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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(jr stone) and people in san jose are still reeling from the
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it's a show of solidarity from people of all faiths....each one... joining hands with their neighbor and surrounding the muslim community association in santa clara for hands around the mosque."this beautiful bridge is especially for our president, mr. trump, look at this bridge of diverse americans who love each other. maybe one day soon, you will learn from us.""our current administration is trying to put people against each other and that's not what america is all about."more than 50- community organizations, including a variety of faith based groups came here to show their support...."we can't live in a society where people are marginalized and pushed to the edges."pastor kaloma smith is the pastor for the university a.m.e. zion church in palo alto."we can't have a country where the rhetoric demeans or puts somebody less, so although i may not have the same faith belief system, although i may not agree on everything with my muslim brothers. i can't have a country where they are marginalized."people were also welcomed inside the mosque...
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(nats)and invited to prayer service..."i want all my fellow americans to move from fear to friendship, the only way we will get to do it is if we get to know each other." many people took part in the prayer service, others watched..."every faith says love thy neighbor, how do you love the neighbor if you don't even know them."organizers hope that this event will lead to a greater understanding of the muslim community.... "every individual is different and you know regardless of religion, race, ethnicity it's important that we all show our love and support." lawrence karnow: there were plenty of clouds today but we're still waiting for the rain. tomorrow is the first day of spring but it's back to a winter-like pattern for the
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bay area. doppler radar is showing a few showers popping up in california. most of it has been light so far. we can even see a few raindrops in the bay area but most of that is evaporating before it hits the ground. highs today were in the 60s to low 70s again even with all of the cloud cover. you can see a couple of storms headed our way on the satellite inmage. the first one is rather disorganized but will intensify tomorrow after noon to bring rain and some gusty winds. the rain is expected to be rather light with this first storm but the next storm moves in late monday night into tuesday to bring heavier rain and maybe even some thunderstorms. winter storm watches are going up in the sierra monday evening to wednesday
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afternoon. the snow will start out very high at about 8,000 feet but lower to 6,000 feet by wednesday. they could see another 6 to 10 inches of snow. be careful if you're driving in the high country this week and be prepared for winter-like conditions. highs tomorrow will be cooler and in the low to upper 60s. the next 7 days looks much more like winter than the first day of spring. expect the rain to pickup
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monday afternoon with heavier rain into tuesday morning. it should turn to showers after that with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms and hail. showers continue on wednesday before we get a break on thursday. a potentially much stronger storm is possible on friday with gusty winds and heavy rain. (jr) coming up... the death toll rises in peru after
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the recent rains, flooding, and mudslides. detials on what's being done to help the people out...(jr) and after the break... the son of a e-m-t who was killed by a suspect who stole an ambulance... is speaking out tonight. hear what he has to say after the break...
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(jrs) and in new york city. the son of an emergency medical technician who was killed by a suspect... is speaking out tonight. police say 44-year-old -- yadira arroyo and her partner realized saw that a man was hanging on the bumper of their ambulance wednesday. they stopped to see what he was doing and he ended up stealing the ambulance. as he tried to drive away-- he hit both arroyo and her partner with the vehicle. arroyo was pronounced dead at the hospital her sonleft in
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total disbeleif. (sot) (jr stone) 25 year old jose gonzalez has been charged with murder, grand larceny, and operating a motor vehicle impaired by drugs. (jrs) a confederate flag flying outside an n-c-double-a tournament in greenville, south carolina is stirring up a controversy. a small group of protestors flew the flag from the back of a pick-up on the the top a parking garage near the arena. n-c-double-a says the flag was displayed in a public area outside its control. the association boycotted south carolina until it removed the flag from its state house grounds two years ago. some now want state lawmakers to place that flag in a museum.
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others say the confederate flag shouldn't be there. "i think it is very disheartening and i don't want to give it in voice. i believe in people protecting their heritage and i believe in people coming together. we have enough gaps, so we should try to bridge the gaps with love."butted to"it's a piece of our heritage, you know, 25,000 south carolinians died in the defense of that flag, 260,000 southerners and the legislature told us they were gonna do that so if you say you will do something, we that."(jr stone) the flag was origionally closer to the arena but police made those who brough it move farther away out of fears that it would fall and hurt someone. (jr stone) still ahead... a lawsuit has been filed claiming pesticides caused a boy's birth defects.... where it's happening... (hermela) coming up after the break... a north bay family shares the story of a heartbreaking loss.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. (jr) now at 10:30...
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tonight a north bay couple shares their story of a painful loss.. one of the greatest lossess.. that of a child. what they decided to do next is keeping her memory alive. they spoke exclusively to kron 4's hermela aregawi about their journey... a story you'll only see here on kron4 news... it was a time of great joy for the coppsfollowed by what they describe as a dark hell.june 2016 and the college sweethearts were having their first child..sot aline copp and josh coppmany people go into pregnancy kind of ignorant and blissful and that's great. but there are a lot of things that could go wrong.carter virginia copp had a rare genetic mutation.a 1 in 400 million chance..her brain hadn't developed past 25 weeks..and she wasn't breathing on her own.the copps made the painful decision to say goodbye to their baby girl just three weeks after she was
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born.sot aline copp and josh coppwe used that time to hold her everyday to read to her. we bathed her and changed her diapers and we cared for her. and she got to meet all of her family and friends. and then we picked a day to say goodbye july 14th and she died in our do you make the most of carter's extremely short life so that it wasn't just three weeks long and that it would continue to have impact and be a part of our lives beyond those three weeks. carter wasn't a good candidate to be an organ donor.but another option was presented to the family. carter could donate to research.she gave 11 samples.. including her brain, lungs, liver and heart.sot aline copp and josh coppwe felt it was a wonderful tribute that carter
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could do and add a wonderful layer of dignity and meaning to her life.this bench,, just a 20 minute walk from the copps mill valley home is dedicated to carter virginia copp.a place they can come to when they want to feel just a little bit closer to their baby gir;l.hermela livesome good news for the couple.they recently some genetic tests done on ifv embroys. and they're doesn't mean they're expecting but it does mean they can expect to have a healthy family in the the newsroom ha k4 news. (jrs) a lawsuit filed in oxnard claims pesticides caused a boy's birth defects. from our affiliate k-e-y- t... reporter kelsey gerckens has more about the claims. nine-year old erik morales allegedly suffered these health issues because of
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pesticides he was exposed to while his mother was pregnant with him."she was a strawberry picker hired to come in and prune and pick the strawberries and the allegation is during the time she was working in the fields she was exposed to pesticides in a couple of ways. one they were spraying in the fields while she was there and two the pesticides residue on the plants themselves prove very significant risk to these women and unborn children," said bricker."they illegally sprayed while workers were there and there are requirements for what are called re-entry intervals. where they are not allowed to
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let workers back on the field for a certain amount of time and re-entry intervals were not complied with," said another attorney working on the case, danielle george of phillips & paolicelli.four different defendants are named in the suit well-pict berries; well-pict berries owner, t.t. miyasaka inc.; soilfume inc., and ramco enterprises.our calls to the offices of the defendants went unanswered wednesday afternoon.the attorney's representing morales say they are fronting the costs of litigation and hope the case puts a spotlight on the bigger issue at hand. "not only just to make sure this severely injured child gets taken care of, but we feel that it is very important to deter this type of behavior in the future, we feel the civil justice system, has a big roll in deterring negligent behavior and bad actions on behalf of big businesses and corporations," said george.damages of an unspecified amount are being sought for the child's medical expenses, as well as punitive damages. lawrence karnow: it looked threatening but not much in the way of rain on this last full day of winter. but that will soon change as a series of storms takes aim at the bay area. you can see a few showers moving into the state today but it's very unorganized so far. the rain should intensify especailly tomorrow afternoon. and then tomorrow night another storm
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moves in to bring heavier rain and maybe even a few thunderstorms on tuesday and wednesday. there's the potential for a larger storm too. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. (jrs) two bay area counties will receive federal money to repair public facilities following the intense storms in january. president trump order federal help for napa and san mateo counties today. federal money is available to the state, native american tribes, local governments and some nonprofit companies for repair work. the president of san mateo's board of supervisor says a bridge, fire roads and highway 84 were damage in thr road... as well as other facilities. government
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officials say the money will likely be used to repair county and city roads. money is also available statewide on a cost-sharing basis for hazard mitigation (jrs) in national news... more than one-thousand homes have been evacuated due to a massive wildfire burning near boulder, colorado. the fire has spread over 100 acres and is at zero-percent containment. sheriff's officials have not determined the cause of the fire... but say it started in an area used by hikers and transients for camping. lightning strikes or downed power lines have been ruled out as the source. no damages to homes or other structures have been reported. over 250 firefighters and several aircraft are working to extinguish the wildfire. (jrs) in south america... peru is in crisis as rain and mudslides wreak havoc across the nation. storm related deaths are up to 72... since
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the begining of the year. over 800 cities have declared a state of emergency. overflowing rivers have damaged over 100-thousand homes... leaving people stranded on their roofs waiting to be rescued. government officials say this is the worst weather they have seen in two decades. (jrs) french officials are awaiting an autopsy to determine whether a suspect was drunk or high on drugs. when he took a soldier hostage at paris' orly airport yesterday. a suspected islamic extremist attacked a female french soldier. and was able to wrestle away her assault rifle... he was shot and killed before he could use it in the busy airport terminal. a subsequent police search of his flat found cocaine. the suspect...was also caryying a revolver. and has been linked to two other crimes earlier in the day.. they include shooting at an officer during a traffic stop
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-- and pointing the gun at customers in a bar. (jr stone) coming up... the secrets of counterfeit drugs... we'll show you just how easy it has become for fake drugs to be manufactured.(jr stone) and after the break... an inside look of a volcano using google street view.
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for the first time google... has gone beneath the planet's surface -- to bring viewers amazing images of an active volcano. the web giant sent a crew all the way to vanuato. the tiny island nation is home to lush jungles -- black sand beaches -- and nine active volcanoes. google partnered with veteran explorers go inside one of them. residents of the area call the volcanoes, "devils" -- but their natural beauty is undeniable. (sot)
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(jrs) and now people all over the world can visit the volcano too -- vicariously and safely from the comfort of their home -- using google's website. (jr stone) still ahead... we take an indepth look at the secrets of drug traffickers' counterfeit drugs and how they've affected some people in the bay area... (lawrence karnow)get ready for spring and this year that means back to winter-like weather with more rain. we'll show you the series of storms headed your way next.(jr stone) ahead in sports.... a 49ers legend announcing publicly he has a neuromuscular condition... how dwight clark is dealing with is diagnosis of a-l-
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. becoming more advanced... and
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more daring. some, even importing industrial pill presses to pump out highly dangerous pills ..which experts say, are almost impossible to tell from real prescription drugs. from our partners at c-n-n sara ganim has how these machines are coming into the country at such a high rate. it's happening all over the country, in new mexico, in florida, in california --- people are dying from counterfeit pills... made with a dangerous synthetic drug called fentanyl.a drug that's 25 to 50 times stronger than heroin, up to 100 times more potent than morphine.special agent john martin / drug enforcement agency: "people have died from ingesting what they think is a legitimate painkiller and it's a counterfeit pill that contains fentanyl."the death of pop-icon prince could turn out to be the most famous case of
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counterfeit pills. police reportedly found mislabeled pills laced with fentanyl in his home ... the drug was found in his system.this is the tool drug dealers are using to make those pills -- turning synthetic powder into something that looks just like prescription meds.special agent john martin / drug enforcement agency: "if you have counterfeit pills you can't make them without pill presses."as the dea's john martin shows cnn, pill presses are simply bought off the internet. most come from china. special agent john martin / drug enforcement agency: "here's a large industrial one for almost $5,000."the machines make pills so deceivingly accurate ... even veteran agents have trouble telling the difference.the machines themselves are not illegal -- but buying them without proper registration, is. the number of illegal imports has spiked 19-fold since 2011.cheryl davies / assistant port director of lax, customs and border protection: "so you just put the product in here and you
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turn it. and then it shoots out the front".sara ganim: "this was seized?"cheryl davies / assistant port director of lax, customs and border protection: "this was seized, yes. and this machine came from china."cheryl davies leads the anti-terrorism contraband team at america's largest seaport ... in long beach, california.finding pill presses among millions of tons of goods, is no small challenge... one container here is processed every 7.8 seconds.customs and border protection opened up its secret warehouse for cnn showing us the seized pill press machines with investigations underway to see whether they were legally imported.cheryl davies / assistant port director of lax, customs and border protection: "we see a variety of machines. they range from manual, little, manual machines that you can make one or two at a time. all the way up to machines that can generate 170,000 per minute. huge, industrial-sized machines. with all the overdoses that we're seeing, the increase in overdoses in the last couple years, i think these types of interceptions are extremely important. they have a lot of impact on our communities."the ones they don't catch, end up in places like this.lubbock, texas:
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police raid and find a table- top pill press and nearly 7 pounds of synthetic fentanyl. it's so dangerous, even to touch, that agents have to get into full hazmat gear.the dea's john martin says pill presses have made it easier for drug dealers to make millions of dollars out of their homes special agent john martin / drug enforcement agency: "they're going to get on the dark net. they'll order fentanyl or some type of fentanyl related compound. it usually comes from china.// the setup is relatively cheap."for 5 to 6 thousand dollars martin says, someone could potentially sell 10 million dollars of fake pills. pills, that can be deadly.special agent john martin / drug enforcement agency: "it's almost like playing russian roulette. it's extremely dangerous." (jrs) there have been multiple deaths in the bay area from fake drugs being distributed.. in 20-15 a san francisco man died after reportedly taking counterfeit "xanax" pills. (jr stone)joining me now is
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meteorlogist lawrence karnow...with more on what we can expect for the weather tmorrow. lawrence karnow: it looked threatening but not much in the way of rain on this last full day of winter. but that will soon change as a series of storms takes aim at the bay area. you can see a few showers moving into the state today but it's very unorganized so far. the rain should intensify especailly tomorrow afternoon. and then tomorrow night another storm moves in to bring heavier rain and maybe even a few thunderstorms on tuesday and wednesday. there's the potential for a larger storm too. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes.
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the man who made the most famous catch in 49ers history... maybe nfl history... dwight clark... has been diagnosed with a-l-s. in an open letter clark wrote he started feeling weakness in his left hand and pain in his neck... after moths of tests and treatment he was diagnosed with a-l-s... also known as lou gerhig's desease... it has progressed to the point clark has weakness in both hands... abs... lower back and right leg... he can't run... play golf or walk any distances... even buttoning his shirt has become
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"impossible"... clark has the third most receiving yards in 49ers history and of course is best known for "the catch"... scoring the winning touchdown on a pass from joe montana against the dallas cowboys in the 1981-82 nfc championship game... putting the niners into their first super bowl... which they of course won against the cincinnati bengals... clark won a second super bowl with the 49ers before retuiring and becoming a team executive some good news for the warriors. kevin durant... out three weeks with the knee injury... has been cleared to travel with the team on it's short upcoming 2-game road trip. even though he won't play this means he will be going back for the second time to oklahoma city tomorrow... followed by a trip to dallas the next day before the team gets two days off before hosting the sacramento kings on friday. k-d has also been at practice and has been taking jumpers... he is
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scheduled to be re-evaluated in a week. this year's n-c-a-a tournament is getting really interesting... their were a couple of surprises today. we start in greenville... coack k and the blue devils were taking on south carolina. in the second half... duke loses the ball ryan felder finds duane notice to put south carolina 57 to 53. duke continued to fight but the gamecocks kept coming. they break duke's press and justin mckie throws it down. south carolina upsets duke 88-81. they move on to the sweet 16 for the first time in program history... they'll face baylor on friday lonzo ball and his ucla bruins taking on cincinnati...... 2nd half... ball nails two straight 3-pointers to open up a close game... ucla built a 10-point lead with less than 10 minutes left...three 1/2 minutes left... ball... throws the ally-oop to t.j. leaf... ball had 18 points, 9 assists
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and 7 reboundsfinal score: 79- 67 ucla... they take on kentucky in the sweet 16(wipe to michigan-louisville) (jr stone) coming up next after the break... we'll tell you which movie topped the list at the box office.
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(jrs) for the fourth straight weekend, a new movie topped the box office... but this one might not give up the top spot so quickly! take a look. (jr stone) beauty and the beast" is a blockbuster! the live- action take on the disney animated classic opened with 170-million dollars. (jr stone) "kong: skull island" yielded the top spot, landing in second with 28- point-nine million dollars, for a 10-day total of 110-million (jrs) logan.. was solid in third place with 17-and-a-half
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million dollars -- it's at 184-million in domestic grosses. (jr stone) coming up... cold and weather about to hit the bay area. the big changes to need to prepare for coming up on kron4 news at our big story tonight...
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get ready for another round of wet weather... thanks for joining us at eleven, i'm jr stone. a series of storms are about to hit the bay area... joining me now is meteorologist lawrence karnow has details on what you can expect for your morning commute.... lawrence karnow: it looked threatening but not much in the way of rain on this last full day of winter. but that will soon


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