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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 30, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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going minor surgery. last night he instagramed this pick and flashed a peace sign. a source close to production doctors are insisting that maks sit out the show for at least a month. >> peta is holding down the forth on their own. she gave birth to their son shai just two months ago. how are you doing? >> i'm just doing this. pumping during rehearsals sometimes. it gets crazy, doesn't it. >> she's busting her butt. >> you have two children you're taking care of right now because maks is rurt. >> yeah, right, he's hurt. >> if you're worrying how she'll do without max. don't. she'll have fill in alan again. >> and will dance to a song she knows really well. that's toxic of britney classic, heather performed it on glee in
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2010. it may be bachelor nick and maks' loyalty with peta. >> has he helped you? >> all the time. >> he'll give me a little nudge and pointers. he's actually been incredible. i have a bit of a crush on maks. who doesn't love maks? he's as much as part of our team as his own team. >> i wonder what his partner thinks about him helping the competition. >> ben affleck is back at work with his team. he joins the other superstars from justice league. it was ben's first public event since he announced that he has completed rehab and it was one of our top five cinemacon moments. >> he came to support justice league and then immediately right back out of vegas. ben is back in l.a. so he could pick up daddy duty with the kids. >> and speaking of kids, new mom of three mold joshua katherine
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heigl is really missing hers. >> this is the first time that i have left him. >> whose having more trouble being apart? >> i'm sure it's me. i already face timed him from the airport. >> it's cute. >> it's sad. >> catherine had total mom guilt leaving all three of her kids. >> my middle who used to be my baby gave me this rare like snuggle session this morning and i'm feeling like especially sad and missing my babies. that's ridiculous. >> here's something we don't get every day. justin theroux opening up about why he and jen anstaun chose to have a secret wedding a year naval ago. >> you want it to be a peaceful environment. >> good advice. now can someone police explain what's up with chris pine's new buzz cut? >> it was sheer boredom and the idea of clean slate and blank slate and new year and starting things new. >> not a fan, ladies? >> here the new shirtless shots
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of the wonder woman star that have the internet going wild. chris is just mad you won't see more. >> i was also worrying about 75 pounds of clothing, down coats, winter sweaters. i've made a major mistake. i've got in great shape and just put clothes over all of my hard work. >> and now all i can say is you're welcome. we got king arthur star charlie hunnam's how he stays fit. >> i try to make love as often i can. >> you say things in interview and then you say i shouldn't have said that. >> no, no charlie. we're glad you did. there is new fallout tonight after the shake-up on dance moms. abby lee miller out, former "dancing with the stars" sheryl burke, in. what do the parents think about the sudden switch? >> are you guys excited that cheryl's on the show? >> absolutely. >> production sources that tell
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"e.t." that during the filming of the current season they made a pact never to leave their girls alone with abby miller. the moms didn't feel their childrens were safe around her. >> i will take it away in a minute. >> mean chooil cheryl was all smiles where she worked with the young dancers for the first time. >> i'm teaching very, very talented kids and very passionate mothers. >> you think that she's going to do a better job than abby? >> i think she'll show up and not complain. >> and not be on her phone. >> cheryl's replacing abby lee for the remainder of the shows. >> it's a breath of fresh air. >> i was that kid and had that type of mom that was passionate about my career and very supportive. >> abby lee who quit the show via instagram on sunday night, she's done with the producers of the show but wants the girls to know that despite whatever they've been told she's never
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been upset with them. >> the girls are out there on social media saying that i said i don't want to work with them? that's bull, b.s. i never said that. >> abby lee miller setting the record straight one story at a time. now abc "scandal" is coming up on a major mile stone, the 100th episode. last week was a shocker, one main character shot and another turned evil. how do they keep the show so fresh? >> stop being a child! >> scandal is really turning things upside down, good girl abby as gone to the dark side. >> i think it's bold about everybody wanting me dead. >> looks like she may have ordered the shooting of huck. >> don't worry. i have no idea you were part of this. >> we shouldn't be too waurd about huck's fate right now you. >> perhaps not. for their 100th episode, big seasons in they're taking another crazy step to keep
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things fresh doing an alternate reality rewind. >> i was blown away. i thought the concept of crazy. >> it makes me smile just thinking about it. >> here's one clue. this never becomes -- fitz never becomes president. >> it's the same but not informed by all the events you've watched over the past six years. >> if the cast spoilers they have to answer to creator. >> what's the punishment. >> not being a part of this any more. >> what is the penalty, joe, if you spill one of those secrets? >> i think death. >> the stars in l.a. kerry gave birth to her second child in october but what about a baby in olivia's pope future. >> olivia pope at least for now is nobody's mama. >> i just can't see olivia pope pushing a stroller. >> let's move on. one star is mischa barton. she made headlines when a video
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surfaces of her melting down in her backyard. now mischa is speaking out about it publicly for the first time with dr. phil. >> i think it was complete hallucination. i had no idea what i was talking about. >> it was this january when mischa was seen in her backyard rack bling incoherently and screaming. >> were you seeing something or was it a visual hallucination. >> it was both. it was both auditory and visual. >> mischa was then voluntarily hospitalized for a mental evaluation. she later said she had been given a date rape drug at a party. >> the whole part just outside is blackout. >> what do you think happened the other day? you think you were okay? you think you were drugged. >> yeah. i'm sorry. >> it was quite a tumble from barton's exciting day starting in 2003 as hollywood's newest hit girl starting on the o."o.c >> it was an overnight success. >> after leaving the o."o.c." s
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began her downward spiral first with a dui. two years later she started on the short-lived series the beautiful li"the beautiful life". >> everybody was really concerned that i wasn't ready and there was a lot of pressure to do right by the show and the new series. >> that pressure mischa tells dr. phil involved people medicating her to keep her working. >> speed? >> not not just that, also things like zan exand things that would take away the anxiety and the public eye. i was getting pretty stressed out so they were just prescribing things they had no right to be prescribing. >> that episode of dr. phil airs on monday. >> and we will be watching. still to come. we go around the world with the fate of the furious cast. >> this is the moment where audience is going to go crazy. >> then inside the or with mama june for the surgery that removed her turkey neck.
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>> you're just going to go, like that. >>
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tomorrow on "e.t." >> i orkout to appease the
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your stomach is going to look something like this. >> like pork chop. >> you'll never be able to eat a lanch portion again. >> mama june has sure gone to dramatic measures to drop hundreds of pounds including surgery to make her stomach smaller but her big goal was to become a size 4. now we have a preview of tomorrow night's big reveal as mama june goes under the knife one more time. >> it's exciting. >> we're going to get rid of these guys. >> mama june's last procedure arm lipo and the removal of excess skin from one problem area. >> i'm going to mix my turkey neck. it's more famous than i am. >> so famous show producer's even made a turkey neck retrospective montage. in trying to bid fare we will to
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that unwelcome fleshy appendage june's already had cool skupt pting but she's nervous to go under the knife. >> it's my face. it's not like i can hide it if something goes wrong. >> why the once 460 pounds 37 mother of four so desperate to slim down. it's revenge. >> in the whole world you're the only one for me. >> the guy she said i do to is about to marry another woman and june wants to look good. >> i really would like for you to come because i want alana to be my flower girl. >> she has been supportive of her mom. we have to get revenge on him, where he's like i wish i had her. but on tomorrow night's episode she deliveries a twist. >> i don't know how she's going to recover. when i tell her she's not inviting to sugar bear's wedding. >> do you want to go to your ex-'s wedding. >> one word, no. >> still ahead. michael j. fox is beating the odd.
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a rare interview of how he's beating parkinson. >> i needed to get some male presence in the house quickly. >> "e.t."'s on the action pack set of fate of the furious, from new york, to iceland, to cuba how the movie is making history around the world. >> closed captioning provided by --
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scarlett johansson stuns in a sexy sequin ground. hit the red carpet in a custom made balmain number, ghost in the shell and her dress had us doing a double take. paris jackson wore a similar style at this year's gram my's. >> in the film scar-jo kicks butt and in real life she's been taking self-defense classes. >> my trainer is like, i'm this kind of young and clumsy sort of block of wood he has to carve
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something out of. >> and she maybe newly single with scarlett didn't walk the carpet alone. >> that's my brother. not really my date. he wanted a free ride over here actually. can i drive to the theater with you? i was like all right. >> awe, sibling love. scarlett's brother hunter is actually her twin and why don't we just celebrate two more strong females, shall we? charlize theron and michelle rodriguez star in the "fate of the furious." this whole case is off on their craziest ride yet. they're going where no movie has gone in decades. >> this is going to blow people's minds. >> in the franchise's eighth film there's no short cait jenner of epic explosions and crazy car chases but the opening street racing scene that's actually historic. >> we are the first global hollywood movie to be allowed.
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>> this is the first hollywood film shot the in havana since before the embargo in 1963. it two week shoots took months. >> it was a little crazy getting to cuba and getting everybody settled, once you were there, man, you could feel the spirit of the people. >> let's have some fun! >> and these air yael shots marked another major milestone, the first time an american helicopter has flown over cuban air space. >> then we go to new york city. >> in the big apple stunts are super sized as unmanned vehicles takeover man manhattan. cars are literally falling from the sky in one scene. >> three, two, one, go! >> the action is just so hard to beat. >> but they manage to do it by putting a car chase on ice.
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>> we at it again, iceland, let's go. >> four weeks crews brave frigid temperatures filming in remote parts of the country. >> not only was it 23 below zero but we were on a frozen lake and all of it became mental torture for the black guy from the getto of l.a. >> what are they shooting at me? >> i don't know, maybe because you're in an orange lamborghini. >> and then there's this 95 mile power shootout with this nuclear submarine. >> this is the audience is going crazy because they're having fun. >> take the wheel. >> what? this is crazy! >> can you dig it? i can't wait for this movie. vin diesel just made it official too. it's the kickoff to a new
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trilogy. there will be a ninth and a tenth. >> one of the highlights of this year's oscars was michael j. fox when he got that standing ovation and now he's opening up in a rare interview about his 26 year battle with parkinson's disease and why he desperately needed to bring in a new member of his family. >> i was drowning in a sea of estrogen. i needed to get some male presence in the house quickly. >> his male buddy's gus who was added to the fox family after eldest child sam went to college. michael and tracy pollan also have some three daughters. >> you can go to greenwich village to a party at 15. that's horifying stuff. it's scary to realize how time goes by so fast when you have kids. i wish i had a time machine. >> today michael is 55 years old and on the cover of aarp magazine but he's not retiring.
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he's continued to work since his parkinson's diagnosis in 1991. back then doctors told me he had about ten years to live. he beat the odds and his foundation has raised more than $700 million to find a cure. >> it's amazing how far we've come in 20 years. we're now testing therapies with companies stuff that we funded way back when has now made it to clinical trials which is a tremendous accomplishment. >> it's been nearly 35 years since fox shot the superstardom on family ties and he's proud of the shows legacy. >> it's great to be a part of people's lives, over the expand of their lives. "family ties" is different from back to the future because you're in people's houses, in their kitchen and they treat you that way. >> now, i want you to listen to this because this is called an ego check. the clue was michael j. fox's character in family ties and his daughter didn't know the answer. >> 11 letters across. >> or down.
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>> her dad. >> alex p. keaton if everybody didn't know now. which reality show has won the most emmy's. >> amazing race. so simple. >> i knew you'd would know. >> chuck norris is right behind you. >> i bet you a buck he catches the salt shaker? >> you're on. >> hey, chuck. >> you owe me a buck. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: breaking news tonight. the incident killed four people... and left dozens without a home. now we know the cause of monday's massive oakland fire. rising tensions at an east bay high school after racist fueled incidents on campus. today tempers flare as students take a stand against hate. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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movie war machine. see it all at "e.t." >> promo consideration provided by --
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>> my ultimately fantasy is to go on the amazing race. >> me too. >> it has won 15 emmy awards, it's that good and back tonight. >> host phil keoghan, season 29 has a new twist. >> you are about to pair up with a complete stranger. >> these complete strangers are competing in nine countries, 17 cities over 36,000 miles and they can win a million bucks. >> what are you waiting for? >> some relationships work right out of the gate. there's just a good chemistry and there's others you could describe as disastrous which makes for good tv. >> let's go! >> no great tv. >> just give us a chance. now at eight we will not tolerate racism. we will not tolerate anti-semitism. we will not tolerate homophobia tensions boil over at at an east bay high school .... the angry crowd surroundes students suspended for posting
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offensive messages on social media.whooshnew at eight ... he treated dozens of patients at a storefront clinic in the tenderloin.... diagnosing their ailments and prescribing medications.when fellow volunteers checked his credentials ... they called policewhoosha peaceful street in a quiet east bay community. when a couple in their seventies arrived home ... a frightening encounter awaited them in their own driveway. whoosha sheriff's deputy caught on tape ignoring an emergency call about a won't believe what he told his ex girlfirnd he's doing insteadyou're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) breaking news tonight at 8. three days after four people died in oakland. we are learning what triggered the massive fire. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. grant lodes is tracking this breaking development. he joins us now with the cause. grant (grant) we just learned a


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