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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the breaking news involves a search underway in pacifica for a person who may have fallen off a cliff into the ocean. i'm steve aveson. >> and i'm pam moore. here's a map of the area where the search is happening. ella sogomonian is on the scene. she shows us what's happening now. >> reporter: here at pacifica a recent report came in that a person might have fallen off the cliff. we don't know if that's confirmed. as crews just arrived to the scene, take a look. this is near 310 esplanade the vacant building set to be demolished. this is a gated area so it's hard to understand how a person might have gotten through or why. at this time there are daly
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city fire crews on the scene searching the area using a helicopter to propel one of their team members down the cliff. it is really dark at this time so it's going to be challenging for anyone to try and find if that person may be down there and if this is even a true report. we don't much -- we don't know much more other than there is police on the scene as well as like i said daly city and pacifica fire crews doing the best they can to try to make sure if anyone is down there, they are going to help them back up. we don't know much more at this time. this is breaking news. we will keep you guys posted as more information becomes available. for now, ella sogomonian, kron 4 is. >> thanks. we will monitor the search tonight and first thing tomorrow morning 7:00 you will learn more and updates as they come in the newsroom. a two day manhunt after a bank robbery in scotts valley has ended with three people under arrest. >> on the run and a car stolen
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from a law enforcement officer. in the past two hours police say they are confident the robber is among those arrested. earlier this evening it all came to a dramatic ending right here on kron 4. caught on camera as part of our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. here is one of the suspects. just before he was captured. tonight we are live in san jose with more video. >> reporter: take us through what happened. >> 30 hours dozens of officers and a helicopter later police say they got the guy who robbed a scotts valley bank yesterday morning around 11:00 and a few hours later stole an unmarked officer vehicle. >> reporter: police say around 5:00 they spotted that stolen vehicle with three suspects inside. they strategically went in for capture. >> the officers had the great
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judgment to not force a confrontation with the individual. as evidenced by the fact we did not have a vehicle pursuit. it was very methodical how they went about taking the suspect into custody. >> reporter: two of the suspects were arrested without incident. one fled into a nearby apartment complex. when captured resisted arrest. >> when you have a suspect that's dangerous and in a neighborhood that's the worst case scenario for the police department. we're going to mobilize the resources we have to locate and arrest that person as quickly as possible. >> reporter: neighbors described chaos but not for long. >> i heard the helicopters. lock your doors. all right. i grabbed my skateboard and came over as fast as i could. can you escort me to my house? they're like sure. >> at first worried but then i had friends texting me. we found out that they caught him. so there wasn't a long level of stress or anything like that. >> reporter: the pursuit lasted
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45 minutes. they were on the scene for about two hours looking for evidence. may be something the suspects dropped. at this time they are not say if the other two people in the car were involved in any crime. live in san jose, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. >> one of the best in the business and when there's something important like this today we'll put out a push alert. as soon as police confirmed that suspected bank robber was in fact arrested we sent out a breaking news alert. you can get the kron 4 mobile app and be the first to know about news when it breaks. happening tomorrow a large search taking place in fremont because the teenager whose car plunged into a creek is still missing. jada jenkins disappeared over the weekend. tomorrow effort is expected to be the best so far. ted lotus has been tracking developments and joins us now with the very latest. >> yeah. niles canyon road will close tomorrow morning at 7:00. police are coming to search all day regular people are going to
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be helping out. it's going to be an all hands on deck situation. canyon road will reopen 6:00 at night or whenever daylight is gone. and they don't feel like they can search effectively anymore. the 18-year-old was driving home or i should say from her home in tracy to visit family in the bay area when she got in an accident on niles canyon road and her car plunged into alameda creek which you see there. her car was eventually found but rescuers sadly did not find her body inside that car. crews have been looking for her for nearly a week now. tomorrow is the biggest search efforts so far. >> it matters. if it's your family member you are never going to stop looking for them. and so i think people can relate to that. parents can relate. this is a very nice young woman a kid that was doing everything right. >> people have come to help with searching for jada. we are very appreciative as a family. if anyone would like to come out tomorrow on saturday to help with the search we greatly
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appreciate that. >> reporter: jade's family has been there every single day. so many volunteers. this girl 18 years old very well-liked. we just got this video into the newsroom. about five minutes old. this is a vigil happening tonight in tracy. again jada jenkins hometown. you see the outpouring of support that her family is receiving. if you would like to help with the search tomorrow in fremont, there will be a checkpoint at the vallejo mills historical park at the bottom of niles canyon road. people are encouraged to search with the organized group. so check in with folks there. don't go off on your own. the reason is because your scent could throw off search dogs. that is the last thing they need as everyone works to find jada jenkins. steve? >> great update. thank you. we have new surveillance video from the night that police say a castro valley grandmother was killed in her
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home. in this video you're going to see a person walking on the sidewalk near the home of 59- year-old andrea st. john. this person in this video either broke into or confronted her inside the home. officials are looking for that silver toyota corolla. st. john lived alone and has -- it's been over a month since the grandmother was killed. her body was set on fire in the garage. detectives are not releasing details saying it could ultimately jeopardize the investigation going forward. also not saying how she was killed or if robbery may have been a motive. they are hoping that you the public can help identify the person responsible. president donald trump signing an executive order instituting what he calls extreme vetting. that's how the president characterizes his band on the syrian refugees and other people from certain countries. from coming into the united states. the executive order comes on the same day president trump
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hosted his first meeting with a world leader at the white house. british prime minister theresa may. we have much more on that meeting straight ahead. first we're tracking reaction to the president's latest executive actions which many people consider controversial. our coverage starts with mary maloney with details on exactly what extreme vetting means. >> reporter: in his first visit to the pentagon as commander-in- chief, president donald trump taking action against certain immigrants. >> to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >> reporter: the order stops people from iraq, syria, iran, sudan, libya, somalia, or yemen from entering the united states for 90 days. it also suspends the u.s. refugee admissions program for about four months. until members of the cabinet believe the person is properly vetted. >> we want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas.
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>> but the president told the christian broadcasting network christians will be given priority. >> if you are a christian in syria it was impossible, very, very -- very tough to get into the united states. if you are a muslim you could come in. i thought it was very, very unfair. so we are going to help them. >> reporter: critics say the order hurts more than it helps. >> we're going to need muslim allies more than anybody else if we're going to be successful. >> reporter: trump signed an executive action to increase military spending. giving new planes, and ships. >> our military strength will be questioned by no one. but neither will our dedication to peace. we do want peace. >> reporter: mary maloney, kron 4 news. team coverage continues. there has been plenty of negative reaction in the bay area to trump's executive orders. one of the nonprofits that spoke about their concerns has been helping refugees in the east bay for 140 years.
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spencer blake has their story from berkley. >> reporter: with his signature president donald trump indefinitely suspended admission to the u.s. for syrian refugees. he also barred anyone from other countries like iraq iran and libya from entering for the next three months. at jewish family and community services the general mood was outrage. >> he is dishonoring our history. dishonoring our values. as americans. and i am disgusted today. >> the nonprofit began helping jewish refugees it has reached out to help each generation wave of refugees since the 19th century. most of the people it helps now are muslim. >> our foundational values are jewish values about welcoming the stranger. >> reporter: executive director abby rose is concerned not only for those who are still trying to escape war-torn areas but also for refugees who are
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already here. afcs east bay helped me settle 150 of them last year but some of them had been hoping to bring family matters to the u.s. soon. now that can't happen. >> part of the work is consoling the traumatized people. >> reporter: there's plenty of support in town from people who want to help refugees find housing and jobs. >> there's a great deal of fear of people who are different from us and i think that's a really sad place to be operating from. >> every nation that has the capacity to take them has a moral duty to. >> reporter: the u.s. used to be leader in providing a safe haven for those escaping war and terror. >> today we took a huge step backward. >> reporter: many of the clients afcs has helped used to work as translator for the u.s. military or government. rose points out the country those people helped is now closing its doors on their faces. in berkley spencer blake, kron 4 news. >> we continue to track this important story in 30 minutes. we're going to show you the joint news conference with president donald trump and british prime minister at the white house. we have details on what was discussed today during the one hour phone call between president donald trump and the
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mexican president. and what president trump is saying about an upcoming phone call with the russian president tomorrow. i'm kron 4 i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. lots of sunshine to start the weekend. really just going to be an enjoyable saturday and sunday. temperatures will start off on the cool side. 44 for the coast. 40 for the bay. inland locations in the mid-to- high 70s. by the time we get to your lunch hour we're approaching the mid-fifties. towards the afternoon most locations will push close to 60 degrees with lots of sunshine the entire weekend. however there are changes in your seven-day forecast. we're tracking a storm already. i'll let you know when. coming up after the break. coming up video you don't want to mess. high-quality surveillance footage from inside a bus the moment it is a smashed into by a truck. years after she finished on her way to school in morgan hill we now know when the trial for the accused killer of sierra lamar will finally begin.
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next, some serious damage done to one bay area christian school. we're going to show you the impact this vandal -- vandalism is having on young students.
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a christian school in the east bay has been hit by vandalism. someone damaged a recently upgraded soccer field at a middle school in walnut creek. kron 4's haaziq madyun shows us the impact this is having on
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the kids. >> it was something i've never seen happen to this school in all 10 years i've been here. >> a bit of a setback for you guys. >> yeah. kind of a setback. >> reporter: the two middle school soccer players from contra costa christian schools are kind of bummed out because someone vandalized the school soccer field here in walnut creek. >> yeah. it stinks. we can't play soccer here. can't really do anything on this field. >> this is the first year playing soccer. so i was really excited to come out here and then they ran over the school. >> definitely a very disappointed when we came in and saw this damage. to the field. >> reporter: superintendent says these tire tracks show someone got in their vehicle and drove onto the field and did some four wheeling. he says it happened more than once. >> first happened on monday night. then again last night. they came back.
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and did more damage. we don't think it was anything intentional to target the school but you never know. >> he does know this happened at the worst possible time for the school soccer team. >> right before we are starting our next soccer season. definitely just a heartbreaker for our school because now we have to really look elsewhere to hold our sports game. >> reporter: the school checked with residents in the area. no one saw anything. police say they have no surveillance video in this case. >> it stinks the person who did this didn't really think about others. of how it would affect our elementary and middle school and even our high school. >> we are a community that has hope that god will provide for us and just making a way forward for us as we try to get into the soccer season. >> reporter: at contra costa christian schools, haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. >> now we have an update on a
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story we first told you about last night at 10:00. students at wardlaw elementary, they were being forced to eat their lunch outside but they no longer have to do that. in cold wet conditions. a parent reached out to kron 4 saying his fourth grade daughter is being forced to meet outside during the storms. he said when he filed a complaint with the vallejo unified school district he never heard back. we looked into it. today parents received a letter from the school district expressing a change. the principal said the school will somehow figure a way to fit students into an indoor space during cold weather. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here to help us plan for our weekend. >> weekend is so close. it's going to be nice one. lots of sunshine and staying dry which has been a big change for us. however in your seven-day forecast which wield over in a bit i am already tracking the return of rain so closer look at what we can expect tonight. cooler for a lot of our
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northbay zones. dropping very close to freezing. heading into tomorrow tracking lots of sunshine. warmer temperatures and to the middle of next week rain will return to us. clouds increased tuesday. wednesday night, late rain and thursday, friday we're tracking more weather. satellite radar shot showing us right now clear skies due to a ridge of high pressure which will give us a dry weather pattern. that is the story for us. the weather story. we stay dry once again saturday, sunday into tuesday. even wednesday morning. by wednesday night the system organizes itself and it will swing in on thursday and linger into friday. right now looks like it's going to be thursday we will see the happiest amounts of rainfall. the system will linger into friday. temperatures right now drop down to 40. 43 in novato. mid-40s in san francisco. 44 in half moon bay. 46 in san jose. highs around the region at 57.
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comfortable conditions near golden gate park. 60 in san mateo. 61 in half moon bay. temperatures in bodega bay 62. 63 and santa rosa. 63 will be your high in calistoga. temperatures in napa in the low 60s. 59 in concord. 57 in bethel island tomorrow. down to our east bay zone oakland hayward union city all pushing into the low 60s. comfortable day on tap for mountain view. 61. cupertino 61 and 62 in san jose. if you had up to the high country here's your lake tahoe forecast. notice temperatures back to the 40s on saturday. almost 50 degrees on sunday. with the warming trend we are experiencing same thing will happen in the higher country with temperatures back to the mid-fifties. that's a big-time warm-up. coming up we'll take a closer look at your seven-day forecast. >> sounds like a good one. thanks. the rain may be gone for now but there are still some lingering problems from the
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recent storms such as debris in the bay which can be dangerous. the two charles clifford shows us the problem. >> one of i-to the last few years is that the water out on san francisco bay has been fairly clear of debris but after these recent large storms there's no junk floating out in the water that could pose a danger. >> we have seen more debris in the water than we've seen in recent memory. >> reporter: priya david clemens a spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district which operates the ferries. she says so far this winter they have seen disruptions to service and damage to the vessel due to storm debris in the water. >> it's due to the heavy rains coupled with massive king tides. so this has been a really, really tough time season when it comes to debris. tires and fishing lines that tend to be a big problem. big garbage cans that are out there. we've even seen a refrigerator with food in it out in the water. one of our vessels the m.s. san francisco was struck by debris. damaged a propeller.
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took it out of service for three days and cost us $90,000. >> reporter: the other ferry service san francisco bay ferry has also seen its share of problems this winter. back on january 13 junk in the island straight forced the cancellation of a ferry departure. on january 16 the ferry had to be taken out of service after its propeller struck something in the water. >> there was massive obstacles out there that really can do damage to the vessels. >> reporter: david clements says the ferry captains watch for debris and do everything they can to avoid it but with this much stuff in the water problems are inevitable. >> we operate service in the early morning. in the late afternoon. early evening. when it is dark. at those times there's no way to see all of the debris that's out there and avoid it. >> reporter: more storms are predicted in the near future. california's rainy season doesn't end for a few more months so this could linger for some time. in san francisco charles clifford at kron 4 news. still ahead police say they have stopped 13 and 14-year-old kids who were planning a mass
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school shooting. how the frightening plot was uncovered. next high-quality surveillance video from inside a very crowded bus. it shows the moments a truck crashed right through the side of it. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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we want to show you an intense crash caught on surveillance video. a pickup truck drive straight into a bus. just horrifying. the truck ends up lodged partway into the bus. amazingly no one was seriously injured. shawn martinelli has our story. >> reporter: the cameras on the bus recorded the whole thing. watch what happens as the truck loses control while exiting 81 at park street. >> open the door!
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>> reporter: riders some right in the past begin to evacuate. one man in a panic kicks a door open as the driver attempts to calm people down. >> [ yelling ] everybody stay still. >> reporter: the bus left destiny usa just before 2:00 p.m. then less than a mile from the mall while passengers were waiting at a red light the frightening scene unfolded. police say the pickup driver unfamiliar with the area simply drove too fast off the ramp. he then saw stopped traffic and mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of applying his brakes. plowing through the grass and just missing a nearby utility pole. eight people were taken to the hospital. remarkably none of them seriously injured.
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>> the bus driver and the truck passenger driver his wife were among those taken to the hospital. no tickets were issued after the crash. but police are still investigating. coming up, tonight president donald trump meets with a world leader at the white house for the first time. the british prime minister. where the two sides agree and disagree. a look ahead to the start of the sierra lamar trial. she vanished in 2012. when the accused killer will final each face a jury.
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tonight at 10:30, the trial for one of the high profile murder cases in recent memory is about to start. >> the sierra lamar trial begins with opening statements. grant lodes has reported on this case since the 15-year-old went missing. he joins us now with the latest. >> so many years since sierra lamar was last seen. jury selection was earlier this month. now attorneys for the man charged in the murder garcia- torres will try to convince the jury he is not a killer. lamarr was 15 years old when the morgan hill high school or disappeared. on her way to catch the bus. you see the suspect right there. prosecutors say her dna was found in garcia-torres car.
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he is now 25. prosecutors are asking for the death penalty. he has pleaded not guilty to all charges. which include kidnapping and murder. key to this case sierra lamar's body has never been found. norr has a weapon. the defense for garcia-torres plans to argue that this is a missing person case. in october of 2016 lawyers for garcia-torres asked the court to allow evidence that they say will show sierra lamar ran away from home. this is one of those trials that the whole bay area and if not the country has been following. still search parties that go out and look for sierra lamar periodically. used to be every day. used to be every saturday. still happens periodically. something that certainly we'll be following closely as so many others will. >> very tough to prove a case without a body and a weapon. >> and the prosecution says they have dna. that could help the case but again you bring up a valid
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point. >> circumstantial. thanks. after hearing rumors of a possible school shooting authorities in florida are praising the students who did it's. they should speak up and potentially stopped the deadly tragedy. 13-year-old and a 14-year-old being charged with conspiracy to commit murder after planning an attack on their middle school. police were tipped off about the mass shooting and were able to find guns at two of the homes. other kids who go there say it was more than just the two arrested who were talking about the plan. >> they've arrested two. what about the other kids that are involved? what about the one that told his friend he was going to sit in school and start firing it up? first thing in the morning? i'm scared to death! >> police say had the students not been arrested, today would have been the day they attacked . school sent out an e-mail to all parents saying they had taken care of the situation and
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that student safety remains their top priority. deputies are praising the students who spoke up and are making sure there are no more threats to the campus and the students. back to the story we are following at the white house president donald trump's the first major test on the international stage played out in washington as he welcomed the british prime minister. they held a joint conference and the two leaders answers questions from reporters. we have highlights from washington. >> not as fresh as you might think. >> reporter: press conference with theresa may was a symbolic first for the new president. >> i'm delighted to congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory. >> reporter: sharing the stage with a fellow world leader in the east room of the white house and meeting with her privately in the oval office. may has been under pressure by some in britain who want her to take a hard line with trump. the two had a packed agenda from defeating isis to crafting a new trade deal with the uk. >> i'm convinced a trade deal between the u.s. and the uk is in the national interest of both countries.
10:33 pm
and will cement the crucial relationship that exists between us particularly as the uk leave the european union and reaches out to the world. >> reporter: trump fielded questions on his busy first week in office. >> your choice of a question. including saturdays planned, with president putin. >> if we can have a great relationship with russia and with china and with all countries i'm all for that. that would be a tremendous asset. no guarantees. but if we can that would be a positive not a negative. >> reporter: he was asked about his relationship with mexico after a planned meeting between the two leaders was canceled thursday. trump said he spoke with mexico's president on the phone friday morning. >> it was a very, very friendly call. i think you'll hear that from the president and you'll hear that from the people of mexico. that really represent him and represent him very well. and i look forward to over the coming months we'll be negotiating and we'll see what happens.
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>> reporter: certain parts of the president's immigration policy are raising concerns in the restaurant industry. members of the golden gate restaurant association say they were really a crackdown on undocumented workers could create a labor shortage. and make dining out more expensive. the association says if policy translates to increase it could make keeping staff difficult. the restaurant association wants to see those who are working hard to be rewarded with a path to citizenship. >> we have a lot of people paying taxes. contributing to the growth and vitality of our economy. we need to honor that. we don't need to deport them. we need to be finding ways to make them full members of our society. >> the association points out restaurants make up more than 50% of the collected sales taxes from san francisco's retail sector. revenue which is critical to the economic health of the city of san francisco. march and rally today,
10:35 pm
voicing concerns that the president's plans could break up their families. more than 300 students, parents and teachers walked out of classes at garfield community school in menlo park and they marched to downtown redwood city. the students saying they believe everyone should be able to stay in the united states. they say the negative language about immigrants encourages others to do the same. the white house sent a strong message of support during the annual march for life on the national mall today. vice president mike pence is the highest ranking official ever to address the antiabortion rally. pence is a longtime vocal opponent of abortion. today's march is tied to the anniversary of roe versus wade, the landmark case that legalized abortion in 1973. this antiabortion event is taking place every year since. coming up, san francisco is not an easy place to driving. a lot of rules and tricks.
10:36 pm
not to expect just that there's a lot of rules. >> reporter: also rules posted outside the san francisco lift hub. i'll show you if they are being ignored in the next edition of people behaving badly. coming up, later tom brady senior. he gets pretty tough against the commissioner roger goodell for the way he handled his situation with tom brady, jr. we also have the 49ers and kyle shanahan sitting down and enjoying hors d'oeuvres. not to mention tiger woods. looking forward to watching him play this weekend, not going to happen. he's on his way to dubai as we speak. later in this broadcast.
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something to be said about
10:39 pm
donald trump's effect on the market. when the president criticized general motors for making cruise models in mexico on twitter the brand stock fell 0.7%. same thing happened to boeing shares when trump complained about the cost of building a new air force one in december. shares dropped 1.4%. notice a pattern? >> we haven't seen somebody with that much power using twitter or any sort of public platform like that to create the waves in the market that he's been creating. >> reporter: the marketing and advertising firm created an algorithm automated software and called it the trump and dump. if the president mentions a publicly-traded company in a negative way that means using words like cancel or no, the software automatically shorts the company stock. all within a matter of milliseconds. >> starts with borrowing a stock. when you have inclination or idea the stock is going to drop.
10:40 pm
you immediately sell it. at that point you wait for the stock to drop. you then buy it and return the stock you borrowed and you are able to profit from the difference. >> reporter: they won't say how much money they've made off trump's tweets. but it's enough to make a difference they say in a puppy's life. >> on any given day we got 10 to 15 dogs roaming around the halls. so from there it was a pretty straight shot to why don't we donate to the aspca? >> reporter: innovation making a profit off the power of the president's tweets. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. tracking the weekend forecast. big ridge of high pressure over our region. lots of sun shine but i'm tracking our next storm system. all the details coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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the model for the ridesharing company lyft is a ride whenever you need one. having all the rides in one location is causing some problems with neighbors in san francisco. stanley roberts explains. >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: on the corner of 26th and kansas in san francisco sits a white building with a pink van on top of a pole.
10:44 pm
lyft hope. also on the corner you'll see cars many with a lyft decal in the window making interesting maneuvers. many that might get you a moving violation. on the wall outside the building there are two identical flyers taped to the wall. basically asking drivers to be good neighbors. no u-turns at the intersection. yet you see drivers one after another making the u-turns often. there's a one hour parking limit unless you are a residential permit. so parking enforcement does issue tickets. but watch this white minivan. it backs out but watch this. the driver attempts a u-turn and throws it in reverse. coming pretty close to hitting the parking enforcement boggy. then there was this white chrysler town and country van. notice it is sitting in a fully marked crosswalk where it will sit for a while. another issue?
10:45 pm
lyft asked drivers not to double park. the problem with science? no one reads them. so you have to have interactive aids. >> you guys working for lyft? >> just coming in for the inspection. >> did you see the sign about double parking? >> i did not. >> don't double park. >> really? don't speed. >> right on. >> right now what are you doing? >> i'm double park. so i'm going to leave. helping him out. >> all right. >> reporter: some drivers know the law but how they learned was not through hard work and studying. it was from watching kron 4 news. >> i moved to california two years ago and honestly you've taught me a lot about driving. and send cisco is not an easy place to driving. there's a lot of rules and tricks -- not tricks. just that there's a lot of rules and it's just to make people's life easier. you always focus on them. in a good way. >> reporter: stop. you're making me blush. many of the drivers are not good citizens. which is why new signs have popped up all around.
10:46 pm
i was told this day was not a quiet day so i guess i'll have to return to the total picture. and i shall return. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. new tonight at 10:00 after several rounds of wet weather in the bay area this month the sierra mountains have been coded in six no. as sara zendehnam shows us it has made for a perfect weekend for skiers and snowboarders looking to carve into fresh powder. it's about time. perfect weather combined with mounds of snow is enough to get anyone on the mountain excited. >> the stock is real. >> reporter: after a series of storms in january, snow lovers can finally enjoy the aftermath. >> awesome. our first run. we're just warming up and the conditions are incredible. >> reporter: 24 feet in 22 days. this mountain is still filled with skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of the fresh snow. >> go down the hill really
10:47 pm
fast. >> reporter: a clear road up to boreal mountain resort is welcomed by visitors who dealt with tough conditions on i-80 over the last couple weeks. some braved the weather. >> last friday was rough and slow. >> reporter: others waited for a clear day. >> today has been good. i don't usually come up when the roads are icy. i'm a fair weather skier. >> reporter: marco bloomer road -- avoided the roads but snow dumping for days on end left him with another problem to deal with now that he's finally up here. >> half a mile hiking snowshoes to get to the house and hours of digging out. >> not the only one with issues. boreal had to deal with a lot during the storm. >> power outages. just really shoveling a lot of snow. >> reporter: the bad weather is worth what visitors can ski on. a busy one on the mountains. >> amazing. can't complain. >> like he said fair weather skier. us would be a good weekend for
10:48 pm
that. >> this is it with all the fresh powder on the ground and not actively snowing. >> and getting there won't be bad. >> easier to get there. lots of sunshine on all three days. here is a closer look at the forecast for lake tahoe. also notice warmer temperatures will head into the 50s by monday. 40 tomorrow. just a few clouds but we will see the sun shining through. closer look at temperatures right now. 50 degrees in san francisco. closer to oakland 48 degrees. mid-40s for san jose. 40 degrees in livermore and 42 in concord. similar conditions versus this time yesterday with the exception of fairfield where we are down 8 degrees. satellite radar shot showing us we have high-pressure building over the region. most of the clouds stay to the north of us. we have that big ridge that's in control here and that means a dry pattern that means sunshine and clear skies for our evening. just really enjoyable conditions for the weekend.
10:49 pm
closer look at our satellite radar futurecast. this is going to show is the dry pattern through the weekend into monday, tuesday. however as we push into wednesday night that's when we will see a lot of the moisture returning by thursday. we will see more rain over the region. heading into friday. we should start to see a little bit of clearing as we go into our overnight hours. will be in the mid-30s. i will send it back to you guys. sorry about that. [ indiscernible -- loud coughing ] we'll be right back.
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sports director gary
10:53 pm
radnich is here. >> tom brady's father was popping off today. the great mark carpenter just drew it out of him. he didn't stop. we're looking forward to the super bowl. with san mateo's tom brady. as we said mark carpenter went out to several high school and sat down with tom brady, sr. you know deflategate and roger goodell. that's been on the football world's mind. the patriots win, on a week from sunday then, dell has got to give brady the trophy. how's that going to feel? the tension back and fourth. i tell you what. i know we're about nine days away. mr. brady no love lost for roger goodell. >> i think any parent can understand that. they'd rather take the arrows in the heart then have the kids take it. and for what the league did to him, what roger goodell constantly lied about, is
10:54 pm
beyond reprehensible as far as i'm concerned. it should be an honor because somebody that has roger goodell's ethics doesn't belong on any stage that tom brady is on. >> yeah. and he's a really nice regular guy. but again mark carpenter did a terrific job and trusted mark and kind of went off. surprised me a little bit with the super bowl coming. >> he's been in here so we know him a little bit. not well. but i don't think tom brady, jr. is probably a big fan of what his dad is saying. maybe i'm wrong and maybe it's an orchestrated thing. >> the way tom brady will respond to that. my dad loves me. he's my dad. he's saying what he believes in his heart. the way tom brady talks, he gets away with it because this is a thing. >> pretty good. i agree with his dad 100%. >> after they are out the door. that's good. i agree with you. that's the way to go. the 49ers have a head coach
10:55 pm
eventually. the only team in the nfl without it. there he is. kyle shanahan one week from sunday at the completion of the super bowl the atlanta offensive coordinator will be named the head coach. just because they felt like it. jed york and his right-hand man spent the day in atlanta hanging around so there he is. young man. by all accounts he's going to have the final lean towards who's the general manager as well. tiger woods, looking forward to watching golf this weekend, you don't have to watch it without tiger. he's on his way to dubai this evening. he did not make the cut at torrey pines in la jolla. shot a 72. not bad for second round. but he got off yesterday and that held him back. tiger misses the cut for the 11 the time since 2010. prior to that he missed five cuts in his first 13 years.
10:56 pm
so hey. have to wait and see how it goes down. >> i made so many dumb mistakes out there. i made plenty of birdies but dumb mistakes. playing tournament golf is different than playing with your buddies at home on a cart. so i need to get more rounds under my belt. more playing time. and that's what i'm trying to do. >> sports fan and want to stay up around 12:30 a.m., venus and serena. they'll be playing for the ninth time in a grand slam final. 28th meeting overall. serena has won six major titles from her older sister venus with three. venus is 36. the oldest woman to reach a grand slam final in the open era. serena looking to pass steffi graf for the all-time grand slam title by winning her 23rd. the australian open i don't
10:57 pm
know, but i can bet you pam who will watch each and every -- you are up most of the night. right? you do stay up later and then sleep in a little bit. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to stay up my stuff -- i'm going to stay up myself because that's good stuff. >> i don't know steve's habits but i'm working on it. gas delivery apps. such as we fuel, yoshi, fuel panda are gaining popularity in the bay area. >> we know for a fact gary radnich has his bentley pumped up on one of these all the time. with a couple swipes of your phone you order a truck and get a fill up sitting there waiting and you save time from having to go to a gas station. but how much extra does it cost and is it safe? tech reporter gabe slate tried it out. >> reporter: next time the needle is on e instead of trying to figure out when you will work in a stop at the pump
10:58 pm
in your busy day you can pull out your phone with the app you enter your location, information and then choose a window of time for the fill up. you make sure your gas lid is unlocked. that's it. go about your day. the gas truck will come. it has a 50-foot hose so it can get in between parked cars and tight spaces. the truck is loaded with safety gear like a fire extinguisher and a spill recovery kit. and emergency shutoff button. >> our drivers go through over 100 hours of training. all hazmat certified. they all have special licenses to drive these trucks. >> reporter: here's the price based on location of your car they look at the three closest gas stations and give you the price of the lowest one. include costco. the delivery fee is $3. if you need it right away within a tighter window of time it can go up to $5. i asked jason lynn about the quality of the fuel. >> we get the gas at the same
10:59 pm
place the gas station if the gas but on top of that number 1 we double filter our guess and that doesn't happen at the gas station. number 2 our guess is fresh. does not sit in underground dirty tanks. >> reporter: jason said one popular use is people get filled up at work. that way the commute home is shorter. >> majority of our customers get their fill overnight. knowing you don't have to wake up the extra 20 minutes to make it on time to the meeting. a lot of women are using it for a few reasons. number 1 they find gas stations unsafe. especially at night. number 2 they find gas stations dirty like touching the bacteria infested pumps. >> reporter: gabe slate, kron 4 news. following breaking news out of pacifica that at this hour. glad you joined us at 11. >> i'm pam moore. a rescue operation is happening right now after a man reportedly fell off of a cliff.
11:00 pm
it happened near 310 esplanade. where apartments are dangerously close to falling in the sea. they are set to be demolished on monday. the man called 911 himself. kron 4's ella sogomonian was first on the scene. >> reporter: police say a man who fell off made the 911 call himself and that's why bailey city and pacifica fire crews are right now on the scene as one of their medics is rappelling off the side of the cliff beside 310 esplanade. that is the building set to be demolished this monday. we don't know how he got over this area because it is fenced off. or why he was there. his identity has not been revealed at this time. we don't know how far he might have fallen off of the bluffs. you can see ahead there is a helicopter that is going around in circles making sure this area is lit well enough to be able to help that medic backup along with the victim. we don't know the extent of the persons injuries but he was fortunately able to make the 911


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