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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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president donald trump laying out his vision to a joint session of congress. i'm steve aveson. and i"m pam moore. the president focused on broad themes -- but also provided details on his policy agenda. reporter karen caifa is live on capitol karen caifa is reporter karen caifa is live on capitol
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hill. karen? kron4's political
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analysts michael yaki and tom del becarro were in studio during the president's address to congress. we got their take on what they thought the president did right -- and what concerns the speech raised.
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tonight kron 4 has team coverage. our reporters are gathering reaction to the president's address to congress. kron4's charles clifford watched it with civil rights leader jesse jackson. first -- kron4's alecia reid is live in san francisco with reaction from the muslim community. there's a lot of fear spread throughout immigrant bay area communities from this new administration. during tonight's speech, lawyers were getting trained to help.pkga number of bar associations
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joined forces with the council on american islamic relations to help the immigrant population fearful of 'immigration and customs enforcement' tactics.sot - this president has not shown any understanding of what fallout people are experiencing because of his campaignwhile the room full of lawyers inside the u-c hastings law building were being trained, president donald trump talked about immigration , economic opportunity , and national security. the amended plan for the travel ban - which affected 7 predominantly muslim countries --- is expected to be rolled out this week. sot - what we believe is that he and his team will attempt to rewrite, but in the end tho, their attempt is to target muslimslawyers here tonight are prepping, should they need to jump in and help their community. sot - unfortunately what we've seen from this president is unsubstantiated, unorganized rhetoric. he says he wants to appeal obamacare but there's no replacement, he wants to protect some immigrants but not others and does so haphazardlythis was all
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planned independently of the president's speech to congress. but organizers say it turned out to be the perfect timing. also tonight, the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved legislation that the city will not cooperate with any attempts to have a registry for muslims or any others. and if the city does, they can be sued. sot - we are hopeful that san francisco will continue to lead the way in protecting immigrant communities.standupcair will be hosting immigration clinics in the city this weekend, and in fremont the following weekend. reporting live from san francisco
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communities all over the bay area reacting to president trump's latest speech. kron 4's charles clifford talked with with civil rights leader and former presidential candidate - jesse jackson. summary: jesse jackson watches president trump's address to congress at hamilton families in san francisco.
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our coverage continues on kron-4-dot-com. we have state and local lawmakers reaction to the president's speech. we also have highlights from the address to congress. here in the breaking news center... we're tracking a heart stopping moment for warriors fans all over the bay area. sueprstar kevin durant...injures his knee tonight...and is forced to leave the game. we've put an arrow where durant is.
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and a teammate gets thrown down...zaza pechulia hit durant's lower left leg. and k-d hyper-extended the knee. he didn't go down...was able to hop away...and then limped to the locker room. this was less than a minute into the game. durant did not return...had an m-r-i... the results of that will be announced tomorrow. in the meantime...dub nation holds its collective breath. head coach steve kerr said we're keeping our fingers crossed. tonight at 10:50...gary radnich will have the came down to the well as how long he thinks the warriors will be without kevin durant.
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coming up:bed- ridden in the hospital, facing multiple surgeries... hear from the 72-year-old survivor of a hit and run.the message he has for the driver still on the loose. then:new video of that deadly crash involving a plane..headed to the bay area. what we're learning about the investigators try to pinpoint what went wrong. and next:new at ten -- stunning surveillance video showing a string of robberies. the criminals armed with a high power rifle... a live report- straight ahead.
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look at all that dinner for 4 bucks. and before you say but denny's, those 2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs and 2 fluffy pancakes are clearly breakfast. we say: at 4 dollars does it really matter? denny's $4 all day, everyday value slam. part of the 2468 value menu. new at ten:four and a half months later... and now police need your help in catching a group of men who targeted and robbed several small liquor stores in san jose.the men were caught on surveillance video armed with what appears to be a rifle. kron 4's j.r. stone is following in the story and joins us live tonight with new details. j.r. why did police wait so long to release this video? they aren't saying but it appears they've hit a dead end when it comes to trying to
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catch these bad guys. suspect one, suspect two, and suspect three. all wanted in connection with several san jose armed robbery's that happened back in october of last year. tuesday san jose police released this surveillance video showing the robbers in action. armed with what appears to be a rifle. a gun that even has a scope mounted on the top of it. just before 9 pm they force the clerk to the back of the store, survey the front counter, but it's unclear if anything is taken before they hit the road. within the hour suspect one is back with another man at another liquor store a mile and a half away. this time they point their long gun at the clerk and demand that he open the register. as suspect one scours through the cash, the other suspect demands one more thing.a bottle hennessey.
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something that even brought a smile to that clerks coworker when we spoke with him off camera on tuesday night. they took the cash and the henney and hit the road. four and a half months later and police need your help in catching these three men. all hispanic between the ages of 18 and 29 and between the heights of 5'5 and 5'9. men who police say assaulted two people in their robbery rampage. the victims suffered non life threatening injuries. i did talk with a clerk at one of those stores who said that he actually went to go get something to eat when the robbers struck. it appears they were waiting until the store emptied outalthough i am told a customer was robbed as well. reporting live in san jose, j.r. stone kron 4 news. we're tracking breaking news in san francisco. tonight a bad accident with serious injuries has shut down at least three lanes of southbound 280. this is south of geneva avenue...and
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the balboa park bart station. one person has been tossed from a vehicle. someone is trapped under a car. people are being urded to steer clear of southbound 280 in that area. tonight -- the victim of a hit-and-run crash is speaking out about the crime that has left him in the hospital... and barely able to move. 72-year-old jack wong... who has lived in san francisco his entire life ... was hit while crossing the street at balboa and 5th in the richmond district on february 17th. he was in the crosswalk... according to witnesses... a white sedan ran the light and hit him.. wong was tossed about 15- feet and landed underneath a parked car.
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he does not remember the crash -- but he and his wife have a message for the person who was behind the wheel. "be careful when you are behind the wheel... turn yourself in". wong suffered multiple fractures and lacerations. he is unable to sit up -- and is facing a number of surgeries. the family hopes someone will come forward with information that leads to an arrest. we learning more about a tragic story in the east bay:a woman who was rushing to the scene of a relative who was involved in a car crash....
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was hit and killed by another car. it happened last night in pittsburg.78-year-old teresita cerbas was crossing willow pass road in pittsburg police say the driver who hit the woman has been cooperating in the investigation. happenign now --- police are looking for the gunman.... behind a possible road rage shoowing on westbound 580 near pleasanton. it happened between hacienda drive and hop-yard road around 7:00 p-m yesterday. a driver reported that a passenger in another car shot at his vehicle several times. no one was hurt... the suspect vehicle is described as a silver toyota corolla. it's not clear exactly what led up to the shooting. it has been one week since flooding forced thousands of people from their homes in san jose. today -- kron4's rob fladeboe returned to one of the hardest hit areas. áááááásot reuben lachuga/flood victim '....i looked out
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the window and i saw the water was coming up....'that was flood victim reuben lachuga last tuesday after he was rescued by boat here in the rock springs neighborhood.nats today, lachuga was ripping out the sheet rock in his nordale avenue home where the waterwas four feet deep.sot reuben lachuga/flood victim '.....they should have given us a warning right away but they didn't and that's the lesson learned....'this was nordale avenue a week ago.....and this is nordale today. the water and most of the mudis gone. damage has been pegged at 73 million dollars. the city council expected to ratify a state of emergency declaration that will clear the way for federal funding and will holda public hearing to address what exactly happened and why.sot sam liccardo/san jose mayor '....we need to identify the areas where there were break downs and identifying the things that we can quickly fix....'rock springs had another brief scare today when a gas leak prompted some
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residents toflee their homes again. p.g. and e fixed the problem, which illustrates the need for cautionas the recovery and re-entry phase of the flood continues amid worries about whetherresidents can afford to come backsot tam nguyen/san jose city councilman '.....a lot of people are thinking of moving away, they are sick of it and have almost given up hope...'the red cross, catholic charities and sacred heart community services will soon be distributing almost a million dollars in private donations. hundreds of volunteers are still on the job helping people clean up the mess. reuben lachuga, for one, is staying right here.sot reuben lachuga/flood victim '......i am a survivor so that's all i can do...survive and fix up the place and get my family back here...'
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live look at san francisco. toss to weather. .a gradual warming trend along with dry weather conditions can be expected through the remainder of the workweek. then, a weak system dropping southward from the pacific northwest will result in the potential for light precipitation across portions of the region saturday into sunday.
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coming up:important information for parents... we seperate fact from fiction when it comes to concussions. and next:a stunning sex assault in public during the day... and the predator is on the loose.tonight -- why police believe this is not the first time this suspect may have struck first time this suspect may have struck first time this suspect may have struck it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise
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we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. a santa clara university
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student was sexually assaulted by a man ... while walking home from a friends house sunday morning. police say because the suspect committed the assault in daylight... and in's likely he has done something like this before. the assault happened sunday morning just after 8 o'clock. the female student says she was walking on the sidewalk near poplar and lafayette streets when the man approached her from behind. because police believe the suspect could be a
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repeat offender...they say they are working to quickly identify him. ..."athletic type lieutenant dan moreno says an assault like this is unusually for this area. detectives are checking with surrounding agencies to see if there are reports of similar cases involving suspects with a similar description. funeral services have been announced for an alameda county sheriff's deputy ... hit and killed while on the job at santa rita jail. the service for michael foley will take place this friday. it is set for the concord pavilion ... and will begin at 11- in the morning. a procession is planned for afterward. foley was hit by an inmate bus last week. investigators say, the driver, also a deputy, did not see foley as he was walking across the parking lot. foley spent his career in law enforcement... working
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29- years for the concord police department, and then the alameda county sheriff's office. coming up: a homeowner demanding answers.. more than a year after being forced out of his home to a mudslide -- why he says he still can't get back in to it. then video you do not want to miss....a man attacks a california police station with a bad... we'll show you how quickly officers were able to take him down. (vo) what if this didn't
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have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. tonight ... we are
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getting new information on the crash of a small plane monday in southern california... with passengers from san jose on board. three people are dead... including a teenage girl... and two other people are seriously injured. and tonight we're seeing actual video of the crash. grant lodes has been tracking this story since it broke yesterday...he's here now with what we know tonight. that plane - with five people on board...was headed for san jose. it crashed into two homes in riverside moments after take-off. no one in the homes or on the ground was injured or killed.
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but one of the two injured adult now in the burn unit with 3rd degree burns to 90 percent of her body. tonight investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong...and a south bay community is struggling to process this. home surveillance video captures the exact moments the plane crashes into the residential neighborhood...about 50 miles east of los angeles. a large huge smoke... plume rising into the sky. the five people on the plane had been in disneyland for a cheerleading ey were headed back to san jose. today we caught up with the superintendent in charge of san jose's union middle school. she says 50 of her students had gone to the competittion. and as they await confirmation of those who died, grief counselors have been called out to help...the belief is students at the school are connected to the victims. superintendent: it's a wide
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range of emotions, until we know who died, it's uncertainty. very tough for our students and staff." the coroner in riverside is working to determine the identities of those killed. one witness tells the l-a times...the plane was having problems before takeoff....but went ahead with the flight. today the n-t-s-b didn't offer specifics of what went wrong right before the twin engine cessna 310 crashed. debris from that scene...scattered 100 to 150 feet. a preliminary report from the ntsb could be released next week. there is more fallout from the deadly san bruno pipeline blast and the consequences for p-g-and-e. as part of its sentencing last month.. the utility has to get a court- appointed
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monitor... to make sure it obeys pipeline safety rules for the months ahead.. the u-s attorney's office announced a lawyer from chicago will assume the role. p-g-and-e was convicted on six- criminal counts tied to the 2010- explosion that killed eight people and injured dozens more. on top of getting a monitor... the federal judge fined p-g-and-e the maximum - three- millions dollars....three- millions the maximum - fined p-g-and-e federal judge monitor... the federal judge fined p-g-and-e the maximum - three- millions dollars.... and ordered the utility to run a series of advertisements explaining its conviction ... and the mandated steps for improvement. in east bay it's been a year since a landslide forced a family out of their home in moraga. it happened on property owned by a bay area utility company. the matter is now the subject of litigation... and not likely to be resolved soon. as kron 4's haaziq madyun reports -- that is a major problem for one of the homeowners...
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this is what the hillside looks like behind tim alfords home on augusta drive in moraga. the hill gave way about year ago. his home was red tagged shortly thereafter and remains so to this day. that is because the hill... still looks like this."it's been just about a year and thing look just about like they did a year ago"the hill behind alford's home is owned by ebmud. on tuesday alford was one of several moraga residents who went to ebmud's board of directors meeting to demand some action in repairing the hill. "i think it is your realm to ask your staff and your counsel and your risk management department why it's taking so long, it is pretty expensive, we're renting a house nearby and we're still paying a mortgage""your staff wants to tell us that ebmud is not
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responsible for a landslide on its property, if the property belonged to me, you or anybody else, they would be responsible for maintaining that property and fixing that landslide as a downhill land owner"the lafayette-moraga regional trail is also closed as a result of the slide"never did i ever think that day, that i would be standing here in front of you one year later, asking you to come and help resolve the issue""now this has moved to the litigation process"a civil lawsuit has been filed and has more or less tied the hands of the utility company doing anything to improve the conditions out there say ebmud general manager alex coate"and so once that is resolved then we will be in a position of understanding who is going to pay what to repair this slide" complicating the issue even more is that east bay regional parks, central contra costa sanitary district and the town of moraga may also have some liability."i have 3 children, pretty much every night when i put them to bed they ask me, daddy when can we go back to
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our house? i say, i don't know" in moraga haaziq madyun kron4news all lanes on interstate-680 through dublin are now open following repairs on a massive pothole. caltrans blocked off the number three lane and the north mission on-ramp to northbound-680 for several hours. this is what the pothole looked like before and during repairs. drivers found themselves stuck in a huge traffic jam during tonight's commute... we received several emails from driver stuck in the backup. concrete that filled the hole took a bit longer to dry than crews expected. all lanes of 680 have reopened within the last two hours. .. a san rafael woman is dead after being killed in a three-vehicle crash in san bernardino county.the incident happened yesterday afternoon. . . as 55-year-old kristina carey traveled on highway-58.a small charter bus traveling eastbound. . . veered off into the westbound lanes. . .hitting carey as well as
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another vehicle.carey was pronounced dead at the scene. 26 others were involved in the collision. . .nine of which suffered life-threatening injuries. in southern california. . . a police officer tackles a man with a bat outside a police station.take a look at the surveillance video. . .the man just keeps swinging at the window.he then moves over to the entrance.officers moved in on him. . . one tackled him from behind. . . while the others lunged forward to take him down.27-year-old christopher rivas. . .was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.he is currently undergoing treatment. coming up:we seperate fact from fiction when it comes to child concussions. what all parents need to know is ahead. next: the cryptic tweet from space- x c-e-o elon musk... and what is means for the future of space travel.
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i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i am tracking .i will take a closer look at the 7 day forecast. sleep is super important. the kind of deep sleep i can only get on my tempur-pedic. it adapts to me. my shape, my size, my body.
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tempur-pedic. this sleep is power. many sports require a lot
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of physical contact. injuries are always a threat. soccer is one of those sports. tonight... reporter jeff jones exposes some of the facts and myths about concussions and athletes.... it's important information for every parent with a child in a competitive sport. nat: okay. here we cindy cone, back in her olympic and world cup days, she was cindy parlow. a soccer stud, who always played the game for the right reason. sot: every level i've been at i've only done it because it is fun. so as a youth, in college, professionally, with the national team, the
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olympics, the world cup - i mean, that stuff's fun!vo: three national championships, two gold metals and one world cup. yeah its safe to say cindy has seen some pretty fun times. but the former tar heel has also experienced some low points in her career.sot: injuries are the worst part about sports. and for me my worst injuries were with concussions. i ultimately decided to retire due to complications with post- concussion syndrome. vo: by definition a concussion is violent shaking of the brain. and as painful as that sounds cindy knows how it feels. and its a feeling she's had more times than you can imagine. sot: i mean, if i ball-parked it, i'd probably say around 100.vo: you heard right. around one hundred concussions in her career. and cindy is not alone. along with football and hockey, women's soccer has one of the highest rates of concussions in all of sports. and the most dangerous play on the soccer field? headers. but not for the reason you might think. sot: heading a ball itself has not been demonstrated to be dangerous, but usually when you go up to head a ball, there's an opponent who goes up to head the same ball. so, we'll see one head hit another. we'll see an elbow hit a head. vo:
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doctor mihalik and cindy agree. physically its impossible to eliminate concussions. but science has found some effective and not-so-effective ways to monitor them more closely.sot: the devices that you see here are head impact monitoring systems. so, they allow us to capture data, collect the data. some are viewable in real time and others are seen only after the fact. there are other devices called head impact indicators. and there's a growing commercial marketplace for these as you can imagine, preying on the concerns for parents whose kids are enrolled in some of these sports. vo: so head impact monitors are good but devices like these that light up and allegedly signal a concussion - well, doctor mihalik says these aren't all they're cracked up to be. sot: what we have found in those types of devices is if you have a thousand triggers, we were seeing that fewer than four will actually be an actual concussion. vo: so if head impact indicators aren't the best defense to concussions, what are? maybe just some well-thought-out questions.sot: you're going to ask a lot of questions before you drop your kid off at daycare, but how many parents ask those same questions when they drop their
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kid off at a pop warner field and go off and run errands for the afternoon? who's coaching? what's the training and the qualifications of that coach? what's going to happen if there's an injury? is there someone there to even recognize and manage an injury? who's taking care of the equipment? who's fitting the equipment? these are all things that i think parents should ask. and if they're not satisfied with the answer, that's not the organization they should be doing business with.vo: so those are the questions to ask coaches, but what about the question parents are asking themselves right now? are sports really worth it? even after a hundred or more concussions, cindy says the answer is yes. sot: it has transformed my life. my best friends and my community come from the sport. i've traveled the world because of the sport. and it taught me so many life lessons. i would not be the person i am today without the sport of soccer. reporting in raleigh, jeff jones, kron4 news."
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.a gradual warming trend along with dry weather conditions can be expected through the remainder of the workweek. then, a weak system dropping southward from the pacific northwest will result in the potential for light precipitation across portions of the region saturday into sunday.
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toss sports .. the warriors in d-c to play the wizards... kevin durant back in his hometown... but his day was cut short in the opening minutes. zaza pachulia lands on kevin durant foot... forcing him to leave the with hyperextended knee... he didn't return for the rest of the game. the wizards took advantage... bradley beal was unstoppable in the first quarter he nails the three. in the third... steph curry after missing eleven triples last night against the 76ers tonight he helped golden
10:51 pm
state tie the game at 85... the warriors trailed by as much as 19 points in the fourth... steph with a chance to win the game... can't knock it down. final: 112-108 wizards ádurant got an mri tonight... it's still unclear if durant will stay with the team or return back to the bay area. warriors are reportedly going to sign matt barnes. he was released by the kings last week. this moves comes because of kevin durant's knee injury he played with golden state from 2006 to 2008
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kirk cousins is off limits for the 49ers. the redskins have placed cousins with an exclusive franchise tag. by the team putting an exclusive tag on their quarterback... no other team will be able to sign him. washington holds cousins negotiations rights. the 49ers still have a chance to get the player for the upcoming season via a trade. cousin becomes the first quarterback in league history to be franchise tagged by the same team in back to back years. he's going one of the highest paid quaterback's in the nfl... he's expected to earn nearly 24-million dollars the a's beat the indians 5-4... meanwhile the giants were taking on the padres from the desert. madison bumgarner pitched two innings... only had one strike out and allowed two runs.
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top of the third chris marreo hits a single down the middle... joen panik and brandon crawford score... giants take the lead 3-2 bottom of the fourth jabari bash had a great day... he blasts a 3-run homer... to tie the game at five. in the sixth... blash hits a single down right field... padres take the lead. final: 9-5 san diego thanks gary.. here's what's next... coming upi'm telling you i don't want no body to see me on that film put me on that if you want to if i find out it's going to be a problem school, the place where we send our children to learn to be good citizens, but what are we teaching them? we'll take
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a look in the next edition of people behaving badly
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what you are about to see happens all too often around the bay.the school district and teachers have tried everything to change parents behavior outside the school and when all else failed guess who they called next people behaving badly school is where we send our children so they can learn to be good citizens, but the fact is, learning starts long before they enter the front doors case in point i'm at rodeo hills elementary school in the town of rodeo, when school lets out . well let's hear from connie a resident who lives across from the school ok wait just give me a second
10:58 pm
ok while connie composes herself let's look at just how chaotic it can be, drivers double parking on both side of the street sometimes at the exact same time some actually leaving their cars unattended watch this lady dog in arm as she leaves her car unattended same for this lady who double parks and leaves the car there lots of u-turns often right in front of the school despite the no u-turn sign nats: ambiance oh back to connie i'm very passionate about this whole situation because it really turns out life upside down we have to live our lives based around this school schedule to the point that some residents have to block off parking spaces because if not because if i don't have those they will just park and block the driveway but it's not just parking issues listen to
10:59 pm
this they clean out the cars in front of our house and just throw the garbage out of their cars so there's garbage all the time dirty diapers whatever it's just unreal what they do the school buses cant even get to the school because of the double parking and illegal u-turns despite the no u-turn signs now there is a parking lot for the parents to use some so use the parking lot however when they do but most if not all ignore the no left turn sign when leaving the parking lot nats: ambiance what happens here is the purest definition of chaos connie tole me that sometimes the parents curse her out ok thank you, i don't want to be on tjat film yea too late for that maam that i'm telling you i don't want nobody to see me on that film put me on that if you want to if i find out it's going to be a problem looks like i'm going to have a problem yup, we are teaching our children well. notin rodeo stanley roberts kron 4 news several lanes of interstate- 280 in san francisco...shut down right now.thanks for joining us at eleven...i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore.
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san francisco fire and emergency crews are on the scene of a bad crash involving at least four vehicles.. and five victims.let's get over to grant lodes with new details... and new video...grant? five people have been hurt after a big crash on southbound 280 in the city. this is just south of geneva avenue....where three lanes have been blocked for over an hour now as firefighters officers and paramedics worked to help people. we just got video from the scene...minutes ago. four cars crashed just before 10:00 tonight. two people are in critical condition....three have minor injuries. one person was tossed from a car...and trapped under a car. the cause of the crash is being investigated. traffic is backed up and being re-routed. steer clear of the area. we'll keep


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