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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 9, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PST

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another round of wild weather is about to slam the bay area... thanks for joining us on kron4 news at 11... i'm steve aveson.. and i'm pam moore... taking a look at stormtracker four with a look at how it is right now... showing some light rain... but get ready for heavy rain, high winds and more flooding... cheif meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with details on how bad the storm will get... thursday is another strong alert issued.
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in the north bay tonight.... the rising russian river in guerneville...has aleady caused serious flooding... and now with another storm on the way people are bracing for more problems.kron 4's alecia reid has the story guerneville...
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happening now: more than 24 hours after a mudslide hit a vehicle in the santa cruz mountains.. two out of four lanes on highway17 remain closed tonight... causing a traffic nightmare for drivers... kron4's j-r stone has details on when crews may re-open the roadway.
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several schools in the north bay... both public and private... will be closed tomorrow because of the weather... emergency officials say, severe rain and winds are expected during the morning commute .... and will cause traffic gridlock, flash flood warnings and landslides. some of the schools affected are in the larkspur school district, the mill valley school district... and the sausalito- marin city school district. to see if your school has been affected by the closures ... log on to kron- four-dot-com to see a complete list. new tonight at 11: a scenic roadway is blocked tonight in the berkeley hills...because of a mudslide. this is panoramic
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way...just a half mile southeast of memorial stadium on cal's campus. homes are accessible... and there's no estimate on when panoramic way wil re-open.
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still ahead... another round of strong rain and heavy winds are about to hit the bay area.... cheif meteorologist brittney shipp is back in just three minutes with what to expect for your morning commute.
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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and we just got this breaking news into the newsroom.... interstae
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-80 westbound just west of the nevada state line is currently closed due to a mudslide in the area. as of right now we don't know when the road will be re-opened... officers are advising people to drive safe... and avoid the area..
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