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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 17, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, selena gomez tells all. why she seees a therapist five dayes a week. and what she learned from bieber helping her with the weeknd. >> kendall saying her house was robbed. does this snapchat give clues she wasn't home? accusations fly that nick and vanessa's romance is already over. why didn't he give her another bachelorette's ring? >> and is blake shelton pop question on live tv? >> that would be my dream come true. >> the outtake. what coaches say when they think the cameras aren't rolling. >> i would pick you over her. look at her. >> i'm going to lose also.
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>> now for march 16, 2017, this is entertainment tonight. >> it's been five months since selena gomez checked herself into a psychiatric facility but now she is opening up about why she needed help. >> selena said she can't wait for people to forget about her. but that's not going to happen while she is dating the weeknd and posing for the cover of vogue. >> i ahad everything and was broken inside. >> worth about $450 million, best friend's with taylor swift, justin bieber's ex, and dating the weeknd. she's been in rehab twice. not for addiction to drugs or alcohol but for burnout. >> why don't you meet the squad? >> in a new cover for vogue, selena says having panic attacks and depression before and after her concert is what led her to admit herself to a psych facility for 90 days last
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summer. her speech at amas was her big return. >> if you are broken you do not have to stay broken. selena's life today, saying a therapist five times a week, living in an airbnb in l.a. and she will not utter bieber's name. but after making time for her fans, someone i used to hang out with would get very frustrated with me but i have a hard time saying no to children. the biebs is also why selena refuses to talk about her relationship with the weeknd. she explains that opening up has come back it bite her and she will never do it again. don't expect her to pose a selfie either. >> social media as much as it is a blessing and fun, it can tear people down. >> while he selena gets paid $550,000 per ad post to her 113 million followers she sometimes fantasizes about disappearing
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from social needa amedia all to. why? she said it could become consuming. i was an addict. i feel like bleep when i look at instagram. which is why i'm ghosting it a bit. >> now selena says 17 people have her phone number now and only two are famous. i'm thinking the weeknd and taylor swift which excludes justin bieber. let's keep moving. kim kardashian isn't the only one in the family robbed. kendall had $200,000 worth of jewelry stolen and there are a lot of questions. like did kendall make the same mistake kim made letting everyone know she was out of the house. >> kendall called 911 at 1:15 this morning to report missing some personal belongs and there was possibly a burglary suspect in the home. officers rushed to her house in hollywood hills and found no robbers. detectives were thereafter an l.a. spokesperson told lad there
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was no sign of entry and no description right now detectives are investigating if there is video footage security cameras. did kendall provide clues she wasn't home? here is the time line. we're told she left around 11:00 a.m. yesterday. she joined mom kris and sister courtney for lunch 27 miles away. snapchaty kendall and sister kylie both posted around this time showing they were out enjoying the day. something her sister, kim, said could have led to her robbery in paris. >> i was snapchatting i was home. so i think they knew i was there by myself. they had this window of opportunity and just went for it. >> but hang on. because police tell "e.t." she add few pals over last night. kendall reportedly left friends alone inside for an hour while she went out around midnight and only called cops when she returned. this isn't the super model's first scare at this new home. >> kendall, how do you feel about your stalker?
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>> in october, transient she von mckenzie got past the gate of her drive way. the 21-year-old $6.5 million house is around 1500 feet from busy sunset boulevard. something former d.a. rhonda saunders says is a concern. >> kendall is the only one of the kardashian clan who doesn't live in a gated community and that makes her a lot month are vulnerable. >> that means a change of interest may come soon. four more days to the premier on "dancing with the stars." bachelor nick working hard at rehearsals with peta where they just got a visit from two of their biggest fans. you got to love that look on nick's face. the bachelor held the adorable baby boy with dance partner, peta. and look who stopped by rehearsal. fiance, vanessa. >> dancing hurts. like physically painful. doing the bachelor is emotionally painful.
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>> nick and vanessa had post if i finale date on tuesday. nick wore a plaid shirt, vanessa white t, leather bag, a $2900 purse from the french fashion house. and yes, vanessa wearing the neil lane platinum engagement ring nick picked out to pop the question. >> what cut is this? >> princess cut. >> turns out bachelor fans have seen that ring before though, we are calling it diamond deja vu. it is the same wing robby picked out for jojo in august on the bachelorette. >> wow. >> a princess cut diamond. >> jojo ended up picking jordan though. and neil lane, has been a jeweler for french ice for nine years. he said quote, some are the same, some changed settings or redesigned and some are new. adding this particular ring while quote has found its home. >> i guess the question people are asking is how longer they home? >> give me someone else's ring.
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>> it was free, though. >> nick and vanessa make it to the alter? let's talk about make shelton and gwen stefani. we are all over him that blake will pop the question. >> i bet he doesn't use someone else's ring. >> sounds like when he does gwen will say yes and on national television no less. >> what about like a proposal on the show, what do you think? >> would that make you feel better gwen? >> that would be my dream come true. >> is gwen ready to tie the knot? >> it's incredible to have a best friend like that guy. he is an amazing person. >> dating since 2015 the two are clearly if love and this outtake from the show might add heat to the rumors blake and gwen are ready to walk down the aisle. >> can i speak to anyone -- >> i tried to use that one. i couldn't do it. >> of course they could just be joking around since the full outtake which you can see exclusively on "e.t." on-line highlights constant ribbing
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onset, usually aimed at blake. >> what is the matter with you? >> but back to business monday night when coaches bring in their advisers. >> you just mentored people. >> blake is working with luke bryant. >> i put my stamp on his team a little bit. it's been a blast. >> adam teaming up with josh legend. and gwen with celine dion. >> i wish we could all win. >> we all are winning because we are all here in the journey. >> it's true. it's true. >> we are learning more about gwen in the new marie claire on stands tuesday. gwen reveals she made her first dollar working at dairy queen. and last show was beverly hills 90210. guess what, i've got a story for you. dylan mckay himself went luke perry coming up. >> no way disney envisioned corden as bell. he is amazing stopping traffic on last note's late late show.
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a montage song from beauty and the beast. meanwhile, our carly steel just found out surprising new things about the real belle em rama watson. >> i think people in real life are surprised i'm sillier than i am. i am -- how do you say it, underpromise, overdeliver. people say i'm super serious. and i can be ahh. >> we love the serious emma who does things like high books in the subway to promote literacy. >> random acts of kindness, i guess. >> emma let loose as belle in the new live action version of beauty and the beast with a voice even she didn't know she had. >> how daunting was it and you heard to think, i was convinced i was jenkins. it took some conversations with myself in the mirror in the mornings. get it together, watson. >> really, the best thing about emma, she is a friend forlife.
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the harry potter alum has a group chat going with former co-stars. >> matt lewis came to screening we had in l.a. it is like pokemon, i'm trying to catch them all right now. >> winter workouts reveal. j.lo and a-rod hit the gym together. chris hemsworth shows off his body. and celebrity trainer gives away star's tips to staying in shape. >> can you do this in home. and is 90210 reunion in the works in j is luke perry calling out his old co-stars? i'm home.
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jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez have been together for a few weeks now and they just passed another major milestone in their romance. they are topping tonight's know and tell. j-rod hits the gym. a-rod waited in the car as j.lo walked out of the private miami gym yesterday. looking like she barely broke a sweat. we're loving the neon look and we have seen that sport bra before, by the way. by hear the couple worked out fogt for an hour before heading back to the house guessing they worked off their four-day vaca in the bahamas. >> how you feeling man? great?
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>> ben at daughter's karate class, a day after admitting he completed alcohol addiction. he revealed hes recent struggle saying quote i want to live life to the fullest and be the best father i can be. >> also doing great, demi lovato celebrating five years of so bright. >> whenever you're trying to battle your demons with you have to admit a problem first then you can overcome it. >> the 24-year-old took to instagram it mark the anniversary and she was brutally honest about how hard the journey has been. saying quote, so many times i wanted to relapse but sat on my hands and begged god to relief the obsession. the pop star has always been vocal about her addiction with mental health issues and said she is in a good place right now. >> it's been quite the journey but will worth it. >> still ahead, celebrity trainers share the stars weight loss tricks so what really works and what diets do avoid? >> as soon as you eat again,
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it's coming back. >> inside chris hemsworth's workout and this ridiculous full-court shot. >> how many times did it take you before you sunk it. >> >> and luke perry and a 90210 cast reunion. >> we know we would have a lot of fun getting back together. >> closed captioning provided by --
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now we know what it takes to look like thor, god of thunder p.m. chris hemsworth showing off his crazy workout routine. he left with his shirt off, for that, thauchk yothank you, chri. he is shooting an epic new war
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movie called "horse soldiers." his wife is playing his wife in the movie. >> you got to tell me about what it was like having elsa onset working with her. >> very little prep time needed to form that chemistry, you know. it was fantastic. >> working with your significant other is not for everybody. but mr. and mrs. hemsworth clearly loved every minute of it. posting pics from the set. >> we're big fans if you watch. would love it if she played this. and this is the first time we worked together. and i love her. >> while a judge of battlefield in new mexico may not be the best setting for romantic get away, it is safer than afghanistan which is where the new movie "horse soldiers" takes place, based on the true story of special forces in the aftermath of 9/11. >> and incredible fire fight is going on right behind me. chris hemsworth, entire cast here, and i feel like i got to duck, getting lout out here. >> and "horse soldiers" for a reason.
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and now i'm thinking back to some of your other movies, huntman. >> and you're an old pro by now. >> i do all right. i had also the best horse. >> and i say this, you got such a strong game, that basketball shot that you -- >> yeah -- >> how long did it take to you make that shot. >> first shot. >> first shot, are you crazy? >> man, i don't care how many times that took. that's a great shot. now, from a big screen hunk to return of a 90s heart-throb, luke perry back on tv. bad boy of 90210. remember back then. either team dylan or team brandon. well, i had some bad news from mr. perry.
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dent ta don't take this the wrong way, i was brandon girl back in the day. >> it's never too late. he can change that. we still got room for you. >> i can come over? >> of course. >> you'll take me back? >> yes. take that brandon, spin it around, it is most likely me on the other side with a much better look. with jason, you'll be kissing the paint one against. i'm sorry. >> 20 minutes with mr. charm and i think i'm team dylan now. luke at 50 still has the james dean bad boy vibe going on. even in the new series "riverdale." why they got to mess with his 90210 hair? >> back then how long did it take. >> it took a minute to put that all together in the morning. at one point three of us today work on it at one time. on the first season of "riverdale," i let archie have the cool hair hair. but now i told him, i'm coming back to it. by second season, i'm coming to you get you and by the end seat of does not i'll have the coolest hair. >> luke is a single dad, based
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on the archie comic book. >> you make me come to you with my problems. >> the business. >> it's crazy to think it's been 17 years since 90210 air edit final episode is the cast open to making a return to the famous zip code? >> i think everyone is interested in doing it. we know we would have a lot of fun getting back together. we just want it to be good. when people watch, oh, yeah. >> i still have questions. >> i think we all have questions. that would be a great way to answer some pf we would be open to it. >> do i have to tell you how much i want this reunion? >> i get it. and also getting nischelle all fired up, hitting the gym. could very survive a workout with harley pasternak? >> no. >> you may not know the name but that is the guy who get some of the biggest stars in hollywood into the best shape of their lives. >> kardashian. john mayer, lady gaga. >> ariana grande, megan fox. >> who is the most driven?
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>> adam levine. hands down. we play basketball together and he beats me every single time. >> sir, you just made that slot. >> he worked out with katy perry. helping lady gaga get in shape for the super bowl. new mom pink, killer legs. and harley put megan fox on this crazy cardio machine called the helix to get her back in shape after baby number three. but that's not all. >> someone like megan fox, is eating the same everyday. she find what works for her for breakfast, lunch and dinner and she usually has that for consisten consistency purposes. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ariana grande, she is just really great at finding balance. when she eats, she is constantly exploring food. >> what did he say about the cleanses which are so popular with celebs like gwyneth paltrow, jessica alba and blake lively? >> cleanses are horrible. if you lose weight it is because you're starving yourself and as soon as you eat again it will
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come back. >> harley is one of kim, khloe and kourtney's trainer and he was at their house when kanye had the infamous melt down. >> i think it is a structural stress release. >> now for little how-to with harley showing "e.t." on-line lauren zima moves for getting rid of this. bye-bye muscle. flaps in the wind. >> yeah, we don't need that extra weight. >> and getting a booty that pops. >> you work with the kardashians. i will take all can i get. >> check this out, women of the tuft university field hockey team, gat surprise when they bumped into matt damon hitting their gym. i guess matt just wanted to get a work out in. tufts is in o much weight.
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the look at this week's not to hot. see more on >> travel consideration provided by --
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tomorrow on "e.t." prince william in paris. his first official visit 20 years after his mother's car crash. will he return to the scene of her death? >> then, we're in new york with j.lo's ex. what he is saying about her romance with a-rod. that's tomorrow on "e.t." >> before we go, congratulations to everybody who participated in susan g. komen's race for the cure. celebrating their 20th year. they raise funds to help support breast services and national research. >> it was a special day for a member of our "e.t." family. samantha harris named survivor of the year after being diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. >> it is powerful. >> proud of you samantha and happy she is doing so well.
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>> nearly 150 events on five continent and raised more than $2 billion. >> bye, everybody. biggest stories making news today. number one, kendall jenner's hollywood home is robbed. was it an inside job? as kim pens up on her paris assault. >> there was probably a group of guys that were following us the entire trip. >> then ryan eynolds on his unorthodox parenting style. >> i would rather drink a pippng hot bowl of liquid rabies. >> and is his new bromance with jake gyllenhaal an issue with blake lively? >> jake might be a little bit better. >> nick and vanessa get dating advice from peta. >> plus your insider bonus. >> that was devastating. >> "sister sister" star tia mowry reveals her life-changing


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