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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 4, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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in july of 2012, as a judge on the australian x factor, she says a planned segment with usher sent bellefonte into a jealous rage. she claims bellefonte punched her with a closed fist and split her lip. then, more abuse claims the following month. ♪ >> in august of 2012, she was part of the spice girls' performance at the closing ceremony of the london olympics. the following day, she says bellefonte, quote, punched me in the face with a closed fist. at the time, mel b posted this photo of an injury and claim that she fell while running in seven inch heels. now, in the court papers, she says that steffen forced her to post the falling story as a cover-up. as in the filing, mel alleges bellefonte got their nanny pregnant and demanded that she get an abortion. we reached out to bellefonte, who did not respond to our request for comment. he did, however, tell a paparazzo he felt like he was being set up. >> everybody wish my beautiful
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daughter a happy birthday. >> on sunday, he instagramed this upbeat video with his stepdaughter and their daughter. as for mel, she's focusing on work. she walked the red carpet for "america's got talent" seven days after filing for divorce. she did not talk to reporters, but definitely had the support of her fellow judges. >> she's what he what we call a trooper. she's' holing up. very difficult. i've spoken to her. i'm impressed with her. >> we're a family, and we all take care of each other. and we have each other's backs. >> having that kind of unconditional support right now i'm sure means the world to her. mel b is focused on her personal life now, but "america's got talent" returns on may 30th on nbc. >> tough story. >> yes, indeed. last night, jennifer lopez and a-rod went on another date. this time to a steak house in little rock, arkansas. a-rod has business ties in little rock. and j-lo was certainly dressed in a more conservative business look, nothing like that screaming red hot number she wore yesterday. j-lo's effect on her boyfriend?
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well that's red hot, too. ♪ my love don't cost a thing >> oh, but this outfit does. j-lo's ravishing red balmain crop top was ripped off the runway at more than $2800, it's pretty pricey, especially when paired with a nearly $2500 christian louboutin purse. >> the aviators, the nude sky high pumps -- it's head to toe glam. and since we're told this flashy , here i am get up was all for a business meeting yesterday at a midtown office building -- is a-rod bringing his new lady along to up his brand? >> hello. you're batting up, aren't you? >> it wouldn't be such a bad idea, since j-lo seems to have the golden glow when it comes to beefing up your profile. >> she's an amazing, amazing girl. one of the smartest human beings i've ever met. ♪ i wanna dance again >> beau, casper smart knows that. in their nearly five years together, he went from being her backup dancer to one of nicki minaj, jessie j, and nick jonas's go-to choreographers. now, sure, a-rod's famous in his own right, but let's just say, the former yankee's reputation has been a bit tarnished.
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it was even parodied in the # movie "train wreck." >> tom brady. roger federer. alex rodriguez. >> [ bleep ] that guy! >> whether j-lo is a-rod's secret weapon or not, expect to see way more j-rod. a source tells e.t. it's going to get busy for both soon, so they're packing in the time together. >> it's obvious. we've been having a great time. >> it sounds like it's already working. but if j-rod needs more inspiration for how to make their romance work, look no further than jennifer aniston and justin theroux justin's been shooting much of the final season of "the leftovers" in australia. so jen paid a few surprise visits down under. but they have other ways they keep their long distance marriage hot. >> facetime! facetime, and getting back whenever i could. i'm always missing summer in los angeles and new york, so i wanted to come back to those places whenever i could. >> justin says with the series ending, he's going to focus on his writing. you may not know he was a screenwriter on films like "tropic thunder", "rock of
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ages" zoolander 2" and "iron man 2 the" on his resume. so would he ever write a script just for jen? >> if the right thing came around, i would definitely do it. we toss around ideas occasionally, but it's got to be something i want to write and something she wants to act in, which is harder than you might think. but, yeah, it would be fantastic if we were able to do something together. >> but would he steer clear of writing any steamy love scenes for his wife? enter a woman who is single and will stay that way forever. no, i can handle it. >> you're gonna have to hold me down. >> he's had to handle some injuries while shooting the hbo series, including a broken nose and a few stitches. he's a survivor in a world where a huge chunk of the population has mysteriously vanished. >> they torture me on this show. it's not a fun show. it's a gratifying show to do, but it's not a -- there are definitely times when you're extremely uncomfortable. and it's horrible. i think i had one more emergency room visit on this last one.
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>> still trying to figure out where that broken nose came from. hospital visits are nothing new to the cast of d'arce. neither are show-mance rumors. >> what is your strategy to win? >> that's a really good question. take each day as it comes, really. with beener, my strategy with him is to really improve as much as we can each week. and i think my goal for him is to have him moving better with his injuries. >> sharna admits that strategy took a bit of a hit last night. muk all we got, all we got ♪ >> i did not expect to have charleston thrown at me so early in the season. to be honest, it was a huge curveball. an interesting choice for a man who has broken his neck only 12 months ago. >> you didn't do it that well. >> i think you could have given it a bit more. >> did that feel a little bit unfair, to have that thrown on you? >> it did honestly.
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it did feel a little unfair. he wakes up with pain, dances with pain, goes to sleep with pain. >> so how do they bounce back? well, expect that is there something more happening between these two off the dance floor angle to stick around. >> dancing isn't just dancing. it's acting. everyone wants that chemistry to be maybe romantic or something else. we are not necessarily trying to play into it, but we do have fun together, and we have a great time. and i guess we look together. and so the storyline goes a certain way. >> and if that doesn't work, sharna's got a secret weapon ready to go. >> i'm not really one for shirtless all the time, or trying to be overly sexy with the costume, but it's going to come. bonner has such a gorgeous body, i think everyone is waiting for me to rip that shirt open. i'm holding it hostage. >> keep vote, for team denim and diamonds. >> if you want abs, you have to vote. >> they squeaked out a victory over the voice last night in
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ratings. in case you missed it we learned another interesting tidbit about blake and gwynn's romance ♪ >> you took a song that's actually on my makeout play list. >> eww! >> that's cute, gwynn. told you i knew that song. >> a song gwynn and blake smooched to. hunter's singing won gwynn's heart and she saved him on the knockout round. he sat down with casey courthouse for aic facebook live chat and took questions from fans. >> is a talented gent like you single? >> oh, man, well, susan. >> the ladies love johnny gace. >> i am actually single at the moment. and i've been kind of focused on the music right now, but, susan, feel free to add me on facebook. >> and here's something you might not know about johnny. he and blake go way back. well, sort of. >> i lived in nashville for like seven years, and blake and me
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were on the same record label. they would have all the artists take a big picture together and i somehow end up next to blake. i have got this cool photo of blake he has his arm wrapped around me. i need to get that to blake. >> i think gwen could help you out there. >> maybe i could text it to gwen and be like, yo. >> do you have gwen's number. >> not yet but i need to work on that. >> don't tell blake that yet. >> up next, biggest loser trainer bob harper on the heart attack that nearly killed him. i was dead, on the ground dead. and the bride maid scene that never made the movie. why the cameo got axed. >> plus, why is zach efron shirtless and riding a camel. >> and the way amy schumer april showers
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sitting down for the new smurf's movie demi lovato talked about her
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. you are in this gym trying to get through this workout.
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let's go, athletes. >> bob harper is famous for pushing people to their limits on the biggest loser. but bob didn't know his own limits, and it nearly killed him. topping tonight's know and tell, bob's heart attacks scare. >> i had what they called a widow maker. it was a 6% survival rate, and the fact that there were doctors in the gym when i had the heart attack saved my life. i was in full cardiac arrest. my heart stopped. i was -- i mean -- not to be dramatic, i was dead. on the ground, dead. >> the 51-year-old is sharing his recovery on social media. and told today's savanna guthrie that he may have inherited his heart condition from his mother, who died of a heart attack. >> it is so important to know your health. i'm going the appreciate every single day that i'm here. i get so emotional talking about it because i haven't talked about it. >> next, talking about her life after "the good wife" is juliana marguilese.
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>> i've been doing nothing. i've been eating bonbons and getting fat and lazy. >> that may be a bit of an exaggeration. 11 months after the series ended, juliana was in a party mood at a new york gala celebrating broadway. but she's also been working, shooting "untouchable" with bryan cranston and kevin hart. >> i've been doing stuff. i've been having fun. i've been sleeping a lot more than i used to. >> and one guy who can enjoy life anywhere is zach efron, exploring the dubai desert from the back of a camel. the bay watch star still looks seriously buffed while shirtless. even though he had told kevin he was lightening up. that was pretty intense shape. what you're saying is you let it go. i didn't let it go. i always maintain health and fitness, for life. >> zach was taemding a hugo boss even 678 he is a spokesperson for the company. >> a man in a perfectly cut suit is a sexiest thing there could
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ever be. >> still to come, goldie hawn on a family vacation with her movie daughter, amendmenty shumer. >> me and my two daughters. >> kate hudson's butt snorkeling in front of you and she's like amer maid. and -- >> entertainment tonight, i love you guys so much. >> maw how jimmy fallon is helping to make "snl" history. >> the whole show has been a sham, basically. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by --
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that is kate hudson hitting the beach yesterday in hawaii, and kind of reminded me of all the fun kate was having in the aloha state with her mom goldie and amy schumer. they all got together when amy and goldie were shooting their new comedy "snatched". who was planning the excursions that you would take when you had some time off? >> i think we both kind of did it. it would be like, should we go on a boat? >> you and kate were swimming out. and i started -- >> well, i was trying to impress her, but she's like a mermaid. to see, like, kate hudson's
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butt, like, snorkeling in front of you -- and then you're just like, i know i don't -- i know that's not what i look like right now. [ laughter ] like, she comes out and she's like -- like both of them. we got paparazzi, and they just -- i mean, couldn't have looked more beautiful. >> these two get along so well, you'd think they were really related. seriously. amy even looks like she could be kate's sister. and just listen to goldie play the proud mama. >> so, it was me and my two daughters. >> aww! >> hard to believe they've only been friends since production began on their new movie "snatched." they did some major bonding on the set, playing what else, a mother/daughter duo whose south american vacation goes horribly wrong when they're kidnapped. >> it's goldie's first comedy in 14 years. her last one was the "the banger sisters," co-starring with her pal, susan sarandon. and none of it would have happened without a bold move from amy. >> i just approached her on a plane. i was like, yeah, i want you to
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be in a movie with me. and she was like, "okay, honey." >> you said 14 years, you waited 14 years. this is the right one to come back. i mean, this is the right one to come back in. >> i also haven't worked in 14 years, but not by choice. >> there came a period when i thought, i am done, is it time to go back? i don't know. i was sort of doing this. and then i met amy. that's what happened! >> we had an believable shorthand. smart as a whip. >> and a perfect ass. >> i'll go there! >> aww! >> could we tag along on their next girl get away. >> how fun would that be. >> i'm in. >> here's something else i want to do. i'man amusement park geek. jimmy fallon put together this new thrill ride that opens thursday at universal studios florida. but we gave us a behind the scenes sneak peek.
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whoa! >> what's your favorite part of the ride? >> my favorite part is my wife and kids are in it. look like they're really there. so good. so fun! >> jimmy's race through new york is inspired by his celebrity race segments. >> no! >> but on steroids. >> i've undercover bossed this ride a few times with a mustache. people are clapping and laughing and hooting and hollering. >> a lot of jimmy's regulars have cameos like sarah and the puppy predigger. >> can have a ride without poppies and a 40-year-old man dressed up as a teenage girl. you need both those things or it's not an attraction. >> jimmy's ragtime gals are in the ride, and singing to those in line. >> there's also a meet and greet with jimmy's favorite mascot. >> hashtag, the panda. >> hashtag the panda, you gotta
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>> oh, come on. hey, i'm driving here. >> have your girls been on the ride yet? >> too young. 3 and 2 might be too young. my wife is coming wednesday. my sister and her kids are coming wednesday. my mom and dad are coming wednesday. lord, help me. it's gonna be a long week for you. oh, my gosh. >> if jimmy survives the family visit, and the ride, on april 15th,le' be hosting "saturday night live" for the third time. for the first time, the show will be live from coast to coast. >> if i'm in new york city at 11:30 and you're in l.a. at 8:30 p.m., it's both live. you are seeing live images. >> first time ever in the history of the show. >> so the whole show has been a sham, basically. "saturday night live" has never been live! >> oh, jimmy! now you know we asked jimmy if justin timberlake shb on the ride. jimmy said no, but joey fatone has. at least it has been blessed by one in syncer, right. now the return of prison break. the fox series is coming back tonight after almost eight years off the air. >> brother. >> we find out that michael is alive, not necessarily well.
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when the story picks up, he is in a prison in yemen. >> e.t. was on the vancouver set were where part of the nine episode series was shot. according the miller the resurrection is full of dark twists and turns. >> he has done some horrible things. his hands are filthy at this point. can he consider himself a hero, does he still serve a happy ending. >> a big part of the series was seeing went worth shirtless and tatted up. how did he prepare this time around. we found out during an et facebook live chat. >> there is a brands new tattoo this time around. it's on my hands and arms. it took 45 minutes a day. >> as for beckham and his past, they were on display at dodgers stadium yesterday because he brought his three boys to opening day. >> by the way, dodgers won. speaking of winning, mama joun did it. she is so skinny now she is
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almost unrecognizable. >> suspect that true. tom we are sitting down with mama june to get every detail of her incredible weight loss journey. >> what do you weigh today? >> mama june reveals her surgery scars and the toll the total tons frarmation took on her mentally. >> do you have any regrets. >> why she doesn't want to date, shop or ditch junk food. promise you i'm not eating salads every day. >> tomorrow on e.t. >> i have to wait a whole day? i have questions. >> i bet you did. when we come back, a story about the movie bride maids you have to hear. why did they cut paul rudd out of the movie? next on kron-4 news at
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eight: an east bay mother shot and killed in front of her young children. tonight a manhunt for the man suspected in the shooting. he's accused of targeting women then sexually assaulting them on muni... now police say they've made an arrest. i'm grant lodes i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- all right. admit it. how many times have you seen "bridesmaids"? >> about 100. >> yeah. listen to this. paul rudd was cast to be in the movie but he got cut out. >> crazy, right. >> paul was cast as this guy who guys on a blind date with kristen wig but turns out to be a psycho. >> put pressure on it, you will be fine. >> put pressure on your face, how's that. >> but the scene had to go. check out the story on ew now at eight ... caught on camera and now behind bars. ... the man suspected of sexually molesting women riders now at eight ... caught on
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camera and now behind bars. ... the man suspected of sexually molesting women riders on san francisco's muni metro trains. whooshmurder in richmond: a young mother is gunned down as she drove her two young children to school. it appears that the children witnessed this crimewhooshnat gunfiregunfire in the north bay ... bullets riddle a car filled and a school on lockdown.whooshthey lost their homes in last apartment fire. now their their temporary you can up on kron four news in prime time. ( pam) a richmond neighborhood is on edge tonight ... after a mother of three was shot dead in her vehicle, with her children in the back seat.(grant) now police are hunting for her estranged boyfriend, 43 year old lawyer mcbride of san pablo...(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (grant) and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson. kron 4's alecia reid joins us from the scene of the crime.did neighbors hear all the commotion before the shooting? there was quite a commotion


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