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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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what's that mean? >> pam moore: breaking news tonight at 10. we are tracking the nightmare traffic that has everyone but this night. >> steve: when lange has finally reopened grid we are starting to see some relief and the dublin pleasanton area. after a big fire shut down westbound lanes of interstate 580 right near interstate 680. >> pam moore: this is the new video from a b morgan see the
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rick internally engulfed in flames. -- you can see the big rig >> pam moore: somehow. no one was hurt. this all happened across 6:30 p.m. this evening. tonight, the cleanup continues and we also had this video cent and from a viewer the chp says, they believed the fire started when the a big rig was involved in the crash. again no one was hurt. >> pam moore: we first told about the traffic problem in dublin with a breaking news pushed alert. get the kron4 mobile application and be the first to know about the breaking news what happens. >> grant: police and deputies
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are searching for a bank robber after shots were fired more of that part of the store momentarily. first though. a.m. inconvenience for people, a complete highways shut down from so-called belly to santa cruz for more than eight hours. from late this morning until 8:00 hour tonight. fasttrack it was diverted by highway 17 is that a main drag through the santa cruz mountains. this is some drum video courtesy of kron4 your--viewer michael bolanos >> brittney: >> grant: call thing started when the bay of america in scotts valley was brought this
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morning. the robber fled north on 17th and your redwood estates area. sources tell us please make the robber then at least one scott valley officer started shooting at a rubber after some sort of confrontation. it is unclear if the robber was hit by bullets. here is his picture at the bank. >> grant: he was wearing dark jeans and a dark jacket. after the shooting he disappeared into the bass and rugged mountains. and has not been cents seen. >> grant: has not been since seen. >> pam moore: happening now. a
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new lead a that pollees hope will help solve the case of a grandmother killed in her home parish in happened in castro valley. the one that was found dead in the cries police say it had been set on fire to cover up the crime. kron4 only still reid is live in the neighborhood tonight with a new surveillance photo. police sealed?--alecia reid >> pam moore: aleica? >> reporter: this has been extensive mud blocked investigation and the share of this bullying is one step closer to finding the killer. this broke away-- this grove way
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garage is still boarded up and the home and see tonight as the investigation into andrea saint john murder continues. >>: the person that did not dance-the person that did this to her knees to be in jail and need to be in jail forever. >> reporter: authorities believe the man and this surveillance photo item broke and or confronted her inside her home. images from nearby hong gave detectives a time line of what happened. there are also looking for a to about the 11-2013 silver toyota corolla. >>: this case was very disturbing from the beginning. every time you have a homicide is bad. when you have a homicide if someone tries to cover it up with an arson it
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adds another level of sophistication and concern. >> reporter: the 59 your all lived alone and was mourning her husband who died from a stroke months earlier and has now been a little over a month since the beloved grandmother was killed and his residence. her body was set on fire. a great loss for her family and the community. >>: she is everything that is good about the community. she does a contributing factor, a great mom and grandmother and she has two daughters that are grieving for really, really bad. >> reporter: detectives are not releasing any details tonight, saying it may jeopardize the investigation however they are not saying how she was killed or if the robbery was a motive in the harbor is slaying. --in the horrific slaying.
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>> reporter: they are hoping the public can help identify the person responsible. reporting live in castro valley, alecia reid. >> reporter: a suspect in jail tonight at the two san rafael bike shop owners to justice into their own hands and then police spotted a man they believe burglarized restore the 94. >> reporter: it is unusual for a bit and to come across their alleged burglar. but these owners say there is one thing they gave away that this could be their guide the man was wearing special order gear that will missing from the store. >>: from the security camera you can see that it came in through the debt they came in through the broken glass. >> reporter: the onus recount the surveillance footage captured tuesday of a man breaking into the store.
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>>: from the security cameras you can see the glass, man. through here. melissa rainey ulties. reports, experts say a tariff would raise concerns about u.s. jobs, the prices of products, and who actually pays for the wall. .... amid his first diplomatic firestorm... president trump: the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route.president donald trump is doubling down
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on his promise that mexico will in fact pay for a border wall, despite mexico saying otherwise.while trump hasn't given specifics on how that would happen, thursday the white house announced it will seek to impose a 20% tax on imports from our southern neighbor. white house press secretary sean spicer says the tax is just part of a comprehensive tax reform package on imports that trump and the gop are looking into. sean spicer/ white house press secretary: "by doing it that way, we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone.... that's really going to provide the funding."but not everyone in washington thinks it's that simple. critics warn that the tax will likely be met with opposition... and retaliation. sen. robert menendez/ -d- foreign relations committee: "you're going to slap 20% on mexico, so, they'll slap 20% on the $267 billion that the
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united states sells in goods and services to their country. those are goods and services made by americans here. jobs in the united states. and at the end of the day, if that's what's going to happen, american workers suffer. and at consumers suffer because that come particularly in among others, more expensive consumer."raney, reporting. our team coverage continues... here in the bay area... there is a lot of anger and anxiety over the president's crackdown on immigration. in addition to moving forward with the border wall... president trump also signed an exectutive order to stop funding to sanctuary cities.. he is also expected to order a halt to the syrian refugee program... and stop issuing travel visas to people in countries deemed "high risk". kron 4's charles clifford has local reaction. natsduring a press conference on thursday, representatives from several groups including the aclu, the asian law caucus, and the arab resource and organizing center presented a united front against the policies of president donald trump.sotin particular, they are concerned about the possibility that the president could issue executive orders limiting the
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number refugees allowed into the country and blocking visas for people entering the u-s from some predominantly muslim countries such as syria, iran and yemen.sotthe last week has been overwhelming. frightening.jehan hakim is a yemeni american who works as a community advocate with the asian law caucus. she says her community is scared.sotwe feel that we've been, we meaning the muslim community feels that we have been criminalized within the last week.sotelica vafaje is iranian american. she's also an attorney with the asian law caucus. she says that if the president moves forward with the plan to alter refugee and immigration policies it could have a broad impact sotnot just the impact on iranian americans but yemeni, syrian americans, somalis so far, the president has not signed those executive orders but both elica and jehan say they are prepared to push back if he doessotsot
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coming up new at ten:
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parents say, an elementary school is putting their kids in danger.. by forcing children to eat lunch in the cold and rain...tonight -- we find out why it's happening. then -- in a brand new edition of people behaving badly:why some people who think they are helping the homeless... are actually creating more problems for them. and next:p-g-and-e receives its punishment for the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline blast... why some survivors say... it does ánotá go far enough.
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tonight, p-g and e has received its punishment. it has been many years since the 20-10 deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno... but now... finally...the utility was sentenced in federal court. grant lodes has been tracking developments in this case...he's here now with how the public is going to hear about the utility's wrong-doings. no jail time for anyone... but as part fo the sentence...there will be more than 12-thosuand 60 second t-v ads...full page print ads in the chronicle and wall street journal. additionally...p g&e officials will have to g&e officials officials will have to do 10- thousand hours of commuinity service, including two- thousand hours by high level personnell. u.s. district judge thelton henderson also
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sentenced the utility to the maximum $3 million fine, placed pg&e on five years' probation, and ordered the establishment of a court- appointed agreement on the terms of the ads was reached by pg&e and federal prosecutors thursday morning before the sentencing,pg&e was found guilty by a jury in henderson's court in august of five counts of violating a federal pipeline safety law and one count of obstructing an investigation. eight people died...dozens of homes were damaged or destoryed. trt 20
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and pg&e did issue a statement - in response to today's rulling. the companys writes... "we sincerely apologize to the families and friends of those who lost their lives or were injured in this tragic explosion and we want them to know our mission and our commitment to safety will never stop. we will remain forever committed to taking action to meet the high safety standards that our customers, and we, demand and expect." tag
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another big story... for the second time in less than a week ... a car plunged into alameda creek. in the most recent case the person driving was able to escape safely. this was the scene this morning... near fremont.. a gold chevrolet cruze driving on niles canyon road around 5 a.m. when the driver fell asleep as he was approaching a left curve in the road. he woke up as he crossed the double yellow
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lines, and lost control of his car... the man driving was able to escape through the windshield. that crash comes as the search resumed today for college student jayda jenkins.. her car also drove off niles canyon road and into that same creek. she has been missing since satuday... kron4's dan kerman shows us how technology is now aiding in the search for the woman from tracy. jayda creek search thursday 01261710pkgfor the 4th day in a row, the alameda county sheriff's office sent up its drone along alameda creek in search of jayda jenkins. on saturday jenkins was driving west on niles canyon road when she went off the road and into the creek. her car was discovered tuesday, but so far no sign of the teenager since then jenkins parents and volunteers have been searching along the creeksot denielle jenkins/parent of missing teen 21-28but sheriff's officials say the drone may be able to spot what they can'tsot deputy rick hassna/drone pilot 35-42a report thursday of something swirling downstream was unable
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to be corrborated by the drone sotthat up close and personal look could take place on saturday mornung when a mass search is plannedsot sgt. ray kelly/ alameda county sheriff's office 112-119 standup dan kerman/alameda creek 129-139142/std
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toss weather morning clouds gave way to abundant sunshine around the bay area this afternoon. there are a few fair weather cu popping on the hills, but heavier cloud cover remains over the ocean. temperatures still remain below normal this afternoon, warmed into the 50s for most locations and 40s for the hills. over the next 24 hours high
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pressure will build just off the west coast and move inland this weekend. the building high pressure will result in an overall warming trend with daytime temps in the 50s and 60s. interior may approach 70 by monday. despite the overall warming, nighttime temps will remain cold, especially away from the coast/urban centers. lows will easily drop into the 30s and poss the 20s with patchy frost. made sure to include frost the next two nights. there could also be some patchy fog across the interior valleys, especially the north bay and west delta region. if tule fog creeps westward through the delta some of the fog may be dense.
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still ahead -- new at ten... both backlash -- and support... after a store owner refuses to sell yarn to women who wanted to make hats for the women's march. and next:also new at ten... the suspect in a decades old bay area murder faces a judge....why the man in his fifties... had to have his case heard in juvenile court.
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on a story we an update an update on a story we told you about last night at ten:an arrest in the murder of a teen that happened more than 30 years ago in vacaville. today the man now accused in the murder faced a judge... but the case was heard in juvenile court. reporter max resnik tells us why. a day after de anna lynn johnson's mother told the public her family feared they'd never see the arrest of her daughter's killer, she appeared in court alongside family and friends for the first court appearance of 51-year old marvin markle. markle who is currently serving an 80-year sentence for the murder of a butte county woman is charged with de anna's 1982 death. she was 14 at the time. cameras were not allowed inside the juvenile courtroom. markle appeared there because he was 17 at the time of the murder. chief deputy district attorney
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paul sequeira, solano county: "it's an unusual process because he's 51 years old, but the crime was committed when he was a juvenile, so we still have to go through the juvenile process."markle will need to be transferred to an adult court. solano county chief deputy district attorney paul sequeira hopes that is done quickly.chief deputy district attorney paul sequeira, solano county: "i'm hoping that there's a waiver of the transfer hearing. i think it's kind of moot. he's 51 years old. it's a serious crime." judge scott assigned markle a public defender today. arraignment was continued to february 2. markle will be held in the solano county fairfield, max resnick, kcra 3 news. comign up: trump hotels reportedly explanding.. the bay area city that could soon be home to one of the president's namesakes. then a major warning for gmail users:the very convincing scam you do ánotá want to fall for... and next: outraged parents tonight...why some elementary school kids in the bay area were forced to eat outside -- during the heavy rains.
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parents of some elementary school students are outraged... about their children having to eat lunch outside.. even on days when it has been cold and raining. it's happening in vallejo.... new at ten: kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke with a parent at wardlaw elementary.. and the district to get answers on why this is
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happening... the parent i spoke with has a 4th grader... who's been going to wardlaw elementary since kingergarted.during the last storm.. his daughter came home two days in a row, saying that she and he class had eaten lunch outside.he said he just couldn't believe that the school would do that.sot jesus hinojozashe said we're eating outside today. i was like what? she's like yeah we were eating outisde today. i said in the cold in the rain. she said yeah. i said where . she pointed out to where she was eating at. i said just you. she said no my whole class. that was last wednesday.. and then the next day.on friday.. hinjoza went to the school to ask about it in's what he says the principal told him.sot um we don't. we can't fit all of our kids inside. so i think one or two classes take a turn eating under the structure. yeah yeah. under the structure. but in the cold. and its windy. i mean we definitely. we remind them to wear their jackets and we have a staff memeber with
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them. we can't put them in the class? unforutnuately we can't. we can't eat in the rooms. but they do take turns. we can't. but there's 9 classes. so it should only be within a two week period, even if every day it rains, it should only be one time. hinjoza says he went to the school this past sunday.. with a letter asking something be done about the lunch arrangement.he also went to the vallejo unified school district and filed a complaint. he says.. he didn't hear back. we reached out to the district. and they confirmed that one class eats outside each day due to the increase in students.they sit under this pavillion built in november. and that the kids should have never been eating lunch in the cold sot jesus hinjozathey had so much time to prepare winter for these kids. and they're putting their health in danger by putting them in the cold. its tag"while the district is confident that the current arrangement has worked well for students and staff at wardlaw, we are actively exploring alternative lunch time arrangements. "hinjoza
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says... this is no assurance something will change.. students attending a university of california school... should prepare to pay more. the university system's board of regents .... voted today to increase tuition by two- and a half- percent. u-c president janet napolitano called for an annual tuition increase of 282- dollars... and bumping fees by 54- dollars for the 20-17-- 20-18 school year. this is the first u-c price increase in seven years. since 20-11... the student population has grown each year.... and state funding has been cut. according to napolitano... the tuition hike is needed to maintain the quality of the 10 - campuses. many students do not agree.. critics say, higher
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tuition puts too much of a burden on students already struggling to pay for their education. actor shia labeouf was arrested early this morning.. after getting into an altercation with a fellow anti-trump protester in queens, new york. he celebrated his release by picking up right where he left off. reporter a-j ross shows us. nats five simple words.... repeated over and over into a live stream camera by perfect strangers....are forming a unique performance or a collage of sorts outside of the museum of the moving image
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in astoria, queens.ben ellougani/army veteran:"i think it's an awesome project. i think it's a peaceful project."mos/participant:"you can do it anytime you want. you can come anytime you want and just say whatever is on your mind. you don't have to sensor yourself and say anything that would appeal to anybody else's opinion ut yours, so i think that's a really cool thing."natsafter shia labeouf, who collaborated on the project, introduced on inauguration day... has become a familiar face among the crowd.natshowever, police arrested shia wednesday night during an altercation with another man where he allegedly ripped off the man's scarf and scratched his face during the incident. cynthia giarratano/art supporter:"i was so shocked. i woke up to so many text messages - 'shia got arrested.' i'm like what!
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what did he do? literally we've been here with him a couple of times and he has been nothing but nice to every single person."natsshia was charged with misdemeanor assault and received a desk appearance ticket for another date, but that didn't stop him from returning thursday.nats dancing and chanting, he didn't have anything to say to the press.but both supporters and opposers of the project did.jorge supporter:"it's so that i willingly come down here and they what to think, and how to act."giarratano/art "the entire entire nation should all be he, speaking literally about about trump, anyone. we divided as a should all together." san francisco may soon have a trump hotel. the c-e-o of the president's hotel management company says there are big plans to expand the number of locations. san francisco, seattle, dallas and denver are among the cities being looked at. currently there are trump hotels in five major u-s cities. the company's goal is to eventually have hotels in all major metropolitan areas. new at ten... the owner of a yarn store in tennessee has spun up some controversy after she posted a message on facebook about the women's march. elizabeth poe says she was approached by a customer who wanted to make a pink hat for the woman's
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march... but poe refused to sell the customer the yarn to make it. poe says... her store would not be supporting the cause... and she then took to facebook...writing something that upset many people fighting for women"s rights. the post read --" the vulgarity, the vile and evilness of this movement is absolutely despicable." now people are sending her boycott messages from all over the country. the store owner has also had people stop in to the store to voice their support... poe says she is not against people standing up...but she is against the way they are doing it. her store continues to refuse the sale of pink yarn for woman's march hats. coming upthe night of thanksgiving all the extra food that they had in their house they brought it here and im talking about pots and pans
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of it ..a lot of people want to help feed the homeless in west oakland, but is the generosity creating problems coming up the night of thanksgiving all the extra food that they had in their house they brought it here and im talking about pots and pans of it ..a lot of people want to help feed the homeless in west oakland, but is the generosity creating problems well take a look in the next edition of people behaving badly
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everyday we hear reports about how bad the homeless problem is around the bay area ... from san jose to vallejo ... and while people are looking for solutions to end the problem could we be helping to make the problem worse in the processstanley roberts visits a tent city near 5th and market in west oakland to show us a different side of the issue
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if you happen to drive by or even walk by one of oakland's scenic tour routes you will get an eye full because many of the streets in the area are lined with tent cities and it's been like for a while in fact, this is my second time visiting, i was here back in august of 2016, i wanted to see what kind of changes if any have occurred. i wish could say it's gotten better but i can't nats ambiance what caught my attention then .caught my attention now.. back then there were bags of food hanging on fences, now it's empty liquor bottles and boxes of fruit in boxes some of the people from the past are still there and some new faces have appeared, like billie she wanted to show me how she keeps her tent super clean and invited me inside nats: go ahead and look make he comes out before i come in inside it was nice and clean
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with a radio playing in the background and a flat screen tv lying on the floor, i asked about the flat screen she found it in the trash i asked it worked nats: there you go see just got out of the garbage.then i ran into his man on a bicycle i asked if he knew who i was you the guy from behaving badly, he wanted to talk on camera but only on one condition, he had to put a cap on first then he told me something that had never crossed my mind . listen to him about how the trash piles up you got people that pass out food to us helping us out and they don't asks us if we want it they just set it there i said i notice a lot of food goes to waste but i needed a better example they will set it down because most people are scared of the homeless so they just sat it in front tents without asking if they want it like christmas thanksgiving the night of thanksgiving all the extra
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food that they had in their house they brought it here and im talking about pots and pans of it ..apparently, all the donated food is creating an even bigger problem . ratsmy tent is a 22 man tent it got 4 rooms 123,4 so the door right here is where i keep all my food water ans stuff the rats ate through the bottom of the door and by the rain coming down and were on a slope the water goes gush in my room destroys all my clothes everything so let's put this in perspective, picture hundreds of people dropping used food at your front door every day food that you can't possibly eat . yes it will create a problem the solution, donate food to homeless outreach groups and shelters . because your generosity may be actually hurting the homeless rather then helping them in west oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news kron 4 tried to reach out to the city of oakland to talk about this problem .. as of now noone has returned our calls or emails ..
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toss weather
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morning clouds gave way to abundant sunshine around the bay area this afternoon. there are a few fair weather cu popping on the hills, but heavier cloud cover remains over the ocean. temperatures still remain below normal this afternoon, warmed into the 50s for most locations and 40s for the hills. over the next 24 hours high pressure will build just off the west coast and move inland this weekend. the building high pressure will result in an overall warming trend with daytime temps in the 50s and 60s. interior may approach 70 by monday. despite the overall warming, nighttime temps will remain cold, especially away from the coast/urban centers. lows will easily drop into the 30s and poss the 20s with patchy frost. made sure to include frost the next two nights. there could also be some patchy fog across the interior valleys, especially the north bay and west delta region. if tule fog creeps westward through the delta some of the fog may be dense.
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toss gary sports
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two more warriors have joined steph curry and kevin durant for the nba all-star gameklay thompson was added as a guard ths will be his 3rd straight all-star game he is averaging 21.1 points fr the warriors this seasondraymond green was selected at forward although he is averaging only 10.7 points he leads the team in rebounds, assists and is their best defender tis is his 2nd straight all-sar gamethe last time the warriors sent 4 players to the all-star game was 1968 hs staff will also coach the western conference all-stars the sharkies hosting the oilers... before all-star weekend jack del rio was at the sharktank tonight cheering for san jose.1st period the men in tiel get the game rolling... logan couture slaps it in the lead 1- nothing2nd period edmenton takes the lead off andrej sekera power play goal.3rd period drake caggiula on the break puts the game away for the 4-1 edmenton
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johnny cueto will be looking to have another all-star season with the giants... he finished the year with an 11-5 record with a 2.79 era. the right-hander was unanimously named the 2016 dominican pitcher of the year. this is the third time the giants ace wins the award. he won the award with the reds in 2012 and 2014. the giants will report to training camp in a few weeks.
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tiger woods in action in the first round of the farmers insurance. tiger is playing in hist p-g-a tour event in 17-months. and it was rough day for the former number one golfer in the world.14th hole he misses the par putt... had three bogeys in a row... putting his two over par.15th hole it got a lot worst... he hooks his drive into the hazard... leading to a double bodey. tiger finished the day with a 76 and is 11-shots off the lead. thanks
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
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breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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an email an e-mail fishing scam is making its rounds. even experienced tax said the experts could be fooled. -- tech savvy >> reporter: this will
10:59 pm
include an attachment from one of your own context. -- contacts with a tricky here is the law can take. it's identical to be g mail logging page that people are used to sing. --seeing >> reporter: it will have a thumbnail image. picture or document print something that may have been sent to you before. your contact has fallen victim to the fishing scam and now the hackers are using their accounts to collect more victims. this is the least of your concern sprit they can see any of your e-mail that was not deleted.
11:00 pm
>> reporter: can check your log in activity to see if someone else has i get to your account. you click on details. this will show you when and where and what devices to help plug into your account. if you do not recognize any thinking you may have been had. -- hacked...gabe slate, kron4news (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: andrea saint john was killed and her home. that was set on fire to cover up the murder. >> reporter: this has been an extensive mount locke investigation. and the sheriff's office believe there are


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