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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(jr stone) now at ten... traffic is back to normal tonight.. after 14 people where injured in four car crash in antioch.... thanks for joining us, i'm j-r stone...(justine) and i'm justine waldman... a child was injured and had to be airlifted to oakland children's hospital. it happened on highway four just after the a street exit... three helicopters were used to take the victims to hospitals... and you can see traffic was at a stand still... it looked just like a parking lot... no one was moving...(jr stone vo) at least one person got out of their car on the freeway to walk their dog. others sat on their cars. kron4's hermela aregawi is in anitoch with details on what happened.
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(jr stone) and we first
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told you about the crash and the back up through a push alert at 7:15 this evening. if you want breaking news alerts sent to your phone all you have to do is download the free kron 4 mobile app. (justine) there is a beach warning tonight... for rip currents and sneaker waves... until tomorrow morning. earlier this week, two people were swept away at northern calfornia beaches. on monday a 22-year-old man was rescued at baker beach in san francisco. he was attempting to save another man who appeared to be unconcious. and crews eventually lost sight of him. on tuesday afternoon, a 9-year-old boy was swept out into the ocean at mona-stery beach in carmel he was rescued, but later died at the hospital. people at the beach today..told kron four they are being more cautious around the water.(sot) "i didn't want to go too far because the waves are really big and im not trying to get washed away.i've always said i'll never go in the ocean but it's just very scary.yea we were just running away from the waves."(justine)
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officials say if you are caught in a wave you should not fight the current. you should swim parallel to the shore until the current releases you and then make your way back to shore. and if a friend or pet is caught in the current, do not attempt to rescue them on your own, just call 9-1-1. (jrs stone) a live look outside in san francisco tonight.. along the embarcadero... the weather has been very warm all across the bay area. (justine) meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now from the weather center with details on the beach hazard.. lawrence karnow: the weather has been spectacular and that's why a lot of people are flocking to the beach. we had some highs near the coast in the low
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70s. but the waves and shore breaks will be running high at about 8 to 12 feet. rip currents will also be stronger. the beaches most affected will be west and northwest facing beaches. be very careful if you're going there and never turn your head away from the ocean. the weather will be beautiful again tomorrow. we could see a few patches of coast fog in the morning then plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. there are big changes ahead and maybe even some rain. we'll have more details coming up. (justine) in the north bay... a brave 13 year-old girl escaped her kidnapper
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this morning by jumping out of a moving vehicle. police responded to a call from a man saying "his companion" had jumped out of his truck on highway 1 and south harbour way in bodega bay. when police arrived... the girl stumbled out of the bushes covered in road rash and told officers she had been assaulted. authorities say the girl met 50 year-old timothy marble at a gas station in napa. and that marbles sexually assulted the teen several times and injected her with methamphetami ne. he also used a razor blade and knife to cut her and scratch his name into her skin. marble was arrested on numerous counts of sexual acts with a minor, kidnapping and child abuse. ...... "100-percent believe... that they are connected.who ever is responsible for arianna being missing is responsible for murdering my sister."(jr stone) the search and struggle for a bay area family continues. today marks the one- year anniversary that mom nicole fitts was murdered.
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her three year old arianna is still missing but her family is not giving up hope. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the san francisco police station. ella, i personally know some of the relatives in this story. i know you were talking with them tonight. how are they doing? they are really in pain but still believe in their hearts that ariana is alive.police haven't revealed any new leads yet but the family continues to suspect the girl's babysitters for their year of heartache. "someone wanted arianna someone wanted to keep this precious little girl. so i do believe she is alive and being cared for."it's been one year since three-year-old arianna fitts was last seen alive in oakland and her mother nicole fitts was killed.her family hasn't given up hope that the little girl will one day come home.contessa fitts, nicole's sister: "it's been, it's been really, really difficult." nicole's body was found buried in a shallow grave at mclaren park in san was
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there a memorial was held on the one year anniversary of her murder saturday.claire bonnar, arianna's aunt: "to imagine that anyone would want to hurt her is incredible."the family continues to suspect the child's babysitters as the reason for their pain and suffering."everyone we knew pretty much showed concerned and would reach out and try to help us figure out what what going on and they never did." the last time arianna was seen by her family was february of 2016.san francisco police continue to investigate her disappearence."i believe someone wanted arianna for their own. and i believe that once that was revealed, nicole. to silence her she was murdered." arianna's family believe she is still alive but could be anywhere. there is a 10- thousand dollar reward information leading to an in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(justine) tonight, a mother is in custody accused of abducting her two daughters... the c-h-p has cancelled the amber alert around four afternoon.... the 14-year-old and 9-year old sisters. the two girls were found safe in chico. the chp says the two girls were abducted friday afternoon from greenville in plumas county...outside of sacramento. now in custody the girls mother... 33-year-old alicia lapp. (jrs) in the east bay tonight.... still no resolution in the racially charged situation at albany high school. a group of freshman students there are accused of and have been disciplined by the school for racially insensative posts on instagram... and, for doing the nazi salute as they
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walked down a school hallway. today, parents of the victims and the accused were supposed to meet face to face... but as kron four's philippe djegal reports... that meeting didn't happen. (philippe) only one side of the albany high school controversy showed up saturday morning...lerond mallard/parent - "we were informed via email, that the meeting for the families involved has been postponed to a future date." the assistant prinicpal sent this e-mail out to parents of the victim's in this cyber hate case friday afternoon... without explanation as to why the meeting was cancelled. ann daly-mallard/parent- "(philippe) is today a setback? (ann) in my opinion yes." ann daly-mallard and her husband lerond were looking forward to the chance to meet with parents of the seven freshman students who, this week, returned from serving suspensions. this after they were linked to racist messages posted on instagram... and, later seen making anti-semetic gestures on-campus. the mallard's daughter is one of the victims.lerond mallard/parent- "(lerond)
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ultimately, we want an acknowledgement and an apology for what was done. (philippe) have you not received that? (lerond) to this point? no." the parents who did show up are disappointed the meeting was postponed... calling this a missed opportunity. kristy du'gar/parent- 'this week, the kids were thrown into a situation that ultimately resulted in chaos." on thursday... more than 100 students protested the return of their disciplined classmates. the next day, the school's black student union hosted a unity rally in support of the victims. head varisty girls basketball coach ray newsome junior and some of his players were targeted in the posts.ray newsome junior/head coach- "we're reaching out to the parents. the parents of the harmers. we want to hear from them. you know i know they're, they're going through a difficult situation with their children right now, but we need to hear from them." because at this point, this group believes the students behind the derogatory posts... should be expelled. in albany, philippe djegal, kron four news. in contra costa county...
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a man died when he crashed his mini-van into the back of a fire truck... that was stopped at the scene of an accident. this happened last night near antioch on eastbound highway four. the 47-year old man driving the mini-van died at the scene. three firefighters in the fire truck complained of pain... and one was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. (sot) the c-h-p is investigating if drugs or alcoholplayed a role in this deadly crash. (jr stone) two people are without a home after a fire burned through their mobile home. it happened early this morning just before eight... the red cross is providing assistance... the cause of the fire is still under investigation. kron-4's averi harper was at the scene were she spoke with the two residents that lost everything.
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this is all that's left of the trailer home that geno garcia and his father called home.a fire tour through their trailer home inside this senior community in union city. geno garcia/fire victim: "i woke up in the whole house was covered in smoke, thick smoke, and i was choking and coughing i noticed there was a red glow from the kitchen so i screamed for my father."geno's father is their mobile home burned they tried to save some of their belongings... but the fire became overwhelming."i said dad what could we save. we should've just saved ourselves because i didn't realize how fast the fire was moving."homes like these can burn to the ground in minutes.chief rob peterson/ alameda county fire battalion chief: "they burn really hot they're hard to put out it's mostly a defense of operation because it's typically very unsafe to go in."that's when a neighbor came to their aid... helping the father and son escape their crumbling home. his name is lua popoe... and people in the neighborhood are calling him a hero.lua popoe/good samaritan: "i was in the right place at the right time i don't want
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to be a hero i'm so glad that i save someone's life."it's help the garcia's were grateful to have."we're safe and that's the main thing." averi harper: the garcia's are just happy they came away with their lives. i spoke with the manager of the community that they live in and i'm told i'll have to level the home and replace it with another trailer home. in union city, averi harper, kron 4 news. (jr stone) coming up... new images released of the missing tennessee student and teacher.. we'll tell you where they were spotted. (justine) plus... another house explosion near a popular resort in tahoe... the cause of this one... coming up..(jr stone) and the death toll continues to rise in columbia after a river overflows causing a surge of mudslides. after the break... we'll have the latest on the search efforts..
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(justine) almost 200 people are dead after massive mudslides in columbia...near the boarder with ecuador. an avalanche of water from three overflowing rivers swept through a small city in colombia destroying homes and killing unsuspecting victims in their sleep. 200 people are injured. power is out. trees are down. and the cities fresh water supply was wiped out. the president of columnia blamed climate change for triggering the
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avalanche. (jr stone) for the second time in a week there was a gas explosion near kirkwood resort in the lake tahoe area. this is cell phone video showing the latest case that happened yesterday afternoon. you can see the flames shooting out of this home. no one was hurt and no one was inside. chp says this was a gas explosion. fire investigators are still trying to determine exactly what happened. they do say that those living in this area or those with vacation homes should regularly clear the snow off of their propane tanks. doesn't happen often but in big snow years it does happen. this year has been very very unusual for conditions. the problem in this instance they haven't been up for a very long time so they haven't taken care of their snow removal. crews
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say the first explosion happened last saturday on the same street. no inuries were reported in that case either. (jrs) on a lighter was a beautiful day up in the sierra today. still lots of snow on the ground and blue skies. this is a picture taken by those with squaw valley alpine meadows. it's at 8-thousand feet. they said that usually they need a 10 foot ladder to get to their weather plot. which is what you see in this picture. on friday a different story. they had to dig 10 feet down just to get to that weather plot. so there is still a lot of snow on the ground for skiers up in the (justine) new at 10. an avalanche on mount juneau in alaska... was captured on cell phone. the snow stopped 15-feet from a gate separating the foot of the mountain from the a neighborhood. no one was hurt. and no homes were hit. the witness says it
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sounded like thunder... this is the third avalanche in the area in about six weeks. (jr stone) turning our attention to weather...(justine) join us now is lawrence karnow with how long this warm and breezy weather is going to last. lawrence karnow: what a wonderful start to the weekend. todays high were some of the warmest of the year with some numbers sneaking into the low 80s. there were plenty of people out enjoying the sun today and it's still looking good out there tonight. if you're headed outdoors bring a light jacket
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since we're seeing a light breeze and some cooler temperatures especially near the coast. you can see the ridge of high pressure over california bringing us all of this beautiful weather. i think it will hold on for one more day before a cold front brings in a few more cloud and some gusty winds. still tonight we could see a few patches of fog along the coast with clear skies elsewhere. you can see the clouds trying to move in on our computer model before being swept away tomorrow afternoon. you'll also find beautiful weather around the state with a few 80s in the central valley. highs tomorrow will be very similar inland with upper 70s and a few low 80s possible inland. we could see some patchy fog near the coast
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early then plenty of sunshine there with highs in the 60s. we will see some drastic changes over the next 7 days. winds will be gusty on monday with cooler temperatures, high pressure builds in to warm us back up a few degrees midweek before the clouds return late thursday. there a possibilty of rain on friday with cool showers into next weekend. (jr stone) this week the city of watsonville will treat pinto lake in order to avoid toxic algae from spreading.(jr stone) officials will use a nutrient chemical called alum to control the lake's algae. alum is usually used to treat drinking water... it's considered to be safe and effective. pinto lake develops the algal blooms during the summer and fall. people that are exposed to the water treatment may get sick. city officials
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recommend to avoid the area. the treatment starts on monday and ends on friday. (justine) new details in the manhunt for a missing student and teacher from tennessee.(justine) the new images released show former teacher, tad cummins and 15-year-old, elizabeth thomas at a walmart in oklahoma city last month. it shows cummins with darker hair and thomas possibly with red hair. this is the latest evidence police have on the two since disappering on march 13th. mark gwyn, tbi director: "she is a high school freshman, he's a former teacher. this is and was not a romance. this was manipulation solely to benefit tad cummins".(justine) under tennessee law, children over 12-years old can decide whether to leave their families. police have issued an amber alert for thomas and say they have warrants charging cummins with sexual contact with a minor and
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aggravated kidnapping. (justine) coming up... a suspect appears in court, charged with causing the collapse of a major section of interstate in atlanta. and prosecutors added a new charge today... the potential sentence the man could face... (jr stone) and after the break... we're learning new details on that las vegas bus shooting... why officers say they had a hard time seeing the gunman inside the bus.
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(jr) las vegas transportation officials are rethinking bus security after last week's deadly shooting on the vegas strip. the team is now looking at the use of surveillance video and the advertisements covering bus windows. authorities say the ads made it difficult for officers to see the gunman inside... or determine if there were any hostages.
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police say the suspect killed one man and injured another on a bus. a transit agency spokesperson says they are now searching for an alternative material to improve visibility from the outside. officials are also looking into adding live access to video monitors... allowing a real-time view inside the buses. (justine) we are learning more about that major section of georgia interstate that collapsed during a huge fire friday. we've learned the man believed to be responsible for setting the fire is now facing an additional arson charge. work is already underway to clear the mess and fix the suspended section of highway 85... from our partners at c-n-n andrew spencer reports that work will likely take months to complete. even as investigators work to determine the exact cause of this fire, which burned hot enough to take down a major section of i-85 in atlanta, prosecutors have charged this man with arson.basil eleby appeared in court on saturday.
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the judge presiding over his case stressed how astronomical the cost of fixing the interstate will be.judge james altman / fulton county: "my second inclination in thinking about it was some compensation to the victims would be appropriate, but again, even at a dollar a person, that would amount to several million dollars."investigators say eleby is homeless and that he set the fire intentionally, but they haven't said why or how. the judge set bond at 200- thousand dollars.if eleby is convicted of first-degree arson, he would face up to 20 years in prison.crews have already started the long process of clearing all the debris. transpiration officials stress this is a very big job, and it will not be finished quickly.russell mcmurry / gdot commissioner: "this will take at least several months to get this rebuilt. again, that's over 700 feet of bridge that has to be removed and totally rebuilt."i'm andrew spencer,
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reporting (jrstone) in florida... two people are dead after two small planes collided in the air this morning. investigators say six planes were practicing formation flying at the time... and believe the two planes were part of that group. n-t-s-b investigators cannot yet confirm if the planes involved were practicing for an air show or if they were amateur flyers. officials are also not sure yet if the victims were the pilots... or if there were other people onboard the two planes. (jr stone) still ahead... the san jose community came together to remember san jose little league board president frank navarro. and tonight his family is speaking out for the first time since his death....(justine) coming up next... a member of san francisco gay men's chorus dies on stage during intermission... what we are learning about what happened....
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(justine) now at 10:30.... after losing one of its biggest voices.... the san francisco gay men's chorus continued with performances today in the face of tragedy. (jr stone) on friday one of their singers passed away between acts.(justine) kron four's spencer blake was at átoday's concertwith details on how his music brothers are remembering 39-year-old ryan nunez. (singing nats)normally artistic director tim seelig likes to get straight to the singing.but at the beginning of saturday afternoon's concert, he began with a sad announcement - that chorus member ryan nunez died during friday night's performance. "considering the fact that this entire thing is about paradise and heaven and going home, there is a chance you're going to see some broken up people on the stage."nunez fainted during the intermissionand it turned out to be more serious than anyone thought.he died about 45 minutes later, and the chorus didn't finish the show."it was
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a surprise to hear that announcement at the start, but it was a very sweet announcement and it was a nice tribute that they did."but saturday, the music carried on. "it was really difficult, i think, but it was also very cathartic. executive director chris verdugo is unaware of any medical condition nunez had, but he knows he leaves a deep hole in the organization. nunez also served as the administrative coordinator. "ryan gave more than he took. and if there's a lesson to take away from all of this, it's to really give."lyrics to songs like 'nearer, my god, to thee' (singing nats)and way up there (singing nats) took on new meaning for the group saturday."i was kinda getting really emotional about it just because , knowing what they're going through."the funny guy who welcomed all the new members into the chorusjust may have heard their songs this weekend."i have never heard this chorus sing better than it did today for him."in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news.
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(justine) we know now the cause of death for gilbert baker... the man who created the iconic gay- rights rainbow flag.(áávoáá) the new york city medical examiner's office says baker died of natural causes. his cause of death...heart disease. 65-year-old baker was found at his home on friday. the artist and gay-rights activist was best known for creating the rainbow flag in 19-78. (jr stone) in the south bay... it was opening day for the eastridge little league... and it was also their first game since the death of their board president frank navarro. navarro was stabbed to death last month while working security at a nightclub. kron4's lydia pantazes is live where frank navarro's family spoke for the first time since his death... lydia? (lydia)there was mixed
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emotions at opening day for eastridge little you can imagine teams excited to start their season but also sad that their board president wasn't here. (pkg)singing....opening day for east ridge little league... a time for kids to hit their first home run...or strike out their first batter.but there was something missing today for players and parents of eastridge little league..."he was the rock of our community, everyone, if they needed something and if no one else would help them, they would know where to go, they would go to him."it's the first game since the death of 35-year old frank navarro.... who served as board president for five years. navarro died after being stabbed near the bar where he worked on february 26th.his father spoke with me for the first time since since his death..."east ridge little league was his thing and i wish he could have been here today."he didn't want to show his face..."the last thing he told me was here at the little league, he was cleaning up and
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he said dad i love you, i'll see you next week."between right field and center field a reminder of navarro..."he really deserved to be honored and we just wanted it to be really perfect and i think today went really well, i think he would have been proud, i think he was here with us."the league put up a billboard with a picture and quote from navarro.the league also announced that minor league team... the san jose giants will be building a fourth field for east ridge and naming it after navarro. directly behind this field."of the brace.... we left be you frank." (justine) the senate is
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headed for a tense showdown over president donald trump's supreme court nominee... and it could have extensive consequences for congress, the high court and the nation. majority leader mitch mcconnell and his republicans are determined to confirm judge neil gorsuch within the week. in order to do so... they will likely have to override democratic objections and change senate rules. that change would allow gorsuch to be confirmed with a simple majority in the 100-seat chamber, instead of the 60-voter threshold. it would allow all future supreme court nominees to be confirmed without regard to the objections of the minority party. (jr stone ) back here in the bay area... san jose residents gathered at a town hall meeting today... where they had the opportunity to voice their concerns to elected officials. kron-four's jeff pierce has more on just how heated that meeting got.
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town hall meetings by elected officials throughout the country have been beset by loud voices concerned about national issues. but on saturday a town hall meeting in san jose provided contrast to those boistrous voices as mayor sam licardo and congressman ro khanna addressed a civil audience that wanted answers to issues that are subject to the current administration in washingto ,issues like health care.would you please stop calling it obama care and go back to the affordable care act. because to me obama care then people start calling it trump care then ryan care.if we have medicare for all or at least a public option you would see premiums go down in this country you would see better coverage we know what the solution is we need to have the political will to get there.transportation issues like extending bart.i'm absolutely committed that berryessa will not be the end point to this bart line. we've got to build it through to east san jose down to santa clara street. we've got to do everything to make sure the federal money is there.the contestious issue of
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immigration was part of the conversation.major cities throughout the country recognize that it is not sensible to have local police enforcing federal laws including immigration laws. while all those issues are affected by what the federal government does or does not due it was civil discussion in forums like these that ultimately make for change in the community.being able to do things like this i think provides a great antidote to what's happening is washington. all politics is local and that's why i come to contrast to the rancor and divisiveness that we see in washington d.c. we really have a city that is increasingly united in how to tackle our biggest san jose jeff pierce kron four news.
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(justine) coming up... things may be a little hectic in the coming weeks at san francisco international airport.. find out why a runway at the major bay area airport will be closed for several weekends.(jr stone) and after the break... a major recall you need to know about if you eat frozen bean and cheese burritos... we'll tell you why over 200 cases are being recalled...
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(jr stone) new at 10. a company called menu del sol. is recalling over 200 cases of bean and cheeses frozen burritos. the reason possible contamination of listeria a potentially deadly bacteria. the company voluntarily reported the recall after product testing detected traces of the fatal bacteria. the recalled product was distributed in and sold via retail outlets in nevada and here in california. (justine) anti-allergy
10:41 pm
medicine epipen and epipen junior are being recalled...because they may not work.(justine) the f-d-a says the pens have a defective part that could keep them from activating. while this could be potential life- threatening.. the maker of epipen ... mylan... says the defected pens are "extremely rare." the recalled lots were distributed between december 2015 and july 2016. customers with concerns can reach out directly to mylan for a free replacement... (jr stone) s-f-o will close one of their runways during the weekends for the next nine weeks.(jr stone) the airport is repaving runway 28 left... they began the project tonight. the runway is mainly used for arriving flights. it's expected to be done in early june... the last time it was paved was in 2008. the new runway will feature long- lasting l-e-d lights and new ground markings. during memorial day weekend all four runways will open. (justine) coming up...
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it's tough getting old -- even for a giraffe... find out the unexpected treatment one giraffe gets at the oakland zoo to keep it moving... (lawrence) temperatures soared into the 80s in some part of the bay area today. can we do it again tomorrow. we'll talk about it next.(jr stone) ahead in sports... north carolina.... (justine) only on kron
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four tonight... animal experts say... giraffe's experience the same aches and pains we do .... as we get older... and, they say, a chiropractor is a convenient way to get the kinks out ... without overloading the animal with medicine.(jr stone) tonight, kron four's philippe djegal visits the oakland zoo... for an in-depth look at how giraffes power
10:45 pm
through physical therapy. (philippe) nats- "a little bit more sweetheart. there we go." at 25 years-old... this reticulated giraffe from kenya named mosi (moe-see) is considered elderlynats- "there we go mose." a few years ago... her keepers at the oakland zoo noticed her stretching oddly... and, realized her back and pelvis were stiff and could use chiropractor.betsey carpenter/chiropractor- "i use this thing called motion palpation and so we put the joint through its normal range of motion and wherever it's restricted, that's where i know it needs to be adjusted. nats- "and, she's tolerating that pretty well." for at least two years now... certified animal chiropractor betsey carpenter has treated mosie... one of eight giraffe's at the zoo.betsey carpenter/chiropractor- "this is how we determine how the vertabra are fixed, so i'm just kind of moving it back and forth like that. this is my biggest diagnostic tool besides observation."bridge betsey flies out from her home base in new mexico to
10:46 pm
work with the giraffes about twice a month. she says this isn't corrective care, but rather to improve the giraffe's quality of life. betsey carpenter/chiropractor- "so that while she's here on the planet, she'll be able to get around and do what giraffes do, and um, have a better experience."nats- "take your time, good girl." the physical therapy is done in a back holding area. on her own time, mosi stands in a shoot with hatches and doors so betsey and the giraffe keepers can access her without getting hurt. to better reach mosie betsey uses a metal device to loosen up the animal's muscles and joints. betsey carpenter/chiropractor- '"im using a lot of force inward, but it does look like combing. you can't see the amount of pressure that i'm actually using. i'm using as much as she'll tolerate and as much as i can provide." the sessions can last anywhere from five to 15 minutes... and, when the work is done... mosi can walk on stage for zoo guests to enjoy in the exhibit...jessica real/giraffe keeper- "it makes our giraffe more comfortable and that is gonna provide a healthier, longer life. we really try to avoid using medication as long
10:47 pm
as we can, if we can handle her pain and ailments any other way, than that's definitely our first choice." giraffe's don't get the same level of exercise in captivity as they would in the wild. so, betsey says managing soreness through a chiropractor helps...betsey carpenter/chiropractor- "i'm so blessed that i get the opportunity to be here and do this. i feel incredibly fortunately." from the looks of it... mosi feels the same way. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) sunny and breezy condtions across the bay area.(justine) joining us now is meteorologist lawrence karnow.. lawrence karnow: what a wonderful start to the weekend. todays high were some of the warmest of the year with some numbers sneaking into the low 80s. there were
10:48 pm
plenty of people out enjoying the sun today and it's still looking good out there tonight. if you're headed outdoors bring a light jacket since we're seeing a light breeze and some cooler temperatures especially near the coast. you can see the ridge of high pressure over california bringing us all of this beautiful weather. i think it will hold on for one more day before a cold front brings in a few more cloud and some gusty winds. still tonight we could see a few patches of fog along the coast with clear skies elsewhere. you can see the clouds trying to move in on our computer model before being swept away tomorrow afternoon. you'll also find beautiful weather around the state with a few 80s in the central valley. highs tomorrow will be very similar inland with upper 70s and a few low 80s possible inland. we could see some patchy fog near the coast early then plenty of sunshine
10:49 pm
there with highs in the 60s. we will see some drastic changes over the next 7 days. winds will be gusty on monday with cooler temperatures, high pressure builds in to warm us back up a few degrees midweek before the clouds return late thursday. there a possibilty of rain on friday with cool showers into next weekend.
10:50 pm
(jr stone)final four action in glendale. we start with oregon and north carolina.the ducks representing the pac-12 and it was one heck of a game between oregon and tar heels. the ducks were rolling in the first half dylan ennis hits back to back three's... oregon fans were feeling it. but in the second half the tar heels started to take control... kennedy meeks slams it in... north carolina extended their lead by five.time winding down for oregon... the ducks find keith smith to make a one point game with six seconds left in the game.they are force to foul and joel berry the second misses the free throw and meeks once again comes up big for the tar heels. they run out the clock and are going to their second straight national championship gamethe win 77-76(wipe to gonzaga) ...... top ranked gonzaga taking on south carolina in a game that proved to be a good one. early on south carolina showing that they are better
10:51 pm
than that 7 seed they got. karnowski stuffed by chris silva.then the gamecocks in transition. justin mckie for three.yesthat would tie it. we go to the second half. gonzaga up 56 to 46 and jordan matthews with the big three. that would put the bulldogs up thirteen. nigel williams goss playing hard. that ball is in and one. gonzaga was fired up for this one. south carolina would cut this lead though. they would tie the game late but gonzaga proved why they have lost just one game all season. staying tough and not letting up. they would go on to beat south carolina 77 to 73 in a game that was a bit closer than that score indicates. gonzaga will now take on north carolina on monday. the giants taking on the a'sbattle of the baygame three of the exhibition series. and it was a beautiful day for baseball in oakland.athletics out to a lead early on. bottom of the third. matt joyceline drive to right field. pence isn't
10:52 pm
going to get to it right away. joyce has extra bases on this one. two runs would score as joyce hits a double here. but don't count the san francisco giants out. nick hundley. catching for the giants today with bases loaded here. he says.see yaaaa.that ball is gone. giants go up four to two. hundley was two of four on the day. giants up four to three in the seventh justin ruggiano says, it is a beautiful day for baseball. so beautiful i'm going to hit a homerun. giants go up six to three. the score would stay like that as the giants go on to sweep the athletics 3 games to nothing in the series. they win 6 to 3. giants will now travel to arizona as they open up the regular season tomorrow against the diamonbacks. a's don't open up until mondayit's a home game as they take on the los angeles angels. and that is sports (justine) coming up next... we'll tell you how firefighters train to practice regulating oxygen use..
10:53 pm
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this... here's one way to spice up on-the-job training. firefighters ran around the orland fire department in glenn county, fully suited, for a friendly game of dodgeball ... with a twist! they say getting active while wearing their equipment is good practice for regulating emergency situations. ( justine) did you notice something different when you pulled up google maps today? (jr stone) no, you don't have a maps is all about áentertainmentá for april fool's day... and take a look at this. google is currently showing an image of miss pac-man-- once you click it-- the site will then evaluate the map and re-design it into a level from
10:57 pm
the classic game. (justine) coming up on kron4 news at 11... traffic back to normal after a four car crash... in in the east bay..(jr stone) we are learning new details on what caused the crash... as well as details on the victims.. that's coming up on kron4 news at 11... next. (vo) love. i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on.
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the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. our big story tonight...
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the search and struggle for a bay area family continues. thanks for joining us at eleven, i'm jr stone.(( justine@bam)) and i'm justine waldman... today marks the one year anniversary that mom nicole fitts was murdered. her three year old daughter arianna is still missing. but her family is not giving up hope. kron 4's ella sogomonian is in san francisco at a memorial and vigil for the two tonight. ..... "someone wanted arianna someone wanted


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