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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 4, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight we are with the hot country couple steaming up the acm awards. >> keith and nicole's double date with tim and faith. miranda lambert is making history. j. lo, a. rod and the surprising third wheel on their date. back on his feet after his dancing injury. is he already coming back to the ballroom? >> john cena after his surprise engagement. >> do you ever pinch yourself? >> what's next for the wwe wrestler turned comedy star. >> i look like mark wahlberg ate
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mark wahlberg. what a weekend it was, and full of star lovers. >> hello george and amal. wait until you see who tagged along on j. rod's lunch date. >> i'm getting you started. >> huge night, one giant lala pa lose saturday. its with a big date night on the vegas strip. and nicole definitely had dreamy eyes for keith when he sang with carrie underwood. >> it comes down to i think his passion. >> he had seven nominated but surprisingly didn't win any awards. earlier in the day he posted this rare photo of his daughters with a good luck daddy poster. his caption when my daughters do this, i've already won.
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♪ >> faith and tim hugged and kissed on stage. in this video, she posted, love was definitely in the air. sam hunt went into the audience to surprise serenade his fiancee hannah who was beyond embarrassed. they've been engaged for three months. sam's supporting new jewelry. >> stop, you got married. >> you're wearing an engagement ring? >> i put it on to try it on, decided it felt too good and i didn't want to take it off. it's only a few weeks left before we do get married. >> i'm glad to see females kicking ass these days. she walked the red carpet with boyfriend anderson east. >> i just want to say thank you for letting me use my heart break and share it with me. >> blake shelton wasn't nominated and spent the weekend in oklahoma.
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spending the weekend with gwen stefani and her kids. she even sported fake tattoos to match blake's real one. >> this is how i state it. >> emma stone, la la land. >> we just had to do it. david did some ab rah ka dab rah to fix it. >> the winner is, die a happy man. >> thank you two, my beautiful wife, my beautiful pregnant wife. my wife's been killing it out here. she's a party animal. that girl is ready to party. >> jason aldeen. >> jason's entertainer of the year is a back to backer. >> they're like book ends. one's on one end and the other's on the other end. >> the entire arena was on their
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feet for florida georgia line and the backstreet boys. >> did you guys see tim mcgraw was going crazy when you started dancing? >> i was pointing at you, you were nailing all the moves. appreciate that, tim. >> the backstreet boys have a residency in vegas, so does j. lo and nicole. >> she's amazing, you have to see her show, she's a goddess. >> one goddess calling another a goddess. certainly not alex rodrigez. that's for sure. he looks more in love with j. lo every time we see them together. a. rod even passing the mom test. a. rod impressing mother and daughter. yesterday in new york, hand in hand with jennifer, as her mom strolled alongside them. the new couple drew quite the crowd of fans. which may have pushed mom to the back. >> later, j. lo went super sexy
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in a peek-a-boo skirt. an eyewitness told us they were inside for about an hour and a half. alex seems very attentive to her. a. rod was all business. lady lopez on his arm. all sultry and wearing a red outfit. now, across the pond. george and amalreunited in england. the clooneys were spotted after time apart on different continents. >> they looked carefree, georges friend confirmed the rumored gender. >> my wife said i can't name them casa and ameeg ga. >> one pink and one blue onesie. a fan commented i hope not, it's not her news to tell. cindy replied, news has been out for a while. back here state side, is kaley cuoco sharing baby news?
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>> you? are you say ago that for me? >> no, her friend wasn't giving anything away. she was merely in awe of haley duff's new children's clothing line. >> what about beyonce, blue ivy. >> i think both of us will have a heart attack. >> before kaley supported her friend haley, she was cheering on her dashing boyfriend in nebraska at a horse competition. >> adorable. speaking of competition. maxim's injury will keep him sidelined again many are there signs he could be back earlier than expected. >> what do you think? >> max up and walking eight days after tearing muscles in his right calf. he did a few dance moves, but admits he's still in pain. his #mydoctorisbetterthanyours.
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fans hope he'll be quick stepping his way back into the ballroom soon. max's progress is pretty myr miraculo miraculous. six days to go, he was sporting this sweet new ride. >> now, three days after getting stem cell injections in his calf, he's back on his feet. >> how is the recovery going. both his fiancee and fellow pro are sure we're going to see him back on dancing before the finals. >> as far as i know, in a couple weeks he should be back. he had the best treatment available. the same guy that worked on me last season, and i have every confidence he'll be back together soon. >> dancing with the stars should open up a tab with that guy. >> he's sending amal -- >> it's like the man's a miracle worker. >> i don't know if we'll see
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paris jackson on dancing. she knows how to rock a gown, didn't she. >> michael wore this gown, this event is all about honoring the media for outstanding representation of the lbgt community. >> a major journey toward understanding and acceptance. >> an emotional luke remembers his close friend alexis arquette. >> when you love somebody, you love them. >> bottom line, and i loved lex. and lex loved me, i don't need to explain that to anybody. that's how love works. >> luke presented alexis' sister patricia arquette an award. >> i remember the height of the 90210 craze, they all said alexis arquette is secretly dating luke. i'm not going to say it's not
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true, we are best friends and that would be to say there's something wrong with it, there's nothing wrong with it. >> i'm so happy to be in this room, where i feel the love of alexis, and i feel alexis' reach, and it's comforting to me during a time of grief, i'm grateful for that. >> very sweet. so sweet, patricia. empire star jesse smoliet, we asked him, do you want the job? no, give the gig to kelly's husband, mark consuelos. mama june's new body reveal. her new confessions today about keeping off the weight. >> country's biggest night gets super chic. >> country's biggest night gets super chic. the stars secrets when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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kim kardashian looked ready to walk down the aisle again. in a sheer white gown. it was at the los angeles awards. even kim noted the similarity of the dress she wore when she married kanye. you know, my favorite moment was talking to the most genetically gifted family on the planet. cindy crawford, her husband and
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their kids. now, presley was named emerging model of the year with some important advice from mom. >> when it comes to walking, don't fall. >> simple but yet good advice. >> here is someone else who has a little more sass in her step now. mama june. >> her weight loss transformation is crazy. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> you took my breath away. >> mama june is back home in georgia, after friday's big reveal. >> how you doing, june? looking good? >> good to be back home. >> she was feeling funky after going from a reported 460 pounds to now a size 4. >> how does it feel to lose all that weight? >> it feels very good. >> any foods that you're craving? >> i'd have to say fried chicken. >> june accomplished her feat
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with a lot of surgical help. breast reduction, a tummy tuck, skin removal surgery on her arms and neck. total cost around $50,000. >> how do the kids feel about it? >> they're pretty good. >> now she's the second cutest in this family. >> do they sometimes not recognize you? >> sometimes. >> do you recognize me? >> so, what's next for mama june? showing off her revenge body in a red dress to ex sugar bear. >> i'm a little nervous, this is the first time i've seen sugar bear since the surgery, i don't know what he's going to think. >> really? she's going to show up at his wedding? >> that's some upstaging the bride right there. sarah michelle gellar slays it again. >> in the kiching with the kids. >> i pretty much married him so i wouldn't starve. carrie underwood's three jaw
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dropping lukes. is kelsey revealing a wedding with this dress? >> john cena after his engagement.wrestler turned actor shows e.t. his softer side. >> that would be a good idea. closed captioning provided by --
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5 times the volume. let people melt into your eyes. voluminous by l'oréal. let your lashes speak volumes. because you're worth it. from l'oréal paris it took nine hours for prince jackson to get that tattoo as a tribute to his father michael. prince says, there will be more. brooklyn got his first tattoo on saturday. we also saw some ink on display at the acm awards, it's really a night when country goes chic. choker collar and those silver
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seek wins. carrie underwood's gown might be our favorite look of the night. she tops it by going all princess on the stage. showing those to die for legs. carrie rocks this sparkler when she hit the stage a second time with keith urban. her embroidered gown reminds us of her sag awards look. remember par snis. >> beautiful. >> it's comfortable. >> it was this color coordinated couple that made us swoon. >> kelsey balance rene stunned on stage. even though she arrived without beyonce, she had wedding bells on her mind. >> it's monique lillia.
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i feel like i should do this. >> new female vocalist of the year winner marin moore. >> do you feel how hot it is right now. this is the best decision i've ever made. so nice to not have hair on my back. >> what does it take to pull off those gorgeous looks? >> chris co. >> what's chris co for? >> i don't know what it's for. >> to help slide it all on. >> what a great idea about. >> i wonder if she's butter flavored chris co. no one had a better weekend than john cena. everyone knows him as the top guy in the ring. he's really a big old softy. he showed both sides when he got down on the mat on bended knee. >> i've been waiting so long to
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ask you this. >> stephanie, will you marry me. >> in the ring and putting the ring on it. senna picked wrestlemania 33 as the spot to propose to nikki bella. >> what's not to love about that massive tiffany spark letter. the proposal comes as tiffany continues her wwe comeback. and john takes more time off to make movies. >> your career is literally going in this direction. >> do you ever pinch yourself? >> i'm fortunate i get a lot of opportunities. i have a very good perspective of -- the pendulum swings both ways, man. >> i look like mark wahlberg ate mark wahlberg. >> cena will voice ferdinand in
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an upcoming film. >> i'm not a fighting bull. >> you don't need to be a fighting bull. you just have to look like a fighting bull. >> i make a living with wwe. everyone sees me in the ring. there's a lot more than that. it's a story that hits close to home. >> he and new fiancee have more to celebrate. >> a milestone birthday coming up? >> i'm going to turn 40, i'm still going like i'm 20, but i'm 40. i look around and where did the time go. >> hopefully see my lady on that day, i'd like to see her. hopefully she'll come on in and say hello. we'll see. >> john's birthday is on the 23rd of this month. you have about 3 weeks to make this happen.
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nikki has made it clear their wedding will not take place in a wrestling ring. the cast of buffy the vampire share celebrating their 20th anniversary. we were with sarah today in new york, talking about how she's slaying it in the kitchen these days with her kids. >> i love watching my kids experiment. i love their bravery. they're not afraid to try an ingredient or recipe. >> sarah michelle is the kitchen slayer. >> okay, we're going to use butter. >> she's whipping up a vanilla cake from her organic brand. >> for us it's been a great bonding experience. for my kids to be able to see an idea, starting from scratch, and making it into something tangible. >> she wasn't always a culinary
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genius, her hubby of 14 years is her mentor. >> for me, it's about taking away the intimidation factor. i pretty much married him soy wouldn't starve. once i moved to california it was harder to get takeout. >> that sexy smile may have had something to do with it. >> i love being reminded of how old i am, which is what's great about 20th anniversaries. you're reminded that you're old. >> not fun. >> but sarah has nothing to worry about. she looks wonderful. >> speaking of working hard. how many jobs do you have, lady? >> my goodness i'm going to tell you about nancy's new gig when we come back. i'm home.
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tomorrow on e.t. goldie hawn's movie comeback, our exclusive with the comedy legend and her co-star amy schumer. >> i also haven't worked in 14 years but not by choice. >> tomorrow on e.t. get ready tonight for a double dose of o'dell. look, i'm so excited about your new show. i'm thrilled about the title. >> the first episode is tonight on the reelz channel. i've been doing this for a long time, i'm old. i'm going to be talking about the monumental celebrity stories including the passing of michael jackson, robin williams. i'm never going to forget. >> i remember exactly where i was when that happened.
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>> isn't that when you have this monumental story. >> if had is old, can i be old too, please? >> we'll be watching tonight. >> bye, everyb the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one. j-rod puts their love on display in new york. >> j.lo over here, please. >> and talk about moving fast. did j. lo's mother crash their date? >> she's a great daughter. >> then we're in sin city getting some country loving at the acms. ♪ we've got the stars doubling down on date night and the backstreet boys stealing the show. ♪ backstreet's back all right >> and number three, the "big little lies" finale was full of spill your wine shockers. ♪ the three things we learned and will there be a season two? >> we love the show. >> plus, your "insider" bonus. >> i kept it very iv


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