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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(pam) now at ten:a stormtracker four alert... heavy rain and possibile thunderstorms .. moving into the bay area..(steve) this is a live look at stormtracker four radar showing the showers coming our way...(steve) this latest round of rain will likely cause problems during the morning commute. good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. tonight kron4 has team coverage. alecia reid is live in the north bay tracking the conditions.(steve) but first... chief meteorologist brittney shipp is in the weather center tracking the storm by the minute...brittney?
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brittney: a system will move through this evening into wednesday and bring another round of rain and possible thunderstorms. drying conditions will briefly set in wednesday afternoon into thursday ahead of another approaching storm system. this late week system will likely be the most potent of the week and result in widespread rainfall, stronger southerly winds and a greater potential for hydro-related impacts. (brittney) kron4's alecia reid is live tonight
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monitoring conditions in marin county. there's one common theme in downtownthere are sandbags everywhere.pkgsot - i think we'll be okdon and martha payne take a nightime stroll with their umbrellas, just in case. the stores downtown are mostly shut down for the night, but storm prep was a given. but it's not just businesses.sot - our house we have it readythis area is a known flood zone. with all the rain pounding the bay area, they've been on edge all winter. and now into the spring.don payne - enough rain for the year. the horn's been blowing for the last 2 months cars have been driving on slick roads, and it'll go on through the night. martha doesn't mind all the wet weather.martha payne sot - oh i feel so good. i like rain. i like sunny days tooshe might embrace it all, but her husband is ready for some dry
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days.sot - yea enough rain he'll just have to wait a bit longer. the morning commute is expected to be pretty nasty. so be prepared with your umbrellas, rainboots, raincoats, and everything you'll need to get through it. standupthere's still more rain..and we're going to be seeing that throughout the week,reporting live from san anselmo (pam) make sure you have the kron-4 mobile app to track the storm. we will keep you updated on severe weather and traffic in your area ... with breaking news push alerts. (steve) new tonight at ten: high drama in the normally sleepy east bay city of lafaytte. police say they're investigating a home invasion, robbery, and kidnapping.(pam) tonight the suspect is behind bars... after being arrested outside the chase bank in lafayette... where the alleged victim made his escape. grant lodes is here to sort this out. (grant) if this story from police is what actually according to investigators: a robber
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goes to a home on sweet drive in lafayette eary this afternoon...threatens to beat a man and his wife, steals a shotgun from the house...and forces the man who lives there to get in his car...and drive them to a bank so he could withdraw money. they end up about two miles away at the chase bank...near the safeway and whole foods. the suspect stays in the car with the shotgun...the alleged victim goes into the bank...tells employees what's happening. police show up minutes later...and arrest the suspepct. they says he's 26-year-old manuel bustos. he'll be booked on charges including kidnapping and robbery. (steve) a scary scene in redwood city today...a domestic violence dispute takes a deadly turn outside a business. it started when a man confronted his ex-wife with a gun outside her work. kron4's charles clifford explains what happened next.
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according to redwood city police, around 2:15 tuesday afternoon a 43-year-old man confronted his 44-year-old ex-wife in the parking lot of her employer here along penobscot drive. the woman apparently had a restrain order against her ex-husband and refused to talk to him. according to police, the man retrieved a handgun from his truck and chased his ex-wife across the parking lot. they also believe that during the pursuit he fired at least one shot. the woman managed to call 9-1-1 on her cell phone and then hid. when police arrived on scene, they confronted the man and tried to get him to lower his weapon. sot< deputy police chief gary kirby says they started to talk to him as he stopped for a short period of time. they tried to negotiate his surrender. unfortunately, there was an exchange of gunfire. one of our officers fired one round and we believe that he discharged around at himself, into his face.> redwood city police also confirmed that they have had previous encounters with the man. in just the last month,
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they had confronted him multiple times in connection to domestic violence issues with his ex-wife. the woman had also been granted an emergency restaining order against him which prompted police to seized several weaponssot< deputy police chief gary kirby says they seized several weapon in the home that were registered to him>as of tuesday evening, the identity of the man had not been released (steve) in san jose -- a man was hit and killed while riding his bike.. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. it happened near two schools... fammatre elementary and ida price charter middle... the victim has not been identified but we're told it is not a student. the man was on his bike near the intersection of leigh avenue
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and coit drive...just before 3:00 today when he was hit. he was pronounced dead on scene. the person driving the car stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. (pam) a big story tonight.. president trump embarks on one of his most important roles .. selling the republican replacement plan for the affordable care act... known as 'obamacare'. tonight... it appears many lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle ... are still not ready to buy in. and it comes, as president trump's pick for the supreme court ... faces tough scrutiny from the senate .. c-n-n's kristen holmes has the story from capitol hill. president trump taking on the role of closer-in-chief pres. donald trump: "the house bill ends the obamacare nightmare and gives health care decisions back to the states and back to the american people." selling one of the biggest deals of his presidency - his proposed
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healthcare bill- not only to voters... but to reluctant republicans..making yet another plea at the national republican congressional committee dinner pres. donald trump these are the conservative solutions we campaigned on.//we are keeping our promises. after a day on capitol hill toting the revised bill-- tweaked to appease both conservative and moderate lawmakers .. and rally the required 216 votes necessary to passrep. paul ryan/-r- house speaker: i would simply say that a lot of the members' concerns have been incorporated in this process. the president reportedly ramping up pressure behind closed doors - singling out some lawmkakers who oppose the bill and telling republicans they could lose seats if they didn't vote in favor of itrep. paul ryan/-r- house speaker: stand with our president and vote to end this obamacare nightmare once and for all some conservatives though -- still not sold. rep.mark meadows/-r- north carolina: "there's still not enough votes to pass this particular bill" the presidential push coming on day two of the confirmation hearing for trump's supreme court pick.where judge neil gorsuch for the first time publically criticized president trump's attacks on the federal judge who blocked
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his travel ban judge neil gorsuch/supreme court nominee: "i find that disheartening. i find that demoralizing 'cause i know the truth."on capitol hill, i'm kristen holmes. (pam) the white house had a quick response to the apparent criticism of the president by the supreme court nominee... press secretary sean spicer tweeted in response -- quote - "wrong and misleading: he spoke broadly and never mentioned any person". (pam) coming up --crime warning you need to know about. the thief police say is targeting people that look similar to herself... (steve) then: new at ten... first it was plastic bags -- could drinking straws be next? what's behind a new push to have these banned. (pam) and next: also new at ten... a san francisco business says.. a homeless encampment has popped up right outside its doors...and the city is doing nothing to stop it.
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( steve ) new at ten...employees in one section of san francisco say they are more than concerned about the growing tent city population outside their office.(pam) in fact, some are so upset about it... they have opted to pack up and leave at the end of the month. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story... he
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joins us live here in san francisco. j.r. it sounds like safety is the biggest concern here. it certainly is. even while i was standing on the street one man walked up to me with a metal rod another yelled from a distance with a wood plank.a building full of businesses on one side of the road tents of homeless people on the other side. it feels like a third world country here in america those who live and work in this area near 16th and potrero say the homeless population in these tents continues to rise. here on 15th and san bruno tent dwellers have set up shop outside businesses after being moved recently from across the street. an area that is now blocked by barricades. being a young woman and commuting and taking bart and being dropped off in the area yeah it is safe. i haven't had a problem but yeah some of my coworkers yeah they are scared to walk especially when it's around evening and it gets dark.we were emailed this video of a man defecating in the middle of the daytime and behind the new barricades. the employee who recorded this said it is nothing new. while in the area on tuesday we didn't have to go far to find syringes just laying around. some
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businesses have gone so far as to move out of the area. others hoping the city finds a solution. the thing is i feel really bad for these people but it gets worse every day. they keep blocking the sidewalks but then they move to some other sidewalks. seeing the needles on the street and having to deal with feces on the street it's more than just unsafe a lot of it is hazardous.a hazardous situation equipted with generators that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. the city has taken down tents in some of these areas but often times those living there just set up across the street. most agree that this is just part of what is a major citywide problem.
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((steve))some good news for the couple at the center of the bizarre vallejo kidnapping ordeal.they are now engaged. today aaron quinn popped the question to denise huskins...and she said yes. these are pictures from her facebook may remember back in 2015, huskins was kidnapped from the couple's home in vallejo.she was released in huntington beach two days later..vallejo police initially said the couple made the entire thing up..but weeks later police arrested matthew muller and charged him with her kidnapping.just last week muller was convicted..and sentenced to 40 years in prison. (pam) today the criminal trial started for three jail guards .... charged with murdering an inmate at the santa clara county jail. sheriffs deputies jereh lubrin, rafael rodriguez, and matthew farris have pleaded not guilty to charges of murdering 31-year old michael tyree... in august of
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2015. authorities say, he was beaten to death. the jail guards are also accused of assaulting another inmate as well. (pam) eight years ago today -- four oakland police officers were killed in the line of duty .... it was one of the worst attacks on law enforcement in california history. these are the fallen officers.the incident all started with a traffic stop on macarthur boulevard.. police stopped a convicted felon .. wanted for a parole violation. the man shot the two officers who pulled him over .... and then holed up in a nearby apartment on 74th avenue. as a swat team moved in, there was a shootout. the suspect was killed .... but not before two more officers died. had the suspect given himself up ... he would have faced six- months in prison for the parole violation. . (steve) a couple of people armed with several cans of spray paint hit a street in the east bay... but this story isn't about graffiti.
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it's about a woman who wanted to make sure ápotholes in her neighborhood didn't mess with people's cars. kron four's spencer blake checked it out in the oakland hills. (looklive)"just look how big these potholes are that linda foust was up against. she has, however, noticed that the markings she made around them have already started to make a difference."(pkg)what starts as a crackcan easily turn into a hole on any street, especially during a very rainy winter.and on thornhill road in the oakland hills, there are plenty of potholes."we live with the potholes up here on thornhill. it's insane." linda foust tries to avoid them on when she drives the mile-long stretch between highway 13 and her home on heather ridge."the thing that finally got my attention was 'the big one' right after heather ridge, and i kept bumping into it every morning." "all times of the night and during the day you can hear a tremendous thud of people's suspensions."so finally, she took matters into her own, she didn't buy tar
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and gravel to try and fill the holesbut she wanted to make sure it was easier for drivers to ásee out she went with her friend wendyand some spray paint, putting yellow and orange circles around the holes."then i noticed the circles weren't very apparent or visible, so i went and got some white paint." with that, they started maknig arrows pointing to the holes.if you pay attention as you drive, you can see just how many they tagged."this big one is the one that started the whole thing."other people who live along thornhill have noticed drivers sometimes swerving into the other lane to miss the holesso they appreciate the advanced warnings."she must've done a lot of work because they're all up and down the road."one neighbor even gave them money to cover the cost of their paint.foust thought about the possible illegality of her paint projectbut felt the good outweighed the bad."the last thing i expected was to end up on television."now she plans to call the city's public worksto kindly tell them the holes are already marked for oakland, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) a live look outside tonight in san francisco ... rain in the forecast through the rest of
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the week.. already falling in some sections of the bay tonight.. (steve) chief meterologist brittney shipp is here with what's ahead.. a system will move through this evening into wednesday and bring another round of rain and possible thunderstorms. drying conditions will briefly set in wednesday afternoon into thursday ahead of another approaching storm system. this late week system will likely be the most potent of the week and result in widespread rainfall, stronger southerly winds and a greater potential for hydro-related impacts.
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( pam ) at the rosie the riveter memorial in richmond today... a first celebration, in an effort to create an annual national 'rosie the riviter' day. phylis gould, one of the first women hired at richmond's shipbuilding back in 1942 .. spearheaded the effort to get the day recognized. however, organizers need to get additional legislation passed, in order to make a national day of recoginition every year..
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are known, have promised to continue to lobby for an annual recognition. (steve) still ahead in a brand new edition of people behaving badly..apparently these barricades are not enough... the off limits location -- some just can't seem to stay away from. (pam) but first... new at ten:a heist right in the middle of a bay area shopping mall... the video that police want you to take a close look at .. tonight.
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(steve) a bold and troubling crime to tell you about tonight. on the peninsula .. authorities say, a woman stole from an
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elderly resident then went on a shopping spree, and did it while dressed up as the victim. the san mateo county sheriff's department released 2 pictures of the suspect. authorities say, the victim - a 90- year old san mateo resident was out picking up groceries at bianchini in portola valley ... and at some point after paying, the suspect was able to lift the woman's wallet.
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authorities say, she went on a shopping spree - and attempted to use the card at the upscale neiman marcus store at the stanford shopping center. although she tried to charge a large amount .. the account was frozen and the suspect got away. authorities say, she has done this before in other states. (pam) new video tonight. police are trying to identify 2 people they say, stole a diamond from a jewelry store at the valley fair mall in san jose. we have survailence pictures from the robbery. police say, a man and a woman entered the store. the man asked to see merchandise. when the store clerk showed him the diamond, he took it and ran. the female suspect ran out with him. crimestoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. (pam) some good news for a young crime victim in marin county... deputies were able to return his stolen bike over the weekend. the bike- which was a chrsitmas gift- was taken from a front yard in the san geronimo valley. the victim saw
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his bike on a website .... and alerted the sheriff's department. deputies arranged to meet the seller in the industrial area of san rafael. when the suspect- arrived with the victim's bike, he was taken into custody. (steve) still ahead:new video shows just how fast an attempted kidnapping could happen.... on a public street in broad daylight. (pam) then: indepth on a-l-s...just days after 49er legend dwight clark announced he was diagnosed with lou gehrigs .... we look at the possible connection between the incurable disease -- and football. (steve) and next:the return of the rain already causing problems... hear from a family who managed to scape unhurt..when a massive tree crashed into their home.
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(pam) happening now:we are tracking heavy rain and possible thunderstorms heading into the bay area..(steve) this is a live look at san francisco and stormtracker four radar. and tonight -- our chief meteorologist brittney shipp has issued a stormtracker four alert for tomorrow.(pam) she's standing by in the weather center with how much rain we can expect. ...
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a system will move through this evening into wednesday and bring another round of rain and possible thunderstorms. drying conditions will briefly set in wednesday afternoon into thursday ahead of another approaching storm system. this late week system will likely be the most potent of the week and result in widespread rainfall, stronger southerly winds and a greater potential for hydro-related impacts.
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( steve ) our storm team coverage bay area family already feeling the impact of the return of the rain. an oak tree more than a century old... came crashing down in vallejo early this morning... a family was inside the home...asleep at the time. luckily everyone survived. kron four's philippe djegal was there while crews were cleaning up. nats- tree moving this downed oak tree wasn't done moving by the time city of vallejo inspectors arrived to assess the damage on capital street early in the morning... veronica mcelroy/homeowner- "we were awakened by what we thought was an earthquake." but by the time veronica mcelroy called 9-11 just after
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two o'clock in the morning... she realized it was the large oak tree on her front lawn that toppled onto her home... damaging power lines as well.veroncia mcelroy/homeowner- "the house was red tagged after pg&e cut the power."bridge an arborist says the tree was rotting from its roots... and, because of the strong winds and saturated soils -- it came down.veronia mcelroy/homeowner- "we've been here 11 years, this is our eleventh year, and when we first moved here, um, i called out a company to come and cut the tree, because i wasn't fond of it at all." mcelroy later decided against having the tree removed... because she says the permitting process was time consuming and too expensive. joanna altman with the city of vallejo says a free permit is required to trim trees... but the permit required to have an arborist assess an unhealthy tree and remove it costs 477-dollars.joanna altman/city of vallejo- "and, the fees associated with that really cover the costs of the arborist going out before and after and then it has to completely removed all the way down to the stump to remove the hazard, you know, of a sick tree." a city buidling inspector did return
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to the home in the afternoon... removing the red tag. so, veronica, her husband, son and dogs can go back inside... though it's possible the mcelroy's will be held reposible for paying for all of the repairs. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four nrw. (pam) it is a modern day noah's arc story of sorts.. dozens of animals saved from san jose's massive flooding .. and taken to higher ground. animals ranging from meercats to turkey vultures, a jaguar... and much more.all, now safe tonight, after being rescued from the destructive floods that were the worst san jose has seen in 20 years. as last month's storms raged .. zookeepers at happy hollow zoo.. rushed to move the critters to higher ground. some, like the meercats, had to hang out in a bathroom. even the fish in a coi pond... had to be relocated.
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affected the lower zoo we wound up evacuating all the animals from the lower zoo. we're slowing bringing some of the animal residents back into their homes as soon as we're able to and we're hoping to get the zoo in hollow back in business as quickly as possible.>(pam) volunteers are working round the clock to put happy hollow zoo... back together and open it again to the public. good news is that no animals were lost... however, bee hives were damaged by flood waters. the buzz is... volunteer bee keepers are working hard to try and restore the hives. (steve) federal help is coming to those affected by last month's severe flooding. (pam) kron4's grant lodes is here with the details.. and so many people need it.. grant? (grant) the united states small busniess administration is offering low interest loans to people affected by last month's devastating flooding. we're looking at video from san jose. businesses
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can borrow up to 2 million dollars while homeowners can borrow up to 200 thousand dollars. renters can borrow up to 40 thousand. alameda, napa, sonoma ,san mateo, santa clara, and santa cruz counties are the local counties which are eligible for the loan. to find out if you can get a federal disaster loan head to our website- we have a link set up with everything you need to apply. (steve) a teen girl walking home from her north hollywood school is nearly abducted when a man comes up and bear hugs her from behind. the girl gets away. and it's all caught on a neighbor's home surveillance camera. it's a video that will shivers down the spine of any parent. the teen is followed on her walk home by a man in a silver b-m-w. he
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gets out and grabs her...but she is able to break free and run away. thankfully the man gives up and drives away. police say they are using this footage...and are asking the public to help identify their suspect before he can attempt another kidnapping. (pam) still ahead...a-l-s in the spotlight after 49ers legend dwight clark announces he's been diagnosed... tonight -- we look into the possible connection between the uncurable disease -- and football. (steve) then -- a look at the new effort to ban drinking straws.
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gary radnich"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast... golden state... hey... all of a sudden they're back rolling again... we have the highlights from dallas... barry bonds... after a little exile from the giants... he's back and he'll be representing the franchise... we'll explain
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what went down... and also we'll roll the first place team hanging around here... the sharkies... later in this broadcast" ♪ [one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do] ♪ nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple (steve) indepth tonight:
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since former 49ers receiver dwight clark announced his als diagnosis... there's been an increased awareness of the effects of the fatal disease. (pam) yesterday-- kron4 news brought you a story of a man who is living with the illness. today-- kron4's mark carpenter takes a closer look at a possible connection between the disease ... and head trauma. ever since dwight clark's announcement, one of the questions that's been presented-- does football cause als? to explore this, i spoke with the experts at the san francisco-based 'gladstone institutes'-- an organization that specializes in researching neurological diseases. chief specialist dr. steve finkbeiner says as of now, research does not show a definitive link between the sport and als. "that connection has been looked at in a variety of epidemiological
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studies. whether it's physical activity, physical fitness or some sort of head trauma and the studies don't agree basically. so some studies seem to suggest there may be a link and one or more of those dimensions may increase your risk for als, but others aren't able to replicate it." dr. steve finkbeiner...exp laining one of the frustrating aspects of researching a complex disease like als. one of the scientific links that has been confirmed over the last several years... is repeated shots to the head can lead to chronic traumatic encephelopathy. like als, cte is associated with neurodegeneration....however, the illnesses aren't intertwined. "we know that there's a clear connection between head trauma and changes that the brain undergoes that are connected to neurodegeneration, even if we don't have a specific path to als." a possible byproduct of dwight clark's increased als awareness. youou may remember the ice bucket challenge craze from 2014...a trend that went viral and raised millions of dollars for als research. fred fisher, president als association-golden west chapter, says clark's status as a public chance to advance scientific advance chance to figure has a as a public clark's status chapter, says golden west association- head trauma. disease ... and
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( pam) new at ten: stop sucking. that's the name of a new, grassroots campaign, trying to get people to stop using plastic straws. (steve) the idea is, like pastic bags and anything's polluting our oceans and elsewhere... grant lodes is back now with a pretty creative video campaign
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to help get the message out. (grant) the group behind this effort went all in at the recent south by southwest festival in austin texas...setting up a video booth...and getting people to stand there...with cup and straw in hand...they proceed to get whacked by an enormous fake octopus tentacle. the website straw-less ocean dot ord is now laden with these...from that video booth. organizers are trying to get the stop sucking campaign to traction...
10:48 pm
people have been it. and videos like these are getting shared on social media. the group says americans use 500 million plastic straws every day... and they're simply not necessary. the group points out if we don't change our the nyear 20-50...plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans. some people are talking the pledge the time has come, my friends, to #stopsucking i'm going strawless from this day forward to help keep plastic straws out of the ocean. turtles never asked for this! recycleable no, single use paper straws are fine.
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a system will move through this evening into wednesday and bring another round of rain and possible thunderstorms. drying conditions will briefly set in wednesday afternoon into thursday ahead of another approaching storm system. this late week system will likely be the most potent of the week and result in widespread rainfall, stronger southerly winds and a
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greater potential for hydro-related impacts. brother vs brother in dallas tonightsteph curry going against his little brother seth curry who starts for the mavericks1st quartersteph curry 3-pointer he had 17 points seth scored 102nd quarterdraymond green down the middle for the monster dunk he only had 7 points but held harrison barnes... who was averaging 19 to only 5
10:51 pm
points2nd quarter the warriors bench takes control patrick mccaw the ally-oop dunk from curry(mccaw: 10 points)ian clark hits the tough floater wariors up 12 at halptime(clark: 18 points 42 for the bench)3rd quarter klay thompson 3-pointer (thompson: 23 points, 5 threes) final: 112-87 warriors they host sacramento saturday chicago bulls at toronto raptorsrobin lopez swats the ball out of the hand of serge ibaka the two square up in the middle of a crowd lopez swings and misses ibaka who returns in kind barely connecting with the head of lopez.lopez and ibaka were ejected. but this one of the few brawls that actually included some real action raptors won 122-120 in overtime
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barry bonds is back with the giantshe has been hired by the team as a special adviser. he will attend a few days of spring training starting wednesday in scottsdale arizona he'll also visit the giants' minor league teams. he'll report to ceo larry baer bonds said the giants will "always be my family," and he looks forward to "spending time with the team, young players in the system as well as the bay area community." sharks at the minnesota wild 2nd perioddavid schlemko ties the game for the sharks as the puck deflects in off
10:53 pm
the goalie 1-1 tiebut the wild score twice in 15 seconds martin hanzal turns on the red light for his 17th goal. 2-1 wildthen charlie coyle scores his 17th of the season 3-1 wildfinal: 3-2 wildsharks still in first place by 4 points in the pacific division world baseballclassic semi-final usa versus japan buster posey he hit 7th and was 1-for-3 brandon crawford also 1-for-3 hitting 9thwe usually don't show groundouts but in thie case this one in the top of the 8th by adam jones scores crawford with the go-ahead run 2-1 usabottom 8thnewly acquired giant mark melancon pitched 2/3 of an inning giving up a hit and a walk while striking out one batter hereformer oakland-a now with the astros luke gregorson with posey behind the plate...closes it out in style for the usafinal: 2-1 usa they play puerto rico for the championship in los angeles thanks gary.. here's
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what's next... coming upif you close a road they will come i'm in the city of fremont on morrison canyon road which by the way is shutdown i have a question for you for me yea why is he ignoring the barricades .and trust me he's not the only one i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (steve) cities have to do things to protect citizens from themselvesafter numerous attempts the city
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hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. (steve) sometimes cities have to do things to protect citizens from themselvesbut what if after numerous attempts the city is left scratching their heads because repeated attempts have not worked .(pam) well in this case, one east bay city is now thinking of installing concrete barricades ... because of the risks some people are taking .. a morning jog can be
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invigorating, but sometimes life throws obstacles in your way in this its barricades and chains and even more barricades i have a question for you who me if the roads closed you know what wait .. let's show you how much he had to go through to reach this point. i'm in the city of fremont on morrison canyon road and it's closed, i know this because of this huge flashing sign for me to get there i have follow a city worker through not one, nats: ambiance not twonats: ambiance but four other barricades where someone would have to physically move the barricades by hand on a road which is at best 9 feet wide because of the rainy weather there have been numerous mudslides we called out a geologist and he recommended that the road be closed until the end of the rainy seasonthis is city of fremont street maintenance
10:59 pm
manager carl valdez so the city created a hard closure at this point but something happened the first set of barricades were tossed over the edge of the road and the larger ones were bent over as if someone tried to drive over them then the city looked for a solution to that problem we tried to brainstorm what would keep people from going through tried to chain them together we did found any of these thrown over but we did find those moved aside and we say more and more tire marks. so then the city tried something else we had water filled barricades /and last weekend i got a call from one of my staff members say they moved the barricades so im thinking this happens every once in a whileno they're doing it every day but i never thought for a moment i would see a jogger it the road is closed why are you jogging through it i think its closed only for cars not for pedestriansyou mean this pedestrian and bicycles prohibited sign he had to jog past if there is a landslide and i die that's it oh btw i caught up with the jogger and showed him the sign
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((steve)) another wet commute in store for tomorrow morning.thanks for joining us at eleven..i'm steve aveson.((pam))and i'm pam moore.rain is already coming down in parts of the bay is the second of three storms set to hit the region this week.((steve)) meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking this latest storm..brittney? showers and isolated thunderstorms on and off tonight through wednesday. dry weather returns thursday. next system arrives late thursday night into friday with steady rain and gusty winds as a well organized front moves through the


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