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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 17, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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freeway shootins.tonight the highway patrol asks for your help.whooshthe bay area's un=real estate...we'll show you the bidding wars as home buyers compete ... and hear why a sellers market will only get tighter.whooshgreen beer ... green clothes ... green don't need a calendar to know it's st. patrick's day. the police know it too ... weare live at a d=u=i're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. about a dozen shots fired at a man in his car. an officer involved shooting in san jose. the fourth police shooting this week. this time a man is in critical condition. (steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the latest incident happening... after reports of a naked man acting erratically... before leading police on a chase.(steve) kron-4's lydia pantazes is live from where that chase ended.. lydia how did
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this all unfold (lydia live)as you can see this is still a very active scene.the truck (vo) the incident started around 1:30 p.m. when police responded to a call reporting a naked man acting erratically in the street at valerie drive and eva court. after police arrived and tried to make contact with the man, he fled in a blue dodge ram pickup truck, running into a police car and starting a high-speed pursuit in the process and was involved in at least one crash during that pursuit with a citizen. the man eventually sped west down stevens creek boulevard east of lawrence expressway before crashing head-on into a police suv blocking the driveway to the villa shopping center. at least two officers then fired about a dozen shots at the truck. stevens creek boulevard was shut down for the investigation. (sit) "suddenly we saw numerous police following a car and finally saw the car come here in the shopping center, and he couldn't leave here."
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(pam) for the second straight week... the c-h-p is addressing violence on bay area freeways.(steve) just last night...another shooting...this one on highway 101 in san jose. grant lodes is here with the alarming number of shootings...and more on what happened last night. (grant) a 17 year old was shot last night on nourhbound 101 near story road... that teenager is in stable condition tonight as the search for the shooter
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continues.. in the meantime, the highway patrol is hoping the addition of more officers, more patrols, more investigators and zero tolerance gang enforcement operations will help turn the tide. the number of freeway shootings in the 9 county bay area continues to rise 37 in 2015, 55 in 2016, and already 19 in the first 2 and half months of 2017, so far 2 people have died in this years shootings. the bulk of the shootings are have been on interstate 80 and highway four. contra costa county's d-a says he'd like to see cameras on frreway from richmond to pittsburg. mark peterson, coco da:"it's a funding issue. our office is trying to lead the effort to have more cameras installed near or on the freeways to capture some of these events." (grant) police chiefs from the bay area...along with the chp...will be state leaders next week to discuss how to get those funded. they'll estimate a few hunderd dollars will be needed. but if they save law enforcement say
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that's money well a tuberculosis scare has been high school in fremont. the alameda health department confirms someone at school has tested positive for the rare (steve) a tuberculosis scare has been reported at a high school in fremont. the alameda county public health department confirms someone at irvington high school has tested positive for the rare lung disease... the school's principal says the t-b exposure happened from the fall of 20-16 through winter. the fremont unified school district says anyone potentially exposed will receive a letter from the health department saying the student or staff member should get tested for t-b. the school will be hosting a parent meeting at six o'clock on monday... to answer any questions families may have. (pam) police have arrested a man .... after he allegedly said, he planted two bombs at a san francisco bart station this morning. the civic center bart station and market street above ... were closed this morning, while officers
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and police dogs searched for any threat. 46- year- old don stevens is now in custody ... on suspicion of making that false bomb threat .. and interfering with rail operations. a suspicious item was found, but everything was deemed safe after about an hour. (pam) beautiful spring like weather in walnut creek. warm weather this saint patrick's day.(steve) let's check in with kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp. is this weather going to last? a weak high pressure ridge is ruling the realm this afternoon. visible satellite imagery shows mostly clear skies from point arena to the north to point conception to the south. a band of moisture associated with an upstream trough is advecting clockwise over the ridge, with some high clouds/upper level moisture spilling over. expect to see gradually increasing cloud coverage advancing from the northwest through into this evening into tomorrow morning as the
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ridge weakens. temperatures this afternoon are running between 5 and 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday afternoon, despite starting this morning around 5 or 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. this is typical with clear skies and high pressure, as the diurnal heating/cooling cycle reaches idealized heat flux in these conditions. today will be the warmest day of at least the next week, with cooler, unsettled weather anticipated ahead. (steve) a frequently traveled road in alameda county has reopened after a mudslide. officials with the
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county public works agency say palomares road has reopened between palo verde road in castro valley and niles canyon road in fremont. the road was closed because of a mudslide as well as sinkholes, culvert failures and storm debris. crews have stabilized the slope at the location of the mudslide and one lane is now open. officials say drivers should still be careful in the area. (pam) tomorrow - hundreds of pets will go to a place that they can call home. (steve)the event called empty the shelters will offer pet adoption without some of the fees.kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in san francisco.. with more on that. (hermela)twenty three bay area shelters are participating in this event.organizers hope to find a home for 1,000 pets. (hermela)the day is funded by
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a non profit.. bissell pet foundation.that's who will be paying the adoption fee for you if you decide to take home a cute little dog or cat.the fee is around $100.. and it won't be coming out of your pocket.all animals will be spayed or neutered.. microchipped.. and have updated vacciantions. participating shelters include the berkeley humane society and contra costa humane society among more than 20 others.the foundation putting this together is based in michigan.they've done similar events in several oter cities across the country.and they say.. it just made sense to bring the empty the shelters event to the bay aera holly kroeze, spokesperson, bissell pet foundationwe partner with 3000 shelters across the united states. so coming to the bay area was an easy choice for us. we felt like there was a need here. and we're excited with the response that we've gotten so far. we hope we're able to come back and do it again. if we can adopt out a 1,000 pets tomorrow it's completely money
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well spent. i'm so excited to know that so many pets are going to have an awesome night's sleep in a warm bed for the first time. some of them in months or a year. (hermela)for a compelte list of participating shelters in tomorrow's event. you can go to bissell pet foundation dot org. ahead at eight.. rising home prices and growing competition. why buyers should not be afraid of the real estate market bidding wars in the bay area plus. the school year change making kids jump for joy... but causing parents some headache. and next. he is the suspect in a police confrontation that has gone viral. tonight he talks exclusively with kron-4... about the events prior to his arrest
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(pam) now to another big story we have been following all week. the man beaten while being arrested by a vallejo police officer... is speaking publically for the first time.
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dejaun hall was arrested 7- days ago... and the video of the incident immediately went viral.(pam) in an exclusive interview with kron4's haaziq madyun, hall relives the events that occurred prior to his arrest. do you feel like you did anything wrong that day?dejuan hall/arrest captured on video: "no! i didn't do anything wrong at all. i'm honestly in here for no reason and that's why i am sad about it"i sat down for an exclusive conversation with 23-year-old dejuan hall here at the solano county detention center in fairfield. last friday hall's arrest by a vallejo was captured on cellphone videoi asked him to describe the events that led up to him being chased by vallejo police have you ever had any problems inside of that vallero gas station beforedejuan hall/arrest captured on video: "no! never. never.vallejo police say they were responding to a 911-call regarding a person making a disturbance in this vallero gas station on fairgrounds drive. hall says he went there to buy a bus ticket to los angeles, was told the money was not available on his atm card. he asked the clerk to run it againdejuan hall/arrest
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captured on video: "i raised my voice a little and said can you please try it again? i really want to go to l.a. i don't want to be here, like i have to go to l.a. i need to be there. please!"did she ask you to leave?dejuan hall/arrest captured on video: "she never did, she never did because if she would have asked me to leave i would have left"he says he did leave on his own and went next door to kings market to buy some water and when he came out the market two vallejo police officers were waiting for him dejuan hall/arrest captured on video: "they were like get over here, get over here and they started reaching for their gun"what were you thinking right there?dejuan hall/arrest captured on video: "that they were either going to try to kill me or shoot me" your instincts were to do what? dejuan hall/arrest captured on video: "to just run, like any other normal person, to run" the officer seen chasing him in the video has been identified by vallejo police as spencer bottomly. at one point dejaun hall broke down in tears reflecting on what happened to him that day. it is a painful memory.dejuan hall/arrest captured on video:"but i still forgive him. i forgive everyone"dejuan hall has been charged with 4
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counts of resisting a police officer and 1 count of battery on an officer. his bail has been set at $25,000 dollars. in fairfiled haaziq madyun kron4news (steve)with the federal reserve's hike in interest rates earlier this week, the average person may not feel much of a difference in their pockets.(pam) but it may make a difference in what people decide to do with real estate.kron four's spencer blake has more from pacifica. "when a broker in can send out a mailer to people in pacifica showcasing some of the houses that sold over the asking price by 11% -- 13% some of
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them - then you know it's a seller's market. but that may not be all it is."(pkg)(nats - walking through the house)real estate broker lisa eccleston remembers the days of 2005, when she could hold two open houses for a home on the market, and basically give the sellers a calendar of the next few weeks, predicting when they would, 12 years and a recession later, homes on the peninsula can get snatched up in less than two weeks."pretty much, in this market, i would say in my case i'm putting houses up on a monday, doing a broker's tour on a tuesday, one open house, and taking offers the next week." that's why buyers are in bidding wars - a far cry from the days when eccleston used to be in the business of helping buyers get their house for the lowest price."what i usually say to buyers in this market is we're gonna help you - we're gonna help you get the house."this townhouse in pacifica has had five offers just this week.while it may seem like the recent quarter-of-a-percent hike in interest rates by the fed is only good for sellers, it's also spurring a lot of buyers. "usually any small hike up in
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the interest will actually have the opposite effect of what most people think." because ámore interest rate increases are expected this year, a lot of buyers are willing to overlook high home prices.and jump in before rates get any higher.and here's some áo-ká news for renters.eccleston says rent rates, though still extremely high, are 'softer,' meaning a landlord who wants to lease for four grand a month might not fill the unit for a few months.tempting them to drop the price by a couple hundred bucks."rental rates are high, so what i'm seeing is people aren't staying very long in a house if they're paying basically a mortgage payment as rent."it's a lot of activity in a market that's sure to continue changing throughout pacifica, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) parents in san francisco are scrambling to find summer activities for their children...but the city's rec and parks department says it does not have enough camps planned during this year's break. schools in san francisco have changed their students a summer break one week longer
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than usual. but there are no camps or activites set up for that last week of summer. the city's rec and parks officials said they were notified of the change too late...and had not budgeted for the extension. they did say though...they have prepared activities for the extended thanksgiving break this year. (pam) a live look outside this evening on this st. patrick's day .. a mild evening as we head into the weekend.(steve) our chief meterologist brittney shipp has the weekend details.
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a weak high pressure ridge is ruling the realm this afternoon. visible satellite imagery shows mostly clear skies from point arena to the north to point conception to the south. a band of moisture associated with an upstream trough is advecting clockwise over the ridge, with some high clouds/upper level moisture spilling over. expect to see gradually increasing cloud coverage advancing from the northwest through into this evening into tomorrow morning as the ridge weakens. temperatures this afternoon are running between 5 and 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday afternoon, despite starting this morning around 5 or 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. this is typical with clear skies and high pressure, as the diurnal heating/cooling cycle reaches idealized heat flux in these conditions. today will be the warmest day of at
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least the next week, with cooler, unsettled weather anticipated ahead. (pam) meals on wheels, the nationwide program which supplies food for millions of
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homebound senior citizens ... is facing some steep budget cuts. this is a look inside the massive kitchen that prepares nearly two- million meals to homebound san franciso residents every year... president trumps' budget ... calls for an eighteen- percent cut to the program. an agency spokesperson says, those cuts would not only affect daily operations, but would mean millions of needy seniors... could be placed on long wait lists. (pam) on fridays, volunteers drop off meals to seniors.. that includes this location - at this raman hotel, a low income facility.
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he's the man who helped save a state trooper's life. now the two are recalling the moments facing off with an attacker in a desolate arizona desert. watch out siri. amazon's voice assistant "alexa" is now available on iphone and ipads. it can make shopping easier but it also gives i-device users a way to experience alexa's features with out having to own one of amazon's voice command speakers. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us ((gary sports tease))gary radnich:"coming up later in this broadcast. my optimistic young wife thought davis... u.c. davis would have a chance against kansas.alicia radnich: "i'm just proud that they made it... fantastic. gary radnich: "wait until i show you what that score was... we'll show you how much you know... alright (laughs) were coming back though with the email segment and what do you say about marshawn lynch coming back to the raiders. sounds good when we're talking about it. we'll tall you if there's some meat to it. later in this broadcast.
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watch out siri. amazon's voice assistant "alexa" is coming to the i-phone and i-pad next week. it will make shopping easier ... and also give i-device users a way to experience alexa's many features, without having to own one of amazons' voice command speakers, like the echo. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how this will work. ((pkg)) amazon's voice assistant alexa will be built into their ios app this means on the iphone and ipad you will be able to access this siri competitor. now amazon has several apps.. and there are a ton of 3rd party alexa apps so let me clarify this new feature will be in amazon main original shopping app, the one you are probably already using .. if
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you buy stuff from them. this new feature will come in an update which is rolling out to phones next week. after you open the app you will see this microphone in the upper right corner.. now right now you can already use this to make voice commands within the amazon app for shopping "add shampoo to my cart" nats - pop and that will happenor you can use your voice to search "find cheapest men's running shoes" nats - pop or check up on an order"where is my package"? nats - pop after the update comes out, when you tap that microphone it will bring up alexa. nats - alexa pop you will still be able to do all the shopping voice stuff but also ask alexa for non amazon related information news, weather, sports scores. random facts ask it almost anything it will respond to you through your i=device just like it does through amazon's voice assistant speakers like the echo. nats - echo speaker stand up - i asked siri what she thought about this news "alexa please don't hurt me" ok, that was a joke.. i typed that in i don't think for now siri has to worry yes alexa will offer some of the same things but siri works and each time to access alexa you will have to go into the amazon app it's just a click away.. but accessing siri is
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certainly easier by just holding down the home button. siri talking - with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news ahead at eight.. new details about the bay area man who jumped the white house fence. how close he got to the president. plus. a laptop stolen from secret service. now it's being called a matter of national security. the information on the device. and next. president trump doubling down on his claims he was wiretapped... where he says he got the information. ((brittney tease))
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. (pam) the first
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family back at their home in florida tonight.president trump leaving behind an international controversy.. over his wiretap claims. (pam ) his latest comments are now threatening ties with america's closest ally.(grant)catherine heenan shows us how a sketchy report from a partisan commentator . ""we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television."it's been nearly two weeks since president trump accused his predecessor of spying on him at trump tower in new explaining the complete lack of evidence, his press secretary cited a fox news commentator "on fox news, on march 14th, judge andrew napolitano made the following statement, quote..." "three intelligence sources have informed fox news that
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president obama went outside the chain of command. he didn't use the nsa, he didn't use the cia, he didn't use the fbi and he didn't use the department of justice. he used gchq. what is that? it's the initials for the british intelligence finding agency."" the normally closed mouthed g=c=h=q took the unprecedented step of issuing a flat denial, calling the claims "utterly ridiculous."the prime minister also upset. ""a strong feeling here that there is political damage being done and damge done as well to the cooperation between the united states and british spy agencies."even fox news is backing off."fox news cannot confirm judge napolitano's commentary. fox news knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the united states was surveilled at any time in any way. full stop." (pam) tonight... an alarming account... of just how long that bay area man was said to be on white house grounds, before the secret
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service took him into custody. grant lodes is here with the number that the secret service cannot be proud of. (grant) 16 minutes from the time jonathan tran hopped the first the time he was captured. that's according to a source from the secret service... a review has reportedly determined that he climbed a five-foot fence and an eight-foot gate and then hopped a three-and-a-half foot fence while secret service members struggled to locate him. president trump says that tran was disturbed and unstable. the secret service says tran set off several alarms when he trespassed onto white house grounds... we also know that security failures allowed him to bypass other sensors. it's believed he might have sneaked past an east wing guard post that's not routinely staffed. secret service officials are conducting a formal review to determine what went wrong.
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charging documents say tran has mace on him...and a letter for the presdient. sources indicate he has a history of mental illness. (steve) an investigation is underway... after a laptop was stolen from a secret service agent's car in brooklyn. that's according to two senior law enforcement officials in new york.. they said the laptop has sensitive information, was highly encrypted, and contained floor plans and evacuation protocol for trump tower. also stolen...the agent's lapel assignment pins that gave her access to security details. the agent described the incident as a compromise of national security. (pam) (steve)
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a weak high pressure ridge is ruling the realm this afternoon. visible satellite imagery shows mostly clear skies from point arena to the north to point conception to the south. a band of moisture associated with an upstream trough is advecting clockwise over the ridge, with some high clouds/upper level moisture spilling over. expect to see gradually increasing cloud coverage advancing from the northwest through into this evening into tomorrow morning as the ridge weakens. temperatures this afternoon are running between 5 and 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday afternoon, despite starting this morning around 5 or 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. this is typical with clear skies and high pressure, as the diurnal heating/cooling cycle reaches idealized heat flux in these conditions. today will be the warmest day of at least the next week, with cooler, unsettled weather anticipated ahead. every month for the last 5 years there has been a crackdown on bad drivers on the peninsula you might think people would learn their lesson...and be on their best behavior. however, more than a hundred tickets were handed out in burlingame and hillsborough on the one
8:35 pm
day event... and guess who talked some of the drivers caught .. when i see people behaving badly behind the wheel of a four thousand pound plus vehicle i often wonder what could be the cause. could it possibly be mechanical failure, a medical emergency i'm working right now on a countywide saturation traffic enforcement we're looking for people running stop signs speeding not wearing seatbelts things of that nature so while out riding officer rosset of the town of colma police department during a traffic crackdown ..sometimes i get too ask the difficult questions morning sir morning channel 4 how you doing today did you not see that stop sign back there yea i just i was in low gear for the slope of the hill and i um didn't want to if i came to a complete stop the car would the vehicle would shift down all the way to first so was it a medical emergency, a firei'm just worried about catching the next bart train now you're going to miss it anyway yup this driver did the same thing
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she drives this same way once every week so every week you miss this stop sign nooo (laughter) just today because you were there (oh just today) this is a citation for not stopping for the stop sign ok signature here is not admitting guilt and then this driver, he also ran the stop sign on camera he admitted he was distracted i was just distracted a little bit distracted maybe then he seemed to have a lapse of memory as to who i was despite being told here stanley roberts channel 4 how are you today? good, thank you i don't want to be filmed, if you don't want to answer me it's one thing if you don't want to tak to me that fine ok .why am i on the camera (because i'm asking you a question what happened back there) are you a police officer? (i'm with channel 4 and) i'll say it again i do not want to talk to you. have you been to traffic school in the last 18 months? the fine for running a stop sign in san mateo county is a 35 dollars, however after all the fees and court costs are included it jumps to 238 tack on 50 dollars in traffic school well you do the math
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this driver was stopped by pacifica police for two reasons . his license plate was obscured by his bike rack and he was wearing dual earbuds you know this bike rack is not like some custom thing that i created it's no secret that once a month there is a driver crackdown . so if you must drive badly at least figure which day step happens and drive nicely now really how hard can that be? in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news ((ella))coming up, california highway patrol confirmed that there is a rise in freeway shootings across the bay area, telling drivers not to be too afraid because it is still uncommon. but tonight at ten we talk to east bay commuters who say that they are looking left and right over both shoulders each time they are on the highway for fear that they may be the next victim a second person dies after failing to get through to 9-1-1. now one man in texas is demanding answers . and next. on a desolate highway.... a state trooper under attack by an armed man. meet the good
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samaritan who stepped in... and saved his life
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an arizona deputy is now speaking out about the night he says he almost died.(pam) it was on a dark and desolate desert road ... around 4-30 in the morning. that's where trooper ed andersson got an alarming call about a pedestrian .. shooting at traffic. he finally found an overturned car and two possible victims.. a man and woman. that's when things took a sudden turn for the worse. andersson says, he lost sight of the man until he re-appeared.. pointing a gun at him. the suspect then shot anderson before tackling him to the ground. as andersson fights for his life... a few motorists pass by.. but no one calls 9-1-1. until
8:41 pm
thomas yoxall stopped... with his legal firearm in hand
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last monday, taffet's husband stopped breathing and died... he tried calling 9-1-1 but he would get a recording telling him to hold for 20 minutes.... and get disconnected. when he finally got a dispatcher on the line... it took only three minutes for paramedics to arrive. but it was too late and taffet's husband died at the hospital. he wonders if the problem getting through to 9-1-1 contributed to his husbands death. david taffet/says 911 isn't working: "it's possible if we had just gotten to parkland an hour earlier that all of this just would've happened at parkland it's just i know i couldn't save him."(steve) dallas officials say the problem has been going on since november. they say when some t-mobile customers dial 911... their phones have been spontaneously making multiple calls... clogging the system. police departments have posted alternative numbers to call in case of emergency. in sports... gary joins us with his beautiful wife
8:43 pm
alicia to read fan emails. plus... the u-c davis aggies were trying to upset first- seed kansas in their first apperance in the tournament... gary has the highlights and all the sports coming up.
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whether you're the home buyer or seller - the fees can add up but i talked to a real estate insider who says everything in real estate is negotiable.time to spruce up your home and get it spring ready for when buyers come around. buying and selling is always a costly process - but real estate insider gina jacobs says everything is negotiable. in fact she's changed the way she charges clients to save them money. 8:38 i'm charging hourly as opposed to sellers pay a commission to me at the closing. 8:42sot gina jacobs - owner of gina jacobs real estate & property management00:50 a lot end priced home, people are saving
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a couple thousand dollars on up to some of the higher end homes people are saving in excess of 20 thousand dollars. 8:56 that's money in their pocket, it's a direct savings. 9:01closing attorneys and home inspectors come with a big price tag so you'd be smart to shop around before hiring or find out if your realtor with help cover those costs.she also suggests buyers consider going using a mortgage broker instead of a bank 10:50 a mortgage broker will offer them more options and have more available to them and fit the mortgage loan with the buyer 10:58 whatever you have to put down, they'll make it work. better than your average bank that you'll walk into. 11:06bottom line - just about anything is negotiable - so scrutinize those costs closely. 10:20 they should question the commission they're going to pay because that's not set by law, that's something that is negotiable between the seller and the broker. 10:26hutch outro: in an effort to keep you on track. now is the time to get your home in order if you're looking to sell. jacobs says families especially with kids like to be in and settled early in the summer so they can enjoy it before back to school time. you may miss the big buying rush if you wait until may to list your home.
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the raiders are in need of a running back since the departure of latavius murray to minnesota. according to the reports oakland is considering to bringing marshawn lynch out of retirement. the only way the team can get their hands on him is through a trade or by seattle releasing the veteran running back. the seahawks still holds the rights to lynch. both teams could work out a deal being that john schneider and reggie mckenzie
8:48 pm
both worked together in green bay before becoming general managers. under his existing contract with seattle... lynch would earn 9- million dollars, but the seahawks salaray cap would take a hard hit. marshawn has yet request for his release from the team. the u-c davis aggies were taking on number one seed kansas. jim les was trying to upset the jayhawks in the first round. kansas controlled the game from start to finish. frank mason the third sets up lagerald vick for an alley oop... the jayhawks were up by 18 in the first half. the put the game away early in second half... off a steal mason the third hits a corner three. (mason: 22 points - game high, 8 assists, 5 rebounds) final: 100-62 kansas áthey'll face michigan state on sunday
8:49 pm
gary met a fan wearing saint patty's attire down at the wharf. hius name is rodney hudson ans was in sajnt patrick's spirits.
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old muni signs which read motorist must stop for pedestrianson the right the new signs which read stop do not pass are now posted on the rear of all muni light rail vehicles but are the new signs working i'll explore in the next edition of people behaving badly last weather and goodbye
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind
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when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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