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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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our big story tonight... it's a cold and wet weekend... hanks for . our big story tonight, it's a cold and wet weekend. ñat 11:00. another round of storms slamming the bay area. how long kothis storm is stick around. ñso much for temperatures in the 70s. it's back to winter. you can see the storm moving in and bringing heavy rainfall. the national weather service just updated a new advisory for parts of the south bay. you have heavy rainfall across this area that continues in scotts valley, morgan hill and livermore, because of all the rain coming down and coming down 11ly. look at the yellow -- heavily. we've seen an inch o7fan hour. that's impressive rain. that continues to make its way
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in parts ÷of campbell, lighter toward los gatos. millipedees there's rainfall and stretching north. more cells through fremont. union city heavy amounts of rainfall. that continues to make your way toward livermore and pleasanton. couple bands of showers toward oakland. you can see hayward is getting rainfall. finally catching the backside of the cold front. more scattered showers but more rain on ñthe way. maybe snow too. we'll have more in a few minutes. we have team coverage of the rain tonight as it is back in full force. a look at how conditions are there right now. >> just when we thought it was over the rain has come upon us
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at berkeley. it's been consistent after 8:00 on saturday night. it's been pouring down and drivers need to be aware of the potholes, make sure you have your cars in working condition. the windshield wipers are working. the people say they will be braving the elements because they feel this wet weather is so much better for the region that's now coming out of a six year drought. >> california needs it right now, anything that dictates how i feel about it, something good for california. >> i can appreciate the rain because of the drought, other than that, i can't wear my crop top. >> the national weather service reports that the bay area including parts like san francisco are getting half an inch of rain per hour on saturday evening. this will be continuing on until tuesday, expect the next
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few days to be wet out there. stay safe. our other big story a major explosion on the bart tracks causes a electrical fire. the fire shut down service between rock ridge and felons end -- pleasant hill station. passengers were evacuated safely. we're at the walnut creek bart station with details. >> dramatic video of explosions of the bart station at walnut creek. about 30 uñfeet ymfrom that fir passengers were stranded on a train. >> the strain stopped and the light flickered and the air went off. >> passengers didn't know what was happening. >> we came to a stop and we sat
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there and we heard fire trucks. >> the explosion started at 5:40 p.m. >> there were some of the explosions going on from the substation. >> the substation at the north end of the platform in walnut creek below the tracks. >> it's the room that powers the tracks for bart. that's where the fire was. >> the fire affected trains east of the bart station. p.m 250 and 300 passengers were evacuated. >> people were freaking out. >> they were concerned going toñ the places they needed to go. >> people felt inconvenienceth most felt safe. >> bart kept the communication
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with us. >> the operator kept us informed and updates. he did a good job. kept everybody calm. we never saw flames or smoke. we never felt in danger. >> there were some people to train who were upset because they were headed to the airport and missed their flight. there were nationwide pro trump rallies. you're looking at video from ohio, texas, new york and washington, d.c. organizers say the march for trump rally were p3 arrests were made at locations across the country. most of the violence was centered in berkeley. >> in berkeley a violent showdown, hundreds -.lof pro an
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antitrump protesters faced off. dozens of first fights broke out. 10 people were arrested, most for battery and assault, including one person said to have a knife. one trump supporter used paper -- pepper spray. >> that new draft of the travel ban could be signed monday according to administration officials. the signing will be at the department of homeland security. but the plans can change. two other say it will replace the one that stalled in federal courts. it banned entry to all
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refugees. the new ban won't affect green card holders and those with visas. coming up, more heavy rain coming through tonight. more showers on the way. lawrence is back with the complete forecast.
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. heavy rain continues tonight. the storm system took a long time to get here. flood advisory has been issued by the national weather servicez because çof the heavy rainfall not because we're expecting the rivers to overflow their banks. out there right now toward san jose we're seeing moderate amounts of r>rainfall. a lot sliding east. you can see the rain moving through, making its way to the :
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east bay hills. millipedeis rain in your direction. in fremont heavier rain making its way east. livermore the rain is heavy there in the next few minutes. scattered showers around the bay area, once you get behind this, there's another band after moisture, tomorrow we could see snow across the peak. >> may want to slow down on the roadway. >> very dangerous on the roads. umbrellas again. >> ádon't put them away. >> thank you for the heads up. thank you for joining us. we'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning and tomorrow night at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00.
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>> music >> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron4 >> the backstory >> the newscast >> day 16 >> bonnie: so we've had some breaking news today. >> bonnie: sounds like somebody holding some people hostage at a gas station in antioch. >> catherine: well, we know one hostage has been released. one person apparently still being held. >> bonnie: probably, going to do a cut in very soon with catherine. >> catherine: what did you say about surrendering? keep your eye on the front door of the arco station. >> mario: a suspect may be surrendering. >> catherine: so, apparently this continues with one person


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