out the morning with more updates. back to you in the studio. and this morning, the new drought numbers are out. all the rain in the bay area has been good for us and good for the drought. >> when you really compare them to last week and last year, it's pretty dramatic. take a look at this. in the last hour or two, the entire state now out of exceptional drought conditions and only about two percent of the state is what's considered extreme drought. everything north of the bay area particularly is completely out of dry weather conditions,
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which is fantastic news. i want to show you a comparison of the numbers we were seeing last week. the map on the left is last week's drought map. the map on the right is the one released this morning. you see a huge difference. 24 percent of the state was an extreme drought conditions last week. you can see the difference there. basically, all of it disappeared since last week. the map on the left is last year compared to the drought map this morning. you can see back last year this time about two thirds of the state was in extreme drought. now about half the state is either drought free or in what's considered abnormally dry which is that little bit of yellow you see there. a huge difference. this winter certainly has been a bonanza of rain, especially this past month. we are in most locations around the bay a good 200 percent above normal for the month of january so far. in the north bay, a lot of places above 300 percent above
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normal. pretty incredible numbers. more breaking news from overnight. one person dead after being hit by a car on interstate 580 in livermore. all lanes reopened this morning after the eastbound lanes were temporarily closed. this happened just before midnight. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders, get back its borders. >> president trump signing two executive orders on immigration. >> one of the orders threatens to cut funding for sanctuary cities. >> the other order directs federal money toward building the wall along the u.s. southern border. in his first sitdown interview since taking the oath of office, the president restated his promise to have mexico pay for that wall. >> we will be reimbursed by mexico. >> the president of mexico saying he rejects the decision and repeated that his country will not pay for the wall.
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the president is scheduled to meet with president trump next week, but this morning there are reports he's now considering canceling that trip. >> do you think the wall will ever get built? >> i have said and i have told donald that mexico will never pay for that [ bleep ] wall, and now i have to repeat it to this guy spicer, who is doing the same line. he again repeated this morning that mexico is going to pay. we are not paying for that wall. >> a world leader swearing at the president of the united states idea to build the wall. that was the former president of mexico. >> he is speaking out against president trump insisting mexico will never pay for that border wall. just moments ago, pre saying the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico. it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning with massive
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numbers of jobs and companies lost. if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. the president also signing an executive order that would take federal funding away from sanctuary cities. here in the bay area, there are six century cities. san francisco, oakland, alameda, berkeley richmond, and san jose. yesterday city leaders and civil rights activists gathered vowing to fight the president's new policy. mayor ed lee says that despite the possibility of losing federal funding, the city will not change its policies. >> we still are san francisco sanctuary city. we haven't changed that, and we don't plan to. we want everybody to feel both welcome and participate in the way they should do not live in fear. >> this is where we excel. this is where we lead the nation and we say we will not back down. >> mayor lee's office is still trying to figure out exactly how much money the city would lose in federal funding. right now san francisco gets
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about a billion dollars a year from the federal government. a spokesperson for the city attorney says they do not plan to fight the executive order in court with the money -- they do plan to fight it once the money is cut off. and president trump is expected to sign an executive order this week that would stop the syrian refugee program for 120 days. the order will also suspend the issuing of visas for 30 days to people from seven countries with a predominantly muslim population. muslims in a number of different countries gathered yesterday to pray at the muslim community association in santa clara. they say they are shocked with what the president is doing and many are afraid if they leave the country now, they will not be allowed back in. >> countries such as america who frowned upon immigrants and refugees have closed the doors on us.
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we are exactly opposite of what they are saying. we are accomplished individuals in this country. >> many people we spoke with say they are afraid refugees who are trying to flee war-torn areas are going to be forced to stay and be in danger. they say that president trump is ignoring everything that america was built on. for continuing coverage of president trump's executive orders, head to our website. we got everything there on happening now, the eastbound lanes of highway 37 in marin have reopened after flooding shut down the busy highway for the second time this month. chp crews say large pumps have been working around the clock to remove thousands of gallons of water, which have kept the lanes close. crews are working to get the westbound lanes reopened as quickly as possible. and we are watching wall street with the dow, s&p 500, and the nasdaq hitting record highs yesterday. the big headline was the dow jones industrial average topping the 20,000 mark for the first time ever. we continue with those gains this morning with the dow up
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another 50. the dow at 20,119. 7:11 is the time. still ahead, a major spike in car thefts in one east bay city. we will tell you where and how police say the weather may be to blame. plus, we are remembering a television legend. we will take a look back at the life of mary tyler moore and hear how celebrities are responding to her death. and after the break, this weekend is going to be a good time to hit the slopes if you get there. we will take a look at the conditions in tahoe. and a look at the conditions if you're headed over to the approach to the bay bridge. there is a live look at the cars waiting to get into san francisco.
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because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. welcome back to the kron4 morning news. watching the sierra with over a dozen feet of snow in many locations. here is a live look from kirkwood. great conditions for skiing and boarding with the resorts reporting powder. some resorts 23 feet. running highest total since january 1st. it's cold up there though. >> i've heard of powder up to your needs. the powder is up to your chest. is that possible? like mark said, it is cold. >> right now i was looking at the temperature. 14 degrees. very chilly up there right now. the next couple days are not going to be too bad. we will see some sunshine there. current conditions, satellite
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and radar imaging showing us today that this morning before 11:00, they are still expecting light snow showers. you see in the activity we are tracking on our storm tracker for, you see conditions for the next couple of days. it's going to be coming to the area especially if you're headed out there this weekend. looking at some sunshine tomorrow. nice sunny skies. will be in the mid-30s there but upper 30s on saturday. still some sunny skies but we will see cloud cover for the weekend. close to the 50-degree mark for sunday. quite a nice weekend if you're headed up to high country. closer to home, tracking some light scattered showers across the north bay for the most part, but a lot of it drying out and then we see lots of sunshine later this afternoon. a high surf advisory is in effect because of the activity we are seeing along the coast here. we could see a strong rip current, so definitely stay away from the coast if you can. never turn your back against the waves. you might see the waves kick up anywhere from 15
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to 20 feet. again, scheduled until 3:00 tomorrow morning. out the door right now, this live camera overlooking the golden gate bridge where we could still see cloud cover. gradual clearing is on the way for you. cold temperatures this morning. we are still in the 30s and 40s for the most part. low 40s for the south bay. 414 san jose. still in the 30s for parts of the east bay like livermore. looking at low 40s for napa and novato. 37 degrees currently for santa rosa. if you're headed into san francisco, currently 46 degrees. here is what you can expect this weekend. lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. we like it in the 60s for saturday and sunday. next week possible showers return by the middle of the week. here's a look at your lunch time temperatures. it would be nice to enjoy your lunch outside. make sure you are dressed warm.
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56 oakland, 57 san jose, 53 expected for san francisco. here's a couple the next three days. you see the highs creep up just a little bit as we get into the weekend, but the sunshine is going to continue. overnight lows out and about during the evening, it's still in the 30s. make sure that you dressed nice and warm to get you where you need to go. let's switch things over to traffic and see how the roadways are moving with robin. pretty much a slow roll all around the bay area. i'm not tracking any major traffic alerts or major hotspots, but your ride to the richmond san rafael bridge is very crowded. well beyond richmond parkway. that's exactly what we expect to see during this time. 13 minutes from the tolls to highway 101. the bay bridge ride into san francisco, 80 west also hotspot free. a little bit of clearing in some of the carpool lanes. it still backed up into the maze, but you can make it in in less than 30 minutes.
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we consider that a good deal. lots of commute traffic on highway four. the antioch site looks good, but it is slow out of pittsburgh without any major trouble spots. you are at 33 minutes from hillcrest out to 242. beyond that, the usual crowding for south 242. look at the alamo and danville side. once you get out of walnut creek, it's smooth sailing for the southbound ride. not bad this morning. that is one of your toughest commutes through the east bay. this is one of your toughest commutes through the south bay. northbound 85, it's packed from the guadalupe bay parkway into cupertino. once again, i don't see any big incidents here. about 33 minutes from 101 to the 280 split. back to the desk. 7:18. to the east bay where there is a warning and several cars have been stolen in the past few days. some just hours apart. the livermore police say they've got more than 43 reports of cars being stolen in the last 30 days and seven of the
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cars were swiped in the last two days. they say the thefts have spread out all across the city and the weather may be a factor. here is how. in several cases, the people whose cars are stolen, they had the keys in them. they were warming them up because it was so cold. they left them running and went back inside. >> we looked across the street and we saw a jeep cherokee with a few people in the car and they were incredibly close to the neighbor's car. my husband got called in that morning. he came in the bathroom and said, where is your car? i said, it's in the driveway. he said it wasn't. >> police are working on a few leads. they say the thefts are a high priority so they are putting additional resources into capturing those thieves. and knew this morning, the death toll from last week's deadly avalanche in italy has officially reached 29. rescue workers say they pulled the final bodies from the rubble of the hotel that was crushed by
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an avalanche. this morning rescuers say the death toll not expected to rise . nine people inside that hotel did survive the avalanche. 7:19. president george h w bush is getting better and he may be able to leave the hospital this weekend. the 92-year-old was hospitalized for pneumonia. he still has a lingering cough but the doctors say his lungs are clearing up. he's been working with physical therapists to regain his strength. the nation's 41st president and his wife were both admitted to the hospital in houston this month. the former first lady was released on monday. she had been treated for bronchitis and then stayed a couple extra days saying she wanted to be by her husband's side. in the bay area, the berkeley city council voting to require changing tables in men's and women's restrooms.
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it was inspired by federal legislation signed by president obama in october. he required federal buildings open to the public to have diverse changing stations in the men's and women's bathrooms. the berkeley city manager still needs to determine how this would be enforced. happening today, the use the governing board is voting on a proposal that would raise tuition for the first time in seven years. critics say the higher tuition would put too much of a burden on students already struggling to finance their education. they say it forces more students to drop out. the uc president says the increases are needed to maintain the quality of the nation's largest public university system. her proposal would increase annual tuition by $282 and increase fees by $54 . 7:21. new this morning, actor shyla buffett is out of jail. he was arrested for getting into an altercation with another man outside a new york city museum where he has been doing a live broadcast. there he is with the beard and mustache. this started a few days after donald trump's presidency. he set up this live
7:22 am
camera outside the museum and people could show up there and be for or against president trump and get into scuffles. we said something would happen. indeed, it did. police say the president trump supporters showed up and he pulled the scarf off that person, scratched them in the face, and push the guy. he faces misdemeanor assault charge. we thought, you know, just leaving live is encouraging people to show boat. 7:22. here's a little sound -- a little sound. >> you got spunk. i hate funk. >> i think we all need some kleenex. >> >> the mary tyler moore show. >> this morning fans are mourning the death of mary tyler moore passing away at the age of 80.
7:23 am
>> she died yesterday. not only the mary tyler moore show, there is ted and lou ann murray. also the van dyke show. i mean, she was part of our lives for so many years. >> she was. it was the van dyke show that really introduced her to america. she played laura petry. that's where she won her first two enemies and became america's sweetheart. and then her career just took off from there. you saw clips from the mary tyler moore show where she played that new station producer. boy, that went on for years. it was adored by many. the series held by feminists and fans alike as the first modern woman's sitcom. offscreen, as we all do, she had other battles as well. she lost her son as -- at a young age. she was also diagnosed with type one diabetes.
7:24 am
died at the age of 80. not only her fans morning but a lot of her television family members. van dyke saying, there are no words. she was the best. we always said that we would change -- that we change each other's lives for the better. we also heard from ed as in or on twitter. he said, a great lady. i loved and zero so much too. i will miss her. i will never be able to repay her for the blessings she gave me. years and years of laughter. >> we will talk to gary coming up. she influenced so many people in tv news and in broadcast careers, so we will talk to gary in sports at 7:45. >> we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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welcome back. checking in on 80. if you are a bay bridge commuter, it still backed up. packed at the toll plaza from the bottom of the maze. only 16 minutes from that point off to fremont street. i will check the san mateo bridge coming up next. a new study shedding light on how many calories and added sugars your kids are drinking. >> almost two thirds of children in the u.s. consumed at least one sugary drink any given day. 30 percent drink two or more in a day. that's according to the cdc. >> researchers say the drinking
7:27 am
of two or more sugary drinks make up more than 10 percent of your kids entire daily calories. last year the american heart association said children should consume no more than six teaspoons or 100 calories of added sugar a day. >> overall kids consume an average of 143 calories from sugary drinks a day. happening today, mcdonald's giving away 10,000 bottles of big mac special sauce. >> the fast food chain doing the giveaway to promote their big mac sandwiches. the chain hoping to get customers to come to a mcdonald's location to buy the new burgers. >> the new promotion comes after news that only one in five millennial have even tried a big mac let alone know the jingle. remember that? >> if you want to get your hands on the special sauce, there certain instructions to follow. we have it posted on our website. rebecca? >> we are still seeing some light scattered showers mostly in the north bay on storm tracker 4. satellite and radar
7:28 am
imaging. a lot of it moving out of the bay area. i'm also tracking a lot of sunshine to talk about. more details coming up on the kron4 morning news after the break. stay with us.
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>> around 1:00 in the morning a police officer approached a man who according to the department lives in his car. they got a call from people.
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they checked it out and they found out he has a warrant for his arrest. the police officer approached the man. the man saw the officer, started his car, went toward the police officer. he manages to jump out of the way but was able to grab the drivers arm. that's when he was dragged a short distance. he fell off the car, refused treatment. the man continues to leave the scene here. they know who he is but they are not releasing his name at this point. the officer not being released. they cleared the scene. they were here for six hours or so. they were able to clear the scene shortly before 7:00 in the morning. you can see people have started to come in here. this is right next to the 24 hour fitness. again, this all started because this man came right at the police officer, never hit him with a car in the police officer never discharged his weapon but because of the aggressive way he was coming after the car,
7:31 am
that's why they say this officer was assaulted. we are waiting for a spokesman from the police department to arrive to the scene any moment to get an update. back to you. we first told you about this police activity through our mobile app. we sent out push alert this morning. if you don't have it, definitely down load the kron4 mobile app. it's free. watching bay area weather and traffic. a busy morning out there. >> i'm not tracking hot spots so i will check the bridges. >> looks like we are getting another nice day. >> another nice day and actually the weekend is even better. it's nice and warm actually compared to what we've seen the last couple weeks. current conditions right now, i am still tracking light scattered showers mostly in the north bay just passing through. again, a lot of this wrapping up once we get through the morning hours and sunshine is the key word here. seeing lots of it, especially the next seven day around the
7:32 am
bay forecast. tomorrow sunshine with temps in the upper 50s. saturday and sunday a gorgeous weekend to look forward to. will be getting into the 60s. just pay attention. we'll see overnight hours still in the 30s. if you are out and about, dressed nice and warm. slight chance of showers once we get into the middle of next week. robin? >> checking in on the bridges. they are still packed with lots of commuter traffic out there. but there is nothing extra here in your way. i'm not tracking any major hotspots or accidents or stalls. what you are looking at is typical slow commuter traffic. it's backed up onto the nimitz out of paper but it will pick up at the high rise. you can make it in less than 30 minutes. the bay bridge also very slow. it will get better across the upper deck. less than 20 minutes for this trip from downtown oakland.
7:33 am
coming up, i will take a look at the richmond san rafael. we will also check in on the golden gate. breaking news from overnight. one person injured in a drive- by shooting. >> james fletcher is at the breaking news desk with what we are finding out about the shooting and he will have more on it as we go through out the morning. 7:32 is the time. another story we are following this morning. let's take a look at that. this is what the president is doing with immigration. >> his actions are having a big impact on people in the bay area . many vowing to fight the president's new policies. about 100 people gathering on the status of san francisco city hall. they are voicing their displeasure with the recent decisions. >> people are very concerned. people will already been cleaned from their homelands and have come here dpz93.and f very vulnerable hnu3wmlwithin t
7:34 am
immigration status now feel even further vulnerable and targeted and attacked. >> those gathered at city hall vowed to oppose the president's new policies. >> and track president trump revealing more on his thoughts on torture and his claims of massive voter fraud. >> he appeared on 2020 for his first sitdown interview since becoming president last week. >> he reiterated many campaign promises from a clampdown on incoming refugees to building that wall along the mexico border. he has in the last five days find a number of executive orders aimed at redefining american policy both here at home and abroad. when it came to his views on the war against terror, he, once again, left on the table the option of torturing enemy combatants. >> when they are chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a christian in the middle east. when isis is doing things nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, what i feel strongly about waterboarding? as far as i am
7:35 am
concerned, we have to fight fire with fire. >> that stands at odds with his nominee for secretary of defense who said he never found waterboarding to be useful. nonetheless, trump says he is open to using it as an interrogation tool. the topic of the election also came up in this interview. once again, trump pushed the claim that millions voted illegally as an explanation of how he lost the popular vote. there is no factual evidence to support that assertion. still, he sticks buy it. >> people that are registered who are dead and who are illegals, who are into states. there are millions of votes, in my opinion. >> then he is groveling again. i always talk about the reporters that grovel when they want to write something you want to hear but not necessarily millions of people want to hear or have to here.
7:36 am
>> he plans on speaking to lawmakers about his concerns around and voter fraud before making executive orders to start a voter fraud investigation. and bay area news. there's still no sign of a kayaker who went missing earlier in the week near the dunbarton bridge. the coast guard suspended the search yesterday afternoon because of low tide. it was making it hard the boats to search. the friend was rescued. there is no word yet on when the search efforts will resume. in east bay, a woman was trapped in her car with a tree that fell on top of it. you can barely see the car there.
7:37 am
there is the car smashed by the tree branches after the police rescued her. they went to the black toyota highlander. they thought was crushed and there was a woman inside. luckily, she wasn't injured. they were able to pull her out. back to breaking news from overnight with one person injured after a drive-by shooting at the freeway in downtown oakland. >> james fletcher is at the breaking news desk with the facts. >> the person who witnessed this was a spokesperson for bart when he said dozens of shots were fired between multiple cars in front of them. this happened around 10:45 last night near the connector of interstate 880. it's actually just a few blocks away from the alameda county superior court. the witness says he had to duck behind his dash board just to be not caught in the crossfire. one person was injured in the shooting but no update yet on the condition of that person. we are trying to track that down for you. they are still looking for the
7:38 am
gunman on the loose but we will update you as soon as more information comes in. that's the latest breaking news from oakland this morning. and then today, the sentence will be officially handed down to pg and e for violating pipeline safety laws and obstructing justice in the blast that killed eight people in san bruno. earlier this week the judge outlined his plans to impose the maximum fine of $3 million. the sentence could also include 10,000 hours of community service by pg&e executives and employees and require them to mention that conviction in its advertisements. they've already been fined 1.6 billion by california regulators. still ahead, the big influence in your life or in the life of your kids. steph curry or michael jordan? venus or serena? mary tyler moore or -- who is your idol? we will see in gary's world. and after the break, we show you how a tortilla chip company is trying to combat drunk driving.
7:39 am
and hears alive look at the golden gate bridge. very nice. another good day on tap and even a better weekend. we will be right back.
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welcome back. checking in on the commute. alive look at the richmond san rafael bridge. this goes all the way to harbor.
7:42 am
you can make it in less than 15 minutes from the tolls out to 101. pretty packed at the bay bridge toll plaza. no hotspots or major issues, but a lot of commuter traffic lingering from the bottom of the maze. it's often on getting to fremont street. check out the dry times. no major issues. pretty much moderate slowing for 680, 80 west and 880 north. back to the news now. facebook is taking steps to make sure fake news doesn't replace real news in your feet. >> the company's goal is to prevent an accurate news and spam from surfing -- from happening when you are in facebook. facebook already recently partnered with the fact checking organization so they could flag information as false. >> articles fake are labeled. and knew this morning, authorities owes fighting back against drunk driving. >> basically, it's like the bag is a breathalyzer test.
7:43 am
this steering will will turn red. they have these alcohol sensors right in the bags and they are doing this in time for the super bowl. that way you will not drink and drive. >> it's a party safe bag. it has the sensor and it flashes . the steering wheel will flash if there is alcohol detected. looking at a high surf advisory. this is all because of the system we are seeing off the coast. it is scheduled until 3:00 tomorrow morning. be safe out there. stay away from the coast if you can. don't ever turn your back to the ocean and stay off the rocks. we could see waves of up to 20 feet over the next 24 hours. more news, weather, and traffic comes back next when the kron4 morning news continues after the break. stay with us. ,$8drw
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time for the world according to gary sponsored by hershey's. and as we know, the warriors be the hornets. he doesn't just draw a big crowd
7:46 am
in charlotte. in fact, the coach believes that steph curry is more popular with children than michael jordan. what you think of that? >> how about good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i don't care how you are, what you think of this? what do you really think about it? >> you know why i'm laughing? did i tell you this? somebody was explaining on the radio, if you don't get the audience interested in a second that they will switch the button. >> that's what i'm doing. >> exactly. so the guy goes, -- because i don't do it. some hosts go, good morning. i don't always say good morning, how are you? nobody cares. get right to it. >> as a sports expert, gary, what do you think? and i want to say this is specifically little kids. do they look up to steph curry more than michael jordan?
7:47 am
>> if that's what kerr says. even by looking at the picture over your shoulder, kids can relate to him where a six-foot six guy on up, it's a different story. when they are warming up, you walk by and say, hey. he's not that much bigger than me. does that make sense? i think it's the baby face. i also think with my own son now and his buddies, everybody is trying to shoot three pointers weather you can reach it or not. >> i think it's because he's a regular guy, looks like a regular guy. you know what else, and this is something -- we were kids in this time. with the social media, it's different. like michael jordan, even when you looked up to him, he was a star that you couldn't touch. with social media now, they are
7:48 am
so personal. it's like they are a friend of yours. i think that's easy to relate to. >> so you think you take that social media. i'm asking you. because a guy sends out a tweet, it's like you feel closer to him. >> i think it makes a huge difference. i really do. and then look at other idols that are the first of their kind. how about venus and serena. i mean, there are no greater idols in the tennis world for girls and women i don't think. >> my favorite story in all of sports, two young ladies from compton how many years ago with no tennis courts in their area would grow to dominate the sport. so they are going to meet each other in the australian open final. >> and the real cinderella story is venus because at the age of 36 and with that autoimmune disease that she battles, fatigue and muscle
7:49 am
stiffness and joint pain. you never know when it's going to happen. it is incurable. >> we talked about this before. battling a family member. there might be somebody in the audience let me know better than i. i don't remember off the top of my head the two of them ever having a match where you go, that was a classic. >> meaning like it's not a fair fight. serena usually overpowers venus. >> it just wasn't a match like you remember. like they were slugging it out back and forth. venus won the early ones and now serena is taking over. i don't remember anything. and i will say it again. you play against somebody you love, that's easier said than done. >> i just think it's incredible to see sports titles like that rise and that you idolize. when i was a kid, because you know i don't like sports, i
7:50 am
don't do sports. as a kid, my first idol was mary tyler moore. we have lost her now and lost a gem that everybody remembers. maybe it wasn't the same for you. like the mary tyler moore show was huge in my life. >> you are a little -- i'm a little younger. i don't remember. i will give you a piece of trivia. everybody knows the van dyke show. of course, the show after in the newsroom and all that. she was the model for a lot of young women. after that she had a variety show. she gave david letterman his first real job. >> we always go back to the men. forget the men, it's the women. >> betty white. she was on the show. >> she was doing like the homemaking show on the tv show. let's listen for a second.
7:51 am
>> maybe you are right, mary. >> he was very funny, that guy. >> here's the people that i -- >> what was his name? >> the real actors name? >> now you are going back. >> i remember this guy was really hard for him to get another job because he was so identified as that guy in the newsroom. >> was it ted knight? >> yeah. >> mary tyler moore, i looked at the show and it was fake. it was fiction, but i was like, that looks really cool. then for me it was on to the real people. barbara walters. you remember those people that influenced you.
7:52 am
>> you looked at mary tyler moore and said, aren't you disappointed? >> it looked so cool. she had the pantsuit. >> is an -- visions aren't really like that. >> nobody's really got time in this day and age. if mary had a problem dating. >> okay. i guess i won't call you. >> let me just say, maybe it's just me. >> i think it's just you. seriously, we solve all kinds of problems all morning long. >> i see dan and out front. they are replaying our segment at 9:45. mark and i will settle problems out front. >> we are a big family. and i don't know if you have seen the new -- have you seen the new jerseys that you'll be wearing? you know how the nba does the jerseys and they are sponsoring them now. >> you want to say that again?
7:53 am
>> the kron4 jerseys. if you wear a jacket, they will put it on your jacket. will tran the other day, he was out there. he got peterson dean and airport appliances. just like the nba. >> you are playing. >> the celtics just jumped on board. we already knew the first team was the 70 sixers, the sacramento kings. >> the three teams are going to start wearing that. excuse me for being self- indulgent. all i can remember is my late father. he said, i am already paying for the shoes. >> these patches, i guess we will get to them. >> i hear the music.
7:54 am
we had a general music -- general manager for $100,000 wanted me to put an advertisement on my head for a week. >> that's a joke. >> the guys initials were m a. >> and what was the advertisement? >> it was some automotive thing. >> we will see you, gary. >>
7:55 am
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coming up, we continue to follow breaking news story out of the south bay. a police officer attacked outside of the gym. will tran live on the scene. we'll have the latest coming up . as crews continue to search for a teen who crashed in the alameda creek over the weekend, another car crashes into the same creek near the same location. avery harper live in fremont with details on the search for the missing teen and the latest on this new crash. plus, president trump has kept one of his biggest campaign promises signing an executive order that paves the way for building a wall along the u.s.- mexico border. wait till you hear what mexico's former president has to say to president trump.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
>>rebecca: a lot of this will clear out what to get through this early morning our--hour.
8:03 am
>>robin w: which at the san
8:04 am
mateo bridge coming up next and back to breaking news with cover with another car crashing and salomon accrete. >>reporter: the driver was able to get out safely this morning
8:05 am
and then suspended the search for her family said they will not stop looking for our car was found upside-down in the crate with the water was so high
8:06 am
because of recent storms police could not immediately clear out of the creek. pfft
8:07 am
>>james: official just about the entire stadium for exceptional job amid a lot of headway might
8:08 am
the storm has made a lot of headway all that rain is paying paying off.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>>robin w: to all the way over 2101 the drive times looks pretty good less than 25 minutes.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
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>>rebecca: it is very called for
8:16 am
the next three days pretty nice a lot of sunshine tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 30's is all along the coast and the sonoma county coast down to the monterey county coast quite dangerous step away from an
8:17 am
never turn your back against the ocean as well we are going to see the possibility of some showers that is not until wednesday.
8:18 am
>>robin w: this ride on five a westbound from the richmond park where that is not a bad drive time over at the bay bridge into san francisco sculptor of the morning it is very heavy except for the carpool lane 20¢ from
8:19 am
680 to the maze the ride on 580 our dublin and to castro valley. >>robin w: the ride from 280 out to the 237 split still clocking in just under 15 minutes. >>mark: labeled to require changing tables and both men and women's restroom you require federal buildings of the to the public to have died for changing stations in both men's and women's room the manager stillness to determine how it will be enforced pushed.
8:20 am
8:21 am
>>darya: he is protesting a from live camera and frightened others to do the same to his window into the camera a paralegal into a fight with someone. >>mark: you come look at the battery bar called on the back of and and they will contain these numbers and letters this
8:22 am
at 100,000 batteries in addition to the 41,000 batteries a recall back in june.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>robin w: off during the morning commute no exceptions right now.
8:26 am
stanley r: that is exactly what happens every day at around the bay area the person who crave a
8:27 am
listing shut down the phone and leave the posting remember never wire or mail to anyone money and
8:28 am
do not give lawyers so security number.
8:29 am
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
8:30 am
breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. >>rebecca: 611 to have a lot of sunshine to talk about this afternoon with warmer temperatures, with this in the satellite radar imaging
8:31 am
>>robin w: they're still stuck
8:32 am
in that committee traffic we
8:33 am
will of the two is new information comes in.
8:34 am
>>darya: speaking out against the plan for the wall and they will never pay for the border wall now responded saying the u.s. is a $60 billion trade deficit is been a one-sided deal from beginning stuff to of all
8:35 am
the fight the president of policy despite losing federal funding they will not change its policies when originally from a
8:36 am
8:37 am
number of different countries came out to print together at the muslim community association.
8:38 am
>>mark: a draft executive order shows major changes to u.s. interrogations and detention policy they're speaking out as
8:39 am
well they want to be heard as to why they support the president.
8:40 am
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8:43 am
>>robin w: no major changes within the last 30 minutes or so.
8:44 am
>>rebecca: a lot of sunshine is on the way to the bay area more details coming up after the break. break. - ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>rebecca: that going to be
8:47 am
kicking up advisory until 3:00 tomorrow morning when of going
8:48 am
to see temperatures in the '60s.
8:49 am
>>robin w: we're at 13 minutes holding up to the bottom of the maze out to a fremont street accent that is a fairly good
8:50 am
commute in the south bay ride hot spot free look at the drive time 41 minutes for the northbound ride.
8:51 am
>>darya: people left their cars out the driveway of warming up because it was cold outside and when it went back out to look for that car it was not there police said their working on a few leaves of potential suspects they say their high priority they're putting additional resources into capturing them.
8:52 am
>>mark: justice has come out their arrest of marvin the for the murder of her daughter the murder happened in november 15, 1982 and thereafter same party the night before body was found here was a picture of what the 17 year-old look like at the time of the merger use already in the california prison serving in a be a murder sentence for killing a woman when he was arrested and transfer to some normal accounting.
8:53 am
>>darya: and and there is no date said from march the have not yet voted on as the dominant how the fans are mourning the death of mary tyler more she died yesterday at a hospital in connecticut. >>reporter: in 1961 with her for
8:54 am
starting grown in her own show she played a single woman and a tv news room she would have the serious roles she was married three times she was a vegetarian
8:55 am
and for years an alcoholic one transgression when he describes term.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>>darya: madam press and southern california this was another cliche is happening.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
will t: they're still searching for man and happened right here in the parking lot it happened at around 1:00 in the morning when all the cells were patrolling this area they spotted the car and the window the came to the car and talk to the man initial reports that he
9:01 am
was dragged he let go and have a little bit of injuries.
9:02 am
>>rebecca: we're centrally must dry conditions everywhere plan in the day-to-day here was what you need to know more later this
9:03 am
evening 5:00 we will see mostly clear conditions were going to wake up to the same for the weekend had is going to be a beautiful week nice temperatures as well. >>robin w: some quick drive
9:04 am
times 58880 and out of roughly the same 580 is a little bit better if you take an immense this 34 minutes from to 30 get to the 980 split 580 we will save one man at 33 minutes from 238 getting into downtown oakland. >>darya: another car crash into alameda creek along niles canyon road apt. >>reporter: we do have video form fire crews was still here on the scene they left but they
9:05 am
were here and there were using the drone to make sure no one else was in that car the confirm no one else was in the car the driver was in there alone to happen about 5:00 this morning they try to get the car out of the water but the water is running very high and very quickly.
9:06 am
>>mark: >>darya: mexico's president says he has just informed the white house he has canceled his trip to washington d.c. hours after donald trump said the meeting
9:07 am
should be cancelled if he will not pay for a border wall 24 or some of the stay was an extreme drought condition you can say it is almost all this apparent
9:08 am
except down around the l.a. bass. .
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin w: it continues to pick up some commute traffic lingering at the toll plaza it is backed up just beyond a of a crossing less than 20 minutes into san francisco law ride across the san mateo bridge is very crowded leaving hey what you see all that traffic to the peninsula under 30 minutes from the nimitz across 92 out 101 this is a north bay ride across the golden gate bridge is not going to be a problem in this move in both directions. >>robin w: there was a reporter
9:16 am
car fire westbound they're cutting on the shoulder in may be attracting a little bit only 35 minutes. >>rebecca: this is all part of a weak system most of it is off shore we did have that is on the
9:17 am
border but now we're looking anywhere from low to mid '40's.
9:18 am
>>rob b: it's tough to tell it is picking up ever so slightly
9:19 am
the market is about almost 9 percent since the election than.
9:20 am
>>rob b: it would have been one of the legacy carriers but i was wrong.
9:21 am
9:22 am
>>rob b: you do well is like owning the top 10 people for, and bring dreamt *.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>robin w: welcome back to the ride into san francisco will continue to improve and get better allows sluggish it is not bad back and toward the end of a lot earlier in was beyond the west grand exit if you blow on
9:26 am
the steering wheel damage you've had too much to drink.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>robin w: the fire crews are putting out hot spots because honor earlier car fire this fall under control. >>rebecca:, conditions right now tracking this light scattered showers let's switch
9:30 am
over to the road and get checked with rabin. >>robin w: the ride to the peninsula looks a lot better a
9:31 am
quick 12 minute trip from the foot of the maze to fremont street here is that earlier car fire is under control out to the two right lanes are blocked. >>mark: he cited two executive orders on immigration threatened to cut funding from sanctuary cities he said he rejects the
9:32 am
decision and repeated that his country will not pay for the wall he was scheduled to meet with trump next week will we learn within the last hour he canceled the trip that was the former president of mexico he's speaking against trump this morning he responded saying the
9:33 am
u.s. is a $60 billion trade deficit is been a one-sided deal from the beginning with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. he signed an executive order that would take federal farm away from site to more cities there a sixth juror sitting san francisco oakland alameda berkeley of richmond and san jose the city leaders in cigarettes activists gathered on the steps of san francisco city hall the mayor says despite losing federal funding they will not change its policies.
9:34 am
>>mark: the spokesperson for the city attorney said they plan to fight the executive order if the money is cut off their shock was what the president is doing and afraid that when a bill to come back if they leave the united states many people spoke to
9:35 am
save that we forced to stay there they're afraid he is ignoring everything that america was built from. >>mark: weather could be a factor in in several court the victim said they're warming up their cars because of the cold weather tim was already in the
9:36 am
9:37 am
california prison serving a year murder sentence for killing a woman when he was arrested and transfer to solano county and charts for the murder the biggest influences in your livelihood in the lives of your kids.
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>robin w: sea its chief just
9:40 am
issued a traffic alert and for this earlier car fire happened 30 matt stone the issue the traffic alert to men to the room at carlton were gone from having to right lanes blocked to adjust the far right lane pretty much cleaning up this time the traffic once you make it to the bay bridge toll plaza it looks a lot better rolling into san francisco he still has a lingering cost of his lungs are clearing up.
9:41 am
>>mark: the 41st president were both admitted to the methodist hospital.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>darya: cazenove warriors beat the hornets and he does not draw big crowds and charlotte and in
9:45 am
fact he says he believes that he is more popular with children than michael jordan. >>gary: was explaining if you and i did the audience interested in eight seconds that was which the button.
9:46 am
>>gary: the one thing a pitcher over your shoulder kids can relate to him where six-foot six diet is a whole different story michael jordan when you looked up to him he was a star that you couldn't touch with social media you feel closer to them.
9:47 am
>>gary: that is still my favorite story in all sports that two young women from compton how many years ago with no tennis courts in their area will grow to dominate the sports they will meet each other in the australian open finals.
9:48 am
>>gary: i don't remember anything and i will say it again your plate and someone you love best easier said than done
9:49 am
i will give you one piece honestly everyone knows the show where her first claim to fame and the show afterwards in the news room she was the model for lot of young women.
9:50 am
>>gary: are remembering it was really hard for him to get another job because he was identified as the guy in the news room the nba does the
9:51 am
jerseys their sponsoring the
9:52 am
now if you wear a jacket he was out of the gatt solar and an airport appliance. >>darya: they're just jump on board we will be right back.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>darya: quite a chase this is in southern california following their arrest when he jumped out of the car and went running and they did catch up with him stay connected with us
9:56 am
9:57 am
any time with our mobile application our web site facebook and twitter and dr. phil is coming up next hour next newscast is at 5:00 p.m.
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