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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 30, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role. >> god. i know i have to wrap up. i feel like i'm going to faint. >> i went up stage and was like, what? >> emma does manage to pull it together to thank co-star ryan gosling. >> ryan, you're the best. that's just the truth. no one can argue with. >> you made him blush. >> oh, really? oh. >> he was like, oh. he is usually mr. cool and suave. >> that's nice. >> isn't it? >> ryan had another admirer in the crowd, meryl streep, who straightened his bow tie. >> streep also celebrated with besty viola davis. >> denzel, what can i say. friend and a fan. what can i say. >> outstanding actress. she prefers the s.a.g. awards to the oscars. >> it's an open space. you get your food right away. >> that's right. >> and your drinks right away. >> denzel washington. >> viola's co-star denzel washington won outstanding actor
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and his speech probably made emma stone feel better. >> you know that young boy is going to win. i didn't prepare. >> he seemed genuinely shocked. >> well, you know, casey has been winning everything. >> as the night was going along, i got a feeling, boy, you better start thinking of some things just in case. just in case. >> good problem to have. >> i got a tissue on my head now. >> you look good. you look good. >> stranger things. [ cheers and applause ]. >> another upset. "stranger things" wins for outstanding drama series ensemble. >> you can't take kids to these events because they are going to flip. who was expecting -- >> right. >> season 1. >> and check out wi nknow that rider. she deserved a s.a.g. awards for her facial features on stage. never seen anyone experience as many emotions as wi know that rider. ashton kutcher pronounced
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outstanding ka immediatic actress. she tied for the most s.a.g. awards wins with eight. before the show, she wasn't feeling a win. >> i think the kids probably pretty good. >> i don't know about that. i wouldn't say that. i wouldn't bet on myself. >> back stage in the trophy room, the cast of "hidden figures "they were so blown away by their win, they almost hit the floor. >> i'm a bit of a klutz. that's what makes me human. >> thank you, actors. >> we love you. >> yeah, octavia. there's a lot of love last night with power couples everywhere you looked. so i got to the secrets on how to make a hollywood marriage work. apparently it's all about communication and for nicole kidman and keith urban, that means face to face. >> you want more facetime. >> yeah. we facetime the calls. we really like to see and hear each other. >> yep, that's definitely the
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look of love. >> i could just watch you guys. i'm going to give you a moment. and nicole showed more love to expected mom, natalie portman. >> say, hi. give her a hug. >> you have a name yet? >> no. >> you got to meet the baby before. >> it was a bit of a date night for you guys? >> yeah. we've been having a lot of these date nights. we end up being tired and go home pretty early. we're lame. >> john and krissy, john and emily, married couples flooded the red carpet and we were happy to see anthony anderson escorting wife just weeks after calling off their divorce. >> it's been a bit of a rocky year, here you are on the red carpet. >> it's fun. it's been a while since we've been on the red carpet together, but we're here tonight and we're excited about it. >> a lot to handle with all the nominations at home. >> be honest, baby. be honest. >> he's so busy, you know -- >> doesn't have a chance going around bragging. >> not a lot of time.
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>> she's being diplomatic and not honest right now. thank you. thank you for not putting me on front street on national television. >> sara pal ston. >> this win marks her sixth award for the people versussoj simpson. sara's girlfriend was busy performing on broadway. >> have you heard from her? >> haven't had my phone with me. >> it's lighting up right now. >> i bet you it's lighting up at the table, yeah. i hope to have heard from her. that would be bad if i hadn't, wouldn't it? what if she is like, whatever. we would be breaking up. >> look at that handsome devil, you. >> back stage brian cranston was enamored with this guy but he sealed his win for hbo with a sweet kiss to wife rob pen. what does it mean to have her support sh. >> i've been with her for 30 years and. >> i married very well. >> winner gushed about his nearly 20-year marriage whom he
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called flicka. >> what do you think makes it work? >> kudos to flicka, she's the out. i don't. but you know, i've always felt talk leads to feeling things. then you are on a slippery slope of -- >> i don't want any part of that. >> humor worked for them as well. >> works for everybody. one couple who had everybody talking rachel wood and zach because they were wearing silver bands on their ring finger. it is true. we have confirmed and they are engaged. >> congrats to them. lily tomlin brought her wife jane wagner. they've been together 45 yoors. lily received the night's highest honor life achievement award. >> the show planned a 9 to 5 reunion that unfortunately one of the stars couldn't make it. >> the third member of our trio jane, i know you thought she was going to be here, we did, too. she got sick at the last minute. >> jane is sick. she's not coming. >> she okay?
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>> yeah. she called me from atlanta. she woke up this morning, she has strep throat. >> we love her! come on up and get your award. >> how does it feel after all those years to kind of have a little reunion? >> terrific. it feels good. we count on each other ♪ working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living ♪ >> the ladies have gotten together over the years, but last night dolly dropped this -- >> people have been saying that we should do a followup, sequel to 9 to 5, why? i think they're right. we better get after it or we will have to call it 95. well, back stage 77-year-old lily told the camera that she and jane hope dolly and this threesome are sisters for life. >> what is your favorite 9 to 5 memory? >> i remember the first time dolly came out and played 9 to 5 on her fingernails. yeah, she kept the beat like a typewriter. >> lily is a part of our own "e.t." history. >> did you know you're on the
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very first "entertainment tonight"? >> i heard that. that's what they told me. ♪ and with september 1981 at the emmy awards. >> feel like this family kind of feeling. awards show for. to go to the >> you're a legend to us. >> i'm not. >> i was honored. i was so thrilled. >> and we were thrilled. lily also shared with us how fondly she remembers mary tyler moore, the tv legend who passed away last wednesday, of course. mary was laid to rest yesterday in fairfield, connecticut. service was closed to the public about 50 close friends and family members said their final good-bye. up next, selena gomez turned up her heat with the romance on the weekend. where we caught them on an overseas vacation. then we break down the s.a.g. awards style. >> keeping it safe? >> never. >> the looks ripped from the runway and straight off the racks. and, stories you've never heard from the stars, how they really broke into show bid. >> you start in commercials?
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john ljd age chrissy teigen talk about giving their daughter luna a little brother. >> a little boy is next
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♪ congratulations ellen, she celebrated her 59th birthday this weekend with a star-studded bash at her beverly hills home. channing tatum was there, john legend was there, however he did show up without chrissy teigen. i'm assuming she was on baby watch. >> once you become a mom marx you don't want to go to all the parties. we're just six days away from the america's biggest sports party and lady gaga is getting ready. she is on the edge of super bowl glory. >> whitney houston, i'm so excited to play at super bowl li. >> she arrived with national anthem singer luke bryant on the radio. she is in serious prep mode for this sunday's halftime show. ♪ check this out, while in route to a rehearsal in an nfl shirt
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and rolls-royce, these guys seemingly didn't recognize the star. >> what are you up to? >> we're dancers. >> but it wasn't all work and no play, before heading to texas, gaga hung out with julian huff at the kings of leon concert in l.a. on saturday. next, selena gomez and the weekend's romantic italian get away. today the pair walked arm and arm through ve nas. the new couple went sightseeing in florence and the pda was on full display. seems like italy is the place to bring a new love. last summer selena's besty taylor swift at her very own italian moment with tom hidel ston. and mariah carey gave us a preview of her first new song in two years on last night's season finale of her new docu-series. ♪ she says the song entitle kwch i don't" was inspired by her breakup with james packer. she is now dating her backup
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dancer brian tanaka. >> tanaka is a real person that i can relate to and be myself when i'm with him. he makes me happy. >> brian says that mariah is the girl of his dreams and plans on going after her with his whole heart. i do remember hearing that same kind of thing from nick cannon in the very beginning. >> where is the tape? i need it for his mouth. still ahead, s.a.g. awards fashion secrets. >> i never had this happen before. >> the stories behind the styles and the one red carpet trend we didn't see coming. plus, it's s.a.g. awards stars tell us how they got their first big break. >> i did an american accent. then, we're back stage with '80s music legends and their stars superfans. >> i am like, why am i 15 right now? i'm just swooning up there. closed captioning b ining p i'm just swooning up there. closed captioning b ining p by -- closed captioning provided by --
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♪ alexander mcqueen. >> moving slowly like i do in this dress. >> we're just trying to figure out how to do all this.
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good lord. >> make sure you don't step on the train. >> it is dangerous out there on the red carpet. you don't want to get stepped on or trip or even worse suffer a wardrobe malfunction, so i wanted to know how the s.a.g. stars managed to make looking gorgeous look so easy. >> got any secrets going on with this dress? >> spanx, baby, spanx. >> i have a really good secret about this dress. >> i was sewn into my dress. >> the zipper got messed up. out with the zipper. sew up the dress. >> what's the secret about this dress? something that people at home wouldn't know. >> these things was so long. we had to cut it. i went twice around the waist and it was still going. i don't know what happened. >> just pull out the scissors. >> last minute, scissors, scisso scissors. >> how did kerry washington look red carpet ready? her tailer showed off what she calls dress cut, revealing the
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sewn in bra and boning. they made changes to her so-called naked dress. she ripped the sleeves off the runway version and made it her own. sofia vergara left the belt. and fashion secret, well, she bought her gown off the rack for $309. >> my daughter always says, are you getting dressed up so that nobody recognizes you? from newly engaged kirsten dunst to pregnant natalie portman, many stars were bright in white. vie owe that davis wore bubble wrap around her gown so it wouldn't get wrinkled in the car. >> i like the color. i'm always trying to emphasize my skin tone. >> gorgeous. >> was this created just for you? >> actually it was really lucky. it just came off the runway last week. >> oh my gosh. >> and crazily fit. shocking. obviously it was very loose on the model.
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>> and who knew birds were in. meryl streep had them on her valuen chew know. humming birds shown into sandy newton had birds and horses. while nicole kidman had parts and fringe. >> favorite accessory? >> my husband bought me a piece of jewelry. >> he's not my accessory. >> i was going to say, get in trouble for that one. >> he's my rock. he's my rock. he's my protector and my rock. >> they are so adorable together. well, you couldn't see it but there was one accessory that every actor had in common, a screen actors guild card. now, you have to work to be eligible to get one. so it's always surprising to hear what the stars did to earn their card. ♪ >> you start the commercials, right? >> yeah. >> could i read a couple? >> i don't know if you read that correctly. >> you know what, i'm trying to keep you humble. you know what i mean?
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>> often relieves pain and itch for hours. >> when an actor first starts out, you take everything and anything that comes your way.. >> of course you do. >> my role that got me my s.a.g. card. hm, hang time, saturday morning television. theodore teddy. >> i like it. >> 21 years ago. yeah, that's when it all began for me. >> some stars worked their way up, they started at the top. deb starred in an oscar winning movie to get his start. >> service "sum dog". >> what was the role that got you your s.a.g. card, do you remember? >> julie andrews was my mother and margaret was in it and i did an american accent. >> you did? >> yes. >> how did it sound? >> pretty bad. >> you did the best you could with what you had to do with it. >> what was the role that got you your s.a.g. card? >> mine was a film called "lover boy" starring fed rick, directed
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by kevin bacon, her husband. and my role as a musician, one of her paramores with her husband directing us. >> the one who may have a s.a.g. mem rirks there is an initiation fee, about 3,000 dollars plus annual dues. >> my first one was third watch. and i got a phone call. they're like, do not report to set. pay your dues. i was like, all right. all right. whatever you need. >> and boy are we glad you paid those dues. the stars at the s.a.g. awards weren't the only ones feeling nostalgic this weekend. i was in crimped hair and shoulder pads at the san jose, california where the new kids on the block stole the show. ♪ you got the right stuff ♪ baby >> so what did you all love about the '80s? tlnchts there's an innocence that the '80s have. even though we were young, things probably seem more innocent ♪ oh, oh, >> yeah nose new kids glue up since we first met them back in
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'89 performing before a bunch of screaming teens and now the one marriage holdout, jonathan knight is finally tying the knot with long-time boyfriend harley rodriguez. >> congratulations. >> yeah! >> pick a date! >> have you not picked a date? lock that man up. >> he's locked up. >> new kids on the block! >> candice ba ray who introduced the guys has been a fan forever. ♪ step by step >> my crush was joey macintyre. who was yours? >> i was a joey girl. now they've all been on fuller house, i kind of have a crush on all of them. >> and who can forget, "together forever" by rick asley, what's thh biggest difference doing it now versus back then? >> i'm old. i'm old, baby. i need more rest. ♪ >> eddy money has been holding on for four decades.
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>> the best music in the woorld was in the '80s. you'll hear it 30 years from now. >> he was backed up on stage by three of his kids and speaking of kids, blake lively's older sister robin couldn't say enough about her two nieces. >> what is it like seeing your little sister as a mommy now? >> oh, it's -- this is where she belongs. >> we were also happy to see james coming. she stole the show. >> she is the best ever. i'm telling you, look out. >> ah, sister love. >> brother-in-law ryan renlts, she really loves them and their family together, number one, they're normal. number two, they really protect their kids and just love and support each other so much. >> good people. >> yes, indeed. >> we'll be right back. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: dramatic protests and emotional reunions continue at many of the nations' airports all because
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of president trumps immigration ban ... and tonight .. he has fired the nations chief law enforcement officer .. and surprising news out of las vegas about the raiders plans to leave oakland.. tonight a key backer of the vegas deal... pulls steve aveson.. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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energy out of the building. >> it's all at >> trauma consideration provided by -- tomorrow we are celebrating kerry washington's 40th birthday. >> you know what, 40 never looked so good. >> no, it didn't. guess what else, ladies, kerry will share with us her best beauty tips. you do not want
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now at eight we had to make the move, and we decided to make the move." political drama in washington as the new president fire the justice department official who defied him over the travel banwhoosh we are live at s=f=o where the new president's action has sparked new passionate protests whooshalso tonight ... a new announcement from a major player in las vegas raises questions about the raiders' plans to find a new home.whoosh five years after she disappeared on her way to school, the man accused of killing sierra lamar is finally facing justice. you're watching kron four news in prime time. you're fired. president donald trump taking action against a defiant official. acting attorney general sally yates is out. that's after saying she would not defend the president's immigration order. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. grant lodes is tracking this development...grant


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